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Disclaimer: The following is a non-consensual story featuring a real female celebrity who is put in pain and a fictional male. Any similarity to reality is coincidental.

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Celebs: Alexa Bliss

Summary: Alexa Bliss goes through hell

Codes: MF, rape, oral, anal, tort, viol

Captured Bliss
by TheBigLove126

"Ah shit!" Lexi screamed as she failed to hit the brakes fast enough to avoid slamming into the blue Honda in front of her.

"I told you to watch the road," her boyfriend, Matt, commented.

Lexi and Matt, better known as WWE competitors Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy, were heading to a late night gym in Boise, Idaho after Smackdown was completed. For the twnety minutes on the road, Lexi continued to look over at Matt for extended periods of time while in conversation. Once a car pulled out in front of them, he repeatedly warned her to pay attention but she had not listened. Now that their rental car had hit the back of another car, she wished she had.

Lexi put the car in to park and smacked the steering wheel in anger. She gave Matt a dirty look before unbuckling her seatbelt and getting out to assess the damage. The short blonde looked relieved, seeing very little damage to both vehicles.

"Not too bad," she said to herself as the door to the other car opened.

Lexi saw a tall man exit the car with the assistance of her rental's headlights. Being in the middle of nowhere, there would have been no vision if not for them. After seeing the man step out, Matt got out of the car as well, not feeling comfortable having a strange man around his very attractive girlfriend.

"I'm really sorry," Lexi told the man, who looked very mad. "It was all my fault."

"Yeah, no shit," the man with long, brown hair said. "I just got this fixed from the last bitch that ran into me."

"Watch your mouth," Matt said, angry to hear his partner referred to in that way.

"Shut up, Kangaroo," he yelled, referring to his Australian accent. "This is between me and the dumb bitch."

Lexi went to slap the man but was shoved with two hands down to the gravel. Matt ran towards him but stopped in his tracks once he saw a silver pistol staring him down.

"Wanna be a hero?" he asked, swinging the gun over to Lexi. "How about you?"

The couple remained still as he changed the target of his aim. He continued to stare at Lexi, who sat in the dirt, breathing heavily and almost shaking in nervousness.

"Get in the car, bitch," he told Lexi. Lexi stood up and headed for her car when he fired a shot into the air. "Wrong car, get in MY car."

Lexi stared at the man before looking at Matt.

"That isn't going to happen," he said as the gun's aim returned to him.

"Either she gets in the car and you both live or you say another word and you both die," the man said, cocking the gun. "Get. In. The. Car."

Matt looked at the license plate of the man's car and nodded at Lexi. She mouthed at him to call the cops as soon as possible, out of the man's sight. Lexi turned around and walked over to the man's car, getting in the backseat.

"Give me your cell phone," he told Matt.

Matt figured that Lexi had left her phone in the car so he was more than willing to give his up. The man threw it on the ground and fired a shot through it.

"Now drive away," he commanded. "Your bitch will be returned when I feel it's time."

Matt slowly walked to the car and drove away. The man turned around and saw Lexi's crying face staring at him. He put the gun back in his jeans and knelt down in front of the car. He removed the license plates and replaced them with a new set. Lexi began to hyperventilate as he finished up and got in the car.

"Move up here," he demanded.

Lexi crawled over the center console and sat in the passenger seat. As she buckled her seatbelt, her head was forced against the headrest by a wet rag being pressed to her face.

"Nighty night, Miss Bliss," he said, the last thing she heard before the fumes knocked her out.

The man laughed as he put the car in gear and sped off. A little over an hour later, Lexi woke up in a recliner sitting in the center of a brightly lit room. It took a few seconds for her brain to come to and realize where she was. The five-foot, one-inch tall blonde tried to get out of the chair but her wrists were wrapped in no less than fifteen layers of duct tape. She looked around and instantly became more horrified.

