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Cause I'm Black!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage an a RAW Live Event, Shelton Benjamin is slowly pacing back and
forth in a hallway with his hands on his waist, Wearing white and red
wrestling shorts, the South Carolina native shakes his head, "This ain't
right... I should be the one wearing championship gold... but now... Cause
I'm black... I'm being held back!" Shelton snaps as he talks to himself,
"And then you got those damn refs not catching when the damn Carlito
cheats... Fuck... just because I'm black... they ain't gonna do their damn
job!" Shelton says as he voices his frustrations, even though no one is
nearby to listen to him. Shelton grits his teeth and he starts to walk down
the hallway to head to his locker room, and as he walks he walks right past
Torrie Wilson. "Just cause I'm black... I'm not going to get a fair deal
around here..."

The stunning, two-time Playboy Covergirl Torrie Wilson raises an eyebrow
as Shelton Benjamin walks right past her as she's dressed in a pair of
tight-fitting jeans and a pink tank top. Torrie bites down on her bottom
lip as she laughs slightly before taking a step towards Shelton "Umm...
Shelton what did you just say?" Torrie asks as she presses her soft,
luscious lips together.

Shelton stops walking and he turns to look at the hot WWE Diva, "What? Now
do I have to repeat myself? Just because I'm black?!" Shelton shakes his
head and folds his arms, "I said I'm not going to get a fair deal around
here because I'm black!"

Torrie slightly smirks and folds her arms over her large, rounded chest as
she casually glances down at the crotch of Shelton's white and red wrestling
shorts. Torrie licks her lips and nods her head slowly "Mmmmm...oh yes you
are..." Torrie says as she keeps her alluring, soft eyes locked on the
semi-bulged crotch of Shelton's wrestling shorts.

Shelton Benjamin raises an eyebrow as he looks at the beautiful two-time
Playboy Covergirl. "What is that supposed to the mean?" Shelton asks as
Torrie's remark has him a bit confused. "Oh yes I am? What the hell?"

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip and slowly nods her head again "Oh yes
you are black..." Torrie licks her lips as she takes a step towards
Shelton as she now stands in front of the athletic RAW Superstar and gently
places her left hand against the crotch of Shelton Benjamin "Mmmmm...cause
you're black..."

Shelton leans his head back, "Whoa... whoa... you want to fuck me just
because I'm black?!" Shelton asks with a bit of an attitude, but then shrugs,
"Ah fuck it... could be a worst reason..."

Torrie presses her lips together and nods her head "Oh yeah...I want to
fuck...cause you're black!" Torrie smiles as she lifts her left hand up and
places her hand onto his smooth muscular stomach along with her right hand
" know Shelton...I just love a dick..." Torrie says with
playful wink as she slowly moves her hands against Shelton's muscular to
stomach up to his smooth, muscular black chest.

Shelton slightly licks his lips as Torrie moves her soft white hands over his
very smooth, muscular black chest, "Shit... fine... you wanna fuck me just
because I'm black... and I have a big black dick... then come on..." Shelton
says as he starts to step away from Torrie and stands against the hallway
wall, "Take down my shorts... because I'm black!"

Torrie licks her lips and nods her head " bet...cause you're
black..." Torrie replies with a playful wink as she walks over to Shelton
Benjamin as he leans against the wall. The former Playboy Covergirl
gracefully lowers herself down onto her knees in front of Shelton and she
reaches up with hands as she begins to pull down Shelton's red and white
wrestling shorts from his smooth black waist.

"Finally... I'm gonna get some damn respect around here cause I'm black!"
Shelton says as his long, thick, black fourteen-inch cock is freed from his
red and white wrestling shorts as the beautiful blond hair diva completely
lowers them down to his feet. Shelton steps out of his shorts and looks down
at Torrie, "What are you waiting for?! Just cause I'm black you have to be
told to grab my dick?"

Torrie glances up and locks her eyes with Shelton as she playfully smirks
before she reaches forward with smooth, soft white hands and gently places
them around Shelton's long and thick black cock "Mmm...I'll stroke it real
good...cause you're black!" Torrie says with a smirk as she swiftly strokes
both of her hands against Shelton's hardening black cock.

Shelton licks his lips and moans as Torrie's delicate hands move back and
forth along the length of his stiffening black cock. "Mmmm... yeah... cause
I'm black... you're gonna suck that big South Carolina black snake..."
Shelton says as he puts his left hand on Torrie's head and starts pulling
her head forward towards his hard dick.

