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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Candice Michelle, Mickie James, Torrie Wilson, Victoria or any WWE/WWF stars for that matter. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

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Candice Loves Mickie's Fat Ass Part 3
by MTL (

Mickie James had wrestled on the independent circuit for a long time before finally making it to the WWE, and then had spent two years in their developmental system OVW because she wasn't the type of blonde model Vince McMahon loved so much. As a result she was used to placing an icepack or a packet of frozen peas against a bump or a bruise. What she wasn't used to was lying flat on her stomach while an icepack rested against her aching ass hole, Mickie still blushing over the ruthless butt pounding she had taken earlier in the day from Candice Michelle.

Again Mickie wasn't sure what had happened. Well, she knew what had happened, she just wasn't sure why. She wasn't sure why she had given up her ass so easily to another woman when as a wrestler she was supposed to be all about dominating members of her own gender. To make matters worse it wasn't another wrestler, but a model who fucked her up the ass, Mickie overwhelmed with shame over what she had allowed to happen. Even more shameful was the fact that Mickie was unable to stop thinking about Candice Michelle and the amazing pleasure the other brunette had given her just by violating her big bottom.

Just then her phone rang, Mickie scrambling to answer it while trying to move her body as little as possible. Eventually she bought the phone to her ear and mumbled, "Hello?"

"Hey Mickie?" Candice cheerily greeted her down the phone.

"Candice!" Mickie exclaimed, lifting her face out of her pillow in surprise, "How did you get this number?"

Candice giggled, "Oh, I have my ways."

Not liking the sound of that Mickie glared, "What do you want?"

"Oh, nothing." Candice lied, before grinning wickedly, "I'm just lying here, thinking about your big fat butt."

"Candice..." Mickie warned, trying to sound threatening and failing miserably.

"I bet you're doing the same thing." Candice interrupted, "I bet you're doing the exact same thing I am and dreaming of your big fat ass bouncing up and down on my cock, those big meaty cheeks jiggling like jelly as I pound up into your stretched little butt hole. Ha, well... not exactly like me. You see, I have Victoria's fat ass bouncing on my cock. Mmmmmmmm, it did make such an awesome substitute, but it's your ass I want. Ohhhhhhhhh yeah, I love passing Victoria's ass around like the piece of meat it is, but I want your succulent rump. I wanna skewer that rump on my big dick, stretch it out real good and then pass you to Torrie and let her have your little fuck hole. I want it, and I want it now. Mmmmmmm yeah, get your fat ass over to room 6 so me and my best friend can treat you like the ass whore you are!"

With those words Candice hung up the phone, leaving Mickie dumbfounded. Well, even more than before. Then after about a minute of just lying there Mickie awkwardly yet quickly got up, pulled up her skirt and panties and then shuffled her way to the hotel room Candice told her to get her fat ass too. The entire time Mickie kept reminding herself why she shouldn't, that she had already had her fill of humiliation/anal abuse today, but she just couldn't help herself. Her cunt was practically burning with desire, an overflowing volcano to match her gaping ass hole which was both aching from cock and aching for cock.

She didn't even hesitate when she reached the correct hotel room, although Mickie did let out a little squeak as the door swiftly opened to reveal Candice Michelle, naked except for a huge strap-on around her waist, the other brunette grinning wickedly before pulling Mickie inside, pushing her up against the wall and kissing her the second the door closed. The impact of her back against the wall caused Mickie to let out a gasp, something which Candice used to her advantage, although Mickie didn't exactly push her away or try and remove her tongue from her mouth once Candice had made her move.

After about a minute of kissing a familiar voice called out, "Well, let's see that fat ass!"

The next thing Mickie knew she was bent over and there were multiple hands on her butt, two of them belonging to Torrie Wilson who purred, "Nice. Very nice."

"You think it's nice now, just wait until you seen this big ass in its full glory." Candice slowly bragged, grabbing on to the waistband of Mickie's short skirt and pulling it down slowly, revealing to her BFF her new bitch's bottom.

"Wow." Torrie sighed in contentment, completely dumbstruck for a few seconds before laughing, "Oh my God, she even wore a thong!"

"OMG, you're right!" Candice laughed, rubbing the smooth, thick flesh of Mickie's ass as she followed up with, "Oh Mickie, did you wear this just for me?"

"No." Mickie lied weakly.

"What was that?" Candice growled, smacking Mickie's big butt hard enough to make the meaty cheeks jiggle.

"Ahhhh!" Mickie cried out before whimpering, "Yes."

"That's what I thought." Candice said sternly, before slipping her fingers and to the waistband of Mickie's thong, "Now, let's give Torrie a proper look at your fat ass!"

