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Breaking In Trish Part 4: The Nastiest
by Revolution

With the porn tape situation taken care of, Trish was off to Jamaica for a
muscle magazine shoot. This was a big deal with all the big name male and
female fitness models taking part. Trish felt good about being a part of the
shoot but when she saw a lot of the more famous fitness models, she started
to get worried about her chances of getting covers and being successful.
Trish overheard a conversation between one of the male bodybuilder models
and an editor from the magazine. The editor was asking the bodybuilder for
his thoughts on the women and who should get covers. Trish didn't hear her
name come up and that's when she decided that she needed to convince these
bodybuilders to start pushing for her to get covers. It wasn't enough for
Trish just to be in the magazines or to have one featured layout, she wanted
to be on the most covers and be the most successful. Even though she was busy
often doing shoots of her own, she made sure to keep an eye on the men. After
one of her shoots, Trish saw that a big group of the men were shooting
together in the pool area. She waited around in the distance until she saw
them wrapping up the shoot. The guys all went into the men's locker room area
and Trish knew this was the time to make her move. She waited a few minutes
then when no one was looking, she slipped into the men's locker room and
locked the door shut behind her. There was no one in the change room portion
but Trish could see the steam coming from the showers. Trish stripped off
her shorts down to a small white thong then took her bikini top off from
underneath a thin white tank top. She walked into the showers and looked
around at the six nude hulking bodybuilders who were in various states of

"I've seen you guys checking out the new girl, seeing what I've got," Trish
said, taking command of the room.

"Let me tell you that I'm not here to be some bimbo on page 57 that everyone
just flips by. I came here to be on the cover and to be made into the babe
that every guy is told they should want," she told the men, who were a little
confused or surprised.

"In case you haven't been checking me out, stand back and take a good look
at what I'm offering," Trish said. She waved one of the men to the side and
walked underneath one of the showers. The hot water cascaded off her body,
getting her white tank top soaked until it became see-through. Her nipples
hardened and poked through the wet t-shirt. Trish enjoyed herself underneath
that shower as she felt the warm water against her hard body.

"Do you like what you see?" Trish asked, walking back into the center of the
shower. All the men approved of her little shower show.

"I know you like my tanned hard body, my big fake tits, my strong toned legs,
my muscular round ass, and my rough slutty face. I know you all like it but
I need your help to make the rest of the guys out there think they like it
too," Trish said. If the guys weren't touching their cocks by now, they were
moving their hands pretty close.

"Which one of you huge muscle studs has the biggest cock?" Trish asked. Five
of the men looked towards one and he stepped forward.

"What's your name?" Trish asked.

"Nikos," he said.

"And how big is your dick?"

"Fourteen inches!"

"Shut up!"

"I'm serious!"

"He's telling the truth," one of the other guys jumped in.

"Big muscles and a big dick," Trish said, running her fingers over Nikos'
chiseled chest and slowly moving her way down to her knees in front of him.
She rubbed her right hand up and down his leg while she began jerking him
with her left hand.

"Wow, you are hung like a fucking horse," Trish said, feeling Nikos'
freakishly massive cock starting to get hard in her hand.

"Pornstars don't have nothing on me," Nikos boasted. Trish got a good grip on
it and stroked it harder. She started to take long slow licks up the shaft of
Nikos' mammoth cock.

"Ooohhh yeah you little nasty hardbody whore, get it rock hard for me," he

"Mmmmm it's so fucking huge," Trish moaned as she look a few more wet licks,
coating Nikos' hardening cock with her saliva. Once it was wet, she jerked
it hard while licking his balls bringing Nikos' cock to it's full massive
throbbing fourteen inches!

"You like that big dick, Trish?" He asked.

"Oooh yeah, I love huge cock and huge muscles," Trish said.

"Most girls can't handle it," he said.

"I'm not most girls, I'm Trish Stratus," she said confidently. Trish grabbed
that huge monster cock and took it into her young, wet mouth. She worked the
first few inches slowly in her mouth while twisting the base with her hand.
She sucked hard on that huge dick, smacking her lips when it came out of her

"Mmmmm you're such a fucking whore mmmm," Nikos moaned, enjoying Trish's oral

"I'm your dirty whore today," she said. "Open wide and let me see how much of
a whore you are," he said. Trish opened her mouth wide and put her hands down
on her tits. Nikos held his massive member at the base and slowly moved
forward, jabbing his cock into Trish's throat.

