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Candy Holes Part 2
by MTL (

Candice Michelle licked her lips as she looked at all the succulent treats on offer. She was currently in the WWE divas locker room surrounded by some of the hottest and most fuck-able asses on the planet, Candice like a kid in a candy store as she decided which one she was going to lick, fuck and tame next.

As usual most of the WWE divas were walking around half or fully naked, and while few of them were talking most of the focus was on the divas having sex. In this case it was the two divas on top of the food chain Lita and Trish Stratus DP'ing the diva search contest winner Christy Hemme, which was apparently a regular occurrence because Lita and Trish were secretly a couple and they both resented the diva search, especially it's winner who was now being paid far more than them. Not that the rest of the former contestants had received a warm welcome, hence why Victoria had gone after Candice on her first day only to be fucked up the ass and become Candice's bitch.

Sparing her bitch a glance Candice grinned. Normally by now Victoria would be brutally butt fucking another diva but Candice had forbidden her from doing so, leaving the muscular diva to stand around awkwardly, desperately hoping no one would ask why she wasn't joining in on the fun or at least taking a shower. Little did everyone else know Victoria was trying to hide the fact that her ass hole was gaping wide open as a result of Candice's constant 'love and attention', Candice knowing she needed to get another bitch before she ruined Victoria's ass forever. And oh, did she have her sights set on a great ass, Candice almost literally drooling as she watched Lita's well rounded butt thrust back and forth as one of the self-proclaimed Alpha females of the WWE brutalised Christy's butt hole.

Just then a nervous looking blonde approached her and softly said, "Hey, it's Candice isn't it? My name is Torrie Wilson."

"Oh, I know who you are." Candice grinned mischievously.

Torrie blushed and said, "I was wondering if I could have a quick word with you, in private."

Seeing her chance to fuck another diva Candice smiled, "Sure, just give me a minute."

With that Candice grabbed her bag out of her locker and followed Torrie into one of the bathroom stalls nearby the showers. As the WWE divas were constantly fucking each other this didn't raise any eyebrows. The other divas just figured it was a newbie not wanting to have sex in front of everybody else. Well, everybody except maybe Victoria, Candice catching the eye of her jealous bitch just before she closed the stall door.

Once the door was closed and locked Torrie turned around and, barely able to contain her excitement, "I saw you yesterday, in the locker rooms when everyone was gone, when... when-"

"I was fucking Victoria's sweet ass." Candice proudly finished for her.

"Yeah, oh my God, it was sooooooo hot." Torrie practically squealed with delight, "How did you get her to bend over like that? I mean, I never thought for a single second she would be anyone's bitch, but you made it look easy."

Candice grinned mischievously and stepped forward, "What can I say, I know a bottom when I see one."

"Really?" Torrie grinned before letting out a happy gasp as Candice grabbed her ass with both hands and gave it a playful squeeze.

"Uh-huh." Candice murmured as she played with Torrie, "The WWE is full of bottoms with yummy little asses just waiting to be taken, broken in and owned."

"Shhhhhh, keep your voice down." Torrie begged, "Do you know what the wrestlers will do to you if they hear you talking like that. Lita will personally gape your butt, and then the rest of them will gang bang your ass hole so hard you won't be able to sit for a week."

Candice just laughed, "Oh trust me Torrie, it's those so called Alpha females who won't be able to sit down. In fact they're days of ever being able to shit right are numbered, and by the end of the week Lita is going to have every inch of my strap-on buried up her butt and she's going to be begging me to fuck her. Mmmmmm, and speaking of my big dick, why don't you be a good little anal whore and get it out of my bag for me?"

Even though it sounded like a question the tone and the hard slap to her ass told Torrie it was a demand, the blonde letting out a little cry of pain/pleasure at the sting of the strike before then quickly replying, "Yes Candice, right away."

"Call me Mistress Candy." Candice beamed.

"Yes Mistress Candy." Torrie submissively said as she got down onto her knees, grabbed Candice's bag and stuck her hand inside it searching for a strap-on.

She didn't have to look very hard, Candice grinning as Torrie presented her with her weapon of ass destruction before grabbing it and then ordering, "Good, now bend over and give me your sexy little ass."

