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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Candice Michelle, Victoria or any WWE/WWF stars for that matter. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

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Candy Holes
by MTL (

Candice Michelle woke up with mixed feelings. On the one hand despite losing the diva search she had been hired by the WWE and last night she had one hell of a celebration. On the other she had woken up alone and unable to satisfy her cravings for girl butt.

She loved pussy, and especially loved getting hers licked, and boobs were fun but Candice was definitely an ass girl who was obsessed with girl asses. She felt like she physically needed to lick them, to touch them and most of all to fuck them, all of which Candice was aching to do now to the delicious treat she had seduced last night. Luckily for her just as that aching was becoming unbearable the hotel room door opened and her prey cautiously entered.

"Victoria... I was just thinking about you." Candice beamed, pulling the sheets off her to reveal she was still wearing her favourite strap-on dildo, "Get over here and give me your sweet little candy hole."

Blushing both at Candice's words and the sight of the dildo which had robbed her of her anal cherry Victoria slam the door closed, walked menacingly towards the bed and yelled loudly enough to be threatening but hopefully not loudly enough to be heard outside the hotel room, "Listen up bitch, I don't know who you think you are but around here women like me use talentless little models like you as our personal sluts. Which is exactly what I'm going to do right now!"

"No you're not." Candice said simply, getting off the bed.

"Yes I am!" Victoria said, trying and failing not to sound petulant.

"Awww, how sweet... you still think you're a top even after how hard I took your ass last night." Candice giggled, "That's ok, I've had plenty of bitches like you struggle with the transition from top to bottom, and I know just how to help you."

"I'm not a bottom." Victoria protested.

"Yes you are!" Candice said firmly, stepping forward into Victoria's personal space and grabbing two handfuls of the other brunette's butt, "You see this juicy little ass of yours? Well last night I licked it, fucked it and made it mine. Mmmmm, I popped your little anal cherry and made your butt hole my personal fuck hole. It's now my candy hole, because it's sweet like candy and it's mine. You will refer to me as Mistress Candy, and the tiny little hole in between your cheeks is your candy hole, a yummy little treat for me which is named after your Mistress."

Throughout that little speech Candice groped Victoria's butt, somehow melting Victoria's resistance in the process to the point where she could only stammer in reply, "Candice."

"Mistress Candy!" Candice corrected, "You're a bottom now, and more importantly my bitch. You should treat your new owner with respect."

Gritting her teeth Victoria growled, "Look, I-"

Not allowing her bitch to say another word Candice shoved her tongue down her throat, Victoria tensing momentarily and then going limp in her arms. They were roughly the same height, with Victoria ever so slightly bigger, however the wrestler was well built with muscular arms which while still feminine as the rest of her could snap Candice like a twig. However the far tougher brunette melted into the weaker brunette's arms, Candice's tongue effortlessly bullying Victoria's tongue into submission and then after several minutes of enjoying her conquest Candice pulled away, smiled widely and then roughly smacked the wrestler's ass.

"Enough talking, get your clothes off and give me that sweet bitch ass of yours." Candice ordered while the sound of that smack echoed throughout the room.

For a few long seconds the two women just stared at each other, then Victoria lowered her head, slowly pulled off her clothes and then got onto the bed on all fours. The second Victoria lowered her head Candice grinned widely, but it was nothing compared to the wide/evil grin which crossed her face once her prize was presented to her, Candice almost literally drooling as she stared at it for a few long seconds before getting on the bed behind Victoria and spreading those luscious cheeks.

"Mmmmmm, yummy!" Candice moaned just before she gathered up as much saliva as she could and then spat it onto Victoria's ass hole.

Victoria let out a little gasp when she felt the saliva hitting her ass hole. She then let out a loud moan as Candice's tongue then attacked that little hole, rubbing the saliva in with rapid licks which eventually slowed down to a more methodical rim job. Of course regardless of the speed of the lick it made Victoria quiver, partly because it just felt good but mostly because these wicked little licks reminded her of the ecstasy she had experienced last night when this swimsuit model had taken her anal virginity.

It had been so embarrassing to be sodomised by a WWE diva who hadn't even had a match yet, but the pleasure she had felt from having her ass taken was out of this world. Of course Victoria had butt fucked countless women and she knew all of her victims had experienced multiple orgasms from it, but as someone who considered themselves a dominant Alpha female she had never imagined herself being on the receiving end of such an act. However there was just something about this woman she couldn't resist, her surprisingly aggressive attitude resulting in Victoria's virgin ass being fucked for five hours straight last night.

