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Brooke Knows Best - The Sequel
Written By Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the Hogan household in the summer of 2005, the Immortal Hulk Hogan is
walking up to the bedroom where his seventeen-year-old daughter Brooke is
practicing her piano. He listens to the music she's playing for a few
moments and smiles proudly, before he knocks on the door and opens it,
"Yo, Brookteenie..." Hogan says as he steps into his daughter’s room.

The beautiful blonde daughter of the Immortal Hulk Hogan, Brooke, smiles
softly as she turns away from her piano "Hey dad..." Brooke says as his
only daughter is dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a pink tank-top
"What's up?" Brooke asks as she turns completely on her piano bench, she's
sitting on to face her father.

The Hulkster folds his powerful arms; "I'm heading on up to Pittsburgh for
another TV appearance on Raw... if you're interested in coming..." Hogan
trails off as he sees the smile start to appear on his beautiful daughter's
face. "If you don't want to go... it's all right, I can go grab Nick and
drag him away from Ashley for a few days."

Brooke smiles as she remembers not only meeting the ultra-hot John Cena, but
also having a passionate encounter with him. Brooke jumps a bit from her
piano bench "Can I really go!?" Brooke asks somewhat excitedly.

"Yeah... if you want too... but you got to remember, you'll be missing some
practice time..." Hogan replies as unfolds his arms and places his hands on
his hips.

Brooke looks down a bit "So...I can't go?"

Despite being a rough, tough Hall of Fame wrestler, even the Hulkster can't
take seeing his daughter look disappointed. "You can go... just be ready to
leave tomorrow morning."

Brooke lifts her head up and smiles widely "Ohhhh thank you daddy!" Brooke
says as she hugs the Hulkster. "Ohhh...I can't wait to meet John Cena again!"
Brooke blurts out as she breaks the hug.

Hogan looks down at his daughter and raises an eyebrow, "When did you meet
John Cena?"

Brooke smiles a bit "When I came with you the last time...he's so nice and
cool! Oh I love him!" Brooke says happily.

Hogan nods his head, "Oh, right..." The Hulkster soon turns to leave, "You
better get packing... we're leaving at seven."

Brooke smiles and nods her head "Ok Daddy! Thank you!"

Hogan smiles, "You're welcome Brookteenie..." Hogan then leaves the room, to
leave Brooke to pack for the trip.

The following afternoon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...

Hulk Hogan and Brooke are getting out of the long black limousine that
brought them from the airport to their hotel and then to the arena. The
driver of the limo hands Hogan his black travel bag that contains his
wrestling gear, but Hogan is looking at his daughter, "You remember the
rules from last time right? Stay in my locker room when I'm not around."

Brooke sighs and rolls her eyes, slightly groaning "Yes know I'm
a big girl, I can take care of myself.." Brooke says as she starts to walk
into the arena with Hulk Hogan "I don't see why you let Nick run around here
without any rules when he travels with you."

"Because there's a lot of hormone-crazed wrestlers running around here... a
lot of them in there sexual crazed peak..." Hogan explains as they start to
walk towards the locker room area. "And the last thing I want is for you to
get mixed up with one of them."

Brooke rolls her eyes "Dad...when will you let me just do what I want...Nick
doesn't get all these rules."

Hogan looks over his shoulder at Brooke, "When the world realizes that just
because you look like you're 25, doesn't mean you're over 18... I don't have
to worry about anyone trying to do anything with Nick... at least not yet."

Brooke folds her arms as her and Hulk enter the arena and starts walking the
short distance to Hogan's private dressing room "I really don't see what the
big deal is."

"The big deal is that you're only 17... and it's illegal for them to try
anything with you..." Hogan says as he takes off a pair of sunglasses that
he's wearing. They continue to walk towards his private dressing room, and
when they arrive, there's a note taped to the door. Hogan takes it off and
reads it, "Oh brother..." Hogan sighs as he opens the locker room door and
holds it open for Brooke to enter.