With that Candice slowly pulled down Mickie's underwear, completely exposing her ass and prompting Torrie to practically moan, "Damn, now there's an ass which needs daily fuckings."

"Oh, I'm working on it." Candice giggled, "But it's as lick-able as it is fuck-able, so do you want to have a taste? Or just go straight to the butt stuffing?"

"Well, I normally prefer being the one getting her ass rimmed, but that's one tasty looking tushy!" Torrie said before licking her lips.

"Oh trust me, it tastes even better than it looks." Candice prompted.

"Mmmmmm, tempting. But I have a better idea!" Torrie said before turning to her bitch, "Victoria, get over here and bury your face in that ass!"

"Yes Mistress Torrie!" Victoria replied as she quickly did as she was told.

In the brief time she had between Mickie being bent over and that order Victoria stared at that big round bottom, her mouth literally watering as she imagined stuffing her tongue up Mickie's butt. Not that she had been given any heads up that she would be rimming Mickie, it was just Victoria was recently trained to have a taste for ass holes as there were few things Mistress Torrie and Mistress Candice liked more than to shove her face between their cheeks for a thorough rim job. Besides, making one bottom licking the ass of another was exactly what Victoria would have done less than a month ago when she was still a top.

As it wasn't so long ago it was unsurprisingly still strange to find herself on her knees and pulling a pair of butt cheeks apart so she could get at a puckered hole. Or more accurately it was weird to be licking that puckered hole instead of shoving a strap-on inside it. And the weirdest thing wasn't how hard she tried to push that tongue as far as it would go into Mickie's ass, or the eagerness of which she lapped at that back door in between thrusts, or even the way she let go of Mickie's cheeks so she could be suffocated in that fat ass. Oh no, the weirdest thing was it never even crossed Victoria's mind to butt fuck Mickie.

Only a month ago if Victoria saw an ass as fuck-able as Mickie's she would have at the very least daydreamed about fucking it, more often than not outright finger herself at the thought given half the chance. And if Mickie wasn't a wrestler like herself, oh Victoria would have completely destroyed the other girl's big bottom. She would have gaped the hole as wide as possible, leaving a crater in her wake, and then Victoria would have bragged about it to the other wrestlers. Now she was hoping to get her currently gaping ass hole once again filled with her Mistresses' strap-on cocks, and Victoria hoping that her ass rimming skills would help her get closer to that goal.

Even if it didn't Mickie's ass was really tasty, and there was an undeniable thrill of pushing her face so deep into that big meaty booty she could barely breathe, Victoria becoming completely lost in eating Mickie's ass until she heard, "Good girl Victoria, now shove this up her ass!"

Victoria pulled her face out of Mickie's butt and gasped for breath as her eyes locked on to what her Mistress Candice was holding out in her hand. It was a rather large butt-plug, Victoria momentarily surprised that she got the honour of shoving it into Mickie, before she quickly got over that surprise and just did it. And she had to admit, despite feeling completely broken by the two models/eye candy divas, there was an incredible thrill to watching a butt hole stretching for her again, Victoria feeling a little dominant even as she moved her head slightly so that her Mistresses would have a better view of Mickie's ass hole opening for that toy.

Mickie's eyes widened as she felt something much harder than a tongue pressing against her back door, the country girl letting out a sharp gasp followed by a soft cry as she felt that door slowly being opened. It just kept going, her ass hole stretching, and stretching, and stretching until she was grimacing with pain. Then finally, mercifully, her butt hole was given some relief as it closed around the invader. Mickie blushing a deep red as she realised from the handles now resting against her cheeks that there was now a butt-plug stuffed up her ass, which horrified Mickie and delighted Candice and Torrie.

"Wow, that's so hot!" Torrie practically moaned, "Mmmmmmm, I just love seeing a fat ass getting plugged!"

"Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh!" Candice quickly agreed, "It's a physical symbol showing, that's my hole, I can use it whenever I want, however I want."

"Damn right it is." Torrie grinned, finally tearing her eyes away from Mickie's ass to look at her best friend, "Can I use it? Because I'm like totally in the mood for some bitch ass."

"Soon, I promise." Candice swore, briefly turning to her friend to show she was serious before turning back to Mickie, "But first I think my new bitch should taste her own ass hole on Victoria's tongue."

"Mmmmmmmm yeah, kiss bitches!" Torrie ordered with delight, "Make out for us, and share the taste of Mickie's fat ass."

"Yes Mistress Torrie." Victoria said subserviently before grabbing Mickie, twisting her up and into her arms for a kiss.

