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ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Also, Kristi and I don't.... DON'T! DO NOT!!! write the following types of
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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

APRIL 1 2000 - 9:15PM

After a long flight to Anaheim, California, Val Venis has arrived at his
hotel room to get some sleep before he referees the catfight between Terri
Runnels and The Kat on the biggest stage of them all, WrestleMania. Val,
dressed in black pants and a gray short- sleeved shirt, closes the door and
sets his travel bag down and begins to undress to take a shower. Just as Val
takes off his shirt, there's a knock on the hotel room door. "What the
hell..." Val says as he steps to the door to open it.

The feisty and frisky Kat, dressed in a short black silk bathrobe, smiles at
Val Venis as she stands outside of his hotel room. "Hey Val..." The Kat says
in a soft, seductively as she locks her sly eyes with the referee of her and
Terri's match at WrestleMania. "I hope I'm not disturbing you...may I come

"Heh... sure Kat..." Val says as he licks his lips, "And you're not
disturbing me... what can the Big Valbowski do for you?"

The Kat smile slyly as she steps into Val's hotel room and lightly pushes
the door closed with her left foot. The Kat presses her lips together as she
proceeds to step closer to the Big Valbowski "You know...when I heard you
were going to be refereeing my match at WrestleMania against Terri..." The
Kat pauses and places her hands against the muscular chest of Val Venis and
slyly moves them against his chest, lightly caressing. "...Well I was just
so excited..."

Val smirks, "You're not trying to influence me now... are you?" Val asks.

The Kat looks at Val, acting as though she is offended by his comment. "Me?
Trying to influence you?" The Kat presses her lips together and shakes her
head "No way..." The Kat replies as she slyly lowers her hands down his
muscular chest to his toned and muscular stomach " would be
really nice if you did make it easier for me to win..."

Val smirks, "Now I have to be impartial for the match..." Val says,
"Although.... I've been known to bend the rules once and a while."

The Kat slyly locks her eyes with Val Venis and smirks "I would like that
very much..." The Kat says before she drops her hands down to the crotch of
his black pants to feel up his hardening cock through the material of his
pants. The Kat licks her lips before she takes a step back and removes her
hands from Val. The Kat slyly smirks as she starts to untie her black
bathrobe, which she then opens and removes from her petite and nicely toned
tanned body with her juicy tits and her smoothly shaved pussy.

Val licks his lips, "Nice to see that you've came prepared..." Val says as
he looks down at the Kat's smoking hot body. The special referee for the
WrestleMania Catfight unbuckles his belt and pulls it through the loops of
his pants.

The Kat smirks and slowly nods her head as she kicks off her black high-heels
from her feet. "Mmm...I'm going to make sure you call this match in my
favor..." The Kat says as she kneels down in front of Val Venis and starts to
unzip Val's pants once he removes the belt from his waist

"I hope you do..." Val says as he lowers his pants to let out his fat twelve
inch cock which is already starting to harden.

The Kat slyly looks up at Val Venis as she wraps her smooth, skilled hands
around Val's extremely thick and hard cock. "Mmmm...yeah're going
to make sure I win..." The Kat says with a smile as she guides her hands up
and down his shaft. The Kat keeps her frisky, mischievous eyes locked with
Val as she lowers her head and playfully taps her tongue against the head of
Val's cock.

"Mmmmmm..." Val Venis licks his lips as he steps out of his pants and kicks
off his shoes as The Kat playfully smacks her tongue against the head of his
foot long dick. The Kat closes her eyes as she flicks her soft, wet tongue
back and forth against the head of Val's cock while she smoothly strokes both
of her skilled hands against his fat shaft.

"Mmmmm.... I see you've done some convincing before...." Val smirks as he
looks down at The Kat as she coats the head of his thick dick with her

"Mmmm...yes I have..." The Kat slyly asks before she removes her hands from
Val's cock and opens her incredible mouth to take his twelve inch cock into
her mischievous mouth. The Kat wraps her soft lips around his shaft and she
begins to smoothly lift and lower her head on Val's cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm..." Val moans as he places a hand on Kat's head as she bobs
her head smoothly along the length of his fat cock.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm...mmmmm" The Kat moans as she eagerly and smoothly lifts and
lowers her head, gently lapping her soft tongue around his shaft while she
sucks the cock of Val Venis. The Kat gently rocks her head forward on his fat
twelve inch cock, while her wet saliva drips down his shaft.