Brooke follows her father into the locker room and raises her eyebrow
"What's wrong, Dad?" Brooke asks as she casually sits down on the leather
couch inside of the locker room.

Hogan sets his bag down on top of a table, then he shakes his head, "Vince
wants to meet with me..." Hogan sighs, "I'll be back... you stay right
here..." Hogan points at her as he's about to step back out into the hallway.

Brooke sighs and nods her head "'ll stay here..." Brooke says as
she folds her arms and slowly turns away from her father to hide a smile on
her face.

The Hulkster nods his head, "I'll be back as soon as I can..." Hogan steps
out into the hallway and closes the locker room door behind him, leaving his
seventeen-year-old daughter alone. Brooke scrunches her nose together and
waits a few minutes before walking over to the door and turning the doorknob.
The Hulkster's daughter slowly steps out into the hallway and looks down both
ways of the hallway to make sure her father is out of view. Brooke slyly
smiles as she closes the door behind her, before she starts to walk down the
left hallway.

As Brooke walks down the left hallway, she passes a few locker rooms. Most of
them are closed, but she soon walks past an open locker room door, and she
hears someone inside talking on a cell phone. She soon peeks inside and sees
Carlito, dressed in just his purple wrestling trunks and his blue t-shirt
with an apple on the front, "Hey, Carlito is cool with taking the night off,
there's a lot Carlito can do instead... thanks." Carlito hangs up his cell
phone and tosses it onto the couch "Cool... Carlito gets the night off..."

Brooke smiles a bit and slowly steps into the locker room that Carlito is in.
Brooke cutely waves at Carlito as she gets his attention "Hi..." Brooke says
in a soft, sweet voice.

Carlito looks at Brooke for a moment, then he snaps his fingers, "Carlito
knows're Hulk Hogan's daughter... Brooke..." Carlito smiles as he
looks at her and smiles, "And you look cool."

Brooke blushes a bit as she steps completely into the locker room. She nods
her head cutely "Yep...that's right..." Brooke laughs a little as she slides
a strand of her gorgeous blonde hair behind her left ear.

Carlito motions her over towards the couch, "Come on in... sit down, relax,
be cool..." Carlito says with a smile, "Carlito watches your show... and it's
cool... except when your dad acts uncool..."

Brooke laughs a little "Yeah...he can be a bit strict..." Brooke admits as
she slowly walks over towards the couch and then sits down on the couch next
to Carlito "You're Carlito, right?" Brooke asks with smile.

"Yeah I'm Carlito..." Carlito nods his head and smiles, "So you here with you
dad for tonight's Raw?" Carlito asks as he leans back on the couch.

Brooke nods her head with a smile "Yep..." Brooke says as she looks at
Carlito " you know if John Cena's here yet?"

"Carlito don't think so... He had one of those late afternoon radio guest
spots to get more people to come to Raw tonight... which is cool... but
Carlito could do it better..." Carlito answers with a cocky smile.

Brooke raises her eyebrow and laughs a little "You think you can do better
then John?"

Carlito nods his head, "Of course... Carlito is cool... and Cena is cool
too I guess... but Carlito is cooler... I beat him in my first match on

Brooke raises her eyebrow a bit more "You did? Really.." Brooke licks her
lips a bit "Hmmmm..."

Carlito nods his head, "Yeah... anything Cena can do... Carlito can do better
and cooler... no matter what it is..." Carlito grins as he slides a hand
through his soft Afro.

Brooke blushes a bit "Do you...ummm..." Brooke bites down on her bottom lip
"Think you're better"

Carlito doesn't realize that Brooke's comment does refer to John Cena, but
instead he licks his lips a little, "Carlito is a master at sex... there's
no one that can do better than Carlito..."

Brooke laughs a little "Really?"

"Yeah..." Carlito nods his head and smiles, "If you want... Carlito can show
you how cool Carlito is when it comes to doing it."

Brooke blushes a bit and lowers her head "Really?"

"Yeah..." Carlito smiles, "Carlito likes to show the cool hotties how good
Carlito is."

