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Can You Dance The Fandango?
by WWEKiller

The suave and sleek Fandango is down in Florida at the NXT Performance centre looking for a new dancing partner. He has already said no to a pale dark haired British girl and now is wandering around backstage looking for someone beautiful to dance with. All of the girls he has met so far just have no rhythm and he cannot believe how flat footed and uncoordinated they are. Fandango stops to check his reflection in a dressing room mirror admiring just how good he looks, his 6ft tall figure is well tanned and his chest muscles are extremely well toned. He is only wearing a black vest jacket opened up so as not to hide his amazing 6 pack abs and he admires them flexing in the mirror knowing what a body like his does to woman. Covering his strong legs are a pair of his brand new wrestling tights which are a vibrant light green with purple stripes while just a pair of solid black wrestling boots finishes off the dancer's attire. Brushing his black hair away from his eyes Fandango admires himself and wonders if he will ever find a Diva that will match up to his good looks and dancing ability.

Finally he pulls himself away from the mirror and back out into the corridor ready to resume his search for a dance partner but just outside the locker room door someone is waiting for him. He turns his head and sees a beautiful blonde standing in front of him, he takes in her figure which is very tall but petite and toned. She is dressed in workout clothes, a plain black sports bra and black sweat pants with white sneakers hardly a glamorous outfit but Fandango cannot deny she looks good even just dressed for a workout.

"Hi um are you the guy looking for a dance partner?" she asks looking a little nervous and Fandango can see she is wearing makeup.

It's just a little eye shadow and pink lip gloss but it stirrers Fandango's interest as she is clearly trying to make an impression.

"Yes," Fandango answers, "I am looking for a beautiful, graceful WWE Diva to be my new dance partner." He breathes heavily making the blonde's eyes go wide at the sound of his deep voice.

The tally leggy blonde bites her lip looking Fandango up and down and he just lets her getting a rush as yet another woman admire his beauty.

"Well I'm Summer," The blonde says finally snapping her eyes away from Fandango's tanned chest," Summer Rae and I am a dancer too so I thought maybe we could team up?"

"Ha," Fandango laughs moving up to his full height balancing on his toes, "You a dancer! No I don't think so, you have good looks yes but you do not have the style or the grace to be a dancer."

Summer's eyebrows narrow, "Excuse me but I've been dancing since I was 5 years old, I have perfect grace and style watch," Summer says raising herself up on her toes lifting her arms up then stretching one leg out to the side holding her balance perfectly like a ballet dancer.

Fandango nods his head, "Very impressive Summer but I don't think you're the type of girl I'm looking for."

"Why not?" Summer asks sounds a little annoyed, "I can dance, I'm glamorous, sexy and very, very flexible I'm the perfect dance partner for you."

"You could be perfect but you won't be able to pronounce my name correctly," The tanned dark haired man smirks at her; "If you can't say my name you can't be my partner."

"Fandango? What's difficult about saying Fandango?" Summer says sounding confused.

"No, no, no it's Fan... Dan... Go..," He says lifting his head up softly pronouncing his name.

"Oh ok," Summer says taking a deep breath, "Fan... Dan... Go...."

"MMMMMM, oh Summer well done that's perfect," He says making the leggy blonde smile.

Fandango is clearly impressed his eyes now openly checking Summer Rae out, his eyes trailing across her body, "Well you can say my name perfectly but maybe you are not quite sexy enough to be with the hottest dancer in the WWE."

Flexing his muscles Fandango pushes his tanned chest out while tightening his abs and arms. He poses and Summer just stands and admires how sexy Fandango is, his ultra-tanned body all shaved and smooth almost looking good enough to lick.

"I am sexy enough Fandango in fact I think I look as hot as you," Summer says openly checking out Fandango's body making the dancer smirks at her.

"Oh little girl I don't think so, I have grace, pose and the body that any woman would kill to touch," Fandango says dismissively.

Summer pouts and starts to slowly turn around flexing her skinny body frame making sure Fandango can get a good look at every inch of her. Fandango can't help but stare at the blonde's sexy curves, there might not be much of her but the slow way she moves and the perfect angles she takes up makes her body look irresistible. She does a slow turn making sure the tanned dancer gets a good look at every part of her body, she grins seeing his eyes latch onto her ass so she gives it a little shake to further tease him.

"Well Summer I won't deny that you have some sex appeal," Fandango murmurs in his low tone of voice, "But still you are not the perfect combination of being great looking and a supreme dancer that I require for my partner."

Summer grunts getting pissed off that Fandango keeps blowing her off, she knows she is sexy and she knows she is an awesome dancer. Fandango clearly has a very cocky persona but she really wants to be the dance partner of this sexy looking man so thinking quickly Summer puts her hands on his chest pushing Fandango towards the locker room door.

"Summer what are you doing?" Fandango asks a little worried as Summer pushes him back into the empty locker room.

Summer Rae slams the door behind her and stares at Fandango grinning, "I am going to be your next dance partner Fandango and I don't care what I have to do to prove it to you," She says forcefully.

Grabbing hold of her black spandex pants Summer Rae starts pulling them down to Fandango's surprise. His eyes become glued to her lower half watching the skinny blonde strip off right in front of him. Summer grins seeing that Fandango is staring at her so she lowers her pants down to her feet kicking them off exposing her light pink panties and her long tanned legs. Her pink cotton panties stick to her sexy ass and Summer does another slow twirl letting Fandango once again admire her body. Inside his tight spandex pants Fandango can feel his cock start to twitch while looking at half-dressed blonde. Summer kicks off her sneakers so she is bare footed as she pirouettes around the empty locker room putting on a dancing master class for Fandango.

"See I'm perfect arm candy for you," Summer grins spinning past an open mouthed Fandango, "I'm super-hot and you can clearly see I can handle myself when it comes to dancing."

Fandango just nods his head unable to deny how graceful Summer is watching the blonde dance around the locker room. She has such light and graceful footwork and with his cock now semi hard and pushing into the crotch of his tights Fandango can no longer argue that the blonde isn't sexy. Summer effortlessly spins around then drops to the floor doing the splits easily spreading her long legs out wide and this makes Fandango applaud. She is very flexible being able to lower herself down to the floor in the splits pose which just happens shows off her long tanned legs even more.

"Very, very impressive Summer," Fandango says nodding with approval walking over to the blonde.

He grabs her arm and pulls her up from the splits bringing Summer back to her feet then he quickly spins her, twirling the young blonde around before pulling her close. Summer spins into him grinning as he slowly lowers her down showing off his own perfect dance moves.

