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This is a bit of a sequel to "Maria Joins The Chain Gang".

Pronunciation Note: Wachovia is pronounced like this "Walk Over Ya".

Candice Joins The Chain Gang
outline by Kristi
written by Dice

In the backstage area of the Wachovia Spectrum in Reading, PA, John Cena,
Big Show and Shelton Benjamin are near the Gorilla Position talking about
their six-man tag team match against Carlito, Chris Masters and Christian.
As the trio of men discus strategy the lovely spokes model for GoDaddy,
Candice Michelle, walks past them. Cena’s eyes follow the beautiful diva,
as she walks down the corridor and Shelton has to slap his arm to bring him
back to reality.

"Hey man, you all right?" Shelton asks with a bit of concern look on his

"Yeah man, everything's cool, I kinda forgot there was something I needed
to do, I'll catch up with you two later," John says as he walks off in the
direction he saw Candice go.

"Hey Show isn't that the direction too..." Big Show shakes his head before
he cuts Shelton off.

"The Champ was here, now he's going over there," Show laughs before he walks

Elsewhere, down the corridor, Cena slightly jogs after Candice as she slowly
walks towards the women's locker room. When he catches he puts an arm around
her to walk with her. He smiles at her and says, "Hello, John Cena, WWE

Candice smiles sweetly, "Hi... I'm Candice, ummm GoDaddy dancer."

John smiles again, "Yeah I know, boy, you looked so hot during that
commercial, you were off the hook."

Candice blushes, and moves strand of hair behind her, "Wow... coming from
you... that means a lot... I mean, you're like the hottest guy on Raw if not
the entire WWE." Candice licks her lips without realizing it as she eyes up
John's physical stature. Cena gets an idea, as he remembers that one time
with Raw Interviewer, Maria a few weeks ago.

"Hey Candice, I was wondering, would you want to be apart of my chain gang."

Candice raises an eyebrow, "What do you mean by that?"

Cena shifts his shoulders a bit as he pulls her a little closer to him. "Well
you know... do you want have a good time, by maybe go looking the large,
powerful one eyed-trouser snake."

Candice gets a big smile on her face as she gets what he means. She puts her
hands on her hips and smirks at him. "Do you think you can last with me, Miss

"You know it," John replies as he nods his head. He and Candice turn around
and the two of them start walking towards where John's locker room. All the
while Candice is rubbing the crotch of John's jeans shorts to get an idea
of what she's going to work with and her anticipation grows as she can
practically can feel how thick and long his cock is.

When they enter the locker room, John closes the door just before Candice
drops to her knees and quickly unbuckles his belt. She pulls down his blue
jeans shorts, and is greeted by John's long thick cock. She quickly scoops
it up into her hands and starts stroking it quickly.

"Damn girl," John says as he takes off his baseball cap and tosses it onto a
table before pulling off his "Champ Is Here" T-Shirt. Candice soon opens her
mouth so wide that two or three cocks could fit in it, but John's cock is
just the right size. Candice starts bobbing her head on his cock quickly
while still stroking it with one hand. She takes his balls into her other
hand and toys with them as she takes his cock deep into her mouth. Candice
moans around his dick as John runs his fingers through her black hair. She
taps her tongue against the bottom of his cock, before she lifts her head off
his cock completely. A thin string of saliva goes is hangs from the tip of
John's cock and Candice's lips. It's soon broken when Candice kisses the tip
of John's cock. She presses her tongue against the slit of his dick before
standing up.

John is a bit speechless after than intense blowjob as Candice does her
little dance as she slips out of her clothes. Candice then sits on a bench
that runs through the middle of the room and spreads her legs and motions
for John to come over.

"Come and get it big boy..." Candice smiles.

"I'll be right there," Cena smirks as he moves closer to her. The reigning
WWE Champion gets down on his knees and has Candice put her legs on his
shoulders. Cena presses his mouth against her pussy before he starts licking
it wildly. Candice moans softly while pinching one of her own nipples as
Cena's tongue touches parts of her lower area that simply drives her wild.
Candice places a hand on top of Cena's head, as the Champ slides his tongue
deep into her twat. Moves his head back a bit and simply slides his tongue
up and down the entrance of her pussy.

