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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Candice Michelle, Trish Stratus, or any WWE/WWF stars for that matter. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's note: To be different I decided to bounce back and forward in time with this story.

Codes: Anal, FF, Rim, Toys

Candy Holes Part 3
by MTL (

Candice Michelle smiled widely as she saw the name on her phone. It was ironic because she had been just going through her contact list and found herself lingering on the very name that was now flashing, although that was only partly why Candice was now smiling so widely. The main reason was because at this time of night there could be only one thing the mighty Trish Stratus could want from her.

"Hey Trish." Candice answered cheerily.

"Hey Candice." Trish whispered, no doubt blushing on the other end of the line.

After a long pause Candice pushed, "So... what can I do for one of the Alpha females of the WWE?"

Trish bit her lip and then answered, "Can I come over?"

Playing dumb Candice asked, "Why do you want to come over Trish?"

After another pause Trish answered, "I wanna be ass fucked."

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that." Candice pushed.

"I want you to fuck my ass." Trish blushed, knowing what she would have to say to get what she wanted, "I, I want you to fuck my big, fat, ass. I want you to stuff the little hole you own full of strap-on dick and slam my big, fat, ass like the little anal whore I am!"

"Your candy hole." Candice corrected, "You want me to take your sweet little candy hole?"

"Yessssss." Trish moaned, her desire getting the better of her, "I want it. I want you to fuck my ass hole, my butt hole, my candy hole, whatever you want to call it I want you to take it."

"Then you know where to find me." Candice grinned, hanging up the phone.

When on the road the WWE divas and superstars tried to stay in one hotel as there were strength in numbers. It was also a contributing factor to them each having roommates, although Candice wasn't worried as she had only been in the WWE for a month and hadn't had the chance to collect any crazy fans or anything. As for cost, she had a number of bitches who contributed to her being able to afford a single luxury suite. Trish Stratus was one of those bitches and on this particular night it was her turn to pay for Candice's room, so she would know exactly where to go.

As Trish would be there momentarily Candice used the time she had wisely to strip off all her clothes and pick out a nice big strap-on, the type of which would really wreck Trish's sweet little butt hole. Or her candy hole, as Candice like to call it. Partly because that hole was her property and since Candy was her nickname it was a way of reminding Trish of her ownership of the blonde's butt hole. Of course each of her bitches had their own candy hole, each of them just waiting to be used by their owner, Candice sometimes even referring to her bitches as her candy holes to make it clear they were nothing but fuck holes to her.

The other reason for that particular endearment was that in Candice's opinion nothing tasted as good as another girl's butt hole, and nothing was sweeter than fucking one with a strap-on. Sure, Candice liked eating pussy, although not as much as she likes her own being licked, and girls were great kissers and their boobs were fun to play with. But Candice was definitely an ass girl, and tonight Candice was going to enjoy perhaps most perfect ass in the entire WWE, who just so happened to be attached to one of the most powerful women in the WWE. That woman was Trish Stratus, the WWE women's champion and along with her girlfriend Lita was one of the 'Alpha females' who topped every other diva. That had meant Trish's perfect ass had been neglected, an injustice Candice had swiftly put a stop too when she was hired.

Just then there was a knock at the door, Candice practically skipping over to it and then loudly calling out, "Who is it?"

"It's Trish, Mistress Candy, and-" Trish blushed, forcing herself to whisper what she knew she had to say, "Please open the door, I've got a sweet little candy hole that needs to be tasted and filled."

Giggling at her well-trained bitch Candice opened the door and allowed the Canadian to rush into the hotel room, "Trish, what a surprise, what are you doing here?"

Blushing bright red Trish whined, "Please don't tease me Mistress Candy. Just fuck my big fat ass! Please, I need it!"

"Show me." Candice ordered firmly, "Show me how badly you need it by turning around and wiggling that big fat ass at me. Wiggle that big fat ass you want fucked. Come on champ, show me that big fat ass of yours. Mmmmm, pull down those tight fitting pants and show me that big fat ass I'm about to fuck."

