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Busting The Bellas
by JGarces

"Dammit. Not again. FUCK those Bella Twats, man," my bro Tyler said to me as we watched Nikki Bella, the despised WWE Diva defeat our beloved Paige at the WWE Fastlane event in Memphis, Tennessee.

"Man, we should put a stop to that slut's reign of terror over the Divas division," I said to him in response, not really thinking about anything more than saying it as a way to let off some steam.

"You know something John, I think you're right pal," he told me as we started to leave the arena, not caring to stick around for any of the matches following our girl's defeat.

On the way out of the building, we got to talking, and perhaps merely because of the beer we had been consuming, we decided that we were, in fact, going to do something about it.

"You know, if we want, we could follow them to the next show. It's in Nashville," I told him as we sneaked out of the arena and waited by the talent entrance, where the wrestlers arrived earlier in the day and would be leaving from later.

The security guards that were hanging around out there proved to be a slight issue, but we managed to ward them off by telling them that we meant no malice and were merely waiting around out there to catch a glimpse of our British babe.

"Focus dude," I told Tyler when he started to go on about all the things that he, well we, really, would love to do to Paige, convincing him to refocus on the fact that we were out there to get a measure of revenge on the Smellas.

"Maybe...if we fuck the Bellas up bad enough...Paige might want to play around with us to thank us," I told him, not really believing that she would give herself to a couple of delusional fans who attacked her fellow co-workers, but the off-chance that she might led us to the conclusion that we had come too far to back out now.

Especially when we saw the wrestlers starting to pour out of the arena and head for the entrance/exit area, where we positioned ourselves close enough to see the Bellas leaving the building together, with no sign of Nikki's no-talent boyfriend John Cena in sight, nor any sign of her sister Brie's chronically injured goat face of a husband Daniel Bryan.

"I'm gonna go get the car and bring it around. Don't lose them," I said to Tyler as he watched the Bellas piling into their car, several minutes passing before I pulled up and let him into the front seat.

"There they go. It's a 3-hour trip. Let's make sure we don't tail them too closely," I said to him as we started following the Bellas out of the parking lot, seeing several cars of several other superstars surrounding them on the road.

"I can't believe that we're actually going to go through with this," Tyler said to me, almost jumping out of his seat from excitement as we started our trek down the road.

"Calm down or the excitement will kill you before we even get to do anything with them," I teased him as he nervously twiddled his thumbs.

"Why is it always the most untalented Divas that get the biggest pushes in this company anyway?" he asked me as we drove down the road, trying to blend in with the wrestler traffic.

"I don't know man. They like to chastise us Internet geeks as losers who still live in their mom's basement, but the way they book the show, I think they're the ones that still do," I told him, drawing a chuckle from him as we notice the sisters beginning to slow their vehicle down.

"Oh look. They're stopping at this gas station up ahead," Tyler says as we watch them park their car in front of the convenience store.

"Should one of us get out?" he asked me as I parked a few spots over, debating our next move as we watched them get out of the car and walk into the store with their tight asses bouncing, just like they owned the place.

"If that Brie slut wasn't married to Air Goat, I'd smash that," Tyler told me as we gawked and cat-called at the girls from inside our closed-off vehicle.

"And then there's Nikki. I wouldn't mind doing away with Super Cena and showing her that a real man uses more than 5 moves of doom in the bedroom," I told him as I got out of the car to go inside.

"I'm going to pick us some food for the road. And maybe stalk our prey a little bit while I'm in there too," I told him, assuring him that he wouldn't need to be getting out of the car as I walked into the store and purposefully started tailing them.

While I was inside, I heard Nikki on the phone with her overrated boyfriend and discovered that the first thing that overgrown gym rat was going to do when they checked into the hotel was get a late night workout in at the gym in the hotel.

To say this was intriguing to me would be an understatement, since it meant that Nikki would be by herself for a while when they first arrived.

After grabbing a few snacks (and checking out Nikki and Brie's asses), I headed back to the car and alerted Tyler of the information I had received.

