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Warning: This story contains act of man on man sexual activity.

Caught In The Act
by Kristi ( &
Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On an edition of Monday Night Raw, Maria is preparing to interview The
Heart Throbs, Antonio and Romeo. Both men are checking out Maria out as
the cameraman signals Maria it's time for her to start the interview.

Maria smiles cutely "I'm standing here with Romeo and Antonio...the Heart
Breakers..." Maria shakes her head "I mean...the Heart Throbs." Maria stands
in between Romeo and Antonio as she dressed in black skirt and a white top.
" have a shot for the Tag Team titles, how do
you prepare for a match like that?"

Antonio speaks first, dressed in red leather pants, a black vest and
sunglasses, "Well pretty Maria... the Heart Throbs prepare by doing things
that will make the ladies all scream our names."

Romeo, dressed similar to his partner, then adds on to his partner's answer,
"That's right, and after we're warmed up, we're going rock and roll, strut
and stroll, wham and jam the storm and the fat man..." Romeo then looks at
Antonio, "Hey we better go get warmed up..."

"Right daddy-o..." The Heart Throbs both pat Maria on the backside and walk
off, leaving her still wondering how they are going to prepare. Maria looks
into the camera with a shrug and a confused-cute smile.

A little while later, Maria is walking around the locker room area, looking
for Ric Flair's locker room to ask him a question, but she passes by the
locker room for the Heart Throbs and hears grunts and moans. Maria pauses
suddenly and raises her eyebrow, she makes a face "That's strange..." Maria
steps back, stands in front of the door and she presses her ear gently
against the door so she can listen in on what's going happening inside the
locker room.

Inside the locker room, Romeo is on his knees sucking Antonio's cock. He bobs
his head along his shaft as he reaches behind him and slides a finger into
Antonio's asshole. "Ohhh yea Romeo... that's it... warm me up..."

Maria eyes widen with shock as she stands outside the locker room door "Holy
cow!" Maria says. She then presses the locker room door open slowly to see
Romeo bobbing his head on Antonio's cock "Wow...I thought I was just hearing
things too..."

Antonio hears Maria and quickly backs away from Romeo, "Holy shit... what are
you doing here..." He says as he looks at Maria.

Romeo quickly stands up, "Hey pretty chicky, this is our locker room..." Both
men are completely embarrassed by being caught by ditzy Maria.

"Like...what's going on?" Maria asks a bit confused "I two made
the women go...'Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh'...not each other?"

"Oh we do make the ladies go... "Ohhh... Ohhh... Ohhh..." But we were just
practicing for the ladies..." Romeo explains.

"Yeah and we were warming up for out big match too..." Antonio adds as they
both check out Maria's body again, which makes their cocks stay fully hard.

Maria smiles a little "Really?"

Antonio nods, "Yeah... we like to warm up for more than just matches... we're
also getting ready to go partying with the ladies after the show."

Maria licks her lips slightly "Can.... can I warm up with you guys?"

Romeo licks his lips as a big smile comes onto his face, "Oh I bet you
can..." He and Antonio both walk over to Maria, and their cocks both touch
her body when they stand really close to her. Maria smiles as she lowers her
hands and takes both Romeo and Antonio's cock into her two hands. She hands
slowly move up and down along their stiff shaft as the two Heart Throbs begin
to remove Maria's skirt. Antonio unzips her skirt and Romeo lowers it down to
around her ankles. Romeo licks up from her leg all the way up to her breast
after Antonio took off her bra. Maria smiles and turns to Antonio, as she
stands she bends over and opens her mouth. She takes Antonio's cock into her
warm mouth and begins to bob her head quickly on his cock as her lips wrap
tightly around his cock.

"Hey save some for me..." Romeo says as he knees down next to Maria and
starts flicking his tongue against Antonio's balls while rubbing Maria's

"Mmmmmm yea..." Antonio moans when Romeo licks the side of his cock while
Maria continues to bob her head on his cock. Maria tightens her grip as she
circles her tongue around Antonio's cock. Maria lifts her head up and kneels
down, she lowers her head onto Romeo's cock and starts to slowly bob her head
as she flicks her tongue against his cock.

"Ahhh yea... work the mic..." Romeo moans. Antonio licks his lips as he looks
at Maria and a smile comes onto his face. He gets behind her and has her
stick her ass into the air. Antonio spreads her ass cheeks apart and begins
licking up and down her ass crack while reaching between her legs to rub her
pussy with the palm of his hand. Maria's gentle moans vibrate against Romeo's
shaft as she opens mouth wider taking more of his cock into her moist mouth.
Maria's teeth gently drag against his shaft each time her head comes up.

