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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Brittany (TNA, Santana Garrett in SHIMMER, SHINE), Samuel Shaw (TNA)

Brittany's Motivation
A TNA Wrestling erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Following the events of the October 22nd 2014 edition of TNA Impact Wrestling and the betrayal of his former friend at tag team partner Gunner during the Tag Team Contendership Tournament, the handsome but known to be mentally unstable as well as a stalker, Samuel Shaw is sitting on the edge of his hotel room bed as he smirks darkly to himself.

"He never saw it coming... No one did..." Samuel says to himself with all the calm of someone talking to another person rather than themselves. The hunk is clad in the attire he'd been seen in during the match he was in, nicely fitting trousers so that his muscular chest is on full display, but his shoes kicked off and across the room next to a pair of high heeled boots.

His head snaps up as the door to the bathroom of the room opens up, a smirk forming on his face as the gorgeous reason for his betrayal steps in, holding a bottle of sexual lubricant in her hand. The stunning, beautiful but also infamous for being crazed and unglued TNA Knockout known as Brittany. She's also dressed as she'd been seen in earlier in the evening with tight, black pants with a fashionable belt that hugs nicely to her thick ass, and a tight no sleeve green top that strains against her large breasts.

"Samuel... I've got a special surprise for you..." Brittany says with a tone of desire, even if the unstable look in her eyes would kill the mood for any other man.

"I'm listening Brittany." He says, giving her a long, approving look over as she stands in front of him before tossing him the bottle of lube.

"That's right... You will listen to me Samuel, because you and me are meant to be together..." She says with rather an unsettling grin as she gazes at me. "And I know not just what's best for you, like getting you away from that pathetic scumbag Gunner... But I know how to motivate you..." She licks her lips, using a hand to run a finger across his moustache.

"Motivation? I like the sounds of that Brittany..." He says with the same kind of far-off, stalker look that he's been known to use as he stands up from the regular, single-style hotel room bed.

"You will love it, and so will I..." Brittany says, reaching up to grab the back of his head to forcefully pull him into a deep kiss, using the other hand to just as intensely grip his crotch through his pants, groping him as they start to make out.

"Mmmmm... Mmmm..." Shaw moans into her mouth, his cock easily hardening as their tongues roughly slap against each other, groans being exchanged while his rod is getting stroked through the material of his trousers.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmm... Mmmm..." She groans wickedly as they passionately kiss as if they've been lovers for years, rather than him being the target of her stalker-like attention for several weeks, and now she's got him by the balls as she grips and strokes his cock through his pants. Breaking this lip lock, she grins at him before she steps back, moving around him up to the bed before she begins to undo her belt.

"I want you to fuck my ass Samuel... I've dreamed of having that big cock of yours deep in my ass..." Brittany shamelessly admits, tossing the belt aside before she hooks her bottoms so she can slide them down her booty, showing off her thick, tanned ass cheeks before she shifts up onto her hands and knees on the bed, not even fully taking down her pants as she sticks her butt straight out at him.

"That's certainly some kind of motivation..." Samuel says with a creepy but lusty grin as he undoes his own belt, letting his own pants drop to the floor to stand naked, his rock hard cock now on full display as he pours some lube out into his hand. "You want this Brittany? You want me to fuck your ass?"

Nodding her long, raven-haired head, she looks back with another rather dark smirk. "That's exactly what I want. I want that big, beautiful cock of yours right in my ass..." Brittany says with the kind of tone of voice that makes it more of an order than a request, looking back and staring at his manhood as he prepares himself, rubbing the lubricant over his inches. "Why do you think I was in the bathroom for so long? I was fingering my ass nice and good for your dick Samuel..." She says, reaching back with a hand to spread her butt for a long moment, making sure the object of her stalking desire over the past number of weeks gets a good look at her tight looking, but clearly already lubed up asshole.

"That so? Then I certainly want to fuck your sexy, gorgeous ass Brittany..." He states, giving her rump a long look over as he approaches her, placing the bottle onto the side of the bed.

