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*** Author's note: This story started from a short scene that we wrote which
eventually became "Chyna VS The Nation Of Domination", and therefore has a
similar theme. The original ending of that story was to be Chyna waking up
from an erotic dream, until we decided that this would be the cowardly way
out. If that story was Chyna's dream of submission, this represents the
fictional Mark Henry's dream of domination. ***

*** This story features the WWF/WWE television characters of Chyna,
Jacqueline, Mark Henry, and a number of others. It is not intended to
portray the people that play those characters or their attitudes or sexual
habits. ***

*** Warning: While this story doesn't really feature any kinks that we
haven't written about before, the degree of humiliation does perhaps go a
little over the top. Even for one of our stories. Enjoy, or stop reading
now. ***

Broken Chyna Part 4: Fragile Chyna
by High-Heeled Jill ( & Spring-Heeled Jack

Mark Henry and Jacqueline untied the unconscious wrestler, taking the
opportunity to release her from the ropes binding her in the centre of the
ring without her trying to fight them. Mark wanted to fuck her ass, and for
that they needed to move her. They flipped her over and Jacqueline tied the
white woman's arms together, wrists to opposing elbows, behind her back.

Jacqueline buckled a collar and leash around Chyna's neck while the World's
Strongest Man stroked his monster-cock, staring at the amazon's wonderful
ass. Full meaty cheeks, firm with muscle and perfectly rounded. Chyna had
taunted him with her incredibly fuckable butt for years, and he knew she had
being doing it deliberately. Wearing those revealing cutaway shorts with a
tiny leather thong, displaying her perfect ass to the world. It had been a
message, telling everyone that she was a slut who needed to be raped!

The black Diva dropped to her knees, one either side of the amazon's head,
and bent at the waist to pull the unconscious wrestler's hips up off the
canvas. Chyna was face down on the mat, her breasts crushed beneath her broad
chest, with her incredibly sexy butt pointed provocatively up into the air
and cum still drooling from her raped cunthole. The black woman held Chyna in
that position, ready for Mark as he knelt down behind the vulnerable
Intercontinental Champion.

Mark's grin was like a Cheshire cat as he grabbed Chyna's asscheeks and
mauled them vigorously. They felt every bit as good as he'd dreamed. He
slapped her hard ass firmly, the smack echoing around the arena, and Chyna
groaned softly. He gripped her buttcheeks in both hands and pulled them
apart, giving himself a clear view of her tight little hole.

"Fuck the bitch!" Jacqueline crowed, "Rape her ass!"

Mark guided his giant cock between his beloved victim's sexy cheeks. He
rubbed the meaty shaft up and down the warm butt-cleavage before pulling back
to line up his monster-cock with the unconscious amazon's little asshole.
Then he pushed. Chyna's sphincter resisted the strongman's effort, and she
stirred as he thrust harder.

"Mmmm-mmhhh Your big round ass is perfect!" He told the sleeping Diva, "So
sexy! I'm going to love busting your butt, baby!"

"... whu... Ow! What, uh, w-OW!" Chyna woke, not fully aware of what had
happened to her, but very aware of the pressure at her asshole, which was
just becoming painful.

"I'm going to jam my big black dick up so far inside you that it'll take your
breath away! I'm gonna split you like a cheap whore, you little cock-teasing
slut!" Mark exclaimed.

"NO! Oh god, no! NO!" Chyna screamed, wriggling her hips in an effort to
dislodge the hot fat cockhead that was slowly forcing her sphincter open.

"Mark... Stop! Don't! You're too big! You're going to kill me!" Chyna sobbed

"No way baby, this is destiny. My cock is exactly the right size for you! For
your slutty little pussy, for your hot sucking mouth, and for your tight sexy


Chyna screamed as Mark rammed his giant bulbous cockhead through her asshole,
stretching it to the limit. It popped through her anal ring in one fluid
motion, and her sphincter snapped back to grip his shaft just below the crest
of his glans.

"Oh yeah, baby, take my cock!"

The strongman was in heaven. Her ass was so tight! But he wanted more, and he
started forcing his cock deeper. Lunging hard, Mark managed to get a further
3-inches of his huge cock into the Ninth Wonder's hot silky bowels. He pulled
back and lunged again. And again.

