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Disclaimer: In no way, this reflects the events of the aftermath at this
location. This is complete work of fiction, so nothing is true except for the
State, weather, and date. Other then that, this is only a fictional story, so
events like these have never happened to the superstars or will never ever
happen to them. If you are under 18, do not read beyond this as I'm not
responsible for any actions if you're caught because I warned you! Once
again, it's not real at all. So in other words, it's just fiction, people!

Starring: Brooke Adams, Chris Masters, and Rikishi

Darklord Productions presents:
Brooke-licious Masterpiece

January 26, 2008...

In a place in Allentown PA, Former Extreme Expose member and WWE diva, Brooke
Adams make her way to her car from a building where wrestling fans can meet
their stars. Brooke was dressed in tight black pants. She had a jacket on as
it was cold outside. "Boy, it really cold out here" she said as she walked
onwards to her vehicle until she was stopped by two men.

"Hey Bootylicious, where are you going?" said former WWE star, Rikishi.

"Oh yeah, look at that ass" said another former WWE star, the Masterpiece
Chris Masters.

"Hey guys, just around to see what they have here" Brooke told the two former
WWE stars.

"That's cool, so how about you hang with us instead?" Rikishi asked.

"Why?" Brooke asked.

"Because... we just want to hang" Masters said to her.

"Yeah, hang and do stuff" Rikishi also said to her.

"Well, its sure beats then what I had plan for today" Brooke told the two.
"Alright, so whose car do we take then?" Brooke asked them.

"How about we drop our cars at our hotel and then take your car afterwards"
Rikishi said to her.

"Sounds like a plan to me" Brooke said. "So, my room number is 254 in case,
if I'm not out in time" Brooke told the two.

"Hmm, so we'll see you then" Chris said to her.

"Alright, bye" Brooke said as she got into her car and drove off, leaving
Masters and Rikishi alone on the streets.

"So, you think you can do some damage to her ass?" Masters said to Rikishi.

"Boy, I will defiantly do more then damage her big ass. I will destroy that
ass that she won't sit for weeks" Rikishi told him.

"Well, once she sees my masterpiece of a cock, she will be..." Masters said
before he knew that Rikishi left. "God damn it" Chris said to himself as he
quickly got into his car as he saw Rikishi already driving off to the hotel.

30 minutes later...

Rikishi parked and got out of his car and then Masters pulled up from behind,
parking his car right next to Rikishi. "What the hell, couldn't you wait?"
Chris said to him.

"Sorry, but I had to get here" Rikishi told him.

The two walked out of the parking garage and into the hotel. The two looked
at the directory to find room 254. "Hmm... ah right there" Masters said as he
pointed upwards. The two then got on the elevator and got off on the second

"I think it's this way" Masters said. They walked down and got to room 200.

"Dumbass" Rikishi said out loud as the two walked the other way to room 254.

As the two walked down the hall, a door at the end opened and Brooke popped
her head out to see the two walking down. She then took her arm out and waved
her hands to tell the guys to hurry up.

The two ran down the hall when she waved her hands and then they made it
right next to her room. "About time, guys" Brooke told them as she opened the
door into her room.

"Yeah, well we would have been here minutes ago if Chris didn't take the
wrong hallway" he told her.

"Oh shut the fuck up already, we're here already so..." Masters said before
getting interrupted by Brooke.

"Ok since we are all here, what are we doing?" she asked.

The two stood there wondering what to do until Brooke moved away from the
door side to show the guys that she was wearing a black silk robe. "What are
you... aren't you dressed to go out?" Rikishi asked her.

"Oh come on, you guys obviously wanted to fuck me, so I went with your little
plan" Brooke said before disrobing her silk robe. She threw it across the
guys heads as she stood there, completely naked.

"Well since your eager to start, let's get started" Rikishi said as he
unbuttoned his black jeans while Masters dropped his quicker and took his
shirt off as well.

"Done, now have a gander at my masterpiece" Masters said as he walked over to
the naked Brooke but Rikishi stopped him.

"Whoa, hold your horses" Rikishi said to him.

Brooke then walked past them and on over to the hotel bed. "Come here guys"
Brooke told them as she used one of her fingers to signal them to come over.
Masters and Rikishi walked on over as Brooke got down onto her knees and
grabbed the cocks of the two with both of her hands. She quickly stroked them
to full erection as Masters grabbed her left breast and groped it like crazy.

