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***Author's note: This story started from a short scene that we wrote which
eventually became "Chyna VS The Nation Of Domination", and therefore has a
similar theme. The original ending of that story was to be Chyna waking up
from an erotic dream, until we decided that this would be the cowardly way
out. If that story was Chyna's dream of submission, this represents the
fictional Mark Henry's dream of domination. ***

***This story features the WWF/WWE television characters of Chyna,
Jacqueline, Mark Henry, and a number of others. It is not intended to
portray the people that play those characters or their attitudes or sexual
habits. ***

***Warning: While this story doesn't really feature any kinks that we haven't
written about before, the degree of humiliation does perhaps go a little over
the top. Even for one of our stories. Enjoy, or stop reading now. ***

Broken Chyna Part 1: Fine Chyna
by High-Heeled Jill ( & Spring-Heeled Jack

Chyna had initially laughed off Jacqueline's attempt to challenge the Ninth
Wonder of the World for her recently won Intercontinental Title. She had
quite literally laughed in fact, when she dismissed the idea in an interview,
insisting that no woman could compete with her. Jacqueline had responded by
calling her a coward live on RAW, and so Chyna decided that she just had to
teach the cocky little Diva a lesson.

Jacqueline was escorted to the ring by a grinning Mark Henry, and moments
later the first and only woman to win the Intercontinental Championship was
accompanied to the ring by the much less imposing figure of her girlfriend,
Miss Kitty.

Mark licked his lips as he watched the muscular, raven-haired amazon striding
purposefully down the aisle. Chyna was wearing his favourite leather
ensemble, the crotchless shorts with just a leather thong covering her
treasures. The outfit displayed the full, round globes of her hard ass, and
the matching leather bra emphasised the massive perfection of her breasts.
Seeing her dressed that way excited Mark Henry no end, whose thoughts swirled
with visions of the Intercontinental Champion's hard-muscled body, both the
real vision before him and the imaginary ones he conjured in his mind. Of
course, Jacqueline had a pretty hot body herself, athletically muscled with
even bigger tits than Chyna and a big sexy ass, but her compact frame
couldn't command Mark's colossal cock the way Ninth Wonder's amazonian
physique did.

The bell rang, and Jacqueline launched herself at the bigger woman. Chyna
swatted her aside like a fly. Jacqui tried again, to no better effect, and
Chyna then proceeded to dismantle the little black Diva in comprehensive
fashion. Mark Henry felt his prick stiffen as he watched Chyna throw the
diminutive black woman like a ragdoll around the ring for the next five
minutes. Her flawless pale skin encasing those hard, flexing muscles, huge
breasts bouncing in their barely adequate restraints, her wonderful naked
butt-cheek jiggling erotically. Mark Henry tugged at the collar of his shirt.
He felt distinctly warm.

The crowd roared with approval as Jacqueline was demolished by fan-favourite
Chyna. Of course Mark had known that Jacqui would stand no chance against the
Ninth Wonder of the World; she didn't have to, but now he worried that it was
beginning to look like she would not be able to fulfil her part of the plan.
And that was when it happened, not exactly the way they planned, but through
an excellent improvisation by the experienced black wrestler. Jacqueline was
down on the canvas and Chyna reached down to grab Jacqueline's long black
hair, pulling the little woman to her feet. Halfway, Jacqui reached up and
grabbed Chyna's bra, just at the points where the shoulder straps connected
to the cups, then she jammed her foot into the amazon's hard abdomen and she
pulled back, dropping her own weight to the mat and kicking out against her
opponent's belly. Caught by surprise, the Ninth Wonder was flipped over the
little negress, and as she flew she heard something snap.

Chyna rolled swiftly to her feet and the crowd went absolutely berserk. For a
moment Chyna wondered what had happened, and then she saw Jacqueline, a broad
grin on her face, holding up Chyna's leather bra!

The amazon yelped and flushed bright red as she clasped her hands over her
bare breasts, but it was far, far too late. Everyone had got a good long look
at those magnificent mammaries.