"So do I pass your little test Fan... Dan... Go...?" Summer asks in a naughty teasing tone.

"Yes Summer you do, you are the perfect dance partner and I want you to be with me when I debut on Raw," The well-tanned dancer says in his deep growl.

Summer Rae squeals with delight jumping up and hugging Fandango pressing her barely clothed body into his. She is rubbing against him and Fandango stiffens trying not to moan feeling the young blonde press up against him. He can cover up his moan but he can't hide his stiff cock which is pushing into the front of his spandex pants and it brushes against Summer's long legs. Grinning Summer Rae pushes her leg back into the healthy sized bulge making it twitch and it does bring a moan from Fandango's lips.

"Wow you really do think I'm sexy," Summer teases looking into Fandango's eyes biting her lip as the sexual energy in the room starts to pick up.

The dark haired man smirks, "I just love women who throw themselves at my feet," He growls openly checking the barely dressed Diva out.

Summer blushes a little seeing Fandango's eyes going up and down her body checking her out like a wild animal stalking its prey.

She keeps grinning and says, "Well then why don't we celebrate our new partnership with a nice hot sexy fuck session?"

Fandango growls nodding his head before his hands move down the tiny blonde's waist tilting her over even more. When Summer is almost completely horizontal in his arms Fandango leans down and captures her sexy pink coated lips in a hot passionate kiss. Summer moans feeling the dark stubble on his face rubbing against her soft skin. The blonde instantly moves her arms up wrapping them around Fandango's neck brushing over his toned shoulder muscles. Fandango keeps his lips firmly pressed on Summer's tasting his new dance partner while the blonde is moving her palms up and down his muscly arms. She squeezes one of his biceps testing out the muscle tone and is rewarded with a cheeky little bite mid kiss by Fandango which really turns Summer on. Fandango runs his free hand down one of Summer's outstretched legs feeling her muscles tensing and the sexy wrestler can't resist dragging his fingernails over her soft skin. Summer purrs when his fingers squeeze along her soft thigh making the blonde push her tongue into Fandango's mouth. Their lips duel passionately together, tongues pressing inside each other's mouth making them both moan softly.

Fandango finally breaks the kiss pulling the blonde back to her feet before leading her over to the far side of the room. They are moving towards a bench near some lockers and as they walk Fandango kicks off his shiny black boots and removes his jacket. He goes to yank down his pants but Summer stops him moving his hands to the side before making him sit down on the bench. The blonde drops to her knees with her hands on the waistband of Fandango's brightly coloured tights and slowly starts to lower them. Her fingers sink into the skin tight spandex peeling them down Fandango's muscly legs until his hard cock springs free. Summer Rae gasps and then pouts her lips staring at Fandango's big throbbing cock. He has to be at least 8 inches long and a few inches thick, a perfect thick sized dick that has Summer already drooling thinking of pushing it into her mouth. She keeps pulling at his tights dragging them all the way down to his knees so that she can also admire his tanned muscular thighs. Leaning forward Summer can't resist laying a soft kiss onto one of his thigh muscles and Fandango's cock flexes from the contact of Summer's lips on his skin.

"Your lips feel so good," Fandango moans leaning back pushing his hips forward while Summer finishes removing his pants.

Summer sits up places both hands on Fandango's chest moaning with delight at feeling up his toned chest. Her fingers trail down his washboard abs gliding along his toned skin before finally her hands move down past his hips towards his hard cock. Summer grabs it firmly giving Fandango's shaft a squeeze that makes his cock twitch against her palm. She jerks his cock a little loving the way his big purple cock head bulges every time she moves her hand. Summer's soft hand is slowly teasing Fandango's hard cock and the dark haired man moans loudly enjoying the feel of Summer Rae stroking his cock. Her hand feels so good that Fandango almost wants to beg her to give him a good hard handjob. The sexy blonde doesn't wank him harder instead keeping hold of the base of Fandango's cock she leans forward giving his throbbing cock head a quick kiss. Fandango loudly groans with pleasure as Summer's soft lips brush against his purple cock head making it jump in her hand.

"Fuck yes that's it Summer suck it," Fandango moans tilting his head back, his eyes shut with pleasure, "Be a good little blonde and suck it."

Grinning Summer instantly lets go of Fandango's cock and gets to her feet making the young grappler open his eyes in surprise.

"I thought I wasn't hot enough Fandango?" An underwear clad Summer teases biting her finger seductively.

"I mean the great Fandango wouldn't want some ugly non dancer like me sucking and slurping down on his big fat cock," Summer says in a soft seductive voice.

Fandango's cock throbs harder at Summer's teasing words and the young wrestler can only stare at the blonde in amazement.

"I mean maybe you want a dancer with nice big boobies," Summer continues to tease grabbing the bottom of her black sports bra.

Fandango just watches on speechless as the leggy blonde slowly peels her bra up her body. Her tiny boobs may not be massive plastic filled objects but they fit her skinny body type perfectly. Fandango feels himself drooling as he stares at Summer's perfectly round tits. Summer's small perky tits are on full display the blonde grins throwing her stripped off bra across the room. She can see Fandango openly staring with lust at her small tanned boobs and she can also see his thick cock twitching too. Summer moves both hands up her sides before softly cupping her small boobs giving them a firm squeeze. Fandango groans softly licking his lips and staring at Summer's boobs, the blonde is certainly not afraid to show off her sexy body. Watching Summer Rae squeezing her all natural tits Fandango slides his hand down to grab his aching cock. Summer Rae enjoys teasing the ultra-hot Fandango; she bets not many women have taken the time to drive him wild with lust. Summer now moves her hands downwards sliding her fingertips into the waistband of her cotton panties. She hears a visible gasp from Fandango who feels like his cock will explode right here and now if this teasing keeps up.

Fandango has his hand on his shaft slowly stroking himself making his thick 8 inch cock twitch. He is being treated to a sexy hot strip show by Summer and Fandango doesn't want to do anything else but watch. Pulling on the waistband of her panties Summer drinks in Fandango's horny expression feeling the ego boost of having a hot guy like him openly drooling over her body. She pulls her panties down slightly revealing the small string thong that was hidden underneath. Summer loves wearing thongs but when working out its not practical to have a thong always creeping out of your sweatpants. The blonde certainly didn't think wearing two sets of panties would be a tease but when Fandango growls loudly at seeing her sexy string thong Summer knows it was lucky she didn't change before coming over to meet him. She peels her panties down her long legs admiring Fandango as he pump away at his big cock making Summer's pussy leak. Summer kicks away her panties and is now standing in front of Fandango with just a tiny black string thong covering her now wet pussy. The tiny crotch of her thong panties is soaking with her own wetness and again Summer slowly spins round. She does a slow twirl so Fandango can lust over her well-tanned near naked body.

