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Calming The Big Show
by Wonder Mike

Big Show: God Dam it Vince, you have been humiliating me for over a month,
you want me to do the job to Chavo now on PPV.

Vince McMahon: Listen Show, we all have to do things we don't want to here
in the WWE. HHH had to lose a match once two years ago.

HHH: That's right Show, we're busy, we have to plan how I am going to get my
title back tonight at Survivor Series and who I get to beat tommorow on Raw.

Show: Fuck that, Vince, I am 450 pounds, I did the job to Eddie last month
for the business there is no way I am doing it for Chavo.

Vince: You will do it because I said so, you know who I am.

Sable: You tell him boss.

Stephanie McMahon: Shut up Sable, Dad, now's not the time for that. Hunter's
right, we have to plan for how long it's going to take for him to get his
title back, we don't have time for you now.

Show: You shut up Steph, you can't keep your dildo out of Hunter's ass long
enough to make any rational decisions.

The Big Show slammed his fist through the table, snapping it in two.

Show: Do you have time for me now?

Linda McMahon: Please Show, we can discuss this later, I am sure Vince has
plans for you this week on Smackdown.

Show: Like what, having me fall face first into the toilet?

Vince: Hey, I Like...

Show: Fuck that!

The Big Show grabbed a chair and threw it through the window, he then towered
over Vince.

Stephanie: Hunter, do something.

HHH jumped to his feet.

Show: You feeling froggy Hunter?

The Big show shoved Vince to the ground and took two steps toward Hunter.

Hunter: Oh God..

Big Show: What's that running down your leg Hunter?

Hunter: I have to go change my pants.

Vince: Get back here.

Hunter: Sorry, screw you guys, I'm going home. See you tonight Steph, bring
the big ten dildo.

Stephanie: Come back.

Hunter ran out the door.

Vince: God damn him to hell.

Vince got on the intercom and called his top assistants. Pat Patterson and
Jerry Briscoe came running.

Pat: What is it Mr. Mcmahon.

Vince: Escort the big show out of my office.

Jerry: Yes sir Mr. McMahon.

The two stooges each took an air of the giant, and began to guide him toward
the door, The Big Show slammed them together.

Pat: It's not working Mr. McMahon.

Vince: Damn it, I said escort him out of my office.

Pat: But Mr. McMahon.

The Big Show grabbed Vince around the neck and lifted him into the air.

Show: Am I in the title plans now?

Vince: HELP ME. Someone go get Kurt.

Stephanie: Kurt's not here yet.

Linda: Please Show, put him down.

Show: Fuck that, I am tired of being the stooge.

Jerry: I have an idea Mr. McMahon.

Jerry sprinted out of the room and down the hall, he quickly returned with
Scott Steiner, trailed by Stacy Keibler.

Vince: Scott, I need you to escort the Big Show out of my office.

Scott: You had me doing the job to Test, Test of all people, I don't care
what the Show does to you.

Scott Steiner turned and went back to his locker.

Vince: Stacy, Help me.

Stacy: What's in it for me.

Vince: Anything you want.

Stacy: A title run for Test?

Vince: If you can't get him off of me, yes.

Stacy slide between the Show and Vince, she reached into his trunks and
grabbed his manhood.

Stacy: You are the Big Show.

The Show dropped Vince in a heap Stacy pulled out his arm sized cock it was
soft and limp, she spun around and began to grind her ass against his cock.
It jumped to attention.

The Big Show began to rub her tiny tits through her shirt, his huge hands
engulfed them, he ripped off her shirt.

Stacy wiggled her ass against him faster and faster, he reached down and
lifted her miniskirt up over her hips, he stuffed a six inch finger into her

Stacy: God, that feels good.

Show: Wait until you feel this.

She slammed her ass back against him, he began to tweak her nipples, Sable
came up behind the Big Show and began to stoke his cock. Sable took aim with
his cock and stuffed the 15 inch monster into Stacy's box. Her legs began to
quiver as the massive missile penetrated her, Sable shoved the Show forward
until the entire cock vanished inside of her.

