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Brie Bella Creampie a la Mode
by TommieCB

After winning a WWE Draft Kings tournament which included front row tickets to Monday Night Raw and prior to that lunch with either a WWE Superstar or Diva of my choosing, I flew out on plane(all expenses paid)to Seattle, Washington where Raw was gonna be at to enjoy my day. The person I chose to hang with well actually were two in the Bella Twins. The limo dropped me off at a restaurant and I got out and there was Brie and Nikki already there to greet me and whatnot. After the introductions we all sat down and had lunch and for the most part we talked about fantasy football and how Nikki and Brie were so impressed with how I was able to win so easily and asked for advice on how to be better fantasy players. Then Nikki and Brie signed photos and we took pictures, both with each lady and a group shot so a total of 3 pictures were taken. However Nikki had a prior commitment with John and couldn't stay long but she hugged me and congratulated me on the win and said she'd see me at the show and have fun.

That left me and Brie alone just continuing to talk and she just talked about what she and Bryan had in store for the future both personal and professional as they knew their wrestling tenures were winding down and she also mentioned how some of Bryan's injuries were affecting their sex life and how in a way she got tired of doing the same old stuff and wanted to try new things. I couldn't help but notice Brie having 3 of her buttons undone from her flannel top and she was wearing a push-up bra and tight jeans and some heels but I maintained my focus listening to her talk. As soon as I could open my mouth to reply she placed her hand on my leg, having a nice big smile on her face and thankfully this was a private lunch because any fans that saw this, it would've went viral in a second. Brie said let's just get outta here and the lunch was already paid for by WWE. We sneaked up out through the backdoor entry of the restaurant and into what was an unmarked car that nobody could recognize and I asked her where we were going and Brie said "you'll see".

Just about 10-15 minutes later we arrived at a log cabin where there wasn't a soul in sight, I grabbed my bag as Brie unlocked the door and went in and I followed in behind her. She told me to put my stuff in the other room and I did. I asked Brie what was that all about earlier with her putting her hand on my thigh and Brie just uttered out how a girl's gotta have needs and though she loved Bryan, she loved sex even more and having gone nearly a year without a good pounding was far too much for her to take. She leaned in close to me undoing the rest of her top exposing her bra and tight body, she grabbed my hand and placed it on her jean covered ass and for a split second I resisted for a split second and Brie calmed me down saying it was fine and how her phone didn't have service out here and Bryan was too weak to even attempt to drive out this way. With that we leaned in together for a kiss which was slow and soft. Our tongues massaged, her lips covered in cherry lip gloss and me not believing this was really happening, I'm about to have sex with a Bella.

I undid Brie's pants and slowly peeled them down to her ankles as Brie stepped out of them, we headed to the master bedroom as Brie pushed me down on the bed and crawled on top of me kissing me more then slowly her way down to my shorts undoing my fly, pulling my shorts down to my thighs exposing my cock which stood at full attention. Brie took my cock, slowly stroking it then wrapped her sexy lips around my head going up and down then taking her tongue swirling it around the head still and spitting on it. I was in absolute awe of this amazing blowjob Brie was giving me but as great as the head was I wanted to taste her even more so I turned the tables on her and pulled her panties down throwing them to the floor, Brie was spread eagle her pussy looked so sweet with a neatly trimmed bush and I dived right it tasting that Bella pussy. I spat on it myself making it more wet that it was before, Brie jerked her hips wildly when my tongue hit her clit she grabbed the back of my head pushing me in more grinding her pussy on my face and my lips and chin were covered in Brie's juices. All the oral play was fun but I told Brie there was one thing I've wanted to do to her since she came back in 2013 and she said what was it and I said I waned to give her a nice creampie and she smiled big hearing that......

I stood up and pulled Brie to the edge of the bed, I spat on my cock for lube and I just slid myself in and her pussy was so snug and fit. I started out with nice steady slow strokes but picked up the pace just a bit. Brie pulled up her push-up bra exposing her tits fully and I started sucking one of her tits while still pounding her pussy. Brie's moans turned to hot, heavy screams while I was still fucking and she reached underneath to massage my balls and I felt myself ready to cum and I whispered that I was building this load up for a long time and Brie just encouraged me to let it go and with 1-2 more thrusts I let out the biggest stream of cum in her pussy as she wrapped her legs around me wanting to get every last drop and I was still shooting cum inside her. After my last few drops, I rolled over beside her exhausted and she rolled over on top of me and kissed me she went down and wiped the rest of the cum on her tits and she jerked me off a little bit to milk more cum out as I feel back on the bed again. We jumped in the shower to clean up and we laid in the bed for an hour with her head on my cheat and my arm wrapped around her.....

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