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C.E.O. - Chief Erotic Officer
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Just months after shocking the wrestling world and turning heel by not
only firing the Voice of Monday Night RAW, Good Ol' JR Jim Ross, but also
delivering a swift kick to the groin of the legendary broadcast announcer,
officially joining forces with her diabolical family; the matriarch of the
McMahon Family and WWE C.E.O. Linda McMahon is standing backstage with her
arms folded, watching a television monitor as she surveys the activity
going on, on the May 8, 2006 edition of Monday Night RAW. Mrs. McMahon,
dressed in a black business suit with a white blouse underneath her black
business coat, smirks as she watches her husband and WWE Chairman, Vince
McMahon laying down the law with WWE Champion John Cena and the former ten
time World Champion Triple H.

As Linda watches the television monitor, she takes note of the reactions to
her husband declaring there wouldn't be a WWE Championship match between John
Cena and Triple H, which infuriated both men, but Triple H was noticeably the
more upset of the two. Mr. McMahon then order Triple H to leave the arena.
The Game reluctantly leaves the ring and makes his way to the back. Dressed
in his black wresting trunks, Triple H comes through the backstage curtain,
picks up a metal chair and hurls it ten feet in front of him, "That son of a
bitch... screwing with me... after all of this fucking time!" Triple H yells
as he violently kicks an equipment trunk, leaving an imprint of his wrestling
boot on it.

Linda slowly turns around after hearing the commotion Triple H is making.
Linda smirks a bit as she folds her arms "Mr. Helmsley...I suggest you cool
things down a bit." The once kind-hearted McMahon says as she starts to
approach Triple H.

Triple H looks at Linda and sneers, "Oh shove it Linda... what the hell is
wrong with Vince... coming out there and canceling my match with Cena?!" He
yells as he places his hands on his hips and glares at the Linda.

Linda gives a bit of a devious smirk "Hunter...Hunter...Hunter…Vince is
clearly a man who knows what he wants, and he has the power to make the
right decisions." Linda moves her head a bit " I" Linda says she
stands somewhat face to face with Triple H, cupping her delicate hands
together below her waist.

Triple looks down at Linda as her comment makes his anger increase, "I don't
give a damn what you and Vince want... I'm the Game... the King of Kings...
I'm the guy that makes you and him tons of money..." He snaps, "And if he
thinks... I'm going to let some Vanilla Ice reject keep my title... Vince
has another thing coming."

Linda puts her hands up a bit "Now didn't let me finish..."
Linda says as her looks at Triple H sternly.

Triple glares at Linda, "Well go ahead... finish!" He flips his hands up at
Linda before he folds them.

Linda raises her eyebrow a bit before smirking slightly "Hunter…I agree
with you." Linda smiles innocently "You should get another shot at the WWE I'm declaring in the Interest...of...Fairness.." Linda
then pauses and shakes her head "No...there is no Interest of Fairness."
Linda says as her eyes narrow a bit "You see and I can relate
on a lot of things...we are both disrespected and unappreciated by the WWE
fans." Linda continues to talk as she looks directly at Hunter "You see
Hunter, as you know I used to be all about giving the fans what they wanted,
I was all about doing what was right...what was in the Interest...of...
Fairness.." Linda shakes her head "But did the fans appreciate what I gave
them." Linda shakes her head again "They didn't! They never appreciated all
the things I have done for them, bringing back Mick Foley, for example."
Linda smirks "So what I do? I went out there and decided to, in a way, tell
the fans to shove it...when I fired Jim Ross. Hunter it's not what the fans
want anymore, it's what Linda wants."

Triple H looks at Linda, and gets a smirk on his face just as he starts to
sarcastically clap his hands, "Aw... that's swell Linda..." Triple H stops
smirking and clapping, "But I don't give a damn of what you want... I'm one
who's gone out there, night in, night out, busting my ass to be the best in
this business... I'm the only gun this company has got... and if Vince...
is not going to give me what is rightfully mine... then I'll go... and take
it the same way I took everything else!"

Linda raises her eyebrow as she cocks her head, she starts laughing
"Hunter...I know as does everyone else why you are the King of Kings...why
you are the top star." Linda shakes her head "And its not because you're a
great wrestler, either...Hunter I do know how you get to where you are, so
if you're willing to play that game" Linda shrugs "I have a game for you to

Triple H raises an eyebrow, and then gets a slightly amused look on his face
for Linda does have him curious, "All right Linda... what's this little game
of yours?"

