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Diva: Brooke "Tessmacher" Adams

Bustin' For Brooke
by TommieCB

Coming in for a one time only appearance at Hooters in her hometown of Houston was former WWE/TNA talent Brooke Adams who showed up there as a favor to the manager and also to don the famous Hooter's attire. Brooke would be there all day up til closing as not only she signed autographs, took photos and serving customers. I showed up to the place at the time where the appetizers were half off and didn't have to really worry about customers. The hostess showed me to a table and Brooke was my waitress and she looked absolutely hot and she walked up to me and greeted me and she asked for my choice of drink and if I was ready to order, I didn't wanna waste any time and ordered the usual that I would if I went to any other Hooters. I sat in my booth watching whatever was on tv which was just a boring football game between 2 no name teams in which at the same time Brooke arrived back with my food and asked me if everything was fine and I said yes. As the place was starting to clear out, I was finishing up my meal and the dishwasher guy came to my table and picked up the plates and cup. Brooke came back wheeling in a cart full of her merchandise including photos, posters, cards, etc and asked me if I was interested in buying anything and offered me a deal and of course I jumped on it immediately. At the end I pulled out a $100 bill which included a tip for her service and she stood there in amazement and cheer as she asked me to pick out which stuff I wanted so I grabbed a couple of her posters and some pix. Brooke asked me to slide over in the booth so she could sign them for me, then she looked back at the manager who was doing some inventory work and she looked at me with those sexy brown eyes and a lustful look on her face and outta nowhere she placed her hand on my crotch and leaned in for a quick kiss using some tongue and I couldn't believe what just happened. She told me she needed a ride home and asked if I would do and of courser I happily obliged but she needed help putting her boxed merch in my car and I gave her a hand putting the stuff in the back seat and she told me to wait in the car while she went back to the dressing room to change back into her street clothes, told the other girls goodbye and whatnot. She stepped outside and came back to my car, hopped in as we made way back to her home which wasn't too far away.

Once we got back to her place, Brooke was still amazed at the $100 I gave her and she jokingly said for that type of tip you deserve more than just signed photos and she admitted lowkey wearing the Hooters outfit made her horny seeing all the guys giving her all the love and attention and she wanted to release some sexual tension and was hoping I'd join her. Without any hesitation she leaned in towards me as we kissed and she reached down and massaged my cock through my jeans as I caressed her ass which were snug fit through some leggings as I kept my hands on her ass and I couldn't contain myself, I've been wanting her ass since her TNA days. Seeing how I loved her ass Brooke turned around and gave me a full view as I peeled her leggings down to her thighs and began kissing her bare booty and running my tongue all over her flesh. Not a black tiny g-string could contain all that Brooke booty as she told me to stand back and she faced me again and we kissed more as she now wanted to see what I was working with. She took a seat in a recliner as I undid my belt, unloosened my pants and Brooke grabbed my cock and her eyes grew big with the size. 8.5 thick, with a nice cockhead as her mouth began to water and she grabbed the base and worked her tongue swirling around the head darting her tongue and quick slurps around my head which made me moan softly as I called her name out. I spread my legs a bit just enough to let my balls dangle as Brooke continued to work on my head polishing it up real nice, using lots of spit as she looked up at me and her eyes alone were damn near enough to make me cum but I held my ground through the amazing blowjob. Brooke would stop for a minute to remove her shirt and her tits looked amazing, I couldn't wait to get my dick in between those. Brooke would go back to the sloppy bj, just bobbing her head and focusing on the head still and then I wanted to take control as she laid on the carpet pushing her tits up and I slid my cock in between her tits and went at a steady pace which in the same time Brooke went down to finger her tight, soaking wet pussy moaning very softly. After the foreplay she wanted to wait no more and get down to the real deal.

Not wanting to go upstairs she wanted to fuck on the carpet but she went to grab a yoga mat and a pillow and told me to lay back so I was comfortable. Once I was down Brooke crawled over to me and straddled me and we kissed more as she grabbed my dick and lowered herself on top of me and she cooed as her pussy was already getting stretched out by my size but she got it the deepest it could go and it was just right for her. She began to grind working her hips and ass as I held on to her hips for leverage. Then I leaned up and leaned back on the edge of her couch and Brooke bounced at a steady pace while I focused on her amazing tits sucking one then the other. Brooke held her hair up bouncing faster and in a rush she came and could feel her juices on my dick. Regaining composure quick she went back to grinding and here I was watching the amazing Brooke fucking me. She would go in reverse for a few minutes and told me to lay back flat again and she bounced some more and this time she was cupping my balls squeezing them.

I took control flipping her on her back and only wanting her pussy we fucked in missionary and I sucked her tits some more and I didn't hold back, I went all in and she began to scream loud as I felt myself ready to cum and I wanted to cum in her pussy and she ordered me to and with a few more thrusts I shot streams of cum and Brooke wrapped her legs around me to get every drop. I pulled out and let her suck the rest of it off. Still on her back I went back in for another fuck and fucked her some and her voice encouraging me to cum again, it took some time but I shot another load in her. Her pussy was filled with cum as she got up on her knees and sucked me more and stroked me off. She climbed back on top and let me suck her tits, playing with her ass smacking it and then kissed. She went back to grab the photos I had purchased earlier in the night, signed them and included a pair of perfumed scented panties putting them in a ziplock bag.

We went to the shower to clean up, get dressed and I was heading out the door but not before Brooke let me get more sample of her tits as I sucked them and she laughed and giggled and then she gave me a quick handjob and then told me to get going before her fiance got home and that I didn't have to worry about neighbors so we hugged, took a quick selfie and I went to my car and sped out the driveway forever saying I busted in Brooke....The End

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