Mickie wasn't sure, but she felt like she mumbled these words along with Victoria, although she didn't get a chance to really dwell on it as she was pulled into Victoria's muscular arms and roughly kissed. Given her position and Victoria's eagerness to comply this was kind of awkward and even a little painful, but Mickie quickly forgot about that as she found herself melting into the kiss. She had always loved kissing women, even back when she was just doing it on a dare and it didn't go any further, and there was an undeniable thrill to having her tongue manhandled by Victoria's. The taste of her own ass on Victoria's tongue was also kind of thrilling, Mickie becoming completely lost in kissing her fellow WWE diva for several minutes.

Then seemingly out of the blue Candice called out, "Ok, that was fun, but now I want you two bitches to really put on a show for us. Mmmmmmmm yeah, I want to stuff this up both your asses and watch you fuck each other. Oh yeah, but first I want you to suck it. Getting it nice and ready for those big fat slutty asses of yours."

Breaking the kiss Mickie blushed as she looked at the massive double dildo Torrie was holding out. That monster had to be at least 20 inches long and 2 inches thick, Mickie's butt hole clinching nervously around the plug inside it for several long seconds before Victoria wrapped her lips around one of the ends, leading to Candice staring at her expectantly. Blushing with embarrassment for not immediately obeying Mickie lean forward and took the other end into her mouth. She then blushed at what she just thought, although that didn't stop her from beginning to suck on the dildo.

After about a minute Candice scolded her, "Come on Mickie, don't act like you're not a great cock sucker. You always give me such wonderful blow jobs, especially after I've taken that fat ass of yours, so stop embarrassing me and get that down your throat."

"You better do it bitch." Torrie added, "It's going up your butt either way."

With that 'encouragement' Mickie forced herself on the dildo until it entered her windpipe. She choked and gagged something fierce, but it was worth it to avoid future pain. After all, her ass was extremely sore after weeks of nearly non-stop anal pounding from Candice, and she was already worried about how she was going to take even half of this 20 incher up her butt. Of course Mickie try to tell herself just to get up and leave, but she wasn't so sure she could fight of all of Vince's Devils, and besides, as much as she was dreading it part of her was actually looking forward to this unique experience. So instead of complaining or trying to leave Mickie sucked and slobbered on that dick like never before, allow her saliva dripped down onto whatever part of it her mouth couldn't reach.

"Ok, that's enough bitches." Torrie ordered.

However Candice quickly said, "No, keep sucking. I'm enjoying the show."

Torrie laughed softly, "Oh Candy, you're too soft on them."

"We need to be nicer than the wrestlers." Candice argued, "That way our bitches won't rebel. Besides, it's Mickie's first-time being shared, and you promised to go easy on her, remember?"

Torrie just rolled her eyes, but Mickie blushed as she got caught staring at them and quickly looked away, telling Candice and Torrie that Candice had earned herself some brownie points. Not that it really mattered in Torrie's opinion as Mickie was obviously already broken and just too dumb to realise it, but for Candice tonight was all about making sure Mickie's big fat ass was hers forever. As much as Candice loved Victoria's ass the last few weeks with Mickie had been an anal paradise, Candice convinced that Mickie James' enormous rump was specifically made to satisfy her needs, and she wasn't going to let it slip through their fingers.

So the eye candy divas made the wrestlers spend several long minutes sucking that double ender, not stopping until Mickie's and Victoria's lips were pressing against each other and they were basically kissing with a combined 20 inches of rubber down their throats. It was so wonderfully obscene that Torrie was glad that Candice had talked her into prolonging this, although she didn't want to give her best friend the satisfaction of hearing these words. Candice's ego was big enough from still effortlessly being able to turn butt busting tops into anal loving bottoms, a skill which Torrie would be forever envious of.

Still, Torrie was aching for some ass, so after enjoying the sight of Victoria and Mickie taking the full length of the 20 incher she asked Candice, "Now can we shove this thing up their butts?"

"Fuck yeah we can!" Candice grinned, "But we're starting with Victoria's gaping bitch hole."

"Fine by me." Torrie grinned, before turning her attention to the sluts still obediently choking on the massive dildo, "Mickie, then let go of that dildo just yet. Victoria, bend over and give me your big fat ass!"

The bottoms did as they were told, allowing Torrie to easily grab hold of the dildo she had only just let go of, pull it out of Mickie's mouth and then shoved it directly up Victoria's ass, burying about 10 inches in her former top's rectum in a matter of seconds. To be fair, Candice hadn't said anything about being nice to Victoria, and if it wasn't for her new friend it would be Torrie's ass still getting fucked on a daily basis, Torrie remembering it vividly as it was only a few months ago she was getting passed around like a piece of meat, wrestlers like Victoria laughing as they relentlessly abused her butt. Part of her had loved it as the orgasms had been incredible, but it left her feeling so humiliated and Torrie revelled in the chance to return the favour.