In a flash Torrie turned around, grabbed her little skirt and panties and then started slowly pulling down to reveal her tight, toned ass. She even wiggled it, a clear sign she was a well trained ass slut, but then Candice knew that just from looking at her, so it wasn't exactly surprising. It was highly enjoyable though, Candice especially loving that when she lent over the toilet stall Torrie stuck out her ass and wiggled it again, making the brunette drool with lust and anticipation before finally pulling off her tightfitting pants and panties, pulling the harness up her thighs and securely attaching it.

Torrie kept wiggling her ass while waiting, although she was worried it was becoming more silly than sexy. Candice didn't seem to mind though, the brunette letting out an animalistic like moan, or possibly growl, of joy before dropping down to her knees behind the blonde, grabbing hold of Torrie's ass cheeks and then pulling them wide apart. Then she made Torrie moan loudly by sliding her tongue over her ass hole with greedy licks, the feeling shocking and most importantly wonderful.

Giving a rim job was considered to be a submissive act in the WWE, but apparently Candice Michelle couldn't get enough of eating ass, the brunette quickly making the blonde's knees go weak and her eyes roll in the back of her head just from the feeling of a tongue lapping away at her ass hole. Then Candice pushed her tongue inside Torrie's butt hole, that loose from constant years of abuse anal ring accepting that wet muscle with ease and making Torrie wish she spend more time getting her ass licked and she did licking ass.

To be fair Torrie was a submissive at heart and loved having her face shoved into the sweaty asses of Trish and Lita, and she adored rimming her fellow 'worthless models' like Stacy Keibler, just the thought of Stacy's ass enough to make Torrie drool. However this felt so good, mostly because Candice completely buried her face in between her butt cheeks and rim Torrie more passionately and thoroughly than even the most submissive divas in the WWE.

Still, after a while the feeling of Candice's tongue thrusting in and out of her ass had Torrie craving something bigger. She couldn't help it, her fellow divas had turned her into a 'Size Queen', and the toy cock strapped around Candice's waist was just the kind of size which could tear open an ass hole. And oh, how Torrie wanted to have her ass torn open and filled by the massive piece of man-made meat, Torrie only holding off begging as long as she did because the rim job she was getting was so good.

Ultimately though the desire for something bigger in her butt one out and Torrie cried, "Fuck me! Mmmmmm, please fuck me! Fuck my slutty ass with your big dick! Fuck me like the ass whore I am! Oh Candice, I mean Mistress Candy, fuck my little ass hole with that big dick of yours!"

Finally pulling her face from between Torrie's ass cheeks Candice giggled and asked "You mean your candy hole? You want me to stuff this delicious little candy hole full of cock and make it all mine? You want me to make that little hole my personal fuck hole, make it my candy hole, and you my bitch? Well do you?"

"Yes! Make my ass hole yours! Fuck it hard and make it your candy hole!" Torrie pleaded immediately.

Spitting onto her target and thus providing a little more lubricant Candice straightened up and ordered, "Then spread your cheeks for me bitch! Show me how badly you want me to abuse that tiny hole! Mmmmm, tell me too. Tell me exactly what you want me to do to your yummy little candy hole!"

"I want you to fuck it Mistress Candy! I want you to fuck my candy hole!" Torrie pleaded shamelessly after she was done spreading her ass cheeks wide apart and exposing her well licked butt hole for the woman about to fuck it, "I want you to take that huge strap-on dick and stuff every inch of it up my slutty ass. I don't care if you shove it all the way in with in one thrust or you slowly feed my lezzie butt that dildo, mmmmmmm, I just want to have my ass filled. Filled and fucked. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, stuff my ass full of cock and then fuck it hard and deep, mmmmmmm, treat me like the anal whore I am and ass fuck me. Fuck my ass, fuck me in the ass, oh Gawwwwwwd, mmmmmmm, fuck me, fuck me and make me your bitch, aaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkk yeeeeessssssss!"

While Torrie was begging for it Candice was spitting onto her hand and then rubbing saliva into her shaft, of course concentrating on the tip which she was soon pressing against Torrie's vulnerable little ass hole. As this was her first time penetrating this succulent treat Candice took her time, savouring every moment of stretching that little butt hole which slowly opened up for her and allowed her inside the blonde's rectum.