Stacy: Fuck me hard.

Stacy rocked back to take the cock balls deep. The giant grabbed her by the
hair and yanked back, he began to pump his cock into her.

Stacy: That's it big boy, make me scream.

The Big Show slammed his cock into as hard as he could, pushing her forward.
He yanked her back by her long blonde hair.

Vince was behind Sable massaging her giant round tits, he began rubbing her
clit through her black body suit.

Stephanie: Dad.

Linda: Vince, what are you doing.

Vince: It's not what it looks like.

Vince poked a hole in Sable's body suit and shoved his cock into her ass.

Sable: Fucking the ass again.

Vince: You know the conditions of employment here, and we agreed that ass
fucking wasn't cheating Linda.

Linda: I know.

Vince began to hammer at Sable's ass as the Big Show relentlessly hammered
Stacy's cunt.

Stacy: Fuck, I'm going to cum.

The Big Show rammed his cock into Stacy even harder. He lifted her into the
air and slammed her up and down onto his cock.

Pat: Jerry, does this give you any ideas?

Jerry: I told you 100 times already, NO.

Pat: I don't think this is working, we better get more help.

The Big Show was lifting Stacy all the way into the air and slamming her back
down onto his cock.

Stacy: Fuck, fuck FUCK. I'm cummming again.

The Big Show slammed her harder and harder with each thrust onto his cock.

* * *

Jerry Briscoe ran into the first locker room he saw, it was Matt Hardy.

Jerry: Matt, we need you help.

Matt: Not now I'm busy.

Jerry ran into the office, Lita was on her hands and knees sucking Matt's
cock, Shannon Moore was fucking her from behind.

Jerry: Sorry.

Matt: That's okay, I am making Shannon an LF'er.

Jerry: An LF'er?

Matt: Figure it out.

Matt shoved his cock all the way down Lita's throat Shannon fondled her tits
as he pumped away.

Jerry: When you've finished her, send Lita to Mr. McMahon's office.

Lita: Okay.

Jerry: Don't talk with your mouth full.

* * *

The Big Show had spun Stacy around so she was facing him, she wrapped her
42 inch long legs around his shoulders as he slammed her up and down on his

Stacy: I'm cumming again! GOD, I can't take anymore.

Vince hammered Sable's ass like a madman, she slammed back against him
matching his thrust.

Pat Patterson ran into Dawn Marie's dressing room, she was talking to Lilian

Pat: Quick, we need you in Mr. McMahon's office right now.

The trio headed off to see him.

Lita was on top of Matt riding his cock, Shannon was standing over them,
pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.

Matt: That's a good MF'er.

Lita: I think he is a better LF'er. I wish Jeff was here.

Shannon shoved his cock all the way down her throat, as Matt slammed his cock
up into her, Lita slammed down matching his thrusts.

Vince was slapping Sable's ass cheeks as he fucked her. Sable had shoved
threee fingers into her box. She rocked back hard against him.

Sable: Give me that cum, please cum in my mouth.

Vince: I'm going to cum.

Sable knew just what to do. She pulled his cock out of her ass as spun
around. She was just in time to catch the load on her tongue.

Vince: That's a good girl, don't waste and McMahon seed, it is more valuable
than gold.

Sable: I know Vince, I don't want to mess up my make up.

Vince: We can't have you going out on live PPV with cum on your face, like
Hunter did last month.

Stacy: GOD, I'm cumming again, I can't take anymore.

Dawn Marie and Lilian ran into the office just in time to see Sable blowing
cum bubbles and swalling it back down.

Lilian: Again Vince.

Vince: The Big Show's out of control, I need you two to calm him.

Stacy: Please stop, I can't cum again.

The Big Show lifted the tiny blonde over her head and slammed her back down
onto his cock. He did it again and again.

Dawn: Will you put me on the show tonight if I calm him?

Vince: Of course.

Dawn: Okay.

Dawn raised her skirt over her head and bent over, she wiggled her ass from
side to side.

