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Featuring: Brooke Hogan (TNA), Austin Aries (TNA, former ROH).

Breaking In Brooke - A TNA Erotic Story
by DaxG2001 (

Moments after making her live debut on the May 31st edition of TNA Impact
Wrestling, the new Executive in Charge of the TNA Knockouts division and the
daughter to the current TNA General Manager and WWE Hall of Fame member Hulk
Hogan, the stunning blond Brooke Hogan is stepping down the steps from the
staging entrance with a smile, happy with how things all turned out on her
first night on the "job". The star of VH1 shows Hogan Knows Best and her
own series Brooke Knows Best is dressed in a form fitting black dress that
hugs to her nicely large and rounded breasts as well as her sexily thick ass,
topped off with black, stylish boots.

"That was really awesome!" Brooke thinks aloud to herself as she walks,
letting out a sigh of relief. "Those fans gave me a really nice welcome, and
that guy in the front row had a sign about me! If that's how my first night
went, then I can't wait for the next show and see what all the Knockouts
have to offer!"

As she heads on, her attention is suddenly grabbed by a voice from the side
that calls out: "You call that a good first night? I came back and won a
three-way dance on my first night!"

Turning, Hogan finds the voice belongs to the talented, handsome but often
cocky current TNA X-Division Champion, Austin Aries. With a towel around his
neck and his title resting on his shoulder, still clad in his nicely fitting
wrestling tights from his match earlier in the evening, he has a smirk on
his face as he gives her a little look over.

"Uh, hello there!" Brooke says with a slightly nervous giggle, caught off
guard by the sudden call out as Aries approaches him. "I'm Brooke, but I
guess everyone knows that and why I'm here, right?"

"You could say that, a lot of people have their own thoughts about you being
here..." Austin responds with a sly smile. "I'm Austin Aries, and you should
know that already. But you seem to be very happy with yourself about
tonight... Even though all you did was talk out there. It's a whole
different story calling shots and making matches around here."

"Oh, I know! And I'm serious about making the most of this and not letting
all my girls down!" Hogan says with a nod and a smile of her own. "I said I
was gonna work my butt off and that I was serious about this opportunity,
and I mean it. I won't let Dixie, the girls, the fans, and especially not
my Dad down!"

Smirking again, Aries shakes his head slightly. "That's all well and good,
but your Dad caused a lot of people in TNA trouble in the past, and now with
another Hogan brought in? I think a lot of people are going to want to see
how dedicated you are to TNA."

Confused, Brooke frowns a little. "But, I just said that I was..."

She's cut off when Austin raises his hand. "Talk is cheap Brooke, and here
in Impact Wrestling you need to speak with actions, not words. So if you
want to prove you're so serious about this as you claim, then you're going
to need to do what every other Knockout has done when they've come into TNA.
You Brooke Hogan, need to be "Broken In" as a real part of TNA.

"Broken In? I... I'm sorry, but I'm still so new to this all, and a little
nervous..." Hogan says with a smile, biting down on her bottom lip cutely
for a moment. "I don't understand what you mean here... Can you explain it
to me? What would I be doing to be "Broken In"?"

Hearing this question, the X-Division Champion smiles broadly. "Honey, I
can do you one better. Not only can I explain, and show it to you, but I'll
happily be the one who breaks you in. I am the X-Division Champion after
all, and The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived. What more could you ask for?"

Thinking it over for a moment, Brooke nods her head with a smile, won over
by the sweet talk from the handsome wrestler. "OK Austin! Guess it's time
for "Breaking In Brooke"! So what do we do?"

* * *

Minutes later inside her lavish, V.I.P. dressing room provided by TNA
Wrestling, the gorgeous Brooke Hogan is letting out a soft moan thanks to
the teasing tongue of Austin Aries as he laps away at her exposed, neatly
shaven pussy, kneeling down between her spread legs as she sits back on a
couch with her black dress hiked up above her hips. Her eyes are locked
down on the sight between her legs, seeing the handsome face barely an inch
away from her twat as he flicks his hungry tongue against her outer folds
are around, already showing he's no novice when it comes to this act and
showing no intimidation over the fact he's doing to the daughter of the
current "G.M" of Impact Wrestling either.

