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Breaking In Trish #2: DominaTrish
by Revolution

A few days later, Trish got a surprising call. It was Gary from MuscleMag.

"Trish, if you're still interested, we want you to do a special lingerie
shoot for the magazine," he said.

"Oh yeah, of course I am! I didn't think you were ever going to call me,"
Trish said.

"Oh I'm sorry, I should have checked in, I just wanted to give you time to
make the improvements that I suggested," he said.

"I've done everything you said," Trish confirmed.

"That's great, I can't wait to shoot you," Gary said and he gave Trish the
details of the shoot.

The photoshoot was setup in a luxurious hotel bedroom and it was just Gary
and Trish. He explained to her that this was meant to be a very intimate
looking pictorial.

"So what kind of lingerie do you have for me?" Trish asked.

"We're just going to do this one outfit today and if the pictures turn out
well and you make the magazine, we'll do more," Gary explained.

"That's great! I really want to be in the magazine," Trish gushed.

"I can tell. You've really transformed yourself and made all the improvements
that I wanted and then some," Gary commented.

"Awww thanks, I've tried so hard," she said.

"Here's what I want you to wear, you can go get ready in the bathroom while
I get my cameras set," he said, handing Trish a shopping bag. Trish fixed up
her hair and makeup in the mirror then slipped out of her clothes and into
the lingerie. The lingerie was a small sheer black teddy with gold flowered
trim and there was also a pair of black stiletto heels. When she walked out,
Gary's eyes opened up wide.

"Damn Trish, you really have packed on some serious hard muscle," he

"And no tan lines," she smiled, looking down at her bronze skin. Trish was
still new to this whole modeling deal so Gary walked her through numerous
positions, standing up, kneeling on the bed, laying down, etc. He adjusted
her hair and told her how to pose. He especially wanted Trish to let her
mouth hang open in a sultry way as he captured the hardness of her face.
The photographer in his 50's with a slight lisp wasn't intimidating or
threatening to Trish at all so she really started to feel comfortable and
get into being photographed. Gary must have shot hundreds of photos of Trish
for over an hour getting all angles of her tanned muscular body. Finally
Gary set down his camera and it appeared that he was finished.

"So how did I do?" an anxious Trish asked.

"You did great!" He said.

"So am I going to be in the magazine?"

"You really want to be in it bad, don't you?"

"More than anything!"

"What if I could guarantee you a featured layout in the magazine?"

"Oh my god! You could do that for me?" Gary walked over and grabbed another
shopping bag from under a desk.

"Why don't you go put this on and I have confidence that with it, you'll get
yourself in the magazine," he said, handing Trish the bag. Trish took the bag
into the bathroom and shut the door. She was in there for a good five or ten
minutes before the door finally opened and Trish stepped out wearing her
black teddy lingerie ... and a big strap-on cock!

"Ohh man I was so right, look at you, you're a perfect Dominatrix!" Gary
said. Trish didn't say a word as she walked towards Gary with a scowl on her
face. She reached down and grabbed him by the crotch.

"Are you gonna be my bitch?" She asked and he nodded as he winced in pain.

"You're gonna toss my salad, you got that? Got it, bitch? Get ready to go to
work," Trish said as she let go of his cock. Trish took off the strap-on and
leaned up against the wall, sticking her ass out.

"Get over here and assume the fucking position and get to work you dirty old
pervert," Trish commanded. Gary got down on his knees behind Trish, pulled
her thong to the side, and started licking her asshole.

"Mmmm yeah, you're my little photographer bitch now. Get in there real good,
oooohhh yeeah, deep ... REAL DEEP!" Trish moaned as Gary roled his tongue
around in her ass.

"I wanna feel that tongue inside my ass ... MY ASS ... My thick muscular ass!
I know you're loving it." She exclaimed, smacking her big hard butt.

"Mmmm hmmm, yes Trish!" Gary mumbled.

"That's DominaTrish to you, bitch!" Trish said, smacking Gary inthe back of
the head.

"Yes DominaTrish," he said.

"Good boy, I know you're enjoying that nice ass. Oooohhh that's right, get in
there real good! Real REAL GOOD!" Trish sighed as she leaned forward more,
really sticking her butt out in his face.

"Mmmm service me! Lick that ass! Get in there with that pervy tongue, that's
right, ohhhhh. Slow ... real slow ... I like it real slow. Your gift is my
muscular ass! Enjoy it because I know that you need me," Trish said.

