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Candice Loves It Hardilicious
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden(

"We did it! We're back on top!" Matt Hardy yells excitedly as he and his
brother Jeff Hardy walk through the backstage area towards locker room area.
Matt is dressed in his blue-green wrestling pants and Jeff is dressed in his
black baggy wrestling pants and a black tank top, and they are both carrying
their newly won World Tag Team Championship belts.

"Fuck it feels good to hold these belts again..." Jeff says as he puts his
belt over his shoulder as they walk, 'It's just like the old days..."

Matt laughs, "Yeah... except we're older than we were when we won these with
Michael Hayes in our corner..."

Jeff nods his head in agreement as he laughs, "You had to bring that up..."

"Hey... you never forget your first Tag title..." Matt replies, and Jeff
again nods his head in agreement as the Hardy Brothers pass the seductively
hot Candice Michelle. "Hey Candice..." Matt says.

"Hey boys..." The seductive, hot Candice Michelle says as she presses her
sultry lips together while the hot Girl locks her seductive,
alluring eyes with Matt and Jeff Hardy as she starts to approach the new WWE
World Tag Team Champions of the Hardy Boys. "Mmm... Congratulations on your
big win tonight... absolutely too hot..." Candice says with a soft laugh as
she walks up to Matt and Jeff, swaying her smoothly rounded, seductive hips
from side to side as she's dressed in a elegant, sultry short black dress.

Matt and Jeff both smile at Candice, "Thanks Candice..." Jeff says, "But I
wouldn't say hot... it was a smoking hot win... I still can't believe we're
the champs again..." Jeff says.

Matt laughs, "Get use to it Jeff..." Matt says as he turns his attention to
Candice as she approaches them, "Speaking of hot... Candice you're looking
really hot..." Matt adds as he smiles.

Candice raises an eyebrow and softly smirks "Oh...why thank you Matt..."
Candice pauses and laughs a bit "But I'm always hot, aren't I?" Candice says
in an arrogant, but charming way.

" are..." Matt laughs a bit.

Jeff looks at Matt, "Hey Matt... what are we doing to celebrate?" Jeff asks
as he turns his head a little to check Candice out.

"I don't know bro..." Matt laughs.

Candice places her hands on her smoothly rounded, seductive hips "Well
boys... I would be for some celebrating..." Candice says in a soft, seductive
voice as she casually locks her eyes with both Matt and Jeff while slowly
licking her luscious lips.

"You would?" Jeff asks as he looks at the beautiful Candice Michelle as she
looks at him and his brother.

Candice smirks and nods her head "Oh yeah...I would absolutely love to
celebrate with a couple of hot studs..."

"That sounds like a blast..." Matt Hardy says as he sees how Candice is
looking at him and Jeff. Matt looks at his brother, "What do you say Jeff?"

Jeff smirks, "Do you even have to ask?" Jeff laughs.

Candice presses her luscious lips together and locks her seductive eyes on
Matt and Jeff Hardy "Mmm...this is going to be too hot to handle..." Candice
says with a seductive smirk as she lightly tosses her smooth, silky dark
brown hair back before casually glancing around the backstage area "Look like
we're clear..." Candice says with a soft laugh before the sly, sexy WWE Diva
lowers herself down onto her knees in front of Matt and Jeff Hardy as she
lowers the straps, off of her shoulders, of the top of her short black dress.
Candice slowly peels the top of her dress down, exposing her large, hot
Candilicious tits.

"Holy..." Matt starts to say as he looks at Candice's large, hot Candilicious
tits. "Shit!" Jeff says as he completes Matt's remark as he stares at
Candice's gorgeous tits.

"Fuck... those are hot!" Jeff says as he and Matt both put their World Tag
Team title belts on top of a equipment trunk.

Candice smirks a bit "Mmm...thanks boys..." Candice says as she reaches up
and with her left hand gently rubs the material over Matt's crotch, feeling
his cock harden against her sultry and soft hands, she does the same to Jeff
with her right hand.

"Mmmm... you're welcome..." Matt moans as he feels Candice feeling up his
hardening cock through the material of his wrestling pants. The hot, black
haired Hardy brother puts his hands on his waist and starts to push them
down from his waist, which exposes his thick twelve inch cock.

"Aww... damn you're very welcome..." Jeff moans and laughs as he starts to
lower his baggy wrestling pants and lets out his own fat thirteen inch cock.
Both of the Hardys step out of their wrestling pants at about the same time
and Jeff takes a moment to take off his black tank top to reveal his slightly
hairy, toned and hot upper body. Candice presses her lips together as she
lifts her head up and seductively looks up at Matt and Jeff Hardy while she
smoothly wraps her left hand around Matt's cock and her right hand around
Jeff's cock as the hot Candilicious Diva begins to stroke both of their hard,
thick cocks.

