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*** Author's note: This story started from a short scene that we wrote which
eventually became "Chyna VS The Nation Of Domination", and therefore has a
similar theme. The original ending of that story was to be Chyna waking up
from an erotic dream, until we decided that this would be the cowardly way
out. If that story was Chyna's dream of submission, this represents the
fictional Mark Henry's dream of domination. ***

*** This story features the WWF/WWE television characters of Chyna,
Jacqueline, Mark Henry, and a number of others. It is not intended to
portray the people that play those characters or their attitudes or sexual
habits. ***

*** Warning: While this story doesn't really feature any kinks that we
haven't written about before, the degree of humiliation does perhaps go a
little over the top. Even for one of our stories. Enjoy, or stop reading
now. ***

Broken Chyna Part 3: Glazed Chyna
by High-Heeled Jill ( & Spring-Heeled Jack

Over at the side of the ring, Jacqueline had long since stopped fisting Miss
Kitty, instead she had turned around and was sitting on the little white
girl's face, forcing Kitty to lick her pussy as she enjoyed Chyna's rape from
the best seat in the house. Jacqui rocked back on her hips, disengaging her
juicy sex from Kitty's face, and, as the little slut gasped for air, she spat
into her wide open mouth and then slapped her face.

"You hear that, slut? That was yo' girlfriend cummin' on Mark's big cock!
She's a cock-hungry slut just like you!"

The black Diva rose unsteadily to her feet, her knees weak from multiple
orgasms, and walked over to join Mark. She leaned up against him and he put
his arm around her as they both looked down on the Intercontinental Champion,
tied helplessly to the four ringposts with her raped pussy pumping out
pulsing spurts of Mark's thick sperm.

"Was she as good as you hoped for?" asked Jacqueline.

"Oh yeah! Real good! It's a dream come true!" answered Mark.

"And ain't she a lucky slut? `Cause you're still all hard and horny for her!"
Jacqueline exclaimed as she reached down to stroke Mark's rock-hard cock.

"Mmmm, it's all slimy!" The little black woman slid her hand up and down the
giant shaft, her fingers not long enough to reach all the way around its
incredible girth. "All covered in spunk and pussy-juice! You want me to clean
it off for you, or would you rather have Chyna do it?"

Mark's eyes lit up and his answering grin was clear. Jacqueline laughed.

"I shoulda known! You think she's ever sucked cock before?"

"NO!" Chyna cried out in denial, but it was also an accurate answer to the

"Guess I'll just have to teach her then! She's gotta learn how to be a good

Jacqui released Mark's cock and he knelt down over the helplessly pinioned
Diva. Thick ropes of cum drooled from the disgusting manhood and dropped onto
her breasts, her neck, and then her chin as it approached ever closer.
Horrified, Chyna could not take her eyes off it. It glistened with her own
vaginal juices, and she could smell the heady scent of her own sex, along
with the sweet pungent reek of Mark's sperm as the mighty erection bobbed up
and down above her.

"Okay baby, suck your pussy juice off my cock like a good little whore!"

Chyna's lips tightened and the muscles of her jaw rippled as she clamped her
mouth tight shut. She was not a whore, even if she had climaxed while he
raped her, she was not a whore! She would not suck his repulsive cock. She
would NOT!

"Come on baby, suck it!"

The Ninth Wonder turned her face away, but Mark grabbed her head with his
huge hand, spanning the width of her strong jaw, and he held her straight.
With his other hand he grabbed the base of his cock and began slapping her
face with it. The meaty manhood was a heavy mass of hard flesh, and it hurt
as it struck her face. He slapped it against her chin, her lips, her nose,
her cheekbones, her brow, and her forehead, working his way up. Then he
rubbed the underside of his shaft against her, smearing her beautiful
features with the mixture of cum and pussy-juice, until he thrust forward and
draped his giant black balls over her face.

The sight of Chyna's disgusted face being beaten by Mark's mighty fuckstick,
humiliating her and demonstrating her helplessness, was incredibly erotic to
the perverted WWF fans. They had been cheering so long and so loudly that
many of them were becoming hoarse, but still they cheered.

Jacqueline fingered her throbbing clit as she stood watching Chyna's
degradation on the Titantron. She was close enough to watch it directly, but
it was so much hotter to watch it on the big screen and know that everyone in
the world was seeing the same thing. Still, what she really wanted to see,
and what she knew all the people in the arena and watching at home wanted to
see, was Chyna's luscious lips wrapped around Mark's big black bitch-tamer!

