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*** This story features a fantasy of Nicole Bass. The real Nicole Bass is not
a she-male. She does not and never has possessed a cock. This story is not
intended to portray the real Nicole Bass or her attitudes or sexual
habits. ***

*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains
detailed descriptions of She-Males, Interracial sex, Rape, Gang-Rape, and
Humiliation. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read
it. ***

Breaking Bass Part 1
by High-Heeled Jill ( & Spring-Heeled Jack

The 6'3" - almost 6'10" in her high-heels - muscle-bound blonde strode down
the hall with a noticeable spring in her step and the faint curl of a smile
on her mannish face. It had been a long time since she had enjoyed a session
like that, and the look of terror on the young man's face had been exquisite
to the cruel amazon.

Nicole Bass was not and never would be called pretty, but despite her rough
features she had a surprisingly large number of admirers. Many men found her
spectacular physique, statuesque and rippling with huge well-developed
muscles, to be very attractive. She had recently had her body even further
enhanced with implants that made her already sizeable breasts truly massive.
It looked like she had two basketballs attached to her broad chest, a fact
that only increased the demand for her services.

And the latest encounter with one of her devoted fans was the reason she was
in such a good mood. The fact that she was known as the World's biggest
female bodybuilder, taller and more muscular than even most male
bodybuilders, undoubtedly played a part in attracting men that liked to be
dominated by a big strong woman, but none of them could ever be truly
prepared for what an intimate meeting with Nicole would mean for them. In
fact, that element of surprise was the reason that she loved doing what she
was doing now.

Nicole also had a huge number of detractors, and many of those had been
snickering to themselves over the fact that since leaving the WWF Nicole had
started "apartment wrestling". That is to say, taking money from men, mostly
businessmen and executives, in exchange for roughing them up and humiliating
them. The idea of "ugly" Nicole Bass as some sort of high-paid prostitute was
absurd to them, but it was also true. The people that were repelled by her
muscular mass and rough hewn face could never understand how anyone could
bring themselves to touch her, let alone pay for the privilege. They could
never understand her clients' desires to be physically dominated by such a
woman; taunted and belittled. Worse, everyone knew that such arrangements
almost always resulted in the client buying "extra services" from the woman
who had just tied them into a pretzel.

Nicole's clients never bought extra services from her. Even if they had the
intention to do so, they never got the chance. Once she arrived Nicole took
complete control of events, and whatever she wanted to do, the client was
forced to comply, whether they wanted to or not! When she decided to fuck her
clients, and she always did, it was entirely her decision. And often even the
men that most ardently desired her would resist when they realized what they
had let themselves in for. Because Nicole Bass had a huge surprise for them.

Despite what was claimed in the insults thrown at her, Nicole was not a man,
and she never had been a man. What she was, was a 250lb genetic freak of
nature. Even her detractors might have been surprised by just how much of a
freak she was, for although she was not a man, throbbing between her
awesomely brawny thighs was a penis of proportions as truly monstrous as the
rest of her!

Over 14-inches of chick-dick pulsed powerfully in her panties as she savored
the memory of her latest "client".

He'd been young, no more than 23 or 24, some sort of upwardly mobile
executive in the business, with cute boyish looks that had reminded
her of Leonardo di Caprio. He'd been delighted when in the course of their
wrestling Nicole had slowly stripped him naked, since that was more than he
had paid for, and he was ecstatic when his fantasy woman started fondling and
masturbating his rigid 5-inch penis. His pleasure had not lasted though, as
he'd been astonished and horrified when he discovered `little Nicole'; but
not as horrified as he'd become moments later when the she-male amazon
stopped playing and truly began taking him apart physically, demonstrating
her superiority in ways that left him battered and bruised. And then it had
been time for Nicole to have her pleasure. The young man's screams had been
music to her ears as she slam-fucked his virgin ass and then raped his

Surprisingly, none of her victims had ever reported her assault upon them to
the police and she had no worries that this one would be any different. Shame
doubtless played a part in that, but many of them enjoyed it. A remarkably
large number of the men she had raped would attempt to make a repeat
appointment. But perhaps that wasn't so surprising after all. Nicole was an
expert in dominating submissive men, and she would make them cum and cum and
cum until their tiny little balls were completely drained.

As she stepped into the elevator she had to reach down and rearrange her
rapidly stiffening prick, which was threatening to break free of the tight,
and painful, restraint that kept its considerable mass hidden beneath her
tight `daisy dukes'. For a moment she considered returning to the apartment
to have a little more fun with her victim, but she always felt that way when
the time came to leave and her desire returned as strong as ever. She was
impossible to satiate. She'd had as much fun as she was going to though,
without simply repeating herself, and she'd made a nice profit from her fee
and the money she had simply taken as payment for the "extra" services she
had provided.

Nicole sighed regretfully as she resolved to go. Then she smiled. She would
be in town for another day or two, so she could go to one of the local
lesbian bars and pick up a young femme-dyke to keep her entertained for the
night. She loved fucking lesbians with her massive she-cock almost as much as
she loved raping men. It was the look of horrified agony on the faces of her
victims that gave Nicole her pleasure.