"Mmmm... ahhhh yeah..." Jeff Hardy moans and licks his lips as Candice
Michelle strokes his hard thick cock with her right hand.

"Ohh... Candice...mmmm..." Matt smirks as he looks down at Candice as she
sizes up both of the Hardys' large dicks. Candice slyly smirks as she leans
her head forward and teasingly flicks her wet tongue against the head of Matt
Hardy's cock before she moves her head to the right, so that she is able to
teasingly flick her tongue against the head of Jeff's cock as well.

"Aww... mmmmm damn..." Jeff moans as the hot RAW Diva flicks her seductive
tongue against the large head of his cock.

Matt licks his lips, "Damn Candice... can you handle a double dose of the
Hardys?" Matt asks.

Candice shrugs her shoulder and smirks "Oh...of course I can..." Candice says
as she licks her luscious lips before she gently pulls both Matt and Jeff's
hard cocks closer to each other as she lowers her head and opens her mouth as
wide as she can. The hot, sultry Candice Michelle impressively takes both of
their rock hard, thick cocks into her warm and wet mouth. "Mmmm..." Candice
moans as both cocks enter her mouth before she starts to smoothly and slowly
bob her head on both shafts.

"Awww... ohhhh... shit... fuck..." Jeff moans and laughs as he feels his cock
bumping against Matt's dick as the lovely Candice Michelle bobs her head
smoothly on their large, thick cocks.

"Ahhh... ohh yea... mmm yea..." Matt moans and closes his eyes as he tilts
his head back as Candice takes his and Jeff's cock deeper into her warm, mist

"Mmmm...mmmm" Candice soothingly moans against Matt and Jeff's cock as her
warm, wet saliva drips down on their hard, thick shafts while she smoothly
bobs her head at a gentle and quickening paces. Candice presses her luscious
lips tighter both Matt and Jeff's shafts, lightly grinding her soft lips
against their shafts.

"Uhhh... ahhh yea... mmmm..." Matt moans as he licks his hips as he puts his
hands on his waist as Candice sucks his and Jeff's large, hard cocks at the
same time.

"Ahhh... shit Candice.... you can handle us pretty... easily..." Jeff moans
and laughs a bit as watches Candice as she works.

Candice slowly lifts her head off of both Matt and Jeff's rock hard cocks
as her hot saliva drips down their hard shafts. Candice presses her lips
together as she scoots back a bit on her knees and places her hands on her
waist. The seductive, sultry RAW Diva begins to push her short black dress
down her smooth, seductively rounded waist as she reveals her smoothly
shaven, hot pussy while sliding her black dress down her smooth, tanned

"Mmmm damn you're fucking hot Candice..." Matt says as he licks his lips.

Jeff smirks, "Hey Bro... why don't you bang Candice first..." Jeff suggests
as he locks his eyes on Candice's soft, pouty lips.

"Like I'm gonna have a problem with that..." Matt laughs as he steps around
Candice and begins to kneel down behind her.

Candice raises an eyebrow and smirks as the hot, sultry RAW Diva begins to
lean forward on her knees as she places her hands against the cold floor
while Matt kneels down behind her. Candice glances over her shoulder and
smirks at Matt "Give me a good dose..." Candice says seductively as she
lightly pushes back, pressing her hot and smoothly rounded tanned ass
against Matt's rock hard cock.

"Alright... just give me a second..." Matt says with a smirk as Candice rubs
her round, tanned ass against his meaty cock. Matt grips his cock and slides
it down against Candice's ass crack before it breaks contact with her skin.
The black haired Hardy brother then starts to push his stiff dick into
Candice's warm tight pussy.

"Ohhhh mmmm..." Candice Michelle moans and presses her soft lips together as
Matt Hardy enters her warm, tight pussy with his rock hard, twelve inch cock.
Candice smirks as she gently pushes back against Matt's cock before he starts
to thrust his cock in and out of her hot pussy.

Matt lays his hands on Candice's hips as he thrusts his large cock at a
smooth pace in and out of her Candilicious pussy. "Ahhh... mmm... fuck..."
Matt moans as he pulls Candice back against him so that he's deeply pushing
his cock into her.

Jeff Hardy positions himself in front of Candice and smiles, "Do you need
another dose?" Jeff asks when Candice looks up at him.