Once he sees her round pert ass cheeks fully exposed in her tiny thong Fandango can't take being teased any longer. He reaches out a cupping one of Summer's tanned ass cheeks firmly giving it a playful squeeze. Summer moans as she feels him pull her in closer so she is leaning into his body and this makes his hard cock rub against the back of her thigh. Summer Rae moans loudly feeling so good pushing against Fandango's ultra-sexy body and she starts to wiggle her hips into her new wrestling partner. She feels like some sexy lap dancer, clad in only her thong and sat on his lap. Fandango groans at the contact of Summer's slowly rotating hips feeling that cute ass rubbing against his hips. Both are nearly naked meaning it is just pure skin on skin contact between the two and the lust inside both young superstars is growing. He is thrusting back harder against her until the two of them are in perfect rhythm grinding their hips together. Fandango's cock is now rock hard and digging into Summer's round ass cheek. Summer giggles feeling his large cock poking into her ass and she sensually moves her hips round to help rub her ass against Fandango's large cock. Fandango groans at the way his cock rubs against her soft tanned skin while she slowly sways her hips.

It's an intoxicating, sexually teasing dance as both Summer and Fandango grind and rub up against each other. Finally all this bumping and grinding is too much for a horny Fandango as his prick aches with pleasure. Grabbing Summer Rae by the shoulders he gracefully spins the near naked blonde around making Summer squeak with delight as she is manhandled. The blonde is pushed down to her knees between Fandango's legs so once again her sexy face is level with his throbbing 8 inches.

"You fucking tease Summer, suck it go on suck my dick," Fandango hisses his cock twitching right in front of Summer Rae's face.

The blonde quickly opens her mouth sliding her lips down onto Fandango's hard dick. Fandango growls loudly sliding his hands down onto the back of her head as Summer's soft lips tease his shaft. His fingers intertwine with Summer's long blonde hair holding her in place with her lips attaching to his dick. Summer feels Fandango's cock sliding between her lips and she loudly hums sending pleasurable vibrations through Fandango's shaft. His 8 inches slide right down Summer's wet mouth making Fandango moan loudly with pleasure. Summer rolls her tongue around licking hard against the underside of Fandango's large prick and while she does that Summer also moves her hand over Fandango's smooth thighs slowly massaging him while she blows his dick. Her finger tips keep moving up until they graze against Fandango's balls which makes the young wrestler shiver from the contact. Summer Rae cups Fandango's balls giving them a firm squeeze while she works more of his thick dick inside her mouth. Fandango lets out a loud groan of approval as Summer plays with his balls weighting them gently in her soft hand. Pushing his hips further forward Fandango works more than half of his cock inside Summer's wide open mouth.

He loves the visual of seeing such a hot blonde on her knees openly accepting and sucking on his prick. Summer's cheeks are stretched out but it appears the blonde has no problem taking his big thick cock all the way inside her mouth. Summer's warm mouth is really teasing his cock and Fandango can't help lean back pressing the head of his cock up against the back of her throat. To respond to him leaning back Summer starts to bob her head giving her new dancer partner the blowjob he has been craving. Her mouth is full of Fandango's cock and the blonde fights against her gag reflex so she can keep sliding her lips up and down his shaft. She is using the tongue to bathe Fandango's dick in saliva making it nice and wet so her lips have no friction when they slide across his cock. Fandango has to keep hold of Summer Rae's head using it as support while she noisily sucks on him. He has never felt such a wet messy blowjob, Summer's spit is soaking his cock making Fandango's prick even more sensitive to Summer's free flowing lips. Summer sucks hard looking right up at Fandango getting eye contact with the sexy dancer feeding into his amazing visual of her slurping on his cock.

Fandango moans in pleasure hearing the wet sound of his cock sliding right back against Summer's throat. His whole body is tingling from the pleasure being given to him by the blonde's pretty mouth. Summer braces herself on her knees allowing Fandango to do all the work now letting him powerfully thrust into her mouth. His smooth hips slide forward driving his cock into her open mouth and lust just takes over Fandango's thoughts. The well-tanned wrestler moans loudly as he starts to fuck Summer Rae's sexy mouth and Summer doesn't mind Fandango thrusting into her face, she almost prefers a blowjob where the man does all the work. She can just lean back and enjoy the naughty feeling she gets when a man's cock pushes into her mouth. Summer uses her tongue to lick away at Fandango's thrusting cock determined to get as much pleasure as she can out of this face fucking. Moaning louder than ever Fandango thrusts into Summer's mouth a few more times before realizing he is very close to losing control. The dancer is right on the edge of orgasm and there is nothing he can do to stop himself from blowing his load for his new dance partner.

"OHHHHHH FUCK SUMMER HERE IT COMES TAKE IT OHHHHHHHHH FUCKING CUMMING," Fandango groans in his deep voice pushing his body forward one last time.

His cock twitches inside Summer Rae's mouth before Fandango finally unleashes his load firing it deep down her throat. He cums into Summer's mouth and his moans only get louder as the rookie Diva keeps her mouth pressed tight against his cock. Fandango is blowing a huge load down Summer's throat and the sexy blonde tilts her head back swallowing all of Fandango's cum. Summer tries to swallow it all but there is just so much that little drops of cum leak out from the corners of her mouth. Fandango winces shooting the final few drops of spunk into Summer's mouth before he pulls his cock out of her face. Looking down at her he watches her swallow his load with one loud slutty sounding gulp. The blonde grins up at him licking her wet and slightly cum stained lips seeing the reaction on his face having just swallowing Fandango's massive load after taking a hard face fucking.

"Was that too much for you Fandango?" Summer teases while licking her lips clean.

Fandango breathes hard but grins at the blonde's eagerness shaking his head. Gracefully the blonde gets back to her feet still smiling before slipping her fingers into the waistband of her thong. She pulls the tiny string panties down her long legs getting fully naked in front of Fandango. Summer kicks them off her and stands in front of Fandango letting him admire her fully nude form. Fandango's eyes roam around Summer's naked body but are drawn straight towards her completely shaved pussy. Summer smiles seeing Fandango's limp cock give a hopefully little twitch showing this celebratory fuck session might not be over yet. Summer can't resist reaching her hand down scratching lightly at the tanned wrestler's perfect abs while his eyes stay locked on her wet pussy lips.

