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Broken For Glory
by Punisher924

Bound For Glory - 10:50 PM

Mickie James just finished a refereeing a hard fought match which saw Tara
winning the TNA Knockouts Championship and figured she could use a nice
shower before heading to her hotel room. She has tried everything looking for
her girlfriend and is this close to giving up.

Mickie finishes her shower and walks back to the locker room area to change
into her clothes. She thinks she hears a noise from around the corner and
just assumes one of the other knockouts is about to shower as well.

She continues getting dressed and puts her boots only to turn around and get
hit by something really hard knocking her down to the ground. All she sees
now is black until finally she wakes up and realizing that she can't move.

"Wouldn't that be a kick to the head?" Tara paused to look before side
kicking Mickie James, tied up to a chair and completely at her mercy, square
in the head, knocking the entire chair over and the brunette went down with

She then walked off into the darkness, seemingly leaving Mickie to find her
own way out of her predicament.

As Mickie is on the floor she realizes that she's tied up in the basement
room of the arena and she knew that whatever the new Knockout's Champ had
planned was just about to begin. Tara was a smart woman, she had created this
alliance with Madison Rayne, which everyone thought was over the Knockout's
Championship but really it was about so much more then that. She had seduced
Madison the night before only to get her out of the way as the one she really
wanted was the newly debuted Mickie James.

Tara knew she would have to make this up to Madison in some way. She'd
figured she'll just give her the belt at some point, hell maybe even on the
next Impact taping. Now after capturing Mickie and bringing her to a remote
enough location that nobody would know where to find her, she knew now she
had her all to herself.

"Oh Mickie, I didn't knock you unconscious did I?" Tara asked sarcastically
walking over to her fallen victim.

"Let me out of here right now you fucking bitch or I'll scream so loud that-"

"Go ahead and scream Mickie." She laughed walking around to where she lay and
picking the chair back up so that Mickie was once again sitting upright.
"Nobody can hear you, and it wouldn't bother me. As you know I've got a thing
for making knockouts and diva's scream, I might actually kind of enjoy
hearing yours."

Mickie stared at her in disbelief and confusion, knowing the woman had to be
out of her mind. And she didn't want to stick around and find out what she
was capable of, she struggled against her bonds, but to no avail, she was
tied up tighter then a psycho in a straight jacket. Speaking of psycho's, she
thought that she herself was crazy back in the day for one Trish Stratus, but
this was on a whole another level. She definitely wasn't getting out of here
unless Tara wanted her to get out of here.

"What exactly is that supposed to mean?"

"It means exactly what your thinking it means." Tara confirmed and began
playing with her brunettes hair.

"I don't understand what you want from me, you have the title." Mickie said
trying to reason with her.

"I know that Mickie, why else do you think I'm keeping you here? Think

"I don't know." She said frustrated, trying to remain strong and in control
of her emotions. "I just want you to let me go." She said as she blinked back
her tears.

Mickie's emotional state however didn't go unnoticed by Tara.

"Aww poor baby, you want me to let you go?"

"Yes, please!"

"Well it's not going to happen!" Tara raised her voice before laughing
maniacly again.


"Because you just look too fucking sexy tied up at my mercy for me to give
that up right now." She said as she pressed her lips against Mickie's

Mickie was absolutely shocked as she felt Tara's lips roughly kissing her
own. For the longest time she refused to give in, refused to allow her to do
this to her, but she realized slowly that if she ever wanted to get out of
this place she might have to go along. She wondered what it would feel like
if her own lips responded to the feverish kissing, so she did, and
immediately heard a noise of approval from Tara who's tongue was running
along her bottom lip and eventually, when she got more comfortable she
allowed her access to explore the rest of her mouth.

Finally Tara's mouth left hers, desperately searching for air.

"So this is what you want." Mickie said, gasping, inhaling all the oxygen she

"Finally figured it out did you?" Tara let out sarcastically, while still
slightly panting herself.

Kissing Mickie James was nowhere near as amazing as she had ever imagined.
There was almost something magical about it, that left her permanently
breathless, but yet left her with a permanent desire for more.

"So what.. If I give myself to you, you'll let me go?" Mickie questioned,
trying to clarify and not sound too violated at the same time.

"Sounds like a fair trade to me. But don't act all upset about it, I know
you'll enjoy it." She said huskily, running her hands over Mickie's cleavage,
as the country girl's eyes closed shut.