Knowing that Torrie still held a grudge Candice allowed her to ram the dildo in and out of Victoria's butt hole for a few minutes, then she firmly said, "Ok Mickie, bend over. It's time to get that fat ass of yours stretched by this big toy."

Again Mickie blushed but realising exactly what was expected of her she got on all fours with her big butt facing Victoria's equally large rump. For her part Torrie stopped dildoing Victoria's ass hole and allowed Candice to take over holding the double ender with a grin on her face. Then without needing to be asked Torrie slowly pulled the butt-plug out of Mickie's ass, the cute little hole remaining fully open which made it wonderfully easy to slide the first few inches inside. Candice went slowly with the rest, after all while Mickie was loose from weeks of anal pounding she hadn't spent the afternoon getting her fat ass double teamed like Victoria's big butt had. Not that Candice didn't love going slow, especially as she was up close to watching inch after inch of dildo disappearing up Mickie's juicy behind.

Once that double dildo was barely visible Candice moved away and ordered, "Ok sluts, now I want to see you bounce those big bottoms. See if you can make each other cum while fucking your big fat asses and each other's on that big fat dildo!"

"Yeahhhhhhhh, bounce those asses!" Torrie added, "Mmmmmmmmmm, me and your Mistress Candice want to see your fat filled cheeks jiggling against each other as you brutalise your butt holes. Oooooooooooh, that's it sluts, move those fat asses! Harder Mickie, you know you love it."

As much as it embarrassed the hell out of her Mickie did love the feeling of that massive dildo pumping into what felt like the very deepest part of her bowels. What she didn't love so much was how silly she felt on her hands and knees pushing her butt back against another woman's butt. And not just another woman but a respected wrestler, specifically one she had looked up to while working in the independent scene. And yet she and this almost 5 years veteran of the WWE women's division were being forced into this humiliating position by glorified eye candy, that fact bizarrely turning Mickie on and making the experience that much more enjoyable.

Victoria felt the exact same way. She had been butt fucked countless times since Candice had shown up on RAW and made her first order of business to take Victoria's anal cherry, and along the way Victoria had become addicted to the feeling of a sex toy in her ass. Most frequently it was a strap-on, but Victoria had taken plenty of anal-beads, butt-plugs and a few weird toys she couldn't name, Mistress Torrie and Mistress Candice seemingly go out of their way to humiliate her. However this was a new one on her, and at first she didn't much care for it, the two wrestlers simply doing as they were told to try and please their owners.

Then their rectums really loosened up and they became overwhelmed by pleasure, the once respectable wrestlers known as Victoria and Mickie James eagerly slamming themselves backwards harder to increase the pleasure they were feeling and as a result the sound of flesh smacking together began echoing throughout the room. Their butt cheeks also jiggled obscenely as they smacked together, further pleasing Candice and Torrie who were only too happy to continue offering up encouragement as they clapped their hands together with glee at the sight of their bitches going ass to ass.

"That's it bitches! Wreck those little bitch holes!" Torrie said gleefully, "Mmmmmmm, wreck those holes and make your big meaty cheeks jiggle. Oh, your fat asses look so hot bouncing together, mmmmmm, me and Candice just love watching a couple of submissive bitches going ass to ass, don't we Candice?"

"Fuck yeah we do." Candice agreed eagerly, "Although personally I'm looking forward to being the one making those fat butts bounce as we pound them deep and hard and remind Victoria, and especially Mickie, who owns their big fat asses. Mmmmmm yeah, I can't wait to gape those bitch holes, and make these tough wrestler's know what's what."

"Damn right, we need to pack those big asses full of our strap-on dicks and show them who's boss." Torrie agreed, "And we're going too. Oh yeah, were going to completely wreck their most private holes... so you two anal whores make sure your fuck holes are nice and loosened up for us to use for our pleasure, otherwise the next few minutes are going to be very unpleasant for you."

"Oh yeah, loosen those butts." Candice giggled, "Mmmmmm, go ass to ass as hard as you can and make your little ass cunts nice and ready for us. Ooooooh yes, rammed those fat asses against each other nice and hard and make them shake. Mmmmmm ohhhhhhhh fuck yeah, that's so hot. Bounce those booties! Bounce them!"

Harder and harder Mickie and Victoria went, slamming each other's butts as hard as they'd ever slammed the butt of another woman when they were the ones using the strap-ons, and in this case getting far more physical pleasure which eventually caused cum to leak from their cunts. It was almost simultaneously, but not quite, Victoria been the one to cum first as she was still wired from being double teamed by Candice and Torrie and unlike Mickie she completely accepted her role as an anal loving bottom. Of course Mickie came right after and then the two brunettes anal ramming themselves and each other until they were finally told to stop.

