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Breaking In Trish Part 3: Dumb
by Revolution

After securing a place in the muscle magazine with her "DominaTrish"
performance, Trish was feeling so good. This was going to change everything
for her! All of her 'improvements' and drastic appearance changes weren't for
nothing after all. Trish's great day took a bad turn when she was at home a
few days later and came across the modeling ad for the "Young Busty Blond."
She had totally blocked that out of her mind and she was starting to panic.
It would totally ruin any modeling career if people found out she did a cheap
porn blowing some guy. Trish quickly dialed the number to get Barry on the

"Hello?" He answered.

"Hi Barry, this is Trish," she said.

"Who?" "You know the muscular blond for a few months ago and I did that scene
that didn't quite work out."

"Ohh yes I certainly remember you. What's going on? Are you looking for more

"No, no not at all. I wanted to know if you released my scene on a tape yet."

"No I haven't actually, it's going to go on one that I'm putting together as
we speak."

"No it can't. I can't have that out there. I'll pay you back the money, I
just need that video destroyed."


"Let's just say that you might be seeing me on newsstands soon and I
desperately need that video destroyed. I'll pay you back the money, I'll do

"That money wouldn't equal what I could make with this tape."

"I understand. Please, Barry, you name it, I'll do whatever you want to see
that this tape is destroyed."

"Why don't you come over tomorrow and we'll figure something out?"

"Ok sure, that's a deal."

The next day, Trish went back to that dingy place that she never thought she
would have to return to. She thought she was desperate the last time but this
time, it could make or break her career. Barry answered the door in some old
sweat pants and a t-shirt while Trish had on some little shorts and a tank

"Thank you so much for meeting with me," Trish said.

"Come in and sit down," Barry said. Barry plopped his big frame down on the
couch and Trish sat down next to him.

"You really fucked up, didn't you?" He asked.

"Yes I did, I made a big mistake, I'll do anything to get that tape
destroyed," Trish said.

"Oh I know you will. You've been a bad little whore, haven't you?"

"I'm not a whore!"

"You're a dumb whore too. You sucked dick on camera and you say you're not a

"Ok, I'm a whore. Please don't release that tape."

"Young dumb whores like you need to be taught a lesson. Get over my knee,

Trish laid over Barry's knee and he brought his big fat hand down onto her
ass, spanking her.

"You deserve this spanking for being such a dumb whore," Barry said as he
spanked Trish's ass a few more times.

"Owww that hurts," Trish complained. "Good, you deserve it," Barry said. He
slipped Trish's shorts off and spanked her bare ass, really laying it in.

"Admit it, admit what you are," he said, spanking her again.

"I'm a dumb whore!" Trish exclaimed.

"Good now get on your knees and beg me to destroy that tape," he said. Trish
got off of his knee, rubbed her sore ass and got down on her knees in front
of Barry.

"Please Barry, please don't release it!" Trish begged.

"Actions speak louder then words," Barry said as he tugged on his pants.
Trish normally wouldn't touch a slob like this with a ten foot pole but she
moved forward and pulled down his pants.

"Yeah you need me now, you stupid slut!" He said. Trish started rubbing
Barry's flaccid dick and took it in her mouth. Her forehead bumped into his
gut when she sucked on his smallish dick.

"Suck it like you mean it, slut!" He said. Trish tongued his sweaty balls and
took all of his dick in her mouth.

"Please, Barry! Please don't release it!" Trish begged some more.

"Get your mouth back on my dick, whore," Barry said. He grabbed Trish by the
hair and thrust into her mouth. His dick really wasn't all that big or even
that hard so Trish had no problems taking it in her mouth but she cringed as
this slop tried to fuck her mouth.

"You want me to fuck you, don't you? That's what you want, you dumb whore,"
Barry said.

"Yes," Trish mumbled and Barry spat right in her face.

"Mean it when you say it!"

"Yes, I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me and destroy the tape!"

Barry reached under the side table next to the couch and pulled out a device
that Trish looked at curiously. It was a cock pump. Barry laid down on the
couch and put the pump over his semi-hard dick and started pumping away.

"Don't just fucking sit there like the dumb whore that you are. Get over here
and toss my salad," he said. Trish reluctantly came over and really didn't
want to do it.

"I'll release that fucking tape tomorrow if you don't stick your tongue in my
ass," he said. Trish put her face between his legs and winced as she stuck
her tongue in his fat disgusting ass.

"Ohhh yeah really get it in there, you stupid skank," Barry moaned as he
pumped away at his small cock. Trish tried not to gag as she darted her
tongue into his asshole. It was disgusting and humiliating and she had to
keep doing it until Barry finally pumped his dick as big as he could get it.

"Are you ready to get fucked, you dumb whore?" He asked.

"Yes I deserve to get fucked for being such a dumb whore!" Trish responded.

"Good then bend over like a slut," he said. Trish got down on all fours and
Barry got behind her. The fat bastard didn't just stick his dick in her, he
stuck it right in her ass. Trish screamed, not because it was big, but
because she wasn't expecting it at all.

"Shut up and take it in your ass, you slut," Barry said. Trish just closed
her eyes and took it, hoping that it would be over soon. Barry fucked her
hard for about a minute then got tired and slowed down. He pumped her ass
for about ten minutes before he was ready to blow.

"I wanna cum in your mouth," he said, grabbing Trish by the hair and pulling
her around. He stuck the head of his cock in Trish's mouth and blew his load

"Swallow it!" He demanded. Trish closed her mouth and swallowed his cum down
her throat.

"Fuck! You're a good whore," Barry moaned.

"I'm begging you now, please destroy that tape," Trish said. Barry walked
over to his desk and picked up the tape.

"You can do whatever you want with it, Trish. I'll be a man of my word
because you'll always know what you had to do to get it destroyed. You'll
always be a whore. Maybe from now on you won't be such a dumb one," Barry

"Thank you, thank you," Trish repeated over and over as she took the tape,
put her clothes back on and ran out of there. She felt like she wanted to
throw up but she looked down at the tape and convinced herself that it was
worth it.

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