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Breaking In Trish Part 5: The Party
by Revolution

The day after Trish took care of six hulking bodybuilders in the shower was
the last day of shooting in Jamaica. Trish was down on the beach posing for
some shots in a pink thong bikini when Gary, the photographer, called Nikos
over. Trish smirked when she saw him and he smiled, remembering what had
happened the day before. Gary positioned them with Nikos flexing and Trish
facing him, with her ass to the camera.

"I was supposed to shoot with another model but I suggested to them that we
shoot together," Nikos told Trish, as Gary snapped away.

"I knew you'd come through for me after what I did for you," Trish responded.
Gary had Nikos hold Trish's leg up against his body and had Trish wrap her
arms around Nikos' neck for a few shots. The photoshoot wrapped up with Trish
doing a few solo shots.

"This has been a great shoot," Gary told her.

"So I can expect big things?" Trish asked.

"I think so. I've been talking a lot with one of the big time executives at
the magazine and he really seems to think highly of you," Gary said.

"That's great news!" Trish was excited.

"He actually has a big place down here and he's having a big party tonight.
He'd really like it if you'd show up," Gary explained.

"Sure, I guess I can do that. Are you going?" Trish asked.

"No, I've got a flight to catch in a couple hours but you go, make a good
impression, and I'm sure it'll be good for your career," Gary said.

"Ok if you say say so. So who is this guy? What's his name?" Trish asked.

"His name is Bill and he's made millions mainly in the fitness and
bodybuilding industries. I'm sure you'll have a good time," Gary said and
left with the crew.

* * *

That night, Trish put on a pair of little white shorts and a tight black
t-shirt and took a cab to Bill's mansion. When the cab pulled up to the front
of the mansion, Trish was very impressed at this huge beach front mansion.
She paid the driver and walked up to the door. She rang the bell a few times
until someone finally opened the door. It was a man in his 50's with thinning
grey hair and a build that made him look like he might have been an athlete
as a younger man.

"Come on in, Trish, I'm Bill," he said, welcoming Trish into his home.

"Nice to meet you Bill, thanks for inviting me," Trish smiled and walked

"I was happy when Gary said that you were coming," Bill said as he walked
into the kitchen area.

"This is a beautiful home," Trish said, looking around at all the expensive

"I was just about to get some more drinks for the guys but now you're here,"
Bill said, taking some beer out of the fridge.

"So who's here? Monica? Amy? Nikos?" Trish asked about her fellow models.

"Oh no, just some of my friends and associates," Bill said.

"Oh ... ok," Trish said, looking confused.

"Is something wrong?"

"Well when Gary said you invited me to a party, I just assumed you invited
other people from the shoot."

"I guess Gary didn't tell you that I wanted you here to WORK the party," Bill

"Work?" Trish asked.

"Yeah, get drinks, take care my guests, do whatever needs to be done," Bill

"He didn't say that," Trish said.

"Do you have a problem with that? I mean, you could leave the main investor
in your magazine with no one to work his party, if that's what you want to
do," Bill said.

"Where do you want me to start?" Trish asked, knowing it might be career
suicide to leave.

"You can start by taking those shorts off," Bill said.


"You heard me. You can leave your shirt on," Bill said. Trish undid the
string on her shorts and let them fall off so she was just wearing a black
t-shirt and a black thong.

"Much better, Trish. How'd I know you'd be wearing a thong?" Bill asked,
checking out Trish's stacked lower body.

"I love thongs, I just love the way they feel," Trish said, pulling up on the
sides of her thong.

"What makes it feel so good?" Bill asked.

"I just love feeling a small tight thong dig deep into my ass," Trish

"And your muscular ass won't let those thongs go once they get wedged deep in
there," Bill said. "The deeper, the better," Trish smiled.

"Grab that tray of drinks and let's go introduce you to my guests," Bill
instructed her. Trish picked up a tray with a bunch of beer bottles and
followed Bill outside to a gated area, overlooking the beach.

"Ok guys, the help finally arrived! This is Trish Stratus," Bill said, moving
out of the way and allowing Trish to carry the drinks to the table while Bill
introduced all the guys. The first was his business partner, Barry, a portly
balding man in his 40's. The next was his attorney, Patrick, a lanky man in
his 50's wearing glasses. Up next was his accountant, Larry, who looked to be
the oldest in his late 50's, kinda flabby with grey hair. The last was Doug,
an owner of a swimsuit/clothing company that Bill was signing a deal with. He
was in his 40's and in decent shape with a very dark tan.

"You really came through with a filthy this time, Bill," Patrick said.

"Check out the ass on her," Barry said, turning Trish around and grabbing her

"That is nice," Doug said, groping Trish's butt.