She stretched her arms high above her head, flexing her powerful shoulders,
and arched her back as she yawned deeply. She checked her watch and realized
that the session had lasted even longer than she'd thought. It was a little
over half an hour before midnight; she'd entered the apartment over nine
hours ago! She would have to shower and change quickly if she wanted to have
any chance of picking up a girl in the clubs tonight.

The elevator doors opened and Nicole strode out into the cool and dimly lit
parking garage. It was full of new, very expensive cars, mostly European
models and her American-made SUV stood out starkly against its surroundings.
As did the two large, dusty black vans parked not far away, although Nicole
paid no attention to them as she walked across the concrete floor accompanied
by the loud echoing clicks of her six-inch heels.

She rooted through her astonishingly feminine handbag for her keys and,
bending down, she fumbled to fit the key into the lock.

There was a noise behind her, no more than the scuffing of a shoe on the
ground, and Nicole started to turn to see who was up and about at this time
of night. Before she could straighten her back an arm suddenly slid around
her throat and somebody tried to drag her backward, but only succeeded in
jerking himself forward instead. The giant amazon was astonished for a moment
as she realized that anybody could possibly be stupid enough to try and
attack her!

She shot an elbow back and was rewarded by a cry of pain from her assailant
as her phenomenal strength surprised him. She grabbed the arm across her
throat and pulled it free with disdain. Nicole twisted and dragged the would-
be attacker around and slammed him face-first into the side of her SUV. She
spun him around and grasped him by his slender neck, lifting his feet from
the ground.

The attacker was a young black boy of no more than sixteen years old, and
about half her size. Nicole smiled to herself. She wasn't going to need to
pick up some entertainment after all.

"I've seen more muscle on a ten-year old girl! What the hell were you
thinking, you stupid bastard?"

Nicole grabbed the boy's crotch with her free hand, noting that he was
generously endowed and as hard as a rock.

"If you want to use this on someone maybe you should try going someplace
where you might find girls more your size, like kindergarten, `cause you just
made the biggest mistake of your miserable life!"

"Help! HELP!" The boy yelled, wheezing slightly due to the pressure of
Nicole's strong finger's crushing his throat.

The bodybuilder laughed at the irony of an attempted rapist calling for help
to save him from his intended victim.

Suddenly there were running footsteps behind her. She turned without
releasing her captive and her mouth dropped open as she saw more than a dozen
black men running toward her. She threw the boy aside and turned to charge
into the men. Surprised by her recklessness, most of them were bowled over by
her rush attack.

Their plan of attack had fallen apart, first when the boy had jumped the gun
in his eagerness and then when their victim hadn't run as they had expected,
and Nicole made the most of their confusion. Men on the ground tried to grab
her legs and were rewarded with painful stabs of her heels. Men standing
lunged at her to drag her down but she struck them with strength beyond
anything they were prepared for.

But for all her phenomenal strength, for all the advantage her momentary
surprise counterattack had given her, she was still outnumbered by almost
twenty to one. Even so, for a brief while it looked as though the giant she-
male would triumph nonetheless, but when six black men charged from their
hiding place near the elevators, and another six gang members ran across from
the exit ramp, the outcome was no longer in doubt.

They swarmed Nicole under through sheer weight of numbers.

Hands tore at her clothes and mauled her large breasts. She tried to scream
but her throat was grabbed in the tight grip of another meaty black hand and
no sound came out.

Nicole squirmed and thrashed desperately, trying to escape her attackers. She
kicked and raked her long fingernails against any piece of flesh she could
reach, but more men grabbed her arms and legs and forced her face down onto
the floor. At some point her top had been ripped and the concrete was cold
against her naked breasts.

All the while strong hands around her neck continued to squeeze. She felt
dizzy, her head faint, as her lungs were starved of oxygen. Stars danced
before her eyes and her struggles became as weak as a kitten as the strength
drained from her. She was almost unconscious by the time the hands loosened
their grip and she instinctively gasped great lungfuls of air.

While she was still groggy someone grabbed Nicole's blonde locks and pulled
them into a bunch. Hands grabbed her head and held her still as the unseen
person started combing her hair! As dazed as she was she could make no sense
of what was happening.

Her hair was tied into a tight ponytail and then a woman's voice said, "Give
me the hood."

Nicole had the tantalizing impression of familiarity, but she could not
recognize the woman's voice. When her head was jerked up Nicole just barely
had time to see the woman's dark-skinned hand and the tight-fitting leather
hood that it held, before the mask was pulled over her head to cover it
almost entirely. There was a hole for the mouth and chin to show through, and
another in the top through which the hastily tied ponytail was pulled, but
there were no eyeholes in the leather, and Nicole was very effectively
blindfolded. The hood had a collar attached and that was buckled securely to
hold the mask in place.

"Wha... aummmpphhh!" Nicole tried to speak but her attackers grabbed her jaws
and pulled her mouth open as far as it would go.

Unable to see Nicole had no idea what was happening until the solid metal `O'
of a ring-gag was pushed into her mouth. The ring was very large, and as they
forced it into position under her thrashing tongue it levered her jaws even
further apart. Nicole's furious cries became no more than incoherent gurgles
as the gag was fastened behind her head, the straps pulling the corners of
her mouth back.