"MMMMMMMMM horny little girl, are you ready to have your mind blown?" Fandango sexily growls looking up at her.

Summer bites her finger cutely and nods standing in front of the rookie wondering just what Fandango will do to her. Leaning his face forward Fandango pouts his lips and presses them right against Summer's flat stomach trailing some kisses all the way across her sexy belly. While he kisses her flat belly Fandango moves his hands up cupping Summer's sexy little boobs giving them a firm squeeze that gets a visible gasp of pleasure from the blonde. His nails rub over her nipples and Summer feels her legs getting weak at the way this sexy wrestler is so easily groping her. Fandango's lips are softly kissing around her belly button while his hands cup underneath her firm boobs. He gives the blonde's perky breasts a firm squeeze that has the sexy blonde moaning happily. Summer leans back sticking her chest forward surrendering herself to more pleasure from Fandango's touch. Fandango's soft lips keep kissing around Summer's flat belly, his chin stubble lightly brushing against her tanned skin. Moving his head up Fandango's kisses right down Summer's belly until he has to move his hands off her boobs.

"More please more keep touching," Summer moans with pleasure feeling deprived with Fandango's hands no longer groping her tits.

Fandango just grins leaning his head up and then presses his lips against her boob. Summer lets out a low moan of surprise as the wrestler's soft lips press up against her flesh and a tingle runs through Summer's body. The blonde is in heaven as Fandango's ultra-soft lips start brushing against her boobs. She is moaning with the sensations as he is peppering her breasts with soft quick kisses moving his head around making sure to kiss every part of her breasts. Fandango hungrily licks at the underside of her tits and while the blonde may not have the biggest boobs the way Fandango licking them it makes Summer feel so good. He is treating her breasts with so much attention, men normally only gave Summer a small amount of foreplay before moving on to fucking the leggy beauty. Fandango is really taking his time kissing and licking her flesh and it makes Summer Rae melt with pleasure. Moving his lips up Fandango takes one of Summer's light pink nipples in his mouth and he gives it a slow teasing suck making Summer shiver with lust as Fandango's lips touch her nipple. The sexy wrestler is now slowly sucking on Summer's nipple, his other hand starts squeezes Summer's right boob.

He is working all over Summer's small perky chest and all his attention has made Summer's nipples go rock hard while her pussy becomes even wetter. Summer feels like squeezing her thighs together just so her pussy can get a bit of attention. The blonde has never felt such pleasure over just having her breasts played with. Fandango's tongue is making her whole body shake with lust, his tongue works its way all over her nipples leaving Summer purring with pleasure. Fandango moves his head and attacks Summer's other nipple taking the pink nub in his mouth and then starts to suck away. Summer's hands go into Fandango's hair pulling at his slicked back dark hair pushing his face deeper into her small boob wanting to keep his talented mouth on her aching nipple. His tongue dabs away at her flesh and Summer's skin tingles at the contact and her hips start rocking. Her body desperately needs more pressure to cure the sexual itch building up inside and just having her nipples played with isn't enough.

"No more please baby no more teasing just fuck me I need it so bad," Summer purrs loudly grabbing the sides of Fandango's face lifting it up so they have eye contact.

"Are you not enjoying this Summer?" Fandango asks teasing the leggy Diva even more.

"Oh god baby I love it but I'm so wet I need you to fuck me I need your cock in me right now," Summer whines sounding so needy.

She is soaking wet thanks to Fandango's teasing tongue play and all he wants is his impressively thick dick stuffed inside her. Moving his head down Fandango stares at Summer's naked pussy and observes just how shiny and wet it is. Grinning he looks up at Summer who has a very pleading expression masked across her pretty face.

"Please fuck me Fandango fuck me now," Summer begs, her whole body is on fire aching to be fucked by this sexy dancer and his big cock.

"Not quite yet Summer, I Fandango have one more skill you have to experience," Fandango says softly his deep voice almost growling at the worked up blonde.

Summer mews in frustration at not getting the fucking that she so desperately needs. The blonde has never felt so horny in her whole life; she certainly has never openly begged a guy to fuck her.

"Trust me Summer this skill is why all women love Fan...Dan...Go," He says standing back up wrapping his arms around Summer.

Moaning softly, the blonde just melts into Fandango's strong arms as he lifts her up into the air. He carries Summer over to one of the long benches in the locker room then lays her skinny frame across it. Summer lies on her back wondering just what Fandango will do to her next. Taking his time Fandango moves to the end of the bench grabbing Summer Rae's ankles then gracefully pulls her legs apart. Summer can't help but squeal with delight watching the sexy Fandango kneel between her open legs lowering his gorgeous face towards her pussy. The blonde can feel her pussy getter wetter as Fandango lowers his face towards her core. She can feel his breath on her skin and Summer has to close her eyes and fight down the feeling of just going wild wrapping her legs round his head and forcing him to eat her out. Summer is just a mess of horny energy and has to move her hands up and run them through her long blonde locks as a way of distracting herself. Fandango's nose brushes softly against one of Summer's soaking wet pussy lips and the former NXT rookie admires just how light in colour Summer's pussy lips are compared to the rest of her body.

"Summer I'm going to make you scream my name," Fandango whispers before he wraps his lips around Summer's soaking wet love hole.

One of the loudest screams of her life explodes out of Summer Rae the second Fandango's lips touch her wet pussy. Her whole head feels like it will split in two and her hips instantly jump up and press into Fandango's soft lips. Ignoring his normal soft lapping style Fandango slides his talented tongue between Summer's wet lips and starts attacking the inside of her pussy. Summer lets out another loud scream of pleasure as Fandango's tongue curls inside her making her whole body sparkle with lust. Louder grow the moans from Summer Rae as she writhes around on the bench unable to deal with the feelings of pleasure building inside her. Summer is so glad she didn't turn Fandango away and already she knows they will be great wrestling partners as long as he uses his tongue on her every night. Tasting her wet insides just pushes Fandango on to pull his tongue in and out of Summer's hot pussy carefully tongue fucking the smoking hot Diva. Biting her lip Summer knows it won't be long before her body betrays her and she lets go of all her inhibitions. Her long legs wrap around Fandango's neck pressing his face deeper into her soaking wet pussy so it keeps his tongue plastered inside her.