Torrie licks her lips " bet I'm going to suck that big black
dick..." Torrie slightly moans as she leans her head down and presses her
soft, wet tongue against the head of Shelton hard, thick black cock and
begins to gently circle her tongue around the head of his cock as she
strokes her smooth hands against his shaft.

Shelton keeps his left hand on Torrie's head and he moves his fingers through
Torrie's soft blond hair as she circles her soft wet tongue around the large
head of his big black dick, "Awww yeah... ohhh yeah... lick that big black
dick..." Shelton moans as he watches Torrie with a smirk on his face. Torrie
gently taps her tongue against the head of Shelton's black cock before she
opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her head on his large, thick black cock
and takes him into her warm, wet mouth. Torrie presses her soft lips tightly
around Shelton's black shaft and begins to smoothly bob her head as she
starts to suck Shelton's cock at a smooth, slightly slow rate as she gently
glides her tongue against his shaft.

"Mmmm... awww... yea... suck that dick... cause I'm black... you're gonna
suck all of it..." Shelton moans as he puts his right hand on Torrie's head
and he starts moving his hips a bit to thrust his cock in and out between
her lips. Torrie closes her eyes and gently moans against Shelton's large
black cock as she begins to smoothly bob her head at a gradually quicker
pace. Torrie removes her hands from around Shelton's shaft as she takes the
athletic black RAW Superstar deeper into her warm, wet mouth as her warm
saliva drips against his hard black cock. Shelton grabs two handfuls of
Torrie's soft blond hair and closes his eyes "Awww... mmmmm yeah... suck that
big black dick... you like it cause I'm black!" Shelton moans and licks his
lips as he feels Torrie's warm, soothing mouth all over every inch of his
over foot long dick.

Torrie Wilson gently taps her soft tongue against the underbelly of his black
shaft as she gently twists her head on his cock before she opens her mouth
wider and lowers her head further down on Shelton's black cock. As Torrie
begins to slightly deep throat Shelton's black cock, she places her hands
underneath Shelton's large ballsack and cups his ballsack before she begins
to massages his balls while she quickly bobs her head on his cock.

Shelton grits his teeth as Torrie sucks on every inch of his big, long black
cock, "Ohhh yea Torrie... you love it cause I'm black... bet you wanna get
fucked bad by that big black dick..." Shelton moans as Torrie starts to lift
her head off of his saliva dripping shaft.

Torrie licks her lips and nods her head with a smirk after she lifts her head
off of Shelton's black cock, leaving her warm saliva to drip down his black
hard shaft "Mmmm...oh yeah...I want to get fucked...cause you're black!"
Torrie smirks as she places her hands against her pink tank top before she
slowly lifts the tank top up and off of her hot, tanned body as her large,
firm tits become exposed.

"Nice white tits... bet you get everything cause you're white... and you're
gonna get my big black dick!" Shelton says as he wraps his right hand around
his saliva covered shaft and he starts to stroke it a bit as he watches the
former two-time Playboy Covergirl start to unbutton her tight-fitting jeans.
Torrie presses her lips together as she slowly stands up once she finishes
unbuttoning her tight-fitting jeans. Once Torrie stands up she begins to push
her jeans off of her smoothly rounded hips and begins to guide them down her
smooth, tanned and stunning legs. The former Playboy Covergirl steps out of
her jeans as she stands in front of Shelton Benjamin practically naked with
the exception of her thin black thong.

"Mmmmm damn girl... shit... you're so white... and hot you get everything
don't you..." Shelton says as he licks his lips as he puts his hands on
Torrie's waist in order to grab the string of Torrie's thin black thong,
and he rips it from her body with ease.

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip " better fuck me good...cause
you're black..." Torrie says in soft, seductive tone as she lifts herself up
onto an equipment trunk nearby and sits on top of the trunk and smirks "What
are you waiting for?"

Shelton licks his lips and he walks over toward Torrie and stands in front
of her after she spreads her legs, "Oh I'm going too... cause I'm black!"
Shelton says as he takes his saliva-covered cock and slams it into her
Torrie's hot tight pussy. "Awww yea..." Shelton moans as he begins thrusting
his cock in and out of Torrie's pussy with swift hard thrusts.