Somebody sat on the small of Nicole's back, the woman Nicole thought, judging
by the soft roundness of her buttocks, and grabbed the buff muscle-girl's
blonde ponytail. Nicole let out a startled cry as her head was jerked back by
her hair, pulled until the amazon's spine was bent as far back as it would

"Aaawoohha yaarrhh ooow'iiee aaahhhhh!" Nicole tried to speak but the ring-
gag made her impossible to understand.

"Lock her down!" The woman said.

"Ooooohhh!" Nicole cried defiantly as some sort of cold metal collar was
fitted over the leather of the hood around her thick neck.

Her arms were forcibly raised and secured in cuffs that were attached to the
collar by two feet of rigid steel. Nicole was bound in a modern day stock!
Her hair was released and she fell forward onto her breasts. Having rendered
her upper body powerless the attackers turned their attention to her tree-
like legs. Her high-heels were pulled off and another set of cuffs, these
separated by a four-foot spreader bar, were fastened about her ankles.

Then all of her assailants released her and stood back to look down on their
prize. The giant amazon writhed helplessly on the ground, grunting and
groaning with impotent fury. The stocks did not allow her to get even the
slightest purchase with her arms and the spreader bar had her legs so far
apart that she could barely even bend her knees. Beneath her mask she blushed
with humiliation as the black men and woman laughed at her.

"Struggle all you want bitch, you ain't goin' nowhere!"

"Yeah, yo' sweet ass belongs to us now!"

"We gon' break you good, freak!"

"You one big butch muscle-bitch, but we gonna make you our fuck-slut!"

"We gonna fuck you so hard you'll be screamin' fo' mercy!"

"You gonna get RAPED Bitch!!!"

Nicole's struggles became more frantic but the extra effort achieved nothing,
and she was still as helpless as before. Her attackers grabbed her heavy body
and, with one man each taking a limb, they raised her up and flipped her over
onto her back.

"Okay," said the woman, "Let's unwrap our new fuck-toy!"

Nicole grunted slightly as the woman sat down on her hard abdomen, then she
made a sound that could only be described as a growl when the woman started
fondling the bodybuilder's massive breasts. The hands roamed over the large
globes for only a few seconds until the reached the ragged edges of her top,
torn in the attack. Blind as she was, Nicole could not see the shears that
the black woman used to cut the thin white cotton from her body, but she
realized instantly what was happening.

The woman snipped away until Nicole's impressive upper body was completely
exposed. The amazon's massive muscles were bulging, the veins prominent, as
she strained against her bondage. Her captor ran small fingers over the big
woman's torso, rubbing the bunched muscles forcefully.

"You are one seriously jacked-up bitch!" The woman began humping her crotch
against Nicole's abdominals. "Humiliating you's gonna be fun!"

The black woman spun around on the bodybuilder's belly to face the other way
and Nicole's struggles intensified as she felt the woman begun unbuttoning
her denim shorts. The shears were used again to cut the daisy dukes off
Nicole, leaving her in only her specially-made reinforced lace panties, which
were not quite up to the task of disguising the bulge beneath.

"My, my, what have we here?"

Two quick snips and Nicole's panties exploded as her semi-erect cock erupted
from its restraint. The head swung up and slapped loudly against the black
woman's belly. Her midriff was exposed, and Nicole's cock dribbled pre-cum
onto the smooth and firm black skin of her captor.

The gang cheered and whooped as Nicole's freakish chick-dick was revealed.

The amazonian she-male had never felt so humiliated and helpless in her life.
The reaction of her attackers made it clear that they had already known
exactly what she was, and now they had her awesome, musclebound, big-
breasted, and massively hung body at their mercy.

The black woman laid one hand on the underside of Nicole's cock and began
stroking the length of it, pressing it against her stomach while her other
hand reached down to fondle the buff dick-chick's huge hairless balls.

"I know you like to rape people with this big monster. Wouldn't you love to
be fucking me with it right now? Making me scream as you split me wide open
with your massive meat? Using your big strong arms to hold me down as you ram
every single inch of it right inside me until you shoot your sticky cum into
my fertile womb?"

The woman spoke lustily, and Nicole's cock stiffening automatically in
response to the mental imagery her words conjured. The negress stroked her
hands up and down Nicole's uncut penis, masturbating the unwilling she-male
to erection.

"Give me the tape!" She demanded of someone.

Nicole was puzzled for a moment until she felt the woman manipulating her
cock in order to measure it.

First the length. "Jeez, it's even longer than it looks - fourteen and a half
inches!" Then the circumference, "Fuck! It's over ten inches around!"

"I bet that it's a real bitch trying to deep-throat this beast!" she
exclaimed, "So Leroy, how about you come here and swallow this thing!"

"Wha, what. I ain't doin' that!"

"You'll do what I tell you to do! You nearly blew this entire operation, so
now you're going to blow this bitch!"

"I ain't suckin' no dick" said the young black boy.

"Leroy, get yo' ass over here!" The woman snarled.

"No way! No fuckin' way!"