"I need you, DominaTrish," Gary mumbled. Trish put one leg up on the bed,
sticking out her rear more.

"Get to work! Mmmmm that's right, get that tongue in there deep. Nice and
slow. At this rate, you might be lucky to have me be your model and be my
little bitch photographer. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Trish asked.

"Yes I would, DominaTrish," he said, pulling his head from between Trish's
tanned buns. Trish looked down at him with disdain, grabbed him by the back
of the neck and shoved his face back in her ass.

"Come on bitch, lick it like a dog, bitch! I call the shots around here and
I better see more excitement out of you! My hot muscle butt is a treat for
you, bitch! Get to work or I'll throw out and go to som.... ohhhhhhh that's
better, ohhhh fuuuck," Trish calmed down as she felt Gary's wet tongue deep
inside her asshole.

"Keep going ...that's right ... don't you wanna make your DominaTrish happy?
Don't you want to please your new top model? Get that tongue and nose deep in
my ass!" She demanded. Gary was almost pushing Trish forward, he was trying
to get his face so deep inside her firm ass.

"Hold it for a second, I need to get more comfortable," Trish said as she
crawled onto the bed on all fours. Gary got behind her, rubbed his hands all
over her hard ass and stuck his tongue back inside.

"That's right ... Right where you left off, mmmm. Tell me what you're doing,"
Trish said.

"I'm licking your ass," Gary said.

"You're tonguing my muscle butt, say it bitch!"

"Mmmm I'm tonguing your hot muscle butt, DominaTrish."

"Lick it and say more!"

"Your ass is so tanned, DominaTrish."


"Your ass tastes so good, DominaTrish."


"I love rimming your hot tanned muscular ass, DominaTrish!"

"That's right, bitch! Mmmmmm fucking get in there real good. Make me happy,
bitch. Make me happy I transformed myself for this. Mmmm nice and slow,
bitch. Get in there real good, make it nice and wet for your DominaTrish!"
Gary used all the saliva he had to get Trish's ass wet as he tongued it deep.

"You gotta take care of me if I'm gonna be in your magazine. Be a good little
bitch and clean my big fake tits," Trish said, pulling the top of her teddy
down to let her tits out.

"Get to work! Make sure you do it right," Trish demanded. Gary held her big
tits in his hands and started running his tongue all over them.

"Take one of my big nipples in your mouth. Mmmmm yeah, suck on it. Mmmmm
that's good, bitch. You like my fake tits?" She asked.

"You have great tits, DominaTrish," Gary said.

"Get a nipple back in your mouth, bitch! You better like these fake tits,
you told me to get them. Mmmm work on them, lick them clean," she said as he
groped, sucked, and licked her big tits.

"That's enough of that for you, lay down, I need a good cushion," Trish said.
Gary laid down flat on his back and Trish sat right on his face.

"Relax you dirty old perv. I know you're not having any problems!"

"I can't breathe!"

"I don't care! Get used to it!" Trish demanded but Gary was squirming, trying
to breathe.

"Quit squirming! That's better. Make me happy, bitch! Your DominaTrish needs
a place to rest her ass. You hear me?" Trish asked. Gary said something that
couldn't be heard.

"That's right, feel all that muscle on your face. From now on, every time I
need to sit my muscle butt down, you're going to be there. You're going to
service it whenever I want you too. You're mine now, aren't you?" Trish
asked, standing up off Gary's face.

"I belong to you, DominaTrish," he muttered. Trish went and sat down on the
corner edge of the bed with her legs spread open. "Get over here and lick my
pussy, bitch!" She demanded. Gary crawled between Trish's legs and started
eat her out.

"That's right, do it the way I like it, lick those big fat pussy lips. I've
gotta train you exactly how to lick my pussy, don't I?" She asked.

"Tell me how you like your pussy licked, DominaTrish," Gary said.

"There we go, lick that pussy, mmmmmm. Ohhh nice, nice, ohhh yeah! OH YEAH!
Ohhh that's right, now get in on my clit," Trish moaned. Gary spread Trish's
thick pussy lips with his fingers and went to work on her swollen clit.

"That's right, mmmm mmmm, use that tongue right there, mmmm fuck. It's good,
isn't it?" She aked.

"Yes it is," Gary answered.

