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Divas: Shantelle Taylor (Taylor Wilde) Lisa Marie Varon (Tara) and Melissa
Anderson (Cheerleader Melissa)

Busted And Used
by TwistedMind

It was a late evening after an Impact taping in the TNA backstage area.
Having dated Shantelle Taylor (otherwise known as Taylor Wilde in TNA) for a
short while I'd been lucky enough to be allowed backstage often and to the
point where I'd met and observed a lot going on back there. Me and Shantelle
had quite an open easy going relationship and being quite honest, I'd never
been able to help myself from staring at the wall to wall hotness that were
most of the TNA Knockouts. Hell I'd even gotten a great blow job from Madison
Rayne once when I walked in on her getting changed. If it hadn't been for
being disturbed I'd have ended up fucking her cute little ass all over that
locker room....another time maybe.

So anyway there we are backstage, Shantelle had just finished a taping and
had come back to get changed. Not many people were around now as most of the
tapings were finished and aside from a few staff and odd people around, most
had been sent home. Shantelle came up to me backstage. "Hey babe, did you see
my match?"

"I did gorgeous, you were great... damn you look so hot in your gear."

"Haha, stop! I need to go grab a shower."

I scanned Shantelle's gorgeous body in her wrestling gear, she had the most
gorgeous blonde hair and a sexy as hell body, a lovely round ass and fine big
tits that I'd enjoyed many a time...

"Mmm come on babe, why don't we have a little fun back here?" I said as I
dragged her over into the locker room which was empty... "Nobody's around,
come on you look so fucking hot in your gear."

Shantelle put up one of those lame struggles where she really wanted it
despite weakly saying no, as I pulled her into the locker room I kissed her
deeply, running my hands through her hair and then over her lovely ass.

"Mmmm babe, you're naughty, I need a shower."

"Don't worry about that gorgeous, you being all sweaty is only turning me
on, come on you know you want some." I kissed her again, squeezing her ass
and then running my hands up to cup her tits and caress them.

Shantelle responded, moaning slightly and kissing me deeper, our tongues
circling around each other and getting more and more intense. She started to
stroke my cock through my trousers whilst groaning, I moan myself and quickly
yank down her top to expose those gorgeous big tits, immediately cupping them
in my hands and sucking on one whilst fondling the other.

"Oooh babe that's so good, suck on my tits! Mmm yeah, I want your cock,"
Shantelle was rubbing harder now and started to undo my trousers, moments
later she had my cock out in her hand stroking it and moaning.

"Mmm fuck that feels good," I said. "Go on babe suck on my cock."

Shantelle didn't need asking twice, getting down on her knees she ran her
tongue up and down the shaft of my cock before hungrily taking it all into
her mouth. "Mmm" we both moaned as Shantelle started sucking on my cock and
wanking it in between with her hand

"Oooh yeah babe, I want you to cum in my mouth." Shantelle took my cock back
into her warm mouth and started sucking again, hungry for my cum.... I loved
the moment and thought the way she was going I'd probably be shooting my load
in a moment... or so I thought... the next minute we both jumped in shock as
the door flew open....

"What the FUCK!"

My eyes shot open and Shantelle jumped and looked around as we suddenly found
Tara and Cheerleader Melissa stood in the doorway.

"Well what's going on here then?!" said Tara, "Looks like someone couldn't
keep it in their pants until they got home."

Melissa looked on in disgust, seeming pretty pissed off about the fact of
what was going on. Shantelle jumped up and went to put her tits away as I
tried to do the same with my cock.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing, I never said you could put those away,"
said Tara. "I don't know what you think you're playing at, getting up to this
back here, you know this locker room should be respected, who do you both
think you are? You, Shantelle, you should know better, what do you think
Dixie would say if we told her we'd seen this. And you, you're not even meant
to be back here, you may think you can walk around here like you're all that
because you're fucking her, but this is our locker room and you better damn
respect it!"

We both babbled like kids who had been caught stealing or something "Sorry,
Tara, we didn't mean..."