"You damn near screwed everythin' up tonight, so you gonna suck this freak-
bitch off or yo' gonna get hurt! Take your pick; her dick in yo' mouth or yo'
ass in the morgue!"

There were sounds of struggling and even a whimper or two as the boy was
dragged over to Nicole's prostrate body and forced to kneel between her
spread thighs.

"Now Leroy, you gonna be a good little cocksucker and make this bitch cum in
yo' mouth. An' then you swallow every last drop, you hear!"

The boy sobbed and Nicole gasped as his lips brushed against the head of her
engorged cock.

She didn't want to be aroused by her situation but they were about to force
the boy to suck her dick against his will, and that was an incredible turn on
to Nicole no matter what her circumstances. She loved making boys suck her
monster-cock. Even bound and helpless as she was, her dick throbbed with

"Mmmmaaauurrrrggggllle!" The boy cried out as his face was forced over
Nicole's massive cock.

His jaws hurt terribly from being forced so far apart, and the hot fleshy
sensation of Nicole's giant penis in his mouth made him feel ill. The black
woman wrapped her hands around his head and started pushing him further down,
until the cockhead hit the back of his mouth and nudged against the entrance
to his throat. The taste of her pre-cum made his stomach turn in revulsion.

"Come on Leroy, you c'n do better than that! Swallow it! Suck it all the way
in like a good little boy-slut! Make this freak cum in your mouth!"

The woman bounced up and down with excitement on Nicole's hard abdomen as she
pushed the young black boy's head further down onto Nicole's rampant fuck-
stick. The boy gagged and Nicole gasped as his gullet opened and his head
suddenly plunged down six-inches onto her cock.

"All of it! I wanna see you kissin' her belly! Suck it! Every inch of it!"

Leroy began thrashing with his panic and almost jerked his head off Nicole's
impaling organ before several of the other black men grabbed him. With their
help the woman forced the boy to swallow it down to the very root, until his
lips were pressed against the smooth, hairless skin of her pubis.

Nicole's cock throbbed powerfully as the young black boy's gullet spasmed
around her massive shaft. The woman entwined her fingers into Leroy's short
hair and grabbed a firm hold on his head. With surprising strength she almost
jerked the boy's face clear of Nicole's awesome appendage before plunging him
back down to the root. The woman pulled his head back and forth repeatedly,
laughing as Leroy struggled to catch a breath in the fraction of a second
that his throat was clear of chick-dick.

"Suck the bitch off! Make her CUM!"

The black woman continued to laugh maniacally as she forced the face-fucking
to continue, masturbating the helpless Nicole with the boy's unwilling mouth.
The woman squirmed on Nicole's belly, rubbing her hot crotch against the
amazon's hard abs faster and faster.

Nicole was suffering the most exquisite of torments. For her, sex and
violence and humiliation had always gone hand-in-hand, but this was the first
time she had been the victim in her sexual encounters, and she was horrified
at the increased pumping of her blood pulsing through her giant cock, the
faint tingling sensation in her cockhead and the tightening of her huge
balls. She didn't want to enjoy it but couldn't control herself as the
intense pleasure coursed through her massive body. She felt her orgasm
quickly building.

"You're gonna be my fuck-toy Nicole! You gonna be my plaything! My big-dicked
she-male rape-slut!"

Nicole could feel the muscles of the woman's thighs twitching irregularly,
and she realized that the woman was rubbing herself toward orgasm.

"Cum for me, freak! Blow your load in this worthless boy's throat! Show me
your SUBMISSION Slave!!!"

The insults seemed to be driving the woman closer to her peak, and Nicole
noticed with despair that they were having the same effect on her!

"NNNOOAAaaahhhh!" Nicole cried out through the ring-gag.

"YES!" exulted the black woman.

"G-GLLLAAAUUURRRGGGHHHHHH!!!" Cried the unfortunate black boy as Nicole's
climax blasted her thick, syrupy cum into his vulnerable belly.

Nicole's powerful hips twitched helplessly, the hard muscles of her ass
spasming with each ejaculation, as she shot load after load of her gooey
semen down Leroy's throat.

The black woman rose up so that she could press the boy's head down to the
root of Nicole's erupting cock with the benefit of her weight to hold him in
place. Leroy's arms and legs were thrashing wildly, his hands slapping loudly
against the bound amazon's muscular thighs.

Nicole's orgasm eventually subsided and two of her captors grabbed the boy,
almost unconscious now from the lack of air, and pulled him off her softening
cock. Cum drooled from his slack lips and fell onto Nicole's hairless crotch
and balls. The she-male's body glistened with sweat and her chest heaved as
she sucked in air through the metal ring-gag.

"Oh you gonna be a good little slave aren't you freak?" The woman's hands
grasped Nicole's slimy penis and stroked it gently.

"This belongs to me now, an' it don't go soft less'n I say it does!"

Nicole grunted as something was forced over the head of her tumescent
maleness, and she groaned in pain as it was slowly forced down her
considerable length until reaching the base.

"AARRRHHHH!!!" She cried when the woman pulled her fingers out of the strong
rubber cock-ring and it snapped to as small a size as it could, cutting
deeply into the flesh of Nicole's cock.