Torrie grits her teeth as she places her hands forward on top of Shelton's
shoulders "Ohhhh fuck yeah...mmmm...fuck me with that big black dick..."
Torrie moans as she begins to rock her body against Shelton's black cock and
he swiftly thrusts his hard cock in and out of her tight, warm and white

Shelton licks his lips as he roughly slams his black cock in and out of her
pussy as Torrie pushes herself against him, "Yeah... mmmm yeah... cause I'm
black, you're getting the best... fucking ever!" Shelton grunts as he puts
his strong black hands on Torrie's waist and has the gorgeous former Playboy
Covergirl move back and forth on top of the trunk as he drills her. Torrie
bites down her bottom lips as she slides her hands down from Shelton's
shoulders to his smooth, muscular black chest as her body, tanned Playboy
body rocks back and forth while on top of the equipment trunk as Shelton
deeply slams his hard black cock into her perfectly warm and wet pussy.

Shelton grits his teeth as he sees the Torrie is loving his large black
cock pumping in and out of her warm tight wet pussy. Shelton then pulls
his massive black cock out of Torrie's pussy and he yanks her off of the
equipment trunk. "Turn around and bend over... I'm gonna fuck your white
ass... cause I'm black!" Shelton says with a smirk.

Torrie smirks and nods her head "'re gonna fuck it cause you're
black?" Torrie says with a sly smirk as she turns around with her rounded,
hot ass now facing Shelton before the Playboy Covergirl bends over against
the equipment trunk in front of the black stud.

Shelton bends his knees and he starts to slide his cock into Torrie's hot
tight asshole hole, and Shelton firmly places his hands on her waist as he
begins pumping his cock in and out of Torrie's asshole. "Ahhhh yeah...
yeah... you like that?!" Shelton grunts quickly gets his pace up to where
he's repeatedly slamming his shaft deep and hard into Torrie's ass with
every thrust.

Torrie grits her teeth and glances over her shoulder with a slight smirk
"Ohhhh yeah... ohhh fuck yeah..." Torrie moans as she smoothly pushes herself
back against Shelton's thick, hard black cock as he slams deeply into her
tight asshole.

Shelton grits his teeth as he fucks the hot ass of the former Playboy
Covergirl. "Awww yeah... you like it cause I'm black?! Don't ya?! Shelton
asks and grunts as he keeps ramming his cock all the way into Torrie's

"Mmmm...ohhh fuck yeah...cause you're black!" Torrie moans loudly as she
begins to sweat while Shelton slams his cock in and out of Torrie's hot,
tight asshole "Mmmm fuck yesss..." Torrie moans as she places her right
hand between her legs and begins to rub her smoothly shaven, hot pussy
while Shelton fucks her ass.

Shelton grins as he realizes that Torrie is rubbing her smooth, wet hot
pussy as he slams his cock in and out of her tight asshole. "Yeah... girl...
that's right... cause I'm black... you're getting the best you'll ever get!"
Shelton groans as his big black balls crash against Torrie's hot round ass
cheeks. Sweat rolls down Shelton muscular black body as he breathes hard and
fast with every thrust he delivers into Torrie.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh...ohhhh...shit Shelton!" Torrie moans loudly as she closes
her eyes and tilts her head back as she begins to cum on her own fingers as
she continues to quickly rub her wet pussy "Ohhh yeah...mmmm fuck..." Torrie
moans as she breaths heavily as sweat drips off of her hot, tanned Playboy

Shelton grits his teeth as he feels his cock starting to throb wildly as he
fucks Torrie's hot tight asshole. The hot black stud pulls his cock out of
Torrie's ass and smacks her right ass cheek with his strong right hand, "Turn
around and get on your knees!" Shelton says as he wraps his left hand around
his cock and begins to stroke it enough in order to keep himself on the edge.

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip as she slowly turns around to face
Shelton as sweat drips off of her stunningly hot body as she lowers herself
down to her knees once again in front of the black RAW Superstar Shelton
Benjamin. Torrie licks her lips " have something good for me?"

Shelton licks his lips, "Yeah I do... cause I'm black this is for you!"
Shelton says as he roughly strokes his cock as he starts to cum. The hot
black sweating stud sends streams of his warm cum spraying on Torrie's
face and into her open mouth when she opens it in time to catch a good
amount of his load.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah...give me that cum..." Torrie groans as she closes her eyes
as she swallows some of Shelton's warm, sticky cum from his black cock while
the remaining cum lands on her gorgeous face.

Shelton licks his lips as he finishes cumming on Torrie's beautiful face,
and he smirks "Yeah... mmmm now... that's the respect I deserve... cause I'm

Torrie raises an eyebrow and smirks as she presses her lips together "Mmm...
yes you're black."

Shelton looks down at Torrie and licks his lips as he sees his cum dripping
on her face, "Come on... I'm gonna show you... just how black I really am..."


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