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Brooke Knows Best
by Kristi & Frederick "Dice" Casden
(, AIM: FredCasden)

At the Hogan House in Tampa, Florida, three of the Hogan's are sitting in the
family room watching Monday Night Raw. On the screen is John Cena cutting a
very patriotic promo on Kurt Angle's behavior in recent weeks.

Nick has a Chain Gang T-shirt on and pumps his fist, "Oh yea, John's really
ripping Kurt a new one..."

Linda smiles and shakes his head, "You're father would've done better I

Brooke Hogan, the Immortal One's sixteen year-old daughter, leans back on the
couch and smiles, "Damn...he is such a hottie..."

Linda Hogan glances over at Brooke and laughs a little, "Just don't let your
dad hear you, Brookie..."

Nick looks over at Brook and smirks, "He's only cute to you cause you're such
a Skank-bag..."

Linda glances at Nick and gives him a stern look, "Nicholas..."

Brooke sits up a bit, "Shut up Nick! Go make out with Ashley again." Brooke
laughs, "Maybe mom and dad can find your used condom wrappers again!"

Linda sighs and glances over in Brooke's direction, "Brooke..."

Before Nick can sent an insult back his sister's way, the head of the family,
The Immortal One himself, Terry "Hulk" Hogan enters the family room with a
bit of a smile on his grizzled face. "Hogan's huddle up..." Linda turns down
the volume on the Television since Raw has gone to commercial, and she and
the two teens give the Hulkster their full attention. "I just got off the
phone with Vince... I'm going to be making a few appearances on Raw in a
couple of weeks..."

"Again Dad..." Nick rolls his eyes.

Linda smiles and stands up, "Oh Terry that's great!" Linda says encouraging
her husband.

Brooke sighs "Dad...why do you have this addiction to keep being Hulk Hogan?
What else do you have to prove?"

"I don't have anything to prove... it's just for the rush... besides I'm not
going to be wrestling..." Hogan says.

"Sure dad... that's what you said going into Wrestlemania... and you ended up
in like 1/2 a dozen matches..." Nick replies.

Brooke glances at the television set and sees John Cena on the screen, she
smiles. "Daddy! Can I go with you this time?" Brooke asks innocently and

Linda likes the idea and agrees with Brooke "Oh Terry! That would be great.
You and Brooke."

Hogan shakes his head, "No way... Brooke can't miss a day of school... she's
got her mid-terms coming up..."

"I can study while with you dad," Brooke argues.

"Terry...she's been doing great in school! Nick always gets to go with you on
the road." Linda protests as well.

"Yeah...come on Daddy...please!" Brooke asks sweetly.

Nick laughs a bit. "The only reason she wants to go is she so can mack it up
with John Cena."

Brooke turns to Nick with a slight glare, "Shut up Nick!"

The Hulkster sighs and holds his hands up, "Ok fine... Brookie can come
along..." Brooke gets a big smiles on her face, but Hogan then points at her,
"But there's going to be some rules... there's a lot of weirdoes working for
Vince these days and I don't want you getting to involved with any of them
got it?"

Brooke sighs and rolls her eyes, "Dad...I'm not a little girl anymore..."

"You are as long as you live under my roof..." Hogan says in a gruff voice.
He looks at the TV screen and sees Carlito. He balls his fist remember what
the Caribbean native said about Brooke during his last run with the WWE.

Brooke gets up from the couch. "I can take care of myself..." Brooke says as
she walks up the stares.

Linda stands up, " need to be less strict with Brookie..."

A few days later, Hogan and Brooke are walking through the hallway of the
Dunkin Donuts Center where the WWE is holding a live event. Hogan sees Vince
near the Gorilla position and the two Hogans make their way over to him.
"Hello Brother..." Hogan says as he extends his hand to shake Vince's hand,
giving him a firm handshake.