"These empties aren't going to carry themselves, Trish," Bill said, pointing
at all the empty beer bottles on the table. Trish leaned over the table,
putting as many empty bottles as she could on the tray while feeling a bunch
of different hands touching her body. She picked up the tray and got spanked
on the butt by Bill as she carried them inside.

"Hey Bill, where'd you find this slut?" Larry asked.

"She was down here doing a shoot for one of my muscle magazines and from what
I can gather, she wants to be on the cover bad," Bill explained.

"She looks like a desperate whore with that bronze tan, the fake blond hair,
the fake tits, and that kinda busted face," Larry said.

"Would she be here if she wasn't?" Bill asked. A couple minutes later, Trish
came back outside with a fresh round of beers. Trish gathered up all the
empties except for Doug's because he wasn't done yet. Doug grabbed her around
the waist and sat her down on his lap.

"Damn that ass is firm," he commented.

"Thank you," Trish said, grinding her ass against Doug's crotch.

"Ok, I'm done, you can take my bottle," he said, handing the empty to Trish.
She put it on the tray with the others and got up to leave. As she was
walking inside, she glanced over her shoulder and Doug was staring at her
ass. Trish continued into the kitchen where she rinsed out the bottles then
took them out into the garage. Just as she was putting the last bottle into
the bin, she felt someone grab her by the arms and push her up against the
side of a car. Trish looked over her shoulder and it was Doug.

"What are you doing?" Trish asked.

"Your ass feels so good," Doug said, grinding his crotch into Trish's ass.

"It's ok, you can rub my ass but you're hurting my arms," Trish said, feeling
Doug gripping her arms tightly.

"I'm gonna do more then fucking rub it," Doug said, shoving Trish over the
hood of the car.

"Ouch!" Trish winced in pain as her arms smacked into the hood.

"Dig that fucking thong out of your ass," Doug demanded.

"I don't want to," Trish said.

"I don't give a fuck! I can go tell Bill right now and he knows a dozen
whores that can take your place!" Doug yelled at her and almost immediately,
Trish dug her fingers into her ass and pulled her thong to the side. Doug
dropped his pants and rammed his 7" cock in Trish's asshole.

"Take it you fucking whore!" Doug yelled at Trish as he slammed his cock up
her ass.

"Unhhh oowww ohhhh aahhhh," Trish winced and moaned as she accepted this
middle aged man's cock in her ass. It wasn't the size of the cock that was
painful to Trish, it was the fact that she really didn't want this guy
fucking her.

"Ohhh fuck this is some good ass, ohhhh yeah you're such a fucking whore,
aren't you?" Doug asked.

"Unhhh yeah fuck my whore ass!" Trish moaned.

"Ohhh god your ass is soooo firm, ohhhh I'm gonna fucking cum!" Doug groaned.
He pulled out of Trish's ass and jizzed on it. The cum ran down her bronze
ass cheek while Doug pulled up his pants.

"You must really feel like a whore now," Doug said.

"I'm such a whore," Trish sighed.

"You're a great whore! Letting me take your ass like that, you're going
places, Trish," Doug said as he walked back inside. Trish smiled to herself
as she wedged her black thong back up her ass and wiped the cum off her buns.
She went back to work, bringing out another round of drinks to the guys and
picking up the empties. Meanwhile, Barry started rubbing Trish's thighs.

"Man you have some built legs," he said.

"Thank you, Barry," Trish smiled.

"Yeah, that is one sculpted physique," Patrick commented.

"I'll be right back," Larry said, getting up and walking inside. Trish got
groped some more as finished collecting the empty beer bottles and took
another trip inside. Trish set down the tray of bottles next to the sink and
then Larry came up behind her and grabbed her by her hair.

"Ow damnit!" Trish slapped at his hand but he held on and dragged her into a

"You fucking teasing whore with your busted face!" He shouted at her.

"What the fuck do you want?" Trish snapped back.

"Get down on your knees and close your eyes," Larry demanded, shoving Trish
to the ground.

"I'm gonna give you what a fucking busted whore like you deserves," he said.
Trish closed her eyes and she heard him unzipping the fly on his pants. She
kept her eyes closed and opened her mouth, knowing what was coming.

"Show me," she said. Instead of feeling a warm cock in her mouth, she felt
a warm liquid splash in her mouth. Trish quickly spit it out and opened her
eyes, looking up at the old flabby accountant, pinching his cock.

"Are you a whore or not, Trish?" He asked. Trish paused for a moment then
closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide again. Larry let another stream of
piss go into her mouth until he saw it was about half full.

"Hold it in there this time," he said and Trish held her mouth, half full
with urine.

