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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Candice Michelle, Mickie James, Victoria or any WWE/WWF stars for that matter. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

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Candice Loves Mickie's Fat Ass Part 2
by MTL (

Mickie James was walking through the arena to RAW's house show while feeling extremely nervous. She'd been extremely nervous on her first RAW, but this was different. Back then she had been worried about meeting her idol and making a first impression. Now she had a first impression, kicking Victoria's ass and then getting her own ass fucked by Candice Michelle. Of course only one of these things had been televised, and thankfully that hadn't been the latter, but Mickie wasn't sure how many people knew about it. After all, she was so lost in being robbed of her back door virginity that anyone could have walked into that locker room and then stormed out in disgust, Mickie terrified that her idol Trish Stratus had seen her skewered on Candice's cock, and clearly loving every second of it.

Of course it was hard to believe Candice wouldn't brag about butt fucking the new girl, especially since Candice was a lonely model and thus at the bottom of the food chain while as a wrestler Mickie was supposed to be on top of the food chain. And it wasn't like Mickie hadn't butt fucked other women before, because she had. Lots of times. It was just that... it couldn't even compare to the heaven that had been getting her big butt stuffed with a strap-on dildo. The fact that it was a model only seem to make Mickie cum harder, Candice effortlessly ass fucking through countless orgasms, and that was just in the locker room.

After that Candice sweet talked her way into Mickie's hotel room, the two brunettes barely stopping to grab a quick meal first before retiring to Mickie's room for a night of non-stop anal sex. Each and every time it had been Mickie's sore and loose ass which took the fucking, Candice just bursting out laughing everytime Mickie timidly tried to suggest it was Candice's turn to get ass fucked. Although truth be told the first time Mickie tried that was because she felt like as a wrestler she should at least try turning the tables, then seeing the effect it had on the model Mickie kept saying that to make Candice fuck her ass harder.

It had been the most sexually satisfying night Mickie's life, but come the morning she was so utterly ashamed, humiliated and afraid for her future. After all, she wanted to be WWE women's champion, not some model's anal whore. Plus her butt hole was aching so badly there was no way she could take yet another butt fucking. So Mickie had slowly and carefully snuck out of her hotel room, the fact that most of her things were securely in her suitcase making it easy for her to sneak away without waking Candice. Also she kind of had to move slowly because her ass hole was still gaping open and complaining something fierce whenever she tried to move, and it was only now 12 hours after she'd woken up her back door had returned to some semblance of normality. Which was certainly a relief, as Mickie was beginning to think she'd be walking around with a ruined rear hole for the rest of her life, but she still had no idea what she was going to do.

Just before Mickie reached the private dressing room of the high and mighty Trish Stratus a lying in wait Candice Michelle jumped out from her hiding place in one of the closets, grabbed her prize and then pulled Mickie into her hiding place. Candice made sure to shut the door behind them before pressing Mickie face first up against the wall and grinding into that thick booty she hadn't been able to stop thinking about, the weaker diva grinning wickedly as she couldn't help notice that the stronger diva did absolutely nothing to stop her, even after she had time to realise what was going on.

"Hey there lover!" Candice softly giggled.

"Ca, Candice, I-" Mickie whimpered but before she could get very far Candice interrupted.

"Ya know, I was so disappointed when I woke up to find your sweet booty gone. After last night I would have thought you would have accepted your role in life as an ass whore, and your new position as my personal butt slut. I guess I'm just going to have to keep fucking your fat ass until you realise your place." Candice said just before she began kissing Mickie's neck.

"Candice!" Mickie moaned as the other woman squeezed her big tits and continue to grind into her fat ass, "You can't do this to me, I'm a wrestler."

"Oh Mickie, don't be silly. It's because you're a wrestler you want me to do this to you. But hey, if I'm wrong, you have the power to stop me. Otherwise keep that pretty mouth shut until I tell you otherwise, I'm already mad with you for this morning. Luckily for you I've been thinking about your fat ass all day long and I just can't wait any longer to bury my face in it. Mmmmmmm, but don't worry, I'm going to make sure you get the punishment you deserve." Candice softly promised, before sticking her tongue in Mickie's ear as a preview of what she was going to do to her butt hole, and then dropped to her knees.

