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by Kristi (
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In the early months of 1999, The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness has
slowly become more powerful, with the abduction and sacrifices of various
WWF wrestlers to increase the number of Undertaker's minions. Once his army
has reached a sufficient size, The Undertaker turned his attention to sending
several warnings to Vince McMahon to give him what he wanted or else one of
Vince's loved ones would be next. To show that he was serious, The Undertaker
sent Edge and Christian to abduct Ryan Shamrock, the lovely sister of Mr.
McMahon's hired gun Ken Shamrock.

* * *

In a dark, dreary room somewhere in the lower levels of the arena where Raw
Is War is being broadcasted from, Ryan is slowly waking up as she lies on
the cold concrete floor. As she opens her eyes she sees Edge, dressed in his
leather trench coat and dark blue wrestling tights crouched down looking at
her through the sunglasses he is wearing. His long blond hair hangs down over
his face giving him an almost surreal appearance. "Look who's awake..." Edge
chuckles slightly as he licks his teeth. On the other side of the room,
behind Ryan, Christian, wearing a white, long sleeved shirt that hangs
loosely around his body and dark brown tights, folds his hands below his
waist and smirks slightly but doesn't say anything.

The beautiful sister of Ken Shamrock, Ryan, slowly squints her eyes as she
looks around the darkened room. Ryan rubs her eyes a bit, before focusing on
Edge "Where...where am I?" Ryan asks in a slightly dazed and confused state
as she dressed in a black skirt and a white top.

"You are... where you are..." Edge replies in a low voice, barely answering
Ryan's question, but at the same time being truthful about the statement as

Christian takes a step to his right, and a small table with several candles
comes into Ryan's view, which brightens up the room somewhat. The beautiful
young woman can see that the room is barren except for two small waist high
tables. One of the tables has the candles that are given the room it's
little bit of light, the other holding a golden colored goblet filled with
a dark red wine. Christian picks up the goblet and brings it over to Ryan
to hand it down to her, and simply says "Drink..."

Ryan shakes her head as she sits up on her knees, slightly picking herself
up from off the cold floor. Ryan slowly rubs the back of her head as she
squints her eyes once again "What…happened...last I remember...I was on my
way to see my brother, Ken...and now I'm here..."

Christian frowns down at Ryan as he holds the goblet down under his waist
with both hands. Edge, who still is in his crouching position, smirks as
Ryan tries to recall what has occurred, "You have been chosen... to be of
service to The Lord of Darkness, the Undertaker..." Edge says as he then
lifts one arm up to motion towards Christian, "You would be wise to accept
the drink he is offering you... Christian is quite sensitive...." Edge
darkly laughs.

Ryan shakes her head again "I don't want anything..." Ryan looks around the
room again "What's...going on..."

Christian appears to get a bit upset and angry as his mood changes quickly
as he suddenly drops the goblet on the floor that causes the wine in it to
spill onto the cold concrete floor and onto Ryan's knees. Christian then
grabs a handful of Ryan's long blond hair and yanks her head back, "You...
are... going... to... service us..." Edge gets an amused look on his face
as he watches his brother and Ryan before he starts to creepily slide along
the floor towards them.

Ryan turns her head away as her eyes widen a bit in fear "Service you? way!" Ryan replies.

"You don't exactly have a choice..." Edge says in a bit of slithery voice as
he again gets into a crouching position, but this time right next to Ryan.
He raises his right hand and traces two fingers along the side of slender
neck. "We were chosen to bring you to The Undertaker... and you are our
reward for succeeding in our task..." Edge explains as he raises his left
hand for Christian to release his hold of Ryan's hair. Edge then moves the
two fingers he has on Ryan's neck to underneath her chin to have the
slightly scared beauty to turn her head towards him, "And we... will have
our reward... one way or another..." Edge grins like a wolf, and combine
with his unusual shaped sunglasses and long hair, Edge's appearance up close
looks down right animalistic.

Ryan takes a deep breath as she's face to face with the mysterious Edge
"And...if...I don't?" Ryan asks with her voice trembling.

Edge slowly removes his sunglasses from his face to reveal his narrow eyes
to Ryan. He looks deep into her lovely eyes and licks his teeth, "If you
don't... you will suffer... a fate far worse than anything you can
imagine..." Edge laughs a bit as he slides his two fingers down from Ryan's
chin to her neck and down to her chest.

Ryan's soft eyes widen more in fear as she swallows a bit "Oh...ok...ok."
Ryan nods her head " won't have to do that." Ryan says with
her voice trembling in fear "I'll...I'll it is..."