"Open wider Trish," he said, jabbing his dick further down her throat. All of
a sudden, Nikos grabbed Trish's hair and forced his monster cock deeper into
the back of Trish's throat. Her hands pressed against his thighs trying to
push away as he pushed that fourteen inch cock down her throat. When he
pulled it out, Trish gagged and left a trail of saliva and pre-cum running
down her chin and her eyes were watering as she gasped for air.

"More," she said in between deep breaths. Nikos grabbed the back of Trish's
head again and slammed his 14" cock down her throat as deep as he could.
Trish stuck her tongue out underneath, licking the part of Nikos' shaft that
couldn't fit down her throat until he finally released it. Trish gagged hard
as some tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Ahhhh motherfucker! You are a fucking NASTY WHORE!" Nikos shouted.

"You fucking like it. You like how nasty I look with your huge cock choking
me!" Trish exclaimed.

"Fuck yeah! Your face is so fucking nasty and my cock is so fucking hard!"
Nikos said. Trish looked around and all five other beefy men were rubbing
their rock hard cocks.

"Looks like you all fucking like it! Why don't you each come introduce your
cocks to my nasty face?" Trish suggested. The first guy, Jay, walked over and
started slapping his 8" against Trish's face. The second guy, Lee, joined in
next with his 9". The next three, Marc with his 8", Ken with his 10", and Vic
with his 9", all moved over, slapping their big dicks against Trish's face.

"You guys are going to help turn this nasty face hardbody whore into a sex
symbol!" Trish said as she felt all those cocks slapping against her face and
each other. Trish grabbed Ken and Vic's cocks and darted her head left to
right, sucking on each one deeply. She pulled them in closer and stuck both
cocks in her mouth, sucking on them both.

"Ohhhh god Trish, two big dicks in your fucking mouth," Ken moaned.

"So much big bodybuilder cock!" She said as she grabbed different cocks, deep
throating one and then shoving two or three in her mouth at the same time.

"Look at her go, what a fucking skank!" Marc said.

"Yeah Trish be our own hardbody fuck toy!" Lee said.

"Feed it to me! Feed those fucking big cocks to me! I LOVE SUCKING BIG COCK!"
Trish yelled out to them. There was no shortage of big cocks fighting for
space inside of Trish's slutty mouth. Even with all the cock she was sucking,
Trish noticed that Ken and Vic kept trying to get both of their cocks in her
mouth at the same time as much as they could.

"You two stay with me, the rest of you back off and give those huge dicks a
little rest," Trish said, holding on Ken and Vic's dicks. She held her mouth
open and took both cocks inside, rubbing their cock heads together a lot.

"You two like that a lot, don't you?" She asked.

"Mmmm yeah two fucking dicks in your mouth, Trish," Ken said. Trish took the
two dicks out of her mouth and just rubbed them together out in the open.

"Always around each other in your little speedos or naked in the showers,
seeing each other's big long cocks. I know what you guys are into," Trish
said. She moved around behind Ken and stuck her tongue in his ass.

"Ohhhh yes you do Trish," Ken moaned as Trish rimmed his asshole.

"Spread your ass for me," Trish said. Ken reached back and spread his cheeks
open. Trish went in with a finger while she rimmed him.

"Vic, grab his cock and jerk him off," she demanded. Vic reached down and
started stroking Ken while Trish fingered and tongued his asshole.

"Oh my god it all feels so good," Ken groaned. He kept his ass spread wide
open as Trish worked three fingers in.

"You like taking it up the ass and getting jerked off by a man? Don't you,
fag?" Trish asked.

"Ohhhhhh fuck yes! I'm gonna fucking cum!" Ken exclaimed. He grabbed his big
cock and turned around, unloading his sticky cum all over Trish's face.

"Take my cum on your nasty man face! You fucking slut! Fucking hard tanned
fake slut! Ughhhhhh!" He groaned as he painted Trish's face.

"Yeah you like that, you fucking muscle bound queer!" Trish moaned.

"Ohhh you're turning me on sooooo much," Vic exclaimed as he ripped off
Trish's wet white tank top and started fucking her fake tits.

"You must be the top," Trish said, looking up at Vic.