Just before she fell behind the other diva Candice grabbed hold of Mickie's little skirt and underwear so she could yank them downwards as she fell, meaning that when she landed on her knees Candice's face was directly in front of her prize, namely Mickie James's big fat ass, that booty somehow more gloriously thick and round than Candice remembered. It was a work of art, something that belonged to a museum. Like an exhibition of world-class ass whores's asses, Candice thinking she would go to such an exhibit just for the privilege of being this close to such an amazing ass.

For a few seconds Candice just stared at that ass, then she buried her face in between those butt cheeks and motor-boated them like they were a big pair of tits. Then she pushed her face as deep as it would go into that big booty and began frantically licking Mickie's cute little ass hole, preparing that tiny back door to take the kind of brutal fucking she had so enjoyed giving it last night. And as much as Candice loved rimming asses, especially big fat ones like this, she desperately wanted to get her strap-on up this ass, so she reached over for her bag so she could pull out the dildo inside it and screw it onto the harness she had already attached.

Candice had the better part of 12 hours to plan this out and it was going off without a hitch, the model smiling wickedly to herself as the mighty wrestler just whimpered and moaned for her throughout the rim job, Mickie James once again proving she was the perfect anal slave just waiting to be trained. Thank God that other anal slave just waiting to be trained, the stuck up and delusional Trish Stratus, insisted on having her own locker room away from all the 'other WWE slut' so she could ambush Mickie like this and get her hands on Mickie's perfect booty again, Candice promising she would break Mickie completely this time as she rubbed the easy to reach lube into her ass tamer.

Mickie knew she should be outraged. That she should have already turned the tables and started spanking Candice's ass for her audacity, or at least pushed the other diva away from her and leave. Maybe go and get Trish so they could DP Candice, which would give Mickie a chance to watch the mighty Trish Stratus in action. Instead she continued to just stand there and moan like an idiot as first Candice groped her body, then shoved her face into her big booty and started frantically lapping away at her up until yesterday virgin back door, every lick reminding Mickie the way she had been anally reamed and been turned into a total slut.

She used to pride herself in being a nice normal country girl and yet after one night of getting her ass fucked by another woman Mickie had seemingly lost every ounce of dignity and self-respect she once possessed. All that seemed to matter to her constantly horny body was getting Candice's cock back up her ass, Mickie having to grind her teeth throughout the rim job to prevent herself begging Candice to butt fuck her hard and deep and make sure this time her butt hole didn't close for a week.

It was a terrifying thought, but any pain, discomfort or humiliation seemed worth it to experience the kind of pleasure she experienced last night. And honestly, it was all worth it just to feel Candice tonguing her ass, Mickie receiving the most passionate butt licking she'd ever received, and pretty much every girl she'd ever been with had rim her, whether Mickie insisted on it or more often than not they begged to do it. Of course none of them were as good at it as Candice, the taller brunette seeming practically obsessed with Mickie's big bottom, the shorter brunette's entire body relaxing as she got her ass eaten out.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately at least in the long run, for Mickie the wicked Candice Michelle took advantage of her muscles being all loose and relaxed to shove her tongue up the wrestler's ass, Mickie crying out with a mixture of pleasure and surprises as she was penetrated back there by something much softer than a dildo. Not that Candice's tongue got very far, but it was probably a lot further than it would have got last night before Mickie got her ass so obscenely stretched, so it was easier for the bigger brunette to really give the smaller one a serious ass licking, and eventually even an ass fucking as Candice literally began thrusting her tongue in and out of Mickie's ass hole.

That was the point it all became too much and Mickie whimpered, "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddddd, please Candice, fuck me!"

Pulling away from Mickie's big booty and grinning widely Candice pushed, "Fuck you where Mickie?"

