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This story has a massive build up to the actual sex but its good to read!
But anyway...just enjoy!

Buried Lust
by The Serge (

As you all know the WWE travels from country to country putting on wrestling
shows day in, day out for wrestling fans around the world. I myself had just
started work in the WWE as a rookie wrestler but Vince McMahon had taken some
interest in me from my performance in the ring, oh and the fact that I was
6'6, 319 pounds and pure muscle! Anyway...he had ask me to make my debut
match on LIVE television which was a big surprise to me but it was an amazing
oppertunity. I was schedueled to wrestle Steven Richards on the next WWE
Sunday Night Heat so I got packed and ready to go, when at about 3pm on the
Saturday before the Heat I was going to on, Vince phoned me...

Dave: Hello?

Vince: Hey Dave, I take it that your all ready and packed for tomorrow night.

Dave: Yup! I sure am Vince! Is anything wrong?

Vince: No no, just ringing to tell you that I have organised a Limo to pick
you up!

Dave: WOW! Thanks Vince! What have I done to deserve this?

Vince: Let's just say it's a reward for your effort in the ring...

Dave: Ok cool, thanks again Vince

Vince: There is one more thing tho..

Dave: Yeah?

Vince: You'll be sharing the limo with my daughter Stephanie as she also
needs a lift.

Dave: Ok, no problem, after all it is your limo!

Vince: Great! The limo will be at yours at about 5pm tonight ok?

Dave: Yup, thanks again Vince.

Vince: No problem, I will see you tomorrow. Have a good flight, Goodbye.

Dave: Yeah bye Vince.

When I hung up the phone it hit me...I'm sharing a Limo with Stephanie
McMahon!!! I just stood there for a second thinking then I continued getting

*** 5pm that night ***

I was all set and ready waiting for the limo to show up then sure enough it
turned up at 5pm just like Vince said. When it came to a stop the driver came
out and opened the back door of the limo for me and I got in as he took my
bags and put them into the boot.

Dave: Thank you Driver.

Driver: No problem Sir.

He then closed the door and I turned my head forward to see the most
beautiful thing I have ever seen! There see was Stephanie McMahon right in
front of me! I could not believe my eyes! She looked so hot! She was wearing
a Tight Black top which showed off her HUGE Breats and a short black leather
mini skirt, her hair was all curled and long and she also had black high
heels on...she was breathe taking and I was lost in a trance I stared at
her...then she spoke...

Steph: Hello, you must be Big Dave, the rookie which my dad has been talking

Dave (snapping out of my trance): huh?...Oh yeah, nice to meet you Stephanie.

Steph: Ditto, so are you looking forward to your debut?

Dave: Oh yeah! I can't wait!

Steph: I bet, you sound excited!

Dave: Sorry if I sound to excited...

Steph: Don't be sorry, its good to see young talent excited it shows your
motivated for the WWE.

Dave: Cool.

Then the shutter at the front of the limo came down and the driver turned
around to talk...

Driver: Sorry about this, but there seems to be some kind of road block at
the bridge, it seems to be some kind of crash and it looks like its not going
to cleared until tomorrow morning, so were stranded here for a few hours...

Steph: OH CRAP! hmmmm.....ok we'll find something to do....

Dave: Hey I know, do you want to go for a walk?

Steph: In the dark?

Dave: Yeah! Come on it will fun! And don't worry I'll protect ya!

Steph: hmmm....OK! Let's go!

Dave: Great, Driver we'll be back in a bit...

Driver: Ok sir.

Me and Stephanie get out of the limo and walk off into the darkness, it
wasn't actually that dark tho. As we walked around, I started talking to

Dave: is going Steph?

Steph: Yeah life is o..k..

Dave: What you mean?

Steph: Oh its and Hunter have been argueing alot lately and I think
he's having an affair with that slut Gail Kim...

Dave: Oh My GOD! Are you sure?

Steph: Pretty fact he's probably with her right now...

Dave: That Bastard! How dare he do that and to someone as beatiful as you as
well...that's just not right!

Steph: You think I'm Beautiful?

Dave: Oh god yeah! Your my dream girl Steph!

Steph: Really?

Dave: Yeah, I mean look at you...Big Breasts, Beautiful smile, amazing ass,
beautiful skin, sexy legs you've got it all!

Steph: people do notice me...

Dave: Oh yeah!

Steph: Good, well that's cheered me up.

Dave: Good, we probably should be getting back now...

Steph: Yeah.

We turn around and start to walk back to the limo, but we can only see the
limo lights in the distance as it is now Pitch Black!

Dave: got dark pretty quick...

Steph: Yeah and Cold.

Dave: Here take my jacket...

Steph: Oh no, you'll be cold then...

Dave: Nah its cool, I don't really feel the cold...

Steph: Oh ok thanks.

I put my coat around Stephanie and we continued walking back towards the
limo...I noticed something about 10 yards infront of us that looked a lot
darker that the rest of the dirt, but I thought nothing of it and didn't say

Dave: So Steph, when you going to come back to the WWE?


Suddenly, Stephanie and myself seem to just fall through the ground! We fell
a good 15 - 20 feet and hit the floor hard...

Dave: What the Hell! Steph are you alright?

Steph: Yeah I'm fine...what the hell happened?

Dave: What the...I think we've fallen down a massive hole!?!

Steph: Oh My GOD! What the hell is this hole doing here?!

Dave: God knows...

Steph: Shit! Were going to be late!

Dave: Oh yeah, and I will be late for my Debut!!! SHIT!

Steph: We have to try and get out!

Dave: yeah, ok...Steph climb onto my shoulders and see if you can climb out!

Steph: Ok.