"Ohhhh yeah look at you, Trish, you fucking mannish hardbody cum covered
whore. FUCK! Your tits are so big," vic moaned.

"Yeah just the way you need 'em, big and fake, you fucking butt pirate!" Vic
gave Trish's tits a few more pumps then pulled back and shot his load across
her chest.

"Ohhh that looks good, almost like you wanna lick it, right?" Trish
suggested. vic got down on his knees and started licking his cum off of
Trish's tits. Ken joined in and sucked the cum off of Trish's face.

"Let me taste some," she said. She tongue kissed Vic first then Ken, tasting
their cum. She then brought them both together and all three of their tongues
met in Trish's mouth for a wet, sloppy, cum filled three way kiss. Trish
backed off first and Ken and Vic finished tonguing each other.

"Mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmm now you two sexy faggots go sit and watch me work.
I bet you can get those two big juiced up gay dicks hard one more time for
me," Trish said. Ken and Vic went over and sat down by the wall, licking the
cum from their lips. The other four bodybuilders approached Trish and started
feeling her hardbody. Jay started to rub Trish's pussy through her soaked
white thong.

"You wanna taste it, don't you?" She asked him.

"Mmmm please, it feels so juicy," Jay said. Trish laid down on her back in
the shower and spread her legs. Jay slowly pulled off Trish's white thong and
buried his face in between her muscular legs.

"You like that pussy don't you?" Trish asked.

"Mmmm yeah," Jay answered, lifting his head up for just a second.

"I bet you like my big fat lips and swollen clit better then some tight
pussy," she said.

"Mmmmmmhmmmm you're so fucking nasty," Jay moaned.

"I am fucking nasty! Why are you three standing there with your dicks in
hands? Get those fucking big dicks in my mouth!" Trish demanded. The three
men knelt down around Trish's face and all started slapping their dicks
against it and trying to push them into her mouth.

"Mmmmm so much big cock! Mmmmm jam them in my mouth! Mmmmmmmm!" Trish moaned
as Nikos, Lee, and Marc all squished their cocks together inside of Trish's
mouth. Her little mouth couldn't hold all of that cock so they kept slipping
out. That just meant that the three had to rub their cocks tighter together
to try and fit them in Trish's mouth. With Trish's attention so focused on
the three big cocks fighting for space in her mouth, she didn't notice Jay
move from eating her pussy to sticking his hard 8" cock in it.

"Ohhhhh fuck yeah! Fucking take that pussy!" Trish moaned.

"Yeah that's how you like it! You like getting fucked like the cheap slut
that you are!" Jay moaned, pounding away at Trish's wet pussy.

"Mmmm yeah use me! I know you big jacked up freaks need a slut like me!"
Trish moaned.

"You're damn right! I need to get me some of that skanky pussy!" Marc said.
Jay gave Trish a few more pumps then stepped aside for Marc. Marc flipped
Trish over onto her knees and drove his eight inch cock inside of her.
Nikos, Lee, and Jay moved in front of Trish's face so she could suck them
all together.

"Ohhh god! Look at how fucking hard your body is!" Marc said as he rammed
Trish from behind.

"Keeps that big dick of yours hard, doesn't it?" Trish said, looking over her
shoulder at him.

"Ooohhhh yeah you dirty manly slut! My cock is so fucking hard for you!" Marc
groaned, moving his hands all over Trish's well defined arms and back. Marc
grabbed Trish's hair and pushed her head forward onto Nikos' massive 14"
cock. He held Trish's head down on it until she started gagging.

"You have to fuck me with that thing NOW!" Trish demanded.

"Yeah, you little hardbodied whore? You want my huge cock?" Nikos asked.

"I need your huge massive cock!" Trish said. "Stand up," Nikos said. Trish
stood up and Nikos turned her around and spanked her ass.

"That muscular ass is the ONLY place my monster cock is going!" Nikos stated.

"That's where it belongs! That's where you fuck a nasty mannish muscular slut
like me!" Trish responded.

"You are soooo fucking dirty!" Nikos exclaimed as he bent Trish over.

"Do you have any lube?" Trish asked.

"No, there's no lube here," Nikos responded.

"Good! Lube is for girls. I want you to bareback my hot muscular ass!" Trish
demanded. Nikos slapped his heavy cock against Trish's ass crack then held it
tight around the base and started pushing it inside.