Always the early riser Victoria had woken up with a still gaping butt hole which had only just fully closed, meaning that Candice was able to push her tongue into that still loosened hole like a knife through butter. Well, maybe like a tongue through butter, Victoria's butt hole at least offering up some resistance, not that it made much difference as in the end Candice's tongue was sliding in, out and all around inside the first few inches of her tailpipe, preparing it to take the monster dildo which had robbed Victoria of her anal cherry.

Knowing she would not be able to survive another butt fucking Victoria had convinced herself to come back to this room to turn the tables back to how they should be and make Candice her bitch. Now she couldn't even hide her moans of pleasure as Candice pushed her face deeper in between her ass cheeks and tongue fucked her ass, Victoria whimpering in shame as even though she had suffocated her bitches with her ass many times she had never felt more submissive than she did right now which was partly because she knew what was to happen next.

Proving her slightly wrong Candice pulled her face away briefly and ordered, "Mmmmmm, shake your booty for me Victoria. Mmmmmm, I want you to booty shake right in my face like you do in the ring. Mmmmmm, let me feel it!"

Once she had given that order Candice buried her face back in Victoria's butt, confident that her new bitch would comply. Eventually she did, although the pause was long enough to make Candice frown and consider pulling away to give Victoria's naughty ass a few hard spanks. Victoria could probably feel her frowning against her ass cheeks and it was possible that it had worried her, or she was just dreading the repercussions of disobedience, but for whatever reason Victoria began to shake her big booty, turning Candice's frown upside down.

In fact Candice giggled with delight as those cheeks jiggled against her face, the new diva briefly pausing the rim job so she could motorboat those massive globes before pushing her face, and her tongue, seemingly deeper than ever into Victoria's ass. Candice kept her face therefore who knows how long, completely lost in one of her favourite obsessions and barely registering that she had to check out, and with the rest of the WWE, head to the next town or that she had Victoria whimpering with need.

Finally Victoria whimpered, "Please..."

Pulling her face from between Victoria's cheeks Candice smacked those well rounded globes as hard as she could, enjoying the sight of the flesh jiggling and the sound of the stronger woman crying out in pain then she firmly demanded, "Please what?"

"Please..." Victoria whimpered, forcing the next words out in a quiet whisper, "Fuck me."

Candice gave her another smack for her trouble, again taking a moment to enjoy the sights and sounds of it before demanding, "Address me by my proper title!"

Victoria bit her lip, briefly trying to convince herself not to say it before ultimately giving in, "Please fuck me Mistress Candy."

Grinning happily Candice slid a hand over Victoria's butt cheeks somewhat menacingly and then asked, "Fuck you where?"

"My... my ass." Victoria admitted after another pause, "I want you to fuck me in the ass. Please Mistress Candy fuck me in the ass!"

While she was impressed by just how much Victoria said Candice couldn't help but tease her a little, "Do you mean like this?"

Quickly sliding a finger into her mouth Candice briefly sucked on it before taking it out and pressing it against Victoria's butt hole. Then, after making sure her other hand was spreading one of Victoria's cheeks so she would have a perfect view of the penetration, Candice roughly pushed forwards, burying that finger in to the knuckle inside the other brunette's butt in one thrust. Despite the rough anal invasion the cry Victoria let out was one of pure pleasure, however it was quickly followed up by a groan of displeasure.

"No, with... with your cock." Victoria whined, "Please Mistress Candy fuck me in the ass with your strap-on cock!"

"Sure." Candice giggled, "Just give me a chance to stretch out your ass first. Mmmmmm, it's got so tight since I took your cherry. ooooooh, I can already tell you're going to be one of my favourite ass sluts."

Instead of taking that like the compliment it was Victoria buried her face in the bed sheets and whimpered pathetically. Oh well, Candice was too busy pulling her finger out of Victoria's ass and sucking on it to care, the new diva's eyelids fluttering as she tasted the flavour she craved. She then briefly pushed her middle finger into her mouth so she could stuff two fingers up Victoria's butt, Candice going back and forth between tasting the other girl's yummy ass on her fingers and fucking that ass with those digits until she was sure her new bitch's booty was nice and ready for her cock.

She then pulled those fingers out, cleaned them one last time and then roughly smacked Victoria's ass again and ordered, "Spread your cheeks. Mmmmmm, show me how badly my bitch wants her fat ass fucked!"

Candice grinned widely as Victoria lowered her head, reached back and spread her ass cheeks, submissively offering the new comer the tiny little hole she had conquered last night. Hungrily licking her lips Candice slid the head of her toy up and down Victoria's ass crack and contemplated making her new bitch beg for it. Ultimately she decided not to push her luck and instead skip to just pushing the dildo into Victoria's butt, Candice practically salivating as that tiny little butt hole stretched for her and ultimately closed around the head of the strap-on.

