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*** Author's note: This story started from a short scene that we wrote which
eventually became "Chyna VS The Nation Of Domination", and therefore has a
similar theme. The original ending of that story was to be Chyna waking up
from an erotic dream, until we decided that this would be the cowardly way
out. If that story was Chyna's dream of submission, this represents the
fictional Mark Henry's dream of domination. ***

*** This story features the WWF/WWE television characters of Chyna,
Jacqueline, Mark Henry, and a number of others. It is not intended to
portray the people that play those characters or their attitudes or sexual
habits. ***

*** Warning: While this story doesn't really feature any kinks that we
haven't written about before, the degree of humiliation does perhaps go a
little over the top. Even for one of our stories. Enjoy, or stop reading
now. ***

Broken Chyna Part 2: Bone Chyna
by High-Heeled Jill ( & Spring-Heeled Jack

The crowd weren't sure what to make of all this, but when the cameras zoomed
in and filled the Titantron with Chyna's still exposed pussy, they cheered as
they realised that the show wasn't necessarily over after all. They cheered
even louder as Jacqueline, who had pulled up her shorts but had been unable
to find her top, started taking her revenge on the unconscious Miss Kitty,
removing first the white woman's bra, and then, when she was sure that the
cameras were in the right place to catch the moment, she tore Miss Kitty's
leather thong right off her body, exposing the slut's smooth, almost child-
like slit to the world.

Meanwhile Mark Henry slid out of the ring and reached under the apron to get
the ropes he had hidden earlier. Four of them looked like nooses, but the
others were loose coils. Carefully he pulled Chyna into the middle of the
ring and then looped one of the nooses over her left wrist. He pulled it taut
so that it was secure, and then he used another noose to do the same to her
other wrist, and then a noose to each of her ankles. The crowd were whooping
and hollering as they realised what Mark meant to do, and a small section of
the crowd all shouted "One!" when he tied off the loose end of the first
noose to the nearest ringpost, stretching her arm straight. More took up the
chant of "Two!" as he secured her other arm to the next ringpost, and
"Three!" when he similarly tied her right ankle was even louder, and for her
left ankle the shout of "Four!" was deafening.

The end result was Chyna securely tied in the middle of the mat,
spread-eagled to the four corners of the ring. Her huge breasts rolled
heavily to either side of her broad chest, and her oversized clit poked out
beside the disarranged leather of her thong.

At the same time Jacqueline was busy using some of the other lengths of rope
to bind Chyna's little sidekick. She tied Miss Kitty's arms together behind
her back - elbow-to-elbow and wrist-to-wrist - and then started on her pale,
slender legs. First she looped the rope around the mid point of Kitty's left
thigh and tied it in place, then she grabbed the young Diva's left ankle and
drew it up so that her knee was fully bent, and tied the other end of the
rope around her lower calf. The black woman did the same to her white
victim's other leg, and Miss Kitty was trussed up like a chicken.

The sight of Chyna's defenceless body was too tempting for the World's
Strongest Man, and he could not resist exploring. He knelt between her
splayed thighs and reached out to push one trembling finger gently between
her lips. They were wonderfully slick with her juices, created in her
excitement over humiliating Jacqueline, but which Mark imagined was for him,
because he knew Chyna wanted him, no matter what she'd said or done to him
over the years. He knew that she secretly yearned for his touch. Why else
would she tease him so? He rubbed his thick finger up and down her slit,
coaxing her big clit out from under her hood, and then probing at the
entrance to her sex.

And that was when Mark Henry made his great discovery. The moment when he
found that Chyna's pussy was a treasure more valuable than even he, who had
spent millions to arrange for this night to go uninterrupted, could ever have
dreamed or hoped for. Everyone knew that Chyna was a lesbian. What they
didn't know was that she was a virgin. And not just technically. That a bull-
dyke like Chyna had never even kissed a boy would not, perhaps, have
surprised many. Everyone knew that she had kissed girls, and that she had
fucked girls - a lot of girls - but Chyna had always been the "man" in the
relationship, and she had never been fucked, not by cock and not by dildo.
She was virgo intacta. She had a hymen.

The World's Strongest Man was absolutely certain that his colossal cock grew
even bigger as he realised that he that would be the first to breach her
maidenhead. He was going to pop Chyna's cherry!

A few feet away Jacqueline had also been exploring, and she had discovered
that Miss Kitty most certainly was not a virgin. The young pussy had opened
easily for Jacqui's probing fingers, and the black Diva now had all four
fingers squishing in and out of the unconscious slut, but she still had not
met any significant resistance.

Back in the centre of the ring the Ninth Wonder groaned, slowly awakening.
Mark Henry tore himself away from his prize and took up a wide stance over
her, standing with his feet either side of her chest. Chyna tried to move her
limbs, and stirred when she found that she could not. Her whole body ached,
and she was slow in regaining her senses, but when she did she struggled like
a wildcat, her huge muscles bulging and taut tendons straining, but all she
succeeded in doing was to make her bonds tighter.

"What the fuck!!!" She exclaimed as her head whipped from side to side.