"Ok you can spit it out now," he said but Trish closed her mouth and

"That's how much of a whore I am!" Trish said, wiping her lips.

"You didn't have to drink it," Larry said.

"Give me more! PISS IN MY MOUTH!" Trish demanded, opening her mouth wide
again and closing her eyes.

"You fucking nasty whore!" He said as he pissed into Trish's gaping mouth. He
filled it up this time and Trish gargled his piss.

"That's it, Trish, drink my piss! DRINK MY PISS!" He insisted and Trish
closed her mouth, swallowing a mouthful of his urine.

"MORE!" Trish begged and got another mouthful of piss from Larry as he let
the last bit of it that he had stream into Trish's mouth. She swished it
around in her mouth and was almost moaning as she swallowed it.

"Wow! I didn't know Trish Stratus liked to drink piss!" He said.

"Neither did I but I guess I'm a little piss slut, aren't I?" Trish smiled.

"Come give me a kiss," he said. Trish stood up and tongued kissed the old
accountant, making him taste her mouth that had just been filled with his
piss. Larry left the bathroom and Trish grabbed the mouthwash and gave her
mouth a good cleaning. She stared at herself in the mirror as she rinsed
the taste of piss out of her mouth and she felt totally degraded ... and
liked it. Trish finished rinsing out her mouth and went back to work,
getting even more drinks for the already drunk guys.

"Trish, let me see those legs in action, run down there and back a few
times," Barry instructed. Trish set the drinks down on the table and did
what Barry wanted. She sprinted back and forth in the yard, showing the
power and strength in her legs.

"Ok ok that's good, that's enough," Barry said after Trish did it about ten
times. She was sweating out in the hot sun and breathing a little heavy.

"Go get yourself some water or something to drink," Bill said.

"Thanks," Trish said in between deep breaths and she headed inside. Trish
took a bottle of water from the fridge and started to drink it when Patrick,
the lanky attorney in his 50's, came inside.

"You worked up a good sweat," he said.

"Yeah, it's so hot out there," she responded.

"Follow me, I want to ask you something," he said. Trish followed him down a
hall and into a guest bedroom. He locked the door behind them and took a seat
on the bed.

"What did you want to ask me?" Trish inquired.

"Can I smell your thong?" Patrick asked.

"You wanna sniff my thong?"

"Yes, very much!" Patrick answered. Trish pulled down the thong that was
buried deep in her ass and waved it in front of Patrick's face.

"Do you like this thong?" She asked.

"Yeah I do, it goes right up your clit and your asshole," he said, sniffing
Trish's black thong.

"How naughty! You wanna smell it, huh?"

"Yes! I wanna smell your sweaty thong!" Patrick said. Trish took it and
rubbed it in Patrick's face. He reached down and pulled out his hard cock.

"Ohh yeah, take that cock out and stroke it while you sniff my thong," Trish

"Mmmmm thank you Trish," Patrick said, jerking off and smelling Trish's

"Yeah that's good, smell it. Stroke that cock and smell my thong. Smells
good, huh?"

"Oohhhh yeah smells so good!"

"You like that part right there where my asshole was?"

"Mmmmmm that's the best part!"

"Uhh huh right where it was digging deep in my sweaty ass! This thong was so
deep inside my muscular ass. Keep stroking that cock, I know you love the
smell," Trish said.

"Unhhh fuck yeah I love it!" Patrick moaned, breathing in Trish's black

"I wanna see you cum! Be the naughty thong sniffing bitch that you are and
cum for me! I wanna see you cum for my thong!" Trish encouraged him.

"Unhhh ohhh yeah here it cums! I'm cumming for your thong!" Patrick grunted
as he blew his load onto his stomach. Trish rubbed her thong against his face
a little more then pulled it away.

"Oohhhh thank you Trish! Thank you so much!" Patrick gushed.

"No, thank you, that was hot," Trish said, wedging her black thong back up
her muscular ass and leaving the room. Compared to getting forcefully butt
fucked and drinking piss, that was a piece of cake for Trish to take care
of. She went back to the kitchen to get another round of beer but it was all
gone. Trish walked outside and told the guys, "That's it! You drank it all!"

"I guess you're all done, Trish, you can relax now," Bill said.

"Actually, Trish, I've got something I need you to do," Barry said, standing
up, scratching his gut and walking inside. Trish went to follow him but Bill
grabbed her by the arm and pulled her in close.

"Barry could be extremely beneficial for your career," Bill whispered to her
and sent her on her way. Trish went inside and Barry brought her into another
bedroom. The balding and heavy Barry laid down on the bed and pulled his
shorts down.