"My ass! Fuck me in the ass you bitch!" Mickie practically wept, "You win, alright? My ass is yours. Just please, use it. Fuck me! Fuck me in my ass like I'm a worthless model."

"Oh Mickie." Candice said sweetly, before smacking her bitch's behind, "We're going to have to work on your ridiculous prejudices. And for the record, the only bitch here is you!"

To emphasise her point Candice pushed her dry index finger up Mickie's ass, causing the wrestler to cry out in pain before whimpering, "I don't care. I'll be the bitch. I'll be your bitch if you just fuck me!"

"Oh don't worry baby, I will." Candice promised, her eyes locking onto her finger as she began pumping it in and out of Mickie's ass hole, "OOOOOOOOOH FUCK, your ass hole has tightened up so nicely since I last saw you. I guess that's the one good thing about you running out on me. Mmmmmmm, but I prefer my bitches to be loose and slutty back here so I can just shove my big dick inside their little ass holes at a moments notice, so from now on any time your butt hole isn't gaping wide open you're going to have a butt-plug stuffed up your bitch ass, you understand me Mickie?"

This time to emphasise her point Candice pushed a second finger into Mickie's ass and slapped her extremely hard on her left butt cheek, leaving Mickie to cry out, "AHHHH fuck, mmmmmmm, I understand Candice. I'll do whatever you want."

"Damn right you will, now stick that ass out and start begging for this cock up your big fat ass, and you'd better make me believe you want it!" Candice ordered as she began gleefully finger fucking Mickie's ass hole with two fingers.

Whimpering softly Mickie arched her back and pushed her ass back, Candice only moving silently to keep up the anal fingering as Mickie softly began begging, "Oh Candice, please fuck me up the ass Candice. I want to be fucked up the ass. I need to be fucked up the ass like a little bitch! Mmmmmmmm, oh God, I can't believe I'm letting you do this to me, but it feels sooooooooooo gooooooooooddddddddddddddd, ooooooooooooh make me your bitch Candice! Fuck my big fat ass and make me your bitch. I want your cock in my ass Candice, I want it inside my ass sooooooooo bad, mmmmmmmmm, please fuck me there. Fuck me in the ass like the dirty little anal whore I now am. Ohhhhhhhhh shit, you made me an anal whore, now treat me like one dammit! Fuck me where the sun don't shine! Stick your cock straight up my big fat ass and fuck me like I'm your bitch!"

"Silly Mickie, you are my bitch." Candice giggled, pulling her fingers out of Mickie's ass hole and sucking on them while she pressed her cock to that tight little fuck hole, then once those fingers were clean she took them out of her mouth and softly said, "But since you've forgotten, let me remind you."

With that Candice licked her lips and pushed forwards as slowly as possible, savouring the sight of the wrestler's back door slowly opening up for her. When that big toy finally slipped into Mickie's forbidden hole a few seconds later, which felt like hours, both WWE divas let out a cry which was way too loud for their current hiding place, Candice letting out a giggle partly because of how loudly they had just cried out but mostly because both of their cries were of pure pleasure despite the fact that Mickie had been an anal virgin only last week, further proving what a total ass whore this big bottomed country girl was.

"Oh God, that's so beautiful." Candice sighed dreamily, "A wrestler with her bitch ass getting penetrated. But why should I have all the fun? Mickie, start backing that ass up. Mmmmmm, I want you to swallow my dick with your slutty little dyke ass, then I want you to show me how much you loved that cock up your butt by riding it. Ohhhhhhhh yeah, I want Mickie James to ride my dick, bounds that big fat ass of hers up and down my cock and prove to me that she understands that she's nothing but an anal whore and most importantly of all my little lesbian anal bitch!"