"Shut up, never mind `sorry Tara,' what makes you think you can get away with
this shit? I should go and tell Dixie right now!"

I'd been aware that Melissa hadn't said barely anything but she seemed to be
checking out Shantelle. I had heard Melissa was gay or bi in some circles but
never knew for sure, I'd always fancied her but had a feeling she liked women
though. Tara was pretty intimidating but I'd always thought she was hot. As I
was thinking all this over Shantelle broke the moments silence.

"No, Tara, please, I need this job and I don't even know what plans they have
for me in the office as it is. Please don't tell Dixie this, they'll probably
let me go and I love it here!"

"You should have thought about that before," Tara said.

I couldn't help but notice that she was checking out my cock through all this
but I didn't want to say anything... at that point I said though "Look, Tara,
I'm sorry! Both of you, we're really sorry! I don't want to get Shantelle
fired or in any trouble. It was my fault. I put her up to it."

Melissa spoke to Tara but I couldn't hear what they were saying, they both
looked at us and Tara giggled a bit, then she spoke. "Ok, well, I guess we
might be able to sort something out, but that depends on you two. I'll walk
down to Dixie's office right now and tell her everything... unless you both
do something for us..."

"What do you mean?" Shantelle said, me I just piped up, "Of course, anything
you want."

At that point Tara and Melissa both came in and put their bags down. Melissa
locked the door behind her.

"What I mean honey is that we think you both owe us, don't we Melissa?"

"Yeah you owe us alright, I've been checking you out before Shantelle, you've
got a hot little ass and I like that.

Tara joined in, "Yeah, you're pretty hot, Shantelle. We've both checked you
out getting changed before. Maybe you can make us happy so we don't have to
tell Dixie anything."

At this point I was getting pretty aroused, this seemed like a pretty good
deal to me!

"And your boyfriend has a pretty nice cock there too," Tara said, "Maybe you
wouldn't mind me sharing it."

Seeing as nothing was said about Melissa I presumed that indeed she was gay,
especially seeing as she was clearly checking out Shantelle big time without
even looking at me barely.

Shantelle got a bit tongue tied, "Umm...I've, I've never really done that

Tara stopped her, "Sshh of course you have honey, don't can't
fool us...besides, it'll be fun, you'll like it."

Me and Shantelle both glanced at each other, she saw my cock was hard and she
looked slightly nervous but we both knew that there would be major trouble if
we didn't go along with things anyway.

Before anyone said anything else Tara had already taken the initiative. "Come
on honey. Relax. You look nervous, it'll be fine," and with that she came
right over and planted a kiss on Shantelle's lips. She responded slowly,
kissing with no tongue at first. "See it's fine, let's have a bit of fun."

Tara reached out and took my cock in her hand, stroking it gently. "Oooh,
that's a nice cock. I can see why you were so into sucking on that when we
walked in."

While she stroked me, Tara took hold of Shantelle's face with her other hand
and again moved in and kissed her, this time Shantelle relaxed a bit and I
saw their tongues probing each other as I got harder and Tara continued
stroking my cock whilst they kissed. "That's it honey, I told you that you'd
like it."

While this was going on Melissa stood close by touching herself, she'd been
in her ring gear and had rolled her top down, exposing her firm tits. She
watched Tara and was fondling her own tits before coming over "You're fucking
hot, Shantelle. I've wanted you for ages."

I stared at Melissa's tits but she blanked me, I'd fancied her for ages and
it was the fact she seemed quite tough and feisty that turned me on about
her, plus she had a good body aswell of course. Tara smiled as Melissa came
over and started kissing Shantelle, she really went for it, her tongue really
probing Shantelle's.

"Mmm that's hot!" said Tara.

I watched and groaned as Tara kept stroking my cock, then Melissa and Tara
turned to each other and kissed each other, again full of tongue and real
passion, then they stopped and turned.

"Mmm look at those tits," said Tara.

