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from wwekiller.

Candice Makes Trish Her Slave Part 1
by ThePac

Candice wins a Divas Battle Royal on Raw and tells everyone she will be
challenging for the woman's title at Wrestlemaina. When Trish is told about
this she bursts out laughing.

"What an ex porn star thinks she going to beat me for the belt wow I'm really
scared," Trish jokes when Maria asks her about the match.

The match is booked and Trish tells everyone this match will be a totally
walkover. Candice however makes a big statement when she wrestles Mickie
James, Trish's best friend and cracks her hard in the head with a steel chair
then follows it up with a DDT on the chair. Trish gets very mad at her number
one fan being injuries by Candice and when she finds out Mickie is out of
action with concussion and on the next episode of Raw Trish attacks Candice
during her match. Candice just sneaks out of the ring and grins at the anger
look on Trish's face as the dark haired Diva knows she has got under Trish's
skin. The blonde can't believe Candice would hurt another wrestler just to
get on her nerves and she tells Candice she will beat her badly at Mania.
Grinning Candice says their title match needs a stipulation so suggests that
the loser of the match becomes the winner's slave for a year. On the last Raw
before Wrestlemaina Trish is out doing guest commentary when Candice gets a
sneaky win rolling up Torrie and using the ropes to pin her. Trish climbs on
top of the table and gets a microphone and looks straight at Candice who is
stood in the ring.

"Listen bitch you hurt my best friend and I can't wait to kick your fat ass
and make you my little bitch slave but I can see your going to do anything to
win so I want a 2 out of 3 falls match," Trish shouts at her rival who just
nods her head and they both have a final stare down.

Wrestlemaina is here and now it is time for the two out of three falls match
for the WWE woman's championship between Trish Stratus and Candice Michelle.
They have both signed a contract saying that the loser of the match will
become the slave of the winner. Candice is out first in a bright pink catsuit
and she looks totally focused on winning the title and Trish as a slave. As
Candice hops onto the ring apron and tears off her gold robe fireworks
explode from all 4 corners of the ring covering the fans boos. The familiar
giggle comes though the speakers and the woman's champion makes her way to
the ring. Trish has the belt wrapped around her thin waist as she stares a
hole though her number one contender. She is wearing a black top exposing a
lot of cleavage and some shiny gold pants. Both Divas are in the ring and the
ref rings the bell for the first fall a single match. Candice walks up to
Trish then slaps the taste out of the Diva of the decade's mouth making her
fall backwards. Cocky Candice lifts her arms up and already celebrates like
she's won the belt and that just makes Trish mad. She charges at the Playboy
Playmate and spears her down to the mat and starts driving her forearm into
Candice's jaw. Stomping on Candice's mid section Trish pulls Candice up by
her black hair and whips her hard into the corner. Candice hits the
turnbuckle hard then Trish runs at her at hits a Stratus Splash driving her
own body into Candice. She is hurt as Trish hits a snap suplex making her
hold her back in pain and then Trish with a low dropkick to Candice's face.
Trish goes for a cover but only gets a two count and she shouts at the ref
for a slow cont before she punches Candice square in the face nearly breaking
her nose.

Trish is totally dominating this match as she stands over the beaten body of
Candice waiting for her to get to her feet. This is just what the fans in the
sold out arena thought would happen as dangerous and strong Candice had
looked in the past mouth no one could beat Trish in a wrestling match.
Candice is struggling to get to her feet using the ropes to pull herself up,
as Trish stands behind her posed and ready. She is ready for her finishing
move the Chick Kick and as Candice turns around Trish swings her foot. She
ducks Trish's flying boot then Candice pulls something out of the top of her
catsuit and when Trish turns around she blows the white powder in her eyes.
The ref misses it as Trish's Chick Kick follow though nearly hits him so as
his back is turned Candice blows the powder right in the eyes of Trish. The
woman's champion is blinded as Candice takes that chance to roll Trish up in
a schoolboy pinning maneuver and she also grabs hold of Trish's tights.
Candice pulls on Trish's pants holding her down as the ref counts the pin 1 2
3 and Candice has won the first fall. Boos rain down on Candice as she jumps
up and lets the referee raise her hand in victory before telling him to ring
the bell for the next fall. The second fall is a bra and panties match and
Trish is out of it on her hands and knees trying to clear the powder from her
eyes. The bell is rung for the second fall and quickly Candice runs across
the ring and kicks Trish hard in the side of her head with her bright pink
wrestling boot. The blonde hits the mat holding the side of her head in pain
having not seen what hit her before Candice drives an elbow into Trish's gut.
She is down and hurt and Candice grabs onto her top and starts pulling it up
and over Trish's head as Candice rips it away.