"All night you've been whoring yourself out, I hope you have something left
for me," he said, shaking his small limp cock.

"The night's not over yet," Trish said, crawling onto the bed and taking
Barry's cock between her fingers. She stroked it a little bit then ran her
tongue up the shaft.

"I wanna see you looking at me while you suck my dick," Barry said. Trish
tilted her head up so that she was looking over Barry's gut at his face while
she sucked his cock. She stroked the base with her fingers and manipulated
the head with her tongue. "Ahhhh yes suck it, whore," Barry moaned.

"Mmmmmm you like the way I suck your dick? Are you gonna get it hard for me?"
Trish said, spitting on Barry's smallish cock and stroking it.

"Keep sucking, it's coming," Barry said, pushing Trish's head back down on
his dick. Trish squeezed Barry's balls and took all of his cock in her mouth,
sucking it hard. Finally it started getting hard in her mouth so she kept the
pressure on, sucking him hard and fast until he has fully hard at maybe five

"Quick, get on it Trish," Barry said. Trish pulled her thong to the side and
straddled Barry, lowering her pussy down onto his stiff dick.

"Bounce on it, ride my dick," Barry told her. Trish got her balance and
started bouncing up and down fast on Barry's cock. He used his free hand to
reach up and play with Trish's big fake tits.

"OH YEAH FUCK ME TRISH! Gimme that pussy!" He shouted.

"You like that pussy?" Trish asked.

"Gawd yes, I need this so bad, ohhh fuck yeah Trish, keep riding my dick!"
He moaned. Trish kept on riding him, using her stamina to keep going hard
and not get tried. She looked over her shoulder into a mirror and saw what
it looked like. This hardbodied blonde bombshell riding this mid-40's fat,
balding man's small cock.

"I'm such a dirty nasty whore," she said under her breath.

"What'd you say?" Barry asked.

"Nothing," Trish lied.

"Ohhhh fuck I'm gonna cum! You're making me cum! Ohhhh fuck yes!" Barry
moaned. He pulled out of Trish at the last moment and shot his cum up onto
his stomach. It wasn't a very big load but Trish was glad that he was done
with her. Trish moved her thong back in place and went to crawl off the bed
but Barry grabbed her arm to stop her.

"Clean it up," he said.

"I don't see any tissues," Trish replied.

"I meant with your tongue," he said. Trish winced, looking at the cum
splattered on Barry's gut. She closed her eyes, put her head down and licked
the cum off of the old man's belly.

"Ok now you're all done!" Barry said and Trish got out of the room before
he changed his mind. Trish walked back outside and didn't see anyone there
except for Bill.

"How'd it go?" He asked.

"Ahhh it wasn't so bad. So where is everyone?" she asked.

"They all left and I'm sure Barry will be leaving any minute," he answered.

"So I guess I'll just get my stuff and go," Trish said.

"I'd prefer it if you stayed," Bill said.

"Ok, whatever you want," Trish responded.

"Go take one of the rooms and get some sleep, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Good night," Trish said. She went back inside, got her stuff, and went to
crash in one of the rooms. She didn't really know what Bill had in mind but
she figured that she had already whored herself out for four old perverts,
she better finish the job and make Bill happy.

* * *

Trish woke up late the next morning saw a robe and a tiny red thong bikini
hanging on her door. She opened the curtains and looked out the window at
the sun beaming down on the pool. Trish fixed her hair and put on a little
make-up then got changed into the red thong bikini. She put the robe on and
made her way out to the pool area. Trish walked over to a lounge chair and
positioned it in the sun.

"I think you could use this," Bill said as he walked outside holding a bottle
of suntan lotion. Trish took off her robe and hung it on the back of the

"Is that bikni ok?" Bill asked. "Yeah, thanks," Trish said.

"Is the thong small enough?"

"Ohh yeah, it's nice and tight, just the way I like it," Trish said, wedging
her tight red thong higher up her ass.

"I'll be up on the balcony if you need anything," Bill said, handing Trish
the bottle of lotion. Trish started lotioning up her hard toned body so that
she could get an even darker tan. Her skin was already bronze but she loved
tanning. Trish looked up and saw Bill sitting on his balcony, watching her.
She put on a little show for him, slowly and seductively rubbing the lotion
all over her body. Trish spent a couple hours out in the hot sun with Bill
watching her most of the time. When she just couldn't take the heat anymore,
she dove into the pool for a swim. Trish looked up at the balcony and saw
that Bill had gone inside. She floated in the pool for a little bit until
she heard some voices inside. Trish got out of the pool and grabbed a towel
when Nikos and Bill came outside.

"Hey, how are you?" Trish asked with a smile.

"Great, you?" Nikos asked.