"I've wanted to get hold of these a long time," said Melissa, then they both
crouched slightly and took one in each mouth together. I groaned loudly as I
watched Melissa and Tara both sucking on Shantelle's tits. She groaned, too.

I stood salivating at what I was watching, here was my fucking hot girlfriend
Shantelle having her tits sucked by Cheerleader Melissa who herself had her
tits out and Tara who was stroking my hard cock and looking awesome as
always. Tara had her tight ring gear on too and I was just amazed by her
massive tits squashed into her tight little top and of course I'd seen her
hot ass in the ring before. I loved Tara's ass as well and had fantasised
many a time about getting a closer look.

Melissa and Tara both spent a while sucking and caressing Shantelle's tits
before they came up and giggled. Melissa then helped Tara out of her top and
released her huge tits for all of us to see, they kissed and Melissa sucked
on one of her titties while I drooled. "Come here, babe, and have a suck." I
went to move, but then was stopped. "Not you, her."

Disappointed, but still turned on, I watched as Shantelle moved slowly
closer, still nervous.

"Go on honey, you'll like it."

Shantelle nervously rubbed on one of Tara's tits and slowly bent slightly,
probing her nipple with her tongue.

"Mmmm that's it girl."

She got more into it, sucking on Tara's tit whilst Melissa sucked on the
other. Then, while Shantelle was slightly bent over occupied, Melissa got
down and started to pull down her tight pants, her thong coming with it.
Shantelle shifted nervously but Tara took hold of her face and started
kissing her.

"Relax, honey."

They kept kissing and fondling each other's tits as Melissa exposed
Shantelle's gorgeous round ass to me. She wasted no time, immediately pulling
her cheeks apart and getting in to lick Shantelle's pussy. "Mmm you're so
fucking hot," Melissa said licking her out while Tara kept kissing her and
sucking on her tits inbetween kisses.

Moments later they stopped and moved us around. "Why don't you get on your
knees there girl," Melissa said, positioning the now naked Shantelle on all
fours. Melissa still had her short Cheerleader skirt on but had her top
down exposing her big tits, her nipples stiff from how turned on she was.
was topless herself but had her tight wrestling trunks on still.

"How are you honey? Feeling a bit left out?" Tara said to me.

"Well I'm enjoying myself but you know..." I said.

"I'll look after you if you look after me honey. What do you think?" she
and with that got on her knees and licked my cock before looking up at me

"Mmm I said, of course."

"So, seeing as you're making us happy so we don't tell Dixie what you were up
to, you're going to do what we say right?"

"We will."

"I'll give you a little treat but don't get ahead of yourself, you're my
ok," Tara said.

I could handle that, I loved the fact Tara was feisty as well, I love a woman
who knows how to be dominant.

With that Tara took my cock into her mouth and started sucking me off, I
as she REALLY knew what she was doing, sucking slowly and groaning, fondling
tits as she sucked me.

Shantelle was groaning as well as Melissa had got on all fours behind her and
was still licking her pussy, in fact I looked and noticed she was licking her
asshole as well. This only turned me on more. I focused hard on not shooting
load right into Tara's mouth as she was very vocal about me doing as I was
and that wasn't mentioned!

Tara sucked me some more, stopping to wank me off with her hand as she
Melissa putting her tongue into Shantelle's ass and moaned a little. "What do
you think Melissa? I think maybe we should teach these bitches a lesson don't

"Definitely," Melissa said, lifting her face out of Shantelle's ass and

They both picked up their gym bags and pulled out big black strap-on dildos!
and Shantelle gulped and wondered what was to come.

"Time for the main course you two!" said Tara. Melissa and Tara giggled again
and gave each other a little kiss. Then they stood and both strapped on their
strap-ons. "Right bitches, like we said before, you better do as you're told
otherwise Dixie will be hearing a little story."

I didn't feel too bad at all to be honest, aside from the fact I hadn't cum
yet, I was feeling pretty damn lucky to watch Melissa licking my girls ass
and getting a great blow job from Tara. Hell, even if I didn't get to do any
more I was about to see them both spit roast my Shantelle and that I didn't
mind at all.