"Good..." Edge smirks as he slides his fingers down to her stomach, "Now
be... a good little girl... and make amends with Christian... for refusing
the drink he offered you...." Edge takes his fingers off of Ryan's body as
he nods at Christian. The disturbingly silent Christian smiles slightly as
he lifts his white loose shirt off of his body. After he drops the shirt
down to the floor, he folds his arms across his chest as he looks down at

Ryan slowly looks up at Christian and timidly bites down on her bottom lip
"Wh-what do you w-w-want?" Ryan asks.

"I want you... to serve me..." Christian replies quietly before he unfolds
his arms and lowers his tights down his legs and steps out of them, and he's
now naked. Christian's body is fairly muscular and he does have a slight tan,
but what is truly eye catching for Ryan is his cock which hangs down between
his legs at an impressive semi-erect nine-inches long.

Ryan takes a deep breath and closes her eyes "Do...I really have to?"

"Do you wish to suffer instead?" Edge asks from behind her as he breathes
hot hair on the back of her neck. Ryan shakes her head and then sighs as she
reluctantly leans her head in towards Christian's cock and presses her tongue
against the tip of his cock. Ryan slowly circles her tongue around his cock
and places her soft, innocent hands around Christian's shaft and begins to
gently stroke him. Christian lets out a very quiet moan as he places his
right hand Ryan's head and clutches a handful of her hair once more. Behind
her, Edge slips off his leather trench coat and removes his wrestling tights.
He breathes hot air repeatedly on the back of her neck as he reaches around
Ryan's body and begins grabbing at her chest through the material of her
white top. Ryan closes her eyes as she gently flicks her tongue against the
head of Christian's cock, while she gradually circles her tongue around the
tip of his cock. Ryan tightens the grip of her hands around Christian's
shaft, moving her hands up against his shaft, stroking him quicker.

Edge smirks a bit as he watches Ryan suck Christian's cock with almost a
sense of urgency. "You appear to being enjoying it more than my brother..."
Edge laughs into her ear before he stands up behind her, and thrusts his
hips forward so that his twelve-inch cock bangs against the back of her
head, "Now... enjoy mine..." He says with a smirk.

Ryan opens her soft eyes as her body shakes a bit as she reaches over her
shoulder with her left hand and gently wraps her hand around his cock. Ryan
gently moves her left hand along the length of Edge's shaft. Ryan opens her
small mouth and lowers her head down on Christian's cock. Ryan slowly bobs
her head on Christian's cock while she strokes Edge's cock over her slender

Christian closes his eyes slowly as he begins to pat Ryan's hair as she bobs
her head on his cock, "She's quite... adapt at this..." He says quietly.

Edge licks his teeth and nods his head, "So it seems..." Edge chuckles as
moves a bit to where Ryan can adjust her grip and stroke his cock more
easily. "But this is not all she's going to do for us..." Edge says, giving
Ryan a fair warning by coincidence as he talks to Christian.

Ryan slowly lifts her head up after hearing Edge's comment and looks up at
Edge as she scoots away from Christian cock "This...isn't all I have to do?"
Ryan asks quietly.

Edge smirks and licks his lips, "No... there's more..." Edge then pauses and
points at Ryan's white top. "Remove your clothing..." He commands in a firm
voice as he looks down at Ryan with piercing eyes.

Ryan lowers her head and slowly nods her head "Ok..." Ryan takes a deep
breath as she removes her hands from the shafts of Edge and Christian. Ryan
reaches down to where the material of her white top covers her stomach and
casually lifts the top off her upper body, revealing her nice, bra-less

Christian slightly licks his lips as he sees Ryan's beautiful upper body,
"Lovely..." He says in his quiet voice.

Edge nods his head in approval, "Now... remove your skirt... let us see all
of our reward..." Edge orders. Ryan takes another deep breath as she slowly
pushes her skirt down from her hips. Ryan slowly stands up from the floor as
her skirt drops down her smooth legs. Ryan steps out of her black skirt as
she stands before Edge and Christian in all her glory of her smoothly shaven,
pussy. Ryan folds her arms over her chest as she looks timidly at Edge.

Edge licks his lips and smiles, "What a surprise... no under-garments at
all.... now... come here... service me..." Edge then looks at Christian and
smirks as he sees the lustful look on Christian's face before he adds,
"Because my dear brother here..." Edge looks back at Ryan and laughs, "You'll
see what he has in mind..."

Ryan looks down once again "Do you on my knees?" Ryan timidly asks.

