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Breaking In Trish Part 1: Young Busty Blond
by Revolution

Trish Stratus is a recognized fitness model, a many time Women's Champion,
has appeared on numerous TV shows and magazine covers for years. Everyone
has heard the standard story she's told about how she became so successful
but that story is far from the truth. Lots of wrestling fans have accepted
her story as fact and have bought into her hype while many other fans and
especially those who don't follow wrestling have wondered what all the fuss
is about.

The long hard road to success started for Trish Stratus back in the late 90's
when her university went on strike. The fact of the matter is, Trish didn't
have the grades to keep going in university and she knew it. She also knew
that she had been training very hard in the gym during her time at university
and when she was approached to take a test shoot for MuscleMag, she jumped at
it. No one had ever thought of her as being a model before so obviously she
was flattered and excited. The test shoot didn't turn out to be all that
special as there were about 50 girls in bikinis having their photos taken.
After Trish had her pictures taken, she was pulled aside by the photographer,
Gary. Gary was a tall slender man who spoke with a bit of a lisp.

"Trish, I think you have potential," he said. "Oh, thanks, I really want to
be in the magazine," Trish smiled.

"I have a few suggestions. First, you need bigger tits. Second, you need to
add some more muscle, ask some of the guys at your gym to get you what you
need. Also, I like the bleach blond hair, just tan some more and tweeze those
eyebrows," Gary explained.

"Ok wow, if I can do all that do you think I can be in the magazine?" Trish

"I can't guarantee anything but I have a good feeling about you," Gary smiled
and moved onto the next girl.

For the next few months, Trish worked on everything Gary said. The first
thing she did was go get a pair of breast implants with the rest of her
tuition money. There was no way that she could go back to school now. Trish
worked on her body everyday, getting harder and more muscular. She would
follow that up by tanning almost everyday until her skin was a deep dark
shade of bronze. Trish was doing all of this work but she didn't hear back
from Gary at all. She tried to get in touch with him but never could get
through and as the weeks went by, Trish's bills started piling up. Trish was
way behind on her rent payment and really needed some quick cash so she
looked through some ads in the newspaper. She found one that read, "WANTED:
Young busty blond model. $200/hour rate." Trish answered the ad and gave her
stats to the man, Barry over the phone. That was good enough for this Barry
guy and he told Trish to come by on Saturday for the shoot.

On Saturday, Trish put on a pair of black spandex pants and a white sports
bra and drove out the location. It wasn't exactly in the best neighborhood
but Trish was desperate for money. Trish parked on the street in front of
the building and headed inside. She went to use the elevator but it was out
of order so she had to walk all the way up to the 15th floor. Even though
she had been working out so much and adding muscle, she was still starting
to feel the burn in her glutes and hamstrings as she got the 15th floor.
Trish knocked on door 1505 and a heavy set man in his 40's opened the door.

"Are you Barry?" She asked.

"Yes, you must be Trish, come on in," Barry said. Barry had scraggly brown
hair that was thinking and he looked quite sweaty. Trish looked around in
the studio apartment and saw an area with a plain white background setup
for photos. There was also a couch, some chairs, and lots of video and
photography equipment.

"Wow so you clearly workout," Barry commented.

"All the time," Trish said.

"I can tell you're really muscular and tanned too," he said.

"Yes I am, is that a problem?"

"Oh no, I don't think so. It's just not exactly what I was expecting."

"I really need this gig. I have rent to pay by tomorrow morning or I'm going
to be kicked out."

"That stinks. I'm sure everything will be fine."

"So what type of shoot is..." Trish was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Good we should be able to start now," Barry said as he walked over and
opened the door. An average looking guy in his early 30's, probably 6 feet
tall, average build, and short brown hair entered.

"Mitch, this is the girl who responded to the add. Trish, meet Mitch," Barry
said. A confused Trish reached out and shook Mitch's hand. Mitch pulled Barry
aside and whispered, "What's this? I wasn't expecting some skank who works
out more then I do."

"Be a professional and earn your money," Barry whispered back. Mitch took off
his shoes and jacket and went into the bathroom for a minute. Trish couldn't
really make out what they were talking about but she was still perplexed.

"So is he your assistant or something?" Trish asked.

"Oh no, he's the one you're going to be working with today," Barry said.

"Working with?" Trish asked.

"Yeah, you two will do a little dialog and then I'm pretty open to letting
the scene go naturally," he explained.

"The scene? Wait a minute, is this a porno?" Trish asked.

"Yeah of course it is, what did you think it was?"

"Just a modelling shoot. I don't want to do porn!"

"You have those bills to pay, don't you?"

"Yeah but I don't know about this."

"And you must not be getting enough modeling work to pay those bills."

"I know, that's true."

"I really don't have time to go find someone else on short notice. Here's
what I'll do Trish, how about an extra $100 per hour? Come on, it's just

"Ok, ok, fine, whatever, yes I'll do it," Trish conceded. She really didn't
think she had any other options to get the money by the end of the day and he
was right about her not getting legitimate modeling jobs.

"Mitch, are you ready to go? Time is money!" Barry shouted. Mitch came out of
the bathroom and walked over to the couch.

"There's really not a lot of setup needed. Just sit down together on the
couch and talk about how you don't want to go all the way up to the bedroom.
Mitch sat down on the couch and Trish cuddled up next to him.

"ACTION!" Barry yelled. Trish rubbed Mitch's chest and moved in closer.

"Why don't we take this upstairs, baby?" She asked.

"Why go all the way up there when we can just do it right here?" Mitch said.

"Whatever you want," Trish said as she moved in close and started kissing
Mitch. Mitch quickly moved from kissing Trish to kissing her neck. Trish
sighed and unbuttoned Mitch's shirt as he kissed her neck.

