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Disclaimer: Nothing in this story or any of mine is based on reality or
endorsed by the names and organizations used. In no way is this meant to be
presented as reality, just what we all would like to think happens.

Note: This story is non-kayfabe, but I'll use Kelly, Kaitlyn and Naomi's Ring
names. Hey, maybe they call each other so since they have to respond to it on
such a routine basis.

Can I be Your Pro?
by Justin

It's September 7th, and the Season Premiere of WWE NXT just wrapped up and
backstage are its contestants, all Divas, for the first time in NXT's short
history, as the taping of SmackDown and it's Superstars Matches for the week
are taped. Kaitlyn, a last minute replacement for Aloisia, a giant 7'0 Diva
tapped to be on the show, is backstage in Kelly Kelly's Locker Room after her
first night on Wrestling Television, still taking in the aura of everything
she was just part of, now back in her Pink, double-strapped Dress, coming
down to just above her Kneecaps, is socializing with the rest of the
Superstars and Divas backstage for that evening's shows.

"Hey, I loved your dance moves, out there, Naomi." Kaitlyn says.

"Thanks. They didn't give me much to work with since they put me with Michael
Cole, but as long as I did a few stretches and looked athletic, I was
probably a shoe-in to win, haha." Naomi, a fellow NXT Season 3 Rookie

"Yeah, me and Josh (Mathews, Color Commentator of WWE NXT) couldn't quite get
synced up, hence the big mess we turned out." Kaitlyn says with a smile on
her face.

As Naomi starts to continue the conversation, her WWE Pro on NXT, Kelly
Kelly, in a pair of faded blue Jeans and white Tanktop, says hi to Naomi,
then sets her sights on Kaitlyn as she sits down.

"Hey, Kaitlyn, pretty good for a first-timer." Kelly Kelly remarks.

"Where have I heard that before?" Kaitlyn returns with a sarcastic look with
a look of inquizical nature, following with a laugh.

"But no, thanks, I was SO nervous." Kaitlyn continues.

"I know the feeling. My first time on at least WWE TV was having to strip off
my Bra, dance around on a Stage and make sure my nipples didn't show,
otherwise I was probably as good as fired, and the damn clasp on my Bra made
me delay the 'take-off' by like 30 seconds, and I had to go out and redo the
WHOLE thing the next week". Kelly remembers.

"Wow. Thank goodness for Linda McMahon or I probably would have had to do the
same thing, haha." Kaitlyn half-jokes.

"Of course my tits weren't as much to handle as yours, so my go at it was a
little easier." Kelly remarks with a smile.

"Naomi, we need you back here for a Photoshoot." A WWE Production hand tells
Naomi, from the door he opened, the main one, while she's still seated by her
Pro Kelly Kelly and Rookie-buddy, Kaitlyn.

"Alright. I'll see you guys later." Says a slightly disappointed Naomi,
though she noticed she was shutout of the conversation immediately when Kelly
Kelly walked by, not that she thought it was intentional, but at least she
wouldn't have to stand around waiting to be talked to and hear about them
holding their boobs, and she walked off to go get ready for the shoot.

"Bye! See ya'!" say both the girls who were with Naomi just a second ago.

"So, hey, what do you think of Naomi? Do you like her?" Kaitlyn asks half-

"Yeah, she's cool, big ass, though." Kelly Kelly says bluntly.

"What? I thought you said she was cool?" asks a confused Kaitlyn.

"I do, I mean her actual ass, her butt is huge." Kelly Kelly replies.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, it is a big'un." Kaitlyn says.

"Ever get in it?" Kelly Kelly asks casually.

"What? No! Why?" a shocked Kaitlyn answers.

"I thought that was the whole deal with you girls in FCW. You fuck each other
and that way if you need a favor like a House to stay in or some Rent money,
you have someone to go to." Kelly Kelly explains.

"Not that I know of." Kaitlyn says, still in shock of the earlier question.

"Huh, so you haven't ever Wrestled a Match, you're on National Television and
you have no one but your Parents to run to if this doesn't work out?" a
mildly concerned, but mostly honest Kelly Kelly asks.

"I guess not." Kaitlyn says, feeling deflated.

Kelly Kelly's eyes suddenly take a deeper look at Kaitlyn.

"Well, it's not too late to get some insurance." Kelly Kelly explains.

"Whaaaaaat do you mean?" a confused Kaitlyn asks slightly hesitantly.

Without speaking a word, Kelly crouches forward and plants a kiss on the
young NXT Rookie, much to the surprise of the Rookie, who is too busy being
in a state of shock to call of the dogs being sent from Kelly Kelly.

"Mmmmm, strawberry." Kelly Kelly says after pulling out of the one-sided kiss
and tasting the lip bomb of the native Texan.

"I'm, I don't think this is a good idea. Don't you have a Match, tonight?
You're like the only babyface Diva on SmackDown." a scurrying-for-excuses
Kaitlyn replies to the kiss and delivered message of what Kelly meant by
"It's not too late to get some insurance."