The diminutive Diva stepped around Mark and stood between the helpless
amazon's tied-wide thighs. Smirking, she pulled back her leg and then kicked
Chyna's defenceless pussy with the top of her foot. The Ninth Wonder grunted
in pain as the oozing cum splattered everywhere, making the amazon's entire
crotch a glistening morass of thick white sperm, but though her lips parted,
her teeth remained firmly gritted together. Jacqueline drew back her foot
again, her scarlet boot painted white with Mark's cum, and then she kicked
Chyna's cunt again, this time striking with the tip.


Chyna shrieked as Jacqueline's foot disappeared into her tormented pussy,
sinking almost all the way to the ankle, but her open-mouthed cry was swiftly
stifled by Mark's huge black cock. The taste revolted the lesbian wrestler,
but she could not ignore it as it washed over her tastebuds and invaded her
olfactory senses. The massive cockhead was hot and soft and spongy on her
tongue, and it throbbed excitedly as she tried to push it out.

"Ggllaaahhhggh!" Chyna gagged as Mark forced his cock to the back of her
virgin throat.

Mark Henry was rough and brutal as he sought to bury his entire cock in
Chyna's grasping gullet. He plunged his cock mercilessly in and out of the
amazon's mouth, driving deeper with each thrust. Chyna's natural gag reflex
squeezed and milked the giant black cock as the World's Strongest Man fucked
the Intercontinental Champion's widely-stretched throat deep and hard.

"G-g-g-gllaaAAAHHG! Uuuaaagh! Glluuaarg! Uuaaah! Ghhauuwwww! Uullgh!

The World's Strongest Man lowered his body and held himself up by bracing one
massive arm against the mat below. With the other hand he grabbed Chyna's
hair, tangling his fingers in her sweat-dampened, raven-black tresses, and
resumed fucking her face. The Titantron showed Chyna's neck expanding as the
giant phallus plunged in and out. And while the Ninth Wonder was forced to
suck her rapist's cock, a few members of the audience began to chant "slut!",
and then more joined in, and more, until the entire arena echoed to the sound


Tears rolled from Chyna's eyes. It didn't matter what she did, how much she
fought or resisted, the depraved wrestling fans cheered her suffering. They
enjoyed it. They were perverts. Every single one of them.

* * *

Jacqueline pulled her foot out of Chyna's cunt with a sickening squelch and
dropped down to her knees, reaching out to touch Chyna's tortured sex. The
amazon flinched as the black woman's fingers caressed her sensitive pussy,
trailing patterns through the oozing sperm and teasing the oversized
clitoris. Jacqui had never seen anything quite so beautiful. The white bull-
dyke Chyna's raped virgin pussy was oozing a black man's potent sperm! Unable
to stop herself, she dived down and buried her face between the Ninth's
Wonder's splayed thighs and slurped noisily, sucking Mark's creamy cum from
the amazon's gaping fuck-hole.

The black woman plunged her thick tongue deep into the helpless Diva,
whipping it around inside her to scoop up as much of the cum as she could.
The Ninth Wonder's pussy tried to repel the prehensile invader, but her
muscles were too weak, too overstretched, to resist anything. Jacqueline
grinned messily as she realised just how loose Chyna's pussy was now. She
knew from personal experience just how effectively Mark's monster-cock could
hollow a woman out.

She pulled her tongue out and licked her way up Chyna's slit until she
wrapped her lips around the amazon's freakish clit. It really felt like a
little cock in her mouth as she sucked and teased it, prompting a vigorous
bucking from the tied down amazon. Although Jacqui had licked plenty of pussy
in her life it was not one of her greatest passions, but this truly was more
like sucking a dick, and Jacqui was a world-class cock-sucker! She treated
Chyna's clit like a miniature cock, sucking, licking, and teasing it,
tickling the underside with the tip of her tongue, before twirling around the
giant lovebud and dipping down beneath the hood.

It was a very effective strategy, and Chyna squirmed as pleasure wracked her
big muscle-bound body. Against her will, even as she choked on Mark's
gigantic black cock, she began humping her hips up toward the buff little
Diva's talented mouth. Exulting in her power over the Intercontinental
Champion, Jacqui inserted one finger into the amazon's pussy and stroked her

Chyna's muffled, gurgling scream was somewhat ambiguous, but the gush of
buttery girl-cum was unmistakable. Chyna had orgasmed! Jacqueline lapped up
the delicious juices, mingled with Mark's tasty sperm which still drooled
over the black woman's hand from the amazon's hot wet hole.

