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Caught Red Handed
by sonya deville

It was going to be an easy break in -- at least, that's what Becky thought. Breaking into the famous, Charlotte Flair's house. Daughter of the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. Becky studied the times she was going to be away, what time she was going to be home, and what times she was going to be asleep.

"I'm super excited to get some merchandise for myself," Becky said as she hid in the bushes. Watching as Charlotte locked her house up, and headed to her car.

When she drove away, Becky waited about twenty minutes before getting out of the bushes. Looking at her phone, she smiled when the clock hit ten pm. She was more than ready to get this show on the road. Grabbing the key that was under the doormat, she quickly unlocked the front door.

Turning on the first light switch, her jaw dropped. Charlotte's house was huge on the inside, and took her backpack off so she could go look around. "Wow." was all she said before heading upstairs. The stairs were beautiful, and Becky was amazed at how lucky she got.

Looking at her phone, it was ten-thirty, and she needed to grab some stuff and get going. As she found Charlotte's room -- or she at least thought was her room -- she entered it. Flipping the light on, Becky gasped as she noticed what this room actually was.

Backing up, Becky jumped as she felt someone behind her. "Like what you see?" it was in fact Charlotte, and Becky got nervous.

"Oh -- this isn't my house, I'll just get going!" she said, trying to walk past the owner of her house.

"Oh, you're not going anywhere. Well, at least not until I'm done with you," she said calmly, grabbing a fist full of Becky's hair.

Pulling her towards the metal table, Charlotte was calm. "What are you going to do with me?" Becky asked,gritting her teeth from the pain of her hair being pulled.

"Hm, I'll give you two options. Either I call the cops -- or you let me use you," she shrugged, bending Becky on the metal table.

It was cold, and Becky was confused. "U-use me?"

"Yes. You see, I don't really have sex. But I really find you attractive," she paused to rub her right hand in the inside of Becky's shirt. "If you let me, I won't call the cops. We'll be even."

"D-deal." Becky moaned as Charlotte dug her nails into her back.

Without saying a word, she pulled Becky's pants down. Leaving her panties, she said, "Mm, I can smell that you're really wet. Tell me, slut, why are you wet?"

When Becky didn't answer, Charlotte smacked her ass. "I asked you a question. Why are you wet?"

"I-because you're beautiful!" she shouted, and Charlotte couldn't help but laugh.

She didn't reply to that, but turned Becky around to face her. Lifting her up onto the table, Charlotte laid the orange haired woman down on her back. "Pull your shirt off, and take your bra off. When you do that, I'm going to explain things to you."

"Explain things?"

"Explain things. I may want to fuck you hard until you're crying and begging me to stop -- but I believe in doing things when the other person understands."


"What's your name, anyway?" Charlotte asked, spanking Becky's ass hard.

"B-Becky," she said, and the blonde smiled.

"Mm, I like it."

Charlotte helped Becky out of her bra, and then finally pulling her panties down. "I love a woman with pubic hair -- as weird as that sounds," she paused, and shook her head. "Anyway, I'm going to explain my rules. You come when I say you can. You will call me 'Daddy' and every time I do something to you, whether or not it's something you enjoy or not."

Becky nodded to let Charlotte know she understood the rules so far. She wasn't expecting her to be into all of this, but she wasn't complaining. "Also, you will not be touching me at all. I have more fun fucking women more than a woman touching on me. I know that probably sounds weird, but that's just me."

"I guess that makes sense," Becky said, as Charlotte began spreading her legs. Tensing up from her gentle touch, she found herself breathing heavy already.

"Your pussy is beautiful, Becky. Would you like me to touch it?" Charlotte asked, even though she knew the answer.

"Please, Char-Daddy?"

"I don't think you want it bad," she smirked, blowing gently on Becky's wet folds.

"Oh g-god, please, Daddy! I need you to touch me." She begged, and Charlotte began to rub her thumb against her slick folds.

"Tell Daddy how sorry you are for breaking into my house, or I won't slip my fingers into your cunt," Charlotte moaned, rubbing as fast as she could without getting Becky to come.

"I-I'm so sorry, Daddy! Please, I'm so sorry." Becky cried, bucking her hips against her thumb.

"I believe you, so here's your gift," slipping two fingers into Becky's slick heat, she began pumping. Refusing to take her eyes off of the orange haired woman, Charlotte fought back a smirk.

"Oh, fuck! Daddy!" she screamed, trying her hardest not to come already.

"Mm, that's right, Becky. Tell Daddy what you want right now."

"Please let me come, Daddy, pretty please?" she begged, and Charlotte took her fingers out of Becky.

"Would you like my Daddy's tongue on you?"

"Please?" Becky asked in a whiney voice, and Charlotte leaned down.

"You're lucky I'm in a giving mood." She said before licking Becky's mound. Breathing in her scent, she let out a slight moan.

Flattening her tongue against Becky's pussy, Charlotte felt herself getting wetter than normal. Going as slow as possible just to savor the moment, she looked up at the woman sprawled out on her table. "When you wanna come, you don't have to ask, Becky."

Speeding up her tongue movements, she smiled as she heard Becky's moans. Slipping in two of her fingers as her mouth wrapped around her clit. "I'm coming, Daddy!" she screamed, and Charlotte continued to finger her as Becky's orgasm began dying down.

Catching her breath, she couldn't help but smile at Charlotte. "Take a shower, and you can see yourself the way, if you want to rob someone successfully, don't park your car right by their house." She rolled her eyes as she handed her clothes to Becky.

"That...was fun," she smiled, and Charlotte walked out the door.

Once she took her shower, she grabbed her phone to find a text from a random number.

It's Charlotte, text me if you ever wanna have fun again.

The text made Becky smile as she grabbed her backpack. She was going to text her soon.

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