Brooke stopped and looked at Rikishi's dick which was at a very thick 9
inches as her eyes open wide. She then took a look at Masters and saw that
his was about an inch bigger then Rikishi. "Boy, oh boy, Miz and Morrison
weren't anywhere as big.....or as thick as you two are" Brooke told them as
she took Chris's cock into her mouth as she was already beginning to choke
on his dick.

"Damn, not even half of it and your already choking on it" Masters told her.

As Brooke took Master's cock deeper into her mouth, she began stroking off
Rikishi's dick as he ran his hands through her hair. "Oh yeah, stoke that fat
dick" Rikishi told her as he started to push her head down on Chris's cock.

"Ahh fuck yeah" Masters moaned as he felt his entire cock entering her mouth
as she was already gagging on his dick.

Rikishi held onto her head for a few minutes until he decided to pull her
away from his dick. Brooke took deep breaths as she looked at Rikishi's cock
and slowly put his cock into her mouth as it wasn't too big as Masters was
but she realized that it could be too thick for her as well. "I don't know,
I never had anything this thick before" Brooke told him.

"Well, first time for everything" Rikishi said as he shoved his dick straight
into her mouth as she was gagging on his dick already.

"Oh fuck this" Masters said as he picked her up as Rikishi did too as they
laid her stomach first onto her bed. Brooke was now sucking off Rikishi on
one side of the bed while Masters picked her legs up and bend them on her
knees as he got into the bed as he positioned his cock right next to her

"Ohhh shit, tight ass" Masters moaned as he got his head into her ass.

"Ahhh yeah..... Oh fuck" Brooke moaned as she took breaths between time from
sucking Rikishi's thick cock.

"Uhhh yeah" Chris moaned. He then placed his hands right onto her tits and
grabbed them as he pushed every inch of his cock deeper into her ass.

"Fuck yeah.... Ohhh..... Ahhh yeah" Brooke moaned again.

Chris groped her tits like crazy as he then grabbed them like claws. He
began picked up his pace as he pelvis area smacked around her big round ass.
Rikishi grabbed Brooke's hands and held them as he shoved his thick dick
deeper in her mouth. The two were now making Brooke moan louder then before.

"Ahhh fuck....uhhhh yeah" moaned Chris.

Tears slowly came down her eyes as the two were manhandling Brooke. "Uhh
fuck, that dick better be covered in your saliva when I take it out soon"
Rikishi said as his balls began hitting Brooke's chin with each thrust into
he mouth.

"Uhh yeah... switch" Masters told him as he pulled out of her ass.

"Come over here" Rikishi told her as he pointed down on the floor.

"Oh what do you want me to do?" Brooke asked him.

"Your knees on the floor while the rest is to lie on the bed" Rikishi told

"Wait, before you do" Masters said as he got in front of Brooke and saw on
the edge of the bed as his "masterpiece" was right in front of Brooke. She
got on her knees as she began stroking Masters off as Rikishi was trying to
get his thick dick into her asshole.

Brooke felt Rikishi getting his cock into her tight little asshole. "Ohhh
fuck yeah.... Ahhh that's a very thick and big dick" Brooke moaned as Rikishi
got 5 inches in.

"Ohhh shit, you weren't lying Chris" Rikishi told him as he pushed another
few inches into her ass.

"Shit....ahhh fuck....holy crap" Brooke moaned out as Masters shut her up
with his cock.

"Suck it" Chris told her as Brooke swirled her tongue around his dick inside
her mouth.

"Ahhh fuck" Masters moaned as he ran his hands through her hair as Rikishi
finally got all 9 inches of his thick dick into her ass.

"MMMM" Brooke moaned.

Rikishi grabbed her hips and began fucking her ass at a normal speed before
picking his pace up. "Ohhh fuck Brooke" Rikishi moaned. Masters then pushed
her head down again on his cock, making her once again, gagging on his dick.

Rikishi pounded away at Brooke's ass as Masters still held her down on his
cock. Brooke then placed her hands around Masters' waist and took his cock
deeper as Chris's cock hit the back of her throat completely. Brooke made
more gagging sounds as the sound intensified with each gag she took. Rikishi
pumped harder and harder as Brooke took his thick dick easily now.

"Ahhh fuck yeah, Brooke" Masters moaned.

He then pulled Brooke off of his dick as she quickly gasped for air. Chris
looked down and saw that Brooke covered his cock with her saliva as some were
dripping down to his balls. She then lowered her head down to his balls and
started to suck them as she placed one of her hands onto his saliva covered
cock and began stroking his dick.

