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Butt I Had To... Lita's Decision
by WOWButtLover (

Lita lifted the heavy pot of coffee and filled her paper cup to the rim.
"ugh." Lita said as she smelled the cup of coffee.

"Is that what your pussy smells like?" Lita immediately recognized the voice
and why wouldn't she. It was the voice of that horrible monster who had been
torturing her and Matt for weeks.

Lita turned and faced the ugly monster Kane. He was only feet away from her.

"What the fuck did you say?" Lita yelled at him.

"I asked if your pussy smells awful?... but you don't have to answer that, I
know a sweet and sour pussy when I see one." Kane laughed that horrid laugh.

"How would you know you've never seen it and you never will. And if you don't
leave me alone I'm gonna scream for security, you sick perv." Lita said as
Kane circled her. Kane eyed Lita's round, shapely ass.

"Has anyone ever told you that you have one hell of an ass? has just
enough meat on it to make it bounce with every step you take." Kane laughed
once again.

"Did anyone ever tell you that you are a hideous, despicable monster?" Lita
turned to him.

Kane laughed. "Not in those exact words."

"Why don't you just leave me and Matt alone?" Lita asked him.

Laugh. "Why don't you leave me and Matt alone." Kane mocked her. He pushed up
against Lita, she stumbled backwards until her ass pressed against the snack

"Why don't I leave you alone, I'll tell you why I won't leave you two alone.
I'm won't leave you alone because I want you Lita, I want to feel you, I want
to smell you, I want to be inside of you." Kane had Lita scared now.

"Just let me feel you once, let me smell you, and just once let me enter
you. And if you do so I will unless you want more then I'll leave you alone."
Kane told her as he sniffed her hair. Lita was scared, but she knew that if
she did fuck Kane then her and Matt could be happy together without a monster
chasing them. She in no way wanted to but she loved Matt (Ha Ha) and she
wanted to keep Matt save.

"All right Kane." Lita said as Kane still sniffed her.

Kane lit up like day. "Really?" Kane had a wide smile on his face, but he
wanted to make sure that she wasn't fucking around with him.

"Yes really, but don't get too happy because you're not getting my pussy. Since
you're so fond of my ass then I'll only allow anal. Lita looked at him.

Kane's smile faded then it returned. "Believe me that's not punishment." Kane

"Once you feel that you're about to cum then you pull out and shoot it far
away from me." Lita didn't want any of Kane's sticky cum near her. Lita looked
around the hallway and saw no one.

"We might as well do it here." Lita turned around and quickly unbuttoned her
pants and pulled them down along with her thong. Lita's pants and thong were
wrapped around her knees.

Kane's heart raced as he took in the sight of Lita's round, heart shaped ass,
and her shaved pussy. Kane pulled his tights down enough to let his limp five
inch dick free.

"Here." Lita picked up a packet of coffee cream and handed it to Kane. She
then laid her elbows on top of the table, which had a white cloth covering it.
Kane ripped the packet open and poured it across his now fully erect 7 inch
dick. His eyes never left her ass.

"Lube it up good." Lita told Kane.

"Ready?" Kane asked.

"Like you care." Lita replied.

"You're right, I don't." Kane then quickly and violently grabbed Lita's
continuously widening hips and rammed his cock into her asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" Lita screamed as his cock entered her. "Oh God!" Lita cried

"Oh fuck." Kane moaned as his dick rested inside Lita. Lita had anal sex with
Matt almost every time they fucked. So anal sex wasn't new to her but Matt was
gentle. Kane started to penetrate Lita's asshole slowly, he wanted to savor
every thrust.

Lita soon began to weep as Kane quickened the pace of his thrusts, but Lita
wasn't weeping because of the pain that Kane was causing her but she cried
because of the emotional pain, she felt sick and perverted for fucking Kane
but afterwards she wouldn't have to worry about Kane anymore, at least that's
what she told herself.

Kane continued to fuck Lita's ass. With all of the moaning and weeping coming
from Lita and Kane it isn't a wonder why Trish peeked out of her locker room
door to see what was happening.

"Oh fuck you bitch." Kane felt an orgasm coming on. Trish was shocked to the
highest extent of shockness when she saw Lita bent over the table and Kane
fucking her like a horny dog.

"Oh god." Trish didn't mean to say it aloud but it just popped out.
Thankfully it wasn't loud enough for them to hear. Trish saw that Lita wasn't
being raped, at least she didn't fully look like she was and Trish being the
smart girl that she is (College graduate thank you very much) put two and two
together and got a sly grin on her face, she then went back into her room.

Kane's 7in cock was about to explode as an orgasm was asking to come out.

"Oh shit!" Kane's orgasm was here.

Within three seconds, not enough time for Lita to re-act. Kane pulled his
cock out of Lita's ass and stuck it into her latina pussy and came inside of

"Oh my god." Lita tried to get away from him but he pinned her down. "Stop!"
Lita yelled as Kane finished unloading his sperm in he. Kane then pulled his
dick out of her and backed away.

"Oh god what have you done." Lita yelled at him. Kane laughed.

"You bastard!" Lita cried as she stuck her fingers in her cunt and tried to
dig the cum out, knowing that it was useless.

"Its too late Lita, my seed is already in you. Kane continued to laugh.

"Fuck." Lita stopped digging inside her cunt and pulled her pants up. Kane
also pulled his tights up.

"Now go back to your little boyfriend and tell him what you did." Kane said
before he left, laughing.

Lita was alone crying, thinking about the future.

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