Vince smiles "Well...Well...Well if it isn't Hulk Hogan!" Vince says in his
deep voice shaking Hogan's hand. Vince turns and sees Brooke behind her
father; Vince raises his eyebrow "And who's this?"

Hogan turns slightly and has Brooke move in front of him. Hogan places a hand
on her shoulder and uses his other to motion between her and Vince, "Vince,
this is my daughter Brooke..."

Brooke smiles. "It's nice to meet you..." Brooke says as she shakes Vince's

Vince takes a glance at Brooke, "You know Hogan...I think your daughter here
has real potential to become a WWE Diva."

Brooke smiles wider, " think so?"

Hogan shakes his head and laughs. "There's no chance of that happening
Vince... she's only 16...." Hogan says the last part with a lot of bass in
his voice.

Vince shrugs, "It's just a thought." Vince then looks at Hogan, "Have you two
been shown to your locker rooms yet?"

"We were on our way to them now..." Hogan says, "They are far from the boy's
locker rooms I hope..." Hogan gives Vince a look that implies he made that
very clear since Brooke is with him.

Brooke sighs "Daddy..." Brooke folds her arms a bit "Can we feet are
killing me!"

"Of course Brookie... talk to you in a bit Vince..." Hogan and Brooke walk
off and head to their locker room. They go in and set down their bags. Hogan
finds a note on the table, and sighs, "Brookie I got to go talk to someone...
will you be all right here by yourself?"

Brooke rolls her eyes "Yes..." Brooke shakes her head as she folds her arms
"I'll wait right here."

"Good girl... I'll be back as soon as I can..." Hogan pats her head and
leaves the locker room. Brooke pokes her head out the door to see her dad
hurry off down the hall and she gets a mischievous little smile on her
face. Brooke quietly tiptoes out of the locker room and begins to walk
down the hallway in the opposite direction that her father was walking in.
Brooke roams the arena for a bit, bumping into some of the divas like Trish
Stratus and Mickie James, and a few of the road agents that remember her
being a baby. After escaping being embarrassed by Ted DiBiase and Dusty
Rhodes, Brooke finds the catering area where she finds John Cena, dressed
in blue jean shorts, an orange jersey and a black visor. John looks at the
food and picks up a pear, wipes his shirt and takes a bite as he starts to
turn around.

Brooke smiles and the opens her mouth, "Damn." Brooke quietly walks into the
catering area and walks up behind John Cena. Brooke takes a deep breath; she
then coughs on purpose trying to get Cena's attention.

Cena turns around as he swallows the piece of pear in his mouth; he looks
down and sees Brooke. He smiles a bit as he tosses what's left of the pear
into the garbage. "Hey there... I didn't know we hired a new diva..." John
extends his hand, "I'm John Cena... pleasure to meet you..."

Brooke smiles and blushes a bit "H..h....h..Hi..." Brooke says in complete
awe "You' Cena..." Brooke laughs "I've been wanting to talk
to you since that Hall of Fame thing months ago..."

"You were at the H-O-F?" John looks at her and raises his eyebrow. "Oh I know
who you are... you're the Hulkster's kid... I've seen you on that show Hogan
Knows Best... you're Brookie..." John smiles.

Brooke laughs a little "Yeah..." Brooke looks down blushing "You're just like
so hot though..."

"Thanks kid... you're pretty hot yourself..." John smiles as he pats her

Brooke blushes even more "" Brooke looks down "You...doing...

"Nope... I'm free for most of the night..." John replies, "You want to hang
out?" He asks with a smile.

Brooke laughs "Sure..." Brooke then smiles "Can we go to your locker room?"

"Sure..." John laughs a bit and the WWE Champ leads the lovely teenage
girl to his locker room. When they enter, Brooke can see it's elaborately
decorated with several of John's merchandise, has two sofas... a glass
table with a bowl of fruit on it and a big screen TV with a video game
console hooked up to it.