"That... would be... perfect..." Christian replies as he takes a few steps to
stand behind Ryan and he places his cold hands on her shoulders. Ryan shakes
her head as she slowly lowers herself down onto her knees in front of Edge.
Ryan gently grips his cock with her two soft, innocent hands, she opens her
warm mouth and pushes Edge's cock into her warm mouth. Ryan gently presses
her lips against his cock and begins slowly bob her head, unaware of what
Christian is up to as he stands behind the beautiful sister of Ken Shamrock.

Edge places both of his hands on the sides of Ryan's head to prevent her from
lifting her mouth off of his cock, while Christian kneels down behind her.
Christian licks his lips, places his left hand on Ryan's ass and grips his
own cock. Very slowly, Christian guides his cock to Ryan's warm unexpecting
pussy and pushes it in shockingly gentle. "Ahhhhh..." Christian moans quietly
before he begins to move in and out of Ryan's cunt with stiff, slow, sharp

Ryan lets out a partially loud moan around Edge's cock as she tries to lift
her head up from Edge's cock, however when she does he forces her head down
further on his cock. Ryan shakes her head on his cock in protest, which just
causes Edge's cock to rotate around in her hot, small mouth.

Edge licks his lips, "Do not... fight us..." Edge laughs as he pushes Ryan
all the way down on his hard twelve inch cock so that Ryan's nose is pressed
into the pubic hair of his crotch. Behind her, Christian is gradually
increasing the tempo of his thrusts, as he places both his hands down on to
Ryan's hips. The silent young man begins to pull Ryan back against him fairly
hard, mostly to keep her where he wants her after she starts to struggle.

Ryan begins to gag and cough against Edge's cock as he starts to move his
hips, thrusting his cock deeply into her hot mouth, making the head of his
cock slam against the back of her throat. Edge, for a short moment removes
his hands from on top of Ryan's head to slide his hands through his long,
greasy hair with a smirk on his face. Ryan quickly jerks her head up from
his cock, causing a string of saliva to drip out of her mouth and onto
Edge's cock. Ryan turns her head away as she starts to cough after choking
on Edge cock "Ohhh my god.." Ryan coughs as she has her head turned away
from Edge as Christian quickens his thrusts into her tight cunt.

Edge laughs, "Oh what a excellent reward you are for us..." Edge places a
hand on top of Ryan's head and makes her tilts her head back as he slaps his
cock against both sides of her face as Christian fucks her tight pussy with
a lot more force than Ryan would expect from him. Edge licks his lips as he
watches Ryan recover from him gagging her with his cock.

Ryan takes a deep breath as she lets out a moan due to Christian's roughness
with her tight pussy "Ohhhh shit..." Ryan groans as she opens her warm mouth
and Edge responds by pushing his cock back into wet warm. Ryan wraps her lips
around his cock and begins to gradually bob her head on his cock, as she
regains herself.

Christian grits his teeth as he slam his cock hard and faster into Ryan's
pussy, making Ryan jolt forward towards Edge's cock. "She's... perfect...."
Christian moans quietly.

Edge licks his lips as he rotates his hips to thrust his cock in and out of
Ryan's mouth at the same rate she's bobbing her head on his dick. "She's...
certainly is..." Edge suddenly caresses Ryan's hair, as if she was a pet,
but also to show that he and Christian are a bit impressed with her so far.
"But I think... I deserve something more..." Edge laughs a bit.

Ryan closes her eyes as she rotates her head around on Edge's cock,
patting her tongue against his shaft as she bobs her head a bit quicker on
his dick as feels Christian's cock ram deeper into her tight, warm pussy.
"Uhhhmmmmm...." Ryan moans muffled.

Just as Ryan is getting use to sucking Edge's cock, the mysterious long
haired wrestler pulls his cock out of her mouth and causes her to spit out
some saliva down to the floor. Edge then motions with his hand towards
Christian, "It's my turn...." Christian nods his head silently and slowly
decreases the speed of his thrusts until he comes to a stop. Christian
then pulls out of Ryan's pussy just as Edge lies down on the cold floor of
the room. Seeing what Edge has in mind, Christian starts to push Ryan
towards him without saying a word.

Ryan looks over her shoulder at Christian " on?" Ryan
asks timidly.

"He... wants... you... on top...." Christian replies quietly as he continues
to push Ryan in Edge's direction.

