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by Zavaan (

"I think some celebration is in order" Diva Search winner, Ashley Massaro
said admiring Mickie James' newly acquired women's championship.

"What did you have in mind?" Mickie asked, also admiring the belt. She had
worked hard enough to win it so she had to agree, some sort of celebration
was in order.

Maria Kanellis laughed.

"What does she always have in mind?" She asked sarcastically. Both she and
Mickie knew that Ashley's mind could be rather one tracked at times.

Ashley locked the door to Mickie's dressing room proving Maria right, she had
one thing on her mind and one thing only, not that Mickie nor Maria minded.
To Mickie, what Ashley was suggesting was as good a celebration as any. She
had been with Maria and Ashley on numerous occasions so by now she knew
Ashley was pretty much as kinky as a person could get in the bedroom or in
the dressing room, or the bathroom, kitchen, middle of the ring, wherever she
got the chance and Maria, Maria was a closeted freak in the sheets hiding
behind an innocent face and ditzy comments. Ashley and Maria together, and
Mickie knew this from experience, were literally orgasmic.

Ashley quickly advanced on the new WWE Women's champion, shoving her against
the nearest wall. Their lips and tongues met in a frenzied kiss. As soon as
their broke their kiss, another set of soft lips crashed against Mickie's as
Maria joined in.

Ashley quickly stripped out of her clothes keeping her eyes fixed on Maria
and Mickie who in the midsts of making out, were also stripping eachother.

Ashley retrieved her bag from where she had put it in the corner of the room.
She had come fully prepared to cheer Mickie up thinking she would have lost
to Beth Phoenix yet again... but since that had not happened, she knew the
items she had brought with her could be used for celebration as well.

Rejoining the other two, Ashley pressed her nude body against Maria's,
sandwiching the younger brunette between her and Mickie. It was always a
favorite pasttime of Mickie and Ashley to double team their younger friend
so much so that whenever all three of them were together, they always made
sure to take care of her first and that's exactly what Ashley planned to do
as she got on her knees behind the younger brunette. Maria turned around,
still keeping her body pressed closely against Mickie's who had instantly
busied herself with nibbling on the skin of Maria's neck.

Ashley parted Maria's swollen pussy lips with her middle finger, instantly
bringing the digit to her lips, tasting the honey like fluid that had
collected on her fingertip. Using the same wet digit, she ran the pad of
her fingertip up and down the length of Maria's slit making thee young
brunette whimper in anticipation.

Ashley was a sucker for some good pussy so it didn't take long for her
face to be buried in Maria's sweet little cunt. Maria had by-far one of the
sweetest pussies she had ever tasted and she knew how to please it just
right. Ashley definitely considered herself an expert rug-muncher, she and
Mickie both had a lot of experience in that category thanks to Trish Stratus.
She honestly couldn't count how many times she and Mickie had ended up on
their knees for hours pleasing the now retired diva, but the hard work had
definitely paid off because right now, after only minutes of licking Maria's
sweet little mound, she could tell the brunette was close to cumming.

Maria closed her eyes, biting her bottom lip hard enough to draw blood. It
felt like all of her was being stimulated at once. Mickie's hands were on
her boobs, her fingers pinching and squeezing her nipples, she could feel
Mickie's lips on her neck, sucking insistently, every time her hips rocked
back, she could feel the warmth of Mickie's mound rubbing against her ass,
only turning her on even more and of course, Ashley's talented tongue was
plunging inside her while her fingers rubbed against her throbbing clit,
driving her closer and closer to cumming.

"Do you like that?" Mickie asked huskily, bringing her lips close to Maria's

"Yea!" Maria moaned nodding, her voice weak and strained in comparison to

"Hmmm? Do you like Ashley's hot tongue buried in your tight little pussy?"
Mickie asked, knowing that talking dirty to Maria would only make her cum

"Oh God yea!" she moaned out, as she rocked her hips, fucking Ashley's face.

"Yea? Are you gonna cum?" Mickie asked, tugging on Maria's earlobe with her

Maria couldn't even answer, as she pushed her hips more firmly into Ashley's
face, driving her tongue deeper into her.

"I said, are you gonna cum all over Ashley's hott face?" Mickie asked again
tugging roughly on Maria's earlobe.

"Oh My God yes! I'm gonna-" Her words turned into a long moan as her pussy
spasmed releasing a gush of juices all over Ashley's mouth and chin. Ashley
grinned, drinking as much as she could before standing up, sandwiching the
now panting brunette between her and Mickie as she let Mickie lick the
remains off of her chin before kissing her deeply, sharing the taste of
Maria's sweet pussy.