"Pretty good," Trish said as she finished toweling off her wet body.

"You two come with me," Bill said. Trish and Nikos followed Bill upstairs to
the master bedroom.

"Nikos, as you know you're currently the top male bodybuilder model in my
magazines and Trish, you're well on your way to becoming the top female
fitness model," Bill said, sitting down.

"Thank you," Trish said.

"What I'd really like to see is you two together, intimately, right now, in
front of me," Bill explained.

"You want us to have sex in front of you?" Nikos asked.

"Look I'm getting old. I want to see you two young, muscular, models
together. You can do what I want, right?" Bill asked. Nikos and Trish looked
at each other then back at Bill and agreed to do what he wanted.

"Nikos you can start y getting rid of those clothes," he said. Nikos took off
his shirt and shorts so he was down to his tight white briefs.

"Oh yeah look at those hard tanned bodies. Get close and kiss for me," Bill
directed. Trish wrapped her arms around Nikos' neck, closed her eyes and
locked lips with him. Bill had no idea this wasn't the first time that these
two had been together and Trish was eager to forget those four old men she
serviced last night. Her hands moved all over his big muscle bound body and
his hands all over her toned hardbody.

"Suck on her tits a little bit," Bill instructed. Nikos removed Trish's red
bikini top and put his big hands on her big fake tits. He fondled them and
moved his mouth down, sucking on Trish's hard nipples. Trish cooed as Nikos
nibbled on her nipples and caressed her breasts. Nikos took his directions
from Bill and moved down, kissing Trish's flat abs. He kept going down until
he rubbed and kissed Trish's muscular thighs.

"Oh that looks good. Pull your thong up, Trish. Pull it up really high," Bill
said. Trish grabbed the sides of her wet red thong and pulled it up as high
as she could then Bill had Nikos rub her clit through her thong. He could see
the outline of Trish's big clit through her red thong. He got her to pull it
to the side so Nikos could get at it with his mouth.

"Oooohhhhh yessss ohhhhh that feels good ohhhh work that tongue baby," Trish
moaned as Nikos tongued her clit.

"You're liking the way he's tonguing your big clit, don't you Trish?" Bill

"Oohhhh fuck yes, it's so sensitive, ohhhhh I love it," Trish moaned. Bill
sat quiet for a couple minutes letting Nikos really work over Trish's swollen
clit with his tongue.

"Turn around, Trish, let me take a look at your ass," Bill said and Trish
turned around so her ass was facing Bill.

"Ohhh that is such a perfect ass. Rub her ass, Nikos," Bill directed.
Nikos reached around Trish's body and rubbed her ass, massaging it with his

"It feels perfect," Nikos said.

"Mmmmmm that feels nice. Is this the type of ass you like?" Trish asked,
enjoying Nikos massaging her butt.

"I wish every woman had an ass like yours, Trish. It's so full, round,
muscular, and tanned. You have the perfect ass, Trish," he said.

"Mmmmm I love it. I love my perfect ass. I love my perfect muscular butt.
Mmmmmmmmmm it makes me so hot ... so wet ... my ass is so perfect," Trish
moaned, getting very aroused.

"I bet your ass is so perfect that Nikos can make you cum just by tonguing
it," Bill said.

"Mmmmmmm I'm close already just from hearing how perfect my muscular ass is!"
Trish admitted. Nikos turned Trish around and she leaned forward, resting her
hands on the edge of the bed. Nikos moved her tight red thong out of the way
and dug his tongue deep into her asshole.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm right there baby! Keep rubbing my buns while you do it!" Trish
said. Nikos deeply massaged Trish's firm muscled buns while circling his
tongue around in her ass. She reached back and rubbed her clit at the same
time, bringing her closer to orgasm.

"Ohhh yeah Trish get off for me! You know how perfect your ass is! That's
why you love those tight little thongs! You love them in your round muscular
ass!" Bill said.

"Mmmmmm I do mmmmm I love how perfect my butt looks in a thong! Ohhhhhhhh
it's so hot! Ohhhh my god, Nikos, keep licking, ohhhhhhh god you're good
at eating ass, ohhhhhh fuuuuuck I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming!" Trish
exclaimed, her body shaking as she orgasmed from Nikos massaging and
tonguing her ass. She pushed Nikos face away from her ass and slowly
cleared her head after that incredible orgasm.

"Fuck that was so sexy, Trish," Bill commented.

"Nikos is REALLY good with his tongue," she said.

"Let's see how good you are with your tongue. Doesn't Nikos fill out those
briefs really well?" Bill asked.

"Mmmmmmm yes he does," Trish said, licking her lips and locking her eyes on
Nikos' big package.