Summer's pussy is soaking wet and she still can't believe Fandango got her this close to cumming just by touching her. Her pussy is leaking juices out all over her thighs while Fandango's tongue is lapping it up straight from the source. Using his tongue like a weapon Fandango is hitting all of Summer's most sensitive spots leaving the blonde a screaming mess. Summer Rae howls pushing her hips up desperate to drag Fandango's tongue deeper into her soaking wet cunt, she so badly wants to cum all over his talented mouth. Fandango is easily the best pussy licker Summer has ever had, in fact the way his tongue worshipped her breasts Summer is prepared to say he is the best tongue she has ever felt. She is a sweaty moaning mess of pleasurable emotions and Summer's voice is starting to hurt at her constant screams of ecstasy. Fandango's tongue keeps working over her hot pussy dipping between her pretty pink pussy lips attacking her very core. The groans finally reach a fever pitch and Summer can stand it no longer, leaning her head back Summer lets out a loud ear splitting scream that can surely be heard by every other man and women left in the building.

Fandango just keeps lapping away at Summer's pussy and the blonde feels like she might explode with all the pleasure coursing through her. She is moaning and wriggling around on the locker room bench thinking that Fandango clearly isn't just a talented dancer he also has an extremely talented tongue. Summer just can't believe how hot Fandango is making her with his tongue is pressing so deep inside her sex. She knows she is going to burst and nothing will stop that she just wants this amazingly pleasurable sensation to last as long as possible.

"Oh God yes deeper baby oh yes fuck me lick me UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH baby so good," Summer moans in ecstasy.

Fandango just smiles to himself pressing his face deeper between Summer's long legs. He laps at Summer's sweet smelling pussy licking up all of her overflowing juices while Summer Rae just thrashes around with pleasure. Summer is getting closer to her orgasm, she is right on the edge and just a few more licks from Fandango will take her to her much needed orgasm. Her long legs are tightly wound around Fandango's neck keeping the wrestler's face in her wet sex keeping his tongue buried deep in her wet sex.

"PLEASE KEEP LICKING, MAKE ME FUCKING CUM OH GOD PLEASE I WANNA CUM SO BAD," Summer screams not caring who hears her powerful cries.

Fandango grins knowing he has the sexy blonde right on the edge and he is going to finish her off spectacularly. He stabs his tongue deep inside her pussy making Summer's hips rise up off the bench. Working his tongue inside Summer's pussy Fandango licks her inner pussy walls making Summer whimper loudly, her body submitting to his amazing oral skills. Fandango moves his tongue up and brushes it over the hard nub of Summer's clit and that is the final straw for the leggy blonde. She screams out nearly deafening Fandango as her hips bounce up and down overwhelmed by the pleasure she is feeling.

"OHHHH CUMMING, CUMMING OHHHHHHH SHIT CUMMING," Summer screams loudly her body rocking around out of control.

Her orgasm powerfully overtakes her body; she has her hands in her long blonde hair pulling wildly at her locks. The pleasure she is feeling leaves her whole body shaking with lust while Fandango keeps his face pressed into Summer's sex. He tastes her sweet juices letting them flow down his stubble covered chin as Summer Rae orgasms against his thrusting tongue. She tastes so sweet that Fandango has to resist wiggling his tongue around inside her to get even more of her pussy juices in his mouth. Summer Rae finally stops screaming, she is breathing heavily and between her legs she feels very sore and sticky. No man has ever given her an orgasm like that; Fandango's tongue was like some top of the range sex toy. Panting Summer wonders how there isn't a line of beautiful women around Fandango at all times wanting to be pleasured by his amazingly talented tongue. Fandango finally leans his neck up and Summer's weak legs just fall away naturally allowing the dancer to sit up. He admires Summer's sweaty panting body before standing up towering over her. Fandango starts to stroke his throbbing hard cock while he looks down at a tired and sexual satisfied Summer Rae.

"Oh God, oh God oh that was fucking amazing," Summer moans softly barely able to open her eyes still recovering from the aftershock of her huge orgasm.

"Fandango always gives his partner the greatest pleasure possible," The dancer just says cockily smirking at the sexy blonde.

"Well I will happily be your partner forever if you are willing to do that to me every night," Summer says finally able to perch herself up on her elbows to look at him.

"Good to know Summer but we are not finished here yet," Fandango says looking down at his flexing throbbing cock.

Summer eagerly nods her head and moves her tired sweaty body up off the bench with her eyes fixed on his big hard dick. Summer reaches forward grabbing it with her hand squeezing his stiff dick making Fandango groan loudly as she teases his shaft again. Fandango leans back putting his hands on his hips letting Summer Rae play with his hard cock. Summer is really jerking his thick cock with quick firm thrusts of her hand no longer looking to tease the dancer. Summer is giving Fandango a good wank really pumping away at his dick wanting to make him scream out like she did. Her hand still feels amazing wrapped around his cock but Fandango wants more from the blonde.

"Stop teasing Summer I know you can do more," Fandango says with a grin, "You owe me something so much hotter than just a plain handjob."

Summer nods at him letting go of his dick before moving back down the bench spreading out her long legs. She is a little sore from her first epic orgasm but nothing will stop her from having Fandango's cock inside her. Leaning back Summer feels so sexy under his intense gaze but her eyes are locked onto his big cock wondering if it half as good at fucking her as Fandango's tongue was. Fandango slides in close to Summer placing one hand on her thigh muscle squeezing it softly as he moves between her spread open legs. He lines up his hard dick right next to her soaking wet sex but before he thrusts into her he can't resist looking up. Catching Summer's gaze Fandango smirks at the leggy blonde before theatrically blowing her a kiss. Summer giggles and then moans as the well-tanned wrestler moves forward making his cock head slap against Summer's wet pussy sending a twinge of pleasure through her body. Fandango rubs his throbbing cock head over her sex and Summer shivers with lust letting out some soft weak groans. The blonde badly wants him inside but Fandango is making her wait, like everything he does the dancer is slow and deliberate with every single move.

Summer Rae is left breathless, biting her lip not wanting to beg Fandango at least not yet as Fandango's soft hands start to move. He rubs his hands up and down Summer's long legs feeling all the curves and muscles tense up under his fingertips. Summer purrs while Fandango softly strokes her legs squeezing her thighs making Summer's whole body come alive. After her orgasm she felt so content and happy but now Fandango is getting her motor running again. Fandango's throbbing cock pokes along Summer Rae's damp pussy lips again and Summer just can't stop the moan escaping from her lips. He is making her feel so good and Summer can feel her legs spreading even wider for him, her pussy getting wetter wanting Fandango to fuck her.

"Do you want me Summer?" Fandango questions in his soft growling tone.

"Yes, oh god yes please fuck me," Summer whines lifting her hips up towards his thick 8 inch cock.