"That should keep you good an' hard for us!"

The cock-ring restricted the flow of blood through Nicole's awesome penis,
trapping it inside and forcing it to become erect once more.

"Okay boys, it's time to give this bitch a whippin'!"

Some of the gang-members rolled Nicole back over onto her tits while others
removed their belts to use on her big, helpless body.


"Aaghh!" she grunted as the first belt landed across her broad shoulders.


"Uhhn!" the second blow hit across her lower back


"Nnnhhh!" she grunted as the belt struck across her unyielding ass cheeks.
Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

Blows seemed to rain down on her ass and back from every direction as more of
her attackers joined in the whipping. They were pummeling her mercilessly,
sending her body bucking and thrashing in her bondage. Nicole grunted and
gasped in pain, but refused to give them the satisfaction of hearing her

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

The echoes of her beating reverberated throughout the parking garage. The
naked she-male writhed helplessly on the concrete as the belts whipped her
large and vulnerable body, with particularly emphatic attention pain to her
awesome buttocks. Nicole's hard-muscled ass glowed red from the whipping.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

Still Nicole grunted, the pain was excruciating but she refused to scream.

"Roll the freak over, I want to whip her tits!" The woman said, "All of you
can join in but anybody damages her cock and I'll cut your balls off! You got
that? This bitch's dick belongs to me!"

Nicole tried to resist the hands that descended on her but she could not
prevent them from lifting her large and heavy body up and flipping her over.
She flinched as her burning buttcheeks touched the cold floor, pivoting her
hips and presenting her cock to the audience as though she was inviting them
to her body. She flinched again as her weight bore painfully down onto her
whip-striped back, this time presenting her breasts as a target.


The black woman didn't waste the opportunity and now Nicole screamed as the
leather belt cut deep into the tender flesh of her monumental breasts,
slashing straight across both giant orbs.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

The big-titted dick-chick shrieked like a banshee. The pain of her beaten
breasts seemed to reach a plateau, an unbearable level where the whipping
became a dull background ache of throbbing heat. Then it stopped. Nicole lay
prone, her huge chest shuddering as she gulped in deep breaths of air, which
made her reddened tits roll around in a way that excited and inflamed her
attackers. The huge cock twitching between her spread thighs was an added
entertainment as it bounced up and down. Then a new pain struck with an
intensity that caused blackness to cloud her vision as a belt slapped noisily
against her balls, sending sharp shards of pain lancing through her body and


The gang laughed as Nicole sobbed through the ring-gag and writhed in agony
as far as her restraints would allow.

"Okay," the woman spoke, and through her pain Nicole was again struck by a
sense that she should recognize the voice. "Let's give this bitch a taste of
her new life. Malcolm!"

"Yo!" A deep voice responded.

The blindfolded freak heard and then felt the man move across and straddle
her chest. His knees dropped on either side of her head and his shins pinned
her shoulders to the concrete. She heard him unzip his jeans and she tried to
turn her head and her defenselessly wide-open mouth away from what she knew
was to happen next. It was a futile gesture, as more black hands grabbed her
hooded head and jerked her into the optimal position for her assailant's

She gagged once as she felt his cockhead stab against her throat, and then an
awful tearing pain shot down her throat as it popped in. It wasn't the first
time Nicole had sucked cock, it was something she often did to tease and
excite her victims before she revealed her own monster-cock, but this black
cock was bigger than any man she'd ever raped. It had to be almost as big as
her own, and she gagged again as the full length of his semi-soft salami slid
down her throat, until her nose was pressing against his wiry pubic hair. Her
whole body shook and jerked as she retched, trying to dislodge his cock from
her throat. He held it there, choking her with his hardening manhood, until
his awesome erection was fully hard.

The next few minutes were like a nightmare for Nicole, as the black man raped
her throat with short, powerful thrusts that scarcely allowed her to catch a
breath. His big strong hands gripped her masked head tightly, and try though
she might she could not pull her face away from his impaling flesh.
Blindfolded, there was nothing to divert Nicole's attention from the pungent
scent and the rich flavor of the man's huge cock. No distraction from the
feel of his thick man-meat forcing her gullet wider than she thought
possible. Even though she'd done just this with her freakishly large she-cock
to dozens if not hundreds of victims, both men and women, it was completely
different to be on the receiving end, and she really felt that her throat
must split under the pressure.

The oral assault continued for several minutes, to the accompaniment of
onlookers' cheers and cries of encouragement, and long wet slurping sounds
from Nicole, with other, deeper and stranger sounds from within the she-male
amazon's muscular body as the impaling cock's passage echoed through her big

Then the hands on her leather-encased head pressed her face painfully against
his groin and held her there. She felt his cock jerk in her gullet and a
spray of warmth in her throat as he came inside her. He moaned above her as
Nicole's throat spasmed to swallow it and squeezed more from the tip of his
cock. It seemed like it would never end.

Eventually the flow subsided and the softening cock was withdrawn from her
wide-open mouth. Nicole retched as the giant phallus passed back through the
entrance to her gullet, spraying the sperm she had been forced to swallow out
around the cock. It splashed onto her breasts and dribbled down her chin as
the big freak's huge cock bounced in time to her coughs and splutters.