Lilian: What's in it for me?

Vince: The same as every week, you do who I say, and you keep your job
another week.

Lilian: Just asking.

* * *

Shannon Moore climbed on top of Lita, he began to slowly work his cock into
her ass.

Lita: That's my little LF'er, a F'er.

Shannon: Too many intials.

Shannon pumped his cock into her tight ass as Matt thrust up harder into her
pussy. The two men grabbed arms so they could bury their cocks deeper. Lita
began to ride both wrestlers, they pumped their cocks harder until they where
both balls deep.

* * *

The Big Show grabbed Dawn's ass and spun her around, he forced her down to
her knees and shoved his cock down her throat. He motioned for Lilian to join
her. The two divas sat side by side, The Big Show pulled his cock slowly out
of Dawn's mouth and stuffed it down Lilian's. He wrapped his hand around
Lilian's neck and began to fuck her face. He then pulled his cock out and
fucked Dawn's mouth. The McMahon family watched in amazement.

Linda: Does this give you any ideas Vince?

Vince: NO.

* * *

Matt and Shannon continued to hammer away at Lita, she squealed in delight as
they brought her to her first orgasm of the night.

Shannon: For the first time I am glad I'm not on the PPV, there is no way I
would be able to got out and wrestle tonight.

Lita: Shut up and fuck me.

Shannon: I know what she needs.

Shannon pulled his cock out of Lita's ass, he took aim and rammed it into her

Lita: Fuck that just feels right.

Matt and his MF'er began to pump their cocks into her tight cunt.

* * *

Show: I need to be fucked.

The Big Show laid on his back, his cock standing tall like a telephone pole.
Lilian climbed on top of it and slowly began to slide down the pole.

Lilian: Fuck I think it's too big, it hurts.

Vince: It's for your job, ride that cock bitch or I'll go get a girl out of
the audience tonght to take your place.

Dawn: I'll do it.

Lilian strained and pushed as she slowly lowered herself onto the cock. Dawn
stood behind Lilian and shoved her down until she was impaled on the cock.
The Big Show grabbed Lilian by the waist and lifted her off his cock, he then
slammed her back down onto it.

Lilian: Fuck, it's too big, it's too big.

Show: Take it bitch.

Dawn: Yeah bitch, ride that cock.

Vince: You better ride that cock if you want to be on the show tonight, and
on Raw tommorow.

* * *

Shannon and Matt continued to ravage Lita's cunt, she was on her fourth
orgasm when Shannon began to shake.

Shannon: I'm going to cum.

Matt: Don't cum on my cock.

Lita: Yeah, don't cum inside of me, I want to taste it baby, I need you both
to cum in my mouth.

Shannon climbed off of Lita and shoved his cock all the way down her throat,
he shot his load directly into her stomach.

Lita: All gone.

She hopped off of Matt and spun around, he sprayed her face with his seed.

Lita: Asshole I told you I wanted to eat it, you better not have gotten any
in my hair, I have a match tonight, I can't go out on PPV with cum in my hair
like Hunter did two months ago.

She scooped the cum off her face and let it drip off her fingers down her

Lita: Ummm, tasty, I better go see what Vince wants.

* * *

Lilian planted her feet on the ground, she began to slowly bounce up and down
on his cock. Faster and faster she rode his cock, her juices began to run
down her legs.

Stephanie: This is hot, fuck that useless bitch.

The show began to thrust his cock up into her Lilian rode his cock harder. He
began to slam her up and down on his cock. Harder and harder he slammed her,
Lilian screamed with every thrust, this just encouraged the giant to fuck her

Lita walked into Vince's office just in time to see the carnage, she just
shook her head.

Lita: Lilian's contract up again.

Vince: No, Show is out of control, we need to calm him down.

The Big Show continually slammed Lilian down onto his missile, she was
cumming with every thrust.

Vince: Fuck her good, make her earn her paycheck for this month, I want to
hear her scream.

Show shoved her all the way down on his cock until the entire member
vanished, he than spun her all the way around on it.

