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Carmella's Training
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours before the start of a Monday Night Raw broadcast in fall of 2004, the
former World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton makes his way to the ring area
to hide a sledge hammer under the ring. Dressed in a pair of black workout
pants and red Raw t-shirt, Randy kneels near the ringsteps and puts the
ledge hammer under the ring. When he gets up and turns to leave he sees the
runner-up of the 2004 Raw Diva Search, Carmella DeCesare coming from the
back. "Hey... I didn't know you got hired..." Randy says as he calls out to
her as she comes down the entrance ramp.

The Playboy Playmate of the Year and 2004 RAW Diva Search Contestant,
Carmella DeCesare tosses her soft dark hair back as she presses her lips
together as she approaches Randy. Carmella smirks as she stops in front of
Randy and places her hands on her hips "Oh...I got fight
that bitch...that nobody Christy Hemme!" Carmella rolls her eyes "I can't
believe that she won! I mean I'm the Playboy Playmate of the Year!" Carmella
says as she shakes her head as she dressed in a pair of short black gym
shorts and a light pink sports bra "But I Taboo Tuesday I'm
going to beat that bitch's ass!"

Randy laughs a bit as he folds his arms, "Well I don't know how she won and
you didn't... but I do know she's already been training full time since she
won the Diva Search..." Randy replies and then he gets a bit of a smirk on
his face, "Just curious... how are you going to beat her ass?"

Carmella bites down on her bottom lip and then shrugs "I don't know...I just
know that I am..."

Randy smirks a bit, "Really... well you're going to have to train... Christy
is getting the best possible training she can get..." Randy says, "I could
train you... since I'm a nice guy."

Carmella raises her eyebrow a bit and smirks as she looks at Randy "You're a
nice guy?" Carmella laughs a little.

Randy smirks, "Well I can be nice... for the right reasons...." Randy says as
he unfolds his arms and put his hands on his waist. "How about we get into
the ring... and see what you can do?" Randy says as he steps towards the ring
steps to climb up onto the edge of the ring.

Carmella smirks and begins to approaches the ring as she keeps her soft eyes
locked on Randy. Carmella climbs up onto the ring apron and then enter the
ring through the bottom rope. The Playboy Playmate of the Year folds her arms
and presses her lips together in a snobby-like way "Ok...what's first?"

Randy licks his lips a bit, "Well first... I'm going to show you a
hammerlock..." Randy says as he takes hold of Carmella's left wrist and
pulls it behind her back, "If you can put Christy in this hold... you can
keep her from doing anything directly too you... and you can twist her
arm and bend it any way you want..." Randy explains as he pushes himself
forward so that his crotch his brushing against Carmella's ass.

Carmella smirks as she feels Randy's crotch brush against her ass "Ok...but
say she does something like this?" Carmella says before purposely bends over
as she's standing and backs her perfect, rounded ass back against Randy's

Randy grins as Carmella's perfect, round ass presses against his crotch,
"Well if she does something like that... you let go of her arm..." Randy
says as he releases Carmella's left wrist, "And push her..." Randy says
as he steps back and pushes Carmella forward and down to her knees.

Carmella presses her lips together as she sits on her knees with her back
towards Randy, she slowly turns around and looks up at Randy as she remains
on her knees "Ok...but what is she...does something like this?" Carmella asks
slyly as she places her hands against Randy's black workout pants and begins
to pull them down.

"Oh... there's no counter move for that... you'll have to figure that out
for yourself," Randy says as Carmella slowly pulls down his black workout
pants, instantly freeing his large thick, twelve inch dick. "But if you get
into this position... what would you do?" Randy asks as he looks down at the
Playboy Playmate of the Year.

Carmella licks her lips and tosses her soft dark hair slightly "Mmmm...I
think I'd have this.." Carmella says as she gently wraps her soft,
smooth hands against Randy's shaft and begins to gently stroke Randy's cock
before she leans her head down and presses her soft, wet tongue against the
head of Randy's cock.

"Ohhh... damn... that's a good move..." Randy moans as Carmella strokes his
thick cock while pressing her tongue against the head of his dick. "Mmmm...
what else would you do... cause right now you got the advantage..." Randy
says with a smirk as he pulls off the red RAW t-shirt he's wearing. Carmella
lifts her eyes and slightly smiles up at Randy before she starts to circle
her soft, wet tongue around the head of Randy's cock, before she gently taps
the head of his cock with her soft tongue. Carmella opens her warm, salvia
dripping mouth and then lowers her head on his cock as she takes him into
her soothing mouth. She wraps her lips around the head of his cock as she
starts to smoothly bob her head on his cock.

Randy presses his lips together as he reaches back and hooks his left arm
around the top ring rope. "Mmmmm... I see you got a plan..." Randy moans a
bit as he puts his right hand on Carmella's head and pushes some of her
hair back behind her right ear as she slowly and smoothly moves her warm,
wet mouth back and forth along his meaty cock. Carmella gently taps her
tongue along his shaft as she bobs her head, gradually sucking his cock
at a faster rate as her warm saliva drips against his cock. The Playboy
Playmate of the Year tightens her lips around his shaft as she starts to
lower her head further down on his cock, taking more of his hard, meaty
cock into her warm and wet mouth.

"Ahhh... ohh yea..." Randy moans as he begins to thrust his hips back and
forth, pushing his cock in and out between Carmella's soft pouty lips. Randy
puts his right hand behind Carmella's head and grabs a handful of her smooth
dark brown hair. "Uhhh yeah... mmm you know... you can... get an advantage...
by like... getting all the fans behind you..." Randy moans as he watches
Carmella suck on his dick. Carmella slowly lifts her head up from Randy's
cock that now drips of her warm saliva. Carmella presses her lips together
and smiles up at Randy as she scoots herself back a bit and begins to removes
her light pink sports bra. Randy licks his lips as he sees Carmella's round,
large and firm tits bounce free once Carmella removes her light pink sports
bra. "That'll help get the fan behind you... but taking off those hot black
gym shorts will guarantee it..." Randy says with a smirk.

