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Brie Gets Her Revenge
by Arcanine878

Brie Bella has got it all. A perfect husband, her WWE job, and a match against the boss herself, Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam! But her night wasn't done
after Raw. When Raw went off the air, she marched straight into the boss's office. She stormed right in through the door, interrupting a conversation between Triple H and Stephanie.

"What are you doing here Brie?" Triple H demanded.

"Let me talk to Stephanie alone. None of this involves you." Brie replied.

Triple H looked at his wife with a confused look, but Stephanie agreed to have a personal talk with Brie, without her husbands help. "I'll be in the car when you're done." Hunter said, as he left glaring at Brie.

Brie closed the door behind him, and locked the door.

"What the hell do you want Brie? You got what you want! You embarrassed me, you got your job, and your match. We're done here." Stephanie said.

"Heh, no we aren't. I'm still not dropping the charges just yet. I have one last, final demand."


"Well, after that slap you gave me, I wanted more from you."

"I don't have time for this bullshit." Stephanie says, as she goes for the door.

Brie stops her in her tracks, and pushes her back. "I don't think you want to test me right now." Brie says. "I will embarrass you on every social site there is to offer, and I WILL send your ass back to jail. I don't think you really wanna go back there again? You didn't even last a night. Imagine a couple years of jail time."

Stephanie was shocked. She trembled at the mere thought of going back into that cold, cell. Who knows how much it'll change her? She finally pleaded with Brie. "Fine, I'll let you have whatever you want." Stephanie pleads.

"I want you." Brie replies.

Stephanie laughs a little bit. "Brie, you already have me. At SummerSlam. Remember?"

"No, Stephanie. I want to fuck you. Take off your shirt," Brie demanded.

Stephanie was very uncomfortable about this whole situation. She's never wanted to fuck another woman before, especially not one from her job. She slowly took off her shirt, revealing her two pumped up breast in a push up bra.

"I always knew you had some big titties, but not a lot of people can say they've felt yours before." Brie says, as she caresses and squeezes Stephanie boobs.

Stephanie was trembling, shocked that this is one of Bries ways at getting her. Revenge through sex. "I don't think it's a good idea to do this right in my office Brie..."

"Quit bitching, or else I'll tape your lips together." Brie said with aggression. She unhooked Stephanie's bra, letting it drape down to the floor.

"Wow, Stephanie, you're not excited about me yet? Not even excited about the fact that I will drop the charges after this? Let me help you out," Brie says with a smirk. She licks her fingers, and starts rubbing Stephanie's nipples until they become hard and shiny. Brie started to bend over and suck on her nipples, feeling how plump and hard they are. She flicked it up and down with her tongue, feeling every bump on her big, hard nipples.

"Brie, before we go any further--"

"I told you to shut up. Now sit your ass down, bitch."

Stephanie did as told with no questions asked. She sat down on the couch next to the TV that played tonight's episode.

"Since you're my bitch, I'm going to eat you out like you are a bitch," Brie said. She tore down Stephanie's pants and underwear, revealing Stephanie's nice, pink pussy. Brie slipped a finger in there, just to see how tight and wet it is. "You're pussy is getting a little bit wet, Steph. You sure as hell don't act like you are?" Brie said, as she slipped out her finger and slipped in her tongue.

Brie felt every inch of Stephanie's wet pussy. She moved her tongue around the left, and felt her soft pussy around on the right. Stephanie started moaning, but tried keeping her noise down to act like she didn't like it. Plus, she didn't want any one backstage to hear what was going on.

"Mmm, Steph. You have such a sweet tasting pussy. No wonder Hunter dated you," Brie said, as she continued to eat Stephanie out.

"Ohh, Brie..." she moaned. "You're eating me out way too much. Ughh."

Brie stopped sucking and started finger fucking her again. She managed to slip in two fingers this time. She quickly thrusted her fingers in and out. "Yeah, bitch, tell me you want this. Tell me you fucking want me." Brie demanded.

"Mmm, Brie, I want this..."

"Good. Luckily for you, I've decided to give you a break."

"Oh thank god, Brie. I don't want to continue this."

"I wasn't done. I'm giving you a break from me, and letting my sister join in," Brie said with a laugh. Brie unlocks the door, and Nikki walks into the room wearing nothing but her bra and panties.