There was a brief pause, then Trish turned around, grabbed her pants and thong by the waistband and pulled them down to reveal her big bubble butt. She then wiggled it seductively, even letting out a little giggle as she looked over her shoulder and saw Candice drooling at her ass.

"Is this what you want Mistress Candy?" Trish teased, "You wanna see my big, fat, ass? Do you see the big, fat, ass, I want you to fuck? Do you? Do you want me to spread my big, fat, ass cheeks and show you the tiny little hole I want you to stretch out and fuck? The tiny little hole you own? Your personal little fuck hole? My candy hole? Mmmmm, oh Candice, I want you to fuck my ass. Please fuck this big, fat, ass of mine and remind me I'm your bitch."

Throughout this entire process Trish blushed furiously. She felt so completely and utterly humiliated to be acting so submissive, but she couldn't help it. She was just a total addict for the powerful orgasms her Mistress Candy could give her during anal sex, her ass hole aching to be stretched and filled until she could no longer resist the urge to cum for the surprisingly dominant brunette.

That surprisingly dominant brunette continued almost literally drooling at that wiggling ass, then Candice grinned, reached out and playfully slapped Trish's ass, "Then take off all your clothes and get that fat ass of yours on my bed so I can fuck it."

Quickly doing as she was told Trish let go of her pants and thong, allowing them to fall around her ankles as she turned around to pull off her top. She then quickly unhooked her bra and stepped out of her shoes, pants and underwear, playing with her tits slowly she did so. Sometimes Candice like to spend a little time sucking on her tits but it appeared her Mistress was in no mood for foreplay. No, Candice just wanted to use her like an anal whore, which was just fine with Trish who, when she was naked, jumped onto the bed and started seductively wiggling her ass again to entice the new diva.

Looking over her shoulder Trish could see that this succeeded in making Candice lick her lips, quickly getting on the bed behind her so she could spread her meaty cheeks and, after a few long seconds of staring at her ass hole, moaned, "Mmmmm, yum."

With that Candice leaned down and started licking Trish's ass hole, gently at first but after a while the licks increased in speed and force. Candice also spit onto her ass hole and then rubbed the saliva in with her tongue, and wrapped her lips around that forbidden hole so she begin sucking on it, and then eventually tried to push her tongue into Trish's big booty. Thanks to the constant butt fuckings Trish received since the first time she had tried to dominate Candice that tight anal ring resisted at first but eventually allowed the brunette's tongue to travel as deep as it could go into her bowels.

It was the most skilful rim job Trish had ever received, Candice eating her ass hole like it really was made out of candy. Normally rimming someone was considered submissive in the WWE but Candice's tongue on her ass hole didn't make Trish feel powerful. No, it made her even more desperate to feel Candice's cock up her ass, Trish tightly gripping the bed sheets and whimpering like a bitch in heat as her Mistress made a meal out of her ass hole.

"Mmmmmm yes, eat my ass! Eat my fat ass! Oh fuck!" Trish moaned shamelessly, "Oh Mistress Candy eat my ass. Eat my sweet little candy hole. Get it nice and ready for your big cock. Mmmmmmm, get my fat ass ready for your big cock! Oooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssssss tongue my ass! Tongue my little ass hole! Ooooooooh fuck!"

Candice grinned into Trish's fat ass as she continued to tongue fuck it, finally letting go of those meaty cheeks and placing her hand on the bed partly to take the pressure off of her knees and partly so her face would be buried in those big pillows of flesh. Oh how Candice loved Trish's big fat ass. Tight little asses were fun too, but there was just something about a big juicy booty like the one belonging to the WWE women's champion which drove her crazy.

Of course her main focus remained on the tiny little hole in between those massive cheeks which was the yummiest candy Candice had ever tasted. That made her a little bit freaky but hey, having a major fetish for female asses was hardly the worst thing in the world, and she had the right attitude to make all her dreams come true. So rather than try and analyse it Candice just indulged in her obsession, eating Trish's ass out for what felt like hours before finally pulling back and shoving a finger up the blonde's butt.