Rikishi slapped her round ass as he then held his cock inside her ass without
moving. Brooke stroked away as she sucked more and more at Masters' balls.
"Oh yeah, suck those balls" Chris told her as Rikishi resumed pumping his fat
dick in and out of her ass.

"Oh fuck yeah, fuck my little ass" Brooke told Rikishi as he slammed down
deeper into her ass as she let out a loud moan. After that moan, she went
back to sucking Masters' balls.

Rikishi then pulled out of her ass as her asshole was gaping red. "Oh boy,
look at that" Rikishi said as Masters bent over to see her gaping ass.

"You really damage that ass" Chris said to him.

"Told ya" he replied as he bent down to insert his thick cock into Brooke's

"Ahhh fuck, that thick dick in my pussy" Brooke moaned.

Masters then pulled her up as he placed his cock between her big tits and
began fucking them. "Ohhh yeah, fuck my tits" Brooke said as she was looking
right at his face.

"Ahhh yeah...ohhh fuck" Chris moaned as he picked his pace up. Her nipples
were becoming a bit erected as Masters fucked away at her tits. Brooke moved
her hands to her nipples and pinched them as Masters was still fucking her

Rikishi got his entire thick dick into her pussy as he grabbed her hips and
began fucking her. "Oh yeah Brooke" Rikishi moaned as he began slamming
harder into her pussy.

"Ahhh shit.... Uhhhh yeah..... Fuck me" Brooke moaned.

Chris then pulled away from her tits and shoved his dick back into her mouth.
"Yeah, suck that cock" Chris said to her as he once again, held the back of
her head as she was gagging on his "Masterpiece."

The two now fucked Brooke harder and faster as Brooke was gagging and moaning
louder. Rikishi grabbed a handful of her head and pushed more of his thick
dick deeper into her pussy as Brooke's head was up a bit as Chris moved a bit
closer with his dick still in her mouth. "Fuck yeah.... Ahhh shit" Rikishi

As Brooke sucked away at Masters' cock, she felt Rikishi getting deeper
inside her. She let out loud moans through the sides of her mouth. "MMMMM"
Brooke moaned but then, Rikishi pulled out of Brooke's pussy as he moved to
the bed and lay down.

"Tired" Masters asked.

"No, not really" Rikishi told him as he tapped Brooke on the shoulder as he
pointed to his cock. Brooke took Masters' cock out of her mouth and got onto
the bed as she slowly inserted his cock back into her ass.

"Ohhh yeah, tight ass" Rikishi moaned.

Chris walked up behind the two and placed his cock right next to Brooke's
cock stuffed ass as he got a bit in. "Ohhh holy shit, two big cocks in my
ass" Brooke moaned as Masters squeezed his dick in her ass slowly. "Ahhh
fuck....ohhh shit" Brooke moaned as Masters got his dick in completely as
both guys were slowly fucking her. Rikishi placed his hands right onto her
ass while Chris grabbed her hair again as the two began picking their pace
up. "Ahhh....ohhh yeah....uhhhh fuck" Brooke moaned louder.

Both men were fucking her at the same pace as Brooke rolled her eyes to the
back of her head. "Ahhh yeah Brooke" Chris moaned as he still held onto her
hair and pumped harder. Rikishi kissed her breasts that were hanging in front
of his face but they were moving from side to side, making any contact

"Fuck that tight asshole" Brooke moaned as she placed one arm over Masters'
ass and she moved her other arm around Rikishi's head, bringing her tits
closer to his face as his face was now between them.

"Uhhh yeah, you like your ass so much huh?" Rikishi asked.

"Ohhh yeah, ahhh fuck me" Brooke cried out as both men slammed deeper into
her ass. All three were now sweating from their foreheads. Rikishi moaned
louder as he was able to move Brooke up and down on his dick as Masters
pumped his dick in and out of Brooke's ass.

"Uhhh fuck... ahhh...shit" Brooke moaned as Masters pulled her hair up a bit
higher as he slammed his cock back into Brooke's ass. "Ohhh fuck, two dicks
destroying my ass.... Ahhh yeah...uhhhh" Brooke moaned.

Masters then pulled out of her ass as he grabbed her by the hair as she was
pulled away from Rikishi's dick. "What the hell" Rikishi yelled out as Chris
pull both arms around Brooke's arms and locked her in the masterlock.

"Ahhh, what the fuck" Brooke said as she felt his dick re-entering her ass.