"Ohhhhh shiiit! Your cock is so fucking huge!" Trish moaned.

"You're gonna take it all the way up your tight ass, aren't you?" Nikos

"Oooohhhh yeah! Loosen up my ass! OHHHHH GOD DAMN THAT'S A HUGE COCK!" Trish
screamed. Nikos had pushed about seven inches of his massive cock inside of
Trish's asshole and he kept on pushing.

"You're gonna take this all on the first try, aren't you?"

"Fuck yes! I'm such a fucking whore! Hurt my muscle butt with your enormous
horse cock!"

"Mmmmm fuck you have a perfect ass!"

"Yeah? You like tanned, hard, round, muscular asses, don't you?"

"Ohh fuck yeah!"

"Shove that fourteen inch monster cock all the way in! Force it up my fucking
ass!" Trish demanded. Nikos held Trish's hips and slammed his cock forward
until he was balls deep inside of Trish's ass.

"OHHHHH GOD DAMN YOU WHORE!" Nikos screamed.

"Ohhh yeah fuck it deep! Fuck my muscle ass! Fuck it with your fourteen inch
cock!" Trish demanded. Nikos took long strokes, plunging his full fourteen
inches inside of Trish's ass with each pump.

"No woman has ever taken it all before! How the fuck can you take all of my
cock in your ass?!" Nikos exclaimed.

"Cause I like getting fucked like a man! A big fucking dick up my ass! That's
what I like! I didn't build this perfect muscular ass to get fucked like a
girly bitch! I built it to get butt fucked by a big muscle bound freak like
you!" Trish explained.

"Ohhhh you're such a fucking whore! You know what we want! I'm gonna fucking
loosen up that ass for you!" Nikos said. He gritted his teeth and started
ramming Trish up the ass with his giant cock real fast, real deep, and real
hard. The rest of the muscle men stood around, holding their cocks, and
looking shocked at how Trish was taking that gigantic fourteen inch cock up
her ass. Trish switched between moaning and screaming in pain but she never
wanted Nikos to stop fucking her chiseled ass. Feeling like he was going to
cum soon, Nikos pulled his enormous cock from Trish's ass and took a break.
There was no way that he wanted to shoot his load yet.

"Somebody else fuck my ass right now! I need a fucking cock in my ass NOW!"
Trish demanded. Lee stepped forward and got behind Trish.

"Ohhh yeah look at that hard ass!" Lee moaned, rubbing Trish's butt. Trish
reached back, grabbed Lee's 9" cock and shoved it directly in her ass.

"Ooohhhh god my ass needs cock in it soooo bad!" Trish moaned.

"Ahh you fucking nasty anal slut!" Lee groaned.

"Mmmmm I love it! I love your cock ramming me in the ass!"

"Look at me! Yeah! You're so fucking nasty! A fucking anal slut! Ohhhh Trish,
fucking take it!"

"Mmmmm yeah just what you guys need! Fuck my firm ass raw!"

"Ohhhh fuck yes, Trish! Your ass is still squeezing my big fucking cock! Ohhh
it feels too good! FUUUUUUUCK!" Lee shouted. He pushed Trish off of his cock
and it was still throbbing.

"Ohh fuck, don't touch it. Let it rest for a minute! Goddamn Trish your ass
is hurting my big dick!" Lee smiled.

"I need your big dicks hurting my ass! Lay down, Marc, let me ride that big
dick!" Trish demanded. Marc laid down on his back and Trish straddled him,
pushing his eight inch cock up inside her tight asshole. Trish rocked her
hips back and forth, fucking Marc's solid eight inch cock with her firm ass.

"Ohhh yeah ride him, Trish! Look at that hard thick muscular ass go! Fuck him
you nasty anal slut!" Jay encouraged.

"Mmmmm yeah Trish, your butt feels so good on my cock," Marc moaned.

"Mmmmmmhmmmm I don't mess around with my big freaky jacked up studs! I've got
the perfect muscle butt that can keep you big bodybuilders from going limp on
me," Trish said proudly.

"Mmmmm and you fucking love how it feels in your ass, don't you?" Marc asked.