"Ohhhh yeah... fuck..." Val moans as he licks his lips and moves his hips to
guide his cock in and out of The Kat's warm, manipulative mouth as she sucks

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" The Kat moans as Val's cock passes through her lips and
enters deeper into her mouth as he starts to thrust his cock into her
incredible mouth. The Kat's lips smoothly grind against his cock as she
quickly moves her head, bobbing her head like a jackhammer on his cock.

"Yeah... mmmm fuck yeah... suck that cock..." Val moans as watches The Kat
take his foot long cock deeper into her mouth thanks to his thrusts as she
lowers her head further on his dick.

The Kat slowly lifts her head off of Val's cock, dragging her tongue against
his shaft along the way. The Kat looks up at Val as her wet saliva drips down
from the head of his cock. " Val...I'm going to win, right?" The Kat
asks with a sly smirk.

Val Venis smirks, "It's possible..." Val says before he looks at the bed,
"But I may need some more convincing..."

The Kat bites down on her bottom lip and slyly raises an eyebrow as she
starts to stand up from the floor "Oh really? And what ever could that be?"
The Kat asks with a laugh.

Val smirks, "I'm sure you can figure it out..." Val says as he takes Kat's
arm and helps her get on the bed. Val makes Kat get onto all fours before he
gets on the bed behind her so that he can slam his cock into her tight warm

"Mmmm...ohhhh yeah...mmm Val you're so big!" The Kat moans as she rocks
forward on her knees after Val Venis slams his cock into her warm, tight
pussy from behind. The Kat grits her teeth together and looks back slyly
at Val as she begins to rock back against Val's firm thrusts.

"Mmmm yeah... fuck!" Val Venis licks his teeth as he grabs The Kat's hips as
he pumps his fat dick in and out of her tight pussy as she pushes back to
match his pace.

"Ohhhh...mmm ohhh yeah Val! Give it to me Val!" The Kat moans as she rocks
back on her hands and knees to smoothly and firmly push her juicy ass against
Val's muscular waist as his cock slams deeply into her cunt "Ohhhh...mmmm
yeah Val!"

"Awww... ohhh yeah!" Val grunts as he drives his cock harder and faster into
The Kat's cunt. Val's balls smack against the frisky Diva's smooth tanned
skin with every thrust.

The Kat closes her eyes as she grabs onto the bed sheets and lowers her head
as she feels Val Venis slamming his cock deeper and harder into her cunt.
"Ohhhh! Ohhhh fuck my pussy Val!" The Kat moans as her ass smacks against his

"Mmmm! Fuck!" Val moans as he pounds the wet pussy of The Kat as slams
herself back against him. The Big Valbowski makes sure he has a firm grip of
the Diva's hips before he turns over onto his back with the Kat mounted on
his fat shaft.

The Kat slyly smirks as she places her hands back on Val's muscular, tanned
chest as she rocks back and forth on his twelve inch cock as he thrusts up
into her warm, tight pussy. "Ohhhh...mmm yeah I love riding that big dick!"
The Kat moans as she grinds her wet pussy down on his shaft.

"Mmmmm yeah... fuck... ahhh!" Val Venis moans as he watches The Kat lift
and drop herself on his cock over and over again. Val keeps his hands on
The Kat's hips as he lifts his lower body to drive his cock upward into
her pussy.

The Kat tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she swiftly and smoothly
bounces up and down on Val's cock as she lowers herself down on his cock,
taking him deeper into her cunt. "Mmmm...ohhh're so big!" The Kat
moans as she rocks back on his cock as sweat starts to form on her tanned

"Mmmm shit... yeah... fuck ride that cock!" Val grunts as he keeps driving
his cock upward into The Kat's cunt as she bounces up and down on his dick
like a trampoline.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhh ahhhhh fuck!" The Kat moans as she tilts her head back
further, as she lowers herself down on Val's cock at an angle. The Kat
quickly rocks on his shaft as her pussy tightens around his cock and the
frisky Diva begins to cum.

"Ahhhh uhhhh yeah... fuck!" Val groans as he starts to cum inside of The
Kat's pussy as she cums on his fat cock.

The Kat licks her lips as she feels his warm cum spraying into her pussy as
she slows down and lightly bounces on his throbbing cock "Ohhh Val...ohhh Val

"Mmmmm shit... mmm... I think... I'm a bit convinced..." Val grunts as his
cum shooting cock remains inside of The Kat's twat.

