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*** Author's note: This story started from a short scene that we wrote which
eventually became "Chyna VS The Nation Of Domination", and therefore has a
similar theme. The original ending of that story was to be Chyna waking up
from an erotic dream, until we decided that this would be the cowardly way
out. If that story was Chyna's dream of submission, this represents the
fictional Mark Henry's dream of domination. ***

*** This story features the WWF/WWE television characters of Chyna,
Jacqueline, Mark Henry, and a number of others. It is not intended to
portray the people that play those characters or their attitudes or sexual
habits. ***
Jacqueline, Chyna, & Mark Henry

*** Warning: While this story doesn't really feature any kinks that we
haven't written about before, the degree of humiliation does perhaps go a
little over the top. Even for one of our stories. Enjoy, or stop reading
now. ***

Broken Chyna Part 5: Wedding Chyna
by High-Heeled Jill ( & Spring-Heeled Jack

Mark was jumping up and down, punching the air with gleeful celebration, his
monstrous cock swinging wildly and flinging sticky strands of cum as far as
the first row. At the same time the sound system began broadcasting some sort
of church music that Chyna did not immediately recognise, and from the
entranceway beneath the Titantron came a procession of black men and women,
all in formal dress. Chyna's eye was immediately drawn to the four women, all
muscular bodybuilders, all looking somewhat strange in their very feminine
rose-colored satin dresses. Jazz was on the left, with the much taller
Midnight alongside her. Then came Nicole Bass, towering more than a foot
above the next woman, the diminutive powerhouse, Asya. Leading the group was
the Godfather, dressed what looked like a priest's vestments, except that his
robe glittered and sparkled with sequins under the arena lights.

"We knew that Chyna just needed a good raping to understand her place, so we
came prepared!" Jacqueline proclaimed. "I bet none of you knew that the
Godfather is a duly ordained minister of the Church of Sainted Harlots!"

The front of the Godfather's robe was quite impressively tented where his
rampant cock was standing at full attention, and as he stepped into the ring
he made a gesture of crossing himself, but ended it by grabbing his crotch
and thrusting aggressively. A few of the others climbed inside the ropes, but
the rest walked around the outside and circled the ring. Chyna recognised
some of them, black wrestlers from several different federations. Those that
had entered the ring included Farooq, D-Lo Brown, Viscera, Kama, Harlem Heat,
Ahmed Johnson, a couple of other black men that looked familiar but that
Chyna didn't immediately recognise, and Nicole Bass, Asya, Midnight, and
Jazz. The girls all carried what looked like wedding presents.

"Now I know what you're thinking," Jacqueline said, ostensibly to Chyna but
really to the audience. "You're thinking `I can't get married today, I don't
have a dress', but don't worry, Mark has thought of everything!"

Jazz grinned wickedly as she pulled open the bow on the present she carried
and opened the box. She reached inside and lifted up a white dress. It may
once have been a wedding gown, but this one was ripped and torn, with a skirt
that was little more than very short, tattered rags.

Between them, Midnight and Jazz untied Chyna and dressed her in the contents
of the box with surprising speed. They were rough in doing so, and the dress
tore some more in their haste, but that hardly mattered. Asya and Nicole
helped the naked Jacqueline to don a dress identical to their own, so that
the five women were all in matching Bridesmaid's dresses, although only
Jacqueline's ensemble was accessorised by a thick layer of spunk across her
face and cleavage. The women then stood around enjoying the debased Diva's
misfortune, laughing and joking about what had happened to her, and hurling
crude insults at the raped amazon as Midnight and Jazz finished dressing her
for the wedding. Each of the white female bodybuilders had her own reasons
for hating Chyna; Asya because she knew she would never be seen as anything
but an inferior copy of the original; Nicole because Chyna had managed to be
both muscular and beautiful, which the big blonde most definitely was not,
and they were both intensely jealous of the Ninth Wonder's success. Or had
been until now, because no one would ever be jealous of Chyna again after
what had happened to her tonight!