"Uuhhh! NNNOO! Uuaahh! OOWWW! Uurrhh! NYAAAH! Uuhhff!" Chyna yelled as Mark
pushed and shoved into her.

In truth, it didn't hurt nearly as much as losing her virginity had done,
because while her pussy had never had even the smallest of sex-toys inside
it, the same could not be said of her ass. Unable to penetrate her overly
tough hymen, Chyna had instead used her large collection of dildos to fuck
her own butt, stroking her G-spot in the only way that she could, through the
dividing membrane between her pussy and her ass. Indeed, it could be said
that Chyna had conducted her sex life more like she was a man than a woman.
But those days were over now, Mark would see to that. From now on she would
learn to behave like a real woman should. She would learn to be a black man's

Chyna moaned as her rectum was split wide. Mark viciously rammed his cock in
deeper, impaling the beautiful amazon. It felt like a silky smooth vice
crushing his giant penis. He speared deeper, driving a total of 10-inches
into her rectum. He thrust again, and buried another inch. He would not stop
until he had stuffed every inch of his massive maleness into her. Another
thrust, and another inch entered. Again and again, breaching her inner
sphincter, pounding forward until he had every inch of his monster-cock
buried in her overstretched bowels.

"Oh yeah, baby, that's it! Take my big black cock!" Mark groaned, "You got it
all inside you now! Don't that feel good! Feels GREAT to me! Damn, yo' ass is
so tight!"

"YYAAIIEEE!" Chyna yelped as Mark rotated his hips, churning his cock inside
her hot intestines. Mark's pleasure was exquisite as Chyna's tears dampened
the canvas.

"Oh you like that, don't you bitch?!" Exclaimed Jacqueline, and slapped both
hands down hard onto Chyna's butt-cheeks. "You like him stirring your guts
with his big bitch-tamer!"

Mark rolled his hips faster, around and around, and then added a slight
rocking motion. To Chyna it felt almost like there was a living creature
writhing around inside her ass, like some giant snake had slithered up inside
and was wriggling around. Worst of all, the sensation was almost pleasant! It
was still agonisingly painful, her anal passage stretched to breaking point,
but there was also pleasure, from the strange motion inside her, from the way
it stroked her G-spot with every rolling twist, and from the way his huge
balls rubbed against her slimy pussylips and clit.

After a few minutes, Mark slowly pulled halfway out of his beloved fuck-
slave. Chyna felt an obscene sense of satisfaction, almost pleasure, at the
hollowness left inside her. She awaited the inevitable thrust back inside,
but it didn't come. She looked up over her shoulder and saw that Jacqueline
was whispering into Mark's ear, and the evil grin on his face terrified her.

As soon as Jacqui finished whispering, the strongman hunched down over Chyna
and put both hands between Chyna's thighs. He shoved her legs painfully wide
and then pushed his thick arms under her, his biceps forcing her knees up to
her chest. Jacqueline grabbed Chyna's shoulders and pushed them toward Mark,
making her double over, and then Mark's meaty hands grabbed her trapezoid
muscles. He pulled her down further while forcing her legs higher and then
linked his hands behind her neck.

Cumbersomely, Mark planted one foot beside Chyna, then the other foot,
keeping his cock half-buried in her ass all the while, and then he stood up.

It was only then that Chyna understood what he was doing, as she was swung up
and could look out over the crowd that was watching her be destroyed. He had
her in a sort of full-nelson hold, but hooking her legs instead of her arms,
forcing her knees up to her shoulders so her breasts bulged between her
thighs, with the result that lower down she was completely exposed,
everything on show. She was on display like a piece of meat, similar to the
way Chyna had humiliated Jacqueline earlier, what seemed like a lifetime ago.
And like she had done to Jacqueline, Mark paraded Chyna around the ring,
carrying her muscular 200lbs body with ease. He gave everyone a good view of
her anally impaled on his monstrous black cock, and she got a good view of
the audience, thousands upon thousands of men, women, and even children, all
cheering and hollering for more!

After two circuits of the ring, Mark stopped, considerately facing the
Titantron so that Chyna could watch the big screen and see what everyone else
in the world was watching. He spread his legs slightly to give himself a
stable base, and then he thrust up into her. Chyna screamed and bounced up
into the air as he hunkered back down, pulling over halfway out of her
perfect ass, and then she fell and he thrust, and she screamed again.