"Ohhhh John...." Candice moans as she tries to grab hold of Cena's short
hair. John's a bit grateful he still keeps his hair short, but at the same
time wishes he did let his hair grow some for Candice's nails are racking
on the back of his skull. John starts rolling his tongue in and out of her
pussy repeatedly. Candice bites he lip as she has a mild orgasm, but as
she's coming down from her climax, she lightly pushes Cena's head away from
her pussy. "Ahhh ahhh... I need... you... in me..."

Cena smiles as Candice turns and lays back on bench, Cena moves between her
legs and slides his impressive manhood into her waiting vagina. Candice wraps
her beautiful legs around his waist as he slowly moves his cock in and out of
her pussy. She lightly begins to move her own hips to move against Cena,
creating a bit of a friction between them. John's thrusts slowly become more
intense as he presses his entire body down onto her voluptuous body. Candice
licks her lips as she runs her hand over John's arms, then his back.

"Ohhh god..." Candice moans as John stands takes hold of her body. He quickly
stands up, with her in his arms, and then he lies on the bench. Candice is a
bit confused at first, but when she realizes she's now on top of Cena, she
starts riding him at quick pace. John places his hands on her hips and adds
his strength to her quickly building momentum in order to have her go bit
higher so she has a farther way to go when coming down on his cock.

"Ahhh fuck..." Candice slightly yells as she rocks back and forth on John's
cock as if riding a bull. John is moaning a bit himself, but he's keeping
himself fairly quiet by sitting up a bit and sucking on Candice's larges
breasts. Candice grinds down hard on his cock. "Shit... your cock... is so
fucking big!"

"Bet... you'd like it in your ass..." John says with a grin as Candice pulls
on her own hair.

"Ohhh shit... I'd fucking love that... I love having a big cock in my ass..."
Candice gets off of his cock and gets down on all fours on the floor. Cena
gets behind her and inserts his cock into her ass. Candice bites down on her
lower lip as the Champ starts to ravage her asshole hard and fast, just how
she likes it. Candice pushes back again John every time he slams into her.
Candice lowers her head to the floor as she places both of her hand between
her legs, and uses fingers from both hands to finger-fuck her own cunt. John
begins pulls Candice back quickly against his cock, resulting in loud
slapping sounds each time Candice's ass cheeks slap against John's skin.

"Yeah... you like that big cock in your ass..." John says as he slows down
and gives Candice some painfully slow yet hard thrusts.

"Fuck yes... I love it... I love that big cock in my ass..." Candice coos as
John suddenly pulls out of her ass and slams his cock back into her pussy.
Candice barely gets her fingers out of the way before John resumes pounding
her pussy. Candice is moaning mindlessly as she tries to push back against
him, but Cena's is fucking her at a rate she can't match.

"Ohhh ohh fuck ahhh ahh yess!" Candice moans and screams as she starts to cum
on John's cock. John can fell the pressure building in his balls as he starts
to approach his own climax, but he continues to fuck Candice.

"Candice... you really want to be apart of the chain gang?" He asks as he
starts to slow down to keep himself from cumming.

"Mmmm yes..."

"Then your are going to suck the cum out of my cock..."

"Oooo Ohhh kay..." Candice moans as John pulls out of her cunt. He stands up
and Candice turns as quickly as she can. She takes his cock in her mouth and
starts sucking on it hard as she bobs her head quickly on it. Candice wraps
a hand around the base of John's cock and strokes it as fast as she can as
she tightens her mouth around the top. Candice begins to milk his cock with
her hand and mouth, and soon, Cena lets out a big of grunt mixed with a moan
as he starts to cum in her mouth.

"Here come the milk..." John says as he pulls his cock out of her mouth.
Candice keeps her mouth wide open, giving him a perfect target to drop his
load into. When he's done cumming, Candice swallows what's in her mouth
before licking her lips to collect any cum residue that could be there.
Candice then licks the tip of Cena's cock, making sure to get all the cum
she can. After she's done, John smiles at her.

"Damn girl... I knew you would make an excellent member of the Chain Gang."

Candice licks her lips again before saying, "Me too... after I figured out
what it was...and you were incredible..."

Cena laughs a bit, "Were? Candice, this daddy is ready to go again..."


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