When they were done Chyna was dressed all in white. The tattered dress had a
bodice that was mostly intact, but the cups that should have supported her
breasts were torn open to display her abundant charms, and the scraps of lace
and satin that were all that remained of the original skirt did not conceal
her cum-splattered, tattooed pussy. Along with the dress she now wore 6-inch
high heeled shoes, long silk stockings that were torn and laddered, with a
lacy red bridal garter around one thigh, long white lacy gloves that came
halfway up her biceps, and a long ragged veil hanging from a white floral
wreath headpiece. It was an obscene mockery of a wedding gown, and the effect
was made even more obscene by Chyna's sperm-splattered face, with her smeared
lipstick and black mascara tears.

While the women had been dressing up Chyna, Mark had donned a tuxedo,
although his cock stood rampant through the open zipper, and the rest of the
men had decorated the ring. The ropes now had white ribbons wrapped around
them, and a Wedding Arch had been set up on one side of the ring. The
`Reverend' Godfather took up his position before the arch, and Chyna and Mark
Henry stood before him, in the very centre of the ring. The five bridesmaids
stood directly behind the couple, and the black wrestlers stood behind the
bridesmaids. Outside, the rest of the black men remained surrounding the
ring, ensuring that there would be no escape for Chyna if she suddenly
suffered pre-wedding jitters.

* * *

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the sight of these witnesses
and the millions of people watching at home, to unite this man and this slut,
in holy matrimony." Intoned the Reverend Godfather.

"If I may first address the groom, as you prepare to take these vows, give
careful thought and prayer, for as you make them you are making a commitment
to fuck this slut for as long as you both shall live. To train her to submit
as a slut should to all the lusts of her master, to breed her with many
strong black babies, and to never let her know a day without the dominating
orgasm that only a black cock can give."

The Reverend Godfather smirked at Mark and then glowered at Chyna.

"And to the bride, as you prepare to take these vows, give careful thought
and prayer that you understand that you are a slut, to be raped and fucked by
your master for as long as you both shall live. To be trained to submit as a
slut should to all the lusts of her master, to give birth to many strong
black babies, and to never know a day without a big black cock in your cunt."

Tears flowed freely from the amazon's pretty eyes

"Rape between a man and woman which matures into the submission of a slut to
her master is the most beautiful and natural kind of love. Today we celebrate
that love. May Mark's cock always be hard and Chyna's cunt be ever yielding."

The Godfather lowered his head for a moment as though in prayer.

"And now we may begin with the ceremony. Who gives this whore to be married
to this man?"

"I do!" Said Jacqueline.

"And do you swear before all these witnesses that Chyna is a slut who needs
to be raped every day for the rest of her life?"

"Damn straight!"

"Mark Henry and Chyna, let me charge you both to remember, that your future
happiness is to be found fulfilling your matrimonial duties to one another.
Mark Henry, it is your duty to rape Chyna, to provide her with repeated
multiple orgasms, to fill her with your cum and to fill her with your babies,
and to make her love her life as a slut. Chyna, it is your duty as a slut to
treat Mark Henry as your lord and master, to please him in any way he
demands, to take his cum and bear his babies, and to submit to your true
slutty nature. It is the duty of each of you to provide an example to the
world of the proper roles of a man and a woman, to find the joy that is to be
found only when a master fucks his slave. To remember that forever more, you
are to be one and undivided."

The Godfather straightened up and spoke more loudly.

"Do you Mark Henry, take Chyna for your lawful wedded slut-wife, to rape and
abuse. Do you promise to fuck her like the whore she is, from this day
forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in her pussy and in
her ass and in her mouth, until death do you part."

"I do!" Mark Henry exclaimed.

"Do you Chyna, take Mark Henry, for your lawful wedded owner, to fuck and to
suck. Do you promise to submit to his cock and obey his every whim, from this
day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in your pussy and
in your ass and in your mouth, until death do you part."

"I-I do," Chyna whimpered.