Harder and harder, the strongman raped her enthusiastically. With each stroke
his massive man-meat came almost all the way out, leaving only the giant
mushroom head in her rectum, before plunging all the way back inside. Mark
fucked so energetically that his huge balls were swinging forward beneath
them to heavily slap Chyna's still drooling pussy and her oversized clit. Her
body was swaying with such vigour that her huge breasts were bouncing off her
cum-sloppy face.

The pain was fading. Maybe it was Mark's balls beating on her pussy, she
thought, or it could be the way that his cock unerringly struck her G-spot
with every stroke, but her ass-rape didn't hurt as much any more. She didn't
understand it, but a strangely satisfying sensation was suffusing her
magnificent and abused body, diffusing the pain.

At that moment the Titantron switched from displaying the RAW broadcast and
instead showed the CNN newsdesk, where shocked reporters were reacting with
horror as an inset image showed the pornographic rape of Chyna, with a poorly
synchronised blur covering only Mark's cock. The Titantron switched to show
Fox news, just as the male newsreader made some smirking comment in front of
a wall high display of Chyna's ass-rape that prompted his blonde female co-
host to slap him across the face. Then MSNBC, where a dark-haired newsreader
was talking via video link to a reporter `at the scene' outside the arena.
The reporter's shocked and serious tone was somewhat undermined by the
prominent erection in his pants. Then more channels, ABC, CBS, NBC, every
major network had interrupted its scheduled broadcasting to report on the
live rape of the WWF's Intercontinental Champion, the Ninth Wonder of the
World, the most famous, and now infamous, woman in pro-wrestling history,

Tears poured down the abused amazon's scarlet cheeks as she watched the
Titantron. Another channel, and Sable was in the studio declaring that the
whole thing was an "angle", that it was all an act and Chyna was in on the
whole thing. Sable alleged that the WWF had once tried to convince her to do
a similar stunt, but that she had possessed too much self-respect and dignity
to lower herself to that level, whereas Chyna was a cheap slut because, Sable
insisted, she had agreed to be "raped", and she did the air-quotes with her
fingers as she said the word, on live television.

The next channel was a foreign network, Japanese by all appearances. Then
there was an Italian channel, and a German one, and Russian, and Indian, and
Brazilian, more channels from all over the world. A French channel appeared,
with a banner headline asking "Chyna: Victime ou prostitu‚e?".

Then another American channel, and Madusa (aka Alundra Blayze) was in the
studio claiming that the WWF had offered all their Divas a million dollar
paycheck for anyone who would agree to be "raped", and she also did the air-
quotes, on live television, and that only Chyna had been a big enough whore
to accept the deal. When the mature lady newsreader asked why anyone would
agree to the things they had seen tonight, Madusa replied that everyone knew
that Chyna was a slut who liked it rough, and the proof was in the broadcast
because they had all seen Chyna orgasm several times.

It wasn't true, Chyna thought as her face burned, Mark must have paid them to
say such horrible things. The refutation had also been in the broadcast, as
everyone had seen that Chyna was no slut when they had seen her virginity,
seen it being ripped open, seen her virgin's blood, but despite that fact the
reporters seemed to be taking the ex-WWF Divas' allegations seriously!

A newly resurgent sense of her own degradation crashed over her, a shame that
completely swamped any pain she might feel, and that left her able to fully
experience the horror and humiliation of her situation. Bad enough to be
raped, but to have everyone believe she was in on it? That she was enjoying
it, or doing it for the money? Her whole reputation was totally ruined beyond
any hope of repair. It was all too much to process. Having her bowels so
completely filled with monstrous cock-meat, live on national television,
watched not only by wrestling fans but by everyone in the world, after
getting her virginity cruelly raped away and then forced to drink her
attacker's repulsive sperm, and while her body was being raped in the
wrestling ring her reputation was being raped in the mainstream media news.
The magnitude of her violation was unimaginable. In too many ways,
physically, metaphorically, and mentally; her body, her public image, and her
self-image, were all being utterly destroyed. Everything she was, everything
she had dreamed of being, all shattered and torn by Mark's massive raping