"Well Hunter, I know how you stay on why don't we play that game as
well." Linda replies.

Triple H nods his head and smirks, "If you want to play that game... then
let's play... because there is nothing I won't do."

Linda smirks as she looks at Triple H "Well Hunter, I hope what I hear is
true then..." Linda says as she folds her arms.

Triple H smirks and walks past Linda, "Then you'll have to find out... but
I'll give you fair warning... I'm the best at everything I do."

Linda turns and begins to walk with Triple H down the hallway. Linda glances
over at Triple H as they walk "I wish you the best, Hunter."

Triple H rolls his eyes, "You have no idea of what your in for..." They
continue to walk towards where the locker room area is, but then Triple H
makes a turn and starts walking in the direction where the McMahons's private
offices are located when the entire clan is in an arena.

Linda raises her eyebrow a bit as she looks at Triple H "We aren't going to
your locker room?"

Triple H slightly licks his lips, "Something wrong Linda... you're afraid to
play the game in your own office?" He asks as the start to approach Linda's

Linda swallows a bit and shakes her head "'m not afraid."

"Good..." Triple H pushes open the door to Linda's office and holds it open
for her. He then motions for Linda to enter by exaggerating waving his hand
in the direction of the open door. "After you..." Triple H laughs a bit.

Linda nods her head "Thank you, Hunter..." Linda says as she enters her own
private office at the arena. Linda folds her arms and faces Triple H, once
he enters her office and closes the door shut behind him.

Before Triple H does anything he turns back to the door and locks it, then
he looks over his shoulder at her, "We’re not going to be interrupted..." he
says with a slight grin before he turns to face her again.

Linda nods her head again and smiles "Good move..." Linda takes a deep breath
"Now Hunter, You know I'm a married woman...and sometimes a married woman has
to have her needs met outside of the marriage."

Triple H laughs, seeing what Linda is getting at right away, "I bet...
because it obvious Vince isn't the 'Genetic Jackhammer with big grapefruits'
that he claims to be..." He then turns a bit serious, "So you have needs that
you need attending too... what's in it for me?"

Linda nods her head indicating Triple H was correct "What's in it for you?
Well Hunter, you may be entitled to a Championship match.." Linda says with
a smirk.

Triple H's eyes light up instantly after Linda said that, and he licks his
lips before he smirks, "All right... that seems extremely fair..." Triple H
steps towards Linda until is standing right in front of her, "But it doesn't
matter... I'll do what it takes... to get what I want... no matter what it

Linda smirks "That's very good Hunter." Linda then pauses as she starts to
unbutton her black business coat "Now...are you just all talk or action too?"
Linda asks.

"I'm all about action..." Triple H replies as he starts to lower down his
black wrestling trunks, right away showing the CEO of the WWE his thick
ten-inch long shaft. He steps out of his trunks and smirks at her, "And I
also live up to all the hype."

Linda nods her head in approval at the size of Triple H's cock and then
smirks "We'll see about that Hunter..." Linda says as she completely removes
her business coat from her small-framed body, now in a white blouse and black
suit pants.

Triple H laughs, "That was cute..." He says as he raises his hands to reach
and grab hold of the collar of Linda's blouse and rips it open, causing the
buttons of Linda's blouse to pop off. Linda looks down at her blouse ripped
down the middle, revealing some of the material of her white bra, concealing
her petite but nice breasts. Linda opens her mouth in shock after seeing her
blouse ripped. "What's a matter Linda?" Triple H asks as he steps behind
Linda when she's looking down at herself. He grabs the back of blouse and
pulls it off of her body a bit roughly complexly, leaving her topless except
for her white bra.

Linda steps away from Triple H a bit "Hunter...what in the world are you

"Doing what you want..." Triple H smirks as he steps close to her, "You want
your needs met, so I'm going to meet those needs of yours..." Triple H then
gets a grin, "Unless you're going to just as gutless as Vince is... and back
out of your own deal."

Linda raises her eyebrow at Triple H and shakes her head "I suggest you shut
your mouth...and enjoy..." Linda says as she gently wraps her left delicate
hand around Triple H's shaft and begins to stroke his cock at a gentle pace.

Triple H's long thick cock starts to become hard in Linda's hand as she
strokes it slowly. The Game puts his hands on his hips and smirks, "Not
bad..." He says with a cocky tone in his voice as his cock reaches it's full
size within a few moments.