Biting down on her bottom lip, the gorgeous blond lets out a cute whine as
her hips flex towards the hunk working over her snatch, trying to get his
talented tongue right into her already dampening love tunnel and even
moving a hand down onto the back of his head to try and give him another
hint that she wants more of what he's got for her. Looking up with with a
satisfied smirk to her reaction, the current TNA X Division champion moves
in closer, giving her pussy a long, slow lick right up the middle, making
her moan as her body almost arches off the seating in response, but she
settles back down just in time as he runs his tongue up and down her slit
with a smooth, controlled rhythm.

Tilting her head back, the new Executive in Charge of the TNA Knockouts
lets out a low groan of pleasure from the work the probing tongue of the
TNA wrestler is doing to her tasty snatch, feeling him sliding around and
reaching as far in and around as he can get, resulting in his rugged face
being pressed right up into her. Looking back down, she finds her free hand
running through her long hair as she starts to grind her pussy into the
mouth of the self proclaimed "Greatest Man Who Ever Lived", her other hand
still holding onto his head to keep him in place, even though he could
easily switch things up if he so wished, such is the power his oral skill
is having on the young hottie.

Keeping his lips firmly pressed into her pussy, the former two time ROH
World Champion continues to dine on the sweet snatch of the star of Brooke
Knows Best, smirking into her now quite noticeably wet hole as he feels her
smooth, tanned legs draping over his shoulders, her black boots touching as
her thighs squeeze the sides of his face and head. It doesn't put him off
though, swirling his tongue around inside her twat to make her moan and
give him a visual reward as he looks up and watches her still-clothed with
a sexy black dress body move and arch in pleasure and it's all a turn on
for him as well, proven by the clear and impressive looking bulge in his
wrestling tights.

Gritting her teeth for a moment, the singer and television personality
moans again at the feeling of the talented tongue sliding all around inside
her pussy, much quicker movements working her over all around her folds,
and it's clear she isn't use to this kind of expert eating out that's left
her with slight sweat already forming on her forehead. She keeps on moving
her snatch forward to rub it across the mouth of the grappler who's lightly
moaning himself as he uses one hand to rub his own hardened package while
the other runs across her thigh, all the while his tongue lapping up her
forming juices that he has no problem in drinking right down, obviously
loving the taste of her twat.

"Oooooh... Oh Austin!" Brooke moans, taking her legs and hand away from his
head as she sits up on the couch. "Where did you learn to eat pussy so
fucking good??" She asks with a lick of her lips.

Smirking at her question, Austin stands up from her and wipes some of her
juices off of his chin with the back of his hand. "Honey, when you've been a
round where I have, for as long as I have? You learn that going down first
always means coming up first..." He says as he pushes his tights down.

Seeing the rock hard, nicely thick, and impressively lengthy dick that's
been free, the beautiful blond audibly gasps, her eyes widening as she
stares at his manhood. "Holy shit!! No fucking way you're that hung!!"
Hogan exclaims, but clearly not in disappointment from the sight.

Letting out a slightly cocky chuckle, Aries steps forward and moves back
down into position between her legs. "Babe, you've got a lot to learn about
the biz... Now let's start with really "Breaking In Brooke"..."

Leaning in, one firm thrust pushes his lengthy tool right up into her wet
snatch, making them both moan although her cry is noticeably louder, the
eyes of the new Executive in Charge of the TNA Knockouts division glued
down as she watches his cock sliding back and forth into her snatch, within
seconds getting into a solid rhythm. She finds her hands moving up to slide
across the top X Division star's shoulders as he starts to pump her, soft
moans escaping from her open mouth as her nicely snug pussy has to adjust
to the vast size ploughing into her in quick time, but she seems up to the
task or just willing to take it, perhaps proven by her hard nipples poking
through the top part of her dress.

In full control of the situation, the hunk from Milwaukee, Wisconsin smirks
as he watches the gorgeous hottie underneath him moan and jolt each time he
sends his shaft into her twat, enjoying the tight and damp feeling all
around his inches, his motion perfectly timed and firm to work more of
himself inside her as this steamy action continues. He knows that it won't
be everyday he gets to nail the daughter of a WWE Hall of Fame member so
he's planning on making the most of it, working his hips to slide his
member in and out of her snatch, groaning himself from the pleasure as he
gazes over her tanned, sexily curved and partially-clothed body.