"Okay, NEXT!" The woman called out.

Before Nicole could recover another cock, smaller but stronger tasting, was
thrust into her ring-gagged mouth and her ordeal began again. This man lasted
just two minutes in her convulsing throat before he pulled out and sprayed
his load over Nicole's leather mask.


The next cock was even shorter, only about nine inches long, but it was
thicker than either of the first two, and the squelching sounds were
particularly loud as he raped the helpless she-male's defenseless mouth. When
his climax came, he withdrew his cock until the head rested on her lips and
filled her open mouth with his load. Nicole tried to spit it out by coughing,
but that was ineffective. Some of the creamy spunk was forced out of her
mouth, but the rest slid down her throat and made her choke, forcing her to
swallow the rest.


And so it continued. After more than a dozen, Nicole soon lost count of how
many black cocks had been forced down her throat, all of them big and all of
them blowing huge loads of thick spunk in her gullet or her mouth or onto her
masked face. She was made to drink so much of it that she thought she might
drown in it.

Halfway through the oral ordeal the black woman started stroking Nicole's
painfully erect cock, making her groan around the cocks in her throat. To
Nicole's intense shame, the skillful ministrations of the negress kept her
cock hard and happy, so much so that toward the end the big she-male was
struggling to prevent her cock from erupting.

Eventually, after almost an hour, the serial throat-rape ended, and Nicole
lay gulping in air, cum splattered across her masked face, neck, collarbones
and shoulders. Gooey strands drooled into her gaping mouth from her quivering
lips and a few errant jets had sprayed across her whipped breasts. As Nicole
recovered from her ordeal, she heard and felt flashes of cameras as her
humiliation was recorded for posterity.

"Okay boys, turn the bitch over!"

Black hands descended upon her once more and she was lifted and flipped over.
They made her kneel and thrust her ass back and up as far as her spread legs
would allow before they let her go. Off-balance and with her hands still
secured in the modern metal stocks it was impossible for Nicole to support
herself so her substantial weight came crashing down onto her big breasts,
squashing the giant orbs almost flat.

Hands grabbed her hard buttocks and pulled them open, exposing her asshole to
the crowd. Nicole was aware of somebody kneeling behind her and then felt
something press against her ringpiece. It wasn't the cock she had been
expecting and dreading, it was narrow piece of rubber. It was forced into her
ass and Nicole guessed that it was some sort of syringe or similar, and that
they were going to lubricate her ass for the gang-rape that she knew was

The flexible hose-like nozzle slid deeper and deeper into Nicole's bowels
until it jabbed painfully into the limits of her rectum. There was a sudden
sensation of hot wet heat inside her as slimy lubricant was pumped up her
tight ass. A moment later the blonde bodybuilder gasped and started writhing
in her bonds. The lubricant contained an irritant that made her spasm and
squirm in an effort to relieve the unnatural itching in her ass. Her
assailant took a moment to fondle the squirming amazon's dangling balls, the
woman's hands Nicole realized. Then the negress rose and another person took
up position behind her.

This time it was most definitely a cock that pushed between her muscular ass-
cheeks. The black man positioned himself at the tight opening to her asshole
and shoved.


Nicole screamed now, as burning pain threatened to overwhelm her. The man was
huge! He felt twice the size of anything Nicole had ever experienced, and
must have been at least as thick as Nicole's own gigantic cock. The rapist
leisurely penetrated her asshole, thrusting slowly into her spasming bowels.
The bound she-male clenched her muscles to try to expel the intruder but that
just made the pain from the irritant in the lubricant hurt more, and she was
not strong enough to stop her attacker anyway.

"Not so tough when you're the one getting' yo' ass raped, are you bitch?"
taunted the negress.

The man's first thrust had only reached a couple of inches or so into the
tight anal passage. He pulled out with a `slurp' of lubricant and thrust back
against her resisting sphincter, again and again, each time forcing his cock
deeper into her ass. Her butt gripped his cock like a vice, and above her
gurgled protests and cries she could hear him grunt with pleasure. Nicole was
only suffering what she had made so many of her victims suffer, but she
failed to appreciate the justice of that. All she knew and all she cared
about was that she was experiencing the worst pain of her life! The pain of
her violated ass was the entire world to the gagged and blindfolded freak,
and she threw back her head to scream for relief.

There was none. Her impalement continued. Inch by painful inch that monstrous
black cock forced its way into her tight white ass, spearing between her
well-developed glutes, as Nicole screamed out incoherent protests and the
gang cheered and applauded.


"You like that freak? You like having a big black cock in yo' nasty white
ass?" The woman slapped Nicole's hooded face but she barely noticed through
the pain of her tortured asshole.


After an eternity of burning pain, the rapist's cock was buried to the hilt
in her back passage. His wiry pubic hair pressed against the muscular she-
male's hard white buttocks and his big furry balls rolling over her huge
hairless testicles.

"Sixteen inches, that's what you getting'. His dick's even bigger than yours
freak. Sixteen inches of prime grade-A black meat!"