"Nice tits, bitch!" Taunted Jacqueline.

Miss Kitty, dressed in a copy of Chyna's leather outfit, leapt up onto the
ring apron and began screaming at the referee to disqualify the black woman.
Jacqueline twirled the leather bra above her head and began dancing around
the ring, to whoops and cheers from the appreciative crowd. Outside the ring,
Mark Henry moved to block the ramp back to the locker rooms, just in case
Chyna decided to make run for it.

Simmering with fury, Chyna had no intention of running. When Jacqueline
turned her back, the amazon took action. One hand slid across both naked
breasts to cover them as much as possible while she drew back her free arm
and clubbed the celebrating Diva with a powerful elbow to the back of her
neck. The black woman dropped like a puppet with its strings cut, and the
crowd booed Chyna for being a spoilsport.

The Ninth Wonder ignored them. She knew they would be cheering her again in
just a few seconds. Still covering her naked breasts, she rolled the little
negress over with her booted foot and then reached down to untie her
opponent's scarlet top where it was knotted between her heaving breasts, and
then she peeled the fabric back. The audience erupted as they saw Jacqui's
huge black boobs roll free. They were large and round and just soft enough to
jiggle enticingly with every breath.

Chyna jerked Jacqui up into a sitting position and then knelt down behind
her. She pressed her big body up against Jacqueline's back, and then slid her
covering arm free, so that her breasts were now pressed firmly against Jacqui
and were mostly concealed by her opponent's body. The outer swell of her
breasts could be seen, but her nipples were hidden from view. Chyna then
hooked Jacqueline's well-muscled arms up into a full-nelson and lifted the
black Diva to her feet. The crowd whooped and hollered as they got a clear
and unobstructed view of Jacqui's awesome tits. Watching, Mark Henry's cock
was like a fence-post in his pants.

Jacqueline began to come round, and when she realised her predicament she
struggled uselessly against the stronger woman.

"Nice tits, bitch!" Chyna snarled into her ear, repeating Jacqui's earlier

The Intercontinental Champion stood all the way up and her greater height and
the full-nelson hold lifted the diminutive black woman off her feet. The
Ninth Wonder walked around the ring carrying her writhing opponent like a
trophy, presenting her to the appreciative crowd and ensuring that everyone
got to see Jacqueline's huge bouncing breasts in all their glory.

As she passed Miss Kitty, who was still standing on the apron with the
dumbfounded referee, Chyna called her pretty girlfriend into the ring. Kitty
was even smaller than Jacqui, and much less muscular, and she looked like a
little girl as Chyna whispered in her ear, especially when an expression of
delightful mischief appeared on her face. The white girl moved in front of
the restrained Jacqueline, and, to the disbelief of the thousands in the
arena and the millions watching at home, she reached out and grabbed Jacqui's

The black woman's eyes bulged and her mouth dropped open as Miss Kitty
fondled her sensitive breasts, in front of millions of people, and to her
horror she realised that it was turning her on!

"Still think it's funny?" snarled Chyna.

Mark Henry knew he should jump in to rescue Jacqui. In fact, he should have
done it two minutes ago, but this was just too hot to interrupt. He would
rescue her, but not yet.

Chyna's slutty girlfriend groped, slapped, and pinched Jacqueline's big black
boobs for what seemed like an age, but was in fact less than a minute before
the Amazon nodded and Miss Kitty stepped back.

"You shouldn't have messed with me. I don't settle for just getting even! I

As though that was a command, Miss Kitty knelt down in front of Jacqueline
and reached out toward the waist of her shorts. Fearing for what little was
left of her dignity, Jacqui kicked out at the little slut. Miss Kitty dodged
and with one swift and well-practiced motion she jerked Jacqueline's shorts
and panties down around her knees!

The black woman's smooth shaven pussy was exposed before millions of lucky
viewers and the arena was lit up by a thousand flashes, as everyone with a
camera recorded the moment for posterity. Jacqueline was mortified! Where was
Mark Henry? This wasn't part of the plan! Chyna again lifted the little
wrestler and paraded her sexy naked body around the ring, to the exuberant
cheers of the delighted crowd.