"So, we're gonna jump them when they first get there right?" he asked me as we drove off, following closely behind the Bellas, who had now been separated from the rest of the roster thanks to their pit stop.

"Patience, buddy. We need to make sure we catch that slut Nikki alone first. But if Brie just so happens to walk in on us while we're raping her sister, then we might just have to rape her, too," I told him as we drove down the interstate, beginning to leave the lights of Memphis behind as the reality of what we were planning to do sank in.

"You know it's really not all that worrisome to me that we might go to jail. But how do we make sure our little crumpet doesn't go down with us if we get busted?" Tyler asked me, throwing me momentarily off-guard as I struggled for an answer.

"Well, for starters, I'm pretty sure all of those rooms have video cameras. We need to see if we can get those sluts to cum for us so it will look consensual. That way we could be able to blackmail them and they won't want to go public in the first place," I told him as he nodded his head in agreement, making a pact with me to do our best to make that exact thing happen, but still worried about what might happen to Paige if anyone tried to implicate her in the crimes we were about to commit.

"Trust me Tyler. When we get done wrecking those Bellas sluts, the last thing they're gonna want to do is relive it by taking us, or anyone else, to court over it," I told him, throwing in that it might not be such a bad idea to knock them up along the way, either, if we were somehow able to get that information out of them.

"Hey, as long as I can get some of that Brie Mode, I'll be perfectly fine," Tyler told me as we took off down the road, turning on the radio to hear Carrie Underwood singing one of her hit songs.

"Pretty fitting, seeing as how we're going to Nashville and all," I told him before laughing and adding, "and anything is better than that Florida-Georgia Line bullshit they play these days."

We kept talking for about an hour or so before we saw Nikki and Brie pull into what appeared to be the hotel they were going to be staying at.

"Pull in. I'm gonna get out and pay for a room so we look less suspicious," Tyler told me as he nudged me on the shoulder.

"Yeah. Good thinking there buddy," I tell him as I shut the car off and Tyler casually walks into the lobby of the hotel with me following closely behind him after I finished parking the car.

"Brie, our room is number 1121. I asked for it specifically since it's the day that all of our awesomeness first blessed this earth," we heard Nikki tell her sister before overhearing that their room was on the third floor.

"Excellent," we both hissed under our breath as we watched their tight asses swaying back and forth as they headed to their room, no clue what was awaiting them soon.

"Hi. I'd like a room for two please," Tyler told the person behind the main desk, who proceeded to type out something on his computer.

"Looks like we have one on the second floor," he told us as Tyler pulled out his debit card.

"Excellent. I'll take it," he told the guy behind the desk as we started walking for our room, the words we had overheard from the Bellas still fresh in our minds.

"So what's our plan of attack here?" Tyler asked me as we headed up to our room, spying the Bellas using a different elevator from ours out of the corner of our eye as they headed to their room.

"Let's put our stuff up and head up there. That Nikki slut looks like she might be thinking about going to catch a workout with her man down in the gym. But the only one she's actually going to get is the one we're about to give her," I told him as we stuffed all of our stuff into the closet and looked around the room.

"Do we have anything here to tie those sluts up with?" I asked Tyler, settling on the idea that we would tie them up with their own panties, since we figured it would be easy to overpower them.

"Follow my lead," I told Tyler as we crept up the stairs to the third, and highest, floor, of the hotel, taking advantage of the relative emptiness of the late night hours to walk the hall and find room 1121.

"You know how to pick a lock, right?" I asked Tyler, causing him to shake his head in the affirmative as he jiggled the handle, using my car key to pick the lock.

"Hear that? One of those sluts is in the shower. Whichever one of them isn't is the one we're gonna rape first," I told him as we sneaked into the room, seeing Nikki with her back turned to us, wearing nothing but a bathrobe, as she put up their clothes, presumably waiting for her sister to finish in the shower so she could take one.

"Was that the door? Of course not. I'm probably just paranoid. After all, it's not my fault that everyone wants me," Nikki told herself as she walked back into the closet, dismissing the sound she heard, which was us slipping into the room, as she continued putting away their clothes.