"Shut up bitch!" Mark ordered, far more assertively than he could normally
achieve. Here and now, he had no doubts at all. This was his destiny, and
hers. He loved her, and he knew that she would love him too, once she
understood. He would show her. He'd tried loving her from afar, and he'd
tried wooing her, but had been met with nothing but scorn and derision and
humiliation. But he had never given up. And now, after years of research, he
knew what Chyna needed.

Chyna glared up at the grinning black man and snarled.

"This isn't funny. Let me out of this right now you bastard or so help me

"Ain't no-one gonna help you baby." Mark interrupted, "And this ain't no
joke. You're mine!"

And with that he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. For a moment
Chyna was completely stunned, she could not believe what he'd just done.
Furthermore, looking up at the monstrous thing looming above her head, she
could not believe that anything human could possibly be that big! It was well
over a foot long, maybe even a foot and a half, and it was thicker than
Chyna's wrist. Hell, it might even be as thick as her elbow!

The audience cheered loudly, though more than a few were rather half-hearted
about it. The sight of Mark's black monster-cock made most of the men in the
audience feel distinctly inadequate, as indeed they were, and their jealousy
tempered their joy at the sex-show they knew was to come. Amongst the women
watching, the sight caused many a mouth to water and even more pussies to
palpitate with either lust or sympathetic fear. It really was a very large

"Oh my God," Chyna gasped, and then she redoubled her efforts to break her
bonds. It didn't take a genius to deduce what Mark intended to do with that
inhuman thing.

"You're gonna be my rape-slut! I'm going to pop your cherry and fuck your
pretty little cunt until you cum like the whore you are!"

"What?! NO! You can't! Help! HELP!!!" Chyna screamed as her ample tits
bounced and jiggled.

Mark Henry laughed heartily, ands started stroking his hand up and down his
big veiny cock. Jacqueline arrived and stood grinning by his shoulder.

"16-inches bitch," said the black woman, as she reached out her hand to
stroke the mighty shaft, "16-inches of prime black fuck-stick, enough to tame
even a big butch dyke-bitch like you!"

Chyna's struggles redoubled. "Oh God, please. Uughh! Mark, don't do this!
Uhn! Please God, don't do this!!!"

"You've been living in denial baby," said Mark, "Thinking you were a
man-hating lesbian because you couldn't cope with what you really are, but I
got the cure right here! I know that deep down inside you're a whore and a
bitch that just needs to be fucked by a REAL man!"

"You're mad! You're completely insane! You can't do this!"

"Hey Mark," said Jacqueline "How about, before the main course, you have a
little appetiser?" The negress grabbed Miss Kitty's dyed black hair and
jerked her head up off the mat. "Just to show Chyna that we can do this!"

The World's Strongest Man grinned, Chyna was the one he lusted after, but the
little white girl was pretty hot too. He picked up her trussed up body with
ease and carried her to the middle of the ring, where he resumed his stance
over the Ninth Wonder of the World and held the amazon's girlfriend out in
front of him, face down, so that Chyna had a perfect view of his monstrous
cock as it approached Miss Kitty's defenceless slit.

"NO!" Chyna screamed, "Leave her alone! She has nothing to do with this! Let
her go!"

"Yes she does," said Jacqueline as she knelt down and guided Mark's manhood
toward the unconscious girl's entrance. "Everything you have belongs to Mark
now. Yo' pussy, yo' ass, yo' tits, and yo' girlfriend!"

Chyna closed her eyes as the disgusting purple head nuzzled between her
lover's child-like lips, but she could not avoid hearing Kitty's scream as
she was awoken by the huge thrust into her tiny body.

Mark was astounded. He had sunk 12-inches with the first thrust and his
cockhead was kissing her the little white girl's cervix! Even Terri Runnels,
who was known as a total slut and whose pussy had been stretched by giving
birth, had not been able to take his monster so easily or so deeply in one

Miss Kitty was in shock, so rudely awakened and unable to absorb the full
magnitude of what was happening. She could see and hear the cheering crowd,
she could see her beloved Chyna tied up and helpless below her, she could
feel the massive violation of her wet pussy, but she could not quite put it
all together and understand that she was being raped, live on national

The World's Strongest man lifted Miss Kitty up and down, not so much fucking
her as using her bound body to masturbate his cock. The pulpy head of his
cock hammered at her cervix every time he pulled her down, and Miss Kitty's
yelps began turning into pants, and then became groans of pleasure. Mark
grinned, he knew these lesbians were really whores at heart.

The Intercontinental Champion's face was turned aside, her eyes screwed tight
shut, and tears glittered on her lashes as she wept for her girlfriend, but
she wept also for herself because she knew it would be her turn soon enough.
Jacqueline grabbed Chyna's face and forced her head up.

"Open your eyes, bitch! Get a good look at yo' destiny!"

With a sort of horrified curiosity, Chyna opened her eyes and her heart
almost stopped when she saw how brutally wide Mark's monstrous black cock had
distended Miss Kitty's pretty white pussy. The pale lips were an angry red,
and Kitty's little clitty was fully exposed. But even worse, Chyna noticed
that Mark's ebony shaft was glistening with copious pussy juice. Was Kitty
enjoying it? Could she like being raped? She knew her lover was a horny
little slut, but it was inconceivable that she could be enjoying this!