"Get your nasty fake face down there and show me how you suck dick," Bill
demanded. Trish got down on her knees and licked Nikos' cock through his
briefs, teasing him. She pulled them down and out flopped his big greek
cock. It was limp but it was still at least 7" and bigger than most men
are hard. Trish jerked it and kissed the shaft with her big full lips.
Nikos pulled her long blonde hair back as Trish wrapped her mouth around
his big cock.

"Mmmmmmm mmmmmm oohhhh yeah that's good," Nikos moaned. Trish ran her tongue
all over Nikos' cock, keeping it in her mouth.

"Oh look at you go, Trish, you skanky little cocksucker," Bill said. Nikos
played with Trish's big fake tits while she kept her mouth closed around his
cock. When she opened her mouth, his cock was wet with saliva. She jerked
away at his big heavy cock and slapped it against her tits.

"Damnit Nikos, you're so huge!" Trish marveled at his size.

"What you're doing feels so good," Nikos said. Trish moved her mouth down
onto his tight balls and worked them over with her tongue. She tongued his
balls for a few minutes and tugged hard on his cock. She took his big hard
cock and stuck it back in her mouth, vigorously using her tongue on it. She
sucked and sucked on it and when she opened her mouth again, Nikos' cock
looked even bigger.

"Goddamn Trish, you're nastier than I thought!" Bill said.

"Don't you worry, Nikos, your big bodybuilder cock is in good hands," Trish
said, shoving all of that cock back in her mouth.


"Mmmmmmmm mmmmmm I love your big muscles mmmmmm mmmmm makes this cock taste
even better," Trish said with a mouthful of cock.

"Beat her face with it," Bill said. Nikos grabbed his cock at the base and
started smacking Trish in the face with it.

"Ohhh yeah look at how big and heavy that cock is. How does your nasty
face feel now, Trish?" Bill asked over the loud noises of Nikos' heavy cock
beating against Trish's face.

"Mmmmm I love it! Beat my face up with your huge cock!" Trish encouraged
Nikos on. He really got some good whip to his cock and smacked Trish hard in
the face with it over and over again. Finally Trish opened up her mouth and
resumed sucking on Nikos' cock, trying to get it hard. She lowered her hand
down onto his balls and rubbed them while she blew him. Bill motioned to
Trish to go lower with her fingers and she nodded her head. Trish moved her
fingers from Nikos' balls, across his taint and into his ass crack. She
rubbed it with one finger then slid it inside.

"Mmmm ohhhhh you're naughty," Nikos moaned in approval. Trish fingered his
asshole and sucked on his thick cock for a little bit then worked in a second
finger. This made Nikos moan even more and Trish knew she was on the right
track so she moved behind him, reached around his body and started stroking
his cock. She then worked three fingers into his asshole and stroked his

"Work him, Trish! Do it you nasty muscle slut!" Bill encouraged.

"Yeah, you've got a big hard cock for Trish Stratus, don't you?" She asked,
stroking away.

"Mmmm fuuuck Trish, keep going," Nikos groaned. Trish banged his ass hard
with her three fingers and jerked that big cock. It was so huge and hard in
her hand so she kept fingering and jerking him.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck Trish you're so fucking hot and nasty! Ohhhhh god!" Nikos
moaned loudly. Trish let go, took her fingers out of his ass and moved back
in front of him, admiring that gigantic fourteen inch cock.

"Look at what you've done, Trish," Bill said.

"Mmmmmmm look at that dick," Trish said, salivating at the prospect of
getting her mouth around it.

"Give it to her, Nikos. Give that nasty skank what she wants," Bill directed.
Nikos pulled Trish's blonde hair back and stuffed his massive cock in her
mouth. Trish grabbed it and started sucking it deep.

"Ohhhh yeah Trish suck that dick like the slut that you are," Nikos moaned.

"Mmmmmmm I love sucking your cock! It's sooooo big! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Trish
moaned and started taking more of Nikos' massive 14" cock down her throat.

"Ohh you fucking size queen! Swallow that big cock!" Bill encouraged. Trish
tried to take more cock in her mouth but she went too quickly and gagged on
it. That didn't slow Trish down at all as she went back to working more and
more cock down her throat.

"Fuckin' suck it deep, Trish! Keep my dick in your mouth, slut!" Nikos
moaned, squeezing his cock at the base and letting Trish do all the work. A
mixture of saliva and pre-cum dripped down Trish's chin as she kept her mouth
deep on that big cock.

"You love that big bodybuilder cock, don't you Trish?" Bill asked.

"Mmmmmhmmmmmm makes me feel so nasty," Trish said, removing that cock from
her mouth so she could answer.