Carmella stands up and smirks "You really think so?" Carmella asks in a
teasing tone as she slowly pushes the black gym shorts off of her hips and
begins to guide them down her smooth, tanned legs.

Randy nods his head as Carmella pushes down her black gym shorts, "Oh yeah...
you get the fans behind you, it'll distract Christy... and it'll help you
keep the advantage..." Randy says as he licks his lips and sees Carmella's
smoothly shaved, hot pussy become exposed.

Carmella smirks a bit "What else?" Carmella asks as she stands completely
naked in front of Randy.

"Well... let's see... maybe we can see what you can do when you have your
opponent down on the mat..." Randy says before he lays down in the center of
the ring and puts his hands behind his head.

Carmella licks her lips as she starts to walk over towards to center of the
ring and then stands over Randy's impressive, muscular body " do
something like this?" Carmella asks as she lowers herself down onto Randy's
cock taking him into her tight, warm pussy. "Ohhhhhh..." Carmella groans as
she places her hands onto of Randy's muscular chest and begins to ride his

"Ohh yeah... something like that..." Randy groans as Carmella slowly begins
to build momentum as she moves herself back and forth on his shaft as she
starts to bounce slightly. Randy moves his hands from behind his head and
places them on Carmella's smooth tanned legs.

Carmella closes her eyes as she rocks smoothly on Randy's cock, while she
rocks back and forth quicker and starts to slam her hot body down on Randy's
cock with a bit more force each time she comes down "Ohhhh...ohhh Randy..."
Carmella moans as she moves her hands gently against his smooth, muscular

Randy starts thrusting his thick cock up into Carmella's pussy as she
grinds herself sharply down onto his dick. "Uhhh... you got to keep your eyes
open... other wise... you'll get reversed..." Randy says to her as he slides
his hands up to Carmella's slender waist and quickly rolls over so that the
runner-up of the 2004 Raw Diva Search is flat on her back. Randy places his
hands onto Carmella's shoulders, pinning them to the mat as he be begins
thrusting his cock in and out of her warm, tight pussy.

Carmella opens her eyes and grits her teeth together as she feels Randy's
cock ram and thrust deeply into her warm, tight pussy "Ohhhh shit Randy..."
Carmella moans as she places her hands against Randy's strong arms.

Randy grits his teeth as he drives his cock steadily into Carmella's pussy
with hard, swift thrusts, "Ahhh... what... you gotta do... now... is try...
and get out... of a pinning... situation.... keep your shoulders off the
mat..." Randy explains as he gives Carmella advice while fucking her.

Carmella grits her teeth tighter as she wraps her smooth legs around Randy's
waist and starts to rock her body against Randy's impressive, powerful body
as she grinds her pussy against his cock "Ohhhh ohhhhh...ohhh Randy" Carmella

"Whoa... damn..." Randy grunts as Carmella tightly squeezes his waist with
her smooth legs. Randy moves his hands down from her shoulders and wraps
them around her body when she arches her back to grind her pussy against his
pistoning cock. Randy then leans upward and sits on his knees, while at the
same time pulls Carmella up with him. With her legs around his waist, and his
arms around her body, Randy begins bouncing the Playboy Playmate of the Year
on his cock.

Carmella tilts her head back as she places her hands on Randy's shoulder and
begins to once again bounce smoothly on Randy's cock as she begins to sweat
"Ohhhhh Randy..."

Randy clenches his teeth as He thrusts his cock in and out of Carmella's
warm, wet pussy. "Ahhhh... ohhhh yeah..." Randy grunts as he fucks Carmella
as she jumps up and down on his cock. Randy leans backward some more and
slowly gets up his feet. Randy then walks over to a corner of the ring and
he leans against the turnbuckles.

Carmella closes her eyes as her hot, sweaty body slams down harder on Randy's
cock as she rocks and bounces swiftly on his cock "Ohhhhhh shit Randy..."

"Uhhh yeah... go wild Carmella..." Randy grunts as he lets go of Carmella's
body after she wraps her arms around his neck. Randy puts both of his arms
on the top ropes of the ring and hold on to them as Carmella bouncing up and
wildly on his thick shaft as he shoves his cock deep into her hot, tight
Playmate of the Year pussy.

"Ohhhhh ohhhh...fuck yesss Randy!" Carmella moans loudly as she begins to cum
on Randy cock when she suddenly slams down hard on his throbbing cock.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Randy tilts his head back and groans as he feels Carmella's
pussy squeeze his cock tightly as she cums hard on his thick shaft. The
former World Heavyweight Champion clenches his teeth as he begins to cum
inside of Carmella's hot, soaking wet pussy, filling her with his warm cum.

Carmella closes her eyes as she rest herself against Randy's muscular sweaty
chest "Ohhhh...mmm...Randy..." Carmella moans as she breaths heavily.

Randy puts his arms around Carmella as he lifts her off his cock and stands
her up on her feet. "Mmmm... whew... not bad... for your first training
session..." Randy says as Carmella leans against him.

Carmella smirks " think I did good?" Carmella asks as she places her
hands on her sweaty hips.

Randy nods his head, "Yeah... you got some real potential... just need a
little more training..." Randy replies with a smirk as some sweat rolls down
his face.

Carmella licks her lips "Would you mind helping me?"

Randy smirks, "I'd love to... by the time I'm done with you... you'd be ready
to take on the best the WWE has to offer... and kick Christy's ass at Taboo


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