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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Breaking The Jericode
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the November 19, 2007 edition of Monday Night RAW; on the night that
RAW and the WWE were suspected to be saved, curiosity of the mysterious
Save_Us.222 videos that had been airing for months, one final, mysterious
Save_Us.222 video begins to play.

Can you break the code?
...Y + 1 = 2...
...J + 9= 2...

After the mysterious Save_Us.222 video is finished playing, two of the RAW's
most beautiful Divas, the happily-crazed Mickie James and the cute, often
ditzy Maria, are standing backstage after seeing the mysterious video.

"Oh my god! That is like so CRAZY!" The perky and hyper Mickie James says as
she presses her eager lips together and shakes her head. "What do you think
the video means, Maria?" Mickie asks, while the happily crazed Diva is
dressed in a pair of tight hip-hugger jeans, that perfectly shape her juicy
backside and a tight white tank top, that perfectly fits her large, rounded

Maria shrugs her shoulders a bit and smiles, "I don't know... maybe its The
Edge coming back!" Maria says excitedly.

Mickie raises an eyebrow and looks at Maria "Ummm Maria...first of all...his
name is Edge...not THE Edge...and he like returned last night at Survivor
Series, remember?" Mickie replies as she looks at Maria with her happily
crazed eyes.

"Ohhhhhh right" Maria nods her head, "Maybe it's a trick by Randy Orton to
fool all of us." Maria says as she presses her lips together.

Mickie shakes her head "No..." Mickie James presses as she smiles excitedly
"I think I know who it is!" Mickie nods her head "Yep! Yep! I think I know!"

"Really?" Maria asks as she scrunches her nose slightly, "Who? Who is it? Is
it Stone Cold?!" Maria asks sounding just as excited as Mickie.

Mickie smacks her perky lips together and shakes her head "Nope! I think it's
Chris Jericho! Yep!" Mickie replies as she eagerly nods her with excitement.

"Really? You think it's KYJ?" Maria asks with a smile as she doesn't realize
the mistake she made. "He's been gone for a super long time though!" Maria
adds, sounding not as sure as the happily crazed Diva.

Mickie places her hands on her rounded hips and raises an eyebrow "KYJ?
What?" Mickie pauses and then shakes her head "Whatever...but yeah! I think
it's Chris Jericho! I mean look at the video...and the Break the Walls...that
is so Jericho! Yep! Yep!" Mickie says as she nods her head.

"I don't know... but it would be so cool if it is him! He was sooo hot!"
Maria says with a smile.

Mickie nods her head and smiles "Oh yeah! know he does say he's a
sexy beast!" Mickie says with a laugh.

Maria pushes her shoulders up, "I hope he's still a sexy beast!" Maria laughs
a bit.

"Oh me too!" Mickie excitedly replies before she shrugs her shoulders
"Well...I have to get going...see you later Maria..." Mickie replies as she
turns and starts to walk away.

"Bye Mickie!" Maria says as she turns to walk in the opposite direction. As
Mickie walks down the hallway, she passes by a monitor that show that shows
Randy Orton standing in the ring with a familiar looking countdown playing
on the Titan Tron. As the countdown reaches zero, fireworks goes off in the
arena and the classic music known as Break The Walls Down begins to play
which instantly gets Mickie's attention.

Mickie pauses and stands in front of the monitor and presses her perky lips
together as Chris Jericho makes his long-awaited return as he walks out onto
the stage "Oh my god! I was right!"

Chris Jericho, wearing a silver and black vest and black pants, stands on the
entrance stage with a microphone in hand. Jericho runs a hand through his now
short blond hair before he raises the microphone as the crowd cheers wildly.
"WELCOME TO RAW.... IS... JERICHO!" Jericho pauses as the crowd cheers. "And
this is not a Mirage... this is Real, this is Here, this is Now, this is the
2nd coming of Y2J!" Jericho pauses again as he paces a bit on the stage to
soak in the cheers. "You Remembered! I want you to take out your cell phones,
text your friends, take a picture, shoot a video, send an email, call them
all and tell'em that the Sexy Beast is back, Baby! And I promise to Ignite
you, to excite you, to delight you, and I invite you to strap on your seat
belts, ease the seat back, click it into gear and go into overdrive, because
from this point forward, It's 100% entertainment, 100% Electricity, 100%

* * *

A short time later, Chris Jericho is returning to the backstage area after
ruining the night Randy Orton planned for himself. Jericho has a wide smile
on his face as he crosses his arms a bit to keep them loose as he still feels
the Goosebumps from being in front of a live crowd again.

"Oh my god! Like Chris Jericho!" Mickie James happily says the perky and
hyper RAW Diva suddenly rushes towards Y2J, Chris Jericho. Mickie presses her
shoulders up before she tightly wraps her arms around Jericho, giving him a
firm hug.

Jericho raises an eyebrow as the happily crazed Diva hugs him firmly, "Whoa
there hot cakes... have we met?" Jericho says with a laugh as Mickie keeps
her arms around him.