"Okay bitches, that's enough." Candice ordered, grinning as while Victoria stopped instantly Mickie kept going for a few seconds, proving that she needed more training and more importantly that she was turning into quite the little anal slut.

Wanting to reward her well-trained bitch Torrie then called out, "Victoria, get that dildo out of your slutty little ass hole and suck it clean of your anal cream. Then you do the same Mickie. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, me and Candice love watching fat ass bitches go ass to mouth. Oh fuck yeah, it's soooooooooooo hot!"

To the delight of Torrie and Candice their thoroughly trained bitch Victoria reached behind herself, grabbed hold of the dildo and pulled herself away from it, the huge toy exiting her ass hole with a lewd pop. Seconds later that lewd pop was repeated as Victoria pulled the dildo out of Mickie's ass and stuffed the end which had been in her own butt into her mouth, Victoria moaning as she savoured the deepest part of her ass while Mickie slowly but surely turned around and then wrapped her lips around the end of the dildo which had been up her ass and let out a moan of pleasure at tasting herself. Candice and Torrie gossiped quietly to each other until Mickie was as into cleaning her ass flavoured dildo as Victoria, then they started providing commentary again.

"Oh yeah, suck those dicks! Mmmmmmm, you love the taste of ass, don't you bitches? Yeahhhhhhh, doesn't matter of it's your own, or each other's, or any random stranger's, you gobble that sweet butt cream up like the filthy ATM whores you are!" Torrie taunted gleefully, "Fuck Candice, have you ever seen two bigger ass to mouth sluts?"

"No Torrie, I haven't." Candice giggled, before licking her lips and adding, "But as much as I love watching a couple of sluts eating ass off a dick, I'm in the mood for some more ass. So bend over bitches! Get those fat asses in the air and show us that butt meat!"

Candice, and particularly Torrie, then giggled at how fast Mickie and Victoria obeyed that command, even spreading their ass cheeks invitingly, prompting Torrie to laugh, "Oh my God, it's like they have no shame."

"That's because they don't." Candice grinned, "Their wrestlers. Once you open their eyes, and their ass holes, to their true nature they just can't help themselves. Especially Mickie. Mmmmmm, I've never met a bigger ass whore in my entire life. You're going to love her."

As she spoke Candice kneel down in front of Victoria, prompting Torrie to ask, "Are you sure you don't want her first? You pretty much haven't stopped talking about her since you popped her anal cherry."

"No, no, no, I insist you get the first piece of that fat ass." Candice said, "Besides, she needs a little more stretching out, and I'm in the mood for hard anal pounding."

"Thanks Candice." Torrie smiled, "And don't worry, I'll make sure your new bitch is nice and loose for you when you want to swap."

"I don't doubt it." Candice grinned.

Torrie licked her lips at the tantalising sight of Mickie James and Victoria face down and spreading their large ass cheeks, revealing just how much damage that double ender had done to their bottoms. Both their butt holes were gaping nice and wide, those loosened fuck holes like baby birds pleading to get fed, and Candice and Torrie were happy to play the role of Mamma birds. Only instead of a nasty worm they were packing nice big dildos which they stuffed deep into the inviting holes in front of them, Torrie so jealous she looked over to see Candice ramming her cock inside Victoria's ass and beginning to pound that pooper like she was drilling for oil.

However as much as Torrie wanted to do the same to Mickie's butt hole she had made a promise to her best friend and she intended to keep it. Besides, this was her first time with Mickie, and she had to admit Candice was right, this girl had an incredibly fuck-able ass which deserve to be savoured. So Torrie slowly pushed her dildo deep into that butt hole, both she and Mickie letting out a long moan of pleasure which was almost drowned out by Victoria's screams of pleasure as she was anally pounded by Candice.

Eventually Torrie caught up with her friend, however by then Victoria had already cum several times and Torrie was pretty sure Candice had cum at least once. However by that point she didn't really care, because Candice was so right, Mickie's ass was a slice of heaven which was clearly designed to be fucked. The tightness of the hole, how eager Mickie was for every thrust and perhaps most of all the massive cheeks jiggling against her thighs with every thrust almost made Torrie cum before the hard anal pounding even got underway, and when she did start slamming that big fat ass Torrie came so hard that she almost stopped ploughing that butt. Almost.

Luckily for Torrie, and Mickie, Victoria let out an extra loud scream, Torrie turning her head just in time to see the woman who had sodomised her for years cumming extra hard from the anal pounding she was receiving from Candice, Victoria's cum literally squirting from her cunt as her body shook. It made Torrie want to get the exact same reaction out of Mickie, so she tightened her grip on the other diva's waist and anally pounded herself and the piece of ass in front of her to orgasm after orgasm.