The strongman's pleasure was beyond imagining. Chyna's humiliation was a
powerful aphrodisiac to him, and he found the news broadcasts almost as
exciting as fucking Chyna. To know that millions of people all around the
world were sharing in his pleasure, or at least a small part of his pleasure.
None of them could enjoy the unparalleled feeling of the Ninth Wonder's ass
gripping him like a vice, her spasming muscles driving him to yet another

He stopped bouncing her up and down, and held her still in that humiliating
display. He then began to hammer away at Chyna's sexy ass with savage lunging
thrusts, his hips pumping at an unrelenting pace. The impacts echoed
throughout the arena. Mark bowed his head to nibble at one of the amazon's
ears, whispering perverse declarations of love as he pounded her gorgeous ass
with quick, hard, bone-jarring thrusts.

And, despite everything, something was building up within Chyna. With every
thrust the black man's mighty manhood drove across her G-spot and his giant
balls struck her raped pussy and her overly large and overly sensitive clit,
and her body was betraying her.

"OH! Uhn! OW! Uh! OH! Ahh! OW! Oooh!"

It was quite possible that Mark's cock would have driven her to orgasm all on
its own, but Jacqueline knelt down before the couple and wrapped her lips
around Chyna big clit once more.

"NNNHHOOOOO!!!" Chyna sobbed as she climaxed, "NNNYYIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

"You see baby? You understand now? You're a whore, just like I told you. You
cumming on my cock like the slutty white whore you are! You want my sperm in
your ass! Just like you wanted it in your cunt, and just like you wanted it
in your mouth, because you're a whore! You're my whore!"

Chyna could not answer or deny his charge, she was too busy whimpering
because Jacqueline had pushed her fist back inside Chyna's slimy cunt and was
stroking the amazon's G-spot directly, driving the degraded Diva to another
plateau of pleasure!

Mark continued to sadistically pound away into Chyna's ass, never slowing,
never letting up, enjoying Chyna's clenching orgasmic spasms as they massaged
his cock. Sweat dripped from Mark's brow and his big black body shimmered
under the arena lights, covered in a glistening sheen of sweat.

"Oh fuck yeah! Oh yes baby! That's it! I love the way you squeezin' my dick
with your butt! You milking me baby! You sucking the spunk out o' my balls
with yo' sweet ass!"

Unable to hold back any longer, Mark threw back his head and roared as he
blasted a powerful stream of sperm deep into Chyna's guts.

"OOOoohhh YYYEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!" Mark Henry bellowed.

Mark pumped Chyna's tight ass full of cum and flooded it in the first few
seconds. The lust-crazed strongman continued to fuck away at the amazon's
gripping ass. Cum was forced deeper into Chyna's intestines by the pistoning
action, but most of it squirted back down around the mighty shaft and spurted
from the Intercontinental Champion's over-stretched sphincter. The gush
covered Mark's groin and sprayed across Jacqueline's face and breasts. The
black woman pulled her lips away from Chyna's clit and opened her mouth to
drink down as much of the torrent as she could.

The strongman's cock softened enough to flop heavily out of Chyna's gaping
asshole, and Jacqui lunged forward to suck the cum-drooling fuck-stick into
her wide mouth. The black woman closed her eyes as a deluge of sperm gushed
over her face from Chyna's vacant ass, and began deep-throating Mark's
monster-cock with the ease of a well-practised whore.

Chyna could only shake and sob, hoping desperately that having raped her in
every orifice, that Mark would be satisfied and her ordeal would finally end.
All she wanted was to find a hole somewhere into which she could crawl and
hide away from the world for the rest of her life, so that she would never
have to face the disgust and contempt than she knew she would see in the eyes
of everyone she met. Friends, family, strangers, none of them would ever look
at her without remembering this night, and she could not deal with that

* * *

Mark dropped Chyna onto the canvas as Jacqueline continued to suck his
swelling cock, coaxing it back to full tumescence. Ignored momentarily, Chyna
tried to crawl away from her abusers. It was difficult to move, her legs were
shaky from her earlier exertions against her bonds, and every flexing of her
thigh muscles disturbed her violated pussy and ass and sent burning waves of
pain through her magnificent body.