"Ooohhh god yeah it feels so nice! It feels too nice ... I need you guys to
hurt my hot ass! Jay, stick your fucking big cock in my ass too!" Trish

"How am I going to fit my dick in there?" Jay asked, looking at Trish's ass
filled with Marc's cock.

"Just fucking jam it in there!" she demanded. Trish reached back, spread her
big buns and braced herself for what was coming. Jay pressed the head of his
cock down against Marc's and pushed until it popped inside of Trish's

"Ohhhh god that's tight!" Jay groaned.

"Now jam it all the way in my ass," Trish instructed. Jay kept on pushing his
cock until he was balls deep inside.

"Is that the way you want it?" Jay asked.

"Unh unh unh yeah uhh uhhh two big cocks fucking my ass is what I want ohhhh
damn!" Trish winced and moaned. Jay and Marc both fucked Trish's ass at the
same time at a medium speed. Trish moaned as the ecstasy of two thick eight
inch cocks filled her tight ass became overwhelming.

"Ohhhh yeah look at that, Trish. Look at what we're doing to your ass," Jay
groaned. Trish looked over her shoulder and watched those two cocks loosening
up her tight asshole.

"Mmmmm yeah so nasty! I love it, do you love it?" She asked.

"Mmmm yeah, Trish, I love it too," Jay moaned.

"Do you like the way it feels too, Marc?" She asked.

"Mmmmm feels so good," Marc moaned.

"Your two big cocks ... tight together ... fucking my ass," Trish moaned.

"Mmmmmm fuck yes!" Marc moaned.

"Mmmmm I want to hear you tell each other how good it feels," Trish said.

"Ohhh ya Jay, it feels so good to have both our cocks fucking Trish's ass!"
Marc moaned.

"Mmmmmhmmmm ... tell him how good your cock is feeling, Jay," Trish

"Mmmmm Marc my cock feels so good against yours in Trish's tight ass," Jay

"Mmmmmmmmm fuck yeah! You two love having your cocks rub together in my ass!"
Trish exclaimed.

"Ohhhh god yeah, Trish! It feels sooo fuckin good!" Marc moaned.

"Tell each other how good it feels!" Trish demanded.

"Ohhhh Marc, your big warm cock feels so good rubbing against mine!" Jay

"Ahhh yeah Jay, I love rubbing our hard cocks together in Trish's slutty
ass!" Marc moaned.

"Unhhhh fuck! Rub em! Rub those cocks together harder in my ass! Rub your big
fucking cocks together until they cum!" Trish moaned. Jay looked down at Marc
and they both nodded to each other then started fucking as hard as they could
with Trish's ass so tight around their cocks. The friction of their shafts
violently rubbing together was almost painful until some precum leaked out
and provided some lube.

"Unhhhhh ohhhhhhh fuck yes! Rub those two big bodybuilder cocks together!
Ohhhh my ass! My fucking ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shit!" Trish yelled out.

"Ohhhh I'm gonna cum!" Jay moaned.

"Don't pull out! Don't stop rubbing those dicks!" Trish said.

"You heard her! Keep going! Mmmmm nasty fucking anal slut!" Marc moaned.

"Aaaahhhh ahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahh arghhhhhhhhh!" Jay grunted and groaned as he
shot his load in Trish's ass.

"Ohhh fuck that is so warm and sticky!" Marc moaned as he blew a big load
inside Trish's double stuffed asshole. Trish was holding on tight to Marc's
arms as her ass was filled up with cum.

"Mmmmmmmmm that was some good dick," Trish sighed.

"Yes it was," Marc smirked as he and Jay were still sliding their cocks
around inside her cum filled ass. Just then, Lee grabbed Trish by the hair
and blasted cum all over her face!

"NASTY FUCKING SKANK! FUUCCCCCK! Look at that nasty face! Fucking mannish
fake fucking anal loving whore! That was so fucking hot! Making them admit
to liking another man's big hard cock rubbing against theirs! Fuuuuuuuuuck!"
Lee screamed at Trish as she wiped the cum from her eyes. Trish stood up and
looked right in Lee's face.

"That's right and don't you ever fucking forget what I am!" She told him and
he left the showers.

"Hey! You two faggots get over here and clean me off!" Trish yelled at Ken
and Vic. Vic walked over to Trish and dropped down behind her and started
licking her asshole clean of two loads of cum while Ken used his tongue to
clean the sticky load from Trish's face.