"Now," I told Tyler as we both started to creep up on her, Tyler taking a plastic bag out of their trash can and using it to place over her head as his other free hand grabbed her ass while I grabbed her between the legs and felt up her tits with the other one of mine.

"Freeze Nikki," I hissed in her ear, all four of our hands running over her body as we pulled the sash on the robe, causing her to cry out in panic as she scrambled to cover herself up.

"DON'T COVER THOSE THINGS UP CUNT! THEY'RE WHAT WE CAME IN HERE FOR!" Tyler sneered as he forced her hands away from her tits and pussy, cornering her near the bed as we got a good look at the body we were about to have our way with.

I licked my lips as I approached Nikki, who was already starting to struggle against our advances and I kneeled down in front of her.

"Don't even think about screaming slut, because if you do, as soon as your sister gets out of the shower, we're gonna rape her hot, wet body, too," I hissed in her as Tyler grabbed her by the arm.

"Grab her feet John. Let's get this Smella Slut on the bed," Tyler told me as I reached down and grabbed her by her feet, tossing her up onto the bed as both of us undressed and climbed on top of her.

In only the span of a couple of minutes, Nikki Bella's night had gone from successfully defending the Diva's title to now being locked in her hotel room with us as we looked her tight body up like the couple of sex-starved perverts that we were.

I watched as Nikki's chest started heaving up and down in response to Tyler beginning to grab her plump tits and squeeze them as I buried my head between her legs.

"Look, if you guys let me go I can get you front-row seats to the show tomorrow night. I'll even give you free merchandise or take a picture with you. Just please don't do this," she begged us as Tyler squeezed and fondled her tits, pleading her case again as I ran my tongue along her smooth pussy slit.

"Shut up slut," I hissed up to her as Tyler slapped her across the face, causing Nikki to hold her face in pain from the stinging sensation that was going through it.

"There's only one kind of merchandise we want, and it's right here," I continued as I forced her legs apart and buried my tongue into her cunt, starting to eat her out as Tyler sat on her waist and began to suck on her luscious tits.

"OHGOD. BR-" she started to shout out for her sister, stopping in her tracks when Tyler covered her mouth with his hand.

"Remember what we said about your sister slut," he warned her as he sucked on her tits, my tongue whirring in and out of her pussy as she twisted and turned her hips in a futile effort to get away from me.

"Cum for me slut. Just like the worthless whore you are," I taunted her as I dug my tongue deep into her pussy, her eyes starting to roll back in her head as I pulled my tongue out of her.

"Fine then Nikki. If you won't cum for my tongue, maybe you'll cum for my dick bitch," I hissed as I lined my dick up with her pussy, Tyler giving her tits one last squeeze as he aimed his dick at her face.

"And while he's getting some of your pussy, I think you need to suck it bitch," Tyler told her as he grabbed the back of her head and forced it onto his dick as I slid into her pussy, threw her long legs on my shoulders, and started to rape her most intimate area.

"OHGOD. OHGOD. Come on Brie," she softly moaned as we started to rock her body back and forth on the bed with the force we were fucking her two holes with.

"Suck it slut. We both know you know how to, since it's probably how you got hired in the first place," Tyler taunted her as he fucked her face, slapping her every time she tried to pull away or bite down on him.

"Your pussy is so tight that I guess all those jokes about him "pulling out at 2" are true, you worthless slut" I taunted her as I thrust deeper inside of her, her walls starting to wrap tightly around my dick as they pulled me deeper inside of her.

"SHIT. The water just stopped running," Tyler whispered as he forced his dick down Nikki's throat and held himself there, cumming down her slutty throat and nearly choking her with it as Brie walked in on us.

"GET OFF OF MY SISTER YOU PERVERTS!" Brie shouted when she saw me thrusting away inside of Nikki's pussy and Tyler shaking his dick in her face as he pulled out of her mouth.

"Well if it isn't Mrs. Goat Face," Tyler hissed as he got off the bed and cornered Brie, her wedding ring shining in the light of the hotel room as I started to quicken my thrusts inside of Nikki as she screamed for Brie to save her.