Mickie cutely and eagerly looks up at Jericho as she tightly hugs him "Umm
nope!" Mickie replies as she presses her perky lips together before she
breaks the hug and smiles "I'm Mickie...and I'm like a huge fan of yours..."

Chris Jericho smiles, "Really? Well it's good to know that even people I've
never met before are Jericholics!" Jericho says.

Mickie excitedly nods her head "Oh I knew it was you that was returning!"
Mickie says as she bites down on her bottom lip " are like such a
sexy beast!"

"Is that a fact? When did you break the code?" Jericho asks with an
interested look on his face.

Mickie presses her shoulders " a few weeks ago..." Mickie says
before she nods her head "Yep! Yep!" Mickie shyly lowers her head "And you're
like really cute!"

"Cute?" Chris Jericho raises an eyebrow, "Mickie...Y2J ain't cute... Y2J is
a sexy beast!" Jericho say before unbuttons his vest to open it and show
off his tanned and toned waist, "Just look at this gorgeous waist....granted
it'll look better with the WWE title around it... but that problem will get
taken cared of in short order."

Mickie lightly licks her perky lips as she looks down at Chris Jericho's
toned, tanned waist "That is pretty nice..."

"Pretty nice?" Jericho again raises an eyebrow, "There's not a better waist
in the WWE... I've kept up on who looks like what around here since I've been
gone... and there's no way that Y2J can be described as pretty nice!" Jericho
says good naturedly.

Mickie presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow "Maybe I could find
out if you're more than just nice...." Mickie says before she nods her head
a bit "Yep!"

Chris Jericho again gets an interested look on his face as he thinks about
Mickie's comment. "You know first time I rolled in the WWE a Diva said
that... she needed to take a week off afterward..." Jericho says with a

Mickie glances over her shoulder seeing the area backstage vacant. Mickie
takes a step forward "Well...I want to find out!" Mickie says before she
stands directly in front of Chris Jericho and eagerly lifts her tight
fitting white tank top off of her nicely toned, tanned body to expose her
large and juicy tits.

Jericho looks at Mickie's large and juicy tits, "Now those belong every
highlight reel possible..." Jericho says as he slides off his vest from his
upper body, completely revealing his toned, tanned and muscular upper body.
Mickie smiles as she steps closer and places her hands on Jericho's toned,
tanned waist before she lowers her hands, gently brushing them against the
crotch of his black pants.

Jericho licks his lips, "Get ready baby... cause the walls are going to be
broken down...." Jericho says as he feels Mickie's hands brushing against
his hardening crotch. Jericho then starts to lower his black pants from his
waist, gradually revealing his very thick, hardening fourteen inch cock.

Mickie's eager, happily-crazed eyes widen at the sight of Chris Jericho's
hardening fourteen inch cock "Oh wow! That's like huge!" Mickie replies
before she sinks down onto her knees, gently wraps her hands around
Jericho's cock. Once Mickie is settled down onto her knees and she gently
brushes her wet, perky tongue against the head of Jericho's cock, hardening
his shaft even further.

Jericho puts his hands on his gorgeous waist as he feels Mickie's wet tongue
flicking against the head of his cock. "Mmmm... well I guess that makes us
even... I got something huge... and you got two things that are huge!"
Jericho says as he bends down slightly to feel up Mickie's large juicy tits.
Mickie laughs as she slaps her tongue around the head of Jericho's cock,
while he feels up her large, juicy tits. Mickie opens her hot, eager mouth
and lowers her head as she takes Jericho's cock. Mickie presses her perky
lips tightly around his shaft and she starts to rapidly bob her head, sucking
the cock of Y2J Chris Jericho.

"Ohhh yeah baby!" Jericho moans as the happily crazed and smoking hot Mickie
James bobs her head quickly on his thick, long and hard cock. Jericho puts
his hands on Mickie's head as sucks his fourteen inch dick.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Mickie moans as she eagerly and smoothly bobs her
head on Jericho's cock, with her perky lips brushing against his shaft.
Mickie's wet saliva drips against his cock as she lifts her eyes and locks
them with Jericho while she starts to take his shaft deeper into her hot,
hyper mouth.

Chris Jericho licks his lips as Mickie takes over ten inches of his meaty
cock into her hot, wet mouth, "Mmmmmm... damn you really know what to do with
that don't you?" Jericho says as he looks into Mickie's happily crazed eyes
as she slaps her tongue around his thick shaft.

"Mmmmm! Hmmmm!" Mickie moans as she eagerly bobs her head on Jericho's cock
taking long and quick head bobs as she happily sucks on Jericho's cock. Some
of Mickie's hot saliva drips out of her mouth and starts to splatter onto his
large ball sack.

"Mmmmm ohhh fuck..." Chris Jericho moans as he pushes his pelvis forward
slightly as Mickie bobs her head on his cock. As Jericho eases his cock
forward, he ends up helping the hot and hyper Diva deep throat his entire
fourteen inch shaft.