Her black bra is now exposed and out in the open to the fans delight at
seeing Trish stripped but when Candice stands in the middle of the ring
holding Trish's shirt and doing her Go Daddy dance they start booing again.
In a total change to the match it is now Candice in total control and if she
can remove Trish's pants she will not only become the woman's champion but
will have Trish Stratus as a slave. Trish still has white powder in her eyes
as she sits up and tells the ref she can't see and as the ref looks outside
of the ring for some water Candice runs in and kicks Trish in the head again.
With the Canadian down and hurt Candice stands over her and wraps her hands
inside the waistband of Trish's gold spandex pants and starts to pull them
down. She pulls Trish's pants down past her powerful looking thighs when
Trish out of pure instinct flicks her boot out and it catches Candice in the
side of the head. Loud cheers echo out from round the arena as Candice falls
to the canvas holding her head in pain as the ref pours some water on Trish's
face washing out the powder. She can now see and rolls up to her feet pulling
her pants up then looks at Candice who is just pulling herself up. Candice
screams as Trish can now see and her plan of quickly winning this match has
gone. She charges full speed at Trish but with more wrestling experience
Trish moves out the way and pushes Candice over the top rope and out of the
ring. Candice's body splats down on the thin padding on the outside and she
gets madder at being countered so easily by Trish. The blonde has ignored the
ref and has climbed out of the ring following Candice and the dark haired
Diva knows that. Quickly turning Candice runs at Trish again this time
running right into a Chick Kick. Candice spins in mid air and hits the ground
holding her head in real pain as the fans cheer for Trish hitting her
finishing move on the evil Candice.

The control of this woman's championship match is back in the hands of the
champion. She pulls Candice up to her feet and throws her head first into the
steel steps making a loud banging noise. Candice is holding her head in real
pain as the ringing sound in her ears die away she can hear Trish stood over
her saying that was for Mickie. She pulls a wobbly Candice up again then
smashes her head down hard into the announce table making the crowd groan in
sympathy as Candice falls down holding her head in pain. Trish has Candice by
her pink boots and drags the challenger towards the ring post before walking
back and picking up some TV cables. Wrapping the cables around Candice's
wrists Trish starts pulling Candice up then wraps the thick cable around the
steel ring post. Candice has her arms now bound up above her head and tied to
the ring post and she can't move. Trish punches Candice hard in the ribs a
few times to stop her kicking out before going to the timekeepers table and
grabbing a pair of scissors from under the table. Trying to pull herself free
Candice starts to scream as she sees Trish approach her with an evil look in
her eyes and a pair of scissors in her left hand. Grabbing the top of
Candice's bodysuit Trish starts to cut away at the PVC material as Candice
starts begging Trish to stop and not hurt her. Trish cuts all the way down to
Candice's stomach showing off Candice's pink bra and Trish is asking the fans
if she should cut more. Candice is pulling at her bounds but is going nowhere
as Trish punches her hard in her exposed rib cage keeping her still. Pulling
the bodysuit out Trish cuts away the crotch then down both legs letting the
world see Candice's pink bikini cut panties. She rips away the suit off her
upper body and her legs and also removes Candice boots when the ref rings the