"And if that's what you want, then it's what I want as well..." She grins broadly as she seductively sways her backside from side to side, still not even bothering to fully pull down her pants as he steps up behind her. "I want you to fuck my ass Samuel, I want that gorgeous cock deep in my asshole..." She adds with a lustful, but quite crazed tone as she reaches back, spreading those thick cheeks apart to again show off that well prepared asshole to Shaw.

"I think... It's what we both want, and what we both need..." The handsome but creepy hunk says, tapping the head of his dick against her entrance before he pushes the fat crown into her entrance, making them both moan as he feels how vice-like her back passage is grinding against his member as he pushes in even with all the lube, and she reacts to such a vast size entering her tight hole.

"Mmmm! Ahhhh Brittany... Oh fuck!! That's so good Brittany..." He moans his delight, the more than ample lubing up allowing him to start to ease his tool in and out of that asshole, a couple of controlled and slow strokes used to completely pull out of her butt before pushing in to open up her ass a little, running a hand over her clothed back as he starts to fuck the barely undressed beauty up her thick and sexy ass from behind.

"Mmmmm! Oh yes Samuel! Ahhhh... Get in there deep..." She moans with a wide smile, staring back with a gaze that would be unsettling to most as she runs her eyes over his muscular frame, showing little signs of pain from this anal invasion as she keeps her ass cheeks apart for the stud she's been "following" for several weeks, and now has him sliding his tool into her juicy booty.

"Mmmm... Don't hold back Samuel, give it to me... Nice and hard... Ahhhh... Nice and rough!" The former Santana Garrett in the indies demands with a slow lick of her lips, beginning to rock her hips just a little against his pumps, showing how eager she is to have all that cock deep into her ass, as the few inches that are smoothly working in and out of her asshole doesn't seem to be nearly enough to satisfy her desire.

"Mmmm... I've got a feeling that you... Mmmm! Can handle it as well..." He smirks darkly for a moment, the first really firm thrust between those full, rounded ass cheeks making her moan out with a smile of her own, and seeing no reason to not give the gorgeous Knockout what she craves, he keeps those deepening, stiff pumps coming as the TNA wrestler steadily thrusts into that backside she's keeping spread for him.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm shit... I like that..." He grunts as his inches push in impressively further into her tanned ass, her cheeks jiggling slightly from the force behind the thrusts as he stands and fucks the curvaceous but crazed babe who's still almost completely clothed, on her hands and knees on the bed in front of him. As he pumps that nicely thick and lengthy tool in and out of her tight asshole, he reaches forward with a hand to grab her long, dark hair, tugging on it to pull her head back much to her groaning delight as he fires off another forceful thrust into her stunning backside.

"MMMM!! Oh yes Samuel! I fucking love that!! Mmmmm..." The Ocala, Florida stunner moans as she takes this anal fucking, feeling her ass getting gradually filled up with more man meat and now the clearly pleasurable and kinky sensation of her hair being pulled back roughly, her pussy now clearly wet even though she's not even been touched down their while her ass has been getting tapped like this.

"AHHHHH... Mmmmm!! Fuck my ass Samuel! Uhhhhh!! Fuck me good!" She says with a slightly creepy but still lustful tone, continuing to rock her clothes-covered body back towards the naked hunk behind her, taking his Jacksonville, Florida cock further into her still very snug back passage, and since the grip on her hair begin that pushing back motion has become noticeably stronger which only makes him moan more in return.

"Mmmm!! Mmmmm yes Brittany... You've got such beautiful hair..." The often creepy grappler groans, tugging on her hair again to keep her head pulled back as he keeps slipping his dick in and out of her sexy backside, keeping the bell end inside when he pulls his hips back before pushing firmly in to work his tool in, before repeating the action in a steady rhythm.