As Chyna watched, Mark lifted the little white girl almost completely off his
cock, and then slammed her all the way down!


The fat black fuck-meat punched through Kitty's cervix and into her womb, and
her limbs thrashed spastically in their bonds. The sensation of Kitty's
elastic cunt massaging his cock from base to tip was more than he could
resist, and he started to pump his potent sperm into the little slut's
unprotected womb.


The pulsing blasts of cum into her baby-chamber triggered Miss Kitty's
climax. She had always been an oversexed slut, and Chyna had taught her to be
very submissive, and that combination meant that she could not defy the
rising tide of pleasure. Her squealing, shrieking climax was unmistakable to
Chyna, who had elicited such howls from Miss Kitty on many occasions, and the
big butch amazon wept like a baby as her girlfriend was raped to orgasm
before her eyes.

The World's Strongest Man stood panting, his trunk like legs trembling with
the intensity of his eruption. The little girl's cavernous cunt was a thing
of wonder, but it was Chyna that he really wanted. The Ninth Wonder of the
World and her tight virgin pussy.

With a grunt he pulled Miss Kitty off his impaling cock. Cum poured from the
ravaged hole and splashed down onto the two women below. Most of it landed on
Chyna's disgusted face, and some splashed onto Jacqueline as she licked the
creamy cum from Chyna's cheek.

"Guess what bitch," She whispered into the amazon's ear, "Now it's your

* * *

The audience were going berserk, whooping and hollering like the sex-crazed
perverts they were as the diminutive black woman leapt to her feet and helped
Mark to deposit the unconscious Miss Kitty, who had fainted from her mind-
blowing orgasm, onto the mat near the apron, well away from the spread-eagled

"Oh God, somebody, help! HELP!!!"

"Look around you Chyna," said Jacqueline, speaking into a microphone,
"There's over twenty thousand people here, and not one of them wants to help
you. All of them want see Mark fuck that tight virgin pussy of yours! Ain't
that right people?!"

"HELL YEAH!!!" roared the crowd.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Chyna screamed in denial, but she was helpless and vulnerable
as the massive black man knelt down between her straining thighs.

Mark was stroking his meaty cock vigorously in his excitement, and a large
drop of precum oozed from the tip and fell onto her hairless mound. Chyna
almost began hyperventilating when the strongman tore her thong from her
crotch and exposed her entirely to the cameras. The eyes of the audience all
turned to the Titantron where there was close up view of the amazonian Diva's
quivering pussylips. Chyna's eyes were fixated on the giant cock rearing up
before her virgin slit.

The first contact of the fist-sized cockhead against her delicate vulva made
Chyna whimper and recoil, but she couldn't get away. Squirm and strain though
she might, she was at this monster's mercy. He rubbed his hot glans against
her slit, coating it with the mixture of spunk and Kitty's pussy-juice that
covered the mammoth length. Chyna's vaginal muscles tensed up tight and her
abdominal muscles quivered in fear. He pressed his cockhead between her lips,
and then he pulled back, and a moment later he did it again, torturing her
with the anticipation. After a few more times, Mark used his meaty fingers to
pull her hairless lips open. He pressed his giant plum against her entrance
and let the soft lips close snugly around the crown of his cock.

"Please, please no, don't do this! Please! It's too big, it will never fit!
Oh God, please no!" Chyna begged futilely.

Mark grinned. It was taking every ounce of self-control to restrain from
hammering into her right now, but he wanted to savour her despair. It was
important to the plan to break her will, to humiliate and degrade her so
totally that it would tear down her sense of self and allow him to remake her
as he knew she should be, as he knew she was deep down inside.

He smirked and reached back down to pull back the hood over her huge clitty.
It winked up at him, and he spat down onto the bloated love-button. Chyna
whimpered as Mark's meaty finger gently massaged the exposed bud and, despite
herself, she felt a quiver run through her abdomen. Her pussylips twitched
around his glans, sucking gently on it.

But Mark Henry was an impatient man, and he could only restrain himself so
far. The Intercontinental Champion inhaled sharply as Mark's big bulbous
cockhead started pushing against her maidenhead. The massive cock bowed
slightly as her hymen resisted.

"UuuuaaAAAAH!" She grunted as he increased the pressure.

The real reason that Chyna was still a virgin was that her hymen was
unusually thick and tough, and had thwarted her every attempt to breach it
with her sex toys. The pain had simply been too great, and all the strength
of her muscular body hadn't been able to overcome that. But the World's
Strongest Man didn't care about her pain, and he grunted as his turgid cock
bent even more.

"Nnnngaaahhhh!!! UGH!!"

Sweat beaded on the strongman's brow as the effort started to cause him pain.
Damn! It was like trying to punch his cock through a brick wall! The
combination of Chyna's tough hymen and her tightly clenched vaginal muscles
were successfully resisting penetration. The amazon's attractive face was
beautifully distorted from the agony in her cunt, and the arousing sight
spurred Mark to redouble his efforts.