"May we have the rings please?"

Midnight stepped forward carrying a cushion covered with a silk cloth. She
handed it to the Reverend who held it in both hands, and the black
bodybuilder removed the cloth to reveal the rings. They were clearly not
intended to be worn on the finger. The smaller of them was before Mark Henry,
and it was at least an inch across, if not more, and it rested next to
something that looked like a small gun. The other ring, the one before Chyna
was much larger, over three inches across.

"The wedding ring is a symbol of eternity. It is an outward sign of an inward
and spiritual bond which unites two hearts in endless bondage. As they give
and receive these rings, may they testify to the world of the covenant of
master and slave made between them here."

Mark reached forward and picked up the smaller ring and the needle-gun. It
was not until he knelt down before her that Chyna realised what was going to
happen. She tried to escape, but her "bridesmaids" had been ready for that,
and Midnight and Nicole grabbed Chyna's shoulders while Jazz and Asya grabbed
her ankles and pulled her legs apart. The raven-haired amazon squirmed, but
Jacqueline caught her hips and held her in place. When Chyna opened her mouth
to scream Midnight clamped a big black hand over her lips. The reluctant
bride's eyes were wide with fear as Mark lined the cruel implement alongside
her big clit. He rolled back the hood to bare her oversized lovebud and then
squeezed it into a gap in the barrel of the needle-gun.

"Chyna, I give you this ring as a symbol of our vows, the proof that you are
my slut and my whore."

Chyna howled as the thick needle speared her huge clit, its large size
meaning that there were many, many nerve endings to transmit the searing
violation through her body. The needle was hot, and she thought she could
smell her clit burning as the wound was cauterised. Her lovebud throbbed
horribly as Mark withdrew the needle and inserted the large golden wedding

"With this ring," he said, "I thee wed."

Blood oozed out and trickled down the `wedding ring', as her virgin's blood
had earlier bathed her rapist's cock. It seemed the perfect symbol of this
obscene ceremony.

The `bridesmaids' released the sobbing bride, and it was all the Ninth Wonder
could do not to crumple to the floor cradling her ruined clitoris. Jacqueline
picked up the larger gold ring and handed it to Chyna, along with a small
card telling her what to do and what to say. The amazon bride looked around
her, but there was no sympathy in the eyes of the `guests', nor in the crowd
that whooped and cheered every indignity and violation perpetrated upon her.
No one was going to help her. She was trapped. Forever.

A broken woman, Chyna knelt before her master, took his cock in her hand, and
then read from the card through tear-blurred eyes:

"Master, I g-give you this ring as a symbol of our vows, to ensure that your
c-cock is forever hard and ready to ruh-rape me. All that I am, and all that
I have, buh-belongs to you."

So saying, the Ninth Wonder of the World pushed the golden cock-ring over the
crown of his cockhead. It was a tight fit and she had to use all of her
considerable strength to force it down the length of his rigid shaft. The big
black man grunted with pain, but it was a good pain. It was proof that Chyna
now belonged to him!

"Wuh-With this ring," she said "I thee w-wed."

* * *

The bride and groom stood before the Reverend Godfather. Mark Henry smiling
happily like a man who's greatest dream had just come true, Chyna's face
crumpled with the misery of a woman living through something that was beyond
her worst nightmares.

"Mark Henry has lusted for this slut for a long time," intoned the Reverend,
"And we must all congratulate him for raping her into submission to his will.
She has pledged her obedience to him and to his cock, witnessed before God
and this gathering, affirming her acceptance of her status as his slave and
his whore, for the rest of their lives, and sealing their vows in the giving
and receiving of rings. Mark Henry and Chyna, I now pronounce you man and

The arena erupted with cheers.

"You may now kiss the bride."