"Oohhh yeah lick it all up. Now swallow that cum for me," she directed.
Ken and Vic sucked the cum down their throats and showed Trish their clean

"Is that good, Trish?" Ken asked.

"Mmmm yeah ... I didn't know how much I loved big muscular ripped gay men,"
Trish said, rubbing her hands on their chests.

"You came to the right place for that, Trish," Vic said.

"You're really going to be popular in the pages of those magazines with us,"
Ken added.

"They're all going to get excited for this ass," Vic said, grabbing at
Trish's butt.

"I bet you two gay boys loved seeing those two big dicks rubbing together in
here," Trish said, rubbing her asshole with two fingers.

"Fuck yeah, that was hot!" Vic commented.

"I bet you two have rubbed your cocks together a lot," she said.

"Ohhh you know it, Trish," Ken replied.

"Trish Stratus' ass is yours," she stated. Vic laid down and Trish got on
top, working Vic's nine-inch cock inside her ass.

"Wow, that's amazing. vic actually has his dick inside a woman!" Nikos
commented. Trish looked back at Ken with her mouth hanging open, watching
him stroke his semi-hard cock.

"There you go, Ken, don't leave Vic all by himself inside my ass," Trish

"Don't look away, Trish, your face is helping me," Ken said, glancing up and
down from Trish's ass to her face.

"Mmmmmm you're making me so wet. Use my face to get your faggot cock hard,"
Trish said.

"It gets you off to know that your face is helping getting my gay cock hard?"
Ken asked.

"Mmmmmm yeah the nastier I am, the more I get off. Mmmmmm I love it now! I
love being nasty!" Trish exclaimed. Ken gave his cock a few more strokes and
it was rock hard. Trish leaned forward and braced herself as Ken pushed his
ten-inch cock tight against Vic's and worked it inside of Trish's ass. He
kept his cock pushed in deep, feeling Trish's muscular butt clench down
around their cocks.

"You must be feeling pretty nasty right now with two big gay cocks in your
ass," Ken said.

"Mmmmmmhmmmmm so nasty and so dirty," she moaned. Ken gripped Trish's toned
midsection and started grinding his shaft against Vic's shaft.

"Ohhhh ya Ken, work that big sexy cock, mmmmmm man that's good," Vic groaned.
He dug his fingers into Ken's glutes and held on because the feeling of Ken's
ten inch cock rubbing so tightly against his, inside of Trish's muscular
butt, was almost too much for him. He had his eyes closed as he listened to
Ken's deep grunts and Trish's loud moans.

moaned very loudly.

"Damn you're such a fucking slut," Nikos said as he jerked his big dick and
watched Trish get her ass fucked by two dicks.

"Oh yeah make me a bigger slut. Don't just stand there holding that giant
cock, get it in my ass too!" Trish told Nikos.

"There's no way," he said, "it's just not possible."

"Just try it!" Trish demanded.

"Ok you nasty fucking whore, you asked for it," Nikos said. Trish laid down
tight against Vic while Ken pushed his cock in all the way and leaned forward
as far as he could without having his cock slip out. Nikos got behind all of
them and rubbed the head of his fourteen-inch cock, thinking about the best
way he could try and get in. He got in tight and leaned back, resting one
hand on the ground and holding the base of his cock with his other hand. He
poked around with his big dick, touching the two cocks that were deep inside
Trish's ass. He got the head of his cock positioned between Ken and Vic's
cocks and started pushing forward.

"Oh oh ow ow ow oh oh keep going owww fuck keep going," Trish encouraged him
while feeling the pain of her asshole being stretched beyond reason.

"Ahhh gawd it's so tight," Nikos groaned as he kept pushing. His cock was so
big at 14" that he had the length and room to push it in between those two
other big dicks. However, it also meant that it was an impossibly tight fit
but somehow Trish kept taking more and more of Nikos' gigantic cock in her
ass. He finally got about 10 inches in before he couldn't push forward

"Ohh Trish! You are officially the NASTIEST slut ever, ohhhh my gawd!" Nikos

"Mmmmmm fuck this feels so good! How's it feel to have three big cocks in
your ass, Trish?" Ken asked.