"You want to save your sister from getting raped anymore tonight? Then what you're going to do is go over there and fuck her yourself," Tyler told her as I thrust away inside of Nikki, stopping just short of my goal to hear what her reaction was going to be.

"FUCK YOU, YOU SICKOS! I'LL NEVER FUCK MY OWN SISTER!" she shouted as Tyler slapped her face and started dragging her back to the bathroom by the hair.

"Then I guess I'll just have to have some fun with you in the shower while John finishes up with your slutty sister," Tyler told her as she started to fight back.

"YOU MONSTERS! We're not on the pill. Either of us," she shouted as Tyler picked her up off the floor and shut the bathroom door, slapping her in the face so hard I could hear it through the closed door.

"Well, well, well. Thanks to your stupid sister, I do believe I know where this load of cum is going now," I taunted Nikki as I pounded away on her snatch, her eyes closing as she started to cry at the thought of me ending everything for her.

"Here comes my baby slut," I told her as I buried myself deep into her womb and came in her, her eyes rolling into her head as I painted her cunt walls with my thick, potent baby seed.

"Now you're probably gonna wish that that baby dies in the womb," I taunted her as I filled her a few more times and laid on her, keeping my softening dick deep inside of her to make sure all of my seed did its job as she laid there defeated.

"Let's listen to my best friend rape your sister in the shower slut," I told her, sucking on her tits occasionally as I heard Tyler telling Brie to hurry up and suck it so he could stick it in her and get what he really wanted.

Even from the other side of the room, I could hear Brie's chest start heaving at the thought of Tyler raping her.

"Let's see what's behind door #1 shall we?" he taunted her, audibly licking his lips as Nikki tried to push me off of her, resulting in me slapping her in the face and grab the nearest article of clothing I could find to tie her to the bed with.

As Tyler yanked the towel away from Brie's tight, athletic body, she let out a yelp in response to the cold that was loud and clear even through the bathroom door.

"No wonder "Goat Boy" married you," I heard him taunt her as I ran my hands over Nikki's shivering body, making her cower in fear at the thought of me raping her again.

"Look, I'll give you what you want, OK? Just please use a condom," Brie pleaded with Tyler as I looked Nikki up and down and taunted her.

"If I didn't use a condom on your slutty pussy, do you really think he's gonna use one on your sister slut?" I sneered as I laid on top of her, running my dick along her pussy lips every now and then.

"Start sucking Brianna. Because that's the only way you're getting out of here," I heard Tyler snap at her as she moaned out in pain, probably from being forcibly pushed to her knees.

"I hate...absolutely despise you and your bastard friend for what you did to my sister," I heard her sneer at Tyler, causing him to laugh in response.

"That's funny, Brie. Because EVERYONE in the WWE Universe hates you and your equally slutty sister. Let's face it slut. You and Nikki are only the top Divas because of who you fuck between the sheets," I heard Tyler tell her, followed by Brie's audible gasp that signified she was no doubt laying eyes on Tyler's dick for the first time.

"That's what a real man looks like Brie," Tyler taunted Brie, followed by me taunting Nikki by placing a hand on her stomach and reminding her of what I had already done to her.

"And you know what a real man FEELS like, don't you Nikki?" I sneered as I rubbed her stomach and reminded her that if she wasn't already pregnant, that Tyler and I would be sure to rape her until she was.

"And that goes for your sister, too," I told her as she squirmed in an effort to get away from me as we heard Brie start sucking Tyler's dick.

"Holy," I heard him moan, making me believe by the sounds I was hearing that Brie was willingly sucking his dick.

"I think your sister's an even bigger slut than you if she's willing sucking his dick," I taunted Nikki, having brought her nearly to tears as she listened to Brie blowing Tyler to try to saver herself and Nikki from any more pain.

"Brie in the words of your "B+" husband, I'm gonna say "NO!" Now get ready," I heard Tyler taunt her as he started fucking her face with such face it could be heard throughout the hotel room.