"MMMM... Something like this... Will really get me motivated..." He smirks again, keeping the stiff pumps into her jiggling, thick ass coming as he plunges his rod back and forth into that tightness, even with all the lube applied it's still a snug fit to say the least but it appears the friction is a turn on for them both, moans continuing to escape from both of the desirable, but deranged TNA stars as this ass banging carries on with another couple of steady but firm pumps.

"Mmmm... I'll be more than happy... Ahhhhh! To motivate you Samuel..." Brittany groans seductively, licking her lips again as she gazes back, letting go of her ass cheeks to run a hand along his arm as he keeps a grip of her hair.

"Mmmm!! Show me..." Shaw says with a signature stalker gaze into her eyes as he withdraws from her ass with a nasty, audible pop. "Show me how you can motivate me Brittany." He demands as he keeps a hold of her hair, roughly forcing her off from the bed and down to her knees on the hotel room floor in front of him.

"Oh yes Samuel! Ahhhhh... You gorgeous, wonderful stud..." Brittany moans as she gazes up at him with a near identical, psychotic look in her smoking hot eyes as she all too gladly stays kneeling and clothed before him, with just her thick ass exposed from her pants being down under her cheeks.

"Show me... Show me that I made the right choice with you Brittany..." Samuel almost challenges, keeping her hair held as he brings her gorgeous face up in line with his rock hard cock that's just been thrusting into her ass.

She answers the demand with her tongue, flicking it out across the tip of his dick, brushing over the piss slit for a moment before she runs it under the crown, tilting her head a little so she can slide her wet tongue against his underside, her smile remaining as she hears him moan from the touch.

"Mmmm... You've got such a perfect cock Samuel..." She gushes with a look of desire up at him as she continues to work her soft tongue around his member, swirling around the head before moving her head down towards his crotch, a brief teasing flick onto his balls before she rises back up to the tip for another couple of controlled clockwise motions to leave the crown nicely covered with her saliva.

"Mmmm... I'm going to make sweet love to this beautiful dick Samuel..." She states with a tone that would be considered unnerving to most, running her hands up his strong thighs as she opens her mouth and pushes her head down, surprising him by going down so deep she makes herself gag when the head of his big cock connects with the back of her mouth.

"MMMM... Ahhhhh yes Brittany... Motivate me... Suck my cock..." The former TNA Gut Check winner moans as he watches the busty beauty roughly and deeply bob her head onto his pole, her lips barely managing to stay wrapped around that thick man meat from the aggressive way she's pushing her face down as far as she can get onto his inches, showing no issue with going ass-to-mouth as she sucks on the dick that minutes ago had been fucking her juicy ass.

"Ahhhh! MMMM... Deep... Nice and deep... Yessss..." He groans again, watching her head bobbing along his rod as this forceful, sloppy blowjob from the beautiful but crazed TNA Knockout gets going, saliva now trickling down his inches as she continues to gag when she goes right down onto him, a sign that this is certainly the biggest cock she's ever attempted to suck but her powerful feelings of lust towards him refuse to let her ease up as she slobbers away all over him.

"UHHHLLLKKK!! GAHHHHH!! MMMMPHHH!! GAHHHHH!!" The stunning second generation wrestler gags loudly with desire, fighting through her own discomfort as she worships the fat length of the former Tag Team Champion in OVW, saliva not starting to drip off her chin from the repeated, feverish motion and making her tight top be stained with her spit as she keeps this intense bobbing motion going.

"GAHHHHH!! Mmmmmphh!! GAHHHHH!! UHHHHKKKK!!" Her eyes slightly water now but even then she doesn't stop face fucking herself onto his mighty dick, placing a hand on his wrist to keep him gripping her hair while her other hand has moved down between her legs, slowly running her fingers over her own wet pussy to really show how much she's getting off on giving this messy but red hot blowjob.

"MMMM... Oh yes Brittany... You look so beautiful right now..." Shaw says creepily, especially considering how her make-up is starting to run from the discomfort of repeatedly, but willingly, gagging all over his cock every time she rocks her long, raven-haired head downward onto his tool, still fighting to keep her lips around his dick that's been left soaked in her saliva from the repeated nasty sucking motion.