"Look at your fucking face, you're so fucking nasty and trashy," Bill said.

"Ohhhh yeah I love how fucking nasty she looks," Nikos said while stroking
his cock. Trish loved that dirty talk so she quickly went behind him and
stuck her tongue in his ass.

"Ohhhhhhh Trish ohhhhhh fuuuck you're such a dirty whore," Nikos groaned.

"Mmmmmmmm your big man ass tastes amazing," Trish said. She grabbed onto
Nikos' cock and jerked it for him while she buried her face in his ass.

"That's it, Trish, tongue fuck his ass," Bill said. Trish used her free hand
to spread Nikos' cheeks open a little more so she could get her tongue deeper
in his asshole.

"Ahhhhh yeah that's so deep ahhhh fuck she's good," he moaned.

"I don't think Trish is getting enough of your cock. Lay down on the bed,
Trish," Bill instructed and Trish did what he said.

"Now pull her back so her head is hanging over the side of the bed," he said.
Nikos did that and Trish's head hung backwards over the side of the bed.

"There you go, now you can really throat fuck that skank," Bill said. Nikos
moved in and Trish opened up wide so he could shove his cock deep inside her
gaping mouth. He thrust his hips forward and started fucking Trish's throat
with about half of his massive fourteen inch cock. Trish was making gaging
and glug noises while she got throat fucked but in between those noises, she
was constantly moaning.

"Fuuuck yeah Trish! Ohh god these tits are so big and fake," Nikos said,
grabbing onto Trish's big tits while he continued to fuck her throat.

"Better let her breathe a little bit, big guy," Bill said. Nikos pulled his
cock out of Trish's throat and she wiped the pre-cum from her face and licked
it off her fingers.

"Yummy," Trish said, gasping for air.

"You fucking love it, don't you?" Nikos asked, slapping his wet cock against
her face.

"Mmmmmmm I love getting face fucked," she answered.

"How could you not with that nasty face?" He asked.

"Ohhhh yeah this nasty face makes me the slut that I am," Trish said.

"What a whore, you are. Enough taking it easy on you," Nikos said, pushing
his cock back in Trish's mouth. This time he leaned forward and held onto her
waist while he started fucking her throat. Nikos didn't hold back at all as
he pounded his gigantic cock deep down Trish's throat. Trish was gagging hard
but Nikos kept going, forcing more of his fourteen inches into Trish's mouth
with each thrust.

"I wanna feel my balls hit your nose," Nikos said. He kept on trying to push
in further and further but he couldn't quite get in deep enough for his balls
to slap against Trish's nose. When Trish's eyes began to water and she gagged
very hard, he pulled out.

"Fuck! I can't get it," Nikos said. Trish looked to her side and saw herself
in the mirror.

"When Trish Stratus wants something, she gets it. I want all your cock
down my throat. Go ahead and do it now," Trish said, taking some very deep
breaths. She completely relaxed her jaw and Nikos started working his cock
back down her throat. When he got to about the ten inch mark, Trish gagged
so he paused. She gave him the thumbs up sign and he kept on pushing his
cock in.

"Ohh my god! Holy shit! Ohhh it's almost there ... ohhhh fuck Trish you dirty
slut ohhhh there it is!" Nikos exclaimed as his full fourteen inch cock was
stuffed down Trish Stratus' throat. His balls slapped against her nose and he
counted to three then quickly pulled all the way out. Trish started gagging
and coughing a lot. She sat up and wiped the tears from her eyes and caught
her breath.

"You fucking did it!" Nikos exclaimed.

"You're damn right I did it! Oh god did it hurt but I loved every inch of
it," Trish said.

"You're amazing, Trish," Bill said. He was even impressed at Trish's ability
to take FOURTEEN INCHES of cock down her throat.

"Am I amazing enough to get fucked now?" Trish asked.

"You heard the whore, she wants to get fucked," Bill said. Nikos got on the
bed in missionary position and slid his cock into Trish's soaking wet pussy.
He had little difficulty getting it all in and he started fucking her hard.

UP!" Trish moaned loudly. She laid back and let Nikos do all the work,
hammering his 14" cock in her pussy. Nikos used one hand to gently squeeze
Trish around the neck and the other hand was tight around the base of his

"Ahhhh yeah come on ... fuck that pussy ... come on," Trish moaned a little
softer. Nikos gripped his dick tight and kept fucking Trish for a few

"Fuck this pussy is so good!" Nikos moaned.

"Stop," Trish said, standing up off the bed. She got Nikos to stand up and
bend over the side of the bed. Trish got down on her knees and started
fingering his ass and giving him a reach-around.

"Mmmmhmmmm I like taking care of my big muscular stud," Trish said.