The anal penetration had Torrie forgetting all about begging in favour of crying out loudly and then moaning in pleasure, Candice grinning widely as the other diva didn't even let out a single sound of pain throughout getting her beautiful butt stuffed with strap-on dick. Which was hardly surprising, as while anally riding her cock Victoria had given her the lowdown on all the divas, telling her that Torrie Wilson hadn't gone a day without getting her ass fucked since Lita popped her anal cherry over three years ago after the Invasion bra and panties match.

Candice could see why Torrie was so in demand, her tight toned ass seemed made for fucking, and it took her dick so well, inch after inch of dildo disappearing into that widely stretched open butt hole until the brunette's thighs came to rest against the blonde's butt cheeks, announcing that Candice had officially fully penetrated Torrie's slutty ass.

Finding her voice again Torrie moaned, "Ooooooohhhhhhh fuck me. Fuck me! Fuck my ass, ooooooooooh fuck! Please Mistress Candy, fuck me. Fuck my ass hole. Mmmmmmm, fuck my candy hole. Ohhhhhhhhhh, I don't care what you want to call it, just fuck it! Fuck my ass and make me your bitch! Make my butt hole yours! Butt fuck me, fuck my butt, fuck me up the butt, oooooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwd, fuck me! FUCK ME! Oh God Mistress Candy, fuck me and make me your bitch ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk shitttttt aaaaaahhhhhh!"

Grinning wickedly Candice just listen to Torrie beg for a few minutes, which also gave the anal slut some probably unnecessary time to relax and allowed the butt busting brunette to save the sight of her hips pressed against the other diva's ass cheeks, the fact that Torrie was still spreading those cheeks allowing Candice to see her latest conquest's butt hole wrapped around the base of her dick in a wonderful reminder that there were 10 inches of dildo buried up the other woman's butt. Then Candice gripped Torrie's hips tightly with both hands and slowly pulled out of the blonde's butt, watching intently as her strap-on slowly exited Torrie's back hole before watching just as intently as she reinserted it, Candice then repeating the process and thus officially beginning to butt fuck her new bitch.

Torrie tried to keep begging for more but even after years of constant ass fucking having a huge dick moving through her bowels was really distracting. Once she somewhat got used to the sensation she could start up again, but for now she was far too overwhelmed with amazing pleasure. Which was just as well, as from the sounds of it Trish and Lita were finally done ramming Christy's holes and were now making the contest winner clean their strap-on cocks. Sure, they were yelling abuse at her, but now it was soft and lazy to the point that Torrie couldn't hear them, which meant it was more likely if she cried out too loudly in pleasure or started begging the others would hear them.

She had managed to keep her voice down just enough before so her moans of pleasure were drowned out by Christy's squeals of ecstasy and Trish's and Lita's yells of abuse, but now Torrie was struggling not to gain anyone's attention. Not that it was unheard of for one 'worthless model' to butt fuck another, but if Trish and Lita discovered them they might turn Candice into a bottom which was a thought which was becoming increasingly unbearable for Torrie because although they had only really just gotten started Candice was easily one of the best butt fuckers Torrie had ever had the pleasure of fucking her butt.

Trish, Lita and Victoria were all great, but they brutalised her butt without mercy right from the start. Stephanie sometimes was a little easier on her, but not by much. Candice though, oh Candice had slowly filled her butt with strap-on cock and then started gently pumping her pooper in a way which caused Torrie no pain whatsoever. Ok, there was a little discomfort, but Candice managed to easily massage her so used to being abused rectum walls to the point where that discomfort was barely noticeable next to the pleasure and disappeared quickly, leaving Torrie with the overwhelming pleasure of being slowly ass fucked, the blonde giddy at the thought that if this was what she felt from a gentle butt fucking from Candice then surely getting a rough rectum wrecking from this ass taming goddess was going to be pure heaven.

Although that was by far the main reason Torrie wanted Candice to remain a top, she also wanted to see if she could follow through on what she had promised earlier. After all Trish, Lita, Victoria and especially Stephanie were so full of themselves and often abusive, and while Torrie enjoyed that to a certain extent she had almost cum just from watching Victoria get her ass stuffed and she hadn't even touched herself. Oh how Torrie would love to see the same thing happen to Stephanie, Trish and especially Lita, the submissive blonde smiling dreamily as she imagined each one of those bitches becoming Candice's bitches.