Brooke smiles "Well....I guess you could show me.." Brooke says shyly.

Carlito smiles, "Carlito will..." Carlito says as he scoots over close to her
on the couch and puts an arm around her. "Just remember... Carlito is very

Brooke laughs " you want me to do?"

Carlito gets a small grin on his face as he takes his arm from around Brooke,
"Carlito likes it... when a cool hottie gives him head..." Carlito raises his
eyebrows at Brooke a few times before he lifts his blue t-shirt up and off
his body to reveal his hot well-built upper body.

Brooke licks her lips a bit and laughs cutely "Ok...ok...I think I can do
that..." Brooke says with a cute smile.

"Now... that's cool..." Carlito smiles as he lifts himself off the couch a
bit so he can push down his purple wrestling shorts. When he pushes them down
past his crotch, Brooke can see his half-hard ten-inch cock laying between
his legs.

Brooke smiles "Wow...that's pretty big..." Brooke says as she scouts a bit
more towards Carlito and reaches down with her left hand, gently wrapping her
hand around his cock.

Carlito nods his head and smiles, "Carlito knows.... the ladies like what
Carlito packs down there..." He says as he puts his arm back around Brooke.
Brooke smiles a bit as she slides her right hand through her blonde, soft
hair as she starts to move her left hand up and down Carlito's hardening
shaft at a swift, pleasant rate. Carlito licks his lips as his cock becomes
stiff and rigid in Brooke's soft left hand, "You got... some cool hands..."
Carlito smiles as he gets more comfortable on the couch by spreading his
legs apart.

Brooke smiles at Carlito "Thanks..." She replies sweetly as she casually
lowers her head down to Carlito's cock. Holding his cock firmly with her left
hand, the daughter of Hulk Hogan opens her warm mouth and accepts Carlito's
cock into the warmth of her mouth. Brooke wraps her soft lips around his cock
and starts to slowly bob her head on his cock.

Carlito moans as he slides his right hand over the back of Brooke's hair,
sliding his fingers trough several strands, "Mmmm... yeah... that's cool..."
Carlito says as he closes his eyes and tilts his head back, resting it
against the back of the couch. Brooke presses her soft lips tighter around
the width of Carlito's cock as she starts to lift her head quicker on
Carlito's cock as she begins to laps her soft tongue around Carlito's shaft,
giving him on amazing blowjob.

"Ohhh yeah... you know... what'll be cool... if we got your clothes off..."
Carlito says with a moan as he licks his lips. He reaches down Brooke's back
and starts to roll her t-shirt up her body, then makes her lift her head off
his cock so he can slip it over her head then down her arms to remove it.
Brooke softly smiles at Carlito removes the shirt from Brooke's upper body,
revealing a nice fitting white bra underneath. Brooke licks her lips a bit
as she move her left hand up and down against Carlito's mildly saliva coated

"Whoa... cool... you know you're hotter than some of the divas we got
here..." Carlito says with grin as he reaches behind Brooke to unsnap the
clasp of her bra. The cool Caribbean native slowly peels the white bra from
Brooke's lovely chest and gets an eyeful of her tits. "Mmmm... perfect...
like Carlito's apples."

Brooke laughs a little as she flicks her right hand against Carlito's firm
ballsack as she strokes the top of Carlito's shaft with her left hand. Brooke
smiles cutely "Ummm...Carlito?"

"Yeah cutie?" Carlito asks as he shifts around in his seat as Brooke handles
his balls with her right hand as she strokes his cock with her left. Carlito
then leans to his right and reaches underneath her to pop the button of her
jeans so he can push them down from her sexy hips.

Brooke blushes a bit "I don't to say this...but are we going to...
ummm...have sex?" Brooke asks shyly as she gently removes both of her hands
from Carlito's crotch.