"Hey Mark! The bitch just came! She must really love suckin' yo' cock! That's
a sure sign of a genuine cock-lovin' whore!"

Mark grinned and Chyna gurgled, and the face-fucking tempo increased.

Shivering with delight, thoroughly enjoying degrading and humiliating the
Ninth Wonder of the World, Jacqueline pushed two long fingers into the
captive diva. Chyna moaned, still recovering from her unwanted orgasm. Jacqui
twisted her fingers around and easily pushed in a third one, Chyna's
stretched-out cunt offering little resistance. The fourth finger was a little
effort, but not much. Jacqui smiled as she felt Chyna's love-hole attempting
to clamp down, to resist this latest intrusion, but Mark's bitch-taming cock
had broken her recently virgin pussy too effectively. She might recover some
tightness in time, though it could never completely recuperate, but Jacqui
and Mark intended to ensure that Chyna's pussy never got that time. Jacqui
twisted and turned her fingers around, pushing them in to the knuckles.

The Ninth Wonder's hips writhed, but the ropes held her firmly in place as
Jacqueline pushed two fingers from her other hand into the amazon's sopping
hole and tried to pry her open. Chyna grunted, but Jacqui had no trouble
opening the big muscle-woman's lips wide open for the cameras to get a good
view inside her gaping cunt.

Then she returned to the task in hand, so to speak, and tucking her thumb
into her palm, she pushed her hand into Chyna all the way to the wrist. The
debased Diva's tender little pussy stretched lewdly around her black hand.
She pulled it out, leaving only the fingertips inside, and then jammed it
back in, fucking in and out again and again. The motion sent waves through
the big woman's body and set her huge breasts rolling and jiggling on her
broad chest.

After a minute of this, Jacqueline balled up her fist and pressed it against
Chyna's reddened pussy-lips. The blunt fist was much wider than the blade of
her hand, as big as Mark's cockhead but much harder, and Chyna's
overstretched pussy finally offered some meaningful resistance. It was not
enough. Chyna's muscles rippled across her abdomen and inside her thighs, but
she could not prevent the penetration of Jacqueline's fist.

Jacqui paused to enjoy the sight of the white woman's lips quivering around
her dark-skinned wrist. She twisted it around inside to give Chyna a good
stretching, and then she plunged deeper, following the path that Mark's cock
had opened, all the way through her ruptured cervix and into her womb!

Chyna grunted as she was fisted, and then squealed when Jacqueline resumed
her oral stimulation of the amazon's over-sized clitty.

* * *

"Look at me bitch," Mark's deep voice rumbled, "I want to see those beautiful

Fearfully, Chyna opened her eyes and looked up at Mark's lust filled face.
The sight of his colossal black shaft moving as it fucked between her
overstretched lips and into her straining throat only amplified her sense of

"Oh baby, you a pretty good cocksucker," Mark lied, since Chyna wasn't
actually doing anything but choking on his huge cock, "But I'm gonna train
you to be a great cocksucker! Suck when I pull back, baby, and relax when I
push in."

Mark thought that Chyna had never looked more lovely than she did at that
moment, blushing with shame, her brows knotted in dismay and disgust, a
wounded expression in her eyes, and of course, her lips wrapped around his
fat ebony cock! Of course, every white woman looked at least three times more
attractive with her face full of big black cock.

"Suck on it!" Mark ordered.

When the Ninth Wonder did not immediately obey, he grabbed her head in both
hands and thrust as far as he could, stopping when her gullet was stuffed
full of cock, cutting off her air supply. Chyna squirmed and twisted, but she
could not escape Mark's cock any more than she could escape Jacqueline's
tongue or fist.

"Suck it!" Mark ordered, and the crowd took up the chant.


Her vision started to grey and stars danced before her eyes. He was
suffocating her with his cock, and he would not stop until she started
sucking it! Disgusted, but having no choice, Chyna tried to suck. It had no
real effect with her throat impaled, but Mark appreciated the effort and
started pulling out. Once his cockhead no longer blocked her off her lungs
her cheeks suddenly hollowed around the giant shaft, and the audience cheered
as the Titantron showed that Chyna was indeed sucking Mark's cock.

He started fucking her face again, grunting with pleasure.

"AH! UH! UH! AH! UH! UH! AH! UH! UH! UH!"