The man reached forward to grab the ponytail sprouting from the leather hood,
jerking on Nicole's hair. As she screamed and whined like a bitch, he began
to pump, slowly at first but with increasing speed, ramming his huge cock in
and out of her painfully expanded asshole, rotating his hips to work her ring
wider, until her stretched, defeated sphincter muscle no longer put up any
resistance to his battering ram of a cock.

Soon he was sodomizing her with hard, fast strokes just as Nicole had fucked
her victim earlier that night. The big-dicked amazon was consumed by a
terrible agony and humiliation. This was what she did to other people, it
wasn't supposed to happen to her! Harder and harder he fucked her ass, his
sweat pouring off him and dripping onto Nicole's already sweat shimmering
body. It was finally too much for the big she-male, the humiliation and
degradation overwhelmed her and she began to weep like a little girl beneath
her leather hood as her tight ass was royally reamed.

The massive black cock fucked her relentlessly and without mercy, pounding
into her guts. Nicole rocked back and forth, rolling on her painfully crushed
breasts, her heavy cock swinging wildly, her huge balls being struck by the
black man's even bigger testicles.

Something changed. Deep inside the evil-minded big-dicked she-male rapist,
what had she'd always thought was the core of her identity seemed to fall
away and something new rose to replace it. Instead of thoughts of violent
retribution, the bound bodybuilder's mind was filled with swirling images of
big black cocks, taking her, conquering her, forever. Nicole's life had been
built on her innate sense of superiority. Growing up she had always been
bigger and stronger than everyone around her, and even after she began
bodybuilding and that was no longer completely true, she'd still had her
gigantic cock to prove that she was better, more blessed than anyone. In her
arrogance, she had always believed that her cock proved that she had been
chosen for some special destiny. She'd believed that the men and women that
she raped should all feel honored to have had the privilege of Nicole's
glorious cock inside them. She'd never encountered a penis even close to
matching hers in size, but the one in her ass was both longer and thicker
than her own, and somehow the belief that had once made her so imperiously
arrogant now drove her to submit before the superior cock.

The thick pulsating shaft in her ass was stimulating her to unwanted
pleasure, and confused and ashamed by her response, the pressure was rising
in Nicole's battered balls.

One hand of her rapist continued to pull Nicole's ponytail, while the other
slid over the she-male's hard-muscled back, sometimes slipping down far
enough for him to fondle her firm ass.

Nicole's whole world was reduced to the black man's huge, rigid, glorious
cock impaling her bowels. Her attacker knew how to fuck, and every brutal
stroke was ecstatically torturous stimulation to the freakish bodybuilder.
Her bound purple cock was throbbing painfully as it beat against the floor.


She cried out through her ring-gag, her mind staggered by the violent sexual
hurricane roaring through her body. She arched her back to better assist her
rapist's strokes and humped back against his pistoning cock, heedless of the
pain as her pleasure overwhelmed all else. Her masked head jerked up and
down, and cum-mixed spittle flew in long ropes from her gaping mouth. The
black man growled like a wild beast as he rode her tight ass.

She was no longer fighting her rape, she craved it. This monstrous black cock
had tamed her, broken her to its wielder's will. Nearly maniacal with sexual
abandon, more than anything else she wanted to feel his seed in her guts!

Suddenly she stiffened, her massive muscles bulging as they tensed, and then
she cried out in one long gurgling scream of ecstatic release. The ring
binding her cock at the base pinched the flow of her semen, blocking it until
there was enough painful pressure to force her load through the constriction
in series of pulsing, explosive spurts. Her cock erupted like a firehose, her
backed-up cumload blowing with such power that when it hit the floor it
splashed far and wide, splattering over her powerful thighs, her flexing abs,
and the undersides of her huge, squashed breasts.

"Slut!" Screeched the negress exultantly, "You're just dirty little slut!
Look at you, sprayin' yo' cum while yo' white ass is raped! You one fucked-up

Nicole's body arched back again and again, driving her ass back onto his
conquering weapon, and within moments she was rewarded with his hot sperm
gushing up into her ass, completely flooding her bowels with slimy white cum.
The monstrous black cock filled every available space inside her, so the seed
was forced higher, into her intestines, and back down her butt to squirt out
her asshole.

The bound and fucked she-male gave a mindless groan and slumped forward,
totally spent and almost senseless from the force of her monumental orgasm.
Her rapist stayed inside her, allowing her to enjoy the fullness, while he
panted for breath as the last of his virile man-juice oozed into her guts.

When the man withdrew Nicole groaned in disappointment, and hated herself for
her submissiveness. She couldn't understand what had happened. How she had
changed in one moment from an ultra-dom rapist into a compliant rape-slut,
willing to do anything if it meant she would get that big black man-meat back
in her ass.

It didn't matter what Nicole was or was not willing to do. She was bound and
gagged and helpless, and her attackers were going to continue using her in
whatever way they chose. There was not one of them that cared about Nicole or
her state of mind at all. She was just a freakish white fuck-slave to them.