"Say my name," He demands rocking his hips forward slightly allowing his cock to poke right against Summer's soaked pussy lips.

Lifting her head up off the bench Summer stares right at Fandango, a blazing look set on her face.

"Fan...Dan...Go please fuck me," Summer growls in a sultry tone.

The smirk is back on his face hearing the gorgeous Summer perfectly repeat his name. Fandango pushes forward sinking his cock between Summer's wet lips as Summer howls with lust. She is so wet and Fandango's cock easily slides inside her making the tanned blonde feel incredible. His cock feels even bigger inside her pussy and instantly she moves her long legs wrapping them around Fandango's toned body pulling him closer. Fandango responds by sinking his cock deeper inside Summer's warm wet pussy making her let out another loud moan of pleasure. Fandango's cock feels perfect inside her and Summer thinks all of Fandango's foreplay really has her fired up to be fucked hard. Sinking in even more Fandango only has the base of his cock left to thrust inside the leggy blonde. Summer Rae is whimpering, feeling so full of cock that she doesn't want this intense feeling of pleasure to stop. Grinning to himself Fandango leans forward finally stuffing every last inch of his cock inside Summer Rae.

"OH FUCK," Summer moans joyfully with Fandango's 8 inches firmly buried in her cunt.

Reaching forward Fandango's hands cup Summer's perky tits again giving them a squeeze. Sexual pleasure flows through every inch of Summer's body and the tanned blonde loves it. She lifts her body up off the bench submitting to Fandango's touch before he starts to pull back. His throbbing cock slowly peels out from between Summer's wet pussy lips, now stained with her sweet smelling scent. Fandango pushes forward slamming his wet dick right back inside Summer's skinny body. Summer screams and tilts her head back her body overwhelmed with lust, she rocks her hips around not even bothering to try and contain her loud lust filled moans. Fandango starts to time his thrusts inside the horny blonde, pulling out then sinking back into Summer's wet cunt. Summer lets the sexy young wrestler thrust into her, all 8 inches of his hard cock fill up her pussy. She moans and whines letting all the pleasure build up inside her and already she can feel another orgasm building. Summer is surprised to find that she is this horny so soon after having a toe curling orgasm but is delighted Fandango can give her multiple shots of pleasure.

Fandango clearly is extremely talented at pleasuring the opposite sex and Summer instantly feels she will have to be at her best every night to keep up with this love machine. Fandango suddenly lets out a long loud moan with his cock fully imbedded inside Summer's body. Her pussy is so tight and Fandango loves feeling Summer's juices leaking over his throbbing cock. He would happily fuck this pussy every night and from the sound of Summer's moans it's clear she would like that as well. Thrusting in and out Fandango picks up the pace filling the sexy blonde up with each hard pump of his hips. Summer keeps her legs tightly wrapped around Fandango's tanned body holding him close while he fucks her. Summer's moans are getting louder and Fandango can no longer hold back his own deep throaty gasps. Both NXT superstars are sweating and moaning, their bodies moving together in sync as they fuck on top of a locker room bench.

"Yes Fandango yes more fuck me more fill me up UHHHHHHHHH fuck you are so big," Summer Rae moans running her hands back through her hair.

Smirking Fandango thrusts forward slamming his cock deep into Summer wanting to draw more moans from the sexy blonde. His thick 8 inches press against her wet pussy walls and Fandango flexes his body into her. Summer keeps groaning moving her hips up trying to match Fandango's thrusts, his moans are just as much of a turn on for the blonde as his big thick cock. Summer Rae lets out another loud moan of pleasure as Fandango like the trained dancer he is starts to work up a good rhythm. His hips move perfectly driving his cock into Summer again and again and again pounding into the blonde's toned body. He is really giving the blonde the kind of hard fucking she adores and it makes her purr with delight. Fandango just owns her pussy using his big cock to perfection, his 8 inches drilling deep into the blonde leaving Summer moaning like a porn star. Summer just wants more, she doesn't want Fandango to ever stop fucking her. It just feels so good, Summer Rae keeps moaning with pleasure as Fandango pounds his cock inside her body. Both tanned superstars are sweating now and Fandango grunts deeply each time he presses into Summer's wet pussy.

Neither knows how long they have been locked together fucking on top of a locker room bench but neither want to slow down. Fandango lets out another deep noise almost a growl of lust as he digs his fingernails into Summer Rae's skin. The smooth dancer is becoming more animal the more he thrusts inside the moaning blonde. His cock pounds into Summer leaving the blonde moaning with every inch of Fandango's cock buried inside her pussy. Fandango keeps slamming his dick inside Summer putting all his energy into fucking her. The bench Summer is lying on starts to shake with the force of the two strong bodies fucking on top of it. Summer can't stop moaning with Fandango continuing to press himself deep inside her, she has already cum but Fandango's thick cock batters against her most sensitive spots. He is really pumped into her with great force and Summer is left impressive by the tanned wrestler's stamina. Fandango isn't slowing down driving his hips into Summer Rae making both of them cry out joyfully.

"OHHHHH MORE, MORE FANDANGO PLEASE FUCKING MORE FUCK ME," Summer screams lifting her hips up to meet his thrusts.

Fandango keeps pumping and finally he can feel his cock start to twitch. His dick has been hard for so long and Summer is so sexy Fandango is surprised himself at how long he's lasted. Her tight wet pussy feels perfect around his cock and her constant sexy moans have kept Fandango fired up. The long leggy beauty is just perfect for all of Fandango's needs, she is almost as graceful as he is and she clearly loves to be fucked. Summer whines loudly once again unable to stop herself from showing her delight at this nasty raw locker room sex session. Summer thinks she is becoming addicted to Fandango's hard dick, her body is rocking around from Fandango's forceful thrusts really making Summer cry out. Grunting Fandango slides himself forward so every inch of his thick cock is deep inside her then he wraps his arms right around Summer Rae's back. With his arms wrapped around her Fandango now starts to lift Summer Rae up in the air. Summer gasps opening her eyes to stare right at Fandango's cocky grin as he lifts her up in the air.

"Fuck and you're strong too how can any woman ever turn you down?" Summer purrs wrapping her arms around Fandango's neck.

The tanned wrestler just smiles at the blonde now standing tall his cock still deep inside Summer. Her arms and legs are tightly wrapped around his body making extra sure she doesn't drop from Fandango's grip. Moving round Fandango turns a full 180 with him and Summer still locked together crotch to crotch. He now drops down sitting on the locker room bench holding Summer on top of him.

"Show me what you can do Summer Rae," Fandango moans softly lying back enjoying the feeling of having Summer Rae sitting on top of his cock.