Lexi scanned the room and saw thousands of pictures of her glued to the wall. A majority of the pictures were ones that could easily be found online but the ones that horrified her the most were the ones that clearly were taken in her Orlando home. She saw numerous pictures of her naked self sleeping, showering, sitting on the toilet and, even worse, having sex. The man had been stalking her since she first signed with the WWE, based on her look in some of the pictures.

"HELP!!!" she screamed, kicking her legs wildly. "HELP ME!!!"

The door to the room opened and the familiar man walked through. She could now see him more clearly. He was an average build and not as tall as he had seemed, probably no bigger than five-feet, eight-inches.

"I see you woke up," he said as he locked the door behind him. "Welcome to my home, Miss Bliss."

"Let me go!" she cried.

"Why would I do that?" he said as he stood next to her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "As you can see Alexa, I am a big fan of yours."

"Alexa is not my name!" she yelled.

"From now on, Lexi Kauffman no longer exists," he said as he got in her face. "You are Alexa Bliss...MY Alexa Bliss, and you are never to be referred to as 'Lexi' again." Alexa tried to intimidate him with her famous 'blissed off' face but it only made him laugh. "You are so cute when you're mad," he joked as he kissed her forehead.

"My boyfriend called the cops, they will find you," Alexa snarled.

"Oh no, not the cops," he sarcastically said. "I am in so much trouble when they find that damaged Honda, sitting in the woods about a half hour away, with the plates he never saw."

Alexa looked confused until it finally hit her.

"You switched cars?" she asked, almost defeated.

"There's that brain finally working," he mocked as he patted her atop the head. "I'm not an idiot. You can tell by my masterpiece wall that this was well planned out."

"How did you get those pictures?" she asked.

"I've been following you for years, as you can see," he explained. "I do not need to explain myself because I have my prize now."

Alexa looked around and saw several of her action figures sitting on a desk behind her. She could see that they were covered in some sort of glaze. Very little time was taken before she guessed what that glaze was.

"Yes Alexa, that's exactly what you think it is," he said as he rubbed the front of his jeans. "Now I get to add a bigger toy to my collection."

Alexa was breathing very fast as the fear raced through her body. The man was walking towards her and she tried to back away even though she was bound to the chair. Her eyes went wide as he pulled his jeans down, exposing his six-inch cock to her. His hand went right to his tool as he stood next to her. Alexa looked away but could hear the sound of him stroking himself loud and clear.

The twenty-five-year-old felt sick as she waited for the inevitable. She could hear his breathing pick up and knew that any second, she would be marked. Suddenly, he stopped making any sounds, causing Alexa to turn towards him. She instantly regretted her decision as she was met with a hot shot of semen hitting her directly between the eyes.

"Eww," she groaned as she turned her head back and felt his cum hit the back of her neck and drip down into her black t-shirt.

Alexa could hear the man grunt with each shot, eventually ending with a groan of absolute satisfaction. The man rubbed the wet head of his cock against her ear, using it as a rag. The woman was shaking, feeling sick to her stomach as he finally stepped back. Slowly, she turned her head once more and was met with the flash of a camera. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes as she watched him walk to his computer.

"Can you clean me up?" she asked, feeling his cum on her face slowly drip down her nose.

The man ignored her and proceeded to print out the picture of her cum-stained face. Alexa was horrified as she saw him glue the picture to the back of the door. Quickly after, he walked out and left her alone. The blonde burst out in tears, crying like a baby as the feeling of hopelessness fought for dominance inside her.

Alexa was forced to stare at the pictures of herself for hours, making sure to keep her eyes off of the private ones. She focused on a picture of her and her boyfriend, which only fueled more tears. After nearly two hours alone, the man walked back in, wearing nothing below the waist and holding his hard cock in hand. The girl whined as he came closer.

"I know that you must be hungry," he said as he grabbed her by the blonde hair. "Open wide, here comes the train."

Alexa kept her jaw clenched tightly as his cock bumped against her lips. The man grabbed her by the ear and twisted it until she screamed. Before she could close her mouth, he forced his half-foot rod past her teeth and down her throat. His held his cock as far down as he could while he put his leg over the chair, hovering over it and putting his cock directly in front of her. He let go of her head and grabbed the back of the chair.