"Hmmhmm, no, I'm free for the night, and judging by your pointy nipples, so
are you." replies the sinisterly-smiling Kelly Kelly.

"It's, those aren't from you, it's just really cold in here and I took my Bra
off when I got back here, and......"

"So you're saying once you got Backstage around everyone and in my Locker
Room, the first thing you did was make sure to take your Bra off? Sounds like
you may have been prepared for something." says the sex-hungry Kelly Kelly.

"Kelly, oh my God, I'm just saying, it's cold back here, and....."

Kaitlyn is cut off by Kelly Kelly, who places her right index finger on the
NXT Rookie's worried lips.

"You sound like your trying to come up with excuses as to why you don't want
to fuck me. I mean, this wouldn't just be for me or you and your possible
personal issues, I'm a Pro on and off the Screen, and this is something every
one of you Divas are going to get, so why not just do it?" Kelly says, now
taking her finger off of Kaitlyn's mouth to speak again.

"Tell you what, I'll kiss you one more time, and if you really don't like it,
I'll ask you to leave and you'll be free to do whatever anywhere else than
here, okay?" Kelly Kelly continues.

"Fine, whatever, if that's all it'll take to get you off my back, or my lips,
then alright, plant it on me." Kaitlyn says, now recharged, ready to leave
the room and very strange ordeal.

Kelly Kelly delivers the kiss, exactly the way she did the last time, but
only momentarily, because as soon as she feels Kaitlyn starting to get ready
to leave, she intensifies the passion, now turning her head as she lightly
grabs a hold of Kaitlyn's sides, in order to apply more force and in-turn,
pleasure to the lip lock.

Kaitlyn is still ready to go, but something is holding her back and keeping
her locked in a kiss with the moaning Diva across from her, and eventually,
whatever "it" is holding her back takes over as begins to return the favor,
even instigating the usages of tongue as the two start to go at it, groping
each others' sides and playing the most spirited game of tonsil hockey either
had ever been involved in.

Kaitlyn takes charge as she lays Kelly on her back, still intertwined with
her tongue, against the leather of the Black Couch they're sitting on, as
Kelly Kelly grabs Kaitlyn's face, still moaning over the delicious taste of
strawberry lip bomb and Kaitlyn's mouth. Kaitlyn soon feels her hips hold
extra weight as Kelly Kelly locks her legs around the long brown-haired NXT
Rookie, still locked in a passionate kiss, but not for long, as Kaitlyn
breaks it and starts kissing Kelly's face and whatever else she can find on
the blonde bombshell.

"Oh God, fuck me, fuck me right now." Kelly Kelly, breathing heavily from the
lack of oxygen from the long kiss says with Kaitlyn surveying the rest of
Kelly's face.

"With pleasure." says Kaitlyn, grabbing the rack of Kelly Kelly from her

"Oh God, lick my titties, make the nipples stick out like yours." Kelly Kelly
desperately pleas to her new lover.

"Can't wait, baby." Kaitlyn says, pulling down the shirt and white bra to get
to Kelly's glowing rack.

"Oh, GOD!" Kelly yells out as Kaitlyn licks, sucks and kisses Kelly Kelly's
nipples and boobs all over, making her nipples extremely erect.

"Mmmmhhhh, never knew a set of tits could taste so good." Kaitlyn said in-
between a set of licking and everything else to Kelly's breasts.

Kaitlyn stops the arousing treatment of Kelly's breasts and takes off Kelly's
pants, ready to gorge a little deeper into the former Extreme Expose member,
but instead becomes fixated on kissing the beautiful Diva below her, playing
another game of tonsil hockey, which was currently being won by Kaitlyn, but
not by much. Kelly Kelly became too enamored with lust to only keep kissing,
and laid Kaitlyn on her back against the Couch and licked the legs and meaty
thighs of the NXT Rookie, before pushing her dress up to get to the real

Kelly Kelly pulled down the matching magenta set of panties and dove into
Kaitlyn's triangle.

"Oh, God! Oh God! Ohhhhhh." Kaitlyn moaned out as Kelly gave her the first
taste of a woman's tongue in her shaven pussy's life. Kelly Kelly further
pushed up Kaitlyn's skirt, revealing even more skin of Kaitlyn's as she cried
out lust from a taste of Kelly's tongue.

"OH, FUCK hahahaha! Ohhhhh God! Mmmmmm!" Kaitlyn submitted for Kelly and her
fast tongue's approval, still munching on Kaitlyn's pussy, all around the wet
lips and inside her, much to the delight of the last minute NXT Rookie.

"Oh, God, oh God, fuck, fuck, I'm cumming! Ohhhhh!" Kaitlyn screamed, propped
up against the arm of the couch to watch her unwomanly-touched pussy be
devirganized by one of her favorite WWE Divas, now definitely her favorite,
as she had taken off her dress.