Of course she wanted to be first, and as soon as she was sure everybody else had left Torrie softly whimpered, "Ohhhhhhh Candice, mmmmmm, I mean Mistress Candy, please make me your bitch. I've been Lita's bitch for so long, but now I want a new owner. Mmmmmm Gawwwwwwd, you fuck my ass soooooooo gooooooodddddddd Mistress Candy, mmmmmmm, please keep fucking it and make me your bitch. Make me your bitch so you can fuck my ass like this all the time. Ooooooooh yeah, I wanna be bending over for you, not Lita, not Trish, not Stephanie, and certainly not that anal whore Victoria who you turned into your bitch. Mmmmmmm, do to me what you did to her, and what you said you wanted to do to Trish, Lita and Stephanie and make my ass yours. Ohhhhhhh fuck, fuck me harder and make me your bitch. Harder! HARDER! Mmmmmmm, fuck my ass, oooooohhhhhh, make it your candy hole, aaaaahhhhhh shit, fuck me, fuck meeeeeee ooooohhhhhhh, FUCK ME! Fuck my whore ass and make me your bitch... if you can!"

The entire time she spoke Torrie looked over her shoulder at Candice who mostly just stared at where her strap-on was pumping in and out of the blonde's butt hole, Torrie still resting her body on the toilet seat so she could spread her ass cheeks and provide the other diva with the best look possible at her ass hole stretching for the dildo sliding in and out of it. The last sentence finally got Candice's attention, although instead of getting mad like Torrie half expected she just grinned mischievously, pushed the blonde's hands off of her butt cheeks and then gave her what she wanted.

It was incredible. Torrie had been expecting a spanking or at the very least some harsh words for daring to challenge a top like that, but instead Candice totally took the bait and answered Torrie's challenge and then some. It was slow at first, Candice picking up the pace almost painfully slow but in the end she was slamming Torrie's shit pipe almost as hard as Victoria, which was really saying something because Victoria was the strongest diva on the roster. Lita was a close second but Candice was easily surpassing her, and blowing Trish and Stephanie out of the water, and oh, the skill of her thrusts, they made Torrie feel like her back passage was melting with pleasure and she was about to cum any second.

Then, just as she was least expecting it, Candice gave a series of stinging slaps, which was nowhere near as hard as being spanked by Victoria's man hands but the slight pain combined with the fact that Candice had to slow down to deliver these blows meant Torrie was momentarily denied her climax. Obviously this was disappointing at first, but as this process was repeated a few times Torrie almost became grateful for it as it meant she got more of this wonderful anal abuse, the only downside to it being that she was now more desperate to cum than ever before.

Just when Torrie didn't think she could take any more Candice roughly pulled her hair back until the blonde's back was pressed against the brunette's tits and calmly asked, "Are you Lita's bitch, or mine?"


With that Torrie Wilson had the most explosive orgasm of her life, her cum squirting out of her cunt like never before and her entire body shaking, Candice's strong grip on her hips the only thing keeping her down as the dominant diva effortlessly sodomised her through that incredible orgasm only to give her another just like it. She then received several more, Torrie believing without a shadow of a doubt she meant every word she just said because OMG, Candice Michelle was the best butt fucker ever.

As Torrie's mind melted from ecstasy Candice struggled to keep hers intact so she could continue the heaven which was butt fucking another woman. After all this was her favourite kink, and Torrie had such a wonderfully tight little butt, the back passage clinging to her dildo and those full round ass cheeks were creating such a delightful smacking sound as Candice's thighs repeatedly smacked into them, the sound of flesh on flesh almost as loud as Torrie's squeals of pleasure.

With every thrust the harness's stimulator hammered her clit and when combined with the sheer mental pleasure of sodomising another woman and turning her into her eager bitch meant that it was only a matter of time before Candice came, and when she did it would be the beginning of the end so she held off as long as she could, but ultimately she just had to give in. She pushed herself through that first very satisfying climax and continued to sodomise her fellow diva, but it wasn't long before she was collapsing down on top of Torrie's sweaty back, Candice still mindlessly pumping in and out of the blonde's butt hole like the mindless ass fucker she had become towards the end.