The man violently thrusted his hips back and forth, pushing her head repeatedly into the thin cushioning. The woman's thick thighs kicked wildly as she struggled to breathe. She tried to scream but was muffled by his cock. She felt as if her jaw could dislocate at any second as his thrusts increased in power.

Alexa did everything she could to get more comfortable but nothing was working. Her entire head was hurting more and more with each time he slammed into her. The man could feel her tears soak his pubic hair. He pulled everything but the tip out of her mouth and looked down. As soon as her bright blue eyes opened up and met his green ones, he forced his way back in.

"Good girl," he grunted.

After another minute of fucking her face, the man pulled out and let his cum cover her wet lips and droll-covered chin. Alexa's eyes were half open, makeup rushing down her cheeks, as she saw each shot land on her, unsure whether the pain in her jaw or pain in her heart was worse. She simply closed her eyes and passed out from whichever pain decided to take over. The man took another picture and printed out several copies, littering the floor with them. He cut her restraints and dragged her unconscious body onto the pile of pictures. He tied her wrists together with zip ties.

"You must be hot in those sweatpants," he said as he pulled them off, getting his first up-close look at her perfectly round and spankable ass with a pink thong nestled tightly between the cheeks.

The man sat next to her and started to pinch and squeeze her ass, amazed at how amazingly soft yet toned it was. He lifted his hand high up and spanked her as hard as he could, achieving a dream. He spanked her many times, eventually enough to bring her back to consciousness. She slowly looked over her shoulder and saw his hand strike her backside, letting out a sound that could be heard for miles.

"Ahh!" she cried. "Oww!" she screamed as he spanked her ass again.

Alexa eventually looked down and became more horrified at the many pictures of her unconscious and stained face staring back at her. She had no choice but to close her eyes and take her spanking. Strike after strike hit her, seeming to never end. By the end the last smack of her ass, fifteen minutes had passed. The young woman's tanned ass was now beat red in every spot. She was in so much discomfort, she did not even notice him pull her thong down.

The man rolled Alexa onto her back, grabbed her t-shirt and violently tried to tear it off with one hand. The wrestler was used like ragdoll, her head and arms shaking around as he tried to rip the tight shirt off. After a few hard tugs, the shirt tore and easily ripped off.

"No bra, my kind of bitch," he whispered as he stared at his nude victim.

Alexa looked at him, her face turning red in embarrassment. Even though she had already felt violated in several ways, she had not felt more vulnerable than now. Every inch of her near-perfect frame was on display for this salivating stranger.

The man pulled his shirt off and joined her in full nudity. He tried to pry her legs apart but they were too strong for him. He gave every bit of strength but was unsuccessful. The look on his face scared Alexa right away but not quite enough to give up. He stood up and walked to his desk, pulling out a switchblade.

"You aren't being a good girl, Alexa," he said as he knelt down and grabbed her hair. "I don't like that."

The man started to hack away at her hair, making sure to hold the blade close to her face. He would intentionally saw it forward so that it would come across her line of sight, barely three inches from her eyes. Sweat was forming on Alexa's face as she prayed that he would keep control of the blade. Once a lock of hair was cut away, he placed it on his cock, straddled the girl and forced it down her throat. With his cock holding the hair in her throat, he grabbed another lock and cut it off, this time holding it in front of her face and cutting down. One fast move would cause Alexa to lose an eye.

"I feel like I might sneeze," he said as he put the blade closer.

Alexa was beginning to shake again as he faked a sneeze and cut through the hair, coming as close to nicking her eye as possible.

"I suggest you open your legs because the next one, I'm just going to use your forehead as a cutting board," he said as he forced the lock of hair down her throat with his cock.

The woman watched in horror as he held a lock of her hair on her forehead and brought the blade to it. Just as he began to saw away, she screamed through his cock. He pulled out of her and let her speak.