Candice had been stripped to her bra and panties, thus has lost the second
fall as the ref raises Trish's hand in victory. The match is tied at one fall
each and now we go to the deciding fall a no holds barred match that can only
be won by submission. Trish grabs Candice's hair and bangs her head backwards
against the ring post knocking her silly allowing Trish the time to untie
Candice from the post. An underwear clad Candice falls to the floor holding
her head in pain as she tries to cover up her body but Trish boots her in the
ribs keeping her down. Candice is once again pulled up by her curly black
hair and rolled back into the ring by Trish. She is wasting no more time on
Candice as she grabs the ex porn star in a headlock and springs off the
ropes. A picture perfect Stratusfaction driving Candice head first into the
mat now Trish stands up and looks out at the sea of humanity cheering her on
as she signals for the end. She rolls Candice onto her back before grabbing
her tanned legs and hooks her into a Sharpshooter. The fans go nuts at the
Sharpshooter as Candice screams in pain as her back is slowly being bent out
of position. Trish tilts back and locks the hold in tighter telling Candice
to give it up. The dark haired challenger is screaming and nearly crying from
the amount of pain she is in and starts tapping out. Yelling out in joy Trish
can hear Candice tapping out on the mat but she doesn't hear the bell calling
for the end of the match. She looks left to see the ref has his arms folded
and is not even looking at Candice tapping but staring straight at Trish.
Confused Trish looks at the ref who starts laughing as Candice's screams get
louder and louder as she taps out.

"What the hell man," Trish yells as she lets go of Candice and gets right in
the face of the laughing referee.

"Sorry bitch," The ref says, "Candice paid me not to count any submissions
but hers and she gave me a good deal.

The ref adjusts his pants as he says that in a second Trish can guess exactly
what Candice did to get the ref on her side. Suddenly Mickie James comes
sprinting down the ramp a blue metal chair in her hand and smashes the
referee right in the head knocking him down. Mickie grins at her idol before
kicking the ref under the bottom rope and out of the ring. Trish is amazed at
her friend being here after such a viscous attack and now the bubbly brunette
signals backstage and a new ref comes running out. Stepping back Mickie
points to Candice as if to say she's all yours and Trish grins and grabs
Candice by her ankles. Trish pulls the Playboy Cover Girl back away from the
ropes into the centre of the ring before locking in the Sharpshooter again.
Candice is back to screaming and trying to reach the ropes, which are so far
away and Candice tries everything not to tap out again. Leaning back Trish
puts on a lot of pressure on Candice's spine and the black haired Diva can't
hold on any longer and raises her hand up to tap. Out of no where Mickie
steps up and swings the chair full force in the side of Trish's head knocking
her out cold even before she hits the mat. The fans are pissed off as the
boos, jeer and start throwing things at Mickie. The brunette ignores the
crowd and helps Candice to her feet as she holds her back in pain but starts
laughing when she sees Trish knocked out. Full cups of beer are being thrown
at Mickie who sticks her tongue out at the booing fans and leaves Candice
wobbling on her feet as she pulls Trish up by her arms. The ref is confused
but it's no holds barred so he has to allow it and watches on as Mickie drags
an out cold Trish over to Candice who locks in a sleeper hold. The crowd is
angry, as it is obvious that Trish never saw the chair shot and is totally
out of it. Checking on Trish the new ref sees she is out so raises her hand
and drops it the first time then a second time and for a third to no response
from Trish. The bell sounds as Candice drops the out cold Trish to the mat
and lets the ref raise her hand in victory.

"Here is your winner and the new WWE woman's champion Candice Michelle," Says
Lilian trying to raise her voice over the loud booing crowd.

As Candice is being handed the gold belt Mickie looks down at a knocked out
Trish and screams at her, "I LOVED YOU WHY COULDN'T YOU LOVE ME BACK."