Dawn: I didn't know you where a spinner Lilian.

Show spun her around again and again, he began lifting her up and down on his
cock. The Show spun her around again, then began to slam her up and down,
Lilian was completely limp now.

Dawn: My turn.

Dawn laid on her back and spread her legs as wide as she could, she stuffed
four fingers into her pussy, wiggled them around then pulled them out and
licked them clean.

Dawn: Come and get it big boy.

The Big Show lifted the limp body of Lilian off his cock and dropped her on
the floor. The Show laid down on top of Dawn he let his 450 pounds stuff his
cock inside of her.

Dawn: Fuck, this is the biggest I have ever had.

The Big Show began to pump his cock in and out of her, Dawn wrapped her legs
around his massive body. Show pumped his cock harder and harder into the
diva, he was trying to drive her through the floor, Dawn held on for life.
Harder and harder he hammered Dawn, pulling out until nothing but the head
of his cock was inside of her, then slamming it back all the way in.

Vince rolled the unconscious Lilian onto her stomach, he climbed on top of
her and shoved his cock into her ass.

Vince: Damn, this is a tight ass.

Lita: You should feel how tight mine is.

The Big Show stood up, Dawn was completely impaled on his cock, he stood with
his hands on his hips and laughed, he then began to bounce her up and down on
his cock. The Show walked around the room bouncing Dawn up and down with each
step he took, he began a slow jog forcing Dawn up and down even faster.

Vince pumped away at Lilian's ass, slamming his cock as deep as it would go
into her, he shoved two fingers into her cunt.

Vince: Damn Show, you busted her wide open, he shoved two more fingers into
her pussy.

The Show was running at full speed in circles around the office, Dawn had
wrapped her arms and legs around him.

Dawn: Fuck, I'm cumming, fuck me big boy.

The Big Show stopped running and began to slam the diva up and down on his
cock as hard as he could.

Vince shoved his hand inside of Lilian and fucked her ass as hard as he
could, he began to twist and turn his hand inside of her as he reamed her

Vince: Look at this wide open bitch.

He shoved his wrist deeper into Lilian's cunt, she still had not regained

Dawn: I'm cumming, oh God I'm cumming again.

The Show slammed Dawn harder and harder until she went limp impaled on his

Lita: It looks like it's up to me.

Vince continued to hammer Lilian's ass, she slowly began to stir and realize
what was happening.

The Show laid on his back, Dawn was quivering, he began to slam her up and
down on his cock.

Shane McMahon: What the hell is going on here? And why didn't anyone call me.

Shane pulled down his pants and climbed on top od Dawn, he shoved his cock
into her ass.

Vince yanked his cock out of Lilian's ass, he rolled her onto her back.

Vince: Open you mouth bitch.

Lilian did as she was told, Vince shoved his cock down her throat and began
to shoot his load.

Vince: You better not waste any bitch.

Lilian: Yes sir.

Lilian gulped down his entire load without spilling a drop, she looked up at
the chairman and smiled.

Shane and the Big Show pumped in unison wearing out Dawn Marie, she wrapped
her arms around the big show and held on for another orgasm. The two men
pumped harder and harder into Dawn, she was cumming again.

Shane: Damn, this ass feels good, I'm going to cum.

He climbed off of Dawn and popped her mouth open, he began to fuck her face.
He fucked her face harder and harder until his seed came dripping down the
corners of her mouth, she than passed out on the big shows cock.

The Show continued to slam the unconscious diva up and down on his cock, her
head and arms swung wildly. He was relentless.

Lita: I think she has had enough.

Show: I'm not finished yet.

Lita: That's why I'm here.

Lita ran over and pulled Dawn off of his cock, her juices ran down her legs
and left a puddle on the floor, Lita took her place. She slid down easily
onto his cock, it was soaked with the cum of four Divas, and she was already
busted wide open, she took his massive member all the way to the balls.

Show: That's it, Bitch.