She made sure to pop the finger into her mouth first for lubrication although Candice wasn't sure it was entirely necessary as by now Trish's ass hole was thoroughly coated in saliva. Still, as she preferred natural lube over the type which came in a bottle and diluted the sweet flavour of ass, it helped to be as thorough as possible when preparing one of her bitches' asses. Of course she forgot all about that when pushing her finger into Trish's ass, Candice's eyes rolling in the back of her head as she felt the tightness of Trish's back passage.

"Mmmmmm, God Trish, you're sooooo tight!" Candice moaned as she slid her finger up to the knuckle in Trish's ass, "Always so tight."

Trish blushed, and then trying to please her Mistress offered, "I'm glad the tightness of my ass pleases you Mistress Candy."

Giggling with delight at Trish's response Candice asked, "Awww, what's the matter Trish? That little girlfriend of yours not fucking your ass enough?"

Again blushing Trish responded, "Lita's an amazing butt fucker... but she's not you."

After again giggling at Trish's response Candice began butt fucking her bitch with her finger, pushing that digit side to side and up and down as well as in and out to make sure she was thoroughly stretching the blonde's butt. Eventually she added a second finger to more thoroughly stretching out Trish's rectum, stopping only to pop her fingers into her mouth and suck it clean, something Candice couldn't resist doing several times during this process. She also made sure the thoroughly coat her strap-on in saliva, Candice using her free hand to rub in that spit into the full length of the dildo while of course concentrating on the head.

Candice became lost in this for a while, but eventually the urge to give Trish's ass hole a serious stretching inevitably got the better of her, causing her to call out, "Reach back and spread your cheeks. Mmmmmm, gimme that sweet little candy hole."

Once again Trish blushed but did as she was told, reaching back and spreading her meaty butt cheeks as wide as possible while moaning, "Oh Mistress Candy, fuck me. Fuck my slutty little hole. Stuff your big dick in my sweet little candy hole and pound the little fuck hole you own!"

"Mmmmmmm yeah, I own this hole." Candice moaned as she pulled her fingers out of Trish's ass hole and started rubbing her strap-on against that still tight back door so she could tease her bitch physically and verbally, "Mmmmmmm, Lita thinks she owns it, oooooooooooh, owns this hole, but she doesn't does she? No, she's just a dumb bitch who doesn't own shit, mmmmmmm oh yeah, her girlfriend's ass hole is my personal fuck hole to use whenever I want, isn't that right Trish?"

"That's right Mistress Candy." Trish agreed, saying whatever she had too to get what she wanted, "Lita's she's just a dumb bitch who doesn't own shit, ohhhhhhh, she doesn't know I go crawling to you whenever I want my ass fucked, mmmmmmm, that you own my ass hole and have made it your sweet little candy hole, oooooohhhhhhh, that you can use whenever you want. Please use it now Mistress Candy, ooooooooh fuck, stretch my ass hole and remind it that it's your fuck hole. Your sweet little candy hole. Mmmmmmm, the hole I shit from is just an orifice for your pleasure, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh shit, Mistress Candy, yes, oh Mistress Candy!"

Candice savoured Trish's words, and the moment, but eventually pushed forwards, the blonde's butt hole slowly sliding open under the gentle but firm force of the brunette's thrust. Oh how Candice loved watching a sweet little candy hole stretch for her, that tight anal ring stretching so wonderfully wide until finally it closed round the head of the dildo, officially meaning Candice had shoved a strap-on cock up the WWE women's champion's ass.

Trish let out a adorable little yelp as she was anally penetrated, Candice savouring the wonderful sounds and sights before her for several long seconds and then pushing forward with the same gentle but firm thrusting as before, the former diva search contestant using this technique to bury the entire length of her dildo in the champion's big bubble butt in one thrust.