Mickie whimpered and glanced back nervously, blushing red as Candice just looked at her expectantly. Candice wasn't even slightly worried that Mickie would get upset with her and try and turn the tables on her or even just run away from her. No, Mickie was a pure bottom, who wanted her fat ass fucked just as badly as Candice wanted to fuck it. And sure enough Mickie started pushing herself back against Candice's cock, slowly taking inch after inch until she had about half of the dildo in her big booty. Then she started bouncing back and forth, her juicy cheeks jiggling ever so slightly from the force of the gentle thrusting.

This caused Candice to giggle, smack Mickie's big booty hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle and call out, "Yee-haw, ride 'em cowgirl!"

Anyone with an ounce of self-respect would have told Candice to shut up, but Mickie just whimpered and kept bouncing her fat ass on the taller brunette's dick, again making Candice giggle with delight/feel like she was going to cum. Honestly, could there be another woman out there more perfect for her? Cute as a button, check. Tough wrestler, check. Big fat ass, check. Totally submissive, 1000 times check. Candice had never met anyone this submissive, and she could tell all it would take was a little training and Mickie would be the most submissive bitch ever. And Candice was going to make sure she got that training.

Candice had friends who meticulously planned out every detail of training a bitch using all sorts of techniques from painful spanking to long sessions of pussy lickings, and while all that had some fun her plan was really simple. Non-stop butt fucking. That was how she was going to permanently make Mickie her bitch. She would fuck this big fat ass of hers morning, noon and night until Mickie James knew her place. Then she would butt fuck Mickie some more. Because Candice was convinced Mickie had been designed to be an anal slave, Candice making sure that Mickie fulfilled her life's purpose by bending her over every chance she got and sticking huge toys up that big fat butt. Ok, so mostly it would be huge strap-on dildos, but that would just help Mickie remember who was the mistress and who was the slave.

Mickie certainly felt like a slave right now, a slave to her need for a cock up her ass. It didn't feel like a desire, something she merely wanted, oh no, it felt like she needed that big thick dildo up her butt like she needed to eat. And oh God, was her big butt starving for dick right now, that previously virgin hole hungrily gobbling up inch after inch of dildo like a shameless cock sucker. It even felt like a mouth to her, swallowing up the cock with every bounce of her hips back and forth, until finally her butt crashed against Candice's thighs, Mickie's meaty cheeks jiggling like a bowl of jelly as a result of the collision of flesh on flesh which announced Mickie had taken every inch of Candice's cock up her ass.

"Woo-hoo, mmmmmmmm, yeah Mickie, you take every inch of my big hard dick up your big fat ass!" Candice squealed with delight, "Ooooooooooh, you're going to make such a good bitch!"

Whimpering softly at those words Mickie realised that was exactly what she was becoming, a bitch. She was becoming Candice's bitch, and if she didn't do something soon to turn the tables on this worthless model all Mickie would ever be was Candice Michelle's anal loving bitch. She wanted to be so much more than that, win the women's title and the respect of her peers, but it just felt so good to have a strap-on dildo deep in her butt. It was incredibly unnatural, that man-made meat stretching her most intimate places, but it felt wonderfully dirty and was an incredible turn on. Regardless of the cost there was nothing Mickie wanted more than to bounce her fat ass on that cock.

Candice was only too happy to encourage her, the taller brunette giggling evilly, smacking Mickie's juicy cheeks hard enough to make them jiggle and ordering her, "Come on Mickie, bounce that fat little ass of yours! Bounce it! Mmmmmmm, yeahhhhhhhh, ride that dildo! Oh yes, you beautiful whore, that's it, mmmmmmmmm, bounce that ass! Bounce that big fat ass on my dick you fat assed dyke whore! Mmmmmmmm oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, ride that girl cock you lezzie slut! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh, you love that dick, you love that big dick in your fat ass, don't you? Don't you? Oh fuck, what a slut! What a big fat ass, perfect for fucking! You hear me Mickie, your big fat ass was made for fucking, mmmmmmm, so be a little bitch and fuck it on my big dildo. Mmmmmmm, prove to me what a great little bitch you're going to make!"