The big tough wrestler let out the cutest little cry as she was anally penetrated, Candice savouring both that cry and the sight of Victoria's ass hole stretching around her dick for a few moments. Then she pushed forwards, again savouring not only sight of Victoria's butt hole stretching as it accepted inch after inch of long, thick strap-on dildo but also the cries, whimpers and moans which were like the sweetest music to Candice's ears. Oh how she loved to stuff another woman's butt full of cock, this occasion being at least 10 times more sweet as she was stuffing the ass of a powerful women's wrestler and former WWE women's champion.

It had been the greatest moment of Candice's life when she had taken Victoria's anal cherry, this trip down memory lane/and up Victoria's back passage making the memory of last night so vivid she could practically taste it. Just like then she'd had this mighty musclebound yet feminine woman bending over and spreading her cheeks for her just like this, those five solid hours of butt pounding meaning that Candice's cock slid through Victoria's rectum like a knife through butter.

Sure, the juicy ass was still wonderfully tight, yet at the same time it felt like seconds in between the moment Candice violated Victoria's ass hole and the moment her hips came to rest against those well rounded ass cheeks. Those cheeks jiggled ever so slightly when Candice's thighs came into contact with them, the former diva search contestant's eyelids fluttering as she enjoyed the feeling of that big booty jiggling for her. She made it jiggle even more when she tightened her grip on Victoria's waist and once again began pumping the other woman's pooper.

The feeling of that massive dildo filling her insides and then pumping in and out of them caused Victoria some pain but it was completely drowned out by the feeling of pleasure she got from suffering such a humiliating act. She couldn't believe how good it felt, the dominant wrestler burying her face in the bed sheets in a ultimately failed attempt to hide her moans, groans, whimpers, cries and squeals of joy as she was sodomised by the weaker brunette.

Having her back passage invaded and stretched out had hurt more last night, but to be fair it was her first time, and that was always unpleasant, especially with such a big cock. Oh what was she thinking, that hole shouldn't be fucked. She was an Alpha female for fuck sakes, not an ass slut, despite her current predicament, Victoria trying to remember that as the pain in her ass slowly disappeared and was replaced by pure ecstasy, the pleasure once again overwhelming one of the toughest women in the WWE.

Victoria knew she should turn the tables on this worthless bitch, making clear that she was an Alpha who destroyed the ass holes of women like Candice Michelle for fun, but heaven help her Candice was just so dominant and sexy, and she was such an amazing ass fucker. Hell, Victoria felt like she was on the edge of orgasm and Candice hadn't even started really giving it to her yet. And after living through last night Victoria knew the type of paradise which awaited her when Candice decided to really pound her ass.

Almost instantly Victoria wanted that more than life itself. No, she wanted it before then. Maybe ever since she hit puberty but she didn't know it, Candice effortlessly bringing out a submissive side to her which she had no idea existed and in the process bringing her more pleasure than she could have possibly imagined. It... it was almost like her ass hole was made for Candice's cock, Victoria suddenly becoming desperate to please that large object rearranging her insides and turning her back hole into this woman's candy hole.

Taking her hands off her ass cheeks Victoria lifted herself up onto all fours and began thrusting back against Candice, slowly at first but quickly gaining speed. She would have punished a bitch for trying this with her, but to her delight Candice rewarded her by smacking her ass, giggling and then increasing the pace until Victoria felt like she was going to cum for sure. All she needed was one little push.

"Mmmmm yeah, bounce that sexy ass on my cock. Ohhhhhhh, shake it for me. Oooooooh, shake that big booty like you do in the ring. Come on bitch, booty shake for me!" Candice ordered, emphasising her words with a vicious slap to Victoria's ass. The mighty wrestler let out a pathetic sounding cry in response and then started shaking her booty, moaning in pleasure as it made the dildo churn her insides. This extra level of anal abuse had Candice giggling, smacking Victoria's ass again and praising, "Yeahhhhhh, that's it, shake that booty! Oh God, your ass is so fuck-able, mmmmmm, I love fucking your ass! I love it almost as much as you do. Mmmmm, and you do love it don't you Victoria? Don't you?"

Victoria did not want to respond and further humiliate herself, but a few more spanks to her ass quickly had her replying, "Yes, aaaaaahhhhhh fuck, I love it. I love it up the ass. Mmmmm, I love you taking my ass. Oh Candice please, fuck me OWWW!"

"Mistress Candy!" Candice reminded harshly with a few more spanks.