"YES! YES! YES!" I heard Tyler shout as he came, no doubt in my mind that he was shooting to the back of Brie's throat and making her choke on it.

"Get in the shower slut, we're not done yet!" I heard him hiss at her as he dragged her back to the shower.

"Remember. Condom first," Brie moaned out as Tyler got ready to do to her what I had already done to her sister.

"Yeah yeah, I got it slut. Now get the fuck in the shower," he sneered as I looked Nikki in the eyes and started sucking on her tits again as I noticed how vulnerable she looked.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Brie suddenly shouted at the top of her lungs, in such a way that I knew Tyler had gone for her ass instead of her pussy.

"YOU HEAR THAT SLUT? TYLER'S ABOUT TO RIP UP YOUR SISTER'S ASS WHILE I TEAR UP YOUR PUSSY AGAIN!" I shouted at Nikki as I mounted her and ran my dick along her cunt lips, making her shout out in fear when she felt me sliding back inside of her.

"You know what slut? I'll put it back in your pussy when Tyler rapes your sister's pussy. There's something else I want right now," I told her as I untied her, flipped her over and ran my dick along her ass cheeks as I shoved her face in the pillow.

"OHGOD. Not my ass," Nikki shouted into the pillow, her screams being drowned out by her face being buried in the pillow and Brie's screams coming from the shower as Tyler raped her ass.

The hotel room that the Bellas probably thought they would be enjoying hours ago was now filled with nothing but the sounds of the two sisters screaming as I pounded on Nikki's ass on the bed and Tyler pounded on Brie's in the shower, both of us nearing orgasm as we continued violating them.

"FUCK! THAT HURTS YOU ASSHOLE!" I heard Brie scream from the bathroom, the sounds of Tyler's cock slamming into her ass so loud that I could hear it through the door as I bottomed out in Nikki's ass and felt her anal walls wrapping up my dick.

"FUCK YES," I heard Tyler moan from inside the bathroom, followed by an explosion of skin on skin and Brie screaming at the top of her lungs as Tyler came, no doubt spraying his load deep into her anal cavity as I shoved Nikki's face into the pillow and gave her a few quick thrusts, grunting into her ear as I blew my load deep into her ass, holding it inside of her until all of my cum had filled her ass.

"Now it's time to get some of this "Brie Mode" for myself slut," I heard Tyler taunting Brie as he continued to accost her in the shower, Nikki pleading with me to stop him since she mistakenly thought I was done with her.

"And I'm not using a condom, either. Cause you and your sister are both gonna wind up with nine-month long reminders of this night," he taunted Brie again, her moans of terror giving away the fact that he was sliding into her as I parted Nikki's legs and started sliding into her again.

As I slid into Nikki's pussy again, I heard Tyler slapping around her sister in the bathroom, screaming out at her that he was in charge.

"If you thought what I did to your ass was bad, wait until you see what I do to your "prime" Bella pussy slut," he shouted out to her, the panic Brie was feeling evident even from the other side of the room as he slid into her and started raping her while my dick carved it's way in and out of Nikki's pussy.

"Nice tattoo slut," I heard him taunt Brie as he raped her, having obviously found the tattoo she had above her crotch, as I held my hand over Nikki's mouth and plunged in and out of her, her tits jiggling as I moved her body up and down on the bed, giving me an idea for later on as I heard Tyler insulting Brie some more.

"Oh yeah. That's the spot slut," Tyler hissed, his hips slapping into hers as he pumped in and out of her loudly enough to be heard on the other side of the room as I plunged in and out of Nikki's cunt.

"You feel so good Nikki. Too bad all your horny fans are never going to want this pussy anymore once they find out what I did to it tonight," I taunted her as I drove in and out of her, still covering her mouth with my hand as my mouth went to work on her tits.

"You're getting more action now than you ever get in the ring," I hear Tyler sneer at Brie, followed by Brie begging him to pull out of her and the sound of Tyler grunting as he thrust into her a few more times and shot his baby batter into her.

"Thanks for the Brie Mode slut," he taunted her, telling her to pull herself together as I turned my attention to finishing up with Nikki.