Mark lifted the tattered veil and kissed his wife passionately, thrusting his
fat tongue deep into her mouth as one hand mauled her exposed butt-cheeks.
Chyna gasped for air when he pulled away, but then Jacqueline pulled the
amazon's head down and kissed her with equal passion. The Ninth Wonder reeled
back from the black woman, only to be embraced by Nicole Bass, who stabbed
her big tongue into the back of the bride's throat. Eyes wide, Chyna tried to
push the huge woman off her, but she was too weak. The ugly bodybuilder
swirled her tongue around Chyna's mouth, and at the same time one hand sought
her hated rival's pierced clit and squeezed the ruined bud painfully hard.

Nicole was pushed aside by Midnight who kissed the amazon lightly on the
lips, before spitting in her face. Asya was next, groping Chyna's tits as she
French-kissed the bride. After Asya was Farooq, who also had a good grope of
her tits. Then Viscera, who pushed a fat finger into her battered cunt and
fucked her with it while he kissed her sloppily. Then D'Lo, who was more
interested in mauling her ass than anything else. Then Kama, and Ahmed
Johnson, and Booker T, and Stevie Ray, and all the other black men in the
ring. Chyna grimaced with disgust and humiliation, but there was nothing she
could do. She no longer had the will to even think about resisting. Mark had
won. Chyna was his to do with as he pleased.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," The Godfather declared loudly to be heard over the
tumult, "That concludes the ceremony. You may now all rape the bride."

D-Lo Brown and the grotesquely fat Viscera each grabbed one of Chyna's arms
and forced her down onto her hands and knees before her new husband. At the
same time, the two white "bridesmaids" who had been laughing at Chyna's
misfortune found themselves suddenly being grabbed by strong black hands.
Jazz, Booker T, and Farooq grappled Asya and wrestled the buff blonde down
onto her back on the mat, then they pulled up her skirts and petticoats and
Farooq impaled her wet pussy with his big black foot-long dong. Meanwhile
Midnight, Stevie Ray, and Ahmed Johnson grabbed Nicole Bass, and within
seconds she was forced onto her knees and half stripped. The discovery that
Nicole had a cock and balls almost as big as his own didn't faze Ahmed
Johnson in the slightest - he'd spent many years in jail - and he didn't
hesitate to punch his 14-inch ebony monster into the screaming freak's tight,
white, unlubricated ass.

But the main attraction was still the bride and groom. The World's Strongest
Man knelt behind his blushing bride and rammed his giant cock into her cum-
sloppy cunt. The first stroke sank the full sixteen inches and the golden
wedding ring around the base of his cock clinked as it struck the wedding
ring through Chyna's big clit. At the same time the Reverend Godfather
stripped off his vestments and rammed his tattooed, 12-inch cock into the
wedded Wonder's open mouth. Chyna's eyes dilated as she saw the tattoo just
above the base of his cock, a message to every woman the pimp fucked. It said

And as the other wedding guests joined in raping the bride and her
bridesmaids, Jacqueline dabbed a handkerchief to her misty eyes and sighed.

"I do so love a happy ending."


Chyna's life changed radically after her wedding. She continued to defend her
Intercontinental Title, however the rules and the name were changed, and to
retain her title she now had to fuck her opponent into submission. Despite
everything else that was to happen to her, Chyna defended her belt against
all-cummers every month, and rarely lost her InterCUNTinental Championship
for long.

Her husband took his wedding vows seriously and fucked her at least ten times
a day, his lust for her sexy body insatiable. When he wasn't fucking her, he
was pimping her out to any man, or woman, that wanted to try the world-famous
whore. Within days she had lost count of how many men had used her body, but
she was usually fucked by more than a dozen different men every day, and the
WWF's constant touring ensured that there were always new customers for her
to service.