Almost immediately Mickie started pushing her butt back and forth, her back hole sliding up and down nearly the full length of Candice's cock, Mickie moaning in pure pleasure as she began to sodomise herself with the massive dildo. Which was something she'd done a couple of times last night, this wonderful act vividly reminding Mickie of that orgasm filled night and thus making her feel even more submissive/like Candice's bitch. Of course the difference was last night it had been at least mostly about giving Candice a break from doing all the work, this time it was purely to show Mickie's willing submission to Candice/the wrestler giving up her ass hole to the model.

Overwhelmed by the realisation Mickie moaned loudly, almost hoping that her idol Trish Stratus would hear her, come to investigate and find her shamelessly bouncing her big butt back against Candice Michelle. Oh Trish would be so ashamed/disgusted with her for being so submissive to a model, and only on her second day with the company! Oh she must be the biggest anal slut in the secret history of the WWE. At the very least she had to be the sluttyest wrestler in the secret history of the WWE, Mickie having no doubt that no other wrestler had given up their anal cherry on the first day to a model and then allowed the same model not only sodomise her all night long but the next day as well.

While this shameful thought on top of the utter humiliation of bouncing her ass up and down a model's dick should have been enough to push Mickie into finally turning the tables, or at least stop impaling her own back door on that monster dildo, instead it made Mickie even more horny. Worse still it made her bounce her ass up and down the shaft even harder and faster, pushing herself to orgasm. Pushing herself to once again prove herself a total slut by cumming with a model's strap-on dildo deep inside her big bottom, Mickie whimpering as she realised how desperately she wanted that.

All day long she hadn't been able to stop thinking about getting ass fucked, how much pleasure she got from the sodomy itself and most importantly the pure ecstasy she got from cumming with a dick up her butt. Candice hadn't even touched her pussy, and it certainly seemed like her cunt didn't need any attention now. Of course, just because Mickie knew she could cum just from anal sex didn't mean she didn't want to find out what it felt like to touch her pussy while getting fucked in the ass. Predictably it felt amazing, however no sooner had Mickie slowly reached down between her legs than Candice slapped her hand away.

"No Mickie!" Candice scolded, before giggling, "I want you to cum just from having your big fat ass fucked. It will make you feel more like a bitch. Mmmmmmmmm, it will make you feel like the submissive little bitch you are, ohhhhhhhhhh, and help accept that you are now my bitch."

Mickie whimpered both at the words and the fact that Candice sounded so sure of herself. Like it was a done deal that Mickie was now Candice's bitch. Which at least in some ways was probably true. Mickie would certainly never be able to look Candice in the eye without thinking about how this weaker woman had completely wrecked her ass, both on her debut and right now, and Mickie was pretty sure she would think about the ecstasy Candice had given her while the model's strap-on had been deep inside her bowels for the rest of her life. But she couldn't become a model's bitch if she wants to be champion.

Again this should have been enough to finally make Mickie stop but she only increased the hardness and roughness of her own sodomy, and that combined with Candice's cruel laughter, words and occasional smacks to her already jiggling butt cheeks sent Mickie over the edge of orgasm. The type of orgasm she hadn't known existed until Candice popped her anal cherry, the climax tearing through her body and leaving her shaking/a screaming wreck, that wrecked body somehow finding the strength to continue the butt fucking. That resulted in several more of those amazing orgasms which melted Mickie's mind and turned her into nothing but a mindless animal, desperate for pleasure.

As Mickie's cum squirted from her cunt Candice continued giggling in triumph, smacking that jiggly ass and taunting her prey, "Yeahhhhhh, cum for me Mickie! Cum for me! Cum with that big dildo in your ass you little slut. Mmmmmmmmm, that's right, you love that dick. You love that dick in your big fat ass because you're nothing but an ass whore, a little anal bitch I'm going to fuck, and fuck, and fuck until your ass hole is permanently gaping. Do you hear me bitch? I'm going to wreck your ass, ha ha, or make you wreck it until your permanently gaped, your butt hole forever open and loose so I can slide into it whenever I want. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, and it's going to feel so good that you're not even going to care, are you? Are you? No, you're not going to care because you're nothing but a butt slut now. Ohhhhhhhh, my little butt slut with the big fat fuck-able little ass, ooooooooohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh cum for me!"