She made it nearly halfway to the ropes before she was pulled up short by the
collar around her neck. Chyna reared and choked as Jacqueline suddenly jerked
on the leash.

"Where do you think you're going, bitch? We ain't done with you yet!"

The black woman was almost as much of a mess as Chyna, her face, hair, and
body coated with liberal quantities of Mark's seemingly inexhaustible sperm.
Unlike Chyna though Jacqueline was very happy with this state of affairs, and
she grinned widely, thick strands of spunk hanging from her lips.

"Up bitch! On your knees!"

The dark-skinned Diva hauled on the leash from behind the bound amazon and
dragged the strangled Chyna up off the mat until she was kneeling. The
Intercontinental Champion gasped and coughed for air, and then she was forced
to crawl around the ring, trailing after Jacqueline, being lead around the
ring like a dog. Chyna's sobs redoubled as they passed her lover, Miss Kitty,
still trussed upside down to the ring-ropes, her pretty pussy a red and
gaping hole.

Jacqueline paraded the degraded Diva four times around the ring, to the
whooping cheers of the lust-crazed wrestling fans, and then led her back to
the centre of the ring, back to Mark Henry.

"Now, bitch, I want you to kiss Mark's cock and thank him for taking your

"... please, please... no more... I'm begging you... please..." Chyna

"Do it bitch!" Jacqui commanded, and slapped Chyna's slimy ass.

Broken, her face a miserable frown, Chyna leaned forward and awkwardly kissed
the tip of Mark's gargantuan cock.

"Th-thank y-you," She rasped hoarsely, "Thank, thank you fuh, for t-taking my

"Thank him for raping your ass!"

"Thuh-thank you for, for r-raping my ah-ass."

"Tell him you love drinking his cum!"

"I, I l-love drinking yuh-your c-cum."

"Say you're a dirty little whore who needed to be raped!"

"Oh god, please no!"

"SAY IT!" The black woman slapped Chyna's ass again.

"I, I'm a duh-dirty lit-litle huh-whore who n-needed to be ruh-raped." Chyna
intoned despairingly.

"Now beg him to fuck you. Tell him how much you need to feel his big black
cock inside your slutty little cunt again!"

"Oh god..."

"Do it, BITCH!" Jacqui grabbed one of Chyna's nipples and twisted it roughly.

"OW! Please, p-please fuh-fuck me. I, I, I need your, your b-big b-black cuh-
cock in, oh god, in my slut, slutty little cuh-cunt."

"That's a good little whore!" Jacqueline declared, insultingly patting Chyna
on the head like a pet.

Mark dropped down to his knees while the black woman guided the Ninth Wonder
around the ring one more time, and then positioned the degraded Diva so that
she had her back to Mark, facing the Titantron. Jacqui jerked on the leash,
and Chyna nearly fell flat on her tits as she was forced to lean forward.

"Push your ass back bitch, arch yo' spine to give Mark nice easy access to
that cock-hungry cunt o' yours!"

Misery etched on her face, Chyna did as she was ordered, pivoting her hips so
that her aching pussy was vulnerable to Mark's cruel weapon. The black
strongman teased her for a minute, rubbing the vast bloated crown of his cock
back and forth along her slimy slit, and then he pulled back and started
slapping Chyna's big round buttocks with his cum-soaked cock. Chyna wept as
Mark enjoyed the spectacle of the amazon's sexy buttocks jiggling under the
impacts, a spectacle she could enjoy too on the Titantron, which was showing
the WWF broadcast once more.

Even after all he'd done to her, he still could not restrain his lust for
long. Chyna gasped as he thrust about an inch inside her, not even the whole
of the bloated head, and held it there, nuzzled between her slimy lips,
stinging the still raw edges of her torn virginity.

"Okay baby, fuck yourself on my cock!"


"You heard me, baby. Fuck yourself back onto my big cock! You know you want

"Oh God," Chyna gasped.

"Do as he says, SLUT!" Jacqueline screamed in her face, "Fuck yourself on his
cock! Show everyone how much you love being RAPED! Prove to them what a cock-
hungry WHORE you are!"

The bound amazon's big body quivered but otherwise did not move. Jacqueline
handed Mark the leash and then dropped to her knees in front of Chyna. Her
black hands gripped the Ninth Wonder's hips and pushed back, making the
degraded Diva yelp as she was forced another two inches down her rapist's
cock. Jacqui pulled Chyna's hips back and then pushed again.