Ironically the thing that sent her over the edge once and for all had nothing to do with Torrie and everything to do with something that the blonde had said, that she was so much better than Lita. After seeing that wannabe in action Candice didn't doubt it, the brunette licking her lips as she remembered that perfect ass thrusting back and forth as Lita rammed Christy's rectum, the former member of Team Extreme practically begging to be butt fucked. And it was that thought, of Lita's butt begging to be fucked, which sent Candice over the edge of an amazing orgasm, the ones that followed it a result of Candice imagining stuffing that beautiful butt with strap-on dick and turning the mighty Lita into her bitch.

Candice smiled dreamily into Torrie's neck as she came down from her high, images of a butt stuffed Lita squealing in pleasure slowly being replaced by Torrie whimpering from the after-shocks of her orgasms. Then, once she was fully conscious, Candice began kissing that soft neck, biting into the skin to mark her territory before delivering one final thrust to fully embed her dildo deep into Torrie's bowels.

This made sure Candice had Torrie's full attention when she growled in her ear, "Who's my bitch?"

"Me. I'm your bitch. I am Candice Michelle's bitch." Torrie whimpered weakly.

"Damn right you are." Candice beamed happily, "Mmmmm, and where's my dick?"

"Torrie thought about it for a second, and then replied, "It's in my candy hole. Oh Mistress Candy, mmmmmm, your dick is in my candy hole, which you just fucked sooooooo good."

"Yeah I did, now show me that sweet hole!" Candice ordered as she lifted herself up and began pulling her cock slowly out of Torrie's butt, her eyes locked to where inch after inch of dildo was exiting her new bitch's butt hole as she added, "Mmmmmmm, spread your cheeks and show me what I've done to your tightest hole."

Quickly obeying Torrie reached behind her and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart, Candice slowing down so that when she removed the last inch from the other girl's back door Torrie would be spreading her cheeks. It worked like a charm, but even if it hadn't from the looks of the massive crater in between Torrie's cheeks Candice would still have been able to see deep into her bitch's bowels regardless whether the blonde had pulled her cheeks apart or not. Still, there was just something special about having a woman present Candice with her ass hole after she was done with it.

Honestly it was a near-perfect display of submission to her, Candice making it perfect by asking, "If your butt hole is now your candy hole, who do you think owns it?"

Smiling at those wicked words Torrie replied, "You do, Mistress Candy. Mmmmm, my butt hole is named after you because you own it, oh God, and you can now fuck it whenever you want. No matter what I'm doing, no matter where I am, my ass hole is yours to use and abuse. Always."

"Good answer." Candice beamed, spending another long second staring at Torrie's gaping ass hole before ordering, "Now you may prove your devotion to your new owner by sucking your yummy candy cream off my candy cane."

Again Torrie was quick to obey, Candice beaming happily as the other diva turned around in the small confined space and knelt in front of her. She then took the time to smile up at Candice before wrapping her lips around the head of the shaft and moaning with obvious enjoyment. It made Candice so jealous. She felt it was important that for a first time her latest slut taste her own ass on her cock as the first time was about setting the tone for this new Sub/Dom relationship and be the one experience her latest conquest would remember above all others. For that she wanted to be completely dominant, and unfortunately most women she'd met saw sucking an ass flavoured strap-on as submissive.

Candice could see why but she loved the taste of butt, and a strap-on was able to reach so deep into another woman's bowels that it was extra yummy and perverted, Candice promising herself before the night was done she would be enjoying the same treat Torrie was now greedily sucking off her strap-on. Because make no mistake, Candice Michelle was going to spend the rest of the night pounding Torrie Wilson's cute little butt hole, make sure there was no doubt in the blonde anal slut's mind that she was 100% hers.

Sometimes her conquests could forget that, but given the way Torrie was looking up at her with that fake cock still in her mouth Candice was fairly confident that wasn't going to be an issue. Oh, and she was very confident she was going to enjoy the rest of her night given that after really savouring the deepest part of her rectum on that dildo Torrie slowly lowered her head to take inch after inch into her mouth and down her throat, not pausing until her lips were wrapped around the base and even then she greedily sucked the dick without a hint of gagging or choking. She then began bobbing her head up and down, slowly increasing the pace until she was violently fucking her own throat.

"Oh, I do like you." Candice grinned happily as she tangled her fingers in Torrie's hair so she could 'help' with the face fucking, "I think we're going to be spending a lot of time together."

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