Linda smiles a bit "Why thank you, Hunter" Linda says as she carefully gets
down on her knees in front of Triple H as she starts to move her hand more
swiftly against his shaft, stroking him with ease.

Triple H licks his lips, "Now ain't this is a sight... the matriarch of the
McMahon family... down on her knees in front of me... jerking me off..."
Linda looks up at Triple H and raises her eyebrow with a stern look as she
gently twists her left hand against Triple H's rock-solid hard shaft. Linda
leans her head in and closes her eyes as the C.E.O. of the WWE places her
tongue on the tip of Triple H's cock.

"Now... now..." Triple H lets out a soft moan the instant Linda's tongue
touches the tip of his cock, "If you're going to do that... then you
better..." Triple H quickly crosses his arms just over his crotch and juts
his hips forward to push his dick towards her mouth before he says, "Suck

Linda's eyes widen a bit and she swallows as she remembers a time in the past
when Triple H's former faction DX, gave her a very similar crotch chop on an
episode of RAW. Linda nods her head slowly "You got...suck it." Linda pauses
after she says the off-color comment and simply nods her head, taking a deep
breath. Linda opens her mouth and allows Triple H's cock to pass by her lips
and into her warm, small mouth. Linda gently wraps her lips around his cock
and begins to slowly bob her head on The Game's cock.

Triple H moans slightly as he feels the warmth of Linda's mouth on his cock,
He places a hand on the back of Linda's head and starts pushing her head down
on his dick, "Come on Linda... I'm sure you can do more than just that..."
Triple H taunts her as he reaches down to release the clasp of her white bra.
Linda manages to open her mouth a bit wider on Triple H's cock as she starts
to bob her head more swiftly on his cock, sucking slightly faster, pressing
her soft tongue against his cock while she moves her head against his cock
"Ahhh yeah... that's it..." Triple H licks his lips and he rakes his fingers
through Linda's short hair as he starts moving his hips back and forth,
"Shit... you defiantly got... the oral skills to be in this business..."
Triple H laughs.

Linda raises her eyes up to look at Hunter while she continues to bob her
head on his cock, gently patting her tongue against his cock, swirling her
saliva against his cock. Triple H looks down and into Linda's eyes as she
slurps on his meaty cock, "Mmmm... you defiantly are a good cock sucker...
but now I want to you're a decent fuck... what do you say?"

Linda slowly picks her head up from Triple H's slightly saliva coated cock.
Linda wipes her mouth a bit as she slowly stands up from the floor and
starts to unbutton her black suit pants. Triple H licks his lips as he moves
towards Linda's wooden desk and clears all the materials that's on it off.
He looks back at Linda as she lowers her black suit pants down her legs.
Triple H smirks as he sees Linda's white panties, before she starts to lower
them. Linda steps out of her white panties revealing her nicely shaven,
decently-hot pussy. Linda walks over to her wooden desk and stands face to
face with Triple H. Linda looks at him "We shall see...if you are all talk."

"If you think I am... then you're going to be surprised..." Triple H places
his hands on Linda's hips and lifts her up to sit her on the desk. He pushes
her legs apart and looks down at her pussy and licks his lips. Triple H grips
his cock and guides it towards the entrance of Linda's pussy. He puts his
hands on Linda's hips and begins thrusting his thick cock in and out of her
at a slow but stiff pace.

Linda licks her lips slightly as she feels Triple H's cock inside of her
tight McMahon pussy "Ohhh god Hunter..." Linda moans suddenly as he begins
to push his cock in and then pull his cock out of her pussy, before ramming
his cock back inside the warmth of her pussy.

Triple H moves a hand up to Linda's chest and pushes her to lay back on the
desk as he continues to drill her tight pussy, "How... do you... like... this
game?" He grunts as he steadily quickens the pace of his thrusts.

Linda closes her eyes as Triple H thrusts his meaty cock in and out of the
CEO's pussy "Ohhh Hunter..." Linda moans softly as her body slides against
the wooden desk, following his powerful thrusts. Linda gently pushes herself
back against Triple H's cock, every time he moves to pull his cock out.

"Time... to show... you... how I play... for real..." Triple H groans as he
suddenly pulls Linda up from the desk and wraps his arms around her. After
taking a step backward, The King of Kings starts to bounce the attractive
sophisticated Linda McMahon on his ten-inch cock as he starts to walk around
her desk.