Melissa came over to Shantelle. "On your knees now, girl." She sat her up on
her knees and pointed her strap-on cock in Shantelle's direction. "Get this
in your mouth."

Shantelle didn't put up a fight, Melissa was being full on dominant and
arguing probably wouldn't have been a good plan, Shantelle took the cock into
her mouth and started sucking it, staring up at Melissa who grinned wickedly.
"Yeah, that's right, suck my cock, girl. I saw you before. I know you love a
big cock in your mouth."

Tara watched and stood next to me, I watched too, my stiff dick stood right
up with all this. "Enjoying this are you honey? Get on your fucking knees,

"What?!" I said.

"I said get on your fucking knees, bitch. I told you you're my bitch or you
two are fucked. We'll go and tell Dixie everything. We're going to fuck your
hot ass girlfriend but don't think you're getting off that easy."

I was stunned but a little scared, the next thing I knew Tara was pushing me
down onto my knees.

"I said get on your knees, bitch!"

I was now on my knees looking up at her.

"Now suck my cock!"

She hit me across the face with the black strap-on and before I could say
much she'd pushed it right into my mouth. Secretly I'd got no real problems
with it. Hell, I was a little bit bi myself if I was honest and I'd always
had that thing for dominant women as I'd said. Not wanting to drop Shantelle
in it, I sucked on the strap-on.

"Yeah that's it, suck that cock, boy!" Tara said. Even Melissa was watching
as well as I sucked like a pro. "That's it, boy! Wank your cock while you
suck me off!" Tara said.

I obeyed, wanking my cock with my hand as I kept on sucking.

"I'm gonna fuck your mouth, bitch. That's it. Take that cock!" Tara put both
hands on my head and started thrusting into my mouth. I sucked for all I was
worth not wanting to make her angrier than she already seemed.

Next to me Melissa was doing the same to Shantelle.

"Mmm yeah, you love it don't you?" Melissa was thrusting furiously as
Shantelle looked and sounded a little nervous with her noises whilst Melissa
rammed the strap-on into her mouth.

We went like that for a good few minutes before they stopped us. Melissa lay
down on her back and told Shantelle to come over. "Get over here and sit on
my cock." Shantelle did as she was told, she slowly sat down onto the strap-
on and started to grind herself up and down as Melissa cupped her tits in
both hands.

"Mmmm, yeah, I've waited for this!"

Tara moved round to her side and slipped her strap-on into Shantelle's mouth
as they both went to work on her. I watched, hard as a rock wanking myself as
I watched my hot girlfriend being used and fucked by these two hot women.

Shantelle was now bouncing up and down on Melissa's cock as Tara fucked her
mouth, all three of them groaning.

"Hey bitch, come over here and suck my titties while I fuck your hot
girlfriend's mouth!" Tara said. I didn't need asking twice, I got over there
and took her big tits in my hands, hungrily sucking and licking them all
over. "Yeah, that's it, you suck my tits almost as good as you suck cock!"

Tara had amazing tits and I made sure I enjoyed every single inch of them, I
sucked and licked them all over before she yanked my head up and kissed me
forcefully. "Mmm," Tara kissed me and started pulling on my cock again while
she did, still thrusting into Shantelle's mouth as Melissa fucked her.

Then it was time for another change.

"Right get down on all fours, bitch!" Tara said.

"What?! What's that all about?" I said.

"You didn't think I was just going to shove this big cock in your mouth did
you? You're my bitch today. We've already sorted that. Now get on all fours
and open up your ass, bitch!"

Shantelle watched as I slowly got down.

Tara wasn't amused at how long I was taking and pushed me down. "Come on,
bitch, we haven't got all night. You'll love it! I know you will."

Melissa got Shantelle off and stood up. "Why don't you get on all fours right
here as well, hot stuff. You can watch Tara fuck your boyfriend's ass. I bet
you'll get off on it, too."

Shantelle got on all fours to the side of me where she could see me straight
ahead whilst Melissa went around behind her.