A few years later, out of curiosity, Chyna kept a log of all the men she
fucked for a month. Not including her husband or her WWF opponents, the Ninth
Wonder of the World was fucked by 572 different men. About 90 of those were
regulars, but the rest were all total strangers to her. And that was a quiet
month! It was likely that at least some of those men were repeat customers
that she had failed to recognise, there had been so many faces and cocks that
no one could remember them all, but even so it suggested an average of well
over 4,000 different men in a year, possibly as many as 9,000 fucks or more
per year if one included all the regular and repeat customers, and the
occasional giant gang-bang where she would be fucked by as many as a hundred
men at a time. At only $100 for whatever you wanted for as long as you could
last (discounts for groups), Chyna's services were not only cheap but very
profitable. Mark was making well over three-quarters of a million dollars per
annum by pimping out his celebrity whore-wife. It was a remarkable
achievement for a woman who had once been a man-hating virgin bull-dyke.

But Chyna was only a whore for three weeks out of each month. The fourth
week, when Chyna was at the most fertile stage of her ovulation cycle, was
reserved for Mark alone. If Chyna had a title defence during that time, she
had to rely on her mouth or her ass to make her opponent submit, as she also
had to do when she was pregnant, which was most of the time.

Nine months after her wedding in the December of 1999, in the early hours of
the 27th of August 2000, Chyna gave birth to a beautiful black baby girl,
measuring 19-inches in length and weighing a notable 12lb 11oz. The birth was
broadcast later that day on the WWF's Summerslam PPV. To celebrate, Mark
invited everyone in the audience to come down and fuck his wife. More than
300 men took him up on the offer, though even two cocks at a time could not
fill her birth-stretched cunt.

Their second child was born on the 5th of May 2001. After 3 days in labour,
the Ninth Wonder of the World bore Mark a big black baby boy, measuring 22-
inches and weighing an amazing 17lbs 9oz! Despite being twice as big as an
average baby - about the size of a normal six-month old - Chyna's son was
delivered naturally, as would be all her children. The birth was too late for
the Backlash PPV, but the highlights were shown on RAW, where Mark declared
that to celebrate the birth of his son, his wife Chyna would be free-to-fuck
at every WWF show for the next month.

In the fall of 2001 Linda McMahon launched a campaign to clean up the WWF and
stop the "RAW is WHORE" show. Her crusade came to an ignominious end at that
year's Survivor Series, when Mark Henry raped her to loud and unmistakable
multiple orgasms while she eagerly sucked milk from the pregnant Chyna's
lactating breasts.

On February the 30th 2002, Chyna birthed identical twin daughters, both as
black as their father, who each measured 18-inches and weighed 10lb 5oz and
9lb 11oz. Two weeks later, at "Wrestlemania X8", Linda McMahon got revenge
for her Survivor Series humiliation by staging a "Knocked Up" Tournament,
with Chyna as the prize! The winner would get the chance to breed the Ninth
Wonder of the World. To Chyna's dismay, the contest was won by Viscera, who
fucked her live on the PPV with his grotesquely fat cock, and then non-stop
for the next 6 days, including every WWF TV show, sowing his seeds in her
fertile womb.

The breeding was successful, and on the 17th of December 2002, Chyna gave
birth to Viscera's child, a hefty 14lb 10oz daughter measuring 20-inches. Two
weeks later Stephanie McMahon gave birth to a big black baby boy, Mark
Henry's son. He'd raped and impregnated Stephanie in retaliation against
Linda for Wrestlemania. He was now the father of her grandson.

On the 19th of October 2003, Chyna gave birth to her fifth daughter, Mark's
fourth, who measured 18-inches and weighed 11lb 6oz. The birth was induced
early so that it could be broadcast live on the "No Mercy" PPV. Just one hour
after the birth, she was ordered by Stephanie to defend her InterCUNTinental
Championship against the Big Show. She was successful.

The following year, on the 29th of July 2004, Chyna gave Mark another son,
and even though the birth was several weeks premature, the beautiful black
baby boy measured 23-inches and weighed in at a truly astounding 19lbs 5oz,
almost breaking the world record! To celebrate this, Mark took Chyna to
Summerslam a few weeks later where there was a "Breed-a-Slut" Challenge.
Hundreds of men, all hoping to impregnate a celebrity slut, fucked the Ninth
Wonder of the World, along with her less than happy `challengers', Sable,
Jacqueline, and Debra. Since all four women became pregnant no winner could
be determined at that time.

