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Buffy, The Diva Slayer Part 2
by TrishBelongsToMe


"Ohhhhhhhh godddddddd!!!!!!!" Torrie was almost in tears as Sarah was fucking
her pussy.

They were both getting fucked by the stake and were loving it. Sarah bent
down to Torrie and passionately kissed her. After a while they had a huge
orgasm and their juices flowed into their stomachs. After they "cleaned up"
the pussy juice they got dressed and once again passionately kissed.

Sarah had a smile on her face as she asked, "Who else is good to fuck here?"

"Well, let's visit Test and Stacy and see what their up to." They put their
hands in each others back pockets and looked for the two."

* * *

Sarah and Torrie stood in front of Test and Stacy's locker room to hear
nothing but silence. Torrie slowly opened the door and peered inside.

"Where is everyone?" Sarah said desperately. She was so horny that day that
she had to have sex more than once that day.

"Oh shit!! They are probably doing their matches. Test and Trish vs. Regal
and Storm, then me and Stacy have to perform for the crowd.!"

Sarah replied, "Well I don't want you to get fired so you should probably

With that they kissed and Torrie quickly went to the main hall with the
celebrities. Sarah looked disappointedly around Test's locker room and saw
a video labeled, "pre honeymoon". Sarah smiled and put the tape in. She sat
down on the couch where the sex took place. Sarah saw the video and was
instantly hooked. She stuck her finger in her tights and rubbed her pussy.
She closed her eyes and imagined herself being fucked by Test while listening
to his and Stacy's moaning on the tape. Sarah wrapped her hands around her
tights and pulled them down to her knees. She poked her finger in and out
until she was moaning like crazy. Test walked into his room and threw down
his "Testicles" t-shirt. When he saw Sarah in deep pleasure his huge rod
started to rise. He was wearing his wrestling shorts so his cock was easily
spotted. Sarah never saw Test, so Test took the opportunity to listen in on

"Ummm...Test!!! Stick that hot dick in my pussy!!!" Sarah fantasized. She
pulled her tights down to the ground and took off her shoes. She rubbed her
hot, smooth legs and tickled her pussy hairs.

Test couldn't hold it any longer so her tore of his boots and headed towards
her. Sarah heard this and instantly jumped.

"Huh, oh hi Test!" Sarah looked at the television and it was still playing
the video. She quickly turned it off and looked back at him smiling. "What's

"You know, I'm not really in to your show, but I love you Sarah. Your
beautiful face, your sexy smile, its really nice to meet you."

Sarah nervously replied, "I'm nice to meet■.■■.I mean, nice to meet you to!"

"Shy, Miss Sarah is shy? I thought you would be a slut!"

Sarah was completely confused. But Test had a serious expression and a firm

"Look you little slut, I want you to get on your knees and take in my dick!"

Sarah always thought Test was a nice person. What was going on? Sarah
apologized and started to leave. Test grabbed her and threw her to the wall.
She hit it and thudded onto the floor. Test marched over to her until the
door swung open. Alyson Hannigan (Willow in Buffy) came into the room with
Torrie. Alyson instantly saw Sarah and was shocked. Torrie shoved Alyson to
where Sarah was and smiled at Test.

"Test, I delivered them to you, can we fuck now?"

"Listen Torrie, help me fuck these to and then it will be just you and me all

Sarah finally realized what was going on. "Wait, so this was a setup? Torrie
got me to fuck with her and then delivered me to you?!"

Test smiled and Torrie handed him a whip. He examined it and then snapped the
whip right next to Sarah, almost smacking her face. Sarah and Alyson screamed
until Test told them to shut up. Sarah was still half way nude because her
tights were gone and her ass and pussy were fully exposed. Torrie looked at
her and licked her lips. Sarah frowned at her until Test cracked his whip and
hit one of her fingers.

Test screamed, "You don't frown at Torrie at all! You got it?"

Alyson had tears running down her eyes as she quickly agreed. "What do you
want us to do?"

"Well, lets see what you two got. I want to see you to fuck each other first
off. I'll decide the rest later."