She then again savoured the moment, and let Trish relax, before firmly gripping the blonde's waist with both hands and slowly pulling her dick out of the other girl's ass hole. Then she pushed forwards, then backwards, then forwards, then backwards, and so on until she had established a steady rhythm, the diva search a loser Candice Michelle officially beginning to butt fuck WWE women's champion Trish Stratus as her eyes remain glued to that extremely stretched anal ring she had nicknamed her candy hole.

With Trish still obediently spreading her meaty ass cheeks Candice had a perfect view of her big dildo disappearing into that big fat ass and then reappearing from it like some kind of magic trick, Candice completely fascinated by it even though she had performed this particular trick many times and stretched many butt holes in her short yet eventful life. It was just so wonderful, so perfect, so... delicious, so sweet, the sweetest thing ever, Candice Michelle unable to get enough of sodomising another woman. That it was allegedly one of the toughest women in the WWE literally surrendering her own ass hole to be fucked only made it sweeter.

It felt pretty sweet for Trish too, although the guilt at cheating on her girlfriend kind of put a damper on it. After all, that was supposed to be Lita's personal fuck hole, not Candice's 'candy' hole, and Trish couldn't help but imagining her girlfriend sitting alone in their hotel room thinking about the ass which Trish had promised was exclusively hers being fucked by a contest loser by the name of Candice Michelle. As a girlfriend, and as a wrestler, Trish couldn't have felt more ashamed of herself for giving up her ass to such a worthless piece of eye candy, but she just couldn't help it.

Candice was just such an amazing butt fucker, effortlessly putting Lita to shame as she stretched out Trish's rectum in record time, the women's champion soon burying her face and the bed sheets as she loudly moaned like an anal whore. Then when it all became too much she took her hands off her butt cheeks, lifted herself up onto all fours and started pushing herself back and forth like a bitch in heat. This caused Candice to giggle and then start thrusting harder and, if possible, deeper into Trish's extremely willing ass hole, which made Trish cry out loudly in pleasure.

"Ooooooooh that's it Trish, gimme that ass! Gimme that big, fat, ass of yours so I can destroy your sweet little candy hole!" Candice giggled happily, slapping Trish's meaty cheeks had enough to make them jiggle, "Mmmmmm, everyone thinks you're sooooooo tough, but look at you now, backing that fat ass up on my big dick. Ohhhhhhhh yeah, you know how many divas warned me about you Trish? How many of them said you and your little girlfriend owned this division, that your total Alphas who lived to butt fuck weaker women like me. Mmmmmmm, what do you think they'd say if they could see you now?"

"They'd, mmmmmm, they'd say I was a fraud, an anal loving bottom pretending to be a ass pounding top." Trish whimpered, began telling Candice what she wanted to hear, "They'd mock me and call me a bitch. Ooooooohhhhhhh fuck, and I am, in just about every way. Mmmmmm, I've been a bitch to you and the rest of the divas now I'm just your bitch. Mmmmmm, Candice Michelle's bitch! Ohhhhhhhhh, I'm your bitch Candice, ooooooooh shit, I'm your anal slave, your ass whore, your butt slut, mmmmm, your candy hole, oooooohhhhhh, I'm your candy hole, aaaaahhhhhhhh, and I've got a sweet little candy hole in between takes of my big, fat, ass which I want you to pound until I cum like an anal loving bitch!"

"Oh Trish, if you wanna cum, you're going to have to earn it." Candice grinned, slowly sliding a hand up Trish's back and into her hair.

"How? Aaaaahhhhh fuck, just tell me what you want me to do, and I'll do it!" Trish swore.

"All you have to do is answer some questions, like..." Candice paused for emphasis, then grabbed a firm hold of Trish's hair and yanked it backwards, "Did Lita ever fuck your ass this good Trish?"

"Noooooo." Trish whimpered.

"Do you still let her fuck this big fat booty?" Candice asked, giving another yank on Trish's hair.

"No, no, noooooo!" Trish whined, relieve that Candice let go of her hair, "It's yours. It's your property. Mmmmm, my fat ass is your property and I would never let anyone fuck it without your permission, even my girlfriend."