The blonde has a big grin on her face as now she is on top of Fandango pressing down on him. His cock twitches inside her body and Summer readjust herself so she can happily sit on Fandango's dick. Her knees go either side of Fandango's body and Summer then puts her hands on Fandango's toned stomach. She strokes his 6 pack with her fingers while her body slowly rocks around getting used to the new sensation and position. Lying on his back Fandango groans with pleasure as Summer Rae starts to move around on top of him, almost like she is dancing on top of him grinding her toned body against his. Her soaking wet pussy is now pushing against Fandango's cock hitting all of the pleasure spots in his shaft. He groans loudly putting his hands back behind his head enjoying the smoking hot blonde riding his cock. Summer's lower body flexes trying to stimulate Fandango and the groans coming from the young wrestler shows that he loves her efforts.

"Ride me Summer come on sexy girl I know you can do more," Fandango growls encouraging her.

Smirking Summer Rae pressing her palms down onto his stomach and starts to properly ride him. She pushes her body up then down sliding Fandango's thick 8 inches into her wet pussy. Both WWE superstars moan with pleasure as Summer starts to bounce herself on Fandango's dick. Fandango groans loudly shooting his hands forward to grab the sexy blonde by her hips. He holds her steady while Summer Rae starts to work at a quicker pace bouncing off the dancer's erect dick. On top of him Summer Rae grinds her body down hard against him using her long legs to really push herself up and down. Fandango just lies back and admires the sight of the beautiful tanned blonde riding his dick while Summer enjoys Fandango's big cock filling up her wet pussy. Her howls and moans fill the locker room as she bounces off Fandango's body riding his throbbing cock.

"That's it Summer fuck me, use that amazing body and fuck me hard," Fandango moans in his deep tone.

Hearing his cries Summer grinds down on Fandango's hips teasing more pleasure out of his throbbing cock. Fandango groans again shutting his eyes leaning his head back letting Summer work him over. She is rocking around on top of the tanned wrestler grinding her body up and down pleasuring the both of them. Summer is using every trick she knows to stimulate his 8 inch cock and bring Fandango the kind of pleasure he brought her. He ate her out and then gave her such an intense fucking that Summer is desperate to redress the balance.


Her screams fill the room and her bounces become more forceful, her tanned body slamming down sending Fandango's cock deep inside her. She just loves riding the dancer's massive dick feeling it throbbing against her inner pussy walls. Fandango moans again with his cock twitching inside the blonde's sex before Summer Rae grabs Fandango's hands from around her hips lifting them up. She places them on her small chest and it's now Fandango letting out the loud passion filed moan as he squeezes Summer Rae's boobs.

"GOD YES FUCK SUMMER HARDER MORE OHHHHHHHH YES," Fandango yells his deep voice getting higher.

He bucks his hips harder doing all the work now bouncing Summer Rae on his cock. The sexy blonde smiles as she feels Fandango's hips thrusting around making her tanned body rock and bounce. She can also feel Fandango's soft hands being rough with her perky breasts. He is squeezing them hard and it only increases the pleasure that the NXT Diva is feeling. Summer loves a guy who treats her breasts with force, she doesn't have the biggest boobs so it's rare that guys spend any time on her chest. Fandango however seems to really love her small boobs as his fingers dig tightly into her tanned skin. He is really holding onto her tits hard squeezing them while his hips buck making Summer Rae bounce off his cock.

"UHHHHH YOU FUCKING LIKE THAT DON'T YOU BABY," Summer screams down at Fandango riding his toned sweating body.

The bench Fandango is lying on is rocking around violently from the movement of him and Summer Rae. They are both so sweaty and horny but keep pushing on wanting mutual satisfaction to celebrate their new partnership. Fandango thrusts throbbing cock inside her and the blonde adores the stimulation pushing her body down against Fandango wanting to feel every inch of his large cock inside her. Every bit of energy and strength left in his body is now going into fucking Summer Rae. The skinny blonde wildly bounces around on top of Fandango's body and he is making her rock up and down, left and right all with his big cock stuffed deep inside her. Fandango is thrusting his hips right up showing off his great flexibility with his back arched however the angle is now too difficult for Summer Rae to stay on top of him. She falls sideways going right off the bench and she lands on the cold concrete floor. Fandango's cock has slipped right out of her and now Summer feels empty. Her wet pussy juices dribble down her long legs and Summer moans wanting Fandango back inside her.

"NOOOOOO KEEP FUCKING ME," Summer whimpers looking up from the floor upset at falling off Fandango's cock.

Fandango sits up and looks down at the naked and horny blonde sprawled across the floor. Not saying a word Fandango effortlessly rolls sideways off the bench joining Summer on the locker room floor. The blonde spreads her long legs and in an instant Fandango is between them lining his cock up with her beautiful wet pussy. The head of his throbbing cock pokes into Summer's pussy lips and both future WWE superstars moan with pleasure. Fandango easily slides all 8 inches into Summer with little effort and the blonde lets out a purr. She loves the sensation of Fandango's big cock inside her, it's a feeling that wants to keep experiencing as Fandango's new partner. Fandango lies down on top of Summer pressing his sweaty tanned body into hers so Summer once more wrap her long legs around Fandango's back. Lying on the floor with the rookie wrestler's cock stuffed inside her pussy makes Summer Rae feel very naughty.

"Please fuck me, please, please make me cum again," Summer Rae whines impatiently.

"Say my name Summer, say it and I will fuck you hard but I need to hear you scream my name," He whispers into the blonde's ear.

"OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME FAN... DAN.... GO PLEASE BABY PLEASE FANDANGO FUCK ME," Summer screams at the top of her lungs.

Fandango lifts his hips up then slams into Summer Rae making the blonde let out an unintelligible cry of passion. Her whole body is shaking and soon Fandango's body is shaking with pleasure too fucking his new dance partner. Fandango is making the Diva squeal with delight as his thick dick drives in and out of her wet pussy. Summer thrashes around on the floor groaning with delight with Fandango's huge cock pleasuring her dripping wet pussy. She is so horny and it is all thanks to the amazing Fandango, he doesn't just look like a sex God but he delivers too. His cock powers into Summer lighting up her whole body with pleasure and every nerve ending inside the blonde's body is on fire. Summer is rocking around in perfect rhythm with Fandango's thrusts and with his hands firmly placed on the locker room floor nothing is stopping Fandango from taking Summer Rae hard and fast. He loves the way the blonde's tight tanned body pushes against his while he fucks her hard. Fandango can't wait to have this Diva as his full time partner, if she dances as well as she fucks Fandango might consider them the perfect combination.

