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[Author's Note: Well, it looks like I didn't make it in time to release this
story before Lita's return. Put that down to my laziness, since I knew she
was coming and still didn't put any effort into finishing it. Now that she is
here all I can do to fix it is to say this story takes place in an alternate
universe where WWE plot lines are followed through and not quickly fixed with
just Austin saying "You fired Lita. I hired her back." Anyway my plot makes
better sense with her going to Smackdown! and not returning to Raw. Enjoy!]

Branded Part 1: A Favor For A Favor
by Dr. Blasphemy (

"Amy, I understand how you want to with Matt," Smackdown GM Stephanie McMahon
began, "but I can't sign you at this time. As you know you're pretty much
damaged goods when it comes to your neck injury, so having you wrestle isn't
an option and at the moment I can't find a useful place for you on the
roster. Sorry."

"Please, Stephanie," Amy pleaded on the verge of crying, "I'll do anything,
even if it's just being a interviewer like Terri on Raw!"

Sitting behind her desk Stephanie pondered this idea for a moment as she
looked at the distressed former WWE diva wipe a tear from her face. Seeing
the poor redhead sitting in the chair before her in this vulnerable condition
made her surprisingly excited at the power she now wielded over this woman's
future to the point that it made her pussy itch for attention. She had always
thought Amy was very sexy as her mind roamed back to all those secret sexual
fantasies she had cataloged in the back of her brain came rushing to the
forefront when masturbating. The urge was so strong, that she spread her
legs slightly a part, buried her hand between her muscular thighs and under
her black leather mini-skirt where she started to rub two fingers along her
unrestricted wet slit. She just had the have Amy now.

"I think I just might have a position open to you," Stephanie said while her
digits kept her urges at bay for the moment.

Upon hearing this sentence Lita heart re-filled with hope.

"As you probably know, Amy," she continued, "the job I plan to offer you as
my personal assistant hasn't had much success when is comes loyalty. It seems
every time I turn around they always seem to have some ulterior motive, which
does harm to me and more importantly Smackdown. I need to know that somebody
has my back. Especially now with my father trying to force me to quit my
position as General Manager. So before I offer this position to you, I must
know, can I 100% completely trust you with anything said or done within
these four walls between the two of us will stay just between you and me.
Furthermore do you also agree to do whatever I need of you no matter what at
a moments notice no questions asked?"

"Yes, Stephanie," Amy gushed with joy, "you can count on me!"

"Good. Now why don't you come closer to me, because I think I have your first
choir to take care of," Steph said with a smile removing her hand away from
her twat. Lita's stood up from her chair and did as requested standing before
her new boss. "Ok, now get down on your knees right in front of me." Amy was
a little confused by where this was going, but complied none the less. Steph
then brought forth her pussy juice laden fingers, placing them in front of
the redhead's lips and said, "Lick my fingers clean."

Lita was horrified by what was just asked of her. She looked at Steph's wet
finger tips as her nose instantly recognized the distinct odor coming from
them. She couldn't believe this woman, that she thought was her good friend,
was demanding her to taste her nether nectar. Amy opened her mouth to begin
to protest, but before she could get a word out edge wise Stephanie quickly
inserted the offending wet objects into her mouth. The fiery diva immediately
felt the overwhelming power of the GM's cunt concoction as it hit her tongue's
taste buds. She had to admit to herself that Stephanie's juices tasted
delicious and proceeded to suck on them with a passion.

"So you like the taste of my pussy, do you?" Stephanie asked.

All Amy could do was nod her head obediently with her mouth full and
tongue occupied with the two digits buried within. Stephanie responded by
inserting her ring finger, which had a bit of her liquid residue, along with
the others inside Lita's mouth inserting the three finger deep touching the
back of her throat and began finger fucking it. Before long the pinky was
also pried inside stretching the redhead's lips grossly distorting them.
Stephanie's saliva covered hand slid in with ease touching the back of Amy's
throat causing her to reflexively gag. This didn't stop Steph's assault as
she continued to wedge as much hand as possible down Amy's throat with a few
final trusts until it stopped as the region where her palm met the thumb.
Knowing that she couldn't go any further Stephanie's pulled her drenched
hand followed by a thick rope of slobber from out of her new pet's mouth.