Steph took off her high heels and I bend down, as I did I noticed her
beautiful round ass, then put my head through her legs and stood up. She then
stood up on my shoulders and tried to climb out.

Dave: Any luck?

Steph: No...damn...were about 10 short!

Dave: What! SHIT!

Steph then climbed she climbed down her breasts pushed against my

Steph: Were fucked!

Dave: Yup....and I cannot see a fucking thing!

Steph: Do you have light?

Dave: um....oh yeah! I have a mini torch...

Steph: oh good at least we have some light...

Dave: yeah...

The hole it self was about 10 feet wide, which was pretty big, and we were
stuck here for a while. We both sat down on the dirt, but it was dry dirt so
it was like sand. We sat oppsite each other and when I sat down I could see
Stephanie thong because of the way she was sitting...and I quickly said
something to get my mind of it...

Dave: So Steph...ur...what time is it?

Steph: um...its 8pm now.

Dave: Hmm ok, well we might as well just try and go to sleep as there is
nothing else to do....

Steph: Yeah, when we don't come back they will come looking for us...

Dave: Yeah, Night Steph.

Steph: Night Dave.

We both closed are eyes and began to try and get to sleep...but I could not
keep thinking about her thong! I opened my eyes and Stephanie looked like she
was sleeping, and I could still see her thong! My dick became hard straight
away...And I don't know what came over me but I started to crawl over towards
Stephanie's thong...I got to Stephanie and I put my hand out to touch her
thong...I poked her thong where he pussy was, and she moaned a I
did it again and again, then I started to rub it...and the thong became wet
with her pussy juices, I licked my fingers and tasted her sweet juices. Then
I moved her thong to the side and slowly slipped to fingers into her wet
pussy, I started to move my fingers in and out of her slowly as I did
Stephanie moaned really loudly and I jumped back and pretended to sleep...

Steph: HEY! What the FUCK!

I opend my eyes and saw Stephanie looking at me with a devilish look...

Steph: Why did you stop?

Dave: Because you woke up...I mean...ur... what are you talking about?

Steph: Come off it, I wasn't sleeping I felt you playing with me...

Dave: You mean you knew? And you didn't say anything?

Steph: No...because I liked it and I like you...I just wanted you to make the
first move...

Dave: Seriously?

Steph: I got to know you I realised that you are the man I should
have married not that bastard Triple H.

Dave: So what are you saying?

Steph: I'm saying...I WANT YOU! And I know for a fact that you want me!

Dave: Oh god yeah!

Stephanie them grabbed me and kissed my passionatly on the lips...

Steph: Take me, Take me NOW!

Dave: Damn right!

We started kissing wildly and at the same time started ripping each others
close off! We both got completely nude and Stephanie went straight for my

Dave: So you want some that do ya?

Steph: Mmmm...oh yeah! You're a BIG boy aren't ya!

Steph then started to lick the head of my cock before taking all 6 inches of
it into her mouth and down her troat. I let out a moans as she was amazing at
sucking cock! She was moving up and down fast and I was loving it, she was
the best I had ever had! She contiued to suck and suck, faster and faster
then I felt myself about to cum...

Dave: I'm cumming!

Steph: mmmm yeah! Let me taste your Man juice!

Steph then took my dick out of her mouth and started to jerk me off and then
I shot my load in her mouth. She gulped it all down and licked her lips...

Steph: mmmm...

Dave: Now I want to taste you, again...but properly!

Steph: mmmm...please do.

Steph sat down, lent back and spread her legs exposing her wonderful, wet

Steph: Lick all you want Big Boy!

I started to lick her clit with my tougue, she became wetter and wetter with
every lick, she wanted me BAD! I then began to lick inside her pussy while I
rubbed her clit with my right hand, while my left hand began to squeeze her
big round tits...I licked, rubbed and squeezed for a while before she came to
her first orgasm. She came all over my mouth and then I gulped down her sweet

Steph: Mmmm....Dave that was amazing...

Dave: taste so good Steph!

Steph: Now...How about fucking me with that ROCK HARD COCK of yours?

Dave: You bet Ya! Where do you want it?

Steph: My pussy! I need your cock now! My pussy is in need of a good FUCK!

I got on my knees, put my hands underneath Stephaines Big ass and lifted her
hips up. I then slid my big hard cock inside her pussy and began pumping!

Steph: mmmmmmmmmmm....Yes! Fuck me Dave! FUCK ME HARD!

I started to slam into her pussy, my balls slapped against her asshole and
her ass cheeks smacked against my hips! She was so tight and my cock was
going all the way inside her, further and further with every PUMP!

Steph: Mmmmm! Fuck that feels so good!

Dave: Your pussy feels so tight and warm!

I contined slamming her pussy for a while and then Steph stopped me..

Dave: What is baby?

Steph: Fuck my Ass Dave! Please Fuck my Ass! Hunter never would but I know
you will!

Dave: Hunter never would?! He's fucking out of his mind! get on all fours
Steph your going to get the best ass fuck ever!

Steph: MMMMMM! Fuck Yeah!

Steph got on all fours and pushed he ass in the air, I slowly pushed my big
cock into her tight, round, big ass! And starting to pound her ass, HARD!


My hips clapped against Steph's butt cheeks and my ball slapped against her
pussy as I pounded her asshole harder and harder! Then I could feel myself

Dave: Steph I'm going to cum!

Steph: Cum in my Ass Dave!

Dave: Ok, here it comes!

I blew my load straight up her ass hole! I pulled my dick out and Stephanie
licked up the rest of the cum from my cock.

Steph: mmmm...that was amazing!

Dave: Damn straight! Your amazing Steph!

Steph: Thanks baby!

We kissed then got dressed and fell asleep. When morning came around we were
woken by rescuers who took us to hospital and me and steph left that night


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