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Carmella Vs SmackDown Roster
by NAC4

(Carmella defeats Lana flawlessly with the help of her boyfriend, James Ellsworth. She destroyed Lana and continued to attack her with her briefcase. Carmella then grabs a mic.)

Carmella: I'm the best woman in Smackdown LIVE, hell, I'm the best woman in the WORLD! I'm unstoppable! I'm not just Ms. Money in the Bank, but I'm also going to be a FUTURE Smackdown Women's Champion!

Ellsworth: That's right Carmella! I won't have anything happen to you!

(Carmella and Ellsworth share a light kiss. They then walk backstage. And then Natalya shows up.)

Natalya: The Best woman in the world? I highly doubt that you're nothing but a little-spoiled brat from Staten Island.

Carmella: Fuck you, Natalya! You better watch out, or I'll cash in WHENEVER I want. I'M THE FUTU-

(Before Carmella could even finish her sentence, almost every woman in Smackdown LIVE surrounded her. Tamina, Charlotte, Becky, Naomi, Maria, and even a Lana who looked furious. James Ellsworth runs off like a coward.)

Carmella: JAMES! HELP!

Natalya: Nobody can help you now sweet cheeks.

(Natalya, Charlotte, Tamina, Becky, Naomi, Maria, and Lana all attack and beat Carmella up until all Carmella sees... is black.)

(Carmella wakes up after 30 minutes to see nothing but darkness. She screams... and then lights turn on. Carmella was naked from her head to her feet, lipstick is all over her face, she is chained up to a wall and she's facing the wall while her ass is facing a door.)


(A door opens and Lana walks in)

Lana: You're in the 'Basement of Women Torture". This is where the bad girls get sent to, this is what me, Natalya, and the rest of the ladies thought of, to punish people like YOU.

Carmella: WHY AM I NAKED?

Lana: You hurt me? Well... I'm going to hurt you, "Staten Island Princess".

(Lana pulls one of the drawers and exposes a 13-inch purple dildo.)

Carmella: What did you just pull out?

Lana: Oh, nothing, just a dildo.

(Lana quickly strikes the dildo into Carmella's asshole.(

Lana: (laughs) It barely fits!


Lana: Aww... Does that hurt? I guess it doesn't hurt enough.


(Before Carmella can even continue her sentence, Lana makes the dildo go faster and harder. Carmella was crying, she was not enjoying it, it felt like somebody was punching her asshole. And then, Lana stops.)

Lana (in Russian): Pathetic little "princess". This is only Round One!

Carmella: What the hell did you just say?

(Lana leaves the room, Carmella left speechless, she is still chained to the wall. She is sweating and crying, she just wanted to go back home.)

Carmella: What a whore! I gotta find a way to escape these chains!

(Right when Carmella tries to figure a way out, somebody else opens the door and enters the room. It was Naomi. She smiled.)

Naomi: It's alright Carmella, I'm on your side... I'll help you escape!

Carmella: Thank you so much, Naomi! I'm so sorry with all the shit I've done when you were champion, you seem like a nice person.

(Naomi unchains Carmella. And Carmella jumps up and down so happy)

Carmella: THANK YO-

(Naomi then, punches Carmella and Carmella falls to the floor.)

Naomi: (laughs) Do you honestly fucking think I would help YOU with escaping? After ALL the shit you put me through when I was champion?

(Naomi grabs 2 pairs of cuffs. One was for Carmella's feet the other was for her hands. Naomi cuffed Carmella onto a horrible looking bed that smelled like shit.)

Carmella: NO, PLEASE! NAOMI!

(Naomi takes off her glow in the dark thong and pants. Her ebony ass was jiggling over Carmella's face. Carmella looked away. Naomi grabs lube from the drawers and pours it all over her big black ass, some lube landed in Carmella's face. Naomi then sits on Carmella's face while Carmella screams.)

Naomi: Feel this glow you little bitch.

(Naomi shakes her ass while Carmella's face is under it.)

Naomi: Lick my pussy or I'm staying here FOREVER!

Carmella: NO! DON'T DO THIS!

(Naomi slaps Carmella until her cheeks become bright red)

Naomi: No? LICK IT.

(Carmella hesitates but does it, she HATED the taste, she licked it for a good minute until Naomi gets off of her. Naomi smiles at Carmella and forces her tongue to touch Carmella's tongue)

Naomi: Goodbye, Staten Island Princess.

(Naomi puts her black thong over Carmella's head and she walks out the room with only her "Feel the Glow" shirt. Her black ass is jiggling like jelly. Carmella is left frozen, she has wetness all over her mouth and a lot of saliva on her chin, she wanted to spit it all out, but she couldn't, she couldn't even take the thong off her face.)