"Wow..." Brooke smiles "This place is awesome..." She says as she looks
around, accidentally brushing her hand against Cena's crotch

"Yeah it is..." John smiles then taps her hand with his own, "But you may
want to watch were your hand are... almost got me going just now..."

Brooke smiles and licks her lips slightly "That's what I was going for..."

"Really now?" John gives her a playful smile as he takes off his visor and
flips it onto one of the sofas, "You don't have to go far... you're really

Brooke places her hands on her hips, swaying her hips slightly "You really
think so..." Brooke asks as she twirls a strand of her blond hair with her

"I know so... you're hotter than a lot of the divas in the WWE today...
and I saw how you looked in a bikini on one episode... man... you had my
attention..." John replies as he does look at her body, admiring her beauty.

Brooke licks her lips "I have something special to show you..."

"You do?" John gets a bit smile on his face, "What are you going to show me

"Well..." Brooke says with a cute smile as she gets down on her knees in
front of Cena and begins to unbuckle the belt on his shorts.

"Whoa... Christmas might be coming early this year..." John says as he's
totally focused on Brooke as she tugs his belt through the loops of his
shorts. Brooke smiles up at Cena and begins to pull down his shorts,
followed by his boxers. John's semi-limp cock flops out from his boxers
and Brooke leans forward taking his cock into her smooth, cold hands.
Brooke begins to slowly move her hands up and down John's shaft. John
lifts off his shirt, revealing his rock hard upper body as his large cock
grows in Brooke's hands. It is easily the largest and thickest cock she
has ever seen and John smiles a little when he sees she's not intimidated
by its size. Brooke lifts her head up and smiles at John, flipping her
hair back slightly, before she lowers her head taking the head of John's
cock into her warm, moist mouth. Brooke wraps her young lips around his
shaft and starts to bob her head on his long, thick shaft.

"Ohhh damn girl..." John moans as he places a hand on her head, threading
his fingers through her long blond hair. He bites his lip as he feels his
cock almost completely enter past her lips. Brooke loosens the grip of her
lips and begins to bob her head sucking his cock faster. Brooke laps her
tongue around his cock as she places her smooth hands against Cena's
waistline. John picks out some of the hairpins in Brook's hair as he moves
his hips to match the movements of her cute head. "Ahhhh fuck Brooke...
you... you keep this up... I'm... going... to blow..." Brooke bobs her head
along Cena's shaft as she pats her inviting tongue against the underside of
his shaft.

"Ohhh, ohhh Jesus..." John's body tenses up and he bites his tongue as he
starts to cum inside of Brooke's mouth. Spurt after spurt of his hot load
fills her mouth and a bit trickles out of her mouth since his cock is still
past her lips. Brooke slowly pulls her mouth away from John's cock and
little speckles of his cum radiate on her soft lips.

John smiles down at Brooke, before he bends down to scoop her up into her
powerful arms, "That... was the best head... I've ever gotten..." John says
as he kisses her cheek and carries her over to one of the sofa's to sit her
on it.

Brooke slides her hand through her hair and smiles at John "You really liked

"I loved it..." John replies as he lifts off her shirt slowly, which he then
lays on the armrest of the sofa. He places a hand on her stomach and slightly
kisses her neck.

Brooke smiles again and closes her eyes "Ohhhh..." Brooke moans softly as
John softly kisses down Brooke's neck and then onto her left collarbone. John
moves a hand behind Brooke and unclasps her bra in order to remove it from
her teenage body. He softly kisses her right breast as he starts to undo her
jeans with his right hand. Brooke scoots up slightly and allows John to pull
down her jeans the rest of the way. Brooke then slides down her pink g-string
underwear, revealing her teenage smoothly shaven pussy.

John rubs her pussy gently with the underside of three of his fingers, "Damn
Brooke... you're very smooth..." John says as he moves off the couch and
between her beautiful legs. He uses his fingers to spread her pussy a bit
and then beings to lick up and down her pussy slowly.

Brooke slightly grits her teeth "Awww... shit..." Brooke moans as she jolts
her head slightly.