"I'm sorry Mistress Candy! I'm sorry!" Victoria whimpered, "I'm sorry I forgot your proper title, ohhhhhhh Gawwwwwd, I swear it won't happen again, mmmmmm, just please keep fucking my ass. Oh my God it feels so good."

With another hard butt slap Candice asked, "Who's ass is this?"

"OWWW, aaaahhhhh, it's yours! My ass is yours Mistress Candy!" Victoria cried out without hesitation, "I'm your bitch! I'm your little bitch and my ass is yours! Mmmmmm, the little hole in between my cheeks is now your bitch hole to fuck whenever you want, ohhhhhhhh, it's my candy hole, mmmmmm, it's yours, I'm yours, just please, oooooooohhhhhhh, don't stop fucking my ass! Mmmmmmm oooooooh fuck, never stop fucking my bitch ass!"

Completely going against Victoria's wishes Candice suddenly pulled her strap-on completely out of her new bitch's butt hole, smacked her booty as hard as she could and then demanded, "Turn over! Mmmmm, I want to look into your eyes as I make you cum!"

Victoria obeyed immediately, still whimpering at the emptiness she felt in her ass as she got onto her back, lifted her legs up to her chest, grabbing them underneath her knees to help keep them there in that uncomfortable/unnatural position, and then lifted her exposed and open back hole up slightly to make it easier for Candice to penetrate her again before whimpering, "Please fuck me. Fuck my ass Mistress Candy. I need you to fuck my bitch ass and make me cum like an anal whore. Mmmmmm, treat me like the anal whore you've made me, ohhhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd yessssssss, fill me, fill my bitch ass, ooooooohhhhhh Gaaaawwwwwwddddddd!"

"Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, you're my anal whore now." Candice moaned as she slowly pushed her dildo back inside Victoria's ass from this new position, "Mmmmmm, my little anal whore who's gonna bend over for me whenever and wherever I want. Mmmmmm, and you will spread your legs, ohhhhhh, and ride my cock, oooooooh, let me take your bitch ass in whatever position I want because from now on I own that tiny little hole. You're my bitch and you'll do whatever I say, mmmmmm, even if it means taking it up the ass in the middle of the locker room in front of all your friends. Oooooooh, or helping me do to them what I did to you. Oh yeah, maybe I'll make you help me enslave some of the other divas, mmmmmmmm, or maybe I'll just let you watch as I stuff their asses full of cock and butt fuck them into submission. Would you like that? Would you like to watch all your friends become my little ass sluts? My bitches? My candy holes? Mmmmm yeah, the WWE is full of so many gorgeous asses all waiting to be turned into candy holes for my exclusive use, oooooohhhhhhh, and all of them are going to be mine, mmmmmmmm, just like you are! You are mine, aren't you Victoria?"

"Yeeeeesssssss!" Victoria moaned shamelessly as she was again butt fucked by the full length of Candice's dildo, "I'm yours! I'm your bitch! I'm your ass slut! I'm your candy hole! Oooooooohhhhhhh Gooooddddddd, I'll be whatever you want me to be just please keep fucking my ass! Mmmmmmmm, fuck my ass and make me cum! Please Mistress Candy, I'll do whatever you want, help you enslave the other divas, watch as you butt fuck them into being your bitches, let you ass fuck me in front of them, anything, just please, please, ooooooooooh Goooooodddddd, the tiny little hole in between my cheeks is yours Mistress Candy, mmmmmmm, it's your bitch hole, your fuck hole, your candy hole, whatever you want to call it it's yours forever I swear, now please, please, please, please, please make me cum! Make me cum! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd make me cuuuuuuummmmmmmmm!"

While she briefly tried to tell herself they were just words deep down Victoria knew the truth. Candice had effortlessly broken her like a twig last night and turned her into her bitch, the former champion known she would do anything to please this woman she could physically snap in half. She would do everything she had promised and more, Victoria accepting that her ass hole was now a candy hole, something which was the property of Candice Michelle and existed to bring the other diva pleasure.

It was that incredibly submissive thought which finally sent Victoria over the edge of orgasm. Well, the fact that while she had been making her promises Candice had increased the pace of the butt fucking had helped, a lot considering just how roughly the other brunette was now ramming her rectum, but it was definitely the acceptance of her submission which Victoria concentrated on as climax flooded her body and continuing to hold her legs up became nearly impossible. She still managed it for a few hard climaxes, but eventually her hands let go and her legs sprung back.