Candice raises an eyebrow and smirks "I suppose I could..." Candice replies
with a soft laugh as she opens her hot, wet mouth and takes Jeff Hardy's cock
back into her seductive mouth. Candice wraps her luscious lips around Jeff's
cock and she starts to smoothly bob her head against his cock while she
gently rocks back and forth against Matt's hard thrusting cock.

"Mmmm... ohhh yea..." Jeff moans and smiles as Candice bobs her head smoothly
on his large, hard cock. Jeff places his left hand on Candice's head and runs
his fingers through her dark brown hair as he closes his eyes.

Matt Hardy smirks as he watches Candice's head bob up and down as he bangs
her hot pussy from behind, "Mmmm... uhhh yea... mmm..." Matt moans as he
starts to fuck Candice with quicker thrusts.

"Mmmmm...mmm...ohhhh!" Candice Michelle moans as she quickly rocks back and
forth on her knees as she easily deep throats Jeff Hardy's cock as her hot
saliva pours down on his shaft as she smoothly sucks on his cock. As Candice
sucks on Jeff's cock, she quickly rocks back on her knees against Matt's cock
as her hot ass presses against his smooth waist while he deeply fucks her

"Awww... mmmm... uhhh fuck..." Jeff Hardy moans as Candice's makes his entire
dick disappear inside of her warm, soothing mouth as she bobs her head on it.

Matt grits his teeth a bit as his balls slap against Candice's smooth tanned
skin while his rams his cock deeply into her pussy, "Ahhh... mmm... yeah...
ohhh yea..." Matt moans as Candice's smoothly round, hot ass cheeks hit
lightly against his toned waist.

"Ohhhhh..." Candice gently moans against Jeff's cock as she gently slaps
her hot, wet tongue against the underbelly of Jeff's thick shaft while she
quickly moves her head along his hard cock. Candice presses her lips tightly
around his shaft before she slowly lifts her head up and tilts her head back
as she suddenly slams her sexy, sultry body back against Matt's cock, forcing
him deeply into her warm, tight pussy.

"Ahhh... mmmm shit... hey... Jeff... let's... give Candice... some Tag Team
action..." Matt moans as he pulls his thick hard cock out of Candice's warm
tight pussy.

"Sounds good Matt..." Jeff says as he slowly frees his cock from the very
erotic mouth of Candice Michelle. Matt smirks a bit as he remains behind
Candice and he pushes his cock into her tight asshole. As Candice starts to
react, Matt wraps his arms around her gorgeous waist and rolls to his left
so that he's on his back with Candice on top of him.

"Ohhhh yeah..." Candice moans, gently gritting her teeth together, as she
leans back and places her soft, seductive hands against the smooth, toned
chest of Matt Hardy as she gently rides his cock with her tight, hot asshole.
"Mmmm...ohhh yeah definitely too hot!" Candice moans as she rocks back and
forth on Matt's cock and she begins to sweat.

Matt Hardy puts his hands back on the side of Candice's hips as she rocks
back and forth on his cock. "Mmmm... ahhh yea... shit..." Matt moans as he
starts to thrust his cock upward into her tight asshole.

Jeff Hardy kneels in front of the smoking hot RAW Diva and between her and
Matt's legs, "Mmm... this is a real celebration..." Jeff says before he
pushes his rock solid thirteen inch cock into Candice's tight, warm pussy.

"Ohhhh mmm...this is too hot!" Candice moans as she closes her eyes and
presses her luscious lips together as Jeff Hardy's cock enters her warm,
tight pussy as she steadily rocks back and forth on Matt's cock. "Ohhhh
fuck!" Candice moans as sweat drips off of her seductive, tanned body.

"Ahhh... uhhh yea... fuck yea..." Jeff Hardy moans as he puts his hands on
Candice's tanned legs as he begins thrusting his large cock in and out of
her tight pussy.

Matt Hardy licks his lips as he steadily thrusts his large cock up deep into
Candice's ass as she rocks back and forth on his thick shaft. "Ohhh... mmm...
fuck you got a... perfect ass Candice..." Matt moans as he feels Candice's
hands sliding a bit on his smooth, toned sweaty chest.

"Mmmm...ohhhh ohhhhh this is so hot!" Candice moans as she starts to breath
heavily, while sweat drips down her sultry body. The Candilicious Diva
quickly rocks back and forth between Jeff and Matt Hardy as the new World Tag
Team Champions deeply thrust their cocks into her ass and pussy. Candice's
sweaty body starts to grind and move against the sweaty bodies of Matt and
Jeff as well.