Ryan swallows as she looks wide eyed at Edge's hard, erected cock pointing
straight up "W-what...are.. you going to do then..." Ryan asks Christian
as Ryan is practically to Edge. Christian doesn't verbally reply to Ryan,
instead he suddenly slides his hand against her ass followed by dipping the
tips of his fingers in between her ass cheeks. Christian smiles at her, and
in the barely lit room, his face looks fairly creepy.

Ryan's body trembles in fear as she mounts herself on top of Edge's stiff
cock. Ryan gently lowers herself down onto his cock and erupts a moan
"Ohhhhh..." Ryan moans as she feels Edge's cock inside of her soothing
pussy. Ryan takes a deep breath as she places her cold, clammy hands onto
Edge's chest and begins to gently and reluctantly bounce on his cock.

Edge groans as he watches the lovely sister of the World's Most Dangerous
Man bounce up and down on his cock at a very slow rate. "Took you long
enough..." Edge laughs as he places his own hands on top of Ryan's to hold
them down on his chest. Meanwhile, Christian scoots himself to where he
wants to be so that he's able to push his cock into Ryan's asshole. He
reaches around her body and places his sweaty palms on top of her round
tits as he begins to thrust in and out of asshole.

Ryan grits her teeth "Ohhh god no..." Ryan cries out as she feels
Christian's cock enter her tight asshole. Ryan shakes her head "No...
please no..." Ryan begs as Christian begins to thrust his cock in and out
her previously unviolated asshole. As Christian thrusts his cock into her
tight asshole, it causes her to bounce quicker on Edge's stiff cock in
her pussy.

Christian grinds his teeth together as he has to take his time to build up
momentum to fuck Ryan's asshole the way he wants too. "This... is... a
first... for you...." He whispers into Ryan's ear as he squeezes her breasts
with his hands. As his thrusts become quicker and harder due to Ryan's
asshole stretching to accommodate his thick cock, Edge is starting to push
his own shaft up into Ryan's pussy.

Ryan shakes her head as she holds her eyes clenched shut "Please no...I don't
like this..." Ryan says in protest as she starts to bounce quicker and slam
down harder on Edge's cock, due to Christian roughening style of fucking her
tight asshole.

Christian stops his thrusting and sneers, "Then you... shall make up... for
it..." Christian pulls his dick out of Ryan's asshole, and he drags Ryan off
of his brother's cock.

Edge looks at Christian with a bit of a surprise and he smirks, "Uh oh..."
Edge laughs as he sees Christian get down onto the cold floor.

Christian still has a hold of Ryan and he sneers at her, "Ride... me...
and... face... him..."

Ryan shakes her head "I...I've had enough.." Ryan says as Christian tightly
holds onto her left wrist.

Christian pulls Ryan down and twists her left wrist, "We... will... have
you... one way... or another..." Christian says in a vicious tone.

Edge stands up and smirks, "I would do what he says... he's not... as
pleasant as I am when angry..."

The color drains of Ryan's beautiful face as she slowly nods her head with
her soft eyes widened in fear "Ok...ok...I'll do it..." Ryan says as she
tries to break the tight hold Christian has around her left wrist. "Owww...
owww...that hurts.." Ryan cries out as Christian tightly holds her wrist

Christian lets go of her wrist and glares at her, "Now... ride me... and
face... him!" He raises his voice to where he's sounds normal.

Ryan nods her head "Ok...I'll do it.." Ryan replies as her voice slightly
trembles. Ryan turns around with her back facing Christian as she slowly
lowers herself down onto his stiff cock. "Ohhhhh gosh...." Ryan moans as
she feels her pussy come down on Christian's cock. Ryan takes a deep breath
as she places her hands behind her on top of Christian's chest, while she
sits on his dick. Slowly, Ryan begins to bounce herself on Christian's cock
as she rides him, facing away from him at Edge.

Christian places his hands on his Ryan's thighs and makes Ryan spread her
legs wider apart, giving Edge an incredible view of Ryan's pussy stuffed
with Christian's dick. Edge licks his lips and smirks, "Mmmmm... pure
inspiration...." Edge moves quickly and he gets down in front of Ryan.
Placing a hand on her hip, Edge uses his right hand to guide his shaft
into her pussy. Edge locks eyes with Ryan and grins, "This is going to
hurt..." He licks his teeth and shoves his dick into her cunt along side

Ryan's eyes practically bulge out of her eye sockets "Ohhhhhh my....ohhhh
noooo..." Ryan moans and cries with two large cocks inside of her now
stretched pussy. Edge just laughs as he begins move his cock in and out of
Ryan's pussy like a jackhammer, not at all attempting to take it easy on
the beautiful young woman. Christian continues to hold Ryan's legs apart,
which makes it even easier for Edge to fuck her. Christian however isn't
thrusting up into Ryan's expanded cunt, instead he lets the force of Edge
banging her make Ryan move back and forth on his own dick.