Linda's eyes roll to the back of her head as she bounces on his thick cock
"Ohhh Hunter... mmmm.." Linda moans before she bites down on her bottom lip,
slamming down hard on the King of Kings cock.

Triple H grits his teeth together before he lifts Linda off of his cock and
sits her back on her desk, "You liked that didn't you?" he asks as he walks
over to a leather couch and picks up a throw-pillow.

Linda nods her head a bit "It was quite impressive." Linda says as she looks
at Triple H as he picks up a throw-pillow from off the couch "Just what do
you have in mind now?"

Triple H grins as he walks back to the desk with the throw-pillow, "This
is for your knees..." He places the throw-pillow on the desk and points at
it, "I want you to kneel on it... and you'll see what I got in mind in a
moment..." Triple H says as he gets up on the desk and kneels down on it.

Linda nods her head before she moves over to the pillow and sits on her
knees, on top of the pillow as she glances back at Triple H. "What...are

Triple H cuts her off as he places a hand on Linda's back and pushes her
to lean forward, "You might want to get your hands down on the desk..." he
chuckles a bit as he strokes his cock with his right hands. Linda nods her
head slowly as she leans over and places her hands down on the hard wooden
desk. "You're going to thank me for that pillow..." Triple H smirks as he
places a hand on surprisingly firm Linda's ass before he re-inserts his
stiff thick cock into Linda's wet warm pussy. He starts to thrust into her
slowly at first but as soon as he puts his hands on her waist, The Game
starts pulling her back towards him as he quickly speeds up his thrusts.

Linda hangs her head down her body as Triple H, powerfully and quickly,
pulls her back against his hard cock "Ohhh...ohhh...Hunter.." The CEO of
the WWE moans as she feels her ass smack back against Triple H's muscular

Triple H grunts and groans as he slams his entire cock deep into Linda's
pussy and his large balls slap repeatedly against Linda's backside. "Uhhh
yeah... fuck... this is worth it..." Triple H moans as sweat drips down
his muscular body. The King of Kings starts pushing Linda forward and
pulling her back against him to increase the sharpness of his thrusts, and
the throw-pillow underneath Linda's knees acts like a kneepads, to prevent
her knees getting scrapes from moving on the desk.

Linda slightly tilts her head back and moans "Ohhhh Hunter..." Linda licks
her lips as she starts to cum against Triple H's, King of Kings cock.

Triple H chuckles as he feels Linda warm cum on his cock. He continues to
fuck her with stiff thrusts as his balls start to tighten up as the pressure
to cum starts to come close. "Ahhh... yeah... the Game is On..." The King of
Kings grunts as he pulls out of Linda's pussy and shoots his hot cum over her
ass cheeks.

Linda slowly turns her head back to look at Triple H; the WWE CEO is a bit
worn out from her encounter with the King of Kings. "I suggest you clean that
up..." Linda say as she takes a deep breath to compose herself.

"First... give me what I want..." Triple H responds as he folds his arms,
"And that's my title match with Cena..."

Linda raises her eyebrow sternly "Hunter...let's not forget who the boss is

Triple H smirks, "Fine..." He reaches over and opens the desk drawer, to see
if there is a box of tissues in it, but he finds a silk handkerchief instead.
He then uses it to clean his cum off of Linda's backside.

Linda smirks and nods her head as she gently gets down from on top of the
desk "Hunter...I'll keep my week live on Monday Nigh RAW..."
Linda pauses "You will find yourself in a Championship match!" Linda says
with a devious smirk.

Triple H gets off the desk and smirks, "That's what I like to hear... and I
think... instead of working out deals with Vince that go no where... in the
future... I better work with... the CEO."

Linda nods her head with a smile "That sounds like a grand idea, Hunter."
Linda says as she motions her hand towards the door "I don't mean to be rude,
but I have business matter to attend to in my office..." Linda says as she
starts to gather up her clothing.

"Right..." Triple H picks up his wrestling tights and puts them on, "I just
wonder what business that might be..." he smirks and walks to the door,
unlocks it, opens it and leaves, making sure to close the door behind him.

Linda sighs as she starts to put her blacks suit pants back on after putting
on her white panties. Linda shakes her head "Hunter... sure are
one to jump to conclusions... I clearly didn't say you would be challenging
John Cena." Linda says to herself with a laugh "I just said a Championship."
Linda shrugs and smirks deviously "Oh's what Linda wants
the Interest...of...Fairness..."


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