"I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did," Stephanie said as she wiped her
hand dry with a tissue she pulled from a the box a top her desk, "because
the fun has just begun. There's still some unfinished business I left that
needs your immediate attention."

Amy knew exactly what she meant. Without prompting she brought her face up
to the GM's crotch where by this time Stephanie was ready for her with her
ass resting on the edge of her seat and legs spread as wide as possible
giving the redhead a perfect target. Lita moved in closer and parted Steph's
dark meaty pussy lips with her fingers revealing the tender pink within. Amy
then buried her face into Stephanie's bald beaver probing it's insides with
her long tongue, causing the GM to moan in pleasure as Lita's tongue stud
connected with her already excited clit.

"That's it, Lita! Work that magic tongue of yours!" Stephanie praised while
she removed her tight matching black top to release her massive globes. Now
free she began to cradle one in each hand playing with them and tweaking
their erect gumdrop-sized dark nipples.

The extreme diva continued to work over Stephanie's pussy, sucking on it's
bulbous nubbin while inserting two fingers like a hot knife through butter
deep up to her first knuckle. Her hand pumped wildly Stephanie's escaping
juices slowly coated her hand dripping all the way down to the elbow. With
her limb now completely slick Amy decided to return the favor done to her
earlier and inserted a third finger and quickly followed with a fourth
pulling them deep as they go.

"More!!!" Stephanie begged wailing. "Fill me up!!!"

Amy followed through and tucked in her thumb squeezing it into Stephanie's
hungry pink maw. Her hand stretched out the opening beyond belief letting it
inhale her limb well past the wrist almost reaching her elbow. Lita focused
all her attention on the task before her and thrust her arm in and out using
long strokes to massage her new boss' full love canal. The connection was so
tight now, that the girl lube turned into a white frothy cream.

The obscene act was becoming too much for the Smackdown GM, as each punch
rubbed against her g-spot forcing her to let out a deep guttural moan. Before
long her body finally couldn't take it any more and had to let loose. "Oh
God, Amy! I'm gonna cum!!!" Stephanie warned as back arched, raising her ass
high off the chair while her hands grabbed it's arm rests bracing herself for
the ride to come.

The alert wasn't soon enough for Amy as Stephanie's body began to buck and
her cunt began spray shooting out it's juices out from around the barrier
blocking it's path and all over the her face and chest. Not hampered by this,
the redhead continued to jab her arm for all it was worth on a mission to
pump out as much girl-goo from the clamping hole. With each out thrust of
Amy's arm more and more of the hot liquid poured out making a messy puddle
on the floor.

As the orgasm began to subside finally letting Stephanie to regain control
of her body, allowing it to plop down in the soaked seat with a squish.
"Amy,... that was the best orgasm... I've ever had," Stephanie said between
deep breaths with one hand rubbing her chest, "I thought... I was going
to... die."

Amy didn't say anything and just removed her hand from Stephanie's pussy with
a nasty slurping sound leaving a big, gaping abyss letting the left over cum
leak from it. She then brought it up to the bountiful brunette's mouth where
they both began to lick the limb clean of excess jism. Both of their tongues
lapped at the substitute phallus with Stephanie tasting and savoring her own
sweet juices from Amy's fingers letting out a sexy "Mmm!". Within moments the
two women's tongues connected starting a whole new chain of events with them
french kissing each other passionately with their pink muscles doing a nasty

"Lets get you out of this damp clothes," Stephanie suggested in between
kisses. She then helped Amy remove of her cum soaked top releasing the
twin treasures. Stephanie moved down pecking Amy's body all the way as the
redhead stood up. With her crotch now at eye level the blue eyed brunette
unbuttoned them and pulled down the zipper causing her standard loose
fitting pants to drop to the floor. With those out of the way just Amy's
thong stood in the way. "Amy, bend over the desk, so I can get assess to
your wonderful ass."