That was when Mark Henry had his epiphany, and he knew, not just thought, he
knew that he and Chyna were destined to be together. This was the final proof
that Chyna needed him to rape her. He was the World's Strongest Man. He was
the only man with the power to breach Chyna's gates, to tear through her
maidenhead, to make her a woman. He was the only man that could take her
virginity. He was the key to her lock. He was the chosen one!

"AAAAAAHHHhhhhhhh!!! Oh God! STOP IT ! Oh God, it's too big! TOO BIG!!!"

Mark felt her barrier start to yield, a sense of imminence that the immovable
object was about to give way to the unstoppable force.


He bucked his hips as his monstrous cock began to force her open. The
unusually thick membrane was starting to tear, and hot virgin's blood bathed
Mark's cockhead.


Her hymen tore outright and the fist-sized glans powered into her virgin
channel, stretching it agonisingly wide. Chyna's phenomenal body arched in a
violent spasm of pure pain. Her hips jerked and shook as she sought to
dislodge it from inside her, and her knees twisted inward as she tried to
close her thighs, seeking in vain to deny this terrible implement any further
access to her dreadfully wounded sex.

For a moment Mark rested with just his head inside her, enjoying the silky
wet heat and the tight clenching grip. Chyna expected another terrible
thrust, but instead Mark started rotating his hips, trying to work her hole
wider, tearing her hymen completely.


Chyna's sobbing pleas only seemed to spur Mark on, and he pushed deeper into
her interior, lubricated by the cum and pussy-juice and virgin blood that
coated his massive penis. The pain was dreadful as his gristly cock sawed
over the ragged edges of her ruptured virginity. The slow steady stroke
lasted an age, as inch by terrible inch, he forced his way into her resistant
pussy. It was taking every ounce of his phenomenal strength to press his
maleness home inside her cock-socket. The virgin channel was stretched to the
very limits, and Chyna's vaginal muscles clamped down hard to try and prevent
further ingress. A weaker man, a lesser man, would have failed, his pathetic
penis would have been balked by the Ninth Wonder's tight, strongly muscled
cunt, giving further proof to Mark's conviction that he was the only man for

Three inches; four; five; even lubricated as it was by her earlier
excitement, Chyna's tight pussy had great difficulty receiving the massive
monster that was being crammed into it; six; seven; eight; and Mark made
another discovery about this unexplored territory. Chyna's pussy wasn't just
tight, it was small. After only eight inches, barely half his colossal
length, he had hit the big woman's cervix!

He pushed on, and Chyna's screams rose in pitch as the entrance to her womb
was driven deeper into her body, and her love-canal was forced to stretch
along the length as well as the width.

Ten inches, and the Ninth Wonder's wonderfully tight pussy was stretched as
far as it could go. But Mark was not content with that. He still had six
inches of cock to bury into his beloved Chyna, and he intended to get it all
inside her!

"You like that Chyna?" Jacqueline mocked. "This is what you're for now,
riding Mark's cock like a ho!"

The black woman grabbed Chyna's heaving breasts and began playing with them,
squeezing tightly so that the delicious flesh bulged between her fingers, and
pinching the stiff nipples painfully.

"You ain't no Intercontinental Champion now, no butch dyke man-hater, you're
a fuck-bitch, a rape-slut! You're the InterCUNTinental SLUT! You're a cunt to
be filled, an' that's all you are now. A hole gettin' raped just like you

"Ah! Uhn! Uh! Ah! Uh! Ah! Uhn! Oh! Ah!"

The splayed amazon was hyperventilating, the pain was almost beyond measure
as the pressure against her cervix began to mount. The ropes dug deep into
her ankles as her body was driven as far across the canvas as possible on the
tip of Mark's cock. The Ninth Wonder of the World writhed in indescribable
agony, as the massive impaling cock strained her innermost barrier. Chyna's
screams became ragged with shock and despair when Mark pulled back slightly,
the first time he'd done anything but push remorselessly deeper, but then he
jabbed forward, punching her resistant cervix with his battering ram. Another
swift withdrawal, and another hard punch into her cunt. His hips pumping like
a rabbit, Mark kept hammering away at Chyna's cervix, forcing the opening
wider with every brutal thrust.

"Oh baby, yo' pussy so fiiiiine..." Mark murmured.

The strongman lowered his body onto Chyna, forcing Jacqui to withdraw her
hands as his massive torso squashed the amazon's breasts flat. He rubbed his
cheek against hers and whispered in her ear.

"I love you baby. Mmmh, you're so tight, I wanna fuck you forever baby. I
love you..."

Chyna's pain-wracked expression twisted with disgust at the sweet nothings he
sighed. She shook her head from side to side in wordless denial, and then
looked around, yet again, in the futile hope that somebody would help her,
save her from this evil monster before he ruined her forever. She looked up
above her head, and for the first time she saw the Titantron.