Candice raises the belt high in the air before giving Mickie James a big hug
and whispers in her ear. Mickie walks over to Trish and forces fully tears
the blonde's bra clean off exposing her big tits to the world. After telling
the referee to get lost Candice places her newly won belt on the turnbuckle
before sliding out of the ring. She looks under the apron and pulls out a
large black gym bag and slides it into the ring as Mickie pulls off Trish's
wrestling boots. She smiles at the crowds who have stopped booing and our
watching on in awe as Mickie strips Trish. Grabbing onto her spandex pants
Mickie pulls them down Trish's well-defined legs and throwing them away
leaving Trish in just her thong. Candice gives Mickie a quick one-armed hug
and a kiss on the cheek before telling her to tear Trish's thong off. That is
just what Mickie does lifting Trish's hips off the canvas and tearing her
underwear clean off her body meaning Trish's is totally naked in the middle
of the ring at Wrestlemania. Looking in her bag Candice pulls out a large
leather dog collar and attaches it around Trish neck before slapping the
former champion trying to wake her up. Trish opens her eyes to see Candice
and Mickie standing over and as she fights to remember what happened when she
looks down to see the collar on her neck and the fact she is naked. Quickly
Trish covers up and tries to get out of the ring but Mickie grabs her leg and
pulls her back into the centre of the ring. She doesn't understand why Mickie
is doing this but as she tries to ask Candice slaps her hard in the face and
Mickie pulls on her dyed blonde hair tilting her head up to look at Candice.
The new woman's champion slides her hands inside her panties and pulls them
down exposing her totally bare pussy to Trish.

"Now slut you are my bitch slave for a whole year and your first task is to
lick my pussy," Candice demands as she takes her panties completely off.

Trish's face is masked with disgust as Candice steps closer putting her pussy
lips just a few feet away from Trish's facer. She is trying to escape but her
head is still really sore from the chair shot and Mickie has a good grip of
her hair. Looking up at Candice Trish spits and her and shakes her head no as
the crowd cheer then groan as Candice slaps her again and Mickie drives
Trish's head into the mat. With Trish face down on the floor Candice sits her
naked ass right on Trish's back pinning her down as Mickie sits on Trish's
legs stopping her kicking out.

"Now if you won't do as you have been told then slut Stratus we will have to
punish you until you learn your lesson," Candice says with a grin before
spanking Trish's bare ass with her hand.

Squeaking in pain as Candice's hand bruises her bare ass Trish tries to move
but having two Divas sat on her makes it nearly impossible. Mickie joins in
smacking her hand down hard on Trish's left asscheek as Candice spanks her
right cheek. Trish's big booty is now being double spanked by Mickie and her
new owner Candice. She is screaming in pain as her ass is spanked by both
Divas and her tanned brown ass is slowly being turned red. Mickie is taking
great pleasure in spanking her former friend's ass as hard as she can leaving
bright red palm marks on her ass cheek. Candice is hitting every inch of
Trish's right cheek trying hard to turn the whole cheek a bruised red color.
Trish is screaming louder and louder as the spanking is wearing down her ass
and each time a bare palm hits her sore skin she lets out a fresh scream of
pain. Her ass is hurting really badly now and Candice and Mickie are not
letting up and the pain is so much that tears start to form in her eyes.
Mickie and Candice are now spanking Trish's big ass perfectly in time making
her ass glow a painfully bright red. Candice stops spanking and gets up off
Trish's back and tells Mickie to lift Trish's head up. Grabbing Trish's
blonde locks and lifts her face up off the floor and Candice stares into the
tear filed Eyes of Trish. She says nothing but stands up close to her model
face with her hands on her hips. Pain is shooting though Trish's ass, which
is very sore as Trish tries begging with her eyes to Candice. Mickie gets mad
and shoves Trish's pretty face straight in between Candice's legs making the
woman's champion moan.

Mickie kneels down and whispers in Trish's ear, "If you bite, me and my best
friend will make you hurt so bad now EAT THE CHAMP OUT."