"YESSSS, YES, YES PLEASE I'M SO CLOSE FANDANGO MORE FUCK MEEEEEE," Summer screams again, her yells echoing through the empty locker room.

Fandango wants to respond but he feels his balls tighten and it takes all his effort to hold back on his own orgasm. His toned well trained body tenses up as he battles with his own emotions trying to hold his cum back. It is a tricky task to try and hold off cumming while he is balls deep inside the beautiful blonde Diva. Her grunts and hip thrusts are making this on the floor fuck session even hotter than when they were lying on the bench. Summer wails as her second orgasm starts to build leaving her sweaty body shaking with all that built up lust. She feels so sexy lying on the locker room floor with Fandango's beautiful body stretched out on top of her. His hips keep up the pace pushing into Summer while both superstars loudly approach their orgasms.

"UHHHHHHH SUMMER TAKE IT MMMMMMM SUMMER MY SEXY, SEXY SUMMER," Fandango growls loudly leaning down pressing his lips into Summer's.

The blonde is caught by surprise by the sudden kiss from Fandango but she happily accepts his lips. She kisses him back and the two tanned wrestlers are locked in an embrace while Fandango keeps pumping his hips. He slides his dick deep into Summer and finally stops fighting his own pleasurable feelings and Fandango's cock really starts to throb getting ready to cum inside his new dance partner. Summer seems ready too as her moaning reaches a peak and her body presses into his, both of them are groaning loudly then Fandango kisses Summer Rae again. His lips mash into hers and his wet and sticky forehead presses against the blonde's as they approach their orgasms together. He moans into the kiss and Summer moans back flicking her tongue out into his open mouth keeping her arms locked around Fandango's neck keeping him in place with his cock still buried deep inside her. Summer breaks the kiss gasping for air and moaning with lust staring at the sexy dark haired wrestler.

"Please make me cum Fandango please I need it so bad I'll do anything just please cum with me," Summer purrs softly approaching the edge of her own much needed orgasm.

Her big eyes are stretched out wide pleading with him and the sight brings a smirk to Fandango's sweaty face.

"Yes you will cum for me and then Fandango will cum inside you," The tanned wrestler grunts at the sexy blonde Diva.

His hips drive in hard leaving Summer Rae loudly howling with pleasure. Fandango's big dick keeps slamming into the blonde's wet cunt and both superstars are reaching the end, grunting and groaning with every last drop of energy left inside them. Their sweaty bodies writhing around the cold floor of the locker room pressed together in a tight embrace. Fandango groans again, so close to the edge of his own badly needed orgasm and Summer is as close to her orgasm as he is so Summer decides to close her eyes and let the feelings of pleasure take her.


"YES CUM FOR ME SUMMER, CUM FOR FAN... DAN... GO," The tanned wrestler groans pushing balls deep into the blonde one last time.

All 8 inches of his cock press inside Summer Rae's wet pussy filling her up and the blonde lets out a strangled cry of passion lifting her hips up humping herself against Fandango's cock. The only sound drowning out her screams are the low groans coming from Fandango's lips.

"OHHHHHH YES," Summer yells opening her eyes to see the look of pleasure of Fandango's face.

The tanned dancer buries his head into Summer Rae's shoulder while his hips keep on pumping. He moans into Summer's flesh, his lips on her shoulder breathing heavily, pushing the full length of his cock deep inside her. Fandango's hips pump up and down slamming deep into Summer while the blonde groans blissfully before she falls over the edge as Fandango fills her up with his huge cock.

"CUMMING, CUMMING OH GOD I'M CUMMING OH FUCK CUMMING," Summer yells with delight finally giving in to her body's pleasure.

Her tanned body shakes with her orgasm overwhelms her skinny frame and Fandango just kisses her shoulder letting Summer thrust up into him riding out her orgasm. The sexy NXT Diva is cumming hard, her body vibrates and pushes against his acting as the final bit of stimulation Fandango's body needs. The dark haired wrestler feels his cock twitch wildly and then suddenly he loses control and starts to cum. He unleash a torrent of cum deep inside Summer Rae's body and the blonde gasps feeling Fandango shooting inside her. Fandango presses his spasming dick deep inside her until they are both moaning with pleasure each of them reaching points of utter ecstasy. Wave after wave of cum blasts into Summer's pussy as the blonde's own orgasm delights her making her scream and thrash around under him. They have been holding back for so long and now finally they are cumming together. Fandango's big cock stays locked deep inside Summer as the last few drops of cum drip out into Summer's own leaking wet pussy.

"Oh God, oh God, so good," Summer Rae gasps finally coming down from her incredible orgasmic high.

"MMMMMM you are perfect for Fan...Dan....Go," He moans lifting his head up to whisper into Summer's ear.

Both wrestlers are beyond tired breathing heavily and still lying on the locker room floor. The massive orgasms they have had left Summer Rae and Fandango physically wiped out.

"Oh so good," Summer moans again, her body is tired but she is completely satisfied.

"Yes I am," Fandango purrs softly staring at the blonde.

"Fuck yes you are," Summer answers back grinning at Fandango's sexy face, "So do I pass your strict tests, am I glamourous and sexy enough to team with?"

"Yes Summer you are, you are the perfect dance partner for Fandango," He says in his deep growling tone.

"Good," Summer says sounding pleased, "I will be the best dance partner you could ever want but I will require one little thing."

Fandango stares at the naked blonde with some amusement wondering what she could possibly want from him.

"You have to promise me that I can get your big sexy dick inside me whenever I want," Summer says beaming showing off her model quality smile.

Fandango chuckles and nods his head, "Yes Summer of course you can have me whenever you desire."

The naked sweaty NXT wrestlers smile at each other and Fandango finally has enough strength left in his body to move. He gets up and sits down on the bench, his eyes still admiring Summer's sweat soaked naked body. Fandango grins not just after having an amazing fuck session but he has finally found a beautiful talented girl to be his dance partner. Summer holds her hand up and Fandango takes it pulling the flexible blonde up towards him. She sits next to him placing her head on his shoulders and one of her hands idly rubs down his back. Fandango knows he will enjoy not just dancing with her but getting a good hard fuck session from the sexy blonde too.

"Say it one more time Summer I love hearing you say my name properly," He says to his leggy blonde partner.

"Yes of course Fan...Dan...Go," Summer says using her sexiest tone.

The young rookie smiles and wraps his arms around Summer softly kissing the top of her head knowing his WWE career is now on the right track.

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