From Chyna's perspective it was upside down, but the images were clear. The
screen was divided into two, The main part showing her pale pussy ripped wide
open by the giant ebony shaft, her virgin's blood staining the canvas below,
and an inset that showed a close-up of her face, mouth open and twisted with
pain, her brows furrowed, her eyes staring wildly, and black mascara tears
down her cheeks.

Everybody was seeing this, she realised, everybody. The thousands of the fans
in the arena and the millions more watching it live on national television.
All her friends, all her enemies, everybody she'd ever met, would all see
what was happening to her right now. Her life as she knew it was over. There
would be no going back from something like this. Nobody would ever be able to
look at her without remembering Mark's monstrous cock in her tight cunt.

* * *

"You like that, slut?" Jacqueline continued to taunt, "You like that big
black cock in yo' tight white pussy? I bet you do. All you white hos love big
black cocks. Every one o' you white sluts spend your nights dreaming about
big black cocks. You are one lucky bitch, you know that, to get a black cock
as big and hard as Mark's?"

Jacqueline's hand was inside her shorts as she trash-talked at Chyna, but she
was so turned on that it wasn't enough. She had a need, a craving, to join in
the fun, but Mark's huge body completely covered the spread-eagled amazon.
And then Jacqui remembered that they had two little fuck-toys to play with.

The black woman grabbed a length of rope and pulled the unconscious Miss
Kitty to the ring-ropes. She pulled the white girl's bound legs up high so
that Kitty's shoulders supported her weight on the mat, and tied her to the
ring ropes, upside down with her legs spread wide. Grinning evilly, she
rubbed her strong fingers up and down the little girl's hairless, cum-
drooling slit.

"Oh yeah, you one hot little ho, aren't you? Just like yo' slut of a
girlfriend!" Jacqueline hissed at the sleeping sidekick.

She pushed the fingers of both hands into Kitty's puffy folds and pulled them
open, gazing in wonder at the yawning cavern that was Miss Kitty's cunt. To
her delight, as she looked she saw Mark's cum forming a small pool in the
depths of Kitty's inverted vagina.

"That's one big damn pussy for such a little Kitty! We all know how much
Chyna loves big cocks, so I bet she's been fucking this with some real big
strap-ons, ain't she slut?!"

It wasn't clear who Jacqueline was talking too; Miss Kitty, Chyna, the
audience, or herself, but she was certainly getting off on it.

The black Diva pushed her fingers deeper into Kitty's hole, all ten
disappearing easily up to the knuckles. It amused Jacqueline to know that
this tiny slender girl had such a large and elastic cunt, while her 6-foot,
200-pound girlfriend had a tight little virgin's vice. Well, had. Chyna's
pussy wouldn't be very tight after Mark had finished with it! A thought that
inflamed the horny negress even more. She withdrew her slime-covered fingers
from Miss Kitty and licked the juices from them with her long tongue, posing
for the benefit of the cameras and moaning with pleasure.

Jacqueline stood back up and pulled off her shorts, now sopping wet with her
arousal, and then she squatted down over the unconscious sidekick's pretty
face. She paused for a moment, waiting while the cameraman scooted around to
get a better angle, and then she lowered her pussy onto the white girl's
face. Kitty was still out cold, so Jacqui rocked her hips back and forth to
rub her pussy all over the little girl's delicate features. At the same time
she peeled open Kitty's slimy petals once more using the fingers of one hand,
while she raised the other high above her head and balled it into a fist.

Hesitating only long enough for the crowd to realise what she was about to
do, she punched down into Kitty's puffy pussy with a loud `SMACK!'

"OOWWW!" Kitty awoke with a startled, but muffled, yelp.

The sudden penetration sank deep into the little white slut's body, her
well-stretched cunt offering no resistance to the black woman's arm. While
Jacqueline's balled up fist was thicker than Mark's mighty cock, it still
wasn't as big as Chyna's fist, and Miss Kitty took her lover's arm all the
way to the elbow at least ten times a day! Furthermore, Kitty's passageway
was well lubricated by Mark's creamy cum and Jacqueline gasped as her
knuckles brushed up against her victim's cervix.

"UHHN!" Jacqueline grunted as she shoved hard, forcing her fist all the way
through Kitty's cervix and into her sodden womb.

Miss Kitty groaned into Jacqui's wet pussy, as her submission nature got the
better of her once again, and she began humping her hips up to meet her
assailant's raping fist. Tears welled in the corners of her eyes, but she
could not stop herself, anymore than she could resist the urge to start
licking the juicy cunt pressed against her face.

"Oh yeah! You a good little ho, aren't you? You like lickin' black pussy,
like every dirty white slut!"

Kitty merely grunted with pleasure as Jacqueline's knuckles slammed down
against the roof of her inverted womb. Jacqueline's forearm was entirely
buried inside of Miss Kitty, all the way to the elbow, but that was less than
15-inches, still short of matching Mark's 16-inch monster. The negress rose
up to her knees, lifting her cunt off the white whore's face, and twisted her
arm so that she could get it straight, and then she started pushing down.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Miss Kitty squealed as Jacqueline's thick elbow
popped inside her stretched-out opening.