John gently pushes his tongue into her pussy, before he begins thrusting it
in and out as he rubs the top of her sweet pussy with his thumb. John reaches
up and softly, but somewhat firmly massages her left breast with his hand.
Brooke gently grabs onto John's short dark hair and she leans her head back
"Ohhhh... fuck" John moves his tongue quicker as he pleasures Brooke pussy in
a way she's never felt before. He moves his hand from her breast to her pussy
and squeezes in two fingers, which he begins to pump in and out of her as he
sucks on her clitoris.

"" Brooke moans as her bottom lip

John lifts his head from her pussy and smiles, "I was hoping... you would say
that..." He moves up and kisses her deeply, sliding his tongue into her mouth
as he pushes his long, thick cock into her pussy slowly, in case she's still
a virgin.

Brooke bites down on her bottom lip "Awww god..." Brooke moans as she leans
her head back.

"Ahhh fuck Brooke.... you're so tight..." John grits his teeth as he slowly
begins to move his hips to drive his cock in and out of her young pussy.

Brooke gently wraps her legs around John's waist and begins to slowly grind
her pussy against his cock "Ohhhh John...damn... you're hot!"

"So... ahhh fuck... are you... god damn... you're hot..." John kisses her as
he places his hand on her hips. He rolls over so he's sitting on the sofa and
Brooke is on top of him. John slowly begins to move her up and down on his
cock. Brooke places her hands down onto John's muscular chest and begins
bounce up and down on John's cock as a decent pace, gaining speed with each
bounce. "Mmm yea Brookie..." John moans as he moves one hand to her ass that
he squeezes gently. He begins to push up into her, giving her a few surprise
sharp thrusts.

Brooke buckles her hips slightly as she rocks back and forth on John's large
cock, coming down harder each time "Ahhhhh fuck yeah!" Brooke moans.

John gets a bit of a mischievous smile on his face and he lifts Brooke off
of his cock. He moves himself and her down to the floor, setting her on her
hands and knees. "You got a great ass Brook..." John says as he rubs her
backside with both hands before he pushes his thick cock back into her pussy
to begin fucking her doggy style as sweat drips down his muscular body.
Brooke looks back over her shoulder watching John as she starts to push
herself back against his cock, matching his thrusts as beads of sweat form
on her delicate forehead. John licks his lips as he drives his cock in and
out of her pussy from behind. He thrusts get harder and faster as he places
his hands on her hips to pull her back against him.

Brooke starts to slam her back harder taking John's cock deeper into her
tight shaven pussy "Ohhhhh"

"So... are you.... you're... so... hot... and sexy..." John grunts and he
pulls out of her pussy with a lot of force. He holds Brooke in her current
position as he lays down on his back and scoots under her, moving his head
between her legs. John pulls her down some and begins licking her pussy as
he slightly turns her to signal her that he wants her to turn around on his
face so she's facing in the direction of his cock. Brooke turns around and
lays down on top of John. She takes his cock into her hands, she leans her
head in and begins to lick her tongue up and down John's long, thick shaft.
John moans as he slides his tongue deep into her young pussy while he
squeezes her ass-cheeks with his strong hands. He can feel Brooke squirm a
little as his tongue moves inside of her.

"Mmmm....Ohhh..." Brooke moans slightly as she brings her tongue up Cena's
shaft, leaving a moist trial of her saliva.

"Mmmm fuck..." John moans a bit as well when he feels Brooke's tongue brush
against the head of his cock. He places his hands on her calves and moans,
"Brooke... get... on me..."

Brooke lifts her hand and looks back at John with a laugh as she strokes his
cock firmly with her soft hands "Again?"

"Yeah... but... it won't be the same... just... get on me... but face away...
you'll love what I have in mind..." John smiles as he pats her ass. Brooke
smiles and does what she was told, she gently mounts herself back on top of
Cena's cock with her back facing him.