Chyna sucked and slurped around Mark's gigantic cock as he forced his way
down her gullet. She choked and gagged, but Mark did not relent. He leaned
forward and braced himself with one arm again, positioning himself to get a
better angle to drive down her throat. He was almost on all fours now,
pushing his body down to thrust into his victim. Chyna's head was tilted
back, upside down to the rest of the world, and her throat straight and open
to his marauding penis. It made the oral impalement less painful for Chyna,
but also easier for Mark, and he pushed and he thrust until his huge balls
touched her chin.

"Oh yeah! Suck my cock! Make me cum, Chyna, make me cum in your mouth! You're
mine baby, all mine. This is all you're good for now! My suck-slut! My rape-
whore!" Mark growled. "Suck on it! Suck the spunk out of my balls! Drink my
cum! Uuhh yeah, that's it baby! Suck my cock like a good little whore!"

"Mmp! Mmhf! Shluck! Mmmmp! Mmhh! Shluurp! Hhmmf! Mmp! Schluck! Mmhhf!

Chyna made wet sucking sounds and moaned as she sucked desperately on Mark's
big penis. All she wanted was for it to all be over as fast as possible,
before Jacqueline's writhing tongue made her climax again.

Without warning, Mark's cock throbbed and spewed his hot seed down her


As it was still spurting his cum, he pulled back until his cockhead filled
her mouth and within a few blasts Chyna's cheeks bulged with spunk. The
Intercontinental Champion had never tasted a man's sperm before today and now
it was spurting obscenely through the tight seal of her lips around this
giant black man's huge cock, before an audience of over 20,000, and broadcast
live on national television to millions upon millions of people.

The Ninth Wonder of the World cringed and wept, but she could not escape, she
could not affect what was happening to her in any way, any more than she
could change what had already happened to her. All she could do was swallow
Mark's thick creamy cum before she drowned in it.

When Mark finally pulled out Chyna coughed and gasped loudly for breath,
spraying cum from her flooded throat. The World's Strongest Man pushed
himself upright and aimed the last few jets across her strong face, as he
marked her as his property for all the world to see.

The huge cock swung and jerked heavily above her, wilting slowly, with slimy
strands of spunk-mingled saliva stretching from Chyna's quivering lips to the
meaty black shaft. He laughed and slapped it against her face with a wet
splat. And then again, on her chin. Then he cock-slapped her lips a few
times, and then her slimy cheeks. He beat her about the face with his heavy,
half-flaccid dick for over a minute, working his way up over her features
until the head went beyond her forehead, and then he smeared his slimy shaft
over her.

He rose up slightly and when Chyna looked up with tear-blurry eyes she saw
his massive hairless black balls hovering just above her.

"Suck my balls, baby." Mark hissed. "Make me good and hard to rape your tight

Chyna did not look much like the strong warrior woman who was an inspiration
to thousands of young girls, not any more, not when she immediately obeyed
her rapist and began sucking on one of Mark's huge testicles. The amazon
gazed up fearfully as her cheeks hollowed out around the big ball. It was too
large to fit in her mouth, so she sucked on it while lashing it with her
tongue, and then switched to his other testicle, his huge hot semi-soft cock
rolling across her face as she moved. Chyna grimaced as she swallowed down
the cum that had coated Mark's slimy scrotum.

"Oh yeah, you're a good little whore aren't you?" Mark said, pulling his
balls out of her mouth with a pop. "Now lick my cock!"

Again, The Ninth Wonder of the World made no effort to resist as she did as
ordered. What willpower she still had was focused on resisting the rising
tide of pleasure provoked by Jacqueline's fist and mouth. The raven-haired
amazon licked around the base of Mark's mammoth cock, cleaning the last
remnant's of cum and pussy-juice from his man-meat. He slowly shuffled back,
giving Chyna the opportunity to drag her tongue all over every inch Mark's
cock, bathing it in her saliva.

"Now kiss it, kiss my cock!"

Chyna kissed his cock, almost chastely at first, but then parting her lips
and sucking on the shaft as she licked it.

"Oh yeah, lesbians make the best cock-suckers!" Mark exclaimed confusingly.

`Shlick! Shluck! Shluurrrrp!' Chyna's fellating kisses were obscenely audible
and, to the viewing public, made Chyna look like the whore Mark insisted she

She was sucking on his bloated cockhead when she suddenly gasped and arched
her back, breaking away from Mark's penis. Her eyes open wide, Chyna cried
out as Jacqueline's fist-fucking made her orgasm again! She came so hard that
she fainted!

To Be Continued...

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