The crowd roared with a approval. Jacqueline had now equalled the 16-inches
of mark's cock, surpassing the 15 of Chyna's forearm, but she wasn't giving
up yet!

"NNYYYAAAAIIIEEEE!!!" Kitty screamed as the black diva continued to force her
arm inside.

The little slut was being stretched deeper than ever before, and now Jacqui's
thick biceps were pushing her pussylips wide! 17-inches, and then 18, then
18, and finally Miss Kitty's cunt would stretch no more. The black Diva
pulled her arm back almost halfway, and then punched all the way back into
her victim's little-girl body.

Miss Kitty writhed and screamed as Jacqueline punch-fucked her pussy,
initially with pain, but very swiftly her cries became screams of pleasure,
and the arena erupted with applause when Miss Kitty orgasmed.

* * *

The Ninth Wonder of the World sobbed brokenly, punctuated by gasping grunts
as Mark continued to pound on her cervix. She felt like she had a telephone
pole shoved up inside her. Her sensitive membranes throbbed in agony, which
prompted her walls to tighten, which in turn only made the pain worse for
her, and the pleasure greater for Mark.

"Oh guh-God, p-please stop! Puh, please! It hurts soooooooo bad!!!"

"Feels pretty good to me baby!" Mark groaned. "So hot! So tight! Oh baby, I
love you!"

Chyna's whole body was covered with a sheen of sweat. Every punishing thrust
made her big sexy body shudder, and the pain only intensified as Mark
continued to sadistically hammer away. Chyna thought she was in hell. The
pain of her violation, the degradation of her defloration, the humiliation of
knowing that a national audience of millions was watching and enjoying every
moment of her suffering; this could only be hell.


Chyna shrieked, her voice reaching new heights before it fading into a
breathless rasp.

Mark had stretched her cervix to breaking point, and now he was through. His
cockhead nestled in the velvety, palpitating grasp of her despoiled womb. He
withdrew his monstrous manhood a couple of inches and Chyna's cervix, which
was hooked tightly behind Mark's phallic crown, was pulled back with it until
it could move no more. He thrust back and forth a few times, loving the way
that Chyna's cunt was holding him inside, and he knew that she wanted him. No
matter how much she screamed and cried and tried to deny it, her cervix would
not let him pull out, and that, surely, was the proof of her real desires.

"Oh you want it, don't you baby? I can feel you sucking my cock deeper. You
don't wanna let go, do you?"

The Ninth Wonder of the World desperately tried to force herself to loosen
her vaginal muscles. She knew that clamping so tightly around the raping cock
was only making it hurt more, especially where her tortured cervix was caught
behind the glans, but she could not do it. Every muscle in her body was
rigidly strained with tension, and she could not make them relax. Her body
was reacting instinctively to the pain by trying to expel the intruder, which
perversely only made it better for Mark and worse for Chyna.

With her cervix pierced, there was nothing to stop Mark as he worked the rest
of his gargantuan penis into the captive Diva. His cockhead punched the roof
of her womb repeatedly, bruising the sensitive membranes, as he forced her
baby chamber to stretch in order to contain his immensity. Chyna stared
sightlessly, her mind overwhelmed by the agony, as he pumped his
cunt-splitting cock right up to the hilt inside her.

"Oooaah yeeeaaaahhh baby!" He groaned as his huge black balls slapped against
her tight buttocks.

Chyna was stuffed to capacity, her previously virgin sex stretched to its
very limits around the mighty ebony shaft. She could not have taken another
inch, but to her rapist it was the perfect fit. It proved that his cock was
the perfect cock for his victim, exactly the right size to fill the woman he

Mark reached up and grabbed Chyna's face so that he could kiss her sloppily.
Chyna grimaced and tried to turn away, but he was too strong. She closed her
mouth and clamped her lips shut to deny his disgusting tongue entry, but the
big black man dug his fingers into her cheeks and forced her mouth open
again, so that he could thrust his unusually long and fat pink tongue deep
into her throat, a violation that was almost as disturbing to the degraded
Diva as her impaled pussy. Chyna's muffled screams excited Mark and he
plundered her mouth with his tongue.

At the same time, the strongman began to roughly grope and squeeze Chyna's
big tits with his free hand. The spread-eagled amazon could do nothing to
stop him as he roughly mauled her breast, squeezing it so tightly in his
strong hands that her tit-flesh reddened and bulged between his meaty

Chyna moaned in misery as Mark began humping his hips, pulling his cock back
almost halfway out of her and then thrusting back inside. He started slow,
her clamped muscles almost as hard to drive through the second time as they
had been the first, but he was the World's Strongest Man, and the Ninth
Wonder of the World was no more successful stopping this impaling thrust that
she had been before. Again and again the giant black man pumped into her,
gyrating his hips slightly with each thrust as he sought to open her up more
fully to his massive manhood. His big cock was oozing pre-cum copiously, the
slimy fluid helping lubricate Chyna's tortured passage, and it gradually
became easier for him to fuck her like the bitch he knew she was.