They landed on Candice's shoulders, the other brunette grinning widely at this and then leaning forward, bending Victoria in half for some deep anal pounding. And, as much as getting ass fucked on all fours had made Victoria feel like a completely broken in bitch, staring up into Candice's smiling face in that position also filled her with overwhelming submission, Victoria eventually welcoming Candice's tongue into her mouth just like she was welcoming the weaker diva's dick into her ass, the former champion nothing but a plaything for the newcomer.

As much as Candice loved kissing she couldn't really keep it up when her main focus was just destroying Victoria's butt hole. Besides, while bullying the stronger diva's tongue into submission enhanced her own sense of dominance, there was nothing like looking into another woman's eyes and seeing the pure submission in them which came with being fucked in the ass. Oh how Candice loved that sight, the model savouring it even as she pounded Victoria's ass deep and hard.

Candice could tell that she had won. That Victoria was hers, the former champion's ass hole her property for her to use whenever she wanted, however she wanted. But as fun as it was to see it in Victoria's eyes Candice wanted to hear the words again. She just loved hearing Victoria acknowledge the truth so much, Candice unable to get enough of the stronger woman acknowledging her conquest of her.

So that's what Candice demanded, "Who's my bitch?"

"Me! I'm your bitch! I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch!" Victoria repeated mindlessly for a while and then screamed at the top of her lungs, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKK I'M YOUR BITCH AND MY ASS HOLE IS YOURS! IT'S YOURS! IT'S YOUR CANDY HOLE! MY ASS HOLE IS YOUR CANDY HOLE, YOURS TO FUCK WHENEVER YOU FUCKING WANT! OHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWWD I AM CANDICE MICHELLE'S LITTLE BITCH!"

Fuelled on by those words of submission Candice drilled Victoria's butt with every ounce of her strength until both their bodies were covered in sweat and she was panting for breath. Of course ultimately it was her own orgasm which did her in, at first Candice resisting the feeling of the stimulator on her clit but ultimately the sheer pleasure of sodomising another woman and enslaving her gave Candice the sweet ecstasy which could only come with performing this act. Not that she hadn't been in heaven before, but the pleasure of dishing out the butt fucking was nothing compared to the orgasms she received from it.

One by one the series of hard climaxes rocked Candice's body until finally she collapsed down on top of her bitch, Victoria's legs sliding off her shoulders to rest either side of them, the weaker girl making sure that with her final thrust she sent her dildo as deep as it would go into the stronger girl's bowels. It was like that they rested, panting desperately for breath before ultimately Candice kissed Victoria's neck, then her lips, and then grinned wickedly at her.

"Who's my bitch?" Candice asked again.

No longer on her high but unable to deny the truth Victoria blushed and whispered, "Me. I'm your bitch. I'm Candice Michelle's bitch."

"Good." Candice beamed happily, then without warning she yanked her strap-on out to Victoria's butt, "Now, show me that hole I own! Mmmmm, show me your sweet little candy hole!"

Again blushing Victoria did as she was told, Candice unsure which was cuter, that blush or the gaping crater in between Victoria's cheeks. No, it was definitely Victoria's gaping ass hole, Candice loving how widely stretched that red ringed crater was and just how deep she could see into her bitch's bowels. It helped that since she had experience as a butt busting top Victoria knew to roll onto her stomach, lift her ass up into the air and then spread her ass cheeks wide, giving Candice the perfect view of that ruined hole.

While still staring at Victoria's wrecked butt hole Candice skilfully undid the straps to her harness and brought the dildo up to her lips. It was only then she spared it a glance, a grin crossing her face as she saw how the ass juice glistened on the cock in the unnatural light of the hotel room. She then sniffed it like a fine wine before finally stuffing the head into her mouth, closing her eyes, tilting her head back and letting out a long satisfied moan.

Candice loved to make her bitches go ass to mouth as much as the next anal obsessed top, but she always put her own needs above her anal slaves and as much as she liked to dominate them she didn't like it as much a satisfying her craving for ass. Besides, she had allowed Victoria the privilege of sucking her anal cherry off her cock last night. Now it was her turn to taste the deepest part of Victoria's butt, the sweet flavour in no way disappointing the ass juice loving diva.

Lazily opening her eyes Candice locked onto where Victoria was displaying her gaping ass hole as she slowly began to clean the cock, savouring every drop of the other woman's precious ass cream as she pushed inch after inch of toy into her mouth and down her throat. All too soon she had the entire length buried in her mouth and throat and was cleaning the last little bit of Victoria's anal cream off of the toy. On the bright side she knew how to get more. Lots more.

Popping the dildo out of her mouth and re-strapping it around her waist Candice advanced on her bitch, a huge grin on her face as she murmured, "I think I'm going to like it here in the WWE."

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