Then all of a sudden Candice suggested, "Hey Torrie, wanna swap?"

"Why not?" Torrie shrugged, grateful for the few seconds of rest she got in between pulling her strap-on out of Mickie's fat ass and shoving it deep into Victoria's big butt.

Victoria had already been passed around like a piece of meat, back and forth in between Torrie and Candice, for hours and yet her slutty ass was still loving it. Luckily she had spent the past few weeks getting constantly ass fucked to the point where her rectum was loose and accepting of this type of abuse, her two Mistresses showing absolutely no mercy to her and Mickie as they spent what felt like an hour going back and forth between her slutty butt hole and Mickie's apparently equally slutty butt hole given the way the other wrestler was squealing with joy and cumming just as hard as she was.

It wasn't surprising Torrie and Candice weren't showing her any mercy, especially Torrie, as Victoria certainly hadn't shown Torrie or anyone else mercy when she had taken their asses. They had all been just fuck holes to her, especially Torrie who she had perhaps treated worst of all. In a way it was thrilling to be treated just as badly, Candice's training making sure that Victoria loved every minute of it, no matter how brutally the butt fuckings were.

What was a little surprising was that both Mistress Torrie and Mistress Candice were much more gentle with Mickie, slowly sliding into her each time and building up the pace while with Victoria they just slammed into her, although truth be told Victoria loved it as it made her feel like even more of a submissive slut. What was really surprising to her was just how much another wrestler was loving it, Mickie perhaps proving Candice's theory that all wrestlers were secretly bottoms. At the very least some of them were, part of Victoria worried that she would have more than just this newcomer to compete with when it came to taking her Mistresses' dicks up her ass. At the same time, it was really hot to think of Mistress Candice and Mistress Torrie with an army of willing anal sluts willing to do whatever they wanted.

The idea of that made Victoria cum extra hard, and when Mistress Candice appeared in front of her and slid her cock against her lips while Mistress Torrie was still pounding her ass she thought she was in heaven. Immediately she took the head into her mouth and started greedily sucking up the combined anal cream of herself and Mickie, Victoria moaning and screaming around the dildo as Mistress Torrie continued wrecking her fat ass. Then Mistress Candice started fucking her mouth, gentle at first but eventually her throat was being hammered just as roughly as her butt, Victoria cumming so hard she barely remained conscious. Then it was over and she had to watch with jealousy as Mickie receive the same treatment.

Over and over again Candice and Torrie swapped holes and Mickie wasn't sure what was worse. Getting spit roasted, or having to watch as Victoria took it in her ass and mouth at the same time. At first she felt it was worse getting double fucked, because it was overwhelmingly humiliating to cum so hard while being butt fucked as an ass flavoured dildo pounded her mouth and throat. By glorified models no less, these two weaker women treating her like a lesbian anal whore, and making her love every second of it until she eventually preferred being the one double stuffed, her mouth and especially her ass feeling incredibly empty without the attentions of Torrie and Candice. Of course, Mickie should have known to be careful what she wished for.

"Hey Torrie, come here." Candice called out as she pulled her dildo out of Mickie's big fat ass and pulled apart those meaty cheeks. Then when Torrie was leaning over her shoulder Candice asked, "What do you think? Is this cute little bitch hole stretched enough to share?"

Torrie pretended to look thoughtful for a few seconds while she stared lustfully at Mickie's gaping ass hole, then grinned, "Yeah, looks gaped enough to me."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's double stuff this bitch's ass!" Candice clapped excitedly as she got down onto her back before turning to her new anal slut, "Get over here Mickie and stuff my cock back up your whore hole! Mmmmmmm yeah, it's time for your first double ass fucking!"

Mickie's eyes went wide, "Please no. You'll tear my ass hole apart."

"That's the idea." Torrie chuckled evilly, and then slapped Mickie's ass hard enough to make her meaty cheeks jiggle, "Now do as you're told bitch!"

Showing her pet a little mercy Candice softly told her, "It's okay Mickie. Me and Torrie share Victoria's ass all the time, and she loves it, don't you Victoria?"

"Yes Mistress Candice." Victoria quickly replied, jealous that it wasn't her ass being shared, at least not right now.

"See?" Candice grinned wickedly, "Don't worry Mickie, you'll cum super hard, even more than when it's just one cock up your ass, and after a little discomfort it will feel natural. After all, an ass as fat as yours was made for sharing."