"Like that, slut. Fuck yourself on your master's cock!"

Somewhere inside she wanted to refuse, to fight back, but her will had been
thoroughly broken down. The desire to resist was lost in the confusion of her
mind, and her shocked state made her vulnerable and suggestible. She started
pushing herself back, whimpering softly at the pain of her ruined pussy being
stretched so widely once more. Sexy squelching sounds emanated from their
conjoined loins, as Chyna's cum-filled velvet glove squeezed Mark's mighty

Back and forth she humped, tears pouring from her eyes as the crowd cheered
this proof of her sluttishness. Mark groaned with pleasure as Chyna took more
and more of his awesome penis, and he knew he had been right. She wanted, no,
she needed his cock.

"Oh yeah, baby! Fuck yeah! AAahh! That feels so good! OOaahhh! Ride my cock
baby! Take it all! Oh yeaaahh! Make me cum in your cunt! UUuooohhh! You sexy

Chyna was taking nearly 9 inches with every backward thrust onto Mark's cock,
and the head was butting hard against her brutalised cervix.

"All of it baby! Take it ALL!"

"Uuuh! P-please! Uhn! Puh-please don't make me!"

"Every inch!" Mark jerked on Chyna's leash, "Every fucking inch!"

Sobbing, the Ninth Wonder of the World thrust herself back harder, crying out
in pain as she impaled herself, spearing her cervix on Mark's monstrous cock.
It was no easier to take him inside her a second time than it had been the
first. Her muscles stretched more easily, but the agony from her tortured
membranes was just as intense. She found herself trying to grind her G-spot
across the massive rod, just for that momentary release from the pain.

It was a great show for the audience. The cameras had zoomed in close to get
a good view of her hairless white pussylips stretched around the giant black
cock, and the way they twitched and throbbed against the veiny shaft made it
look like she was trying to suck his cock in deeper. Until, finally, her
pussy could no longer be seen by the cameras because it was pressed up firmly
against Mark's crotch. She'd taken every inch, her lips kissing the root of
his cock and her giant clit grinding against his monstrous cum-laden balls!

She pulled herself forward slightly and then thrust back, and many viewers
swore that they could see the outline of Mark's colossal cock moving through
Chyna's muscular belly.

While Chyna fucked herself, Jacqueline started to fondle their fuck-toy's
huge breasts. She stroked and squeezed them, pinching and twisting the
prominent nipples. After a minute of this, she bowed down and started sucking
at the swollen teats. Chyna gasped, horrified by the pleasurable sensation,
but Jacqui wasn't finished. She was determined to make the Ninth Wonder cum
again, and so she reached down and pinched the amazon's big clit. Chyna
groaned, and Jacqui started jerking her finger and forefinger up and down the
oversized lovebud, masturbating it like a tiny cock.


It was too much for Chyna, who no longer seemed to have even the slightest
control over her own body, and she screamed as she orgasmed yet again!

"That's it you - Ahh! - hot little whore! Cum on my cock! Oh yeah! Uuhhhh!
Milk my dick! Make me shoot my seed in your womb! Oh YEAAAHHHHH!!!" Mark
cried out as Chyna's spasming cunt drove him to orgasm.

The Ninth Wonder of the World felt nauseous as his potent sperm flooded her
fertile womb yet again, and the combination of that with her unwanted
pleasure and her soul-deep humiliation made her feel faint. The bound amazon
fell forward, sliding off Mark's monster-cock with a wet shlurping sound and
her weight pushing the busty negress down onto the mat.

The dazed amazon rested between Jacqueline's huge tits, and the dark-skinned
Diva grabbed her black breasts and squashed them around Chyna's cum-sticky
head, grinding the soft tit-flesh over her defeated enemy. Mark Henry grabbed
Chyna's quivering hips and pulled them back up, so he could drive his semi-
soft cock back inside his beloved's wonderful cunt. The muscular white woman
rocked back and forth as he fucked her, his huge slimy cock making wet
squishing sounds as it plunged in and out, rapidly expanding to be fully and
massively erect once more. Jacqueline squirmed up the canvas beneath Chyna's
body, but not all the way, she stopped when her crotch was level with Chyna's
face whereupon she thrust the raped Diva's head between her powerful thighs,
grinding the strong-featured face against her smooth black pussy.