"Ahhhhh... MMMMM FUCK!! So good... Suck that cock Brittany..." He encourages with another intense look down at her while she keeps on running her mouth swiftly back and forth over his rod, his moans sounding out each time she pushes downward and the tip of his manhood touches the back of her warm and wet oral hole to make her gag out loud each time it happens.

"GAAAAAHH!! UHHHHLLKKKK UUUUUGGGGHHHH... GAHHHH!!" She deeply gags again as she presses her face right down, her eyes rolling into the back of her head like a woman possessed and yet it's all down to how much this is turning her own, her hand rubbing over her wet pussy with sharp motions as she deep throats the dick of TNA's resident stalker, who she herself has been targeting for weeks.

"GAAAAAAHHHH... MMMMMPHHH!! GAHHHHH.... AHHHHHH!!" The throat of the beauty named as the Cauliflower Alley Club's Future Legend Award winner for 1014 flexes noticeable as she tries to keep herself pressed down for as long as she can, but eventually has to pull herself all the way up and off of that cock. Spitting a massive wad of spit onto his dick, she gasps for air but sinisterly grins up at the groaning hunk in front of him, not caring that her make-up is wrecked from tears and spit, or that her tight top is soaked from her saliva, making it cling further against her large chest.

"Mmmmm... You like that motivation Samuel?" Brittany coos seductively as she stands up from the floor, pulling her ruined top off and over her head, allowing her large and sexy tits to bounce free.

"I loved it Brittany..." Samuel says with creepy approval, taking in the sight of her undressing as she now properly pushes down her pants in order to step out of them. "And I want more... I want all of you..."

"I love the sound of that Samuel..." She grins with an obvious to most crazed look in her eyes, using a hand to pat the hotel room bed. "Lie down and let me ride that wonderful, big cock of yours Samuel..." She says with a tone that sounds like more of a demand than a request.

"Absolutely..." Shaw says with a lick of his lips and another intense but stalker-like stare as he moves over, getting onto the bed and as soon as his cock pointing right up at the room she almost pounces onto him, quickly mounting his waist.

"Mmmmm! Oh yes Samuel! Right in me deep..." The beauty who impressively held the SCW Women's Championship for over two years gets straight to work, taking Shaw's cock into her sensually damp snatch, grinding back against that rod for a savouring moment as she slides her hands across his muscular chest. Tossing her long, dark hair back as she leans forward, she starts to rock her body back and forth, taking his shaft straight into her sinfully snug snatch, making her moan as she doesn't hold back, making her riding motion swift and smooth as she works her sexy hips.

"MMMM... Yessssss... AHHHHH!! Oh that's so good Samuel!!" She squeals with delight, letting out a crazed laugh as she locks eyes with the similarly "not all there" hunk she's on top off as her large tits bounce in time with the motion her tanned frame is doing as she takes his pole in and out of her soaking hole, making sure he never leaves her snatch when she moves forward before sharply working back.

"Ahhhhhh SHIT... MMMM!! Fucking amazing..." The Jacksonville, Florida stud moans, running his hands up her sides as he feels her snatch gliding back and forth along his inches, his rod stuffed in deep and slick with her juices in no time at all, just adding to the pleasure of this red hot sex that's seen his cock been in all three of her holes already.

"MMMM... Oh yes Brittany... Mmmm... I like that... AHHHHH..." He groans again as he watches the sweating Ocala, Florida stunner bounce herself on his stiff prick that feels a perfect fit for a snug and dripping wet twat like hers and it's obvious that his calls of pleasure are fuelling her on to keep making him feel as good as she can, and from the way she's expertly moving that snatch up and down on his dick there's no doubt she can do that and then some.