Candice kept taunting Mickie for quite a while, but the smaller brunette had been essentially fucking her this entire time, the stimulator inside the harness ramming against her clit with every thrust until it became hard to speak coherently. That combined with the sheer joy of making this strong wrestler completely humiliate herself, the feeling of that big fat ass of hers jiggling against her thighs and the sight of Mickie's ass hole so wonderfully stretched around her strap-on dildo all pushed Candice towards climax.

She could easily just let Mickie make her cum, but Candice wanted to contribute to the ass fucking and make sure the other woman's back hole was well and truly wrecked. So after multiple orgasms for her new bitch Candice grabbed hold of the other brunette's waist and began hammering that fat ass. She left her grip loose enough so that Mickie continue riding her dick, and after a brief pause to let out an extra loud scream the smaller brunette did just that, the two WWE divas beginning to work together to make each other cum/completely ruin Mickie's ass hole.

They probably succeeded on the latter, but they definitely achieve the former, Candice pushing herself through several wonderful climaxes while Mickie came so hard and so frequently her muscles became like jelly and she collapsed onto the ground. Tightening her hold of her Candice make sure that Mickie's descent was slow and gentle, and more importantly that her cock remained deep inside the other girl's ass. In fact only a few inches left Mickie's bowels, and then when the smaller brunette was lying on her stomach with the bigger brunette on top of her Candice gleefully stuffed those inches back inside Mickie's butt.

Mickie only groaned softly, and then moaned as Candice began sodomising her again, those moans eventually turning to screams as the female model mercilessly used the female wrestler's ass for her own selfish pleasure, Candice becoming like a wild animal pounding into her submissive mate. Candice wasn't sure how long she fucked Mickie's big fat butt like that. It was long enough that Mickie was reduced to laying limply and whimpering as she was turned into nothing but an orifice, Candice revelling in her total dominance over the stronger woman. But ultimately Candice ran out of steam, collapsing on top of her prey and snuggling into her nearly unconscious body.

It was only then that Candice wasn't so consumed by her own pleasure and Mickie's fat ass that she heard a familiar sound. As she hadn't cared about getting caught, even kind of hoped she would, Candice had positioned herself and Mickie facing away from the door so that anyone could enter without them knowing. In a way she was almost disappointed to only see one person leaning up against the door and frantically masturbating herself, and that person to be someone who already knew about her personal tastes. Although this was not without its advantages, Candice smiling wickedly and calling out, "Hey there Victoria."

Victoria was so consumed with her latest climax that she almost didn't hear, and when she blinked her eyes open it took her a while to find her voice. When she did she clearly said, "Hello Mistress Candice. Mistress Torrie was worried about you."

"She must have been to pull her dick out of your fat ass long enough to send you to find me." Candice grinned, "Speaking of which, why don't you show us her handiwork? I'm sure little Mickie here would love to see proof she's not the only wrestler around here who's a big slutty bottom with a fat ass made for fucking!"

Again Victoria blushed, but didn't hesitate in turning around and pulling down her pants, revealing she wasn't wearing any underwear. More importantly it revealed her ass hole was gaping wide open, Candice's best friend Torrie Wilson clearly having done a spectacular job of reminding Victoria of her place, Candice practically drooling as she stared at that ruined hole for a few long moments, just waiting for Mickie to look up at the once mighty Victoria. She didn't have to wait long, Mickie gasping only a few seconds after Victoria had stuck out her ass and spread her cheeks to emphasise the gape, "Oh my God!"