The Kat smiles as she slowly lifts herself off of Val Venis and moves off of
the large bed "I think you'll make the right choice..."

APRIL 1 2000 - 10PM

Val Venis steps out of the hotel room bathroom with a towel wrapped around
his waist. "Mmm The Kat knows how to make a man sweat..." Val smirks as he
puts up a referee shirt that is draped over a chair. Val holds it up and
examines it, "Perfect... perfect..." Val says as there's a knock on the
hotel room door. Val drapes the referee shirt over his shoulder and answers
the door, "Yeah, what is it?"

"Hey Val..." The very seductive and malicious, and extremely horny Little-She
Devil, Terri Runnels says with hands on her perfectly shaped hips as she
stands out in the hallway. Terri presses her luscious lips together as she
looks at Val, dressed in a sultry red silk bathrobe that reveals the top of
her tanned and juicy chest.

Val smirks a bit, "Why hello Terri... and what can I do for you?" Val asks
as he licks his lips slightly as he looks at the part of Terri's juicy chest
that's visible.

Terri smirks and locks her eyes with Val Venis "Well...I was hoping that
maybe we could talk about tomorrow at WrestleMania..." Terri says in a sultry
voice before she steps into Val's hotel room without being invited.

Val closes the hotel room door, "All right... what do you want to talk about?
Your match with the Kat?" Val smirks as he takes the referee shirt off his
shoulder and tosses it onto the dresser.

Terri Runnels slyly glances over at Val Venis and licks her lips as she
starts to step towards him "Moolah told me that I have to do whatever it
takes to win..."

Val smirks, "To win at WrestleMania you have to... that's common sense..."
Val says as he leans against the door as Terri comes closer.

Terri Runnels bites down on her bottom lip as she seductively looks at Val
Venis, just inches away from the special guest referee at WrestleMania
"Moolah said even if I have to cheat to win, do it..." Terri pauses and
smirks before she starts to casually untie her bathrobe "However...I have
my own ideas when it comes to winning..." Terri says as she starts to open
up her sultry red bathrobe "And...that's to fuck the referee..." Terri says
as she reveals her stunning and incredibly hot, horny body.

Val licks his lips and strokes his chin, "Hmmm.... I'm supposed to
impartial... but a good bribe is hard to turn down..." Val says before Terri
takes hold of the towel that's around his waist and pulls it away to reveal
Val's fat twelve inch cock.

Terri Runnels licks her lips as she glances down at Val's hardening twelve
inch cock and she tosses down the towel. "Everyone needs a good blowjob..."
Terri says as she presses her lips together and reaches down to place her
hands around his hardening cock. Terri drops down to her knees and instantly
takes his cock into her horny, wet mouth to begin to suck on his cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm and I see you haven't forgotten on how to suck a dick..."
Val moans as he folds his arms across his impressive tanned chest as Terri
presses her lips on his cock as she sucks it.

Terri lifts her incredibly seductive eyes and locks them with Val Venis as
she wraps her lips tightly around his cock and begins to smoothly bob her
head on his cock. "Mmmm...mmmm..." Terri moans as her lips rub against Val's

"Mmmmm yeah..." Val licks his lips and smirks as he watches Terri twist her
head slightly while keeping her eyes locked with his as she takes his fat
dick deeper into her devilishly hot mouth.

Terri's wet and warm saliva soothingly coats Val's cock as she quickly and
expertly bobs her head on Val's cock, while moving and twisting her head on
his rock hard, thick cock. "Mmmmm...mmmm..." Terri moans as she lightly
grinds her teeth against his cock.

"Ahhhh shit... fuck..." Val moans as Terri completely deep throats his cock
while her teeth rake against it at the same time as she turns her head from
side to side.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm...." Terri Runnels moans as the head of Val's cock smacks
against the back of her horny mouth as her wet saliva splashes against his
shaft with her skilled tongue slapping his shaft.

"Ahhhh.... fuck..." Val Venis smirks, "Mmmm Terri... how about getting on the
bed... and spreading those legs?"

Terri slyly looks up at Val before she slowly lifts her head and tosses her
blond hair back "Mmmm...Val...I would love that!"