"MMMM... Oh fuck! Oh Samuel!! MMMM... We were made for... AHHHH!! Each other..." The former starlet of SHINE Wrestling and SHIMMER Women Athletes groans with another unglued but passionate look in her eyes, bringing her hands up to grab her big, bouncing breasts to further make herself moan as she continues to swiftly ride the cock of the TNA grappler she's mounted on top off.

"MMMM YES!! Ooooooooh FUCK!! Ahhhhh... Fuck me Samuel!! Give me that nice... Big! FUCKING COCK MMMM!!" She lustfully yells as she gropes her tits and bounces away on the rod of the man she's been stalking for a number of weeks, and now is no doubt fulfilling a fantasy or two by having the long, fat cock of the former stalker of Christy Hemme deep inside her soaking wet snatch.

"Ahhhhh... I will Brittany... MMMM!! I'll give you it all... I'll give... MMMM FUCK!! I'll give you everything..." The handsome but unglued hunk says as he firmly grips her hips, digging his fingers in roughly as he starts to thrust his dick up into her snatch, causing them both to moan louder as she keeps rocking herself on top of his muscular, sweating frame and he now sends his rod right into that already dripping wet but still nicely tight hole with a series of hard pumps.

"MMMM! Awwwww shit... Amazing Brittany! AHHHHH... MMMM..." He groans, the two far from mentally stable but very much attractive sports entertainers continue to engage in this steamy fuck as she tosses her hair back again, putting on a sinful display as she teases her nipples with her fingers, still pushing her juicy ass back to meet the incoming deep and hard thrusts driving into her pussy.

"YESSSSSS!! MMMMM... SAMUEL!! Yes Samuel!! More!! Fuck... Keeping fucking me!!" The woman previously known in the indies as Santana Garrett groans out, gasping as sweat drips from her pretty facial features as she leans forward, slightly racking her nails across the chest of the object of her creepy desire, moaning with each pistoning motion his cock makes right into her fantastic feeling and wet snatch.

"UHHHH!! AHHHHH!! MMMM FUCK!! I'm so close!! Don't... DON'T FUCKING STOP SAMUEL!!" She begs and moans out, her large breasts continuing to bounce away as she wildly now bounces on his thrusting dick, taking him in as deep as they both can get as he groans himself, having to put in all the effort he can into not just matching her wicked, intense pace but just to satisfy her crazed needs, and if it keeps his cock feeling as good as it does now right inside that still tight and very wet hole, he'll gladly give her everything he's got.

As Shaw continues to ram his dick upwards into that snug pussy, suddenly she shifts herself up and off of his big cock, getting into a squatting position above him as she starts to rapidly rub her clit as she moans out, the other hand grabbing her large tits at the same time.

"AHHHHH! MMMMM!! SAMUEL!! OH SAMUELLLLLLLLL!!" Brittany screams out again before she doesn't just start to cum, but squirts with great intensity as a burst of juices shoots out of her already dripping wet snatch, splashing down onto Samuel Shaw's chiselled upper body, making him stare in awe at the erotic display as she continues to smack and rub her pussy.

"OOOOOOOOOH MMMMM!! Ahhhhhh!! MMMM..." She groans and gasps, squeezing her breast and tilting her head back as the flood of juices finishes escaping from her, giving her snatch a couple more firm rubs along with her clit for good measure, before looking back down with a devilish, sexy grin as she gazes over the mess she's made over the hunk she had been stalking for several weeks before this night.

"Brittany... That... That was..." Samuel was about to say before he's made to groan as she slides back and down the bed as she takes a hold of his cock, giving him a couple of firm strokes.

"Come here Samuel... I need your cum all over me..." Brittany states with burning, crazed lust in her eyes as she leads him back down the hotel room bed to sit on the end of it. "Mmmm... That felt so good... Exactly like I've dreamed..." She shameless admits as she now slips down between his spread legs.

"I'll give it all to you Brittany... Anything you need..." He creepily grins down at her as she picks up the lubricant bottle, quickly pouring some out onto her large tits, starting to rub it all over her chest, making herself groan as she can't help but grope herself as she readies those boobs.