Oh yes, Mark Henry thought, Chyna does more than just get even, but I can
play that game too! And in his mind's eye he remembered how Chyna had
humiliated him, teased him with her sexy body, excited him with promises of
carnal delights, all to get him worked up so he would not be able to resist
her cruel trick. He had been duped into getting his cock sucked by a
transvestite, and not content with that, Chyna had then shown the videotape
of his tranny blowjob to the entire world! Mark had burned with the
humiliation of that moment for years. Oh yes, he owed Chyna big time, and his
cock throbbed with his need. Part of him wanted to wait, to see just how far
the evil bitch would push it, but the bigger part of him, the part that was
threatening to tear through his pants, could wait no longer.

Chyna was on the far side of the ring, with her back to Mark, so he drew his
weapon and slid into the ring. The boos began before he was halfway across
the ring, but the warning came too late for Chyna, who screamed and spasmed
as he jammed his stun-gun into one her sexy butt-cheeks.


The two Divas fell to the floor and Jacqueline rolled clear.


The second jolt was applied to Chyna's rippling abdomen, and her big bare
breasts bounced heavily as she thrashed and rolled onto her side in a foetal


The third was against her spine, between her shoulder blades, and made the
amazon arch as she shrieked with pain.

Miss Kitty leapt onto the giant black man's back and thrashed futilely
against his head, desperate to save her pain-wracked mistress. Mark reached
up and grabbed the little sidekick by the neck with one ham-sized hand. He
pulled her round in front of him, holding her in mid air more than a foot up
from the canvas. Grinning as she wailed and flailed uselessly, he jammed the
stun-gun between her legs and shocked her for 5 screaming seconds until she
passed out.

He tossed the little white woman aside like a broken toy and turned back to
his quarry, the Ninth Wonder of the World. The amazon was attempting to crawl
across the mat toward the exit, but three shocks had left her limbs shaky and
uncoordinated. Mark Henry paused in mid-turn, as he found the sight of Chyna
crawling to be incredibly erotic.


He shocked her right shoulder, and she collapsed as her arm became useless
and numb. Then he shocked her left shoulder, and then both legs, right at the
hips, and Chyna was effectively paralysed. The effect he knew was temporary,
but he savoured the helpless terror in the half-naked bull-dyke's eyes.

"G-g-get oh-off m-muh-me!" Her voice was broken and querulous from the
shocks, as the huge black man's meaty hands descended toward her.

He rolled her onto her back and spread her legs, licking his lips as his
hands stroked up her inner thighs toward the ultimate prize.


With trembling fingers, he pulled the leather thong to one side and grinned
lustily as he beheld Chyna's tattooed pussy. The audience erupted with
cheers. They couldn't see the wonderful sight that greeted Mark's eyes
because the cameramen were poorly positioned and Mark's big body blocked the
shot, but they could tell he was fiddling with her in a very naughty way!

"G-get yuh-you're hands o-off of muh-me!" The helpless amazon protested, but
her assailant just slapped her hard across the face.

"Shut up, Bitch! I've waited a long time for this, and ain't nothing gonna
stop me now!"

Mark Henry pushed her thighs even wider apart and leaned down to get a really
close to look at the pussy he had lusted after for years. The tattoo was a
pattern of vines, or maybe barbed wire, he wasn't sure, but the mound below
it was completely smooth, without even a hint that there had ever been any
hair there, and her pussylips were as plump and juicy as a peach. Those lips
glistened with her juices, the product of humiliating Jacqueline. The scent
of her arousal filled his nostrils, and it intoxicated him. But the main
focus of his attention, almost unavoidably since it was so prominent, was
above those beautiful nether lips. The biggest and longest clitoris Mark
Henry had ever seen. It was almost like a little cock. Including the hood, it
had to be 2-inches long, and well over half-an-inch thick!


Chyna's body thrashed like a dying fish as the electric current flashed
through her oversized clitty, and then slumped back down as she fell

To Be Continued . . .

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