"Oh God, oh God! OHHHHH! Ohhhhh! Mmmmmhhhh, ohhhhh." Kaitlyn shrilled and
softly moaned to herself as she erupted into Kelly Kelly's mouth.

"Mmmmhhhh, not quite strawberry, but I'll take it." Kelly Kelly said as she
pulled out of Kaitlyn's soaking wet pussy, still with some spare juices on
her face.

"Alright, thanks, now I know who to go for if I need help." Kaitlyn said to a
confused Kelly Kelly.

Suddenly, from the comfort of resting her eyes after the hardest orgasm of
her life, Kaitlyn screamed as she felt Kelly hold her legs up, put her hands
on her sides and start going to town on her asshole.

"Fuck! Fuck! Oh, fuck!" Kaitlyn screamed from the sudden pleasure she was
feeling by way of her entrance.

Kelly Kelly continued licking in and around Kaitlyn's asshole, which had only
one time been entered by someone, and it was one of Kaitlyn's old boyfriends
and it was a so-so experience, but certainly nothing compared to the feeling
of Kelly Kelly's tongue probing it and making her body shake and tremble with

"Shit, shit! SHIT! Oh God! Fuuuuuck!" Kaitlyn screamed out as she shook her
body from side to side as the feeling of Kelly's tongue in her asshole became
too much, coupled with the light rubbing of her own pussy during, and she
came twice, the most she ever had during one sex session, three times,
counting her earlier orgasm.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh." Kaitlyn moaned as Kelly moved away from her asshole and
engaged in another kiss, not quite as passionate as the others, but maybe
more loving, after such pleasure had been delivered on most ends, but mostly

"Mmmmh, the tits look too good to miss." Kelly said before diving in on the
gorgeous and jaw-dropping rack of Kaitlyn, mirroring what the NXT Rookie did
to her own, earlier.

"Oh God, oh, that's right, lick them titties. Ohhhhh." Kaitlyn let out as
Kelly's experienced tongue began and continued her almost grapple with
Kaitlyn's soft set of tits.

"Mmmmhhhhh, oh, who needs guys? Mmmmhhhhh." Kaitlyn continued, as Kelly's
tongue went like wildfire all over her breasts.

Kelly Kelly began intensely licking one tit and massaging and shaking the
other, trading off every 10 seconds or so to keep the feeling of both equal
to the other.

Kelly Kelly pleasured Kaitlyn's tits, got in another groping kiss and was
laid down for the second time on the couch by Kaitlyn, who quickly undid the
white thong Kelly Kelly was sporting and went in for the best sexual
experience of her life, licking Kelly Kelly's pussy.

"Ohhhh, that's so good, keep going, ohhhhh, ohhhhh!" Kelly Kelly moaned as
Kaitlyn dove into Kelly's pussy like only a few women ever had before.

Kaitlyn continued marking her territory via tongue all over Kelly Kelly's
mostly shaven pussy, pleasuring both women, but it wasn't until.

Kelly Kelly sat-up, grabbed the head of Kaitlyn and sat on her face with her
pussy still being eaten out quickly, but now, even more feverishly, by the
NXT Rookie that both women truly knew the meaning of the word "Pleasure."

"Oh God, OHHHHHHH! OHHHHH!" Kelly Kelly screamed as Kaitlyn became suffocated
in Kelly's pussy, doing everything she could think of with her tongue to the
pussy, which was obviously working.

Kelly Kelly began grinding her pussy on and in Kaitlyn's face and mouth,
respectively, as Kaitlyn grabbed on to Kelly's ass with her hands to control
it enough to continue the pleasure.

"Ohhhh, OHHHHHH!" Kelly shrieked as she began to break from the course and
start to shake from side-to-side as she felt her ass groped, returning the
favor by leaning back and shaking Kaitlyn's breasts as quickly and pleasure-
riddenly as she could, while still getting a tonuge stuck in her pussy below

"Oh, oh, OHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH! Ohhhhh, ohhh. Fuck. Mmmmhhhh." Kelly
let out as she came all over Kaitlyn's face and fell forward, with her pussy
still hanging over Kaitlyn's face with no complaints to be had from the NXT
Rookie replacement.

Kaitlyn felt up Kelly's ass some more before relaxing for a moment and
getting up to get dressed, as Kelly Kelly then laid in the position and where
Kaitlyn had, to relax from the rockus round of love making.

"So, think we can have some more of these Pro-Rookie meetings in the future?"
Kaitlyn asks with a smile on her face, slipping her dress back on.

"Sure, hahaha." Kelly said, still tired from the pleasure received and given.

"Hey, at least I know if I ever have a rough day and need some reassurance, I
know where to go, just like you do, now." Kelly Kelly said with a grin on her
face to Kaitlyn, who was now fully clothed and heading out the door.

Kaitlyn replied by giving her new besite a kiss, and left the room.

"She's a keeper." says Kelly

"Can't wait until I get her and that big ass of Naomi's in the same room,
uhhhh, I may never stop cumming if I even just watch them do it, let alone
get involved."

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