"Shut the fuck up and just lick, bitch. I know you like my sloppy wet fat
pussy and my swollen clit. Ohhh fuck! Work that clit, bitch. Mmmm that's
right, work that big clit, yeeeahh," Trish moaned as she squeezed her
muscular thighs against the sides of Gary's face.

"Unhhhh damn, you know what I like now! You want to make your new model
happy? Keep going, bitch. Make love to my sloppy cunt with your mouth,"
she insisted. Trish was trapping Gary's head between her legs with her
well developed thighs and holding the back of his head.

"OHHHHH YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME SQUIRT! Ohhhh come on, bitch, ohhhh ohhhh work
that big clit! Ohhh god! Ohhh my fucking sloppy pussy is a treat for you,
as she squirted all over Gary's face. Her juices ran all down Gary's face
and chest as he tried to lick it all up. Trish released her death grip on
Gary's face and let him wipe the juices from his eyes.

"Mmmm you've been a good little bitch boy, you've earned this," Trish said,
holding up the strap-on. She re-adjusted the thong up the crack of her
muscular ass and put on the large rubber cock.

"You're a fucking dirty old pervert, aren't you?" Trish asked, stroking the
plastic dick.

"Yes I am, DominaTrish," he admitted.

"A dirty old perv who makes models famous and good money in his magazines?"

"That's what I'm good at, I know what people pay to see," Gary said.

"And look at what I've done to be one of those models people pay to see in
your magazine. I came to you as an athletic college girl and look at me now,"
Trish said, looking the mirror.

"Look at my fake blonde hair, my big fake tits, my fake tan. My friends hate
the way I look now. If that wasn't enough, look at all the muscle I put on.
You took me and made me harder and more masculine, that's what you did,"
Trish said.

"I guarantee that ass is going to sell magazines," he said.

"Are they all bitch boys like you? Ready to service their DominaTrish's fake
dick? Is that who wants to see this butt?"

"I don't know but they all seem to love the models I pick."

"I've heard enough out of you. Get over here and suck this fake cock like you
want to," Trish demanded. Gary got down on his knees in front of Trish and
took the dildo in his mouth.

"Yeah let me see your cock sucking technique. Show me what a faggot bitch you
are," she said.

"Yes DominaTrish," Gary said and then Trish shoved the cock deep down his
throat, choking him with it.

"Did I tell you to speak? Get this right, you old queer," Trish said. She
pulled away and let Gary catch his breath before feeding him her fake cock

"Suck it nice and slow, enjoy that big dick you gay bitch. Mmmm yeah get
it nice and wet. Work it good," she said. Gary had his eyes closed and was
sucking this big strap-on like it was a real dick.

"Ohh look at you enjoying sucking on that big dick like a faggot. Tell me
I'm right," Trish said.

"You're right, DominaTrish, I'm enjoying it," Gary said.

"Enjoying what? SAY IT!"

"I'm enjoying sucking this big dick for you like a fag!" Gary exclaimed.

"Yeah that's right, gay boy. Suck some good cock for your DominaTrish. There
you go, lick it ... lick the shaft ... that's it, now suck on it," Trish
instructed. She looked up from Gary and into the big mirror where she could
see Gary down on his knees sucking on her big strap-on.

"I'm starting to see it all now. Look at you down there between my legs, my
big muscular legs. Look at those fucking perfectly tanned, muscular legs. I'm
seeing it all now. All the way up to my dirty, hard, rough face. I see what
you've made me and I'm fucking liking it," Trish admitted.

"I'm betting all my subscribers will see it too and pay to see it," Gary

"Did I tell you to stop sucking dick?" Trish asked. She grabbed her big cock
at the base and started forcing it into Gary's mouth. "Open that mouth ...
open wide .. wider you dirty old fag! Suck it ... Suck that cock good! Mmmm
mmmmm ... HEY! Get your hands off my muscle butt," Trish said, slapping
Gary's hands off her ass.

"You don't deserve to feel that while you're sucking my big nasty rubber
dick. Suck on it good. Open even wider, take more cock in your faggot mouth,
mmmm yeah. Mmmm I like this. Mmmm suck your DominaTrish's cock! Tell me what
you like," Trish said.

"I love my DominaTrish's cock!" Gary said.

"That's what I'm talking about ... suck it more .. get it wetter. Ohhh yeah,
take it deeper, get it wetter. Fuck it's nice and wet now and ready for that
asshole of yours," Trish said.