She also walks in carrying a backpack on her back. Nikki commands Stephanie to get up from the couch and get on her knees. Nikki takes her spot on the couch, and slips off her panties. She grabs Stephanie's face, and pushes it towards her vagina. Stephanie was a little hesitant at first, as she pushed her head back, but Nikki had a little more strength to force her mouth in. "Eat me out, Stephanie. Now!"

Stephanie started to wiggle her tongue around in Nikki's tight pussy.

"Come on, Steph. Go deeper you little bitch." Nikki demanded. "Yeah, Steph! If you don't follow my sister's commands, I'm not dropping my charges."

Stephanie did as told, and pushed her tongue deeper, licking Nikki's clit and sucking on it.

"Oh yeah, Stephanie. Fuck my pussy up." Nikki moaned. She forced Stephanie's head more, and Stephanie began doing circles inside Nikki's vagina.

"I think I'll join in again, sis." Brie said, as she hopped over to Stephanie. "Get on all fours bitch, but don't stop eating my sister out." Brie demanded. As Stephanie got on all fours, Brie spread Stephanie's ass cheeks, revealing a tight ass hole. Brie spit on it, and began to lick it around. She stuck her tongue inside, and started eating Stephanie's asshole. As she was licking her ass, Stephanie started working harder on Nikki, who in return started moaning louder and louder. Nikki was rubbing her titties and moaning out Stephanie's name. Brie moved from Stephanie's ass and started to work on her pussy again. It was a pussy eating train in The Authority's office. Brie worked Stephanie like a dog.

Nikki got up from the pussy eating train, and went over to the bag she brought it. Nikki unzipped the bag and brought out a black, strap-on dildo. Stephanie was shocked. "Please, Bellas, anything but that!" she begged.

"Hmm...Nikki, do you think she doesn't deserve it?"

"I don't know Brie...let's see her beg for it!"

Stephanie, on her knees, pleaded to not have the strap-on dildo in her. She bent over and kissed Nikki's feet to beg even more. Brie went behind Steph and slapped her ass as hard as she can, leaving a red mark on her right ass cheek. Steph fell to the floor with a gasp. "Get back on the couch. Move it Steph!" Nikki yelled.

Nikki put on the strap-on and followed Steph over to the couch. Steph leaned over the couch arm as Nikki grabbed her waist and forced the dildo into Stephanie's pussy. Nikki wasn't easy on her. She slammed against Stephanie's ass and watched it jiggle all night. Nikki loved fucking Steph with a strap on, and she loved hurting her. Steph moaned in pleasure and in pain. Brie laid down on the couch, and forced Stephanie's head to eat her out again.

"Damn, Steph, you take my strap-on nice. You get fucked like this with Hunter everyday?" Nikki said, as she began to go even faster and harder.

Nikki took out the strap on out of Stephanie's pussy. "Let's see how your ass can take it," she said, as she went straight for her target. Stephanie's asshole expanded around the strap-on dildo, and she began riding it like she's never rid a cock before. Instead of Nikki moving the dildo, Stephanie moved her ass, bumping against Nikki. Nikki had to brace her legs against Stephanie's huge ass.

"MMMmm, Wow, Steph, you can ride a dildo and eat me out in the same time." Brie moaned. Brie stretched her pussy out so Stephanie can get inside more. Brie moaned for Stephanie, and was about to cum. "Oh yes Steph, eat me out you little slut." she said.

Brie came all in Stephanie's mouth. Stephanie began spitting it out, but Brie ordered her to swallow it, and she did. "Wow, you're a good little bitch aren't you?" said Brie.

"She sure is." Nikki agreed.

"I'm not done yet." Brie said, as she pushed Stephanie onto the floor. Brie went down and started scissoring with Stephanie. She moved in circles around her wet pussy, going faster and faster, rubbing clits together. Nikki took off her strap on, and laid down on the floor next to them and started fingering herself. The faster Brie went, the closer Steph was going to cum. "Come on you little bitch. Cum for me!" Brie yelled.

She kept grinding and grinding until finally, Stephanie released all her cum all over Brie's pussy and Nikki starts squirting all over Steph.

"I always knew you were a slut too, Steph." Brie said, as she got up to put on her clothes.

Stephanie laid there, not sure what just happened. She was disgusted, but at the same time enjoyed it a little bit.

Nikki threw Stephanie's clothes at Stephanie. "Get dressed you little slut. And clean up the mess we made around here." Nikki said, as she packed her strap-on in her bag. The Bella twins left the room, leaving Stephanie behind, covering herself with her clothes as she ran out the door looking for Hunter.

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