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If you are under 18 or offended by sexual situations, don't read the
following story.

This story contains sexual situations featuring Britney Spears, Christina
Ricci, Debra McMichael, Tammy Lynn Sytch, Shania Twain, and Gillian

Celebrity Orgy
by Stormy Stacky (

Britney walked into her dressing room to see Christina sitting in a chair.
She couldn't see Christina's face, but she could hear her moaning. She
walked up behind her and saw her masturbating. She had her shirt unbuttoned
and the fly on her jeans undone. She had one hand down her panties and the
other hand on her ample breast. She had her head tilted back and her eyes
closed. Britney soon felt her hand move up to her tit. She was getting very
aroused. She slipped her shirt over her head to reveal a sheer white bra.
She slid her pants down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She was
wearing panties that matched her bra. She was soon in the same position as
Christina, with one hand on her tit and the other hand down her panties.
Christina then began screaming as she had multiple orgasms. This caused
Britney to have an immediate orgasm right there. Christina then slumped
back into the chair. Britney put her hand on Christina's tit and squeezed.
This startled Christina, but she soon came to enjoy the feeling.

Just then Shania walked in and saw Christina and Britney in a passionate
kiss. She walked over and put both her hands on Britney's shapely ass and
squeezed. Christina then began kissing down Britney's neck and finally got
to her tits. Shania unhooked Britney's bra and slipped it off of her.
Christina then took Britney's tit into her mouth. Britney arched her back,
trying to get more of her tit into Christina's mouth. Shania then got on
her knees and slipped Britney's panties down. She shoved her head between
Britney's legs and began licking her cunt. Britney let out a loud groan as
she let these two beautiful women pleasure her.

Just then Tammy walked in and was immediatly aroused by this spectacle.
She walked over to them and felt Christina up from behind. She slid her
hands all over Christina's body. Tammy slid Christina's shirt off and
unhooked her bra to free her massive tits. Tammy slid Christina's pants
and panties off and resumed feeling her up. Christina let out a loud moan
as Tammy began fingering her. Britney was now screaming as she came
several times. This triggered Christina's orgasm as she also came several
times. Britney and Christina both collapsed on the couch while Shania
walked over to Tammy.

Just then Debra walked in and just watched Tammy and Shania go at it. She
was soon down to her bra and panties. She was wearing a white bra that
showed off her cleavage beautifully and matching panties. Shania was eating
Tammy out just as she had done to Britney. Tammy was continuosly moaning
now as she neared her orgasm. Debra was masturbating now as she was also
nearing her orgasm. Then Gillian walked up behind Debra and put her hands
on her tits. Debra came right then and there at the same time as Tammy.
Debra and Tammy both fell to the floor.

Shania walked over to Gillian and they began a passionate kiss. Shania
stripped Gillian naked and took one of her tits into her mouth. Gillian
let out a mild moan as she arched her back trying to get more of her tit
into Shania's mouth. Britney came over and began repaying Shania as she
ate her out. At the same time, Shania was eating Gillian out. Both girls
were moaning loudly as they came at the same time. Everyone collapsed on
the floor. After a while they all got up, got dressed and made plans to
do it again.

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