"Who never fucked you as good as me?" Candice pushed, digging her nails into Trish's fleshy ass cheeks and making her cry out a little.

"No, never." Trish swore, "Mmmmmm, no one fucks me like you do Mistress Candy. No One! Ooooooooh, you're the best, mmmmmm, you fuck my ass sooooooooo gooooooodddddddd! Ohhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd fuck my fat ass, pound fuck my big, fat, ass and make me cum! Pleaseeeeeee Candice, oooooooohhhhhhhh, Mistress Candy I need to cum! I swear Mistress Candy, you're the best I've ever had, mmmmmmm, it's why I keep crawling back to you even though I'm an Alpha female who shouldn't be taking it in the ass. Ohhhhhhh, I just can't get enough of you Mistress Candy. I just can't get enough of your big dick in my fat ass! It's why I'm your bitch! It's why I'm Candice Michelle's little bitch! Mmmmmm, ooooooooh, aaaaaaahhhhhhh, please Mistress Candy, have mercy on your little bitch by making her cum!"

For a moment Candice grinned at these words, then she slapped Trish's ass extra hard and then yanked her hair up just to make sure she had the other woman's attention, "If you wanna cum so bad, you're going to do the work. Mmmmmm yeah, you're going to have to work that fat ass if you want to cum Trish!"

To explain what she meant Candice very slowly moved backwards, firm hands on Trish's body pulling her with her so that the dildo never left the blonde's rectum. The surprising strength of the model cause Trish to shiver with submissive desire, although not as much as when she found herself sitting on Candice's lap with every inch of that cock buried up her butt, that enormous cock somehow feeling like it was pushing even deeper into her forbidden depths than before.

"Well then go on Trish, mmmmmm, ride that big dick with your fat ass." Candice ordered gleefully, "Make yourself cum by destroying that cute little ass hole of yours. Mmmmmm, bounce it up and down on my dick so hard that you cum like a little bitch! Ohhhhhh yeah, I want to see the mighty WWE women's champion Trish Stratus cum like a bitch with a dick in her ass! Mmmmmmmmmm, I wanna see one of the Alpha females of the WWE women's locker room slam her big, fat, ass on my dick and make herself cum like the little butt slut she is!"

Only too eager to comply Trish began anally riding that cock like a total ass whore, the whole time saying whatever she thought Candice wanted to hear. Not that she was lying. She loved Lita in just about every way possible, and couldn't get enough of the redhead's pussy, but when it came to butt fucking Trish craved what Candice gave her. Craved the submission which came with totally surrendering to someone who wasn't even close to her equal.

Even now as she technically took over the thrusting Trish felt like a puppet on a string, a bought and paid for whore just trying to please her client. A slave trying to please it's master. And the things Candice said, the way she slapped her ass and pulled her hair, and even the occasional thrusts up into her ass hole all drove Trish crazy, the WWE women's champion passionately impaling her own ass hole on another woman's strap-on for several long minutes until she felt herself on the edge of climax.

"Do you remember Trish? Do you remember how we met?" Candice asked gleefully, quickly adding before Trish could reply, "Do you remember how you came up to me and told me I was going to be your bitch? How you were going to fuck my ass and make me your little bitch? That my days of sitting down properly were done because from now on my ass was yours? That you owned my tiny little ass hole? That you were going to stretch it open and leave it gaping as a symbol of your ownership of me? Mmmmm, then what happened Trish?"

"You, mmmmmm, you butt fucked me and made me your bitch!" Trish blushed.

"That's right Trish, I butt fucked you." Candice gloated, "Mmmmmm, less than five minutes after you were done running your mouth you were bent over with your pants and panties around your ankles and I was pounding your sweet little ass hole with my strap-on dick. Mmmmmmm, you barely even resisted because we both knew you wanted to be the one taking it in the ass. And oh, once I got my big dick up your fat ass you just couldn't get enough. Ooooooh, how you begged for it, begged me to never stop fucking your ass, that you loved it, that your ass was mine and you were my bitch. Do you still feel that way Trish? Are you still my bitch and no one else's?"