Lita began to bounce up and down onto his cock, she ran her fingers across
his chest as he rode him, he grabbed her by the hair and yanked.

Show: Ride it bitch.

Lita bounce up and down harder onto his cock, he grabbed her by the arm pits
and lifted her all the way off, he than dropped her back onto his missile.

Lita: Fuck me like you mean it.

The Big Show began to thrust his cock into her, he grabbed a hold and slammed
her up and down.

Lita: That's the way I like it.

The Big Show fucked her harder and harder, she was already worn out from the
earlier fucking.

Lita: Fuck, I'm cumming.

The Big Show fucked her harder and harder until his cock turned white with
her cum.

Lita: This is filling me up more than Matt and Shannon, Fuck, I'm cumming

Vince and Shane came over and helped the Big Show slam her until his cock,
Lita was a blur going up a foot in the air and being slammed down again.

Lita: FUUUUCCKK, I'm cummming again. I can't take anymore.

Shane: Fuck her good Show.

The Show continued to slam his cock into her until she too went limp.

Show: FuUck this, I'm not stopping until I cum this time.

Stephanie: Well mom, it looks like if you want something done, you have to
do it yourself.

Vince: Go get em pumpkin.

Stephanie pulled the lifeless Lita off the Big Show's cock, she than dropped
to all fours and raised her skirt.

Show: Not wearing any panties huh.

Stephanie: Never.

The Big Show mounted her from behind, his slick cock easily penetrated her.
Stephanie pushed herself back until she took the entire 15 inches.

Shane rolled the unconscious Lita onto her stomach, he climbed on top of her
and shoved his cock into her ass.

Vince: That's my boy.

Stephanie slammed back onto the big show, he began to thrust slowly at first,
it didn't take him long to pump away like a madman.

Stephaine: FUck, it so big, it hurts, it hurts.

Vince: You can take it baby.

Linda: My baby needs me.

Linda came over and crawled underneath Stephanie, she pulled the cock out of
Stephanie and shoved it down her throat.

Shane wrapped his arms around Lita lifting her off the ground so he could get
his cock deep into her ass, she began to awake. Shane began to slam her ass
as hard as he could.

Linda took 10 inches of fat cock down her throat, Steph reached between her
legs and took it from her mother and backed onto it. The Big Show began
pumping into Stephanie again, Linda licked up and down the shaft of his cock
as he fucked her daughter.

Lita managed to work her way up to all fours, and rock back onto Shane, that
was all it took for him, he anked his cock out of her ass and shoved it all
the way down her throat.

Shane: You better not spill any of the McMahon seed.

Lita gulped it all down without spilling a drop.

Lita: Look, all gone.

Linda was on all fours next to her daughter now, her pants where down around
her ankles, the big show ripped off her panties. He shoved his cock deep into
Linda, he then reached over and shoved three fingers deep into Stephanie. She
grabbed his hand and began to fuck herself with his fingers.

The Big Show pulled his cock out of Linda and stuffed it back into Steph,
she began to rock back and fourth on it, she shoved three fat fingers into
Linda's cunt.

VVince: My girls, I'm so proud.

The Big Show slammed Stephanie harder and harder, he grabbed her by the hair
to hold her still. He than pulled out and rammed it back into Linda. Linda
slammed herself onto the giant cock the Big Show slapped her ass.

Linda: Fuck me you monster, show me how much you want a raise big boy.

The Big Show fucked her hard and deep, Linda slammed back matching him thrust
for thrust.

Show: AAAUUUGGHH, I'm going to blow.

Vince: Steph, eat it pumpkin, swallow his load.

Steph spun around and pulled the cock out of her mother he laid his cock on
her tongue and began to fill her mouth with her seed. He completely filled
her mouth with his cum, her cheeks were full. She leaned over her mother and
let the cum drip into her mouth.

Linda: I love the taste of sloppy seconds.

Vince: That's why I married you.

Shane: Let's get the video of this, we can show it between matches tonight.

Linda: It will make a wonderful Christmas bonus to all the wrestlers.


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