"Don't cut me," she begged between heavy breaths and hacking coughs to expel the hair.

Alexa slowly opened her legs for the man, who quickly jumped in before she had a chance to change her mind. He began to rub his rock-hard cock against her slightly wet pussy, not wet from arousal but instead a small bit of urine that was scared out of her. He grabbed at her chest with his free hand, pinching her nipple hard and making her squeal.

"I've been waiting for this forever," he said as he held the blade up.

Alexa's heart stopped as he slammed the blade down, sticking into the floor mere inches from her face. He felt her leak a bit more on his cock before he roughly turned her onto her stomach.

"Your cunt is useless, that Alexa Ass is the real prize," he said as he spread her cheeks and forced his cock against her asshole.

Alexa gnawed down on the carpet and let out a panful groan.

"No, NO!!" she screamed as his head popped past the sphincter and pushed inward.

"Tight as a vice, just the way I like it," he grunted as he continued to see his cock disappear from sight.

The man lifted her up to her knees as he pushed the final inch into her. He put all of his weight on her, giving her lower back a bending it had never seen before. Alexa felt like her spine could snap at any moment as he continued to shift his weight down. Slowly, he pulled his cock out half way before slamming back in.

"OWWW!!!" she yelled.

The man slapped her hard across the back with one hand while the other dug into her ass cheek. The man slowly increased the pace and within a minute, was fucking her as hard as possible. He grabbed her hair and tugged on it, his elbow digging into the center of her back. The short blonde was sobbing uncontrollably from the pain in both her rarely-fucked asshole and her lower back, which was taking a beating. Add in the pain of his elbow spearing her and she was in hell.

Alexa opened her eyes again, seeing the pictures once more and wishing she was dead. Eventually, the pain from the anal intrusion started to dissipate once her anus got used to his thick cock ripping its way in and out.

The man let go of her hair and let her face fall to the floor. He grabbed the other ass cheek with his newly free hand and dug his fingers in just as hard as he was doing on the opposite side. After a minute, the man suddenly stopped and pulled out of Alexa.

"This can be more fun," he said as he grabbed an extra set of zip ties from his desk.

The man cut the ties from her wrists, before grabbing the left wrist and tying it to her left ankle. After doing the same with her rights, he got her back on her stomach. Her hips were elevated off of the ground as her tied limbs prevented her from flattening out. He quickly placed his cock back in her ass and started to force his entire body onto hers. His weight caused her limbs to spread farther than nature intended. Alexa was howling in agony as the zip ties dug into her while her shoulders fought with every ounce of strength to prevent dislocation.

"How does that feel, Miss Bliss?" he asked.

Alexa's teeth were clenched, an everlasting groan exiting her voice box. She was in the most excruciating pain of her life, so much that she could not even feel his cock inside of her. With each thrust, the pain increased.

If there was any bit of luck in Alexa's life, the man was very close to cumming. He gave her a few more pumps before unloading a torrent of cum deep into her bowel. Even though he had collapsed down on her, Alexa had maneuvered her body in a way to put relief on her shoulders, wrists and ankles.

The man kissed the back of her neck as his cock softened and fell out of her ass. Alexa simply buried her face into the carpet and sobbed. The man stood up and admired his dirty work. He hovered over Alexa and started to reach for his camera. Just as he took the picture, the door to his room was kicked down by Matt. The man was startled as Matt saw the result of his dirty work.

Alexa watched on as Matt dragged the man out of the room, repeatedly kneeing him in the balls. Seconds later, a gunshot rang throughout the house, bringing her heart to a stop. She heard footsteps running towards her. She crawled to a corner and cowered until she saw Matt walk in, holding the silver pistol in his hand.

"It's okay Lexi, he can't hurt you anymore," he said as he pulled his jacket off and covered her abused body with it.

"How did you find me?" she asked.

"I told you that GPS tracker on your phone was a good idea," he replied. "I called the cops but after you tell your story, we won't have anything to worry about."

Alexa broke down in tears again as Matt hugged her.

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