"Yeeeeeesssssss mmmmmmmm!" Trish moaned loudly, "I am your bitch! I am Candice Michelle's bitch and no one else's! Mmmmmm, you fucked my big, fat, ass and made me your little bitch Mistress Candy and I loved every minute of it. Ohhhhhhhh, I love the fact that my days of sitting down properly are done because you made my ass yours! Mmmmmmm, you own my little ass hole! Oooooooooh you stretched open my tiny little ass hole and left it gaping that first day as a symbol of your ownership of me and it's been gaping ever since because you keep ass fucking me and reminding me of my place! That I was your bitch and you owned my big, fat, ass! It's, oooooohhhhhh, it's your candy hole Mistress Candy! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh shit, my tiny little ass hole is your candy hole!"

"Mmmmmmm, good girl Trish." Candice praised, beginning to hammer her dildo upwards into Trish's ass hole as hard as she could, "Ohhhhhhh, you now have my permission to cum. Cum like the little bitch you are for me! Cum for your owner you bitch! Cum! Cum now you fucking ass whore!"

Almost instantly Trish screamed hysterically and came, her whole body shaking and her cum squirting out of her cunt like a geyser. She wasn't sure how she kept riding the dildo other than instinct, her desire for the pure heaven which came from an anal climax pushing her body to continue no matter what. Even when she collapsed on top of Candice her body continued to bounce up and down, albeit only her lower half, Trish letting out animalistic noises as she continued to relentlessly butt fuck herself until finally Candice took pity on her.

At first it was by rolling Trish onto her side, allowing the wrestler to go limp in the model's surprisingly strong arms. That probably wouldn't have happened if Candice hadn't started to immediately pump her pooper, Trish letting out a joyful cry as her extremely sensitive rectum continued to be abused, this time by the skilled thrusts of Candice Michelle who relaxed her sore and aching anal muscles and got her slutty ass nice and ready to continue the fucking. Then Candice rolled over so she was on her stomach with the model on top of her, Candice pausing to churn her insides like butter with her dildo before returning to thrusting in and out.

Throughout this process Candice cuddled Trish, massaged her tits, kissed her neck and nibbled on her earlobe, then at the end she whispered, "Oh Trish, mmmmm, you think that your little girlfriend is so tough, ohhhhhh, everybody thinks that Lita is so tough, but who do you think she goes to when she wants her ass fucked?"

Her eyes going wide as saucers Trish mumbled in disbelief, "No."

"Yes." Candice grinned, "Mmmmmm, Lita loves a dick in her ass. She can't get enough of it."

"No." Trish said more firmly, "Lita's a total top. An Alpha female. She would never-"

"Be as big an ass whore as you?" Candice offered, before giggling, "Because she is. Mmmmmmm, all you so-called Alpha females are all the same. You're all talk. Bottoms who crave being fucked in the ass and just need a real woman to turn you into the butt sluts you were always meant to be."

"I, mmmmm, I don't believe you." Trish moaned.

"Then I'll show you." Candice grinned, "Mmmmm, come to my hotel room tomorrow night and I promise you'll find your precious girlfriend Lita taking it up the ass and loving it."

"Fine, I'll be there. I promise." Trish moaned, still overwhelmed by this revelation.

Trish couldn't believe it. Not Lita. Not her Lita. It couldn't be true. It just couldn't. Lita was the toughest girl she'd ever met, a total Alpha female who she had seen sodomise countless women. She couldn't like it up the ass. She couldn't be Candice's bitch. She just couldn't. Although, the image of the mighty Lita on her hands and knees getting fucked up the ass by Candice was incredibly hot, Trish swearing that she came again just from the idea of her girlfriend being Candice's bitch.