"Just sit back Samuel... Let me treat you like you deserve..." She purrs, showing that despite having squirted hard moments ago her desire is far from through as she moves in, using her hands on her breasts to capture his dick between them, starting to slide them all the way up and down his cock to instantly make him moan, much to her grinning, unsettling delight as she fucks his dick with her magnificent chest.

"Mmmm.. Your perfect, big cock feels so good between my tits Samuel..." She lustfully states, biting down on her bottom lip as she gazes up at the groaning stud she's pleasuring, smoothly moving her tits along his stiffness and keeping her boobs pushed right against his man meat so he can really feel the soft flesh rubbing all over his tool.

"MMMM...Feels amazing where I am Brittany..." He admits with a creepy stare as he watches her large and sexy breasts moving back and forth over his starting to throb cock as she sandwiches his member right between her tits, the slick movement made even hotter as she spits down onto the head of his dick as she keeps her chest working over the cock that's been deep in all three of her holes.

"MMMM!! Oh fuck... AHHHHH... MMMMM yes... So good Brittany..." He moans, his chest heaving as drops of sweat trickle down his muscular body along with her own juices that she'd sprayed onto him, but for now his focus is clearly on the gorgeous mounds being pushed against his thick dick as she gives him a titwank to remember, and one's that appears far from novice from the way she smoothly and swiftly keeps her tits sliding up and down onto his pole.

"Ahhhhh... Yes Samuel... Cum for me. Cum all over my tits, all over my face, all over my hair... I don't care..." The drop dead gorgeous but overly obsessive TNA Knockout demands with another stalker-like stare, pumping his cock with her luscious, soft breasts as she moves them quickly up and down his throbbing shaft, not letting up for a moment and keeping his manhood lodged between those ripe tits with the skill of a seasoned porn star.

"Do it! Fucking do it Samuel!! Mmmmm! Cum for me!" She yells with such an unglued tone that it's more of an order than a demand, but thankfully for them both her fantastic work of fucking his cock with her big titties is more than helping him along to reach his limit, his groans continuing to escape him as he feels the pleasurable friction of those full and sexy breasts sliding back and forth along his inches.

"AHHHH... OH BRITTANY... MMMM... HERE IT... MMMM... HERE IT CUMS AHHHHHH..." Samuel Shaw grits his teeth and groans as the first blast of spunk fires out of his cock, hitting Brittany right in the face to make her groan as the spunk stains her cheek. She quickly releases her tits from around his cock, moving in just in time for the second shot to also land over her pretty face as it lands over her nose and lips, her hand now stroking away over his pulsating rod as she milks him dry.

"Ahhhhh!! MMMMM... Ahhhhhh..." He moans out as her hand rapidly moves back and forth, making more thick streams shoot out as she aims them down onto her lovely big tits, not stopping the stroking motion as he brings her face down closer to his cock, smirking sinisterly as she takes the last few drops out onto her forehead, nastily using her own dark hair to clean the last bits of spunk from off of his softening cock.

"Mmmm... Yes Samuel... That was everything I've dreamed about... And more..." Brittany says with a very creepy tone, letting go of his dick now so she can rub his jizz across her big breasts, gazing up at him with a wide and proud smile.

"Brittany... You can motivate me, and do a whole lot more than that..." Samuel says with a unnerving to most others smirk, watching her put on another sexy show to make her boobs glisten with his jizz.

"Oh, believe me Samuel, I will gladly do that." She states, bringing her hands to run through her long, dark hair, showing no regard to fact that she's getting more of his cum sticking through her hair now from the action. "You and me, together? We're made to be... And we'll destroy anyone who tries to stop us."

"Yes, we will..." Shaw states, his look turning dark as his eyes narrow. "And if Gunner gets in our way, I will destroy him for us... For you Brittany..."

Hearing that, Brittany grins as she licks her lips. "And I'll happily motivate you to do just that..." She says with a psychotic laugh as the two share another extremely out-there stare.

* * *

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