Carlito nods his head, "Yeah... and that's gonna be cool..." Carlito smiles
as he leans forward and continues to pull down Brooke's jeans. Brooke leans
back and slightly scouts her body up as Carlito tugs and pulls down the jeans
Brook is wearing. Once the jeans off completely off her smooth, tanned legs,
the cool Caribbean reaches up and starts to pull down Brooke's white panties.

Carlito takes a look at Brooke's panties and licks his lips as he starts to
slowly pull them down her gorgeous legs, taking his time somewhat, to savor
the sight of her smooth pussy as it comes exposed, "You shave? That's
cool..." Carlito says with a grin as he slides her panties down and off her
legs. "Carlito likes chicks that shave..."

Brooke blushes and laughs a bit as she slightly spreads her legs apart to
show off her nice, shaven pussy to Carlito " do you
like...want me?" Brooke asks shyly.

Carlito licks his lips as he things, "Carlito... wants you... doggy style...
so Carlito can really show you what Carlito can do..." Carlito kneels on the
couch and places his hands on Brooke's waist and starts to slowly turn her
over onto her stomach. Brooke smiles as she gradually pushes her body up and
onto her knees by the uses of her hands. After positioned on her knees, she
plants her hands firmly on the couch as she's now on all fours and ready for
Carlito. "Now this is going to be cool..." Carlito says as he gets himself
closer to Brooke and places his left hand on to her left ass cheek. He then
uses his right hand to guide his stiff throbbing cock towards her waiting
warm pussy where he thrusts it in with a fairly hard thrust.

Brooke bites down on her bottom lips as she feels Carlito's throbbing cock
enter her ripe and warm pussy. "Ohhhhh...owwww...god..." Brooke groans in

Carlito begins to thrust his cock in and out of Brooke's young and tight
pussy with fairly quick movements, "Mmmmm... yeah... that's cool... you're...
nice... wet... and tight... Carlito's likes...." Carlito says as begins to
pull the beautiful daughter of Hulk Hogan back towards him.

Brooke closes her eyes and licks her lips as her delicate body moves back
against Carlito's hard, rigid cock "Ohhhh awww..." Brooke quietly moans as
she gently pushes her body back on his cock, with her own momentum.

Carlito slowly but steadily increases the tempo of his thrusts as he slides
his hands over Brooke's waist and lower back, "Oooo damn.... you're cool...."
Carlito grunts as he leans his upper body forward, and turns himself and
Brooke a bit so they are both laying on the couch. Carlito lifts her right
leg with his right arm and quickly begins to drill her pussy from the side
and behind her.

Brooke gently grits her teeth as she feels Carlito's cock rapidly slam into
her tight cunt "Ohhhhh awww...ohhh yeah..." Brooke groans as she starts to
sweat from her forehead as she grinds her pussy softly against Carlito's
cock, every time he thrusts into her pussy.

Carlito reaches around Brooke with his left arm and presses the palm of his
hand against her left shoulder. "Uhhhh uhhhhhhh damn..." Carlito grunts as
he sharply drives his shaft into her now dripping wet pussy. "Carlito...
think... you should... be on top..." He says into her ear as he manages to
get onto his back by pulling Brooke by her right leg towards the right as he
turns. Now the sexy young blonde beauty is on top of Carlito, but with her
back towards him.

Brooke grits her teeth tighter as she places her soft, angelic hands back
on Carlito's slightly sweaty chest as she starts to rock back and forth on
Carlito's cock, while she gradually bounces at a mild pace "Ohhh...ahhhh...
Carlito..." Brooke quietly moans.

"Ughhhhh yeah... you like to ride.... that's cool..." Carlito grunts as he
places his hands on Brooke's waist, but they are laid where his palms are
pressed firmly against her ass cheeks, and his thumbs pressing into her lower
back. The cool Caribbean native thrusts his stiff cock up into Brooke's pussy
as sweat rolls down the side of his handsome face onto the sofa.

"Ohhhh shit..." Brooke moans as she gently comes down on Carlito's thick,
throbbing cock. Brooke tilts her blonde haired head back as she rocks back
and then rocks her body forward as she grinds her pussy sharply down against
Carlito's cock.