Trish starts to cry as Mickie shouts in her ear and she starts to push her
tongue inside Candice's pussy making her groan loudly. Mickie still has a
tight hold of the back of Trish's head keeping her face pushed into Candice's
cunt. The brand new woman's champion is moaning loudly as the former champ
and her new slave is eating her out in the centre of the ring. Trish is still
crying as her tongue flicks deeper inside Candice as she hopes to make
Candice cum quickly so this nightmare will stop. She starts licking and
sucking on every inch of her pussy as Candice's pre cum slides down her
throat nearly making Trish cough in disgust. Every time she tries to pull her
head away Mickie gives her red raw ass a hard spank making Trish jump and get
back to eating out her new master. Candice runs her hands though her hair as
Trish's tongue circles around her soaking wet clit making her cry out in joy.
She can not believe how good Trish is at eating her out Candice makes a point
to remember to get Trish to eat her out loads of times over the next year.
Trish's tongue plunges deep into Candice's pussy and hits her clit making her
scream out and quickly Trish begins to lap at Candice's clit like a thirsty
man reaching water. Candice's hands sink into Trish's hair helping Mickie to
keep her slave licking and sucking at her sensitive clit. Her hips are
starting to rock back and forth sending Trish's tongue even deeper inside her
clit and Candice shuts her eyes, as she knows how close she is to cumming.
Mickie sees how close Candice is and she reaches up and massages Candice's
big tits though her sweat soaked bra. This double Diva assault has Candice
moaning louder and louder before her body shakes into a powerful orgasm.

"OH MY GOD TRISH YOU FUCKING SLUT I'M CUMMING," Candice screams out as she
lets the orgasm takes her over.

Trish has no idea Candice is close and with her head held right into her
pussy means her face is right in the way and Candice's cum covers her face.
Candice stumbles backwards as she lets go of Trish's head and she falls back
into the ropes panting as she rubs her cum off her thighs and lets Mickie
lick her own cum off her fingers. Trish picks herself up with cum coating her
perfect face staining her blonde hair and dripping off her lips. Mickie is
smiling at seeing Trish's cum covered face suddenly realizes that she has
made another girl cum on live PPV. The whole situation hits Trish as the fact
she has lost the woman's title and becomes Candice's bitch slave for one
whole year. Tears start to run down Trish's cum covered face as she works out
how bad her life is going to be for the next year. Walking over Mickie laughs
at Trish on her hands and knees sobbing like a baby with cum covering her
face and she can't help but poke Trish with her foot as she cries out louder.
Candice is back on her feet and she yanks off her bra and admires her
sweating naked body before walking over to her slave. She snaps her fingers
and demands that Trish moves on her hands and knees over to her and kiss her
foot. Sobbing Trish crawls along the mat to Candice and kisses the top of
Candice's foot submitting her body, mind and soul to Candice Michelle.
Candice smiles down at Trish before slapping her round the cum soaked face
before grabbing Trish's big pink nipples and slapping her big tits. Trish
wants to fight and scream her way out of it but she knows that she is now
Candice's slave and has to do anything she wants to her. Slapping her big
brown tits hard Candice takes her time in laying heavy palm slaps to her tits
leaving bright red marks on her world famous boobs. Trish groans in pain as
Candice's left hand twists on her erect nipples and her right hand slaps both
sides of her boobs leaving red splat marks on her tits.

Mickie looks at Trish and stares at her pussy lips and she feels herself
getting wet and she looks up at Candice asking if she was ready to start the
final bit of the plan. Without much care Candice pushes Trish down to the mat
and pulls her across the mat by the hair and keeps her up on the hands and
knees next to her gym bag. Looking though the bag Mickie pulls out two 10
inch strap on's and waves them in front of Trish's face who gasps at the size
of the plastic cocks. Candice gives her slave a hard slap on the sore ass
making her jump forward a bit before she pulls back on Trish's collar
bringing her back into position. Mickie has already stripped naked and
strapping the 10-inch cock around her well built waist before walking over to
Trish her plastic cock swinging in front of her. Now Candice walks over to
the bag as Mickie slaps Trish in the face with her fake dick before walking
around Trish's body and slapping her sore ass again. Trish is nearly shaking
with tears as Mickie is inspecting her like some prize-winning dog and she
shuts her eyes as she tries to block out this moment. Candice has the strap
on wrapped around her waist and she also looks though the gym bag and pulls
out a 6-inch dildo and moves towards her slave. Shaking like a leaf Trish's
doesn't dare open her eyes as she can still feel Candice's cum slowly sliding
down her face. She shoves the dildo deep into Trish's tight pussy making her
scream from the sudden invasion of her pussy and once she has worked all 6
inches inside Trish, Candice flicks the switch to full making the vibrator
shake wildly. To add to her utter humiliation Trish moans as the vibrator
pushes against her clit teasing her tired and sore body but that makes Trish
feel even worse. Here she is in the middle of the ring being pleasured by two
women and it is the very last thing she wants to do in front of the world.