The sound of flesh slamming up against flesh filled the arena and Chyna's
sobbing cries were muffled by Jacqueline's hot pussy. Mark Henry slapped
Chyna's sexy ass and watched the meaty cheek jiggle enticingly, and then he
slapped her other buttock. For nest five minutes Mark spanked Chyna
forcefully as he mercilessly raped her already brutalised pussy. Then the
strongman reached down under Chyna and roughly groped her right breast,
mauling the massive mammary in his large, strong hand. Chyna moaned into
Jacqui's pussy, and then yelped loudly as Mark pinched and pulled on her
thick nipple. A moment later his other hand slid under her to grasp her left
breast, and he squeezed, pulled, and mauled the sensitive globes as he
pummelled her battered pussy into oblivion.

Chyna had no idea how long they fucked her like that, Mark's powerful thrust
driving her face into Jacqueline's sopping pussy, but his hands eventually
released her bruised breasts, and one grabbed the back of her head. Mark's
fingers twisted and coiled into Chyna's tangled and cum-matted hair and he
suddenly jerked her head back, hauling her face out of the black-woman's
succulent cunt.

"OOOAAaaaaawwwww!!!" Chyna cried out in pain as she was pulled up by her

Mark leaned forward and lewdly licked Chyna's face, forcing his thick tongue
deep into his victim's mouth, tasting the delicious combination of his own
sperm and Jacqueline's pussy juice.

"I love you baby." Mark moaned as he drew his head back.

A moment later, Jacqueline pushed herself up and spat into Chyna's open
mouth. The Ninth Wonder grimaced and tried to turn away, but Jacqui grabbed
her head in both hands to hold her straight as she spat in her face again,
striking the middle of her forehead. The next struck her left cheek, then her
right eyelid, the bridge of her nose, her chin. At the same time, Mark
continued moaning his declarations of love as he fucked her,

"Oh baby, I love you so much." Mark groaned as he pumped relentlessly in and
out of her, "I want to fuck your tight cunt forever! I want to marry you and
fuck you every day for the rest of your life! I want to fill your belly with
my babies!"

Jacqueline laughed uproariously. "How romantic! It's just like a fairy-tale!"

"How about it baby, will you marry me and be my cunt forever?"

"Oh God..."

"Answer the man, bitch!" Jacqui slapped Chyna across her cum-streaked face.
"He asked you a question!"

"God, no, please... leave me alone, please leave me alone..."

"Did she just say no to me? After everything I've done for her!" Exclaimed
Mark as he rammed into her with extra force.

"I think we must have misheard." The black Diva spat into Chyna mouth again
as she leaned in closer. "Listen bitch, you're Cinderella, and Mark here is
Prince Charming, so when he asks you to marry him, you say yes!"

"C-Cinderella?" Chyna murmured.

"Damn straight, and this is your ball. Or your balling, same thing." Jacqui

With a final spark of defiance Chyna sneered, "I guess that makes you an ugly

Jacqueline's face went hard and her eyes glittered dangerously. And then she
visibly forced herself to relax. Releasing Chyna's face, she stood up and
grabbed a nearby mic, playing up to the cameras.

"How about that Mark, looks like you haven't quite raped all the fight out of
this bitch after all."

The World's Strongest Man snarled and pounded into Chyna's wonderful body
with renewed vigour.

"Maybe that means the cock doesn't fit Cinderella's `slipper'?" said the
little black Diva "And I'm sure you know the story, don't you Chyna? If
Mark's doesn't fit, we'll just have to try you on every cock we can find
until we get the right one. Would you like to fuck every man in this
building? Every man in the city? O' course, with you being such a bitch, we'd
have to try all the dogs on you too, and if we still haven't found your
Prince Charming, we'll try all the horses, and then we'll take you down the
zoo. Won't that be fun?"

As the crowd cheered Chyna gazed up at Jacqui in horror.

"Or you can tell us that we heard you wrong. You can say `please Mistress
Jacqueline, I love Mark's cock with all my heart and I want to marry him so
he can rape me for the rest of my life'. So what do you say? You gonna marry
Prince Charming or do we take this show on the road!"