"You hear that Nikki, you dumb slut? Tyler just knocked up your sister like I already knocked you up," I sneered as Nikki moaned out in agony, her cunt reacting to the things I was doing to her by tightening up around me again.

"You already got what you wanted you creep! Just pull out of me!" Nikki cried out as I gave her a few more thrusts and came in her again, sucking on her tits as I filled her with my cum and held myself inside of her, not wanting to take any chances that she could escape us without getting pregnant.

"Actually Nikki, that's where you're wrong slut. We won't get what we want until you and your sister get fired for getting pregnant, and are forced to raise our bastard babies," I hissed as I came in her a few more times, hearing Tyler slapping Brie around again as he opened the bathroom door.

"Get on the bed slut! Let's let your sister watch this time!" he told her as he slapped her around, Nikki begging for him to sop hurting her sister as I slapped her face with my dick and told her to suck it.

"If you don't suck it, I'll just have to slide it between your tits and do the one thing everyone would like to do to you slut," I warned Nikki as she refused to suck it, crying out in fear for her sister as Tyler slid into Brie's pussy and started thrusting into her again.

"Now your slutty sister gets to watch as I rape you," Tyler hissed as he looked down at Brie as she whimpered at the fact that her sister was having to watch her get raped just like she had been forced to watch Nikki get raped earlier.

"So Smella sluts, how does it feel knowing you're both going to have bastard babies?" Tyler taunted Brie as her and Nikki both gave us disgusted looks as Tyler thrust in and out of Brie while I thrust my dick between Nikki's ample cleavage.

In one last act of heroism, Brie used all the strength she had left to spit in Tyler's face, which was met by him balling his fist and driving it as hard as he could into Brie's stomach as he continued raping her.

"Stop that! You're hurting her you disgusting pig!" Nikki shouted as Tyler started quickening his thrusts into her.

"I told you we don't play nice!" I yelled at Nikki as I slapped her across the face, Tyler tensing up and shooting another load of his cum deep into Brie's unprotected womb followed by me shooting a load of my cum all over Nikki's face and tits.

"Well John, looks like we just busted the Bellas," Tyler told me as we began to get dressed, hearing a knock on the door of the room.

"KNOCK IT BLOODY OFF YOU BELLA SKANKS! KEEP YOUR BLOODY MOUTHS SHUT!" we heard a female voice with a distinct British accent shout, and we knew immediately it was Paige.

"SHIT. It's Paige. Just act natural dude," I told Tyler as we left the Bellas' room, Paige having walked a couple of steps down the hall as we ran out of their room and called out to her.

"Paige! We're your biggest fans!" We both called out, seeing her wheel around and walk over to where we were and introduce herself to us as we did our best not to stare at her in the tiny t-shirt and tight white pants she was wearing.

"Didn't I just see you two walking out of the Bellas' room? What was going on in there, anyway?" she asked us as we got in the elevator that was going to take all three of us to our rooms one floor down.

"Well...we sort of went in there and raped them," Tyler told her as we exited the elevator, nervously awaiting her response as I jumped in.

"But we only did it because we're tired of them always beating you just because of who they're fucking," I added, seeing her eyebrows raise as she thought about what we had just told her.

"So you risked your lives and your freedom just to do something for little old me? Not gonna lie. I find that bloody hot as hell," she told us as we arrived in front of her room.

"Really? Cause we were wondering if maybe you'd like to "thank" us personally," Tyler told her, much to my chagrin since I figured we had blown our chance with her.

"Listen, you guys just left the Bellas' room, so I can't take the chance of letting you into mine and having people think I was involved in this," she told us as we shook our heads yes and started to go, giving up on anything happening between us and our favorite little crumpet.

"Here's a couple of passes backstage," she called out to us as she handed me a couple of "all-access" badges and winked at us, "if you use them before the show, I just might take you up on your offer."

As she closed the door to her room, Tyler and I walked back to ours and quickly rested up for Raw the next night, dreams of hooking up with Paige dancing in our heads.

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