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Breaking The Beautiful People: Effort In Rayne
by WOWEFA Fan (

You may say what I do is wrong but you know if you were me you would still do
it, I fix problems and the people that cause them. Some time ago was
approached by Traci Brooks who requested my "services" in enforcing her
"Knockout Law." Only too happy to help I was given my fee and my targets The
Beautiful People, these bitches had began to take away Ms. Brooks's power and
simply put there was only so much she could do without getting fired but
there was so much I could do that she couldn't.

As I sat in the back of my cab on my way to the latest Impact taping I
flicked through the files I had been given.

Madison Rayne, the newest recruit, average ass and a solid pair of tits, was
going to be my first target since she would be the easiest to brake and a
nice warm up, not to bad of a face either, sure she would prove some fun.

Velvet Sky, co-founder of the original stable, nice firm round tits by the
looks of this photo and the same could be said for her ass, I am sure she
would prove to be a good memory, but a true test of my services.

Angelina Love, current Knockout champion and co-founder, nice figure with
luscious round tits that seemed to want to just pop out of her bra, she would
receive my full attention. It was only right being how Ms. Brooks seemed to
have added on her own personnel note beside the print.

"Make this bitch scream for it."

As my cab pulled up outside Universal Studios I gave the cabbie a fifty and
told him to keep the change.

"Thanks very much Sir, oh and have a pleasant day!" he exclaimed delighted
with his tip.

"Oh, I will indeed, I will indeed" I said with a smirk.

As I hung my V.I.P pass around my neck I was greeted by the pleasant figure
of Ms.Brooks.

"Excellent, right on time and rearing to go," she said with a smile "Just so
you know most of the staff are occupied rehearsing the entrances and major
spots in the matches, also I have had Kip James sent away for the day doing
promotional work as per your request."

As I unglued my eyes off her perfect breasts I looked her in the eyes, "I
shall not let you down Ms. Brooks and I believe this could be the start of a
pleasant relationship for both of us."

She smiled wickedly and patted my ass, "Go get `em, big boy."

My mind wandered somewhat after having my chat with Ms. Brooks but I snapped
back to my mission when I heard the voice of a women complaining a definite
tell of the Beautiful People. Surely enough as I turned the corner there
stood Ms. Rayne dressed in a tight fitting wrestling attire with her top
slashed to show off a silver bra with black tights, she was poking an
assistant in the chest whilst holding a cup of coffee.

"This is what you call a skinny lathe?" as the man tried to babble out some
response she butted in, "Blah, blah, blah! Look do you know who I am? I am
Madison Rayne, I am part of the Beautiful People and I know what a skinny
lathe tastes like and this is not it!" she yelled as she threw the scalding
hot cup at the shrinking man.

`Hmm, she definately has the wrong attitude for TNA,' as the assistant walked
away drenched in coffee she turned and almost ran full steam into me.

"Watch where your going, jerk!" she yelped as she hit off against my chest.

"You know you should be more polite," I suggested as I quickly eyed her up.

"I don't need to be anything apart from just beautiful," she smirked tossing
her hair blonde hair back, "and you can look but you can't to..." she was
quickly cut off my hand covering her mouth and my other hand quickly diving
into the front of her wrestling tights.

"Hmm, nice and shaven," I remarked as she tried to squirm," Wow, so wet
already! I wonder how long has it been since you last got yourself off." I
pushed her now flushed body back against the wall and leaned into her and
whispered into her ear, "I am going to keep this up..." as I continued to toy
with her shaven pussy, "...and I am going to remove my hand from your mouth
and if you don't scream I will make you come hard!"

My words seemed to have turned her body more to my favor as my hand removed
from her mouth. Her eyes shut and a slight smile crossed her face, "If I
don't come hard I will scream."

I didn't want to have to expend to much effort so soon, so I decided to let
her have some enjoyment. "You're gonna scream anyway you little slut," I
whispered deciding to play along.

I planted a few kisses on her neck before tugging down her slashed top to
expose more flesh I quickly moved my concentration to her soaking crotch of
her tights. Without a second thought I tore the fabric exposing the upper
half of her legs and lower half of her waist. "Hmm, no panties and shaven?
Well, aren't you just a little slut," I remarked looking up at her.

"Angelina and Velvet say it is necessary for my induction," she gasped as I
began to push three fingers deep into her pussy.

"I'll start using more than my fingers when you start to play with those
pretty little tits you have there."

As the last word left my mouth she unclipped her silver bra and let fall
exposing her breasts. Their loneliness not lasting as her hands quickly went
to work, both of her hands entertaining her nipples. As per my end of the
"agreement" I pulled my fingers out slowly and greeted her wetness with my
tongue. Her immediate reaction had proven my initial theory that she would be
the easiest to brake.

A minute had passed and the once cocky bitch that has stood there was nothing
more than a body with needs. She tasted pleasant, obviously. These bitches
had pampered even their pussies. Her nipples were pointed and red from her
fingers toying and pinching them. Her body rocked back and forth every time I
grazed her g-spot. "Oh yeeah... umph oh baby... thats it!" were the only
words that this bitch seemed to know. I could tell she was close and that if
I wanted to make her learn her lesson I would need to be quick.

"Oh god... I am... ohhhh... gonna cum!" she panted rapidly.

I forced four fingers deep into her pussy spreading them out stalling her

"What the fuck are you doing!" she panted looking down at me, her body
burning for release.

"I said I would make you scream you little slut," I said with a smirk ,
seizing my moment. I clenched my fingers into a fist and pushed upwards. My
free hand quickly covered her mouth as the simple power of the orgasm caused
her to loose all power in her body. She screamed into my hand as her legs
gave way to her vibrations, her juices flowed out of her pussy.

"I wonder if you have ever been fucked by someone else you little slut," I
said as I added insult to injury. I slowly pulled my fingers out of her
tightened pussy and stood up towering above her.

She laid there her bare back against the cement wall as her pussy leaked all
over the floor as her breathing was heavy and fast. I noticed my pants hiding
a bulge, I could pound her soaking pussy or take her in that little ass of
hers but she was exhausted and I'm sure Velvet wouldn't mind if I saved
something for her. I wiped my fingers across her face as she began drifting
in and out of conciseness. She was enjoying the taste own of her own juices
as her tongue moved around her lips. It was proof I had broken her, but I
thought why not to rub it in and just really secure the deal. I leaned down
and whispered into her ear, "While you try to recover, I just wanna leave you
with a message from Knockout Law."

She was shocked as I placed a small card into her weak hands.

The temptation to jerk off onto her face was growing but I knew Velvet would
enjoy it more, Madison slowly raised the card up to her half closing eyes.

It read, "Dear Madison, By now you have probably just climaxed to a complete
stranger and shows how much of a dirty little slut you really are.
Fortunately, whilst you were climaxing you were recorded. If you don't want
this little video leaked onto the net and have everyone see that you are just
a horny little slut then I suggest you obey the rules. Lots of love, Traci!"


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