Candice was disappointed she was unable to see the look on Mickie's face properly, but she didn't let that stop her from whispering into Mickie's ear, "Isn't Torrie an amazing ass wrecker? Mmmmmm, quite the change from the timid ass slut I met a year ago. Now my bestie helps me ruin the asses of the wrestlers who bullied and butt fucked her, turning natural anal whores like you and Victoria into what you were always meant to be. But then again, I taught her everything she knows about ass fucking, and as wide as Victoria's butt hole is gaping I'm betting yours is even wider. Let's see shall we?"

Before Mickie could reply she felt Candice yanking the dildo from her butt, the model clearly re-energised by the last exchange as she stood up and laughed cruelly while Mickie lay there whimpering and blushing. Of course she couldn't see the state of her own ass hole, but it felt incredibly loose and open, just like it had done after every butt fucking the previous evening. And just like the previous evening Candice seemed fascinated by it, the only difference was now she had another hole to examine, the wicked model turning her attention back and forth between the two humiliated wrestlers for several long seconds.

Then Candice finally said, "Mmmmmmm, I think we'll call it a draw as both your asses are gaping so nicely. But don't worry, there are still plenty of time to stretch you out even more. But first, my dick needs cleaning, and since Mickie had plenty of chances to taste her own ass last night I think it's Victoria's turn. Mmmmmm yeah, come taste my new bitch's butt you filthy little ass to mouth slut! Suck that dick like me and Torrie trained you too!"

Again Victoria did as she was told without hesitation, Mickie watching in disbelief as the muscular brunette turned around, quickly marched over to where Candice was standing and then fell to her knees in front of the weaker woman, grabbed the strap-on by the base and then stuffed it into her mouth. Victoria even moan joyfully as she tasted the deepest part of Mickie's butt on that man-made dick, the big tough wrestler then beginning to bob her head slowly up and down the shaft, eventually deep throating the entire length of the dick with what had to be practised ease.

Mickie couldn't believe her eyes. Candice fucking her fat ass was one thing, Mickie had never truly been comfortable as a top and felt much more at home being an ass fucked little bottom, but this was Victoria. This woman had ass fucked almost as many women as she'd had matches, eye candy women AND women's wrestlers alike quivering at her name. Victoria was supposed to be the most vicious woman on the roster, not just ass fucking whoever she pleased but doing everything in her power to leave her victim utterly humiliated, and now here she was lovingly giving a model a blow job, thoroughly cleaning Candice's cock of every drop of Mickie's anal cream.

The whole time Candice lovingly stroked Victoria's hair and gave her usual type of encouragement, "Mmmmmm, that's it, suck that cock. Suck it clean of Mickie's fat ass you slut! Oooooooooh, you're turning into such a good girl Victoria. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, sucking my cock at a moments notice, cleaning it of the slut I ass fuck, mmmmmmmm, bending over and spreading your cheeks whenever me and Torrie want, ohhhhhhhhhhh, letting all the other models ass fuck you, with our permission of course, oooooooohhhhhhh, I knew you were a natural bottom, just like Mickie here. Do you know she's a submissive as you already, mmmmmmmm, I think it's not going to take much training until she's just as obedient as you, isn't that right Mickie?"

"I, I, I... I-" Mickie blushed.

Candice just giggled, "Oh silly Mickie, so shy when there isn't a cock in your ass. Mmmmmmm, or one about to be shoved in there. But that's ok, I'm going to train you up real good. But first, don't you have a tag match to get too?"

For a moment Mickie didn't know what Candice was talking about, then she remembered her tag team match with Trish and somehow found the strength to pull up her skirt and stand-up. Walking to the door was even harder, her ass aching with every step. Not that it wasn't aching when she was still, but now it felt like she was in agony, Mickie unsure how she would get through a match without revealing what had happened to her. Then she reached the door and looked at where Victoria was still greedily sucking Candice's cock, the other wrestler's gaping ass hole still exposed, Mickie wanting nothing more than to just drop to her knees and wiggle her ass at Candice in the hope of receiving another butt pounding. Instead she opened the door, closed it behind her and awkwardly waddled to Trish's private dressing room.

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