Mickie blushed furiously, then after a couple of seconds she lowered her head and crawled onto Candice's lap, making the two models laugh with glee. She told herself she had no choice, that she was too exhausted both physically and emotionally to fightback, and that was partly true, but she mostly did as she was told because she was lost in her own submission, and was curious what two cocks in her ass would feel like. After all, she had lost count of the amount of orgasms she'd had while being butt fucked by Torrie and Candice separately, that Mickie could only imagine that Candice was right and she would cum even harder when they were taking her slutty bottom at the same time.

Once she was straddling Candice's waist Mickie briefly debated whether she should get in cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, ultimately assuming this would be like a DP and simply went for cowgirl. Mickie had never been DP'ed, but had seen it in a lot of porn and she really fantasised about it. She wished she was just receiving that now, and briefly considered trying to talk the models into it, but from the look on Candice's face Mickie was sure they wouldn't be satisfied with anything less than double anal.

So she carefully positioned her ass hole directly over the dildo and slowly lowered herself downwards, Candice helpfully holding the strap-on steady as Mickie slowly slipped it back into her ass hole. After being thoroughly pounded Mickie's gaping butt hole provided little resistance and the dildo easily slipped inside her slutty butt. It was the same story with her rectum, the fake cock sliding through her back passage like a knife through butter, meaning that Mickie was sitting on top of Candice's lap in a matter of seconds. Then the two WWE divas locked eyes and Mickie blushed again, although her heart also fluttered at being able to make Candice look so happy.

"Ride me Mickie." Candice grinned, "Bounce up and down on my big cock, and make sure you shake that big booty of yours while you do it. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, teased Torrie and make her want to completely destroy your big fat ass!"

Candice punctuated that command with a big hard slap to Mickie's big butt, making the meaty cheeks jiggle again. It also made the wrestler whimper adorably again, and then after a brief pause she did as she was told, her fat ass jiggling from those first few thrusts without any additional help from Candice. Then Mickie clearly remembered what she was supposed to be doing, looked back over her shoulder at Torrie and then started shaking that big booty, making Torrie literally drool in the process. Or at least it felt like it, along with the other familiar feeling of practically creaming herself watching a submissive bitch anally ride her friend's cock while waiting for her to be added to the mix.

Considering how eager she was to join the party Torrie spent a considerable amount of time just watching the festivities, even beckoning Victoria over for a quick blow job, both to further humiliate her former top and to provide a little extra lube. Of course inevitably Torrie pushed Victoria away and got in position behind Mickie, Candice helpfully making Mickie stop so it would be easier to penetrate her fat ass. Candice also spread Mickie's butt cheeks so it was easier to take aim at that already dildo stuffed hole, Torrie only briefly savouring the moment before pushing forward and causing that poor butt hole to stretch even wider.

She went slowly, savouring every moment of popping Mickie's double anal cherry, but it wasn't that long before the tiny wrestler was crying out in pain as Torrie's strap-on slid along the side of Candice's and into Mickie's butt. Candice wooped happily and offered up some encouragement, but Torrie didn't really hear it. She was too busy staring at the perverted beauty that was Mickie's most intimate hole stretched obscenely for two big strap-on dildos, Torrie savouring the sight for almost a full minute before pushing forward and slowly stuffing inch after inch of her cock into Mickie's rectum, making that poor little wrestler cry out even more Candice laughed happily.

"That's it Mickie, take it up your bitch butt!" Candice laughed, "Mmmmmmm, that's a good bitch, take two! Take two big cocks up your fat ass at the same time and accept that you're nothing but a submissive bitch who's only purpose in life is to take dick up her butt! My dick! Yes Mickie, I own your fat ass. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, and after this you're finally going to realise it."

Although she didn't offer up any formal reply Mickie continued to cry out, and whimper, and groan as Torrie slowly double stuffed her fat ass full of dildo, getting her dildo about halfway before she began thrusting in and out, and thus officially starting Mickie's first-ever double butt fucking. Torrie promised herself it would be the first of many as this was one hot piece of ass, and in her opinion all wrestlers should be submissive anal sluts who were ass fucked so regularly that they could take two dildos in their bottoms at the same time just like Mickie was doing now, and Victoria had done in the past.

Mickie thought for sure that her poor little ass hole was going to be torn apart when Torrie's dick pushed its way alongside Candice's cock and then that her rectum would burst as that second dildo worked it's way through her guts. To her amazement that didn't happen and her back hole and then her back passage stretched to accommodate those strap-ons, even allowing Torrie and Candice to officially start the double butt fucking. Well, technically Torrie was doing all the work, but that was a good thing because she dreaded to think what would happen if, and probably when, Candice got involved.