"Get your fat ass up here" Masters yelled at Rikishi. He walked over as he
got his dick into her ass once again. Chris sat Brooke up for the cradle
position as she felt that Masters didn't have the masterlock on tightly, but
loose enough so she can feel her arms.

"Ohhh shit, fuck me.... Ahhh fuck" Brooke moaned as the two pumped deep into
her ass.

"Oh Brooke, ahhh yeah" Masters moaned. Rikishi placed one hand on her tits
while the other was on her hips. Chris did the same thing but the other side
of Brooke as both men felt up Brooke's tits and hips.

"Ahhh fuck...uhhhh yeah" Brooke moaned louder as the two fucked away harder
in Brooke's ass.

"Uhhhh yeah, Brooke" Rikishi moaned.

Both men just fucked away at Brooke's ass. "Ahhh Brooke, here's it comes"
Masters moaned.

"Oh yeah, shoot it all over my face" Brooke moaned as Masters pulled away as
she got down on her knees as Chris jerked his cock in front of her face.

"Ohhh shit, ahhh yeah" Masters moaned as he shot his load onto Brooke's face
as some landed onto her cheeks, lips, a bit under her right eye, and the rest
landed right on top of her nose and chin. "Ahhh fuck, trip well spent"
Masters moaned as he sat down on a chair.

"What about you, big man?" Brooke asked as she licked the cum that was on her
lips off.

"Not just yet" Rikishi said as he grabbed another chair and sat down as
Brooke walked over to him and replaced his cock back into her ass as she face
was still covered in cum.

"Ohhh shit, ahhh fuck" Brooke moaned as Rikishi grabbed her hips and fucked

Masters just watched as Rikishi pushed inch by inch of his cock right into
her ass. "Oh, you are Bootylicious instead" Rikishi moaned.

"Ahhh yeah, my ass is already Bootylicious" Brooke told him.

Rikishi fucked her ass faster as Chris got up and walked over as he got up
on the table that was next to the two as he told Brooke to suck his cock one
last time.

She took his dick back into his mouth as she rubbed his balls as she was
trying to erect his cock again.

"Oh Brooke, I don't think you will get it back up" Masters moaned out as
Brooke sucked away at his cock as she didn't listen to what he said.

"Ahhh fuck Brooke" Rikishi moaned as he knew that he was going to cum soon
as well. Chris then felt his cock growing once again as he was shocked at
Brooke's oral skills.

"Holy shit, no woman has ever done that before" Masters said to her as she
took his cock out of her mouth.

"Well, don't question me then" Brooke told him as she took his cock back into
her mouth.

"Fuck Brooke, ahhh too late" Rikishi moaned as his load shot inside her ass.
Brooke felt that as she didn't mind Rikishi shooting his cum inside her ass.
"Ahhh yeah.....ohhh fuck... uhhhh yeah" Rikishi said out loud before calming

He then pulled his cock out of her ass as some of his cum ooze out of her as
the cum that oozed out landed on his pubic region. Chris pulled his cock out
of her mouth as he was at full erection. "Get down and finish me again"
Masters said to her as Brooke got off of Rikishi and got back down on her
knees as she stroked Chris off. She then wiped the cum that was on Rikishi's
pubic area onto her fingers.

She then brought it over to her mouth as she let it fall into her mouth as
she continued stroking Chris off with full speed. "Ahhh shit, once again"
Masters moaned as Brooke quickly took his cock back into her mouth as he shot
his second load inside her mouth. Brooke felt his cum hitting the back of her
throat as Masters shot a few more in before there was none left to be shot.

"Open your mouth" Rikishi said to her. Brooke did as the two saw her mouth
with cum as she then gulped it all down. Rikishi got up as both him and
Masters slapped their cocks across Brooke's cum covered face.

"Ahhh yeah" the two men moaned as Brooke stroked them off for the last time.
She sucked each for a few minutes as there was no cum left on their dicks.

"So, what now?" Masters asked.

"Beats me" Rikishi said to him as he grabbed his clothes.

"Well, I'm going to meet some friends in another state if you guys want to
join me?" Brooke said as she got up from the floor.

"Hmm, better then doing nothing" Chris said as he got his clothes on already.

"Sure, why not because we could fuck them, right?" Rikishi asked Brooke as he
smacked her ass as it jiggled.

She then turned around, with the cum still over her face. "Oh trust me, it
will be..... Extreme" Brooke said laughing.

The End

Author's memo: Once again, hope you enjoyed it as I enjoyed writing it and
for feedback, I'm sure you all know where to go for that.

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