Charlotte: I heard there was more royalty in Smackdown LIVE?

(Carmella recognized Charlotte's voice)

Carmella: Just get it over with Charlotte.

(Charlotte takes off Carmella's handcuffs and turns her over. Charlotte ties rope over Carmella and now she's tied to the bed, still naked. Her ass is pointing directly to Charlotte's face.)

Charlotte: Wooooo!

(Charlotte grabs a whip and her phone)

Charlotte: You can come in.

(Becky Lynch enters the room and she already has ALL her clothes off and licks her lips. All she has on now are her steampunk goggles.)

Becky: They call me the Lass Kicker, but who said I wasn't a Lass Kisser?

(Charlotte whips Carmella's ass so hard)

Carmella: FUCK!!!

(Becky licks her pussy and kisses her ass with her orange lipstick and then Charlotte whips her again, vice versa, they take turns for 5 minutes. And at the end, Carmella's ass was bright red with orange marks. Carmella sobs)

Carmella: STOP!

Becky: It's alright lass, we'll stop beating your arse... but let's not forget about Natalya, Maria, and Tamina!

Charlotte: And you thought this was bad?


Becky: No, you havn't delt your punishment yet.

Carmella: Yes I have!

Charlotte: Well, I do have to compliment that thong on your head.

(Charlotte and Becky laugh. Then, Charlotte plays with Carmella's pussy for a while and then Becky gives her a kiss on the lips... then they leave. Carmella didn't like her pussy getting played with by other girls, but it felt good... another girl walked in, it was Maria Kanellis.)

Maria: Do you wanna see the TRUE power of love Carmella? YOU may be the "future champion", but I'm the Current CHAMP... of Love.

Carmella: (stutters) Stt-op!

Maria: No! I would love to torture you too!

(Maria grabs Carmella's phone out of a drawer after they took her clothes, Carmella's phone didn't have a password...)


Maria: You think I don't know that?

(Maria slaps Carmella's ass and then opens up Instagram... she takes pictures of Carmella's wet mouth, wet pussy, and nice ass and posts them to the public.)

Maria: The WWE Universe will love this!

Carmella: HEY! NO PLEASE!

Maria: Too fucking late whore! But, I still need 1 more photo.

(Maria takes a selfie of her hugging the naked body of Carmella and posts it on Instagram also. She added the caption "She wanted it.")


(Maria punches Carmella real hard. And Carmella stays silent... then Tamina walks in.)

Tamina: Hey, Maria, take a picture of this!

(Tamina takes off her clothes and reveals her hairy bush, she goes to the corner of the bed where Carmella's hand lies, and grabs her hand and uses her hand to make Carmella play with her pussy)

Maria: (laughs) I'm recording this to her insta!

(Tamina moans and screams while Carmella sobs. Carmella's hand gets all wet and Tamina looks down at Carmella and her hairy pussy and smiled. Maria posted the video to Carmella's Instagram and then throws the phone. Maria and Tamina leave... and the last girl was Natalya. Natalya enters)

Natalya: Well, well, well... "future champion"... I don't think so. (laughs) Lucky for you Carmella, I'm the last woman you have to worry about.

Carmella: I'm sorry Nattie...

Natalya: You'll be sorrier after this.

(Natalya takes off her attire and is fully naked... her big tits all over Carmella's face. Natalya opened Carmella's legs and opened her owns and they both started scissoring. Carmella hated it, but she still thought it felt good.)


(Carmella couldn't speak, all she did was moaned, but she finally answered.)



Carmella: OH NO!

(Carmella squirted all over Natalya's pussy, and Natalya is in shock.)

Carmella: (out of breath) Oh, my god.

Natalya: All over my thighs and pussy? Nice work Carm.

(Natalya kisses Carmella and released her from the cuffs and rope. But, before Natalya can say thank you... Natalya did a sharpshooter with both of them naked and Carmella screaming in pain.)

Carmella: STOPPPPPP!!!

(Carmella was tapping out and eventually, she passed out, the liquid from Natalya's thighs and pussy dripped down to Carmella's ass and both of their asses were bouncing together... Natalya let go of the hold and gave Carmella 1 final kiss.)

Natalya: (whispers) That's why I'm the champion)

(Nattie walked out the room.)

(A few weeks later, Carmella confronted the WWE Universe.)

Carmella: Last week, I said I was the best woman in the world. I was incorrect. I was being a cunt slut bitch last week, and I still am all 3 of those things... I am the worst woman in the world, I'm more like the Peasant of Staten Island. I will be dropping my Money in the Bank contract to any women in that locker room, because I am ashamed...

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