"This is going to be sweet..." John says as he sits up and wraps both arms
around her hot teenage body. He then rolls onto his side and lays on the
floor, and Brooke ends up doing the same. John slightly lifts her leg as he
begins to thrust in and out of her warm, wet and tight pussy as he slightly
nibbles on her earlobe.

Brooke closes her eyes as she lets out a pleasurable moan "Awww...fuck..."
Brooke moans as she places her hand on John's thigh closest to her.

"Damn... Brookie..." John moans as he pushes into her with increasing speed
and intensity. He places a hand on her breast that is closest to the floor
and squeezes it gently.

Brooke grits her teeth as she begins to cum onto John's cock "Ohhhh...shit...
no..." Brooke pants.

"Just... relax Brookie... you can... hold out... some more..." John whispers
as he rolls himself and her so they are back in the doggy position again.
John lays both his hands on her shoulders as he continues to fuck her;
taking her beyond anything she's ever experienced.

Brooke closes her eyes as she tries to regain her momentum after just
cumming. Brooke slowly pushes back against John's cock "Ahhhh...god...yeah..."

"You... got one... fine pussy Brookie...." John says as he's breathing is
fairly uneven. He slows down his pace to where he's just giving her hard
sharp thrusts that causes her young delicate body to jolt forward.

Brooke tilts her head back "Ohhhh...fuck... yeah!" Brooke moans again as she
reaches for John's hand. Brooke grabs a hold of John's right hand and places
his hand underneath her and begins to make him rub her wet pussy. John rubs
her pussy with fingertips of his fingers as he starts to pick up the pace
with his thrusts. He moves his left hand up to her head and threads his
fingers trough her long blond hair as it flies around with each of his
thrusts into her.

"!" Brooke moans as she sweat drips off
her teenage tanned body. Brooke's eyes roll back in ecstasy as she starts to
aggressively slam herself back against John's cock, catching him off guard by
her incredible force.

John ends up on his back with Brooke on top of him for the third time. John
bites his lip and blinks his eyes to get the sweat out of them. He watches
Brooke almost violently ride's his cock as he thrusts up into her. "Ohhhhh
fuck Brooke... you really are... running wild..."

Brooke slides her hand through her sweaty blonde hair and laughs cutely
"Am... I wild enough...for...the Chain...Gang?"

"Oh... hell.... yeah...." John moans as he feels he's going to climax. "Ohhh
shit Brookie... I'm going to... bust out..."

Brooke licks her lips "Oh! Oh! I want it!" Brooke says cutely with a slight

"Then... ahhhh.... you better... move... fast... to get it..." John grits his
teeth. Brooke quickly gets off of John's cock and sits down on her knees with
her tongue sticking out of her innocent mouth.

John quickly gets up to his feet, places a hand on the back of Brooke's head
as he wraps his right hand around his pulsating cock. He steadily pumps his
dick and lets out a groan, "Ohhh shit Brookie..." John starts to cum hard,
sending spurt after spurt of long strings of hot sticky cum onto her tongue,
in her mouth and some of her cheeks. Brooke takes John's steamy hot cum into
her mouth swallows down his salty cum with a giant gulp. Brooke then collects
the cum off her cheeks and licks the cum off of her delicate fingers.

John watches her in amazement, "Oh shit Brooke..." He gets a bit weak in the
knees and he sits down on a sofa. He pulls her up next to him, before he sits
her on his lap. "You... were... incredible..."

Brooke smiles and then leans forward, she softly kisses his cheek and then
says "You...were amazing!" Brooke laughs cutely.

"Damn..." John puts an arm around her, "I just hope... your dad doesn't find

Brooke raises her eyebrow slightly " you mean?"

"He's tight with Vince... and he could short change my career... since he
knows best..."

Brooke laughs a bit and then rolls her eyes "So...what if he finds out!"
Brooke folds her arms over her bare chest "Beside...he doesn't know what's
best." Brooke smiles proudly "I know what's best!"


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