Ryan grits her teeth as she violently stuffed with two cocks in her pussy
"Ohhhh no more...please..." Ryan begs as she begins to sweat.

"Ahhhh... you're... quite... the reward..." Edge grunts as he rams his cock
harder and faster into her pussy. He leans his head down flicks his tongue
against both sides of Ryan's neck. Meanwhile Christian is now starting the
thrust up into her pussy, joining Edge completely in Ryan's double violation.

Ryan shakes her head with her eyes closes, slamming down hard on Christian's
cock, then violently thrusted onto Edge's cock "Noo....noo...moreeee..."
Ryan moans as she opens her eyes as she starts to cum "Ohhhhhhhh....." Ryan

"Ahhh.... Yesssss...." Edge grunts as he feels Ryan's pussy try to clamp down
on his and Christian's dicks. Edge licks his lips and pulls out of her pussy
and stands up. As Christian places moves his own hands to Ryan's hips to keep
her bouncing on his cock, Edge stands up and grips his own dick to aim it at
Ryan's face. Ryan swallows as she timidly looks up at Edge, while Christian's
bounce her on his own cock, making her slam down sharply.

"I'm leave my mark..." Edge laughs as he strokes his cock until he
starts to cum, sending streaks of hot cum across her face. Underneath Ryan,
Christian keeps jolting his dick up into Ryan's pussy until his balls tighten
until his starts to cum deep inside of her.

Ryan lowers her head after being sprayed in the face by Edge's warm cum
"Ohhhhh..." Ryan groans, unpleased.

Christian pushes Ryan upward to lift her off his cock. He sits up and shoves
her forward, making her land on her hands and knees so he's able to stand up.
Both Edge and Christian look down at Ryan and Edge smirks, "I think we've
fully... enjoyed out reward for now..." Edge says as Christian nods his head
in agreement.

Ryan shyly looks up at Edge and Christian "Can...I please have a towel to
clean up?" Ryan softly asks.

Edge smirks, "We don't have a towel for you... but you can use... you're own

Ryan looks down and frowns "But...after...I...I...did all that..." Ryan asks

Christian bends down to pick up the goblet he dropped earlier then walks
towards a dark corner of the room, and Ryan can't see what he's doing. Edge
crotches down in front of her and smirks, "Christian is till a bit upset at
you..." Edge says just as Christian comes walking back with a towel in one
hand and the goblet full of wine in the other.

Christian then holds the goblet down for Ryan to drink from it, "Drink..."

Ryan slowly takes the goblet of wine into her hands and looks up at Christian
with a raised eyebrow "What' here?"

"Wine..." Christian simply answers as he kneels down and wipes her face clean
of Edge's cum. He then looks into her eyes, "Drink..."

Ryan nods her head slowly as she raises the goblet up to her soft lips and
starts to swallow the wine, tilting the goblet up as she drinks.

Christian nods his head in approval as he stands up and goes to dispose of
the towel. Edge looks down at Ryan and laughs, "Just think... if you would've
participated nicely earlier and drank it... you would've enjoyed being our
reward..." Ryan slowly sets the empty goblet down on the floor after drinking
the wine, before looking up at Edge with a raised eyebrow.

Christian then comes back from the darkness and picks up the goblet from
the floor. Edge stands straight up and looks at Christian, "Did you enjoy
yourself brother?" Christian nods his head silently, then Edge looks back
at Ryan, "You're free to go..."

Ryan looks up with a soft smile "Really? I can go?"

Edge folds his arms as Christian nods his head, "Yes.... go...."

Ryan nods as she slowly stands up, she then shyly looks down "Can you help
me...?" Edge and Christian each take one of Ryan's arms and help her stand
up. Christian then picks up her skirt and white top and hands them to her.
Ryan blushes a bit "Thanks..." Ryan says as she takes her clothing into her
own hands. Ryan turns to put her clothing on, but then pauses and looks back
at Edge and Christian. Ryan swallows "I said to leave..." Ryan
smiles innocently "But...I would like to stay."

Edge and Christian both smile at her and step close enough to her so they
can each place a hand on her shoulders. Edge looks into her eyes, "Then you
shall stay..."

Ryan smiles "I can?" She cutely asks.

Christian nods, "Yes... you... are with us... now..."


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