"Open up your ass babe, I'm going to fuck yours while your boyfriend gets
fucked. You can feel it together."

Shantelle nervously waited as Melissa went down and licked her asshole some
more, getting her ready.

There I was in the same position as I felt Tara start to lick my ass. I've
got to say it felt amazing, she really put that tongue to work on my asshole
and again my cock was rock hard. I started stroking my cock again whilst I

"Don't you worry. You'll cum in no time when I'm fucking you," Tara said.

A moment later and I looked over, Melissa had gotten behind Shantelle and was
pushing her cock into her ass. Shantelle grimaced slightly as it went and she
started to thrust slowly.

"It's alright babe, I'll be gentle with you, you'll love it," Melissa said as
she leant over and cupped Shantelle's tits in her hands.

I could have almost cum right there from the sight of my hot Shantelle having
her ass fucked by a topless Cheerleader Melissa inches away from me. Her
ample tits swinging and bobbing along as she fucked her. It was then that I
felt the cock entering me as well.

"Don't squirm, babe. You'll like it. I won't be too rough with you if you do
as you're told."

I grimaced a little as I felt the strap-on enter my ass, it hurt a bit at
first, but after a moment or so it didn't feel as bad, then Tara started to
slowly thrust into me.

"Mmm see, it's not so bad is it, I bet you didn't think you'd have a dick in
your ass tonight did you?"

I groaned as Tara started to thrust some more, first out of slight pain and
it being uncomfortable, but after a few thrusts I was groaning in pleasure. I
actually loved being fucked and to be fucked by Tara who I could see doing my
ass in the mirror across the room at the same time as seeing my gorgeous
Shantelle having her ass fucked by Cheerleader Melissa just drove me crazy. I
wanked my hard cock as Tara kept thrusting into me.

Shantelle was moaning out loud across the room, Melissa was thrusting hard
into her and really getting into it.

"Oooh yeah! Mmm... I've wanted to fuck your hot little ass for so long! You
love it don't you? Look over there at Tara fucking your boyfriend up the ass.
You love it don't you?"

Shantelle did seem to love it, she was staring over at me and groaning louder
and louder. "Ooooh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! This is SO hot!!!"

Across the room I watched and groaned myself. I was now wanking my cock hard
as I knew I would cum soon. Tara behind me was thrusting hard and fast. I
could hear the sound of her skin slapping mine as she plunged the strap-on
inside me.

"Mmmm yeah! You love being my bitch don't you! Take that cock babe! Take that
dick up your ass!"

Then just as I thought I might cum they both stop.

"Hey, Melissa, want to swap?"

I was shocked, as I said I thought Melissa was gay and the way she'd shunned
me and gone for Shantelle seemed to confirm that.

"Yeah why not I'll fuck his ass some. You just want some of this sweet pussy
don't you?"

With that, they swapped over and Tara went down on Shantelle, licking her
pussy and asshole.

Melissa came over to me. "I know you've heard I'm gay. Yeah, I like girls.
What most people don't know is I like guys too, but I'm more into girls."

Wow, I think it was my lucky night. With that she said more, "Now you be a
good boy and open up your ass for me and I might give you a little reward

She didn't have to ask me twice. Melissa lay down on her back and I climbed
onto her, lowering my ass onto her cock. I felt it slide up into me and this
time I felt more used to it plus I was able to control it more myself this
time, well so I thought.

Melissa then grabbed hold of my hips and started pulling me down onto her
Cock. I gasped a little as it went right up but then started to find a rhythm
and began bouncing myself up and down on her.

"Yeah, that's it! Take that cock! You do love it don't you?"

Tara laughed as she got up and pushed herself into Shantelle from behind. "I
told you he'd love it, seems like your boy likes a bit of dick as well,

I bounced up and down on Melissa's cock staring at her tits while I did and
looking over at Shantelle being pounded by Tara.

"Mmm, your girl is hot, boy, that's for sure. She's got a fucking great ass."

"He's got a pretty good ass himself," Melissa said

"Yeah, that's true!"