The Ninth Wonder of the World felt the icy grip of terror around her heart.
After everything they had done to her, she had no doubt that they were
capable of doing exactly what Jacqui said they would. Mark's cock was so huge
that she would almost prefer to be raped by every other man in the building,
at least that wouldn't hurt so much since no other man could be so freakishly
over-endowed, and after being split by that monster she doubted she would
even feel a normal cock inside her. It wasn't like she had any dignity left
that the humiliation of an endless gang-bang could make things any worse. But
they would make her fuck dogs and the thought of that was revolting. And even
worse, horses, and as big as Mark was she was sure that a horse's cock would
be even bigger!

"Oh God, please, please..."

"Please what, bitch? We're all waiting!"

"Please Muh-mistress Jacqueline, uh, I, uhn, I love Mark's cuh-cock, and I,
ah, wuh-want to m-marry him. Suh-so he can ruh-rape me for, for, forever."

"You hear that Mark? The bitch says yes!"

"Oh YEAH!!! You're mine Chyna, all MINE!" Mark yanked on the chain and the
Ninth Wonder was forced to rear up or choke, as he rammed his cock in faster
and faster with the imminence of orgasm. The amazon shuddered with revulsion
as she felt his hot seed spurt into her womb yet again. And then Mark pulled
out and released her chain so Chyna fell forward tits-first onto the mat in
an undignified heap.

"Oh yeah, Chyna gonna be my hot slut-wife!"

Jacqueline turned and swept her arm out to encompass the arena. "You know, I
think that a few of the people out there weren't cheering quite as loud as
they should. Do you think maybe they were hopin' that Chyna would choose to
fuck all of them instead of marryin' you?"

"They're just jealous. I mean look at this bitch!" Mark grinned and slapped
Chyna's firm ass, "I'm the luckiest man alive!"

"I'm not sure I'd go quite that far," Jacqueline smiled broadly and then
slapped her own bare ass, "But hey, diff'rent strokes man, diff'rent

Mark laughed and slapped Jacqui on her other butt cheek.

"But I was thinking, you know how it's traditional to give gifts at a
wedding? Well why don't we give all these good people a nice gift instead?"

Mark looked puzzled for a moment, and then the black Diva lowered her arm to
point at Miss Kitty, who lay almost forgotten at the side of the ring.

The roar from the crowd was tremendous, a wall of sound that shook the arena
as they started stamping their feet too.

"It ain't like Chyna is gonna need a girlfriend anymore now you straightened
her out!"

Mark's answering grin was decidedly evil, and as he walked over Jacqueline
untied the ropes binding the little white girl to the ring-ropes. Still
grinning, Mark scooped Miss Kitty's bound body into his massive arms.

"NO! NO! Leave her alone you black bastards! LEAVE HER ALONE!!!" Chyna
screamed, shocked out of her submission by fear for her lover.

Mark climbed out of the ring and carried Miss Kitty across to the barricade.
He threw her light body far into the crowd, where clutching hands caught her
and dragged her down. It almost sparked a riot, but a couple of big Hell's
Angels and a rough-looking biker-chick intimidated the crowd into some form
of order, and the gang-bang began.

Chyna wept as she listened to the gurgling screams of her lover, the sounds
obviously muffled by a cock in Miss Kitty's throat. She didn't notice her two
abusers returning to stand over her.

"Did you hear what your fianc‚ called us?" asked Jacqueline, "She called us
`black bastards'. That wasn't nice. Here she's promised to marry you, but she
goes and calls us nasty names. Maybe she's having second thoughts? Maybe she
wants to join her little girlfriend? You know what these whores are like,
always changing their mind. So why don't you ask her again, just to make

Mark Henry grinned and dropped down on one knee before Chyna, who rolled onto
her side to look up fearfully at her rapist.

"Chyna, you are one fine ho and I love you with all my heart. Will you marry

"You're a real gentleman. A true romantic." Said Jacqueline, who then thrust
the mic toward Chyna, "Well bitch, what do you say?"

Mindful of Jacqui's earlier threats and the terrible fate of her girlfriend,
Chyna gave the only answer she could.

"Ye-yes." She said in a small voice.

To Be Continued...

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