Antonio lifts his head and smirks at Romeo, "Dude, you gotta taste the booty
of her... it's sweet..."

"I'd rather taste her kitty..." Romeo grins. Antonio catches on and he moves
Maria away from Romeo and turns her over. Romeo moves between her legs to
begin licking up and down pussy. He's not doing it for long for Antonio gets
between her legs as well to lick her pussy. The tongues of both men touch,
but it doesn't bother either of them.

Maria licks her lips as she closes her eyes "Ohhhh ...ahhhh yeah..." Maria
moans as she gently squeezes onto her left breast "!"

The Heart Throbs both lift their heads and smile at her. Romeo rubs her
thigh, "That's not all we do together..." Romeo rolls her so she's on all
fours and he enters her pussy from behind. He gets a good hold of her waist
as Antonio gets behind him and lowers his head to tongue the asshole of his

Maria lets a out soft moan as she feels Romeo enter her tight pussy. Maria
looks over her shoulder with a playful smile as she starts to slowly push
back against Romeo's cock "Ohhhh...yeah...ohhh man you're good!"

"I know... I am... pretty kitty..." Romeo says as he rolls onto himself and
Maria onto his and her side. He lifts her leg and continues to thrust sharply
into her pussy.

Antonio moves so he's kneeling next to their heads, "Hey... Maria... open
wide..." He says after he slides his cock in and out of Romeo's mouth for a
few moments.

Maria opens her mouth and accepts Antonio's cock into her mouth that is
covered in Romeo's saliva. Maria starts to suck along Antonio's stiff shaft
as she starts grinding her pussy against Romeo's cock. Maria's lips press
against Antonio's shaft, her moans vibrate against his cock as it's inside
her warm, playful mouth.

"Mmm yea... suck that cock..." Antonio moans as he moves his hips to push it
deep into her mouth for a moment. Romeo reaches over and cups Maria's breast
to squeeze it gently. Romeo then pulls out of her pussy and eases his cock
into her asshole. Antonio sees what his partner did and withdraws his dick
from Maria's mouth. He pushes them so Romeo is on his back with Maria facing
up. Antonio then moves so he can push his cock into Maria's pussy. He start
thrusting downward into her as Romeo mildly thrust upward into her ass.

Maria's legs wrap around Antonio's waist. "Ohhhhh fuckk..." Maria moans as
she bounces wildly on Romeo's cock that's in her ass due to Antonio's quick
thrusts in her pussy.

"Damn... you got... a tight pussy..." Antonio moans, as he slams downward
into her pussy. Sweat drips off his forehead and onto Maria's chest, mixing
with her own perspiration.

"And her ass... is hot too... damn..." Romeo says as he arches his back to
deliver hard thrusts into her asshole. Maria slides her hand through her now
moisten hair as she rocks quickly between the two Heart Throbs. She grinds
her pussy against Antonio's cock as she slams down hard onto Romeo's cock.
When Antonio pulls her up slightly, Romeo's cock pops out of her tight

"Hey man..." Romeo complains when he no longer feels Maria's ass on his cock.

Antonio turns Maria over so she's on all fours and resumes fucking her this
time in the doggy position. He smirks at Romeo, "Hey it's all fair with the

"Yeah well see if you think this is fair," Romeo smirks as he moves behind
him and pushes his cock into Antonio's asshole.

"Ohhhh fuck you jerk!" Antonio moans as Romeo thrusts in to him. Antonio
feels like a ping-pong ball for with ever move he does he's either pushing
into Maria or pushing back against Romeo.

Maria's soft ass slams back against Antonio's waist, making his cock go
deeper and deeper into her warm pussy " what

"Yea... we are... the best... at what we do..." Antonio grunts as Romeo gives
him one more thrust before he pulls out.

"But you're a really hottie..." Romeo says as he moves into of Maria and
waves his cock near her face.

Maria laughs a little "You really think so?"

"Oh yea... a hottie like you is one of a kind..." Antonio replies, as he
pulls out of Maria's pussy. He moves in front of her and to her surprise, the
Heart Throbs kiss each other as the take hold of each other's cock and begin
to stroke the others dick. Maria laughs a little and leans forward, still on
her hands and knees as she flicks her tongue against Romeo's cock and then
Antonio's cock.