Moaning with pleasure as he continued kissing his unwilling lover, Mark
pulled back almost completely out of her and then lunged forward again, hard
and fast. The brutal slam drove the breath out of Chyna's lungs, her scream
muted by her rapist's tongue. Then he did it again, and again, and again,
powerfucking the beautiful bound amazon.

* * *

"You are one insatiable slut, you know that bitch?" Jacqui said, after Miss
Kitty had climaxed for the fourth time, "But I think I know what you need!
How about a fist up yo' tight ass, you stupid little whore?"

"No!" Kitty gasped, "Please no!"

Jacqueline grinned evilly as, with one arm still buried halfway to the elbow
in Kitty's cunt, she pressed her other fist up against the sexy crack of
Kitty's little white ass. Jacqueline twisted it between the girl's buttocks
to press against her tiny asshole. With a grunt of exertion, Jacqueline
shoved her fist in deep and hard.

"AAAAAAAYYIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Kitty cried out, her voice raw and her
eyes bulging.

The pain was indescribable. Kitty's ass was no virgin hole, her lover had
fisted her ass on many occasions, but never before had she had her pussy and
ass so massively violated at the same time. Jacqueline was merciless, driving
her fist in deeper, stretching the white Diva's rectum to the limit.

"Oh yeah! You like that, you stupid little cunt!" Jacqueline snarled.

It was harder work, impaling Kitty's ass, because the passage was not
lubricated by Mark's potent sperm, because it had not been recently stretched
by Mark's massive manhood, and because Jacqueline's other arm was already
filling every available space inside the little white slut. But Jacqueline
was determined, and she didn't stop until her fist was as deep up Kitty's ass
as her other fist was up the girl's pussy. Jacqueline continued to push both
arms until they were buried beyond the elbows in the little white Diva's
pussy and ass.

The wet sucking squishing and squelching sounds of Jacqueline's fists
plunging in and out of Kitty's pussy and ass accompanied the white girl's
screams and grunts. The black woman established an alternating rhythm,
pulling out of Kitty's pussy as she plunged into her ass, and vice versa.

Against such a maelstrom of sensations, Miss Kitty was defenceless, and it
was not long until Kitty climaxed yet again, squirting her girl-cum high into
the air

* * *

Something terrible was happening to Chyna. The searing pain had not lessened
in the slightest, but the regular rhythmic thrusts were beginning to feel...
not pleasant, but right, in some obscure, indescribable way. For the first
time in her life Chyna's pussy was filled with cock, just as a pussy was
intended to be, and her body was beginning to respond. The brutal,
cunt-splitting thrusts were provoking her pussy to lubricate the impaling
monster, and Mark grinned as he felt her moistening.

"Oh yeah, baby! Now you getting into it! You love my big black cock in your
tight white pussy, don't you?!"

Chyna didn't answer, she just sobbed brokenly with despair as an audience of
thousands cheered while her pussy and with it her entire life was ripped
apart by Mark's raping cock. She could feel every detail of her rapist's
gigantic sexual organ inside her. It was bigger and harder than Mark could
ever remember it being before, and her over-stretched vagina walls hugged
every contour. The Intercontinental Champion felt like she'd been skewered on
a flagpole, but the regular thrusting was almost hypnotic.

"Oh baby, take it Chyna! Ohhh! Yo' pussy so tight! You need me, baby! You
need my big cock inside you, stretchin' you out, `cause you're a hot rape-

Chyna's screams and sobs were accompanied by Mark's comments as he continued
to whisper `sweet nothings' into her ear between grunts and groans of
exertion. The sounds of Mark's huge body slapping hard against Chyna's flesh,
and the wet squishing sounds of his huge cock pumping in and out of her tight
hole, added to the obscene symphony of screams, groans, and baying approval
from the twenty thousand strong audience.

"You're mine now, my beautiful fuck-whore! When I'm done, you won't be good
for nothing else! I love you, baby!"

"Uhn!" BAM! "Oh!" BAM! "Uhh!" BAM! "Ow!" BAM! "Aah!" BAM! "Uhn!" BAM! Ooh!"
BAM! "Uhn!"

Mark's savage unstoppable sexual onslaught never let up, his lust an
unquenchable flame, an inferno of twisted passion. He hammered away at
Chyna's pussy for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, after what was in
fact only half an hour, Mark slammed deep inside Chyna and did not pull out.

"Aaauuuuuhhh!" Mark Henry groaned loudly, gyrating his hips slowly.

His face twisted into a repellent, leering grimace, his monstrous cock
convulsed rapidly inside Chyna's quivering quim.

"Gonna cum inside you, baby! Aaahh! Gonna fill your womb with my baby juice!
Chyna! Uhh! Gonna cum in your cunt! Ahh! Fill you with my seed! Gonna put my
baby in yo' belly! Uuhhh! AHHH! HERE... IT... COMES!" Mark yelled.

The bound Diva wept as she felt a series of sharp stings, Mark's powerful
ejaculation shooting forcefully against the roof of her womb. The hot creamy
cum squirted back to fill Chyna's violated baby-chamber and then spurted back
along the massive length, between his meaty manhood and her sensitive vaginal
membranes. To Chyna, the sensation was indescribable. Thick cum splurted
disgustingly out from between her overstretched pussylips and splashed onto
the canvas beneath her splayed legs.