Over the next nine months Mark took Chyna to every PPV and allowed the public
full access to fuck his pregnant wife, until, on the 15th of May 2005, Chyna
gave birth to non-identical twins. A black boy measuring 16-inches and
weighing 9lb 12oz, and a white girl with bright golden hair measuring 15-
inches and weighing 8lb 6oz. It was the easiest birth she'd had yet. The two
fathers would never be identified.

Six days earlier Sable had given birth to a black baby girl. The day after
that Debra bore a dusky daughter. And two days before Chyna's birthing,
Jacqueline had a 12lb baby son. As the mother of twins by two different
fathers, Chyna was unanimously declared the winner of the now annual
Summerslam "Breed-a-Slut" contest, renamed "Slut-Slam".

Unable to defend her "Slut-Slam" title later that year (which would
eventually be won by Ivory for bearing identical black twins) on account of
already being pregnant, Chyna instead attended as a "guest fuckeree".

On the 29th January 2006 a heavily pregnant Chyna retained her
InterCUNTinental Title against all the other Divas in the WWF (now called WWE
after legal action by the World Wildlife Fund). She licked, sucked and fisted
every single one of them into submission. The following day, broadcast live
on RAW, Chyna gave birth to yet another daughter, measuring 19-inches and
weighing 11lb 9oz.

Chyna missed the third "Slut-Slam" (won by Trish Stratus for producing the
biggest and heaviest baby) due to being pregnant yet again.

On Christmas Day of 2006, Chyna bore Mark another pair of twins, one a 20-
inch, 13lb 8oz boy, and the other an 18-inch, 10lb 13oz girl.

After giving birth to 4 sons and 8 daughters in just 7 years, 9 by her
husband, 1 by Viscera, and 2 by persons unknown, Mark Henry, being somewhat
superstitious, decided not to go for a thirteenth child, and put his wife on
contraceptives. That wasn't his only reason however. He had decided that it
was time for Chyna to branch out into the lucrative porn industry, but what
he had in mind would not be practical for a pregnant woman. The problem he
had faced was what could he have her do in porn that the public had not
already seen her do many times on live television? Or that they had not done
with her themselves as one of the many thousands upon thousands of men - by
now at least 50,000 different men - who had fucked her as a whore? It had to
be something truly extreme.

That was why the Ninth Wonder of the World started her current career in big
budget bestiality porn. Seven years of being fucked by Mark's giant cock and
giving birth to twelve giant babies had stretched out the amazon's once tiny
pussy to the point where she could take even the biggest of horse-cocks
without any difficulty whatsoever, and the riches they had amassed over the
years allowed them to stage quite elaborate, high quality productions.
Chyna's first film, "Wonder Whore", made her a superstar equal to any
Hollywood actress. Her fourth film, "Three Ring Circus", in which she managed
to fuck both a horse-cock and a dog-dick in her now cavernous cunt at the
same time, made her a mega-star. Her tenth film, "Chyna, Queen of the
Jungle", in which she successfully fucked an African elephant, made her a

Her career change also led to Chyna finally being reunited with her former
girlfriend. No one had heard anything from Miss Kitty after she had been
thrown into the audience, but after changing hands many times, she'd ended up
as a sex-slave in Mexico doing live horse shows for tourists. Her current
owners had seen the opportunity for profit, and sold her to Mark Henry. The
strongman saw a great opportunity to have his cake and eat it too. He had
Miss Kitty's womb implanted with Chyna's fertilized eggs, making her the
surrogate mother of their children. In this way, his wife could continue her
phenomenally successful new `acting' career, while also giving Mark yet more
sons and daughters. The tiny Miss Kitty carried and birthed the never-ending
procession of Mark and Chyna's big black babies, while the Ninth Wonder of
the World fucked the biggest animal cocks on the face of the earth, for the
entertainment of her millions upon millions of fans.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

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