They both laughed.

Melissa was holding my hips hard, pulling me up and down onto her cock. My
cock was swinging around and getting harder.

"Go on! Wank yourself off," Melissa said.

I started stroking my cock.

"Tell me when you're gonna cum," she said.

Shantelle was still being royally fucked by Tara, who had made sure to swap
from her pussy into her ass so she got to fill both holes.

"Ooh yeah, take it, blondie! Mmmm, you like watching your boyfriend get
fucked don't you. You're both a right dirty pair!"

We went at it like this for a while longer until we could take no more....I
heard Shantelle moan louder and louder until she started to cum. Tara
thrusting deeper and faster just as she began to orgasm. I couldn't take any
more. Melissa was forcefully pulling me down onto her cock, fucking me hard
and between that and Shantelle cumming I knew I was about to blow.

"I'm going to cum!"

Melissa told me to get up. I quickly slid off her and stood up as Melissa got
onto her knees and gobbled my cock into her mouth....WOW! I was now so close
but desperately wanted to enjoy a hot blow job off Cheerleader Melissa, one
that I was never expecting to get from what I'd heard about her. Melissa
sucked on my cock, wanking up and down the shaft and sucking away like a
woman possessed.

Tara had come round now and was kissing Shantelle deeply, both hands on her
face really enjoying it. Then they both watched as Melissa carried on sucking
me hard. I couldn't take much more, I knew I was about to cum and felt my
cock going rigid as I hit breaking point.....just as I was about to blow my
load Melissa took me out of her mouth and opened wide wanking my cock still
determined to make me cum. That was huge sticky load came shooting
out. Melissa took loads in her mouth and then aimed lower down, covering her
tits in my warm sticky cum. Tara and Shantelle groaned and giggled as they
watched me covering Melissa's face and tits with my cum, groaning loudly as I
kept spurting. This was a big load!

As I finished, Melissa pulled me down and kissed me. I could taste and feel
my cum all over my tongue as we kissed. Then she stopped and said "Right, you
all better come and clean me up."

Shantelle and Tara came over as all three of us went to work on Melissa's
tits licking and sucking all the cum off them.

We all sat for a moment in the locker room.

"Wow, that was amazing!" I said.

"That was so hot, babe," Shantelle said to me, "It made me so horny and I
came so hard watching you get fucked, too."

We kissed each other.

Tara and Melissa were laughing. "Well, I guess we can let what we saw slide
seeing as you both were so good," said Tara.

Melissa was especially happy, "Come here and give me a kiss you little
hottie." Shantelle kissed her deeply and they both groaned. "Thanks,
for making my night," said Melissa.

"I think you both made all our nights," I said.

We all laughed.

I gave Tara and Melissa a kiss as did Shantelle and they got ready to leave

"Maybe we'll hook up again another time then guys," said Tara.

"Definitely," we said.

The girls left and me and Shantelle started to clean ourselves up.

"Wow, that was amazing," I said.

"I know," said Shantelle. "I've noticed a few of the girls before and I have
been kinda turned on and wondered about trying something," she said.

"Really? You should have told me! That's hot babe, I love it."

"Yeah, Daffney propositioned me once but I was too scared to do anything. She
grabbed my tits. There's loads of it goes on here. I've seen Angelina and
Velvet getting it on in the showers before, and Winter, you know Katarina,
she's slept with a couple of the girls before."

I was amazed. "I never knew any of this! Wow the wrestling world really is a
different world. Hey!"

"Yeah," she said, "and I know Madison sucked you off that day in the locker
room, too. She's a bit of a slut but it's cool. We're both open and we're
solid no matter what. We can play as long as we both know and agree to it."

I was still taking in what a mad day it had been and going over all this in
my head. "Wow, I tell you what, babe. You're so hot, I'm so giving you a good
fucking again tonight," I said.

Shantelle giggled, "You never stop!"

With that we both got changed and headed home for a good night's fun and to
discuss who we both fancied a bit of fun with maybe in the future.

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