"Ow ohhhh owwww it feels right. Makes me feel like a nasty muscle slut! Ohhhh
yeah so nasty! So much cock in my hot muscular ass! Ohhhh I'm nastiest! Ohhh
yeah hurts so much but I love it!" Trish said while wincing in pain. Nikos
held his cock tightly at the base and pulled it out a bit and pushed it back
in deep, starting to fuck Trish's ass.

"How much cock is in your ass, Trish?" Nikos asked.

"Mmmm owww ohhh there are THREE BIG COCKS in my ASS!" Trish screamed.

"Ohhhh god Trish, my cock feels so fucking good right now, ohhhh god!" Vic

"Don't you forget who's doing this for you," Trish said.

"Ohhhh fuck no! We're going to help Trish Stratus become the most famous
fitness model ever!" Vic replied.

"Mmmm fuck you're earning it right now taking our three cocks in your ass!"
Nikos said.

"Yeeaahhhhh that's right! One cock in my hot ass makes me a slut, two cocks
in my ass makes me a nasty slut, and taking THREE BIG FAT HARD COCKS in my
ass makes me TRISH STRATUS!" Trish exclaimed.

"Mmmmm ohhh god Trish! Ohhhh Trish! How are you doing this, Trish? How the
fuck are you doing this?" Ken asked.

"Unnhhhhh its not easy ohhhh damn my ass is being stretched so wide! Unhhh I
want it now! I wanna be a nasty slut! I fucking love this! Do you love it?"
Trish asked.

"Ohhh fuuck yeah! Three fucking dicks in your muscular ass! Ohhh fuck do I
love it!" Ken moaned.

"I know you two fags loved rubbing your dicks but how does Nikos' massive
cock feel?" Trish asked.

"Ohhhh Nikos' cock is soooo massive, it feels soooo good against mine," Vic

"Ohhhh fuck it feels soooo good! I'm gonna fucking cum! Vic, buddy, cum with
me!" Ken said.

"Mmmmm yeah cum in my ass! Cum in my muscular slutty ass!" Trish told them.

"Ooohhhh unhhhhh yeaaah Trish! Here I cum you fucking slut!" Vic exclaimed.
He grabbed onto Trish's bulky thighs and let his cum shoot inside of Trish's
triple stuffed asshole.

"Ohhhh fuuuck here's some more cum you fucking slut!" Ken exclaimed as he
shot his cum in Trish's ass. All three guys pulled their cocks out of Trish's
ass and Nikos' massive fourteen inches was dripping with Ken and Vic's cum.
Trish turned around and started sucking the cum off of Nikos' cock.

"Ohh yeah Trish, taste our cum," Ken said.

"Ahhh fuck yeah taste your slutty ass," Nikos moaned. Trish deep throated
Nikos' gigantic cock and sucked off all the cum. She stroked the shaft of his
cock and worked the head with her tongue until Nikos was ready to blow.

"Ohhhh gawd Trish I'm gonna blow!" Nikos exclaimed.

"Give it to her Nikos! Blast on her skanky face!" Ken said.

"Yeah Nikos, cum all over that slutty face!" Vic said. Nikos grabbed his cock
from Trish at the last possible second and pumped it, spraying her face with
hard squirts of cum. The cum came out of Nikos' massive cock like a fire hose
and just blasted Trish in the face. Nikos kept on cumming and cumming and
cumming this obscence amount of cum until Trish's face was dripping with cum.
The cum dripped down onto Trish's massive tits and left her face coated with
a layer of cum.

"Ohhhh my god! My face! Look what you did to my face!" Trish said, shocked at
how much cum was dripping down her face.

"Your face looks even nastier now!" Nikos said.

"Mmmmmm thank you," Trish smiled as she wiped the cum off with her fingers
and ate it. While Trish got dressed back into her thong, shorts, and bikini
top, the six hulking bodybuilders were scattered across the shower floor.

"When anyone asks you who the best model is and who should be on the cover,
you remember this. Look at yourselves right now! It didn't take two or three
or four models to do this, it took only one! There's only one TRISH STRATUS
and don't you ever forget it!" Trish proclaimed as she walked triumphantly
out of the men's shower.

"We need to get her on every cover and in every magazine," Marc said.

"We need to do whatever we can to make sure Trish Stratus is successful,"
Nikos said and they all agreed. They needed Trish Stratus to be successful so
maybe she'd stick around and they might get another piece of her.

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