Mickie decided it was better this way, if she just kept her eyes closed the
entire time. That way she could hide behind them, Tara wouldn't know how she
was feeling. And she wouldn't have to see the sickening look of pleasure in
the other woman's eyes.

Tara continued massaging and squeezing her breasts roughly, until she was
seemingly satisfied, running her hands and fingernails up and down the
exposed flesh of Mickie's stomach and abdominal muscles, every now and then
allowing her fingers to dip underneath the material of her blue jeans.

Mickie felt her begin to fiddle with her belt buckle. The entire time her
body was being both ravaged and caressed she tried to think about how wrong
all of this was, and how much she hated Tara for doing this to her. But
eventually it started to feel so good that she couldn't ignore it anymore. As
Tara unbuttoned her jeans, working them down just as far as she needed them
and began to play with the flesh of her thighs she had to bite her bottom lip
to stop a moan from escaping her.

Mickie are you crazy? Why the fuck is this turning you on? Just think un-sexy
thoughts dammit!

She mentally scolded herself when Tara rubbed her and felt wetness through
the material of her thong.

"Somebody wants this." Tara muttered cockily as she continued her teasing.

Mickie couldn't hate herself more for enjoying this, and her body responding
naturally to enjoying it.

Tara moved her thong aside and ran her index finger over Mickie's womanhood
growing more turned on by the aroused state of her captor by the second.

"Jesus Christ your wet Mickie." Tara whispered breathily into her ear,
burying her face into the flesh of her exposed collarbone and sucking just
below it to keep from moaning herself.

But Mickie couldn't contain herself anymore as one of the brunettes fingers
pushed inside of her, she threw her head back letting out a groan of
approval, she had been worked up to the point of no return now. She struggled
against the ropes that held her wrists tied together again, only this time
she wanted them free so she could guide Tara's delightful mouth lower, to
where she wanted it.

Tara eventually shoved Mickie's jeans and thong the rest of the way down her
legs until they were around her tied up ankles. The cool temperature of the
room hitting the brunette's heated flesh, and she could feel the moisture
beginning to run down her thighs.

"I want your mouth.. On me." Mickie whimpered, not even thinking about it. No
longer caring that she was supposed to be hating this and telling Tara she'd
rather be dead then having sex with her.

"Oh do you now?" Tara asked her confidently, her ego inflating more and more
by the second.

"Please.. I need it." Mickie said trying to arch her body out but because of
being tied up against the chair wasn't able to do so.

Tara slowly untied Mickie's ankles, which were now losing a fair amount of
circulation. She was well aware of the fact that Mickie could easily kick her
now if she wanted to, but she was also aware of the fact that Mickie was
aware she could now get fully in between her legs. So she was sure Tara
wouldn't dare kick her right now.

She licked the wetness that had formed on Mickie's thighs as Mickie once
again bit her lip in anticipation as Tara got closer and closer to her
destination. Her tongue danced against her needy flesh, lapping at the
woman's swollen clit. She slid her tongue back and forth numerous times over
the sensitive nub, continuing her oral assault.

"You taste incredible." Tara complimented as she worked even harder to bring
Mickie to release.

Gliding her tongue up and down the length of Mickie's womanhood, she finally
plunged her tongue deep inside of her wetness, causing Mickie to moan out her

"Oh fuck.. Right there."

Tara's tongue continued to plunge in and out of her entrance at a faster
pace, and then while doing so, she reached up with her index finger and began
circling her clit, finally pushing Mickie to her limit as she plummeted off
the edge and into orgasmic bliss all the while calling out her name.

Mickie took many long, deep breaths, her breathing finally regulating as she
came down from her euphoric high.

"That was.. Amazing." She admitted, knowing there was no way she would be
able to lie about it now anyways after she had been worked into a sexual

"Absolutely amazing." Tara agreed with a smile. "Well you've been a very good
girl for me, I suppose I should let you go." She said reluctantly and after
much effort removed the bonds from her wrists and around the back of the

She helped Mickie stand up who was still on wobbly legs and assisted her with
putting back on her underwear and jeans before she passionately kissed Mickie
James on the lips one more time.

Mickie didn't hesitate for a moment in kissing her back and just relished in
the moment before they finally parted.

"So do you think you might wanna do this again? After I beat you at next
months PPV?" Mickie asked her, not really sure what this would evolve into,
but definitely sure she wanted to find out.

"You don't have to ask me twice.. And I'll let that last comment slide for
now." Tara said with a smirk.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Mickie said with a smirk of her own.


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