They almost refused but Test lifted his whip. Sarah and Alyson quickly looked
into each other's eyes and knew they had to do it. Sarah turned around and
got on all fours. Alyson put her head towards her ass and stared at it. Test
was impatient and screamed for her to lick it. Alyson looked at it once more
and her tongue slowly crawled out. Torrie ran behind Alyson and shoved her
head into Sarah's ass. She held Alyson's head in there as tight as possible.
Alyson's tongue probed the inside of Sarah's ass and it tasted great. Sarah
was loving every second of it. She rocked her ass back and forth so Alyson
could get all of it. Alyson inhaled the sweet scent and wildly licked in her
ass. Torrie finally pulled her head out and held it still.

Test ordered, "Sarah, I want you to fart on her face!"

"What?! No, I can't!"

"Either that or that fresh meat of yours is gonna get marked!"

Sarah quickly tried to force a fart. She was so embarrassed when she let out
a huge fart that Alyson deeply inhaled. Alyson loved it while Sarah felt like
trash. Alyson, on her own free will, went back to licking Sarah's sexy ass.
Alyson was on all fours so she could rock back and forth to get her tongue
in. Torrie decided that she wanted some ass too. So she laid directly under
Alyson's ass and undid her skirt. She threw her skirt to the side and then
went for her wet panties. Torrie inhaled them and then tossed it back to the
side. Torrie rubbed Alyson's nicely shaped ass and lead it onto her face.
Torrie knew exactly how to please Alyson as her tongue went deep, deep inside
her ass. Alyson moaned as she was getting her asshole licked and was licking
at Sarah's ass. Sarah was still impressed by Alyson's wild tongue.

Test pulled his tights to his knees and knelt down to Sarah's head. He
grabbed her head and held it tightly as he forced his dick in her warm, wet
mouth. He slid it in and out as Sarah rubbed her tongue all over it. She
tightly wrapped her lips around it, sucking and slurping Test's huge member.
Her tongue moved along the veins of his large dick making him moan like
crazy. After a while, Test withdrew his dick and stood up. He told Torrie to
stand up as well. Test pulled a horny Alyson off of Sarah.

"Damn! That was great girls! But now, I want to see Alyson eat Sarah out!"

Sarah rolled onto her back. She spread her legs wide apart and Alyson crawled
over to her like a cat. Alyson laid on her stomach and put her face between
Sarah's legs. Alyson licked Sarah's inner thigh while rubbing the sides of
her ass. Alyson teased Sarah by licking her pussy hairs and always seeming to
miss her pussy. Sarah finally grabbed her head and stuck it between her legs.
Alyson licked her pussy faster than she ever could have dreamed. Her tongue
darted around her pussy banging on her vaginal walls.

"Yes Alyson, yes!!!! Eat me out clean!!!!!"

Test walked to where Alyson was and lifted her so he could get his head in
her pussy. Test licked up Alyson's pussy while Alyson licked Sarah's. Alyson
was in complete heaven. She acted like a professional bi-sexual. She pumped
her pussy up and down so Test's tongue could go in deeper. And she bobbed her
head up and down to licked up the insides of Sarah. Torrie definitely wanted
some action so she went to Sarah's head. Torrie went down to her knees and
licked Sarah's face. Sarah responded by licking Torrie's face back. Until
their tongues finally met and they French kissed. Torrie tore Sarah's shirt
apart and rubbed her tits.

Alyson had a good run but she finally felt something. "Ahhhhhh...I'mmm
gonnnna...ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Alyson came all over Test's face and he licked it
all up. He wanted every last bit of her pussy juice.

Finally, Sarah's body violently shook and she cummed straight into Alyson's
awaiting mouth. Torrie continued to deep tongue her until Test forced Torrie
to get off.

Test was smiling from ear to ear as he said, "You girls are great fucks! Now
lets see how you do with a dick." He took his tights all the way off and told
the girls to get down doggy-style so he could fuck their asses.

Sarah looked at him worriedly and said, "We never had a dick in our ass

"Well, today's a good day to learn!" Test whipped Alyson's arm and it made
her shout out. "What happened ladies? You were doing so well, don't stop
now." He turned to Torrie and asked, "Torrie, will you get me some handcuffs?
I have a feeling we are gonna need it!"

It is the last one so don't worry...

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