"You really are getting into this, aren't you?" Gary asked.

"Are you ready to take my cock or not?" Trish asked.

"Yes I am, DominaTrish," Gary said.

"Beg for it!"

"Please fuck me, DominaTrish."

"Yeah? You want this?" "I want your cock, DominaTrish, I want it bad."

"Why do you want it so bad from me? Isn't there a hundred other models you
could get it from?"

"No, I need your big DominaTrish cock!"

"Tell me why or I won't give it to you!"

"Look at you! Look at your muscled up body with the most perfect big round
muscle butt. Look at your dark fake tan! Look at those big super fake looking
tits! And look at that nasty mannish dirty looking face! That's what I need
for my magazine and that's what I need fucking my ass with her big fake dick
that she now loves!" Gary admitted.

"Bend over, you old faggot bitch," Trish demanded. Gary bent over the side of
bed and stuck his ass out as Trish walked up behind him, waving the strap-on

"Don't flinch, bitch," Trish said as she started to push the big saliva
covered cock inside of Gary's ass.

"That's right ... take your DominaTrish's cock. Take all of it, you gay
bitch," Trish said.

"Ahhh ahhh easy, ohh your cock is so big DominaTrish," Gary moaned.

"SHUT UP! You faggot piece of shit! Shut up and take it all in your ass!
That's right bitch, you wanted to get fucked, now you're gonna get fucked."

"Ohhh fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Are all your readers bitches like you that like dick and are gonna dream
about getting fucked in the ass by me?"

"Aahhhh I don't know but it feels so good," Gary said as he rocked his hips
back and forth.

"Mmmmhmmmm that's right, your DominaTrish has such a big dick. Mmmm take it,
fag! Take the buttfucking like the faggot you are!" Trish yelled.

"Ohhh yeah fuck me like a man," Gary moaned.

"You love this big cock, don't you?"

"Oh god yes, DominaTrish."

"Well I'm gonna fuck you hard! I'm gonna fuck you harder then any of your
skinny little faggot fuck buddies!" Trish exclaimed. She grabbed Gary's hips
and started pounding the strap-on dick fast and hard into his ass.

Trish jackhammered that cock into his ass.

"Ahhh yes! Using all this muscle in my ass and my legs to fuck your gay ass
so hard! That's what you wanted!"

"YES! OWWWWW FUCK YES! Use it! Use that muscle, DominaTrish!"

"Reach back and feel it!" Gary reached back with both hands and started
rubbing them on Trish's thighs and ass.

"Ahhh yeah, bitch, feel that muscle in my legs. Feel it!"

"Ohh DominaTrish, your thighs are so strong!"

"Yeah you're good little bitch. Move those hands up onto my ass. There you
go, that's right. You like that, don't you fag?"

"Ohh yess, DominaTrish, it's packed with muscle."

"Fucking right it is. I'm working up a sweat fucking your gay ass. Keep your
hands on it, feel my muscle butt clinch up when I fuck your faggot ass!"


"Now get your fucking hands off my ass and let me see you play with your
junk," Trish ordered. Gary reached down and started rubbing himself as Trish
kept a steady pace, fucking his ass.

"You like cock. Say it!"

"I love cock!"

"What cock is the best?"

"Your big plastic cock!"

"Yeeahh, that's what I like to hear. Keep playing with your little limp gay
cock and balls while you get fucked by this big manly dick!"

"Ohhh god DominaTrish, ohh fuuuuck!"

"Who's your new top model now?"

"You are!"

"Who's an old gay photographer bitch?"

"I am!"

"And what are you good for?"

"Sucking and fucking!"


"And getting you featured in the magazine!"

"Yeah, that's right!" Trish said as she pulled the strap-on from Gary's ass
and took it off.

"You can make yourself cum if you even can, you old fucking queer, my work
here is done," Trish said.

"Good lord, you ... you're going to be a star."

"I'll be waiting for your calls about when the issue is coming out and when
you're going to shoot even more photos of me. Got it?"

"Yes, DominaTrish, I've got it."

Trish went into the bathroom and changed back into her regular clothes and
fixed her hair and lipstick. When Trish walked out, Gary was feverishly
jacking his dick on the bed while sucking on the strap-on dildo. Trish just
smirked at him and walked out knowing that she was going to be a featured
model in the magazine.

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