As Trish's body slowly hums away with the sound of a vibrator and Trish's
restrained moans Mickie is now stood behind her rubbing her palm along
Trish's ass crack. Mickie spreads out Trish's ass exposing her virgin asshole
to the psycho Diva who lines up and shoves 5 whole inches into Trish's ass.
The blonde's screams are near deafening as Mickie pushes her fake cock deep
into Trish's ass making the blonde scream out for mercy. Sick of the loud
screams Candice gets two handfuls of Trish's hair and forces her strap on
into Trish's open mouth. She nearly chokes on the large plastic cock shoved
down her throat and to her horror Candice starts pumping her fake dick inside
Trish's mouth. The plastic head bumps against the back of her throat after
each thrust nearly making her throw up as Mickie starts doing the same to her
asshole. The picture is one people never thought they would see, Trish
Stratus on her hands and knees totally naked being fucking in two different
holes by two Divas wearing strap on's. The vibrator is still buzzing away on
Trish's pussy at full power and pre cum is leaking out of her pussy lips and
down her strong legs. Mickie's arms wrap around Trish's washboard stomach
keeping her closer and allowing her to get a few extra inches of cock up
Trish's pooper. Nearly 9 inches of plastic dick is now inside Trish's ass and
the blonde's eyes are watering as it feels like Mickie and her cock is trying
to split her in half. Her screaming has also stopped as Candice Michelle is
fucking her throat raw making her choke on plastic cock after every single
thrust. 3 different points of sexual action have Trish's head spinning and
very close to the edge and Candice sees this and pulls her cock out of
Trish's mouth and grabs her cheeks.

"Now slave you are going to cum you hear me I want to see your fat ass
cumming all over my ring so scream out bitch tell the world how well you are
being fucked," Candice sneers at the sobbing blonde.

out to the world as her body betrays her mind and sets off a powerful orgasm.

Trish's cum leaks out of her pussy and into a small puddle below her as
Candice looks at it and rubs a little bit onto her finger. She gets back into
Trish's face and rubs Trish's own cum around her mouth like lip balm before
pushing her strap on back into Trish's mouth. Mickie has her yes closed in
pleasure as she rams her big fake dick into Trish's ass knowing how much
humiliation Trish must be feeling being fucked up the ass by another woman.
She cannot hide her shame, as she is being fucking like so back ally slut in
the middle of the ring as she can feel her own cum running down her legs.
Trish has gone numb her ass feeling nothing but Mickie's firm hips banging
into it or her lips spreading out as Candice face fucks her. This is the most
embarrassing thing Trish has ever done in her life all her hard work at being
a good role model and to not sleep with everyone in the company to get a push
had made her better than any other woman in wrestling. One match with Candice
and all her hard work and self-respect was for nothing as Candice and Mickie
fuck away her dignity. The vibrator is still working and buzzing away on
Trish's sore clit sending more unwanted feeling of pleasure running though
her body. All this fucking off Trish's ass has got to Mickie as she pushes
her strap on deep inside Trish she is getting so hott her hand slides down
her own body and rubs her throbbing pussy. Candice is enjoying making Trish
suck on her plastic cock and is pulling hard on her blonde hair so she can
see Trish's half happy half embarrassed face looking up at her. The vibrator
and motion of two cocks going in and out of her body is making Trish moan
into Candice's cock and she nearly loses her hand grip on the mat as the
dildo hits her G-spot.