The legs of the starlet from the Hogan Knows Best and Brooke Knows Best
reality TV shows remain wide apart as she sits back on the couch in her
personal dressing room and takes this sharp and quickening fucking from a
man she's barely just met, and now has all of his dick right up into her
love tunnel and from the way she's moaning rather shamelessly, that's all
fine with her. Feeling more frisky, her hands slide up to the neck of the
pro wrestler leaning over her, pulling him down into a deep kiss that he
soon responds to, getting opening mouthed as he slides his tongue into hers
to wrestle as he continues to thrust into her snatch.

Smirking into the lip lock, the winner of the 2011 X Division Showcase
tournament puts some extra force into his deep pumps, causing them both to
moan into each other's mouths as her body jolts sharply back on the seating
when he drives right up into her slit, the smack of his crotch connecting
with her skin ringing out. Even inside her black dress, the breasts of the
singer and actress bounce from the sharpness of the thrusts she's now
taking, the sensations further turning her on as he hands roam across his
heck, head, and back as he takes her, the two still swapping spit as well
as moans as their tongues lash against one another.

Breaking off the lusty kiss, the reigning X Division Champion smirks again
at the look on pleasure on the blond beauty's face as she reaches back,
trying to grip the couch she's getting nailed on as her body rocks back and
forth in response to the thick dick sliding into her snug and soaking wet
hole, more drops of sweat forming on her thanks to his clearly experienced
sexual ability. Indeed, he's got plenty more left in store for her, giving
her snatch a couple more balls deep thrusts before he gives an extra hard
one, making them both groans as he keeps all his inches right up inside her,
causing her to grind her pussy down against his manhood much to his moaning

"Mmmm... Not too bad..." Aries thinks out loud as he leans back slightly,
his hands going to her black dress pushed up over her stomach. "Let's get
this off of you first..."

With a nod and a lick of her lips, Hogan sits up slightly and raises her
arms, allowing her clothing to be taken completely off, leaving her just
wearing her large, stylish black boots as now her sexily rounded breasts
are on display. "Damn... You really know what you're doing here!" She says
with a big smile, her eyes gazing over his muscular body.

He smirks again. "That's why I am The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived..."
Austin boasts, before taking a hold of her waist in order to turn them
around, so that now he's sitting down on the couch and she's mounted on his
lap, his cock still deep inside her. "Now lets see what you've got Brooke."

Taking a moment to adjust to the new position, she responds with a grin
down at him. "Oh, I've got plenty for you to "break in" Austin!" Brooke
states. "I'm a Hogan after all!"

Starting off by putting on a show, she reaches up and takes a hold of her
long blond hair in her hands as she starts to rock her hips, lifting herself
up in order to smoothly and steadily drop herself down onto his stiff rod,
repeating the motion with impressive ease despite his vast size, perhaps
showing herself that she isn't as sweet and innocent as she sometimes seems.
That's fine for the handsome and cocky wrestler receiving this ride,
watching her moving on his shaft and particularly those wonderfully rounded
tits as they bounce from the effort she's putting into moving on his member,
the motion more than enough to keep them both moaning.

When she comes downward onto his pole, her pussy goes all the way down to
the base of his shaft, her tanned skin meeting his balls while her sexily
thick ass cheeks smack into his strong thighs, the sound of body meeting
body ringing out to mix with their cries of lust but neither feels a sting
of pain from it as she continues to smoothly move up and down on him. His
hands hold her by the waist for support, his gaze switching between up to
her beautiful, moaning face, to her erotically jiggling breasts, and down
between her legs to watch his own cock vanish and reappear from her wet
snatch that's still as tight as ever, only further adding to the pleasure
that they both feel.

Letting go of her hair now, the Tampa, Florida stunner has to grip onto the
shoulders of the TNA wrestler she's bouncing up and down on, feeling the
effects of having to keep up this intense and swift pace to satisfy both of
their sexual urges, her breath increasing as she moans away with half open
eyes but not showing any signs of stopping yet. With a grunt, she switches
thing up with an occasional sharper drop down than usual, the smack of her
booty connecting with his thighs louder as she groans out but handling it,
the stud she's on top off just keeps on smiling and moaning far less louder
than she is, still able to control himself as this fucking in her own
V.I.P. Dressing room carries on.