Amy did so stepping out of the pile to get into position, resting her
elbows on the desk top. Stephanie moved in behind her and began kissing
the sexy diva's ass cheeks all over. She then grabbed a hold the thong
and lowly peeled it down following the trail of her ass crack with pecks.
Now with Amy's holes unobstructed Stephanie spread her cheeks wide and
deeply inhaled her potent essence before finally burying her tongue deep
inside the redhead's bald pinkness. Her tongue attacked it wildly lapping
and probing everywhere the way an anteater did an anthill causing Amy to
squeal in pleasure.

Stephanie didn't stop there and turned her attention to Amy's brown eye
tonguing it. This act was a complete surprise to the redhead. She'd never
had her asshole eaten out before. Even her boyfriend Matt never went that
far. The Smackdown GM continued reaming Amy's back door as one hand fingered
the pussy and rubbed it's pierced clit. With her other free hand Stephanie
opened the large bottom drawer and pulled out a large red jellied 10"
strap-on dildo. Skillfully she put it on never stopping her oral attack
making sure Amy wouldn't be aware of the surprise to come.

With the device now snugly in place Stephanie stood up behind her prey,
which confused Amy for a second wondering why she stopped until she felt
the tip of the something thick penetrate her tight wet pussy. The redhead
gasped in surprise as it entered in deeper and tried to stand up, but the
dominate GM behind her forced her back down. "Where do you think you're
going?" Stephanie laughed.

She then grabbed a hold of Amy's hips and slammed her own against the pinned
diva's ass sending the full length of the dong all the way up the redhead's
pussy. Amy cried out as the toy hit virgin territory. Stephanie revelled in
the sound from the submissive women below her as she began to roughly
pound-fuck away hard at it to the point that the desk jittered forward. Amy
was then reeled back by her hair as though it was a leash up to Stephanie,
who licked an ear before saying, "You like it when I fuck you hard, don't

"YES!!!" Amy squealed finally getting use to it, "Fuck me good!"

Stephanie then embraced the extreme one, pressing her huge breasts into
Amy's back, to grab a large handful of tit flesh in each palm and proceeded
to squeeze and grope them. She even went to the point of inserting her long
nails of her index fingers into the loops of Lita's nipple piercings, so she
could play with the dark, pink, erect nipples while also giving her the extra
option of being able to tug them by the rings, which she did.

Amy's was in shear heaven from Stephanie's expert, full barrel assault. I
fact it was too much even for her. "I'm cumming!!!" she wailed. The brunette
took her cue and began to work double time, thrusting with long strokes to
the point that only the tip wasn't visible before to completely disappeared
again. This was exactly what Lita needed and quickly went over the edge.
"OHHH, GOD!!!" she screamed over and over again in mantra as her body bucked
trapped between Stephanie and the furniture, which was close to toppling over.

This lasted for a solid good 30 seconds until at around the final few
remaining spasms Stephanie withdrew falling down into her chair exhausted
and sweaty, letting Amy's trapped girl-goo pour out on her dribbling cunt.
Completely drained Lita in turn slid down from the desk and plopped down
onto the wet floor to rest in between her boss' spread legs. Upon seeing
the ruby dong covered in her juices for the first time face to face she
instinctively reached out and grabbed it and opened her lips to suck it

Stephanie glanced down and saw the nasty sight of her never tiring employee
sucking away and smiled knowing she made the right choice. "So what to you
think about your new position?" she asked as her hand brushed away some damp
hair away from Amy's beautiful face.

Popping the dong out of her mouth Lita replied, "I love it, along with any
other new positions you can think up," before returning to the task at hand.

To Be Continued...
_ _ _

I have a few other good ideas to turn this possibly into a series, but I'd
like to get at least some replies to see if there's any interest in me doing
so. If not then I'll move on to writing something else. I have tons of other
stories I still would like to get around to. L8R! - Dr. Blasphemy

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