It wasn't long before Candice had Trish cumming for her again, first with the blonde laying on her stomach and the brunette basically doing push-ups into her butt, then after a few hard climaxes Candice skilfully guided Trish backwards and up into the all fours position again. Like last time they had changed positions the dildo never left its place deep within Trish's bowels so Candice was immediately able to start pounding the insides of the WWE women's champion again when she had her right where she wanted her, Candice loving every moment of this sugar sweet heaven.

For once her mind drifted towards the future, extremely rare for her whenever she was butt fucking another woman, but Candice had to admit sodomising both Lita and Trish Stratus would be incredible. Of course, she had done it before on the same night, in the same place, Candice relentlessly pounding one of their asses while the other was only a few feet away blissfully unaware that her girlfriend was being ass fucked so close by, but to have them both in the same room and the same time would be glorious. She could make them spread each other's ass cheeks and literally give her their girlfriend's ass hole. And she could make them taste each other's asses. And oh, she could end the night with them spreading their ass cheeks to reveal their gaping ass holes while they looked at each other and confessed how much they liked having their sweet candy holes fucked and owned by Candice Michelle.

The very thought of it did make Candice cum, several times in fact, or at least they pushed her over the edge after the heaven that was having her clit relentlessly rubbed by a stimulator as she pounded another woman's ass. But, skilled ass pounder that she was, Candice pushed herself through each orgasm to continue sodomising Trish, firmly butt fucking the WWE women's champion to climax after climax and completely dominating the allegedly tough wrestler.

By the end Candice was sodomising the women's champion so savagely it looked like she was literally trying to ruin her rectum, the brunette pounding into the blonde's fat ass so hard those big meaty cheeks jiggled like a plate of jelly and the sound of her hips smacking into that big booty were almost as deafening as Trish's screams of pleasure. This was partly to show Trish no one could ass fuck her like Candice could, and partly because Candice was just lost in her own selfish pleasure. That's why even when she collapsed onto her bitch Candice still relentlessly pumped Trish's ass, still savagely sodomising her at first to squeeze the last few orgasms out of them both, then slowly so she could bring them down from their mutual highs and then, without warning, she suddenly pulled the dildo completely out of Trish's candy hole.

"Spread your cheeks for me bitch." Candice ordered, slapping Trish's ass hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle, "Show me what I've done to that sweet little hole of yours."

Whimpering pathetically Trish hurried to obey like the broken bitch she was, although it wasn't necessary. Candice could already see that Trish's little butt hole was gaping wide open, the fact that the women's champ spread her meaty cheeks just allowing the contest winner a better look at that stretched hole. Not that Candice complained. No, she licked her lips and stared lustfully at her handiwork, her energy slowly returning as she study just how deep she could see into Trish's bowels thanks to the red ringed crater in between her cheeks.

"Good bitch." Candice praised as an afterthought before ordering, "Now suck my cock! Mmmmm yeah, suck all your yummy candy off my big cock you nasty little anal whore! Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss, that's it, suck it! Suck my cock! Suck it like the ATM slut you are!"

Again proving what a well-trained bitch she was Trish immediately let go of her cheeks, turned around and crawled in between Candice's legs the moment she had permission to do so. Candice wasn't even done talking when Trish wrapped her lips around the head of the shaft, moaning loudly as she tasted the deepest part of her rectum on that dildo which only moments ago had hammered her ass to heaven.

This made Candice grin, reach down and gently stroke Trish's long blonde hair while continuing the encouragement. Not that she really paid much attention to what she was saying. No, she was focused on Trish greedily sucking her cock clean, first concentrating on the head before beginning to bob her lips up and down the dildo, eventually deep throating every inch so she could get every drop of her own anal cream, just like Candice had taught her. Just like Candice had taught all her bitches, including Lita.

Licking her lips Candice imagined how much fun she was going to have fucking the two biggest Alpha females in the WWE. Oh she was going to ruin their back holes, turn their vulnerable little butt holes into gaping craters and then feed them both their yummy ass cream. She would make them taste each other's butts, and spread each other's ass cheeks, and watch as she proved to both of them who the real Alpha female was around here. Oh she couldn't wait.

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