It was bad enough in the beginning, Mickie's poor ass being stretched like never before, and far beyond what was natural. Not that anal was natural, but Mickie had just got used to the pain and the humiliation of taking one cock up her ass, and to add a second was barbaric. And yet to her horror like with the regular ass fuckings these two had gleefully given her Mickie felt her rectum slowly but surely relax and get used to this extreme abuse. Then it started to feel good. Then really good. Then it felt like every second Mickie was going to cum, and the only thing stopping her was Torrie easing off ever so slightly right when she was on the edge.

She tried to resist, but it was not long before Mickie then broke completely, "Pleassssseeeeeee fuck my ass! Please fuck my fat ass hard and make me cum! Oh my God, pound my fucking ass hole with those two big dicks! Mmmmmmm, FUCK! Fucking wreck the hole I shit from and make me your bitch forever! Please? I'll do anything. I'll bend over in the middle of the locker room for you both, tell all the other wrestlers they should be your ass whores, even show off my gaping butt hole to Trish, please just fuck me and make me cum! Fuck my big fat ass and make me cum with two big dicks up my ass! OH FUCK, yes fuck me, fuck my big fat ass! Oh God, oh fuck me, yes, yes, ooooooooooh Gawwwwwwwwd, fuck me! Ah fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!"

During that little speech Candice started thrusting upwards into her ass, gently and infrequently at first, but the speed, force and consistency gradually increased. About the same time Candice gave Torrie an evil grin, the models no doubt exchanging those grins, before Torrie also increased the pace until those women were absolutely decimating Mickie's poor little ass. Which return some of the pain, if only briefly, and intensified the humiliation Mickie was feeling, but above all else it increased the pleasure enough to make her cum.

Like her first time cumming with a dick up her ass the experience was eye-opening for Mickie, only even more so because getting butt fucked for the first time just taught her how good anal could make her feel. Double anal absolutely destroyed everything she'd been, or at least everything she thought she wanted to be. Now she only wanted to be a submissive ass whore. Candice's submissive ass whore. Oh yes, as she came painfully hard over and over again, screaming her head off and cum flowing like a river out of her cunt, Mickie James never wanted to be anything but Candice's submissive little ass whore who gave up her fat ass at a moments notice.

Candice wasn't sure how long she and Torrie double butt fucked Mickie for, but it wasn't nearly enough in her opinion. In fact, she was beginning to believe she would never be able to get enough of Mickie's big fat ass, which was good because from the look in Mickie's eyes just before she passed out from her multiple orgasms Candice could tell she had finally broken this wrestler completely and all that was left was an anal loving bitch. Oh yes, Mickie James was now her personal anal bitch, and Candice planned on using her every day for her intended purpose.

So it was probably just as well Torrie collapsed from exhaustion before they could completely ruin Mickie's ass forever, Candice sure they got pretty close given just how brutal the butt fucking became. Of course Torrie collapsed directly downwards, which meant Candice was crushed under two sweaty bodies for a few wonderful moments. Luckily she had plenty of experience with this, but that didn't mean she didn't gasp in relief when Torrie rolled off of Mickie and collapsed beside her. She then only had Mickie cuddled up to her, which Candice actually liked, but she wanted her cock cleaned by Victoria, so she gently rolled Mickie off of her, making sure she rolled right over onto her stomach, so when Candice sat up she could see the damage she had done to her bitch.

Mickie's meaty cheeks were bruised red from Candice's and Torrie's hips smacking into them, and her poor little ass hole was gaping wider and deeper than ever before, allowing Candice to see deep into her rectum. Then, just when she didn't think it could get any better, Mickie slowly reached back and pulled apart her butt cheeks, giving Candice an even better view at what she and Torrie had done. Which was impressive, both because she thought Mickie was out like a light, and because it was further proof that Mickie was completely broken. When she could finally tear her eyes away from that gape Candice was pleased to see the way that Mickie was looking at her also suggested that.

Of course all that time gave Torrie time to recover and call out, "Victoria, get over here and suck my dick!"

Seconds later Victoria's mouth was firmly wrapped around Torrie's dick and she was greedily sucking Mickie's ass cream from it. But that was ok, now Mickie was awake Candice had a better idea, "Mickie, clean my cock."

In a flash Mickie world around and gobble down that ass flavoured cock, which made Candice and Torrie giggle with wicked delight. Especially Candice. She had loved Mickie's initial reluctance, especially as the little wrestler gave in so easily without much prompting and did whatever she told her. But she was looking forward to having a completely broken Mickie, and it looked increasingly like the double anal had got the job done, just like it had with Victoria, the two wrestlers bobbing their heads on the models' cocks until every drop of Mickie's butt cream was gone. Then they continued sucking until Torrie and Candice bent them over again, Mickie and Victoria being anally used and abused for the rest of the night, and clearly loving every second of it.

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