"Now reach down in his pants but don't take it out, wait until it's hard
first," Barry directed. Trish unzipped Mitch's fly and slipped her hand down
there but he was still totally limp. Trish took her hand out and rubbed on
Mitch's cock through his pants. She kissed and massaged his chest, that
wasn't all that defined. She moved back up to kiss him but he only kissed her
once then wanted to see her tits. Trish sat on his lap and pulled off her
sports bra, letting those big fake tits out. Mitch grabbed them both and
buried his face in them, sucking on her nipples and rubbing his face all over

"There we go, baby, yeah," Trish moaned as she finally felt Mitch starting to
get hard.

"Ok, transition to the blowjob," Barry directed. Trish slid down in between
Mitch's legs and pulled his pants down. Trish held Mitch's cock in her hand
and it wasn't totally stiff but it was probably 3/4's hard and about a good
7". Trish moved her head over it and started sucking Mitch off.

"Ohhh yeah suck my dick," Mitch moaned and put his head back so he was
looking up at the ceiling.

"Good work, Trish. A little more spit on his cock, there you go, you're doing
good," Barry directed. This clearly wasn't the first dick she had sucked and
she was starting to get into it and somewhat forget that she was doing a

"You can't just lay there Mitch. Stand up and get involved, guys want to see
eye contact when they watch porn," Barry said. Mitch stood up and let his
pants fall to the floor. Trish knelt in front of him and continued sucking
his seven-inch cock. Trish brushed the hair out of her face and looked up at
Mitch as she blew him.

"Ohhh suck that fucking cock, Trish," he moaned without much enthusiasm.
Trish kept sucking away while Barry kept telling Mitch to focus his eyes on
Trish blowing him and quit looking away. With Mitch's eyes focused on her,
Trish felt his cock getting slowly smaller and smaller inside her mouth. She
switched to jerking it really hard then sucking it even harder but it wasn't
working. The more Barry made Mitch focus on Trish's face, the more his dick
shrank until it was finally limp.

"Cut cut cut! MITCH! What the fuck?" Barry yelled.

"I tried! I fucking tried! I can't do it the way you want," Mitch said.

"I can't have a fucking porno where the guy won't look at the girl!" Barry

"Mitch, what's the problem?" Trish asked, still down on her knees.

"Look, Trish, that's your name, right? Yeah, I'm sure you're a nice girl and
all but you're just not what I was expecting," Mitch said.

"Hey! Don't blame me because you can't keep your dick hard!" Trish snapped,
offended by Mitch's comments.

"Look bitch, I was expecting a young busty blond college chick not some
overly muscular, way too tanned, mannish looking bitch!" Mitch snapped back.

"Stop it! Both of you!" Barry interjected. "I need a fucking scene for my
movie or neither of you are getting paid!"

"That's not fair! I can't do it, I can't physically do it," Mitch said.

"I was doing what you wanted and now I don't want to do anything else with
this asshole!" Trish reacted.

Barry was pacing around the room, his stringy brown hair and body sweating
like crazy. "OK! I think I've come up with a compromise. I'll just use the
footage I already shot and put in as strictly a blowjob scene," Barry said.

"I can deal with that," Mitch said.

"But I can't have a blowjob scene with no ending. I need a pop shot," Barry

"How is that going to work?" Trish asked.

"Mitch, you go look at some magazines or do whatever the fuck you have to do
to get close to cumming. And Trish, you'll just need to kneel back where you
were and take the pop shot," Barry explained.

"Oh fuck no, I'm not letting him cum on my face," Trish said.

"Look, I'll pay you your whole day's pay. It'll be quick and you can clean it
off and we'll all move on from this bullshit situation," Barry said.

"Ok alright fine," Trish agreed after she heard she'd get her whole days pay
that she needed so desperately. Mitch grabbed a couple of porno mags and went
into the bathroom to start jerking himself off. Meanwhile, Trish slumped down
on the couch and stared at the clock. She just wanted to get it over with,
get her money, pay her rent and try to find some new work.

About a half hour later, the bathroom door burst open and Mitch came
scurrying out with his pants around his ankles.

"Hurry, hurry, I'm ready to pop," he said.

"Quick Trish in position, and the cameras are rolling in 5 .. 4 ... 3 ... 2
... 1 and you're on," Barry said. Trish was back down on her knees in the
same position as before, looking up at Mitch. Mitch was looking at Trish but
his eyes were glazed over as he was thinking about something else.

"UHGHHHH YEEAH HERE IT CUMS!" Mitch shouted as he unloaded his cum onto
Trish's face. Rope after rope of sticky warm jizz splattered across Trish's
face, dripping all down her lips, her cheeks and her chin. Mitch squeezed out
the last drop and held his cock near Trish's open mouth.

"And cut, that's a wrap!" Barry yelled but Trish reached out and grabbed
Mitch's cock and started licking the extremely sensitive head.

"Ahhh ahhh fuck stop it," Mitch yelled as Trish tongued his overly sensitive
cock. Mitch finally pushed her off, pulled up his pants and rushed towards
the door.

"Just send me the fucking cash in the mail, and fuck you, you nasty skank,"
Mitch said as he slammed the door behind him.

"Haha that was pretty funny," Barry chuckled. Trish smiled and went into the
bathroom where she looked in the mirror and started wiping the cum from her
face with a wet wash cloth. She stared in the mirror for a while, looking at
herself, and said, "You did what you had to do." Trish got dressed and Barry
handed her an envelope full of cash.

"Maybe this just isn't the right thing for you. Being so muscular and all,
you should try and be a model for one of those bodybuilding magazines I see
at the store," Barry suggested.

"Haha ... yeah. Thanks for living up to your word and paying me," Trish said
as she walked out the door.

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