"OHHHH YEAHH FUCK," Mickie moans as her fingers slip between her wet pussy
lips and start fingering her clit, "YESSS TRISH I LOVE FUCKING YOUR FAT ASS."

Candice looks up grinning as her partner in crime Mickie is fingering herself
to pleasure as she bangs Trish's ass and she wants to hear Trish again.
Trish's cheeks are hurting from the large plastic cock is pushed into her
throat and she almost cheers when Candice pulls out of her mouth. Her joy is
short lived when Candice slaps Trish in the face with her strap on and tells
Trish to start moaning and groaning. She loves making Miss goody two shoes
Trish Stratus act like a slut and knows this next year is going to be the
best of her life. Trish is biting on her bottom lip trying to hold back the
moans of pleasure running though her body. Another hard slap with Candice's
plastic dick and Trish opens her mouth to scream.

"HOLY SHIT OWWWWW FUCK OWWW," Trish screams as Mickie orgasms behind her and
thrusts all 10 inches of fake dick into Trish's asshole.

The pain running though Trish's body is the worst pain she has ever felt as
it feels like Mickie has ripped her ass in half. Candice cuddles her friend
and helps her pull out of Trish's ass and admire the sticky mess Mickie has
left on Trish's legs. Using her index finger Candice scoops up some of
Mickie's juices and tastes it like licking the froth off a cappuccino.

"OH GOD NOOO," moans Trish as the vibrator hits the most sensitive part of
her pussy and her body shakes in build up to another orgasm.

She slips from her hands and knees position and her red sweating face hits
the mat and Trish bursts into tears again at cumming again live on PPV.
Mickie has now recovered from her own massive orgasm and helps Trish back
onto all fours before she uses her finger to take some of Trish's juices
which is still pouring out of her dildo and rubs it over her strap on. Stood
behind Trish Candice can fully take in how good Mickie must have felt banging
Trish's big ass. Her warm hands slowly caress Trish's ass cheeks making g the
beaten and exhausted blonde moan softly. Candice's finger rubs up and down
Trish's stretched out ass crack watching Trish's body shiver with pleasure.
Mickie walks over to her fellow co conspirator and whispers something into
her ear making the woman's champion smile. Giving her friend a quick peck on
the lips Mickie walks around Trish's submissive pose till she is standing
directly in front of her. Candice shoves her 10-inch plastic cock deep into
Trish's making her scream and lifts her hips up in the air.

Mickie shoves her strap on into her mouth silencing her screams.

With Trish's hips lifted up the buzzing dildo is logged in deeper making
Trish's eyes roll back and she groans into the plastic cock filling her
mouth. Mickie is rocking her hips slowly in a circle watching Trish's cheeks
bulge as her fake cock pushes into the deepest reaches of her mouth. Her
skinny arms wrapping around Trish's mid section Candice starts pumping her
hips like a porn star into Trish's before today untouched asshole. More tears
of humiliation run down Trish's red sweating face as another woman fucks her
up the ass. Another large amount of pre cum leaks out from Trish's over
worked pussy, which has had the vibrator inside her for a long time. In the
middle of the ring it looks like the final scene in a porno as a naked Trish
Stratus is fucking in the face and ass as a dildo is fucking her dripping wet
pussy. Mickie takes a seat on the mat pushing her hips up driving her strap
on into the roof of Trish's mouth making the blonde tilt her head up to make
sure the plastic doesn't choke her. As she thrusts her hips Mickie leans her
legs out rubbing her shin's against Trish's bouncing boobs rubbing them
softly sending yet more unwanted pleasure though Trish's tired body. Sweat is
sticking Candice's curly dark locks to her face as she has all 10 inches of
fake cock inside Trish's asshole and is pushing herself as deep as possible
into Trish's colon. Trish's G spot is being tortured by that vibrating dildo
and as she has already cum twice making her pussy well lubed with her own
juices. The sound of buzzing and two women grunting as they fuck her worn out
body is too much for Trish's shaking body to take. Her loud screams of
pleasure are muffed by Mickie's large strap on filling her mouth as the
blonde's body shakes with her 3rd orgasm in less than an hour.