Now it's the turn of the TV personality to be surprised with much more
effect as the X Division Champion pumps his shaft right up into her very
wet but still nicely tight pussy, his ball sack slapping up into her smooth
skin when he sends his inches right up into her as she drops down onto him,
allowing him to drive even deeper into the busty blond. This in turn makes
her move higher on his member, her breasts bouncing away as she groans out
with closed eyes, the sweat dripping off from her forehead now as her wet
snatch slides up and down nearly all the way, running on instincts as she
keeps on riding his fat dick that's now slick from her own juices.

While she's been getting wild almost since this began, it's only know that
the man formerly known as Austin Starr is showing signs that it's taking its
toll, beads of perspiration forming on his handsome facial features as he
pumps his manhood straight up into the snug twat of the gorgeous daughter of
the General Manager of TNA, Hulk Hogan. Watching her moan and bounce on his
rod gives him all the fuel to keep on giving it to her fast and hard like
he's doing, groaning himself as he enjoys being deep inside her love tunnel
that feels made for taking a big, long cock like his, as he shows it's not
just inside the wrestling ring where he's talented as the "breaking in" of
the latest edition to the TNA roster continues.

"Awwww... Awwwww fuck!!" Brooke exclaims with a moan, almost gasping for
breath as she's allowed to rest on his lap for a moment. "I don't think I
can handle any more "breaking in" like this!"

"Here was me thinking you were serious about being a part of TNA..." Aries
states with a smirk, using his strength to lift her up and off of him,
setting her back down on her hands and knees on the couch.

Looking behind her, Hogan bites down on her bottom lip as she looks over
the hunk moving behind her. "I... I am serious! But I came here to be in
charge of the Knockouts! Not for this kind of action!"

"Honey, this kind of action is what the Knockouts are all about... At least
good for..." Austin says backhandedly as he moves up close to her. "Now lets
see if you can handle some of A Double at his finest..."

Sliding his manhood once again into her snatch with a groan, the X Division
Champion gets right to work pumping away into her twat with a series of
sharp and sudden pumps, getting balls deep into her in no time at all so his
muscular, sweat covered waist smacks into her gorgeously rounded ass cheeks,
that contact more than enough to make her rock forward in response. The new
Executive in Charge of the TNA Knockouts moans out again in a far from
lady-like manner with closed eyes, her hands gripping the couch she's
getting nailed on from behind as she rocks herself back and forth to meet
the incoming thrusts, completely giving herself into this hunk she only met
a half hour ago.

Banging a stunning, perfectly curved blond is enough to get any red blooded
male's blood flowing, but giving to the daughter of the wrestling legend
who's basically your boss in the company? It's even more intensive for the
self-proclaimed Greatest Man Who Ever Lived to fuck this woman as hard and
fast as he can to savor every moment of all his inches being stuffed inside
her tightness, moaning himself each time his length slides in or out of her
twat. His heavy balls smack into her sweat covered and tanned body when he
drives forward into her as she pushes herself backwards to meet him, that
erotic smack of body colliding with desirable body sounding out to only
make this sexual encounter even hotter for them both as they keep on moaning
out without any shame at all.

With her head hanging down low and her mouth open for the stream of groans
and grunts to pour out, the reality TV starlet turned singer and actress is
barely still with it, her mind cloudy from the lust and pleasure flowing
through her curvacious body, reacting only to the massive shaft working in
and out of her pussy that's stuffing her so wonderfully full, unlike
anything she's ever felt before. Her fingernails claw at the seating she's
on as the doggy style banging continues, the rocking motion she's being made
to do causing her nicely sized and rounded tits to sway as they hang down,
and her butt cheeks still shake when the wrestler behind her pushes forward
to send his tool completely into her soaking wet hole.

Knowing it's a once in a lifetime chance, the former two-time ROH World
Champion reaches forward, grabbing a hold of her long blond hair to force
her head up and to tilt back, causing her to groan deeply as he thrusts away
into her box, going balls deep each time and the repeated impacts into her
booty have left her tanned cheeks starting to get a little pink, a sure sign
she'll be feeling the effects of this fuck for days to come. The other hand
stays on her waist to keep her up in position so he can keep on driving his
big dick back and forth into her dripping but still quite snug snatch,
dominating the beautiful woman now with a position of power within the
company he works for as he pulls her head backward with sharp tugs of her
hair each time he thrusts forward into her love tunnel.