Nicole shuddered, her big, hard-muscled body still trembling in the wake of
her agonizing ejaculation. Her cock was throbbing so painfully that she
thought it could explode, with a sore spot inside where her cumload had
forced its way past the tight cock-ring. Her ass was a yawning, cum-slimy
chasm that yearned to be filled. Was this how her victims felt, Nicole
wondered, after she had raped them? If so she finally understood what drove
so many of her victims to request a repeat performance. She needed to be
filled once more, and her sphincter flexed as though it was seeking another

Her gaping asshole was not empty for long, as another black man took up
position and stabbed his huge cock into her. To Nicole's disappointment, he
was smaller than the last, very nearly as thick, but not much more than a
foot long. The black rapist grunted in pleasure as the bodybuilder's velvety
bowels caressed his fat cock, clenching in a pulsating rhythm as the she-male
sought to milk his man-meat of its creamy load.

Something hot and wet pressed against her shoulder. In the moment it took her
to realize that it was another cock, its owner had started rubbing the pulpy
head up and down the hard curve of her shoulder blade. A moment later there
was another on the other side, its owner rubbing the hot fat shaft over the
amazon's superbly developed latissimus muscles from armpit to hip. A third
man joined the others, but her straddled her body and ran his cockhead up and
down her spine, leaving glistening trails of pre-cum from the nape of her
neck all the way down to the cleavage of her impaled ass.

Her head was jerked up off the floor by her ponytail, and a thick cock was
thrust deep into her ring-gagged mouth. At the same time she heard more men
clustering around her, and then more hard cocks were pressed against her
hard-muscled body. One rubbed the underside of his cock against her biceps,
his hot balls by her elbow, while further along her fingers were wrapped
around another fat cock. The same happened with her other hand while a fat
dick was thrust into the crook of her elbow. Her right thigh was treated a
long slimy cock rubbing its length, while her left calf was slapped wetly by
another, and the soles of each foot had become fuckpads for two more cocks.

Meanwhile, the ass-fucker had reached his short strokes, thrusting rapidly in
and out of her as his climax arrived. He slammed in one more time and
stopped, firmly wedged in her ass, and started spewing his heavy load of cum
deep into her bowels!

He pulled out with a long wet `schluuurp', and then another cock entered her
gaping ass. This one was thinner, but longer, a good 14-inches at least. As
he fucked her, he reached down and around to grab Nicole's throbbing cock and
started stroking it in time with his thrusts.

The huge she-male whimpered with pleasure and hated herself for it.

She was well greased up and now lubricated with sperm, so his slimmer cock
slid easily into her depths. Nicole gave a cry and jerked in her bonds, but
it was only a token gesture. She was defenceless against this assault, but
she no longer really wanted to stop it. The freakish dick-chick was in an
ecstatic hell, a helpless victim as well-hung black men raped her ass like
she was some cheap whore, their she-male bitch, and she was loving every
minute of it!

Moans emanated from Nicole's wide-open mouth with every thrust of the invader
plowed her ass, jerking her back and forth as he pulled her onto his cock and
jerked on her dick-chick. He lasted only a few minutes as the thrill of
sodomizing the muscular she-male excited him quickly to his climax. Then he
pulled out, leaving her open and dripping with come, and in urgent need of
blowing her own cum-load.

The next cock to penetrate her felt tiny to the abused amazon, but it was 12-
inches long and as thick as woman's wrist. Her clenching ass nonetheless
squeezed this new penis tightly.

"Whore!" he snarled, driving his meat deep into her rectum. He gripped her
hair, jerking her head back viciously. Despite his cock's smaller size, he
knew exactly how to fuck her and unerringly drove his purple cockhead over
her sensitive prostate with every stroke. Nicole's body was already primed,
and her hulking frame shuddered as she experienced the ugly pleasure of
another ferocious, forced orgasm. Her huge she-cock seemed to visibly pulsate
and then she spilled her seed over the concrete. At the same time, her anal
passage coiled tight around her rapist's black maleness, squeezing it,
strangling it until it triggered his own release. Her powerful asshole milked
him of his cum, almost vibrating around the shaft and sucking it deeper into
her bowels.

Then there was another cock, fat and veiny, pounding into her violated

Suddenly she felt a splash of hot liquid on her shoulder, followed by another
as the man grinding his cock on her bicep orgasmed and squirted his cum over
her bulging deltoids. Then a man came on her foot, and a moment later she
felt the cock in her left hand pulsate as her to climaxed. Another shot his
load over her thighs, and then two came almost simultaneously over her back,
one across her shoulder-blades and the other spraying into the groove of her
spine. After each man came, he climbed off her and stood back, but next men
up did not rub their cocks against her now slimy skin, instead they
masturbated over the bound amazon until they too shot their loads over her
muscular body.

After an eternity, the rapist in her ass came, howling like an animal as he
filled her bowels with his creamy cum. He withdrew, only to be replaced by
yet another man in her abused asshole. And then another. And another. Big
black cock after big black cock raping her muscular she-male body. Sperm
coated her back and arms and legs, and drooled from her yawning asshole every
time one of her rapists pulled out, and Nicole Bass was lost in the hitherto
unknown pleasures of submission and humiliation.

To Be Continued...

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