"you know, I bought something extra special for the women's champ" Ashley
said as she pulled back from their kiss.

"Really? And what would that be?" Mickie asked.

Ashley grinned.

"Maria, go get whats in my bag." She instructed, kissing her on the lips
before moving back allowing Maria to get out of their little Maria sandwich.

She and Mickie continued making out, until Maria retrieved the two objects
from Ashley's bag along with a bottle of lube.

"Lay down on your stomach and close your eyes" Ashley told Mickie before she
could even get a glimpse of what Maria had gotten from the bag.

Mickie lied on her stomach on the carpeted floor, closing her eyes tightly
and before long, she could feel someone settling between her parted legs.
She quickly found out who it was when she felt a soft tongue lapping at her
pussy. She knew that was Maria. Maria had a distinct way of eating pussy,
kind of like a kitten lapping at milk, that just drove her crazy with lust.

As Maria worked on Mickie's pussy, Ashley worked on lubing up the two 18 inch
double-penetration dildos that she had brought with her. These were two of
her favorite toys and she was planning on having fun with them.

Finally deciding they were lubed enough, she handed the slightly smaller one
to Maria who accepted it gladly. Maria teased Mickie's entrance with it a
little before penetrating her with just the tip of the head first causing
Mickie to gasp.

Mickie had no idea what the two women were up to, but she could tell she was
gonna like it!

Maria worked a good 9 inches of the dildo into Mickie's tight little hole,
watching as Mickie's pussy swallowed the flexible pink plastic. She worked
it in a out of Mickie for a few moments making her pussy so wet it was
practically gushing all over the dildo and when she felt she was ready, she
laid back onto the floor on her back, taking hold of the rest of the dildo
and thrusting it into her own tight pussy until all 18 inches was shared
between her and the women's champion.

It wasn't long before she and Mickie were rocking back and forth, pushing
the hard plastic deeper into their pussies meanwhile Ashley had positioned
herself so her face was hovering only inches over Mickie's tight ass.

Mickie was so caught up in the pleasure she was experiencing that she hadn't
even realized Ashley's intentions until she felt hands parting her ass cheeks
and a soft tongue dipping into her tight puckered hole. Ashley continued
rimming the brunette, sliding her tongue in and out of her tight little anus
until she avidly replaced her tongue with a saliva wetted finger.

Mickie knew Ashley, and she knew for Ashley, fingering of any sorts was only
foreplay. She knew from experience, when Ashley started fingering her, her
fingers were soon going to be replaced by something larger, whether it be a
dildo, or a candle or whatever the fuck Ashley could find near them at the

Ashley successfully worked another finger into Mickie's tight anus,
penetrating her as deeply as the length of her fingers would allow. Deciding
that that would do, Ashley picked up the spare double-ended dildo, and slowly
worked one end into Mickie's tight anus.

Mickie couldn't help but grit her teeth as Ashley worked the dildo into her
ass. It was oh so painful, but the pain was somewhat eclipsed by the pleasure
the dildo buried in her pussy was causing.

It was a really tight fit but with some determination, Ashley got a good 7
inches into Mickie's ass. Smiling triumphantly, she leaned down, capturing
the other end of the dildo between her lips and began sucking, all the
while keeping her eyes on the action in front of her as Maria continued to
passionately fuck the dildo that was buried deeply in Mickie's cunt.

Bobbing her head up and down on the dildo, she worked it in and out of
Mickie's ass, until finally she had managed to deep throat so much of it
that her lips were touching Mickie's ass cheeks. Yep, she was definitely
ready. Pulling her end of the dildo out of her mouth, she spanked Mickie's
ass playfully, silently warning her that she was about to get on it and get
on it she did.

Mounting the remainder of the dildo slowly, she managed to work it into her
own tight cunt that she was already dripping from arousal. She moved down
onto it until her pussy was on top of Mickie's plump ass cheeks. Grinding on
the dildo a bit, she leaned forward, laying on top of Maria, boobs pressed
tightly against boobs until it appeared they were nothing but a tnagle of
limbs, all connected by two double ended dildos.

All three women continued fucking their dildos, their moans of pleasure
mixing as their imminent orgasms built.

Maria was the first to cry out as an orgasm wracked through her and Mickie
soon followed, and then Ashley as they fell together a complete tangle of

Juices flowed between them as their pussies spasmed covering the plastic toys
with their sweet honey-like fluid. Once their orgasms had passed, they pulled
the dildos out, all three of them sharing their juices, not only from the
dildos but from their lips as they lazily made out, slowly regaining their

This really was a celebration as good as any.

The End

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