Romeo breaks the kiss and grins down at Maria, "I bet you want to go for a
ride," He says as he lays down on the floor. Antonio smirks and gets down and
holds Romeo's cock so it's standing straight up.

"Come on Maria... the ride is ready for you..."

Maria smiles widely as she mounts herself onto of Romeo's cock "Ohhhhhhh...."
Maria moans as she rocks herself back and forth on Romeo's cock, working his
cock deeper into her warm pussy. Antonio grins as he moves so his cock is
near Romeo's mouth. Romeo turns his head, opens his mouth and takes Antonio's
shaft into her mouth. He sucks on it slowly, tapping his tongue against the
bottom of his shaft as he thrusts up into Maria's pussy. Maria places her
hands down onto Romeo's stomach as she sits straight up, bouncing and rocking
on his cock with a decent starting speed and force. Maria licks her lips
"Ohhhhhh yeah...that's it..." Maria moans as she comes down onto Romeo's

"Hey Maria... you're going to love this..." Antonio moans as he moves behind
her. He pushes her forward a bit and eases his cock into her already filled
pussy. As Antonio begins to thrust, his cock grinds against Romeo's, who has
stopped thrusting up so it's easier for Antonio to bang Maria.

Maria's mouth hangs open as she moans loudly "Ohhhhh fuck!" Maria looks back
at Antonio with a seductive smirk as she rocks back against Antonio, while
still bouncing on Romeo's hard cock. Antonio continues to slam his cock in
and out of Maria's pussy as Romeo holds onto her breasts, squeezing them as
she comes down sharply on his cock.

Maria bites down on her bottom lip as she begins to cum "Ohhhh shit..."

"Ahhh fuck... I gotta bust a nut..." Antonio moans as he pulls out of Maria's

Romeo grins and sits up when Maria gets off his cock. He takes Maria's hand
and smiles, "Hey you want to share Antonio's cock until he cums?"

Maria nods her head quickly "Oh yes!"

"That sounds hot..." Antonio licks his lips as Romeo and Maria get on their
knees. Romeo wraps a hand around the base of Antonio's cock and flicks his
tongue against one side of the cock, leaving the other half for Maria. Maria
starts at the bottom of Antonio's cock, she flicks her tongue gently against
Antonio's ballsack before she trails her tongue up Antonio's shaft to head
of his cock. Maria tongue brushes against Romeo's tongue as the two lick the
head of Antonio's cock.

"Ahhh ohhh fuck yea..." Antonio moans as he starts to cum. Romeo and Maria
playfully fight to catch his load in their mouths, but Romeo ends up letting
Maria catch most of it.

Maria swallows a good majority of Antonio's warm cum. Maria leans in kisses
Romeo on the lips pushing the remaining ounces of cum into Romeo's mouth.

Romeo swallows the cum that is pushed into his mouth as he kisses Maria back.
He slides his tongue into her mouth as she slowly strokes his cock. Antonio
grins and pats Maria's head, "Hey Maria... Romeo has a lot of cum I bet..."

Maria smiles "All for me?"

Romeo nods, "Yup all for you..." He smiles and stands up. Antonio stands
behind him, reaches around his waist and holds Romeo's cock steady for Maria.
Maria opens her mouth as wide as she can and Antonio pushes Romeo's cock into
her mouth. Maria wraps her lips tightly around his cock and she starts to bob
her head swiftly on his cock, lapping her tongue around his cock as she
starts bobbing her head faster.

"Mmmm yea... that's it..." Romeo moans as he blows his load inside of Maria's
warm mouth. Maria moans softly as Romeo's warm, sticky cum hits the back of
Maria's throat. Maria swallows all of his cum and licks her lips clean.

Antonio pats Romeo's ass and smiles, "Hey let's get cleaned up and get the
tag titles..."

Romeo nods, "Yeah, Rosey and Hurricane don't stand a chance against us
now..." Both men then knee down and kiss Maria's lips deeply. Romeo smiles,
"Thanks for helping us Maria..."

Maria smiles cutely "Maybe...if you win...we can celebrate!"

"We always celebrate... if we win or lose..." Antonio smiles, "But we'll try
really hard for you..."

Maria laughs a little and then stands up "Oh shoot!" Maria throws her hands
down. "I was supposed to interview Ric...." Maria shakes her head "Gosh darn


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