It's just the right amount of pain to act as a further turn on rather than
really hurt the Tampa, Florida babe who is just barely hanging on to any
sort of sense as her eyes are almost rolling into the back of her head, her
tongue slightly sticking out of the side of her mouth as she pants for
breath and groans in a rather whorish manner. She doesn't care that she's
acting like a slut for this man she barely knows and only just met tonight,
or that she's being fucked wearing only her stylish boot so hard that she
might be unable to walk straight for a week, she just craves more of that
massive dick slamming into her twat to fill her up and keep her feeling this
mind-blowing pleasure that's left her covered with sweat.

Only a few more deep, sudden pumps are needed along with tugs of the hair
to send the Executive in Charge of the TNA Knockouts moaning over the edge,
as Brooke Hogan begins to sharply cum on the cock of Austin Aries ploughing
into her from behind, a flood of juices splashing out right over his lengthy
pole as she groans deeply. In turn he moans loudly, his dick throbbing
inside her as her pussy tightens around his manhood but impressive as he's
been throughout this, he keeps control in order to keep on banging her doggy
style, allowing her to ride out all the intense waves of sexual pleasure
coursing through her body with balls deep pumps until he mercifully lets go
of her hair, smirking as he watches her collapse forward, exhausted onto
the couch.

Unable to move, she can only lay on her front as she draws in deep breath,
her pussy juices trickling out of her twat, down her inner thighs and
dripping down onto the couch she's been fucked on all during this time, and
no doubt that liquid along with her sweat left on it will require new
seating to be purchased for the next edition of Impact Wrestling. That's of
no concern to the smirking hunk here though who moves around and lifts her
head up enough so he can tap the head of his cock against her lips, making
her groan for a moment before she opens up perhaps to speak, but is cut off
when he takes the invite to slide his manhood right into her oral hole.

A muffled groan comes out of the blond beauty as she looks up to see what's
going on, having no energy left but to take this as the TNA X Division
Champion firmly pumps his cock back and forth past her nicely pouty lips,
briskly fucking her mouth as he looks to get off now after rending her
exhausted after an intense banging inside her own dressing room. Her face
tenses for a moment, not from the discomfort of her mouth being used like
this but of the fact that she's being made to taste her own pussy juices off
of his tool, this clearly being a new sensation that she was not prepared
for, but the light moan she's letting out seems to show it's not completely
disgusting to her.

Moaning away, the hunk from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, stuffs his tool in and out
of the warm and wet mouth of the star of the Hogan Knows Best and Brooke
Knows Best TV shows, feeling his member throb away in between those pretty
lips that lightly press against the sides of his length as he moves it
smoothly and swiftly back and forth. He's not planning on doing all that
deep into her, but regardless he's making her take an impressive amount of
his size into her mouth with his pumps, as she doesn't gag for a moment when
he pushes forward and even flicks her tongue slightly upwards against his
underside as he passes between her kissable lips, tasting more of herself
off of him in the process.

He had already been close when she came hard over him, and now it's his turn
to blast off inside of her, and with a deep grunt and a grin Austin Aries
starts to shoot his spunk right into the mouth of Brooke Hogan, causing her
eyes to widen with a groan of her own as her mouth is rapidly filled up with
shot after thick and creamy shot of jizz. Now she gags for a moment, a
massive mouthful fed to her as he keeps on thrusting his dick in and out of
her mouth, making some cum stain on his cock and then coat her lips from the
movement, but soon she takes a big gulp and swallows down his spunk, clearly
moaning at the taste and drinking down the rest of his load until with a
final pump and a satisfied moan he pulls his now spent dick out of her

"...Fuck... That was... Oh wow..." Brooke gasps out, still laying on the
couch as she looks up at the smirking stud who'd just fucked her brains out
and made her love every moment of it. "This? This, you do not... Do not tell
anyone... About this, especially not my Dad!"

"Works for me babe..." Austin responds with a shrug of the shoulders. "I
can keep secrets. Still, after this? I think you might just fit in fine
around here, even if you're going to have your work cut out keeping all the
Knockouts in charge." He adds, still with a cocky smirk as he turns, heading
over to his clothing as he looks ready to leave now he's gotten off. "Oh
yeah, consider yourself "broken in" as well... Welcome aboard."

"Mmmm... Thanks!" Hogan says with a sly smile. "Oh, don't worry about the
girls... I've got plenty of plans for them all. I came here to make an
Impact in Impact Wrestling, and all the Knockouts will soon find out that
when it comes to me? Brooke Knows Best..."

* * *

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