Candice breaks out into a grin when she feels Trish's body shaking in yet
another orgasm and in her mind she knows Trish will never live this night
down. Mickie removes her plastic cock from Trish's mouth and listens to the
blonde's loud panting. Trish has rarely cum three times in one night let
alone in less than one hour and the fact that it was to two women who hate
her and now own her is the utterest humiliation of Trish's entire life.
Candice also pulls out of Trish's ass and lets Trish drop to the mat nearly
watching her black out on the floor. Undoing the strap on Candice rolls Trish
over onto her front and removes the shaking vibrator from her pussy. The
green color of the dildo is totally hidden under the white cum of Trish
Stratus and Candice licks the cum off her dildo like an ice cream cone. Trish
is laying on her back moaning fatly as she is lying in her own cum which
leaked out onto the mat. She lazily opens her eyes to see Candice is sitting
on her mid section but after all that hard fucking and pleasure Trish can't
really feel her mistress sitting on top of her. Candice gives Mickie a lick
of Trish's cum covered dildo before she slips the little 6-inch vibrator into
her soaking wet pussy. It is not on vibrate so Candice is manually pushing
the toy in and out of her wet pussy lips while waiting Trish sweating and
panting from her 3 powerful orgasms. As she uses her one hand to move the
dildo into her slit Candice grabs hold of her slave's tits with her other
hand. She squeezes the soft silicone enhanced flesh of Trish's boobs as
Mickie kneels down and starts to suck on Trish's other nipple. Candice moans
as her plan is working perfectly she was the new champion and had Mickie
James as a lover and friend while the great Trish Stratus is her slave.

"YESS YES YES FUCK SO GOOD FEELS SO GOOD," Candice moans as she works the
dildo into her cunt faster and harder.

Mickie stops sucking on Trish's tits and leans over to Candice and whispers,
"Cum baby look at your little slut and cum all over her you will love it.

Mickie's extreme dirty talk and Trish's light pants and moans of tired
pleasure sends Candice over the brink. Removing the dildo Candice screams as
cum pumps out of her cunt and up Trish's perfect body. Mickie uses her
fingers to spread Candice's juices over Trish's body making the blonde's big
tits shine under the arena lights. The fans are sat there amazed and most of
them on the brink of sexual pleasure as well. Every man in the arena has a
painful larger erection and some of the women are also soaking their own
panties from the erotic 3 way lesbian display in the middle of the ring.
Trish is very tired and is really out of it as she can just about feel
Mickie's soft hands rubbing her torso. Candice climbs off Trish and rubs her
hands though her hair trying to control her erratic breathing as the final
waves of pleasure rush though her head. A light coating of cum has now been
rubbed into Trish's big chest and flat gut as Mickie stands up with the
dripping dildo and licks it clean. Candice and Mickie hug before Mickie packs
away the dildo and strap on's as Candice picks up her newly won belt and
wraps it around her waist. Mickie pulls a long thin metal chain from the gym
bag before hosting it up on her shoulders. The new woman's champ shakes her
head at Mickie and takes both the chain and the gym bag and walks over to
Trish. She attaches the chain to the big thick leather collar she put on
Trish earlier and now has her leached up like a dog. She kicks Trish in the
side rolling her over onto her front and uses the chain to pull Trish up to
her hands and knees. Placing the gym bag on Trish's back Candice zips open a
small compartment and pulls out a pair of gold nipple clamps. Trish is really
out on her feet and feels nothing but a slight pinch as her large pink
nipples are clamped. Candice ties the bag to Trish's nipple clamps making
Trish carry the bag with her breasts. She pulls on the chain walking Trish
out of the ring like a dog as the woman's champion locks arms with Mickie and
walks down the ramp dragging her new slave behind her. Trish's year of
servitude has begun.

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