"Ahhh... ohhhh shit yea... awww..." Matt Hardy moans as he thrusts his cock
upward into Candice's tight asshole as she rocks between him and his brother
as they tag team her hot body.

"Ahhhh... fuck... mmm damn... uhhh shit..." Jeff moans as sweat drips down
his body as he pounds Candice's Candilicious pussy with his hard cock, "Uhhh
damn Matt... let's change it up..." Jeff moans as he pulls his cock out of
Candice's pussy.

Candice presses her lips together and she raises an eyebrow "Mmm...what do
you hot boys have in mind?" Candice Michelle laughs as she tosses her dark
brown hair back and she gently rocks back on Matt's cock, inside of her
tight asshole.

"Something... classic..." Jeff says as he lifts Candice off of Matt's cock
and lays her on her side on the hallway floor. Jeff then lays behind Candice
and lifts her right leg up a bit so that he can begin to push his cock into
Candice's asshole. "Uhhh... shit..." Jeff groans as Matt sits up and starts
to move in front of the sexy RAW Diva.

"Ohhhhhh Jeff!" Candice moans as she feels his rock hard cock slam into her
tight asshole "Ohhhh..." Candice moans and closes her eyes as she rocks back
against Jeff's cock as sweat drips off of her body.

"Ahhh... mmm fuck..." Jeff moans as he pumps his cock in and out of Candice's
tight asshole.

Matt Hardy lays in front of the seductive Diva and licks his lips, "Hey wait
for me..." Matt laughs as he proceeds to thrust his own large hard cock into
Candice's tight pussy. Once his cock is in her pussy, Matt begins to quickly
thrust his cock deeply into her as he and Jeff sandwich her on the floor.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh fuck!" Candice moans as sweat drips down her hot, sultry body
as she is tightly sandwiched between Matt and Jeff Hardy as they intensely
fuck the hot RAW Diva "Ohhhh...ohhh..." Candice moans as she drapes one of
her smooth, tanned legs over Matt's waist as he deeply drive his cock into
her tight pussy.

"Ahhh... mmmm... ohhh yea... mmm..." Matt Hardy moans as he deeply drives
his cock into Candice's tight pussy as sweat drips off his body. Jeff grits
his teeth as Candice's back slides against his sweaty, slightly hairy chest
as he sharply slams his cock into her asshole.

"Ohhhh...ohhh this is too hot!" Candice moans as she closes her eyes and
grits her teeth as she starts to roughly cum on Matt Hardy's cock while she
rocks and grinds back against Jeff Hardy as he deeply thrusts his cock into
her tight asshole.

"Uhhhh... mmmm... ohhh shit... fuck..." Jeff Hardy groans as he starts to cum
deep inside of Candice's tight asshole while she rocks between him and his

"Mmm... ahh... mmm..." Matt licks his lips as he feels Candice's warm juices
flowing on his cock as he fucks her until he begins to start cumming as well.
The two hot, sweaty Hardy Brothers shoot their warm loads deep into Candice's
pussy and asshole as she continues to grind and rock herself on their hard

"Ohhhhh...ohhhhh!" Candice seductively shrieks as she lightly pulls on her
sweat dampened hair as she gently rocks in between the throbbing, cum
spraying cocks of Matt and Jeff Hardy "Ohhhhhh this is too hot!"

"Ahhh... whew... fuck yea..." Jeff groans as he finishes cumming and he
begins to pull his cum spent dick out of her ass.

Matt licks his lips as he also starts to pull out of Candice, "Damn
Candice... I think... you loved the celebration of our win more than we
did..." Matt laughs.

Candice presses her lips together as she slowly sits on the floor "Mmm...
well I love everything you two hot studs do..." Candice says with a sly wink
as she turns Matt and then glances back at Jeff "I just love you Hardys..."

Jeff smiles, "So... would you say... that you love it... Hardilicious?" Jeff
asks jokingly

Candice raises an eyebrow and seductively licks her lips "Oh...mmm...never
though of it like that..."

Matt laughs a bit, "All right... but would you actually say it?" Matt asks as
he and Jeff bend down to help Candice up from the floor.

Candice laughs seductively "What? That I love it Hardilicious?"

Matt and Jeff both nod their heads and laugh, "Yeah... would you say it?"
Jeff asks as they continue to play verbally with the seductive RAW Diva.

Candice smirks as she locks her seductive eyes with Jeff and Matt "Of
course...I love it Hardilicious..."


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