"Hey... Brooke... you want to try it doggy style again... but with a cool
twist?" Carlito asks as he reaches around her waist with both hands and rubs
the sides of her pussy with his hands.

Brooke licks her lips as sweat drips down her beautiful face ""
Brooke asks with a groan.

"It's a cool... surprise...." Carlito licks his lips as he gently pushes
Brooke upward so his cock comes out of her soaked pussy.

Brooke turns her head to look down at Carlito, over her shoulder, and she
laughs "Ok..." Brooke says as she moves down from the couch and positions
herself down on her knees in a doggy-style position. Carlito gets himself
to where he's kneeling behind Brooke once again. This time, he places his
right hand on her right ass cheek and uses his left hand to guide his cock
towards Brooke's pussy. Carlito smirks as he teases he's going to fuck her
pussy again, but then he eases his towards and into Brooke's tight
unexpecting asshole.

Brooke's soft eyes shoot wide open "Ohhhh my!" Brooke suddenly moans as she
feels Carlito's cock inserted into her virgin, tight asshole.

"This is cool... ain't it?" Carlito asks with a grunt as he lays his hands
on Brooke's thighs, holding her still as he pushes all of his cock into her
tight asshole. Once he's buried balls deep in her backside, Carlito begins
to slowly jerk his cock in and out of her asshole.

Brooke grits her teeth "Ohhh...I've never...had this...before..." Brooke
moans and groans as she closes her eyes.

Carlito grins, "Oh.... now... that's.... very cool... Carlito is the
first..." Carlito licks his lips as he starts using firmer and faster
thrusts, driving his cock as deep as possible into her asshole. He reaches
around underneath Brooke with his right hand and starts to rub her sweet
young teenage pussy with two of his fingers.

Brooke's breathing becomes heavy as she starts to sweat more as Carlito
thrusts his entire ten-inches deep into Brooke's tight asshole "Ohhhhhh
goddd..." Brooke groans as she happens to cum on Carlito's fingers.

Carlito moans and smirks as he feels Brooke's warm cum on his two fingers.
He continues to push his ten-inch cock into her asshole as he starts to feel
his balls tighten, "Mmmm... Brooke... do you... swallow?"

Brooke, sweaty and tired, looks back at Carlito with a soft smile "I....
ummm...guess...I could..." Brooke laughs a little.

"That'll be cool..." Carlito says as he pulls his throbbing cock out of
Brooke's asshole. He sits back down on the couch and wraps a hand around his
cock as he strokes his ten-inch dick.

Brooke licks her lips as a few drops of sweat drip down her beautiful,
youthful face as she flips her blonde hair back and sits up on her knees,
gripping Carlito's cock with both of her soft hands "Do you...want me to...
ummm...blow you?" Brooke asks bashfully with a laugh.

Carlito nods his head as sweat drips down his hot body, "Yeah... that'll be
way cool..." Carlito spreads his legs apart and gets completely comfortable
on the couch as Brooke moves her hands up and down his shaft a little. Brooke
opens her warm mouth and lowers her head down on Carlito's cock, pressing her
angelic lips around his cock, the daughter of Hulk Hogan starts to slowly and
sensually bob her head on Carlito's cock.

"Ohhhh yeah... that's it..." Carlito tilts his head back and closes his eyes.
Carlito places his left hand on the back of Brooke's head and strokes her
hair. When the beautiful girl takes seven of his ten inches past her lips,
Carlito grits his teeth as he starts to cum inside of her warm young mouth,
"Ohhh... that's cool..." Carlito moans.

Brooke smiles a bit around Carlito's cock as she gradually swallows the warm
shots of Carlito's cum, before lifting her head up with a smile as she licks
her lips "Mmmm... Carlito... you sure are yummy..." Brooke says with a cute

"Damn... you're very cool..." Carlito moans a bit more before he smiles at
her, "You really know... how to handle a cool guy like Carlito..."

Brooke laughs a little and shrugs cutely "I...guess...I still know what's


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