"Uuhhhhnnn! Aaahhh! Yeahhh! You're mine now Chyna, all mine. Got my spunk
deep inside you! I love you!"

The Ninth Wonder of the World didn't hear him. She was too focused on what
had just happened inside her body. The way that her body had reacted to the
torrent of sperm into her virgin pussy. It wasn't an orgasm, of that she was
sure. It was almost worse than an orgasm. For a moment, just for a moment, it
seemed like every cell in Chyna's magnificent body was infused with a total
sense of rightness. It was right that her pussy should be filled with cock.
It was right that her womb should be filled with potent sperm. This was what
her pussy was for, this was what her womb was for, and because she had denied
that natural imperative for so many years, it was right that she should be

And then the moment passed, and all the pain and horror and humiliation
returned. It was the most terrifying experience of Chyna's life, her own body
completely betraying her and everything she believed.

Mark cared nothing for Chyna's inner turmoil. He already knew that she was a
slut at heart, just like all women. But she was a special slut, because she
was his slut! And gazing into her wide, staring eyes, he started pumping into
Chyna again. She was loosening up nicely now he'd filled her full of spunk,
and he went to work on giving her the fuck of her life! He rocked his hips
with each thrust, aiming his bloated cockhead at her G-spot.

Chyna gasped as the repeated strikes sent shivers of - something - surging
through her body and momentarily blotted out the pain. Something, Chyna told
herself, but not pleasure; it could not possibly be pleasure. It could not

While Chyna's mind was rebelling against Mark's thrusting cock, her body was
responding to it. The regular strokes powered against her G-spot, and with
each impact came a brief shiver that washed away the pain for just a instant,
and so her body wanted the inward thrusts, craved that momentary absence of
pain which, slowly became more than that. Perhaps it was just her shifting
sense of reality, that after so much agonising torment in her cunt, even a
slight lessening of that pain created an illusion of pleasure, but the
experience was no less real for that.

The Intercontinental Champion shook her head in denial at the rising tide of
almost-pleasure within her. Each squelching thrust sparked a wave of
gratifying numbness that lasted longer each time, until the pain was more or
less gone and only the rhythmic thrusting remained, and true pleasure began.

Chyna was losing the battle against her own femininity, just as Mark had
known she would. Her pussy needed cock, just like all pussies needed cock,
but it especially needed his! He fucked his gorgeous victim brutally,
punishing her tight cunt with his cock for all the times she'd rebuffed his
advances, for the time she'd tricked him into fucking a transvestite, for all
the times she'd paraded her incredible body before him in those cock-teasing
leather outfits, for all the times she'd denied the truth; that she had
needed him to come and rape away her stubborn virginity.

The Ninth Wonder's face was radiant with shame, burning redly as her head
shook from side to side. She was panting like a steam engine and her muscular
body trembled, her nipples stiffening as Mark's weight crushed her perfect
breasts. Chyna was fucked to the very core, impaled to her innermost depths,
and she could stop neither her hips from humping up to meet each brutal
thrust nor the girlish whimpers that issued from her breathlessly parted

"Are you cumming baby? Are you cumming with my big black cock in your slutty
white cunt? You understand now? You understand that you're my whore!" Mark
snarled at the weeping amazon.

Chyna's fists clenched and unclenched, her toes curled and uncurled, her
trapped limbs twisted and coiled, but she could not resist the rising tide.
Her mouth gaped open, drooling saliva, and her eyes rolled up into her skull
as her panting whimpers become frantic.

"Oh yeah, cum for me whore! Cum on my cock!" Mark groaned as he started
shooting his second load into his beloved Chyna.

That sensation was the final trigger, and spasm after spasm shook her ripe,
muscular body as she climaxed again and again, creaming over Mark's giant
penis. Each time the black strongman squirted another blast of cum into her
womb, Chyna just melted on his raping cock.

The World's Strongest Man stopped thrusting and rose back up to his knees,
gazing down at the woman he loved as, despite having been tied down and
raped, she instinctively continued to grind her cunt around his rampant
manhood. He reached down and mauled her beautiful breasts as she writhed
through the last waves of her orgasm, savouring the joy of her clenching cunt
squeezing his cock like the slut he'd always known she secretly was.

When her enjoyable undulations finally subsided, Mark Henry slowly pulled out
of the Ninth Wonder of the World. He grinned maniacally as he felt her fuck-
hole sucking at his mighty shaft through every inch. Then the cock-head
pulled out of her and Chyna groaned and shuddered, her huge tits rolling
seductively on her broad chest. The crowd cheered enthusiastically as they
watched, magnified to 20-feet high on the Titantron, her vacated cunt gush
cum and pussy-juice tinged pink with her virgin's blood. Chyna whimpered in
post-orgasmic shock as Mark's cock, still huge and wet, swayed above her.

With an expression of shock and horror on her face, Chyna's staring eyes were
transfixed on the 16-inches of mighty black man-meat that had finally made
her a woman.

To Be Continued...

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