Val smirks, "I'm not surprised..." Val says as he slides a hand through his
own damp hair. Terri Runnels stands up from the floor and seductively walks
over to the bed, swaying her incredible ass from side to side. Terri licks
her lips before she lays down on the bed, spreading her legs apart to show
off her shaved pussy. Val licks his lips as he steps to the bed and gets on
top of Terri. The Big Valbowski then proceeds to force his fat twelve inch
cock into Terri's cunt and instantly starts to pump it in and out.

"Mmmm...ohhh Val, mmm...That feels so good!" Terri moans as she wraps her
stunning, tanned legs around Val's muscular waist as he pumps his cock into
her warm, wet pussy. Terri locks her eyes with Val as she places her hands
onto his strong arms while she moves underneath him.

"Mmmm fuck... you like that don't you..." Val smirks as he pumps his large
cock in and out of Terri's pussy with firm, swift thrusts. Val plants his
hands flat down on the bed and holds his upper body up as he fucks Terri.

Terri grits her teeth and happily nods her head as the horny She-Devil
moves under Val Venis and his rock hard slamming cock. "Mmmm...ohhh yess
Val, you're the best fuck ever!" Terri moans as her pussy grinds against
his shaft.

Val chuckles a big as he rams his cock balls deep into Terri's cunt, "Of
course I am..." Val grunts as Terri pulls herself against him as he fucks
her roughly on the bed.

Terri lightly digs her fingernails into Val's strong, muscular arms as she
rocks quickly against Val's firm and quick thrusts "Ohhhh! Ohhhh ahhhh fuck!"
Terri moans as sweat starts to drip against her body.

Val licks his teeth as he pounds Terri's pussy and when she unwraps her legs
from his waist, Val pulls his cock out of her pussy. "Turn a bit..." Val says
as he lays on his left side. When Terri turns on her side, Val lifts up her
right leg and forces his fat dick into her tight little asshole.

Terri grits her teeth and closes her eyes as she feels Val's thick cock
slowly entering her tight asshole "Ohhhh...awwww fuck..." Terri moans as she
presses her lips firmly together and pushes her ass back against Val's cock
to lightly grind her ass against his muscular waist.

"Mmmmm fuck awww... shit..." Val grunts as he thrusts his twelve inch long
dick in and out of Terri's ass as she pushes against him to match his

Terri glances back over her shoulder and smirks as she smoothly pushes back
against his thrusting cock "Mmmm...ohhhh Val...mmm ohhh fuck" Terri moans.

"Hot... mmmm tight little ass..." Val licks his teeth as he increase the pace
of his thrusts as he pushes his cock deeper into Terri's asshole.

Terri lightly grabs at the bed covers as she pushes back against Val's cock
while sweat lightly drips down her forward "Ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah fuck that ass
Val!" Terri moans as her juicy ass smacks against his deeply thrusting cock.

"Ahhh... mmmm awww shit... fuck!" Val moans as he starts to cum inside of
Terri's asshole while continuing to piston his cock deep into her.

Terri licks her lips as she looks back at Val and smirks "Mmmm baby...that
cum feels so good..."

Val smirks, "Ahhh.... I know it..." Val grunts before he pulls his cock out
of Terri's cum dripping ass, "Tomorrow is going to be a good day..."

Terri presses her lips together and sits up to slyly look at Val "I'm going
to win, right?"

"Perhaps..." Val smirks.

Terri narrows her eyes and smirks at Val "Will I have to stop by before the
match too?"

Val licks his lips, "I would recommend it... so that we can go over the

Terri licks her lips and nods her head "How about I come over tomorrow extra

"That sounds perfect..." Val grins.

APRIL 1 2000 - 1130 PM

Val Venis, wearing a pair of black boxer briefs is setting the alarm clock to
wake him up at 630 the next morning when there's a knock on the door. Val
licks his lips, "Wonder who can that be this time..." Val says as he steps to
the door and opens it.

"Hey baby..." The Kat's manager for WrestleMania, Mae Young, says as she
opens her arms to greet Val Venis. The legendary Mae Young, dressed in a
flamboyant pink fluffy bathrobe, licks her lips as she looks at Val "I hear
you might be undecided to call the match in Kat's favor..."

"What the hell is this?" Val asks in confusion as he looks at the legendary
and elderly Mae Young.

"Hey you want to want to see my puppies?" Mae Young asks
before she starts to open up her flamboyant pink fluffy bathrobe.

Val's jaw drops and he takes a moment to regain his senses, "Oh hell no!" Val
says as he closes the door as fast as he can and locks it. Val turns around
and presses his back against the door, shaking his head, "That... was...


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