"MMMMMMM!" Mickie moans loudly around Jericho's cock as the head of Jericho's
fourteen inch cock hits the back of Mickie's wet mouth. The hyper and perky
RAW Diva impressively holds Jericho's cock deep inside of her mouth without
gagging or attempting to take a breath.

"Ahhhhh... mmmmm!" Jericho moans, "Damn...where the hell did you learn to do
that!" Jericho says with an impressed tone in his voice as he feels Mickie's
nose pressing right against his crotch.

Mickie slowly lifts her head away from Jericho's cock as her wet saliva drips
off of his long, thick hard cock. Mickie presses her perky lips together and
laughs "Oh...just lots of practice!" Mickie replies as she tosses her smooth
brown hair back and starts to push down her tight hip-hugger jeans.

Chris Jericho licks his lips as he watches Mickie push down her tight
hip-hugger jeans, "A lot of practice? Shit... practice does make perfect..."
Jericho laughs a bit

"Yep! Yep!" Mickie laughs as she lowers her hip-hugger jeans from her
rounded, tanned hips and lowers them down her tanned legs to reveal her hot,
smoothly shaven pussy to Chris Jericho.

Jericho licks his lips as he looks at Mickie's pussy, "Normally... I would
show you why they say I'm so good with my mouth... but I did that on that
extremely boring Randy Orton... so how about we go right to main event?"
Jericho says as he starts to lower himself down to the floor.

Mickie smiles and excitedly nods her head "Oh that sounds like great! Yep!"
Jericho puts his hands on Mickie's large juicy tits and pushes her easily
until she's on her back. Y2J then spreads Mickie's tanned gorgeous legs and
scoots between them so that he can begin pushing his huge cock into Mickie's
warm, wet and tight pussy.

"Ohhhhhh!" Mickie moans and bites down on her bottom lip as Chris Jericho's
fourteen inch cock enters her warm, tight pussy. Mickie locks her happily
crazed eyes with Jericho as he starts to thrust his cock into her pussy.

Jericho keeps his hands on Mickie's legs as he takes his time, pushing his
cock deeper into her tight pussy with each thrust. "Mmmm... ohhhh yeah!"
Jericho moans as he thrusts his cock half way in and out of Mickie's pussy
before he starts to use firmer thrusts to get his cock three-fourths of the
way into her.

Mickie gently lifts her tanned legs and presses them around Jericho's
gorgeous waist and she begins to gently push her toned, tanned body forward
against Jericho's thrusting cock "Ohhhh yeah!" Mickie James moans.

"Uhhhh mmmm fuck you're a fun one!" Jericho moans as he pushes his cock all
the way into Mickie's pussy with each of his thrusts. Jericho moves his hands
towards Mickie's large tits and plays with him as he pumps his cock balls
deep into the happily crazed Diva's wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhh this feels so good! Yep! Yep!" Mickie moans as she starts to quickly
moves forward to push her hot body against Jericho's thrusting cock as she
takes him deeper into her pussy "Ohhhhh shit!"

The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla drives his huge cock in and out of Mickie's
pussy as she pushes herself forward to meet his thrusts. "Mmmmm ohhh yeah...
mmmm..." Jericho moans as his balls slap against Mickie's smooth skin.

Mickie's hot, tight pussy grinds smoothly against Jericho's cock as his thick
shaft quickly moves in and out of her wet and warm pussy. "Ohhhhh....ohhhh!"
Mickie moans as she lays her head back completely on the floor. Jericho moves
his hands to Mickie's hips and slowly starts to turn over on the floor so
that he's laying on his back with Mickie on top of him. Jericho then sits up
and wraps his arms around Mickie's hot body and starts to lift her up and
down on his fourteen inch cock, which results in her tits moving against his
smooth, tanned chest and her juicy ass smacking down on his thighs.

Mickie places her hands onto Jericho's toned, tanned chest as she eagerly
bounces on Jericho's cock with his help as he thrusts up into her warm pussy
"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! This is the best!" Mickie moans as she slams her hot, tanned
body down onto his cock before rocking back on his shaft.

Jericho licks his lips, "Mmmmm ohhh yeah Mickie..." Jericho moans as he puts
his hands on Mickie's juicy ass as the happily crazed Diva bounces and rocks
on his fourteen inch cock. Jericho then smacks Mickie's ass with both of his
hands whenever she drops down on his dick. Mickie laughs as she starts to
bounce at a quicker pace, almost painfully slamming her toned, tanned body
down on his cock as she eagerly rocks forward on his thick shaft.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm...." Jericho grits his teeth a bit as Mickie shows him just
how energetic one of the WWE Divas that debuted after he left two years ago
is. "Ohhh fuck... mmmm!" Jericho groans as his cock begins to erupt with
warm thick cum shooting deep inside of Mickie's wet and hot pussy.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh yeah! That was fun! Yep!" Mickie says happily as she feels
Jericho's cum in her pussy.

Jericho smirks, "Well... you broke the Jericode...but this was just a warm
up... the best of the second cumming of Y2J is going to happen sooner than
you think!"


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