"You couldn't be anymore sleazy if you tried," Bill said.

"Thank you," Trish responded, taking it as a compliment.

"Ahhhh god baby ... I'm gonna fuck you in the ass so hard for this," Nikos
said. Trish got up off her knees, moved Nikos aside and bent over the side
of the bed.

"Fuck my perfect slutty ass," Trish said, spreading her ass open and waiting
for it. Nikos wiped the sweat off his forehead and moved behind her, getting
in position.

"Yeah ... hold that ass open for me," he said, pushing his cock into Trish's
waiting asshole.

"Ooooooohhhhh put that big fat dick where it belongs," Trish moaned.

"Ohhh yeah right in your ass, Trish. Ohhhhh fuck it looks so good going in,"
Nikos groaned, watching his cock go deeper inside Trish's round butt.

"Is it tight?" Bill asked.

"Not as tight as it looks but still pretty fucking tight," Nikos answered.

"Mmmmmm given how many guys I've fucked, it's pretty tight," Trish said.

"You're so fucking dirty ... I'm gonna pound that ass," Nikos said. He moved
Trish's hands off her ass and held onto it himself as he started to fuck her
tight ass with his fourteen inch hard dick.

"Oww ow ow ohhhh fuuck," Trish grimaced.

"Does it hurt having a huge cock in your ass?" Nikos asked.

"Ow ow fuck yeah it does! Owwww! I love it when a cock can hurt me! Owwww
ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhh!" Trish screamed.

"Of course you do! Take it all you fucking cunt," Nikos said, pushing Trish's
face into the bed and fucking her ass deep.

Nikos grabbed a handful of Trish's long blond hair and yanked her head back
then shoved it back down into the bed and kept impaling her muscular ass with
his giant cock. Trish was telling him to use his powerful bodybuilder muscles
to really fuck her ass hard and Nikos did. He was starting to get tired but
Trish looked like she could take it forever.

"I want you to taste your ass off his cock, Trish," Bill instructed after
seeing Nikos start to slow down. Trish carefully stood up and gingerly
kneeled down in front of Nikos because her ass was so sore. She took a
couple deep sucks of Niko's cock followed by some long slow licks.

"Mmmmmmm fuck I taste good," Trish said. Nikos was really tired so he laid
down on the bed for a minute while Bill talked to Trish.

"Why do you love anal so much?" He asked her.

"I love feeling that big swollen tip and every vein of a cock in my asshole.
I love being able to flex my glutes and squeeze a cock. Plus my ass is just
so perfect that it needs to be used," Trish explained.

"It must be good because Nikos is still hard. Why don't you go ride him out
and finish the big hunk off?" Bill suggested.

"Gladly," Trish smiled and crawled onto the bed.

"Are you ready to cum for me, big guy?" Trish asked, straddling Nikos.

"Finish me off," Nikos said. He held his cock in place so Trish could sit
her ass down on it.

"Oh my god," Trish exclaimed, her eyes getting really wide as she lowered
her ass down onto that fourteen inch pole.

"Sit on my fucking cock, whore," he said.

"Rub my butt for me," Trish told him. Nikos reached around her and massaged
her muscular ass cheeks with his big hands.

"Ohhhh yeah I like that .. ohhh here it goes ... all the way down," Trish
said as she sat right down on Nikos' cock, taking it all in. She started
grinding on it and squeezing her powerful ass.

"Ohhh Trish squeeze it ohhhhh fuck don't stop," he moaned.

"I know you can cum for me, baby, just like I knew you could get it up,"
Trish said, rubbing Nikos' chiseled chest. She kept squeezing her muscular
ass and trying to get Nikos to cum.

"Where do you want it?" he asked.

"You're gonna cum in my ass! I'm not risking you going limp on me again! Let
that cum fly in my ass!" Trish told him.

"Ohhhh so close ... so close . oohhhhhhhh unhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck here it
the cum explode out of his cock and deep inside Trish's asshole. He squeezed
his fingers tightly into her glutes and was almost pained by the amount of
cum that was exiting his cock. Finally his cock stopped cumming and he let go
of Trish's firm ass.

"You've really delivered, Trish. I'm very impressed," Bill said.

"So am I going to get the cover?" Trish asked.

"I think we're going to be seeing you on a lot of covers," Bill smiled.

"YES!" Trish exclaimed then tried to contain her excitement.

"I think I interrupted your tanning. Feel free to use the pool all you want
and you can leave whenever you want," Bill said. Trish walked over, gave Bill
a hug and made her way outside so she could get back to tanning her hard
body. She was so pleased with herself that all her sluttiness was paying off
and that she would have her cover.

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